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    The column Just a regular guy…hooked on pain pills” is a disgrace to Lancaster journalism and a lapse in the judgment of not only the columnist, that as far as we know is not a physician let alone a specialist in pain medicine, but also of his editors.

Today’s NewsLanc.com column, “Who is Peter Mekeel to practice pain medicine?” (click here).

    It’s been a crazy Monday and I’m tired and cold, so today, I’m going to let Robert Field take on LNP on a topic he is far more familiar with than I: drugs and in this case, specifically prescription drugs.  I tried to find Mekeel’s column online to link to and failed except for those with an eEditions subscription. But his column about a man he describes as an “old friend” is simplistic with a far too easy fairytale ending.

    When someone gets Robert’s goat and he decides to take them on – he does some of his best writing.

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