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      A few notes this afternoon:  I also received a denial in my appeal in my Right To Know request for the autopsy report of Scott McQuilkin yesterday.  Both of these denials (see this morning’s post) can be appealed – there will be more on that later. 

    Several people have asked if there is a way to have the comments under “COMMENTS GALORE” archived or something done to prevent having to scroll to the bottom to read the latest comments.  At this time, I don’t know how that can be achieved but I will explore several options.  There hopefully will be a revamping of this site in the near future to improve the look and have more topics readily available.

    Why? was one of those who asked and I am glad to hear she is out of the hospital and feeling better.  She is actually Kate, the wife of “Citydweller” of  I did receive an email from City, actually Steve, and I’m sorry I didn’t respond.  It came from a different email address and I was not absolutely certain it was from you. 

    Part of the reason I am suspect is that lately I have been getting spam from the name of a long ago Trashbacker I respected and corresponded with several times years ago.  I believe someone may have hacked or is mimicing his email address.  Gilby, the real Gilby, could you let me know?

    Be careful on the Internets, folks!

    Coming tomorrow – have I (gasp!) morphed into Marvelous Marv?  No.  But I’ll test your memory!

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3 Responses to YOU CAN MAKE STUFF UP?

  1. anonymous2 says:

    Was it from an aol account? AOL has had a problem for months now with spammers accessing AOL accounts and using people we know to spam us. The giveaway is that the subject line is either blank, or makes no sense.

  2. Kate says:

    Who’s Gilby?? I do not recall that name on the old TB forum.

    • Becky says:

      Kate, it was a long time ago but I believe he posted under “Gilby.” He was not a prolific poster – but he posted. He sent me some emails that included his last name in the address (obviously I have not included that). In the last several months I have gotten multiple spam emails a day from what I believe is the same address – or at least the same full name. Does anyone else remember a Gilby?

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