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    Joy called during the event and we were able to have her talk to everyone by holding a microphone up to the cell phone. She gave her thanks to all. What a special moment.

    Wonderful time today at the auction. We still have some money out but at this point we have raised just over $8600!!! Many thanks to everyone…..to the many people who donated items, to the people who attended today and to the volunteers who helped with the event. Special shout-out to the Fireside Tavern and the great staff and to Tom Pontz, who played keyboard.  Tom’s music really made the event special.

From Justice For Joy (click here).

    That is fantastic!  Please see below for Jodi Wolff’s personal account of the silent auction held yesterday to benefit Joy O’Shea Woomer’s defense fund.

    This email in:

    Pati Mattrick just joined the Help Stormygirl Facebook group, and she has posted some wonderful pictures of the dear finch.  Looking at the pictures makes me even more angry with the fools at the Game Commission.  Urge your readers to keep the pressure on the PGC.

    Thank you for the update and everyone, please continue to contact the PGC, your state representatives and the governor’s office.  Click here for the “Help Stormy Girl!” Facebook page.

    PLEASE COME!  I am having a press conference on Monday at 11 AM at Mulberry Art Studio, 21 North Mulberry Street, Lancaster. I’d appreciate seeing some friendly faces. I am anticipating PhillyTV news crews as well as the locals.

From Ron Harper’s Facebook page.

    Well, the big news yesterday was Ron Harper, Jr. suing F&M and its President, John A. Fry, among others for violating his civil rights.  It’s about time, Ron!  Click here for the law suit.  There will be much more later today… 


By Jodi Wolff

    My daughter and I arrived at the Fireside Inn at 1:15 yesterday.  We were given a number for the silent auction bidding. I saw Joy’s Father as soon as we entered the room. He was very happy with the event.

    As my daughter and I browsed the items I started thinking what wonderful family and friends Joy has. Then I remembered that Joy’s mother said she would be offering a home cooked dinner.

    There were so many amazing items it was very hard to want just one thing. I saw a gorgeous crocheted table cloth and convinced my daughter we had to bid on that.  I placed my bid.  After getting a glass of wine and a soda for my daughter, we sat down to have some cheese and veggies with dip.

    I then saw Joy’s mom and found out where her dinner bidding was to be done.  All of a sudden I heard, “May I have your attention please?”  Joy was on the phone. Joy thanked everyone for their support. She said she was doing ok and that her appeal process was about to start. Everyone in the room cheered and said they loved her. It was a very touching moment. As the music played her son sang a few words.

    A good 75 plus people attended the silent auction. As the time went down on bidding for the items I looked at the bid for the dinner. The second bid was at $100.00.  Wow! This woman must be a GREAT cook. My daughter won a gift card for Chilies. That’s as close as we came to Joy’s mom’s cooking.

    I came home with as beautiful table cloth and a good story. I watched Joy’s mom push her very first great granddaughter around the room with love. This was a wonderful event. I was glad to be a part of it.

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    Finally Letters concerning seizure of Stormy Girl:


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    Maybe somebody will ask ronnie boy about his most recent arrest.

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