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    This photo-shop of John Fry and the Drexel dragon has been flying around Lancaster today on the internet.  What a hoot!

    Which brings me to Ron Harper, Jr. who is now listed as a staff member of the Pennsylvania Independent (click here).  Ron and I got off to a shaky start many years ago but I now consider him a good friend and a great journalist with some of the best instincts I’ve ever seen.  I am reprinting below his brief bio from the Independent.  This, of course, doesn’t mention John Fry having his goon squad beat up on Harper because Harper had the audacity to knock on his door twice!

    Ron Harper, Jr. is an Investigative Reporter for Pennsylvania Independent

    Ron began as a citizen journalist covering Lancaster County politics in February 2000.  His website, 5thEstate.com, specialized in stories that included detailed, official records and video interviews with public officials.

    Harper’s investigations during 2000-2002 of then-Pennsylvania House Appropriations Chairman John Barley included a video entitled, “The Politics of John Barley.”  Soon thereafter, the FBI launched an investigation which ended with Barley’s unexplained and sudden resignation on April 2, 2002.

    Harper’s investigations have also resulted in the resignations of Magisterial District Judge Richard Musser and a dozen Pennsylvania State Constables from office after 5thEstate.com documented their violation of the residency requirement of the state’s constitution.  Harper’s stories about the former Lancaster Superintendent of Schools, Ric Curry Burns, ended in his eventual conviction and federal jail sentence in 2004.

    In 2008, Harper launched a 20-page, weekly, full-color, tabloid for Lancaster County called the Lancaster Post.

    Harper graduated from Lancaster Bible College.

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