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    Didn’t know where else to contact: Roseboro lost Supreme Court bid for retrial.  Done cooked.

This comment in.

    Yes, he appears to be done cooked!

    I am a bit surprised that the courts appear to be taking the whole Facebook issue rather lightly.  This was posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Roseboro appeal denied,” (click here):

    well then why not require jurors to take lap tops with them so their friends can urge them to find the defendant guilty.

    From another court case, “Court verdict under scrutiny,” there is this (click here):

    Rodriguez-Torres has been at Lancaster County Prison for nearly two years. That is longer than a conviction of corruption of minors would warrant, according to state sentencing guidelines.

    The decision will be delayed because Farina is on medical leave.

    No matter how you feel about the case, this man has a right to a timely answer.  If Farina is on medical leave can’t another Judge – or President Judge Joseph Madenspacher – step in and make a decision here?  Can you keep a man in jail because a Judge is on medical leave?

Please check back later today.

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