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    let the poor girl rest in peace and leave it be. the people who need to know what happened know what happened. so mind your own buisness you stupid bitch.

This comment in under “IT IS A NEWS STORY!” below.

    A friend instant messaged me and then called me yesterday morning before 7:00 a.m.  “Sam Roseboro’s girlfriend died,” she said.  “It says it right in her obituary.”  

    She immediately knew it was a news story.  I was stunned.  I said something to the effect of, “You just never know how many twists and turns a story will take.”

    Sadly, the death of 18-year-old Amber Weiler has become a part of the Roseboro saga.  That’s a fact and that’s the way it is.  Tragedy has struck again.

    I was immediately reminded of these sentences from M. William Phelp’s press release about his upcoming book on the Roseboro murder (click here):

    Phelps says, “I have been stealthily following this case since August 2008, after Roseboro’s arrest. It has all the elements I look for when telling crime stories in book form. I understand the ripple effect of murder inside the family dynamic and how it can echo forever; I’ve seen it happen in my own family. I hope to tell Jan Roseboro’s complete story, transforming her legacy into something more than a headline.”

    I will leave it at that today.  Please keep name calling out of your comments.  I will not publish a comment like the one above again.  Thank you.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I also am not making fun of hospital police. I love what they do, but am not a fan of a retired one making silly indirect and direct threats.

  2. Aaron says:

    After doing research in both departments…How can you be an inspector in the NYCHPD when there is no known ranking as an inspector in the NYCHPD? Just need some clarification.

  3. Aaron says:

    So let me get this straight…Hospital Police are the men and women who are in the E.R. just in case someone unruly is present? The way Guy makes it sound, there is the NYPD, and the NYCHPD.

    Guy made it seem like he was top notch in the NYPD when he was top notch in the NYCHPD? Or was that just a typo and you really mean the NYPD who was an inspector who happened to work in the E.R for most of his career?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Someone who can knock you on your ass.

  5. Aaron says:

    What’s a Hospital Police?

  6. Ron says:

    Aaron, you remind me of my narcissistic brother. Knows everything about everything. . Feels superior to everyone. Just sayin!

  7. Grandmother says:

    My 2 Cents, you hit it right on the money.
    Tslgki, I mean Thank you!

  8. My 2 cents says:

    So to be a police officer, detective, detective sgt and inspector you have to pass a spelling and grammar test? His duty is to protect and serve not be a writer… He is an authority figure not a writer. A lot of writers spell incorrectly, that’s what you call a rough draft and that’s what spell check was invented for. This website is twisted…

    Guy Sr. at least they are laying off of Sam and Amber now….

  9. Grandmother says:

    Thank you Guy Sr. and Guy Jr. You make me proud!

  10. guy says:

    becky I am retired from the NYCHPD I held the rank of Inspector I retired 6 months ago I held a high ranking position in that dept. I was a police officer, Detective, Det. Sgt then made Inspector.

    • Becky says:

      guy, I have to respectfully ask how you could have possibly achieved such a position when your grammar, spelling and sentence composition skills are so lacking?

  11. Ex-Talkbacker says:

    Shameful. Here is a young lady who died way before her time, and all people can do is sling crap at each other and bicker back and forth.

    Show a little compassion. She was a human being, not tabloid fodder for Christ sakes.

    Becky, you really need to gain control of your blog. I think in order to do this you need to lead by example. Please stop this tabloid “journalism” at the expense of innocent people.

  12. guy says:

    wish I could homo but becky cut me off.

  13. My 2 cents says:

    Aaron, it’s rather sad that you get your rocks off by “attempting” to stir up crap at the expense of a sweet girls passing.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have any children of your own? Are you going to feel this proud of yourself when your children are of teenage age and they google your name and they see this mess? I have teenage children and I would be ashamed of myself if they ever read that I was an Internet bully at the expense of a deceased teenager. And if I was your mother I would be ashamed of you for talking so disrespectfully and then gloating at the fact that you’re intentionally trying to hurt someone emotionally.

  14. My 2 cents says:

    Guy Jr. I love you ha ha! I can understand why my friends little guy adores you. God Bless your family!

  15. Aaron says:

    And no…I’d continue to laugh because you could not outwit me. It’s easy to harm someone physically. You can do it via fists, chains, bats, balls, guns…just about anything really. But how often can you tick someone off to the point where they are beating themselves up? If there was an afterlife (if you beat me up that bad), I’d probably still be laughing…Then down the road you show up and there I am and you are thinking…Not this guy again.

    Materialistic thoughts are what are keeping you down now. Let go of those thoughts and be a man.

    Lets see if Guy and Guy Jr respond to this.

  16. Aaron says:

    Lol you know Becky that I get on here to mess with people who have no logic at all and most times mean nothing about what I say. I just laugh hysterically that I sleep well at night after this while they are trying to think of more stupid stuff to say.

    This reminds me of a family I’d see on Jerry Springer. All we need is a racist KKK member to show up and write about how blacks get all the welfare and Mexicans steal their jobs.

    If anyone honestly takes what I say seriously over this, then wow you are honest idiots. I will honestly not give if they keep writing. I’ll give it up once they give it up, otherwise I’ll keep responding.

    They insult, I laugh…I insult, they say the most ridiculous things and think it hurts my feelings. Their hearts are probably pounding, blood pressure is off the charts, body is shaking and head is about to explode. I sit here, smiling about what I can say to tick them off.

    You told me, Becky, to leave these crazy people alone, but it’s just too much fun. As you said also…I bring out the crazy in people. I’m doing that right now and am actually writing it all down. I do wish I could see their faces though. I want to do a study on internet behavior and arguments. It’s just too funny.

    They all yell about how stupid the other is for being online all day long, and yet they comment for a good portion of the day. Makes no logical sense at all. It just goes in circles and I enjoy it because no one can explain their behavior. They just rationalize then insult people some more.

  17. Guy Jr. says:

    Your a loser. You sit on a computer and blog about things going on in other peoples lives. You have no substance in your own so you surf this site looking to stir the pot because no one will probably talk to you in real life. “Lets talk about the teachers and how they strike because it makes me mad..grrrr.” Is this what your really do as a past time? Hahaha. This is your social life. I feel bad for you. This is as good as your life gets. Try to build a real relationship, like with a female. Or do you not like women…because that would explain the tension and all your free time.

    I don’t want your condolences. Your a condescending clown with your smiley faces 🙂
    You get off saying things to get a rise out of people. “What exactly would you do to me Guy Jr?” You want me to say something dangerous so you can call the cyber police and get my IP address? Do you want my home address? Come visit and I’ll introduce your mouth to the curb.

    Tell yourself that you would say this to my face and you would laugh while saying it. I guarantee you it would be your last laugh and you wouldn’t be able to visit me in jail 🙂

    Don’t waste your time writing back because I won’t read it. Or do, I don’t care. I have better things to do then keep checking for rebuttals. How long have you been posting on this site? Think about all the time you wasted talking about others. You could have went to yoga, or read a book, or took a walk off a cliff. And when its your time to go, I will make sure to come back and talk about how swell of a guy you were. Every time you post, you’ll think of me..making fun of you. And that puts a smile on my face 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Sigh. Is this what real men do? Do any of them have any sense or is that why women were put on this earth? Had to post it! This stuff is amazing! 😛

  18. Curious says:

    Aaron – Quit getting all rawled up. It’s over. I feel very bad for this girls family that they lost her at such a young age, however, I have never heard of people jumping on a blog that was just reporting her death and stating who her boyfriend was (who endured yet another tragedy in his life), to belittle people, when they should be mourning her loss and trying to pick up the pieces, but it’s all good.

    To the Family of Amber – I am so sorry for your loss, she left your world way too soon. I am sure that you are all torn up over her loss, and will be mourning for years to come, but I do ask, how this is helping you cope with your loss, by insulting people. Becky was just reporting Sam’s tragedy again. She has also reported that the sold their funeral home to Stradling when they did.

    The Roseboro name is in fact a “Famous” name in Lancaster County and the people in this county will forever wonder how all these kids are making out in life. For Sam to endure this tragedy on top of everything else is heartbraking to some of us. How much can this young man take, was the first question that came to my mind.

    Becky – I come on your site everyday, ever since you were reporting the Roseboro trial. Although as I am human, I sometimes do not agree with what you post, but it’s not my blog and I look at the posts I am interested in. You provide stories that LNP just doesn’t report. And for that I thank you.

    Is all this going back and forth really worth it?

  19. guy says:

    hey aron do you remember the good old wild wild west days when two people would have it out in the street. why dont you and I do that give me date and a place.

  20. guy says:

    hey Aron you talk to my son guy jr like that . yeah you are a A Hole a punk. you talk tuff on here but I hear you fight like a sissy.

  21. Aaron says:

    I also never said my behavior is normal. Remember…it takes one to know one?

    I just get bored when I could be doing something better.

    So don’t assume I am saying my behavior is normal when I never stated that it was. That makes you look even more silly.

    Yes…I’ve lost plenty of people but my coping skills are better. It doesn’t make me a better person, I’m just stating I do things my dead loved ones would appreciate. If Amber was as great as everyone is saying (which I’m sure she was)…I doubt she’d want you to get on here insulting people and making yourself even more upset.

    Just go do something else. Read a book, do Yoga, take a walk. Do something worthwhile to help you get through it. If you keep coming up with more negative stuff to say on here, the more I will insult back whenever I read the ridiculous amount of crap.

    If you come back on here and say something a little more reasonable, maybe I will have a nice comment back and actually share my condolences…otherwise I’ll continue to be an A**Hole.

  22. Aaron says:

    I’d actually say it in front of you. I’d actually laugh while saying it now. What exactly would you do Guy Jr.?

    I’m not afraid to state my opinion and feel in person or online. I do it all the time. What’s the worst you can do to me? Absolutely nothing. Want to jack my jaw? Go ahead because I’ll continue talking. Beat me till I can’t move? Go ahead because I’ll visit you in jail to talk some more :).

    So good luck on that statement :).

    I think you all are a joke to tell the truth.

    Grandmother, you are not a Christian. You are what they call a hypocrite. Two very different belief systems :). But that does have a lot to do with it because you brought up the fairytale verse (AKA Bible Verse) on the tongue being the greatest weapon.

    As for Grammar: I never criticized your grammar. I said it’s the same as Angie’s. You are also making the same argument as Angie did in previous articles. So something is up there.

    And for your behavior…Coming online, acting like a complete ogre when you could be doing something better is not normal behavior. Again, I show no signs of sympathy. You just better get that checked out.

  23. Guy Jr. says:

    I’m Amber’s cousin, Guy.(Jr.) Some of the comments on here are unnecessary and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Becky, please allow me to tell you what has my father and I, “all wound up.”

    This whole site is absurd, but let me understand..Becky, did you write the initial statement? I can only assume. Whomever wrote it-to use the death of a beautiful young girl to get a cheap plug for a book is so sad. And one that takes a nice young mans families tragedy and turns it into some murder novel for profit is even more pathetic. And you even use a quote from the author. Classy.

    Going back to the comment from ‘marigrace’ who had all sorts of feelings about a family other than her own. “..and then there is the tooth fairy.” Yes, it was in the obituary. No, it wasn’t for you to understand. So as we say in New York, don’t worry about it.

    And to anyone else that had a negative comment, or even an ill thought of Amber- your name is not worth mentioning. And to “Mr. I’ll just take this crap to my blog,”–say what you say, just know that if you were standing in front of wouldn’t dare say it.

    In Amber’s name,

  24. guy says:

    this is the last time I am commenting on this stupid blog there must be something in the air in Lancaster because you people ere retarded. it must be all the incest in the community.

  25. My 2 cents says:

    I actually told a family member of Amber’s to stay off this site. But as I am no attachment to this family other then being a friend of a family member… I have a few things to say

    I hope some of the children of this beautiful family never ever finds this site!

    Finding my friend curled up in a ball on the floor screaming about Amber wrecks my heart. Not having the words to say to one of the sweetest strongest little boys I know when he looks to me and says “I want to go to Heaven” is indescribable.

    Please don’t use this site to belittle Sam, Amber and the rest of the family. The Rosoboro name had nothing to do with Amber’s passing.

    God Bless Amber’s Family and Sam… You all will forever be in my heart and always on my mind.

    As for my friend, I love you, I love you and I love you! I love your sweet sweet little boy! He truly is a rock! I’m NOT going anywhere!

  26. guy says:

    why would you delete my comment about spelling and allow other remarks on this blog.

    • Becky says:

      guy – I deleted it because you asked for someone’s phone number and said you were “pissed.” Sorry – not allowed. Keep it here and keep it civil. I honestly don’t know what has you all wound up!

  27. guy says:

    Guy – I deleted your comment. Becky

  28. Guy says:

    I am a family member of Amber and also a retired NYCHPD Police Inspector. I cant belive what I am reading on this board there are there so many insensitve people living in Lancaster. I thought new york was hard place but after reading these post my thoughts have changed. Its not just because I am a family member that I am uspsetits about the blogs, I thought Lancaster people were had a little more class then that. but after working in the south bronx for 28 years I saw and heard many things, however I would never expect something like this coming from people in you community. I must state that I will foward my opinions of some of you on facebook and other sites. shame on you Lancaster.

  29. Ron says:

    You folks are still nuts. Need to get a life.

  30. Grandmother says:

    Me being christian or not has nothing to do with my loss of my grand-daughter who I loved so much. It has nothing to do with what I practice or preach, you don’t even know me. WHAT BEHAVIOR ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Calling you an asshole. Your words make you what you are. My faith has got me though the loss of my son who did not take his life and my husband who died from cancer. You seem to know it all. You said you felt this kind of pain. Did you walk it off? Or did you handle it the best way you know how. If so where is your compassion. Yes, when you loss 3 people in a row, I would say my family will talk to a therapist to help us get though. Not because I or we are the cause of AMBER’S untimely death but because of people like you who has cancer of the mouth.
    And don’t forget to check my grammar Asshole!

  31. Aaron says:


    Sadly I do not believe in a heaven or a hell or an afterlife for that matter. I don’t need that luxury.

    I have no sympathy, or respect for this family whatsoever. I do have empathy because I do know what it’s like to lose people close to me. Plenty of people know the same pain, but most will walk it off no matter what happens. They know what’s true and the more they act like idiot, the more guilty they look.

    It all had to start with the Angie woman. If she would have gotten on and treated everyone decently, maybe we would have thought of it from the other veiw. Instead she had to go on a rant about how horrible we are for wondering what happened.

    As for you Grandmother, you are the reason I can’t stand the Evangelical Christian point of view. You preach, but you never practice what you preach. You use it rather than live by it and it’s just plain sick. You feel your behavior is justified by your Granddaughters death.

    I do also hope your family receives therapy because this is not normal behavior. I also hope you go to church and become stronger in your faith. Do whatever it is to prevent this from happening again.

    Sadly, suicide in families can be a learned behavior. Depression can be both learned and biological. So seek any help you need. Getting help does not mean you are crazy, it just means you don’t have the tools in your tool kit to cope.

    At this point I do not mean to come off as sarcastic. I admit I was wrong, but will not show any sign of sympathy or condolences until both you and Angie admit you are out of line just as much as me. You did not choose to lose your family members. You can choose, however, to bitter and close your eyes to the world around you. It may take time to get to that point, but I do hope that time comes and this does not happen again.

    Sorry Becky for this over 150 word response!!

  32. Grandmother says:

    Angie, my grammar is not the best at this time.
    I am not thinking, I am hurting and this asshole
    Aaron would understand that if he was human.
    When I said I will find you I mean I would like to know you better because you are the only one with compassion in your heart. Sam is loved by all of my family and his grandparents were there for all of us when I lost my son and husband. May Sam find peace in his heart someday and my Amber, be with your Pop Pop and Uncle Nicky. Laugh at these Assholes.

    • Becky says:

      Grandmother – you have had a lot of tragedy in your family. I am sorry. Please have your family seek therapy to deal with the latest and everything that has happened. Please do everything in your power to prevent this from happening to a family member again.

  33. Aaron says:

    I will say one thing…This is Deja Vu with the Woomer case and me. I will admit I was a jerk with the Woomer case. Still feel the’s guilty but I don’t voice that as much because of this same problem.

    You can’t win against a whole group of people who are on a one track mind and don’t take things into consideration….That could never happen because they are close to us and they are better than that!

    Only problem is family members do keep secrets amongst each others and even the nicest of people have the darkest secrets to hide. People do not want to face those facts because they are unpleasant and hard to accept.

  34. Aaron says:

    you also don’t have to accept that comment…might give away your plan…or this one…:)

    Wow do I sound like Dr. Evil. Muahahaha Muahaha Muahaha

  35. Aaron says:

    I’ll just take this crap to my blog. The day in the life of the Weilers and friend. I’ll just go through all of Angie’s comments and how hypocritical she is and can’t keep her comments straight.

    Will analyze the dynamics of learned behavior through family and so on.

    Will also look more into IP addresses and the location of them and if they are connected and the same people. Don’t worry, I don’t cross the line and will not give actual names or addresses.

    I think Becky will cover most of it, but I honestly have to analyze the dynamics. You can’t take what I find as credible, but it’s a start until you find yourself someone else.

    Love when people assume you know very little and are ignorant :).

  36. Angie says:

    Last comment from me Aaron. Name calling and judgment come so easy for you. Sad….these are things that make you feel good about yourself.

  37. Close friend of the family says:

    Sorry it posted 2X

  38. Close friend of the family says:

    Both the Mother and Grandmother posted those messages from my computer and it really was them. So much for you IP investigation! Don’t you people have anything better to do? Leave the family alone and let them grieve in peace.
    Thank you

  39. Close Friend of the Family says:

    Those comments really are from the Mother and Grandmother and not fake. They made those comments from my computer, so much for your investigation on IP addresses. Don’t you people have a life or do you have nothing better to do all day long! Leave the family alone and let them grieve in peace.

  40. Aaron says:

    Seeing as I already know what it’s about. I just can’t wait for the final product.

  41. Aaron says:

    I give up Becky…lol

    You know how I called the crow histrionic hairy?

    I think you’ve attracted your own Histrionic person. So I just give up. Angie can have the last word, I don’t care. There’s just no winning. So enough of commenting on this one. She’s proving herself to be a complete idiot.

    So I’ll wait till your next amazing published piece :).

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