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       There is so much to cover today that I will come back to the extremely serious topic of Dr. Carter and Joy O’Shea Woomer tomorrow.

    Marvelous Marv tries to sell papers today – at $1.75 a pop – with a huge picture of farm fields on the front page of the Sunday News!  When are they going to retire this fool?

    You think I’m being cruel?  From his column today (see the link below under “ANGIE, ABIGAIL, DOCTORS AND BEN!”) Marv says this:

    During the February snowstorms I got to wondering why some drivers of pickup trucks ride around with their cargo beds loaded with snow.

    A Trashbacker had to answer this very simple question for Marv:

    marv doesn’t understand why people put snow in their truck beds?
    seriously, how long has he lived here?
    well, marv, the snow makes the truck heavier, and is especially helpful in 4X4s.

    And Marv goes on with this:

    In the city, I noticed that “street furniture” used to hold parking spaces got sophisticated. I saw some spaces that were reserved by small orange cones.
    Those are construction cones, Marv, and people in Philly have been using them for years!  Where have you been, Marv?  And you think that’s “sophisticated?”  I bet it would be interesting to see your furniture!

    And unbelievably Marv goes on to say this:

    And how can so many people need snow shovels every time it snows? What happens to the old ones?

    Marv wouldn’t know because he doesn’t shovel – but they wear out, Marv!  I’ve had mine since the blizzard of 1996 and this year killed it.  People also loan them out never to have them returned and people also steal them. 


    Well, Marv’s Associate Editor, Gil Smart, makes a major announcement today tucked away in his nasty column, “Toward a more vicious society,” (click here):

    I have two kids, and a third on the way…

    Have you heard of birth control, Gil?  Boy, the Lancaster Newspapers must pay you well for this crap!

    No one is congratulating Smart.  They’re just viciously fighting under his stupid column on the Trashback forum!


    Smart also has another unreadable front page story, “Court does not want to turn over its videos,” (click here).  I have no time for Bennett J. Vonderheide, but I have to agree with him here.  Turn over the videos, already!  Security for judges is the excuse not to?  What a bunch of crap!  Turn them over!  The Right to Know law applies to every branch of the government!


    Finally today, there is a front page story on F&M and we learn that “longtime benefactor Ann Boyd Barshinger” is giving F&M another four million dollars (click here).  This has to add up to well over twenty million in total.  How did she and her deceased husband make this money and how much does she have?  And Ann, I need a new roof on my house and a new shovel and I sure could use a couple of thousand if you could see your way…

    The article includes multiple quotes from outgoing President John Fry gushing and gloating over Ann.  Maybe he can convince her Drexel needs some money, too?

    Please see below for today’s other two posts and check back tomorrow.  Now I need to go shovel shopping!  Should I pick one up for you, Marv?

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  1. News Reader says:

    Becky agreeing with Ben… I guess that blizzard IS going to come!

    • Becky says:

      Let’s not be snowed here! I agree with the principle – Ben, personally, can take a long hike off a short bridge… 🙂

  2. Concerned says:

    Was it yellow snow?

    After this weekend the only thing trucks will have in their beds is water. Wonder if he’ll ask why the beds are wet….

  3. Concerned says:

    [Mr. T): I PITY THE FOOL.

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