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    This comment in from Citydweller, the administrator of the forum under “HABLA INGLES?” below:


    Artie was never banned, or even warned. He is still a full member of LT with full posting privileges, but he chooses not to post. That’s his deal, and it’s not my job to beg him back in. He was taken off the mod squad because he created the impression that he was planning to “out” a member in a rather volatile thread. Members can play that game, to a point, especially if they’re joking around, but staff cannot, ever. We have a large non-member audience that reads the site regularly, and most likely don’t know the in’s and out’s of “who’s who and what’s what”, and could take such a threat seriously and decide never to join our site due to such a statement, whether in jest or not.

    As for Sammy, he’s had several time-out’s, including being fully suspended for a week followed by being fully moderated following that. You can only swat at a gnat for so long before you have to move on to the rest of the world. He likes to keep his toenails right at the line, which is his right, but if he goes too far too much, he’ll meet the toaster.

    Galty, old boy (and others reading), it’s hard to maintain a balance between the constrictive vacuum of talkback and the complete chaos of, but that is what we strive for. Room for everyone, within reason. The real problem is that people just think we all have 3G iPads and watch every thread 24-7-365 to contain their little issues, instead of just hitting the “report” button so we’d actually know someone’s panties were in a bunch. Actually strikes me as odd, you know, whining about LT issues with other posters on other forums, instead of just reporting their problems by hitting a little button right in the thread. Kid you not, we’ve had three reports in three months.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but more people seem interested here in Becky-Land about how LT is run than on the site itself. In short, Artie was never “shut up”, he was simply demoted from moderator to ordinary member, and Samcro is to-date probably the most-punished member in our brief history, short of being banned.

    Strikes me as odd sometimes that so many armchair complainers will spend time denigrating us on others sites without even taking the time to set up camp at LT and see how well they fare on their own accord. Truth is, the best way to be heard is to come the hell in and speak you peace already.

    Nuff said.

Please check back later today.

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8 Responses to BALANCING HATE?

  1. anonymous2 says:

    LOLZ! “Didn’t I see what city posted”? Huh? Well, I sure did when Becky made it the headline news for the day!

    And you didn’t really expect me to slide on by a post entitled “Becky-Land”, did you?

    As The World Turns continues! Or is it All My Children? So hard to tell! LOL

  2. galty says:

    Thanks to all who use their Internet names on the three sites I vist, I do respect your opinons no matter what side you are on.

    Any one who uses a proxy name in a reply you have not use before…. GFYS.


    Will give a reply in more detail than I replied on other thread.

  3. why? says:

    oh, and becky- thanks for allowing us to discuss things here, it is appreciated!
    have a great day!

  4. why? says:

    ‘who cared about that anyway?’ – i would imagine the answer would be all of the posters here who keep bringing it up and keep accusing LT of banning artie, and other sundry attacks on the mods of LT.
    city was simply telling them, (in response to yet ANOTHER blatant falsehood posted here on becky’s site) “hey! that’s not what happened / is happening”
    oh, and anonymous2- you post your comments, did you really not see what city posted? i mean, i would imagine that you also read the comments before posting, so it sort of strikes me as odd that you wouldn’t already have seen it…

  5. Must be a slow news day… didn’t think I rated the front page.

  6. anonymous2 says:

    And who cared about any of that anyway?

  7. anonymous2 says:

    That was a big dose of soap opera for first thing on a Monday morning. Note to self: first coffee then internet.

  8. Banned says:

    Artie deserved to be removed as a moderator. He has demonstrated several times that he is too emotional to serve in such a position. I am not a fan of LT and agree with other posters who suggest it won’t be around long, but this was the right and only action that the owners of LT could take. As they say, maybe Artie needs to “get over himself.”

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