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    Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman’s wife is a member of the “Help Stormy Girl!” Facebook page.  Yeah!  I’m starting to like this DA (and his wife)! 

    We aren’t giving up folks!  Oh, no.  The Pennsylvania Game Commission hasn’t seen anything yet!

    Please click here and join “Help Stormy Girl!”  You’ll be in good company!

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3 Responses to WAY TO GO, DEBBIE!

  1. Jodi Wolff says:

    Needlessly,Giving his son medicine was wrong.His son had a doctor.He should of been the only one giving him any kind of medicine.Dr Carter got a slap compared to Joy…..Lets not forget that.

  2. Concerned says:

    What does that have to do with this thread?

    And how does prosecuting Dr. Carter help the DA again?

  3. Artie See says:

    Don’t forget what DA Craig Stedman did to Dr. William Carter, especially since it was coroner Steve Diamantoni (who HATES Dr. Carter) who pushed Stedman to prosecute Dr. Carter needlessly.

    Dr. Carter’s son Connor’s death certificate STILL reads “Homicide”, even though independent lab results clearly proved that the amount of opiates in Connor’s blood was at “theraputic” levels. Neither DA Stedman nor coroner Diamantoni will ease up on their relentless quest to ruin Dr. Carter for life.

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