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    What do I have to say about libel/slander lawsuits especially as they pertain to the internet? A heck of a lot. Please note that a Writ of Summons (see “BREAKING NEWS” below), is not an actual lawsuit. It merely states that one may be filed and freezes the time frame for possible statute of limitation reasons.

A friend who called me to point out Harper’s filing also sent me a copy of a Judge’s Order dated March 30, 2011 dismissing Harper’s lawsuit against the Lancaster Bureau of Police in relation to the infamous incident at Franklin & Marshall College. The Judge took the opportunity to get a few digs in at Harper, but the case was dismissed primarily because Harper did not respond to the defendant’s very standard request that the Judge dismiss the case.

So tomorrow, I’ll have my say on the internet and lawsuits, threats to sue and playing a lawyer on the net.

Hopefully, I can also improve the appearance of the piece so it is readable. Argh!

Have a great Friday!

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5 Responses to WHEN IN DOUBT…

  1. SZ says:

    Harper has filed pro se, meaning acting as his own lawyer and meaning good luck against a real lawyer. The defendants should rule him to file a complaint which will force him to file his complaint within 20 days or risk dismissal. If he does file something it will likely be a real piece of work and easily dismantled.

  2. FWIW says:

    As much as I would like to see Markle sued, Harper has no case. There is not a lot anyone can do about the internet and what is said on the internet. It’s a dead issue, and I’m betting the case will be tossed before it begins.

    And not to mention, Harper is equally as bad. The only differnce is Harper is actually tactful about he does.

  3. Kate says:

    Looks like LOL Weather Alerts has been hijacked on Facebook. Posting every 10 minutes that the watches and weather alerts are all cleared. Do not click on it!

  4. Jodi says:


    Yet again…..This has to be an inside job.

    I filed a police report against the crow,Shouldn’t he have a violation with his PO by now.WE all know thoses twits down there have to many cases (YEAH RIGHT) to do there job.

    Manheim twp police should be next on the lawsuut list.Their lack of respect has much to be desired.

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