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SAY NO TO F&M – 2   

    As reported here yesterday, I spoke to Keith Orris, the Secretary of Franklin & Marshall College yesterday by phone regarding the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award. His response to every single question was, “It’s a very personal, family issue. It is not an issue for the college to be involved with.”
From an archive page on this site, “F&M and Incest,” (click here).

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  1. anonymous2 says:

    Becky, why not call F&M and offer to fund an award called the “Jerry Sandusky Child Opportunity Award” for those students who will go on to work with disadvantaged youth? Then, if Keith Orris sounds horrified, tell him that’s what they are doing with your offender!

  2. Sanduskied says:

    So was the alleged incident in the shower between Sandusky and a 10 year old boy. I mean McQueary (and I can’t think of a better “name” to be involved with this scandal!) sees this grown man raping a 10 year old boy and instead of making Sandusky stop, kicking the shit out of him and then calling the police, McQueary (who is an adult) goes home, tells his own daddy and then they go together and tell the almight Joe Paterno. McQueary then, for the next 9 years, continues to see Sandusky around the gym with other little boys and doesn’t do anything else. I wonder what other even more horrific things were going on within the Penn State football program that seeing this act didn’t shock McQueary to the core.

    I guess as long as a college administration can say it’s “a family issue” then there was no actual crime involved.

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