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     Several months ago a comment came into this site that Shawn Roseboro, a first cousin to Mike Roseboro’s family, was complaining about District Attorney Stedman on his Facebook page and stating he needed the help of the media.  They suggested I contact him.  I did through his Facebook page.

    He sent me his cell phone number and we agreed on a time to talk.  He said he got a DUI in November of 2008, after Mike Roseboro was arrested for the murder of his wife, Jan.  He said the District Attorney personally turned down his ARD request stating that he did not believe Shawn “was a good candidate for ARD.”

    Shawn, who is now 26, was extremely open and felt this was in retaliation for his last name being “Roseboro” and his unwillingness to testify during the trial.  Roseboro was frank with me on a number of issues.  He said he knew Jan was being physically abused by Mike.  He said he also knew about Mike’s “side sexual activities.”  Roseboro, who was openly gay on his Facebook page (see note below), said he and his partner want to adopt a baby and Jan was the only one in the family who supported them.

    Roseboro said his attorney also felt he was being singled out because of his Roseboro connection.  I told him I could not write about it until I spoke with his attorney and he advised she is Tamara Hogan of the Lancaster law firm Herr & Low, P.C.

   I left two very specific voice mails for Hogan and my calls were never returned.  I spoke to Shawn several weeks later and he advised that she told him she “did not want to make it any worse for him” and that it was best to keep quiet until his sentencing.

    I said I would not write anything about it but might attend his sentencing scheduled for October 29 after his guilty plea.  Roseboro was extremely nervous about the sentencing.  He has moved to Tioga County and is studying to be an RN.  The DUI on his background could prevent him from attending certain schools and applying for jobs.  The Judge could also sentence him for up to six months in jail for the DUI.  Roseboro told me he has “turned his life around” and said he was surprised he was still alive after all the narcotics and drinking he had done prior.

    His case came up on Friday afternoon in Judge Louis Farina’s courtroom.  Hogan told Judge Farina that Roseboro had applied for ARD but it was rejected by the District Attorney’s Office.  The Judge asked why it was rejected as it was just into the second tier (his level of alcohol was .101).  Hogan said, “We were not given a reason.” 

    Just prior to his sentencing, Judge Farina said, “I’m surprised the District Attorney did not accept ARD,” and imposed a very similar sentence to those he sentenced with an ARD (except the record will not be expunged):  48 hours in jail, a total of $525 in fines, Drug & Alcohol Counseling and a 12 month license suspension.  Hogan told the Judge Roseboro had to be to work on Monday morning and asked that his 48 hours in the Lancaster County Prison begin immediately.  The Judge agreed and the sheriff’s deputy handcuffed Roseboro in the front and he was led out the back door of the courtroom.  He should be released sometime this afternoon.

    I tried to obtain a comment from attorney Hogan after the sentencing was over.  I have rarely been treated so rudely.  Enough said.

    The Lydia Colin-Torres story will come tomorrow.


[Editor’s notes:  I can no longer find Shawn Roseboro’s Facebook page.  He either blocked me or has taken it completely down.  I meant to have friends check but have not had the time. 

    As an interesting side note to this story, I have it on excellent authority that Shawn Roseboro provided a great deal of information to M. William Phelps, the crime author who is writing a book titled “Love Her to Death” on the Roseboro murder.  The book is scheduled to be released in March of 2011, according to Phelps’ website.]

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  1. joe says:

    Just to straighten out a few facts: The DA has the sole discretion to admit or deny ARD. The panel is advisory and was set up by Steadman. Also it is comprised of employees of the DA’s office. Thus, Steadman does not have to answer to the panel or follow their decisions. In fact, you have no “right” to get ARD. It is within the DA’s discretion to grant to you.

    When admitted to ARD, the license suspensions range from 0 to 90 days depending on your BAC and other factors, such as if there was an accident. The DA’s website has information on the penalties.

    Becky, its unlikely you saw anyone charged with DUI be placed into ARD during guilty pleas. ARD admissions are done with large groups of people being admitted at the same time. This is done separately from guilty pleas.

    I’m not sure exactly why Roseboro’s ARD was rejected, but he on 12/19/2008, Shawn pleaded guilty to Theft by Deception, a misdemeanor of the first degree (see docket CP-36-CR-0003767-2008). That’s a pretty serious offense on his record, and I would not be surprised that was the reason ARD was denied.

    Becky, this also means Shawn lied to you when he told you he had not been arrested before.

  2. TBO says:

    My ex daughter in law received a 12 month suspension of her driver’s license for an extreme DUI. It was a first offense. HOWEVER, she went ahead and drove her car the entire year and was never caught. Even when the police and her probation officer were notified that she was driving a car without a license without insurance and with two children in the car.

  3. Concerned says:

    Steve – There absolutely is an ARD Panel. In Lancaster County it’s called the ARD Review Panel. It’s on the last page here:

  4. anonymous says:

    Yea, Shawn is a habitual liar who uses anyone to get what he wants.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s nothing much on his facebook… He has over 500

  6. Bad Jeans says:

    Becky, You know the drill. If you can help advance their cause, then they want you in the loop. If you can’t, you are persona non grata. Also called getting”tooled.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Shawn still has a facebook account.

    • Becky says:

      Well then he blocked me. He sent me his cell phone number in a Facebook message. Now when I click on his picture to go to his page nothing happens. I have blocked several idividuals from mine so I know how it works. I don’t know why he blocked me – maybe on the advice of his lawyer. Shawn does like to talk and post things…. a lot!

  8. Be Careful says:

    Just be careful when it comes to dealing with Shawn.

  9. Steve says:

    There is no such thing as an ARD panel. (Maybe you are thinking of a youth aid panel.) The decision to accept or reject someone for ARD rests solely on the shoulders on the District Attorney.

  10. Concerned says:

    When I got my DUI a couple years ago my BAC was .15 and I lost my license for 3 months, no jail time, 6 months probation, 40 hours of community service, Alcohol Counseling and about 800 bucks and fines. That was not through ARD either. It was my second DUI within 7 years (yes I’ve learned my lesson, almost cost me my family).

    I’ve never heard of anyone losing their license for 12 months for a first offense.

    And I’ve never heard of anyone doing prison time for a first offense.
    § 3804. Penalties.
    (a) General impairment.–Except as set forth in subsection
    (b) or (c), an individual who violates section 3802(a) (relating
    to driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance)
    shall be sentenced as follows:
    (1) For a first offense, to:
    (i) undergo a mandatory minimum term of six months’
    (ii) pay a fine of $300;
    (iii) attend an alcohol highway safety school
    approved by the department; and
    (iv) comply with all drug and alcohol treatment
    requirements imposed under sections 3814 (relating to
    drug and alcohol assessments) and 3815 (relating to
    mandatory sentencing).
    (2) For a second offense, to:
    (i) undergo imprisonment for not less than five
    (ii) pay a fine of not less than $300 nor more than
    (iii) attend an alcohol highway safety school
    approved by the department; and
    (iv) comply with all drug and alcohol treatment
    requirements imposed under sections 3814 and 3815.
    (3) For a third or subsequent offense, to:
    (i) undergo imprisonment of not less than ten days;
    (ii) pay a fine of not less than $500 nor more than
    $5,000; and
    (iii) comply with all drug and alcohol treatment
    requirements imposed under sections 3814 and 3815.

  11. Concerned says:

    So what did the DA say when the Judge asked why he wasn’t accepted into ARD?

    This is a very strange case because the DA has no say whether a person is accepted into ARD, it’s up to the ARD Panel. The DA can make a recommendation, but that’s about it. It’s a person’s right to apply anyways, despite what the DA feels. You can plead your case to the ARD Panel. Also, why did the Judge sentence him the way that he did? With a BAC between .08 and .10 there is no jail time and no license suspension. And even if there was, ARD DOES NOT suspend for 12 months.

    I’m thinking this wasn’t his first DUI, and that he didn’t qualify for ARD.

    • Becky says:

      Concerned, this is absolutely his first DUI. There is something on the docket from June of 2008 – Theft by Deception – False Impression. It looks like he paid a fine. That was not discussed when we talked on the phone although I did ask if he had ever been arrested before and he said no.

      I disagree about the 12 month suspension. Everyone we witnessed with a DUI – whether it was a negotiated plea and/or ARD had their license suspended for 12 months. In fact, the actual licenses were handed over to the Judge by their attorney after the sentencing – including Roseboro’s.

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