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    Look they had a torrid affair – happens every day all day around the globe. Usually no one dies, but in this case someone did and that is the real tragedy. Life is going to go on for all involved whether anyone likes it or not. I find this whole thing fascinating for the simple fact there are just sooo many unanswered questions and the seemingly weird reaction by Angie and Mike. Can two people really be so callous as to chit chat about the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup when one of them is in jail accused of the murder of his wife? It is just really scary to witness how duplicitous human beings can be! How well do you really know someone? Reminds me so much of the Scott Peterson case.

 A comment into this site many months ago.

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4 Responses to LIFE IS GOING ON

  1. Anonymous says:

    That they would talk about something innocuous is exactly what people do in overwhelming crisis in which immediate actions can’t be taken.

  2. friend13 says:

    Must be newsworthy…Shawn Roseboro posted this on fb yesterday…

    Shawn Roseboro: ok so who knows some1 from the press?? the Lanc Co. DA is holding a grudge cuz of the fam. it’d be a good story and it may help me out
    Yesterday at 12:18am via Facebook for BlackBerry

    Perhaps you could reach out to him Becky?

  3. Lisa L says:

    How’s Mike doing in the state pen ? Has he settled into a routine. Has he obtained a job yet inside ? Like laundry man or dishwasher.
    Have I heard his slutty mistress Angela makes the trek up Rt 61 to visit him regulary ?

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