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     There was a treasure in my mail when I came home today.  A hand written envelope with a large clipping from the Reading Eagle dated March 30, 2011 with this hand written post-it note attached:

    Hi Becky,

    I have been faithfully reading your site ever since the Roseboro trial started.  I thought you would find the juxtaposition of these articles interesting, especially since you had informed about their relationship on your site a while ago.  They are indeed father and son.

    Sorry this is not more timely.

                                            A faithful follower

                                            (albeit mysterious!)

    Thank you so much!  And they are both written by the same reporter – Holly Herman! 

    On the left there is a large article headlined, “Ex-funeral director denied new trial in slaying of wife,” and on the right another large article with the headline, “Child porn charges dropped 2nd time.”

    The article on the left, of course, is about Michael Roseboro who was defended by Reading attorney Allen L. Sodomsky.  The article on the right is about Kenneth F. Sodomsky, who had child pornography on his computer when he took it to a Circuit City in 2004.  Yes, Kenneth is the father of Allen and it’s a very interesting case involving child pornography and privacy rights (click here for the article).  What do you think?

    Thank you again, mysterious follower!  The juxtaposition is amazing and one of life’s strange – and very sad – coincidences.   And it arrived on the same day I posted an odd coincidence this morning!  Back to Creamery Road tomorrow.

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4 Responses to SINS OF OUR FATHERS

  1. Dream dream dream says:

    PS – I take the “poor schmuck” back. What I meant to write was “pedophile.”

  2. Dream dream dream says:

    I read the article. All I can say is it must be nice to have lawyers in the family.

    Imagine if the young man who developed the photos that showed terrorist preparations for bombing a military base in New Jersey was told the same thing. Sorry, we need to let these guys go because you violated his privacy.

    So, if there is child porn on someone’s computer it is illegal to report that fact to authorities? Or is it only illegal if you have endless funds and endless access to lawyers?

    Like I said, it must be nice to have lawyers in the family. Any other poor schmuck would be cooling his heels in the county lock up for a long time.

  3. Justice wanted says:

    I find it odd that the judge would (and could) reverse the decision of the Superior Court
    Oddly enough, Allen Sodomsky has a sister who is also a lawyer and a mother, I wonder what she thinks of this.

  4. mitzi717 says:

    Always enjoy your site, Becky.
    Anyone else would have been in jail a long time ago, don’t you think?

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