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    In other areas and communities where the Amish have migrated to, they are not the ‘bedrock’ of the economy of the area nor the way that the community has identified itself for many, many years.

    Lancaster County has identified for so long with the ‘plain people’ and the horrific murders of those children at the Amish school placed Lancaster in the spotlight once again. The local media fed on this story and the LNP even published a “brochure” about it.

    I believe the Amish do hold a different and protected place in Lancaster unlike many other places they live. If you do a search, you will find a number of investigations and expose’s in areas not based upon their existence in the community. I believe it is one of the reasons that the family I mentioned above moved to Pennsylvania.  [The writer is talking about this story – click here. ] 

    Lancaster will one day become the “land of the legendary Amish” after all the malls, McMansions, etc. encroach even more on their territory. Until then, I believe the courts, TV, etc. will handle them very differently in Lancaster – because of their history in the area and the recent horrors that have happened to them instead of by them. Lancaster does not wish to be placed in a situation where it is perceived that the Amish are being persecuted by the courts etc.

    Basically the area is not ready to bite the hand that has fed it so long.

    Interesting and I’m in agreement with you except for the “persecuted by the courts” perception especially as it relates to this crime.  A father and son molesting multiple girls under thirteen years of age?  This story has incest written all over it on so many levels.  What a horror and a nightmare and a crime for which these men should receive long jail terms.  I can not imagine how the victims will recover.  This is an absolute miscarriage of justice.  For the prosecution to agree to a probation only plea is an outrage.  We will watch carefully to see what the judge actually sentences these men to.

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9 Responses to A DANGEROUS CULT?

  1. why? says:

    concerned- i was thinking the same thing.
    is this case one of the kinds where the state presses charges? i’m thinking of some i’ve read about where it was “the commonwealth vs. joe shmoe”, as opposed to “sally shmoe vs. joe shmoe”….

  2. Concerned says:

    Well good for the Amish, they forgive them, I don’t. So if my church says they forgive me I don’t have to go to jail? Cool.

  3. marigrace says:

    When the Amish commit a “gross sin” (any sexual sin) they are excommunicated for a period of time. Then they are counseled by the church leadership. If the church leadership feels they are truly sorry for their sins, repent of those sins, and there is an indication they are not continueing in those sins, they are taken back into the church fellowship.They are required to make a public confession before the whole congregation.

  4. Cindy says:

    As long as they ask for forgiveness (confess their sins) they won’t be kicked out of the church. They have to go before the Bishop and then to the victims and once they say “I’m sorry” all is forgiven as far as the Amish community is concerned.

  5. Ex-Talkbacker says:

    A southern end man (Amish) was excommunicated because he started teaching his children the Bible at home without the Church’s permission.

  6. anonymous me says:

    This article gives more information on the church in another case.


  7. Maffimuk says:

    Becky, you probably know about this than me; won’t the Amish kick them out of the church for these types of offenses? Can’t imagine they would let them continue to shame their community with their presence and membership in the church.

    • Becky says:

      Maff – I am no expert on the Amish. From the article it certainly doesn’t seem like these men will be kicked out of the church. Does anyone know about this?

  8. TBO says:

    “Being persecuted by the courts” – I should have elaborated on that.

    In the past, the Amish have fought and won cases that had to do with not wearing hard hats on construction sites and removing their children from school after eighth grade. There was a perception of ‘persecution’ when these were going through the courts. If Lancaster courts were to act upon this case it would open a whole kettle of worms (these two men being lower than worms in my opinion) that Lancaster has rarely ‘bought into’ when it comes to investigating or airing the dirty laundry. When you see investigations being done on incest in the community and rumspringa and the out of control Amish teens, you rarely ever see Lancaster referenced. It’s usually Ohio and Indiana and other places where they’ve settled.

    At the same time of the school massacre, one of the networks was delving into closed Amish communities in other parts of the country. The murders understandably overshadowed those other stories.

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