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    Joy O’Shea Woomer’s sentencing has been scheduled for March 24 at 9:00 am by Judge David Ashworth.  Woomer was found guilty by a jury of third degree murder in the six year old case of Brent Weaver’s death in January of this year.   

    Family and friends have set up a website and a defense fund for her appeal – click here for  There will be more on the trial on this site this weekend.


    Maybe he could get a reference from Ron Harper?
    “Dear Drexel,
     If your looking for someone who is great at having his campus goon squad body-slam reporters who write things you don’t like, ………”

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under today’s article, “F&M’s Fry finalist for Drexel University post,” (click here).

    Wouldn’t that be swell!  Mr. Fry has spent most of his years at F&M trying to leave Lancaster!

    This was also posted under the article:

    Do they have a dump they are trying to relocate?
    Do we have any cash to offer to take this guy off our hands?
    Can we insist that he takes Orris with him?

    Will Ron Harper still be “banned” from F&M property if Fry leaves?  Fry is an arrogant, egotistical crybaby.  Let’s hope Drexel wants him!


    Well, it’s time for the bread, eggs and milk run!  Why did robins show up on my lawn this weekend?  Is it a cruel joke – or can Spring be right around this difficult corner?

Please check back tomorrow…

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14 Responses to AND BYE, BYE FRY?

  1. cinnamon says:

    I just booked a mini vacation in Ocean city maryland for 4 days in June. I can’t wait. This time I’m right on the boardwalk in the heart of all the action ! I love Expedia. I saved a lot of money by going through them. I’m praying this storm goes wayyyyyyyy out to sea ! LOL 🙂 Hang in there everyone, I don’t think this storm is going to be as bad as everyone thinks

  2. Hill says:

    WOW you better get food Becky.. You’ll need energy for that shovel… But some whiskey to keep ya warm… 🙂 . good night 🙂 .

  3. Hill says:

    Hell I don’t know You know I never go out that early….lol.. they all have different hours depends on where you live… Now Philly I bet they open at 5am…. lol..

    • Becky says:

      Forget the eggs, milk and bread! I’m heading to the liquor store tomorrow. If we loose power, forget the eggs and milk but I’ll still have my liquor! 😛

  4. Hill says:

    Opp’s I forgot to write Hill on that Anonymous post above…. geeze Im so excited i can’t even type right… Hill is going a little stir crazy with all this snow… I’m starting to think mother nature has decided to put us all in their own version of a white padded room 😐

  5. Hill says:

    Yup get your booze, the bars are stocked up in farmville… so m I .. hope no more DUI’S… remember if there’s a state of emergency the State Stores are closed… 🙁 .

  6. Anonymous says:

    Geeze yup all can’t get to the bar room’s in farmville…. Just remember if there’s a state of emergency the state stores are closed!!! Im all ready Here… maybe another DUI… 🙁 .

  7. Hill says:

    Becky, I was catching up on my farmville chores before this storm hits… The talk in farmville is this storm will last into Saturday… some locals are saying Sunday….WHOOOO HOOOOO… so I have these tips
    If you found yourself less-than-prepared in previous storms, then consider obtaining these items: Bottled water, non-perishable food, working flashlights with extra batteries, battery operated radio, blankets. If you have to travel during the storm, keep these items in your vehicle, and assure your family knows your schedule and your directions you travel. more after I go shoot some up on Mafia Wars…and I have ta get my food on at the cafe…. geeze and you think your busy… 🙂 .

    • Becky says:

      LOL! Now you tell me! Into Sunday! Lord help me. I have some shopping to do. Those folks in farmville sound pretty wise! Hill, I think you forgot to say stock up on liquor! 🙂

  8. Jim says:

    Ron will probably be banned at F&M AND Drexel!!!

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