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    Sam Roseboro’s Facebook profile picture.  The woman with him is 18-year-old Amber Weiler who died unexpectedly at home in Denver last Friday.  Her cause of death has not been officially released. 

    Sam’s father, Michael Roseboro, made the front page of today’s paper with his appeal of his murder conviction to the Pennsylvania Superior Court based on the Facebook postings of two jurors during his trial (click here).

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14 Responses to GOSSIP VERSUS NEWS?

  1. Anonymous says:

    can’t everyone just leave the Roseboro’s alone? They have gone through enough in their life, and they don’t need anyone else talking bad about them when they don’t know anything about them! The kids are still so young, and don’t need to deal with peoples gossip and bullshit. Doesn’t anyone in this world have a heart anymore?

  2. ChemTrail Air says:

    The entire Pennsylvania school system needs to be revamped. Have a central county admin office with a superintent and staffing, rather than separate ones for each district.

    I’d be in favor of an increase in salary if the teachers were evaluated fairly and consistently on the quality of education they provide.

    I’ve heard too many first-hand accounts of students being regaled with teacher’s stories (rather than actually teaching) for hour upon hour. With a captive audience, they focus on being “friends” with the students rather than teaching.

    From my college experience, friends of mine who flunked out of science, engineering, medical careers went into education … where there were actually credit classes teaching them how to motivate with decorating bulletin boards. Once tenured, we have them for life … or rather until they retire with generous $$ and benefits thanks to us taxpayers with unlimited funds (or so they think).

  3. Artie See says:

    Denver Guy: a teacher friend told me several times that the union was all that stood between her and several arrogant and self-serving administrators.

  4. Jodi says:

    Oh d-guys back strong these days…lol

  5. Denver Guy says:

    lol. In all seriousness though…I’ve been to some Barnstormers games. I prefer Reading Phils games. Let the hijacking of Beckys thread begin!!! Who’s ready for the NFL season to begin?

  6. Aaron says:

    How about them barnstormers? lol

  7. Denver Guy says:

    Blame the union. You’re strong-armed in and they are the ones who determine when to strike. And, if you’re in the union (it’s VERY hard NOT to be)and don’t show up things can get nasty for you. (the Mrs is a teacher)

  8. Aaron says:

    No, I wouldn’t support them. I think of the students first. But that’s just me. I go by, if you don’t like your job find a new one.

    Sorry Becky…There’s not much going on…well there is, just not enough info and we saw what happened last time.

  9. Artie See says:

    Aaron: if you would experience first-hand some of the (expletive deleted) that teachers have to put up with, you would be supporting instead of criticizing them.

  10. Aaron says:

    I don’t know much about Roseboro, but I am pretty sure that Woomer won’t get an appeal and if she does, she’ll lose. I’m sorry but I still think she’s guilty of something.

    Not 3rd degree at all that’s for sure. I say it was accidental and nothing more.

    I think you should have done something on the Teacher Strike. I hate when teachers strike and they complain and say we are not selfish. We just want healthcare for ourselves and more money. There are children they teach who’s families are living in poverty.

    If I was the school board, I would have tried to find new teachers and kick the ones on strike to the curb.

  11. Justice says:

    How did Roseboro get his appeal to the Superior Court so soon. Joy O’Shea Woomer is still waiting for her appeal. Boy does it pay to have money. Well we saw that with OJ too.

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