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        “The fire is still under investigation.  There has not been a ruling on the cause of the fire,” East Cocalico Township Police Sgt. Larry Martin said by phone this afternoon.  This past Friday morning, the $2.4 million dollar estate of Nicholas J. and Denise G. Reinhart was demolished by a fast moving fire.

     Martin said State Police Fire Marshall Robert Hess was on the scene Friday evening and will determine the cause.

    Asked about the family who owns the property, Martin said “there is an ongoing investigation.”  He also stated that he believes the house “was being lived in” at the time of the fire.

    I will follow up with Fire Marshall Hess tomorrow.

    On a small world note, you might remember Martin from the CBS 48 Hours episode on the Roseboro murder.  He testified at length during the trial and was interviewed during the TV show.

    I particularly remember one telling point during his testimony.  Discussing the fact that the police offered Michael Roseboro details about his wife’s death – but Roseboro seemed uninterested – Martin said he found this to be unusual and odd.  “If my wife died unexpectedly,” he testified, “I would sure want to know what happened.”

    Well, in other news, the city shut down the Brunswick Hotel for safety reasons for months but apparently failed to see that a building in the heart of downtown Lancaster was about to collapse – which it did this morning!  Way to go, Mayor Gray!

Please check back tomorrow.

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  1. grand slam says:

    Sodomsky reported that the fire was caused by an intruder……his team is looking into it…….LOL

  2. Pine Crest Patty says:

    Ruth,,,,we started riding ATVs there last week,,come on over with yours. ITs alot of fun.

  3. J.Ludwig says:

    Is the property up for sale yet ?

  4. Ruth Garvin says:

    Thats alot of acres, 36, and now without a house. I’d like to call the owners, see if I can ride my ATV there now that no one lives on the property.

  5. Denver native says:

    Don’t no if anyone was living in the house but do know he wanted the house to be vacant when it was listed. The house was suppose to be listed about a month ago but he kept delaying it for whatever reason.

  6. cocalico rd rowdy says:

    Do they live in Florida ? Were they in Pa when the house burned as some had said ? And if they were where were they at 7 am ? I heard it was arson. Well between the Roseboro case, the fire, and a few other things , this neck of the woods is hopping.

  7. Denver native says:

    Fact – he was about to list his home for sale which is now being investigated.

  8. Hill says:

    Hey Wollups Hill Willy.. your so right about that esp. Wollups Hill road back off swampbridge road… We just maybe neighbors here…lol.. Wollups Hill Hillbilly…. 🙂 .

  9. Wollups Hill Willy says:

    Yes,,these little back roads up here are charming, but have some sharp turns, frequently see cars in the ditchs.

  10. Hill says:

    Ok Becky …. Ha ha The fire company was just past my house again… I wouldn’t want to be a fireman in this township… will let ya know what’s going on here… I think it’s a wreck …. out on swamp bridge road and pennies hill road*sp….

  11. Hill says:

    OK Becky this is small town U>S>A>… Give the Cocalico police department …to take their time on how to close this case hey money talks…. as the Roseboro’s thought .. as they do need some assistance …lol… haha anyways this just shows what money can do to some people… some think they have it all (money) then oh what a divorce… the business sucked… getting sued in 2 states….. What yup I’ll Spy this dude out.. ARSON…. just RUMOR…

    • Becky says:

      Hill, I wasn’t knocking the Cocalico police I was having some fun! They have to wait for the cause of the fire from the fire marshall before they can do anything. But they are investigating the family and financial things as they should be. I think they did a good job on the Roseboro case.

  12. Hill says:

    Yup I live near the area… I just was sayin if you have 2 million plus dollars to use on a house why put it there??? Cheap taxes???? They were cheap when we first bought our house here 25 years ago but we pay just as much as the next townships now…. No offense to the people on that road…. but hey some could clean up around their homes…. I also just heard a RUMOR today that the owners had put the boat and other things in storage not long ago…. Now this isn’t a fact… I gotta do some more Spying…. 🙂 .

    • Becky says:

      Please, please do some more spying, Hill! 😉 Or maybe we should call it “investigative reporting” or “assisting the police.” 😉 😛

  13. Blue Lake Betty says:

    Yes, there are few nice houses on that road, but for the most part its White Trash.

  14. cinnamon says:

    Yes, some of the nicest people I know are poor. Shouldn’t knock people but geez cleanliness is godliness ! I have an old house that needs repairs but it’s clean and cozy and right now my tulpis look beautiful !

  15. Can't stop reading says:

    Be nice…. I know a family who lives on the same road as the NICE HOUSE!! And the family is a great family. Straight A students in school & very involved parents. Great people who would do anything for anyone! Sometimes if you don’t come from MONEY, You will never have tons of MONEY!

    On another note Reinhart also owned a car dealership in Thorndale Chester County many years ago. (On Business RT 30) Does anyone know if he still owns that one??

  16. Hill says:

    Sandy Hill I agree it’s sure a trash trailer park road… I couldn’t understand why someone would build there…. I would have put that house back in the woods off from the road…. Said they owned 36 acres….

  17. Sandy Hill says:

    It is a nice property. But whats up with the rest of that road ? Seems like something from back woods Kentucky.

  18. Harry Hertzog says:

    Thats a nice piece of property the house sat on. Does anyone know if it will be up for sale now ? The Mrs and I went past,,seems like they were in the process of building a pond.

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