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* “Why isn’t the public outraged?” a friend asked me over the phone today.  I have no idea – but they should be.  Tomorrow I will write the Judge to find out why he approved the fourth grand jury within sixteen years. I will also file a Right To Know request with the District Attorney’s Office to find out how much this will cost taxpayers.  Finally, I will call the State Attorney General Office to officially verify that witnesses are free to reveal their testimony to anyone they desire including the press. This is something the District Attorney and the Lancaster Newspapers continuously lie about and if the DA repeats it one more time he should be removed from office immediately.

    This is an outrage!



    District Attorney Craig Stedman has just publicly announced that the Lancaster County Police Forces and his own Lancaster County Detectives cannot solve crimes.

    For the fourth time in 16 years, Stedman secretly empanelled an investigative grand jury to “target unsolved major cases in the county, especially homicides and rapes.”

    So let me get this straight, every four years we need a grand jury in Lancaster because there are so many unsolved crimes?  What does that tell you?  The police and the Lancaster County Detectives obviously have no clue what they are doing and they are leaving multiple killers and rapists on our streets!

    And apparently our District Attorney can’t even count.  He is quoted widely as saying this is the third grand jury in the history of Lancaster County.  That would be wrong!  There have been four in the last 16 years:

—- In 1995, then DA and now Judge Joseph Madenspacher. empanelled the first grand jury in Lancaster County history.

—-  In 2001, then DA and now Judge Donald Totaro, empanelled the second.  In fact the two opening sentences from the August 2001 Intell article, “Unsolved crimes to get more scrutiny,” says:

    The Lancaster County district attorney’s request for a grand jury investigation into unsolved homicides, the local drug trade and racketeering has won approval.

    District Attorney Donald Totaro and his top assistant, Craig Stedman, filed the application Friday and President Judge Michael A. Georgelis signed the order later that day.

—- Apparently that grand jury failed miserably, because Totaro empanels a second grand jury in February of 2005, less than four years later!  That grand jury completely defies the original intent and goes on a fishing expedition for a year to support the Lancaster Newspapers and their Convention Center.

—-  There are still so many unsolved crimes, and new ones, that now Stedman has empanelled the fourth grand jury in 16 years (click here).

    It is clear and obvious that the County Police Departments as well as his own Lancaster County Detectives are completely inept and should be replaced immediately with men and women who can actually solve crimes and arrest killers.

    There will be much more this afternoon.

    In other notes:

~   Neither paper has even written an editorial about the fourth grand jury in sixteen years, but this morning the New Era gives Stedman a large two columns on the editorial page to tell his side of the ridiculous plea deals his office is making with child sexual abusers!  Nice!

~  And in one more development, on the same editorial page the paper is now taking “selected comments” from their Trashback forum and printing them with the posters’ names.  I think they are feeling a little heat from the LancTalk.com forum (click here).

~  Will the Lancaster Newspapers ever acknowledge M. William Phelps’ book on the Roseboro murder or will they totally ignore it as they did the entire case as the story was developing?  I know I promised a review this weekend and I apologize as personal responsibilities intruded.  But thank you for the comments under “LOVE HER TO DEATH” below on this site, and my review will be forthcoming.

Please check back later today.

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  1. Fa-la-lafel says:

    My sincere hope is that the children who were molested do not suffer at the hands of their family or their elders.

    I will never forget the news story about the Amish girl who, when confiding in her mother that her brother had molested her, was taken to the country dentist and her mother ordered the dentist to pull all of her teeth as punishment for telling. And the dentist actually did this. This did not happen in Lancaster; it did happen in an Old Order Amish family.

    Does the DA plan to check on the welfare of these children who he threw to the wolves? And anyone who says that testifying was the worst case scenario isn’t thinking. These girls will see their molesters for the rest of their lives because they were not imprisoned. What kind of message does that send to children Mr. Steadman?

  2. Play toy says:

    When a child victim or witness comes to the DA’s office, I have heard they are given toys and stuffed animals and promised more of the same when they come back again. This makes it apparent that the DA’s office knows how to play the game. If they know an individual or group is “threatening” one of these child victim/witnesses not to testify, then why don’t they bring charges against that person or persons for victim/witness intimidation?

    It just really outrageous that some posters are suggesting that the deals given by Stedman and acquiesced to by the judges are proper. Stedman, in spite of his whining in that newspaper editorial, has plenty of tools to do his job. If he can’t, then maybe he ought to let someone take over who can.

  3. suzieq says:

    I am so glad we are having this dialog. Things need to change in this county, and I really believe it starts with the “system” being transparent, and hey..honest.Just sayin”

  4. Really? says:

    Uh, I am bashing the system. A system in which the DA and judges let pedophiles walk free. The DA’s office can certainly prepare a pre-10 year old to testify. If not, and following your argument, a pedophile in Lancaster County just needs to make sure he is victimizing children less than 10. If Stedman doesn’t have the talent on his staff to prosecute pedophiles who victimize children younger than 10, then he needs a new staff or we need a new DA.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any good prosecutor will do whatever it takes to help the victim. Making a pre-10 year old not testify in court and relive those memories is a great thing and should be commended.

    I condemn all of you that look at that and still think it would be worth it for that pre-10 year old to be in the courtroom. You should focus on the system to bash.

    • Becky says:

      So, basically you are saying anyone in this country is free to sexually abuse a child 10 or under. There’s nothing the prosecution can do – the perpetrator will get probation – and is free to go out and do it again. Nice!

  6. Aaron says:

    Lol Markle is such a goof. Been friend requesting my other pages. I love how he tries to make his fake facebook page legit…Only problem is he has friends on that site I talk to on a regular basis and none of them know who the guy is. The Spanish is translated terribly too. Looks like he took a Spanish class in college or used google translator.

  7. Aaron says:

    A nut job that’s been friend requesting me…haha

    • Becky says:

      Actually, Aaron, I think it’s one of his bosom buddies! LOL! Markle can’t handle words like “jurisprudence!” 😉 😛

  8. Jim S says:

    Your site shows how little you truly know about our system of jurisprudence. Keep the idiocy coming though- your hard hitting “journalism” always starts my day off right with a laugh!!

    BTW- how do you manage to collect SSI when you’re perfectly capable of traveling long distances frequently? Have you ever considered getting a job? Now there’s a topic you should write about!!! All the Social security and welfare fraud in PHILADELPHIA!

    Oh- and clean up your yard- it’s absolutely disgusting.


    • Becky says:

      Jimbo, I cut you off once before and you’re coming damn close again. Your writiing also reminds me of a certain nut job. You obviously know nothing about me (my yard is not disgusting) but you’re bordering on being extremely creepy. Clean it up or you are outta here!

  9. Really? says:


    Stedman’s explanation isn’t really “plausible” nor is it reasonable. The DA can bring a case to trial. They can bring a witness to court. They can prep them and put them on the stand. If these witnesses don’t have their Amish handlers threatening them, they would likely testify. To suggest that keeping these men away from their families is somehow a punishment to them is ridiculous.

    It was interesting to see how Stedman licked the feet of the judges who acquised to his deals with these perverts. Nice move, Craig.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to have a rebuttal on the editorial in which DA Stedman explained the lesser charges for the Amish? Or are you going to find another incident to slam him and completely ignore his plausible explanation?

  11. goopsie says:

    Makes me uneasy to see how you can honestly get away with murder and too, not have to pay much time after molesting a child. Totally off the subject; this picture of Stedman gets me everytime! The angle of the photograph has someone’s long blonde hair just in range to make it look like Stedman is rocking a mullet! 😉

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