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     Multiculturalism has turned Lancaster city, America’s first city, into a multicultural hellhole. Its time for local landlord’s, city officials and politicians of the city of Lancaster to abide by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and sort out criminals seeking to enforce multiculturalism through street law, intimidation, and murder.

Posted on the LNP Trashback forum today.

    Does anyone moderate the Trashback forum?  This is a known racist poster who started this thread.  Actually, I remember years ago when I enjoyed his posts.  He was outraged by the midnight pay raise the Pennsylvania legislature gave themselves several years ago.  Now this poster is someone who connected with racist groups on that forum and is just full of hate.

    Thank you to this poster who responded with this:

    Lancaster is America’s first city?  Really?
    And the objective of the thugs on the street is to “enforce multiculturalism”?  Your logic escapes me.  Who do these thugs report to as part of their role in enforcing multiculturalism?  Do they receive directions from the great leader of the multiculturalists?  And who is that?
     Please explain your assertions.

    He can’t explain it.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  It is just hate and this poster needs to be stopped by LNP.  This is ridiculous and sick.


    McCaskey has trouble again.  WGAL is reporting that a 32-year-old female teacher was arrested today and charged with multiple counts of sexual misconduct relating to a 15-year-old male student (click here). 

    How in the world do you explain a nine month investigation?  This should be an interesting case to follow.  Will she do jail time?


    Duh when did they put that brick wall there George?  I think I missed the dock.

    On a lighter note for Friday, this is a comment under WGAL’s picture, “IMAGES: Boat Crashes Through Wall Of Lancaster Building,” (click here).  What in the world? 

    Over the last week many excellent comments have come into this site on a number of topics and I have not had time to address them.  I will tomorrow.

    Have a great Friday!

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10 Responses to A MELTING POT?

  1. Ex-Talkbacker says:

    I wonder why then, Lancaster’s signs say 1729 (I think that’s the date)?

  2. Concerned says:

    It wasn’t Philadelphia, Chester was settled in 1644. I don’t know a thing about the first city in Florida. I checked out Wikipedia and they say Lancaster is the oldest inland city in America, giving it a date of 1681. Maybe it was the first officially named city or something?

  3. Aaron says:

    Either way whoever said Lancaster was America’s first city is an idiot.

  4. Ex-Talkbacker says:

    First was Philadelphia in 1682.

    Actually Pensacola, FL was the first city in FL, but it was destroyed almost immediately so St. Augustine gets the credit.

  5. Concerned says:

    I thought Chester was the oldest city in PA?

  6. PA history buff says:

    I learned a long time ago that Upland, in Chester County, was the oldest town in PA. As I recall it was Swedes who settled there and the oldest buiding still remains there. Named something like Posey. Now I am wondering if that is all wrong?

  7. Aaron says:

    Oh wait…I guess there was something in there where it was somethine for 24 hours only because a president came to Lancaster County back in the day….From what my elders say, the president came to Columbia.

    Racists are pretty stupid to begin with with their irrational hate towards people who are different from them. I’ve come to find that gun ho racists suck in History too because their racist group brainwashes them to believe stupid stuff. I’ve met racists who swear on their mothers that the Holocaust never happened.


  8. Aaron says:

    Since when was Lancaster City America’s first, and oldest city? If I believe right, St. Augustine was the first established city. Maybe Pa’s first city? I don’t know. But I remember St. Augustine being the first and oldest.

  9. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Racism is a blight on the human condition, true enough. But could we at least give the poor soul who put a boat through the warehouse wall a moment of thought? In my sixty-seven years I, too, have done some–well–dumbass things, the worst of which was driving my station wagon into our garage with a dogsled tied on top! That cost me! And for the past twenty-five years my family has never let me forget that performance! So, could we please set aside one day in the year to go easy on all those who have done stupid things?

    If not, then at least we should devoutly pray that America will not drive its government through the warehouse wall on November 2nd, which from what I watch on cable news up here, north of the border, seems a very likely possibility indeed!

  10. galty says:

    Think his post was so stupid that it should be left laughed at and ignored.

    The greatest weapon against Racists like him is ridicule and to ignore, to delete a post like that to their parnoid minds is vindication that they are right.

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