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 *   Doctor Wayne Ross finally got his comeuppance today.  Defense attorney Jeffrey Conrad took him on in a brief physical exchange!  It’s not what you are thinking but it sure was a surprise!


**  David Jordan looked downright dapper in a yellow shirt and tan pants his mother brought to court this morning along with his glasses atop his head.  Jordan is the only one of the four defendants who is acting as his own legal counsel.  He asked the Judge several times for a “severance motion” and was quickly denied each time.


 ***   It took me five trips to the Clerk of Courts Office today to obtain a copy of DA Stedman’s Application for a Grand Jury.  And guess what – somebody lied!


    “I don’t want to participate in any of this,” David Jordan told Judge Joseph Madenspacher this morning in the murder trial of Heather Marie Nunn in October of 2004.

    The Judge gave a small laugh.  Jordan is defending himself and was specifically referring to the playing of taped prison calls between Hayward Stewart and a friend.  Stewart is on trial along with Jordan and two other men.  Jordan objected because he said the tape had no relevance to him whatsoever.

    “This is a joint trial,” Judge Madenspacher replied.

    It is indeed, and Jordan remained in the courtroom while the other three defendants were taken out and a long discussion regarding the tapes ensued.

    The trial will resume today at 2:00 with the final prosecution witness, forensic pathologist Dr. Wayne Ross.

    There will be a full report later this evening and tomorrow.

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