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     And if there were any doubt of the sorry state of child-protective efforts in the courts here, one need only remember the recent sentence of a father and son who had molested four young girls. The two received probation from a judge who apparently was swayed by the victims’ religious beliefs.

    In light of these cases, it is abundantly clear that some judges and some prosecutors no longer understand what the citizens of Lancaster County expect from them in enforcement of the law and carrying out of sentences against child predators.

From today’s New Era editorial, “Pedophiles back on the street.”

    Well, editor Ernie Schreiber gets on his high horse for once, except, on today’s front page is this story about the very Judge he’s writing about:  “Judge forms task force to address sex abuse in Plain community,” (click here).

    Judge Dennis Reinaker, the Judge in the above disturbing and disgusting case, suddenly has seen the light and his conscience?  I don’t think so.  I think this Judge wants to keep his cushy day job.

Please check back later today.

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3 Responses to PUT ME ON THE FRONT PAGE!

  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    One LNP quote says that an elder in the Plain community think they probably “should look at” this issue (child sexual abuse). Any good look would probably find that these perps were themselves sexually abused as kids. A poster on TalkBack also focused in on the witnesses’ refusal to testify against their abusers and how this may have led to a softer sentence. Has anyone ever dug up the DA’s Office statistics on the percentage of molesters who are actually prosecuted? These cases can be hard to prosecute without retraumatizing the victims through the court process, but at the end of the day any society will be judged by how well it protects the weakest of its people. Well, I don’t know the motivation the Judge had for this “task force,” but certainly a lot more light needs to shine upon this social blemish, a whole lot more light!

  2. TBO says:

    And meanwhile, in York, Judge Kelley who sat in many courtrooms overseeing PFAs and PFA contempt charge files and pointedly not giving either the men or the women accused the chance to defend themselves or bring witnesses in to testify as to their whereabouts when they were supposedly abusing their spouses… well, good ol’ hangin’ Judge Kelley now faces his own PFA trial.

    Karma, baby, karma.

  3. Becky says:

    This email in as I was posting this story:

    You won’t believe the bullshit “task force” that Reinaker has proposed to deal with the Plain community’s sexual abuse of their children. If this isn’t a political stunt, then there is no such thing as a political stunt! He went public with the “task force” before he even had one solitary member of the Plain community. No doubt he was feeling the pressure from your site. Keep up the great work.

    LNP even, gently, spanks Reinaker in it’s New Era editorial.

    If he really cared, he would have forced the DA to bring the father and son case to trial. Giving them the gift of probation suggests Reinaker is either an enabler of the abuse, that he doesn’t care, or that he is totally clueless about his authority and responsibility. Maybe working for disgraced former Attorney General Preate really did get his moral compass out of whack.

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