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       He’s a Lancaster cop. Was he qualified for the job, or hired for stylish quota reasons?

Posted by Samcro on the forum (click here).

    I agree. However, firing minorities (unqualified and incompetent they may be) in a civil service gig is damn near impossible. I know. Blahblahblah, racist, blahblahblah. Cheaper to exile them to siberia.

Also posted by Samcro under the same thread.

    Yes, the idiot racists were busy on two forums today.  The other was LNP’s Trashback, which I thought they abruptly shut down for four months to put an end to this trash.

    I’ll tread on you, Samcro!  You’re the piece of sh*t that got Artie See removed as a moderator on that forum.  You have one agenda and one only – and it’s time the current moderators gave you a time out – or maybe they could send you and your buddy “salty” to Siberia?

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  1. William H. says:

    Sht by any other name would still stink. Affirmative Action, reverse discrimination, quota’s, job targeting. Whatever it’s called. It’s using race as a factor in the hiring decision, and that’s racist.

  2. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Thank you, Becky.

  3. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Any verdict yet on the prisoner abuse trial? Havent seen anything in the paper.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

    • Becky says:

      It was a hung jury = mistrial. I believe it is up to Barbacano and his lawyer if the case is retried. I have a call in to attorney Len Brown to hpefully find out.

  4. Ex-Talkbacker says:


    Actually that more like prejudice, (pre-conceived notions about someone based on their outward appearance) rather than racism.

    Racism is the idea that your race is better than another race, or that you favor one race over another.

    Racism doesn’t automatically mean hatred, though many people think so. I chose the shirt I wore today because out of all my shirts, it was my favorite. That doesn’t mean I hate my other shirts, I just happen to like this particular one, better.

  5. JimmyScoops says:

    The problem I have with Samcro’s POV is that we have no evidence that this officer was hired because of affirmative action. Maybe he was. But we don’t know from this article. Samcro just assumes based on … the guy’s race. And that is pretty much the definition of racism.

  6. Ex-Talkbacker says:

    I agree with Humpty Dumpty. Affirmative Action is racism.

    When you decide to give someone an advantage over a more qualified applicant based on the color of their skin, that is indeed racism.

  7. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Affirmative Action is racism at its core. Some would refer to it as “reverse discrimination.”

    The problem with the people who were leading that movement (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson claimed to be doing it in tne name of Dr. King.

    Nothing could be further from the truth of what Dr. King stood for. As I understand, Dr. King was for equality across racial bounds, not promoting Blacks and Hispanics over White people.

    Seems to me, Dr. King longed for the day when his children “would be known for the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

    Our culture has become waaaaaaaaay too “PC” and hyper-sensitive. As soon as there is a minority involved in something that appears to be unjust, the race card is dealt.

    What ever happened to just looking at the facts before passing judgement?

  8. Concerned says:

    I’m not really sure how that’s racist… but then again maybe there’s something there I’m not seeing.

    I was just on a major news group this morning and saw worse than that about the fire department in Tennessee. They called the fire company the “cracker department.” Guess it’s all in the eyes of the reader.

    And if I’m reading it right, Samcro is referring to Quota as to mean Affirmative Action. Why is calling out Affirmative Action racist. Many companies hired people not for qualifications, but for skin color to appease Affirmative Action demands. In return some of the ones hired did a horrible job. But that seems like an eternity ago. Times have most certainly improved. People are hired for qualifications and all races are getting along in the workplace under a harmonic work environment. Sure there are some bad apples, but they come in all shapes and sizes.

    Probably my most critical issue with Samcro’s Quota comment is that the officer is far too young to have been around for the real Affirmative Action movement, so it’s kind of a moot point.

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