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    Posted on November 20th, 2014 Becky 7 comments


          Police have confirmed that one of the two juvenile suspects is the son of a West Hempfield Township police officer. 
    From the WGAL story in March of this year, “Home invasion in Lancaster ends with victim taking control,”  (click here).
          So, why do I bring this up?  Several reasons.
    —-  WGAL was the first to bring up the fact that one of the two suspects was the son of a police officer – forcing LNP to also state the fact.  It matters.  Why isn’t Patrick Fatta in jail or have a bail amount set (click here for LNP’s “updated” story”).  The charges are very serious.  His brother is a Lancaster City Police Detective and the public should be made aware of that fact to insure he doesn’t get preferential treatment – and it certainly appears that he already is!
    —-  The teens in the home invasion mentioned above have absolutely received preferential treatment.  Neither one spent an hour in jail as they were released immediately on $50,000 unsecured bail and at least one was reportedly back in high school within a day or two of this home invasion.
    —-  The two plead guilty to multiple felonies several months ago and are due to be sentenced on December 5th by Judge Joseph Madenspacher. This should be very “interesting” and you better believe I will compare their sentences to those of the five involved in the Ephrata home invasion in April of 2009.  That is the re-sentencing story of one of those involved, Thomas Greene, that ran on this site for several days last week and will absolutely be finished up tomorrow afternoon.  His mother has been through so much with two sons going through the legal system in Lancaster County, it overwhelms me and it is difficult for me to try to put into words.  But it is so important and must be done.
         “Unlucky Chucky” sent in eight comments today – mostly questions.  It seems he caught up on a week of reading and many are under older threads no one checks anymore – so I’ll try to post and answer them all tomorrow on the home page.  Chucky, you can’t bombard me like this!  For heaven’s sake – you need to read LIP News at least once a day!  ;-)


    Posted on November 20th, 2014 Becky 8 comments

    * The police have now released his mugshot.

    Patrick Fatta


         Patrick E. Fatta, 42, of Lancaster, was arraigned Wednesday afternoon and placed on house arrest until a preliminary hearing.
    From today’s LNP article by Brett Hambright, “Hempfield/Manheim Township diving coach suspended over child-porn charges,” (click here).
         House arrest?  I don’t see anything about house arrest or bail on his docket and he’s charged with three, third degree felonies.  Hmmm… Brett, you cover the police and courts in Lancaster.  Doesn’t the name “Fatta” mean something to you – as in Lancaster City Police Detective James Fatta?
         Yes, the two are brothers.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 19th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


           You plan to do one thing and something else comes up… 
    —-  There will be no more pictures of Kim Kardashian on this site – naked or otherwise!
    —-  Melissa H. Byers sent in a comment full of insults (see the story below) and it will not be posted.  I will simply re-state to her what she said to me on Facebook, “Stay away from me. You mean nothing to me.”
    —-  WGAL has a one-year follow-up on the deaths of Darryl Morton and Judy Cora (click here).  It is great they did so, but absolutely nothing is going to change or happen unless someone powerful pushes for a further investigation. I very much doubt that the police or DA have done one single thing since their press conference six months after their deaths.  My last piece regarding the investigation is reprinted below.
    —-  One of those pushing the hardest for a further investigation was Jerry Puryear – who is related to the Morton family and his mother is in the WGAL video piece.  He also attended the press conference, sitting just several feet away from DA Craig Stedman.  He reported to the Lancaster County prison on Friday to serve his sentence and everyone is anxiously waiting to hear from him (click here).  Besides contributing pictures and information to this site, he posted daily on his “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page and also contributed daily to the “People of Lancaster” Facebook page.  He also provided LNP and WGAL with photos and information.  People are looking out for you, Jerry! 
    ************* (Click here for “Botched Investigation! –  2)
         So, the District Attorney, the Coroner and the Manheim Township Police thought they could meet with Darryl Morton and Judy Cora’s families at 11:45 am yesterday morning at the Manheim police station and then move to the county Forensic Center and hold a press conference at 1:00 pm?  What a total lack of respect for these families who had waited almost six months for answers and then were given an answer that not one of them believe and if true, should have been determined in a week, not six months. 
        The families need to hire an independent forensic expert to go over each autopsy and every single test, the timing and the results that Coroner Diamantoni says he had performed!  He must have said the bodies were decomposed at least 20 times as his excuse for his dreadful and horrific delay in allegedly determining their cause of death.  As I noted in the comments here late last night, at approximately 26.20 into the tape on Lancaster Online, Diamantoni goes one step further and says their bodies were “severely decomposed” (click here).

         How decomposed can two bodies be after two or three days in 70 degree surroundings?  Could that really impede finding the cause of an unfortunately very common death for almost six months?  And Morton’s son, Darryl Morton Jr., showed signs of carbon monoxide poisoning two or three days later?  What, because he said he felt ill?  Were any blood or other medical tests performed on him to verify carbon monoxide poisoning?

         As the family says, this was a botched investigation from day one and experts are needed to review every single aspect of this case. 
  • WOWZA!

    Posted on November 19th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


    Kim's butt1    
         Today”s print edition of the Least News Possible (LNP) has the recent Kim Kardashian photos as the subject of this morning’s editorial cartoon about “internet freedom” (yes, it is unbelievably stupid), so I thought I’d shock your system into warming up by posting her actual, amazing, photo-shopped derriere on this site.  You can thank me later!
         If there are any old LIP writers out there who are shaking their heads and pounding their fists and saying (as Melissa H. Byers did in one of  LNP reporter Tom Knapp’s Facebook rants):
          Wowza.  I finally couldn’t help myself and took a look at her blog. First, I cannot tell you how I hate the fact that she is calling it Lancaster Independent Press. I worked with the original LIP back when it was a true underground newspaper in Lancaster, and it had some damn fine writers, my ex-husband and myself included. To have that name trashed by this crazy person just makes me heartsick. Second, there’s not a bit of “news” anywhere on the blog, as far as I can see. Just invective and innuendo poorly written. The fact that she’s decided to focus on you is just ridiculous. Certainly her “writing” can’t hurt you, but watch your back. I wouldn’t put anything past this one.
          I love the “Wowza!”   Tell it to Tiger Woods, Melissa (you’ll have to check this morning’s news for that reference) and I can obviously spot a big a$$ from a mile away!  I am extremely proud of this site and it offers a little bit of everything – along with very serious news (that will come later today).  And I love the “watch your back” crap.  Yes, I’m coming for Tom with my Kim Kardashian photo!  The size of their derrieres is a nice match in more ways than one.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 18th, 2014 Becky 31 comments

    * Taking a break this afternoon.  Stay warm and LIP News will be back tomorrow!


                       Cassidy                           TOM KNAPP1

         The Internet can be a twisted and wretched place, where innocents are harassed and preyed upon, and people’s lives become fodder for casual attacks and cruel jokes.
         New Editorial Page Editor Suzanne Cassidy today in Winter nears, so give if you can,” (click here).
         Why, I do believe that’s aimed at me.  LOL!  And I’m not being egotistical – yesterday, Suzanne posted this on one of Tom Knapp’s five threads he started about me on his Facebook page: 
          Hang in there, Tom — and try to be amused by the fact that she thinks she’s competition for us.
          That is pathetic and even the thought of that non-newspaper’s 70 plus, full-time (all white) editorial staff working for a multi-million dollar company and me – sitting here typing on my lap-top – sends me into howls of laughter. What an amazing loser!
         I have never seen so many supposedly smart people, many who write about other people for a living every day of their lives, turn into literal idiots.  Unbelievable and actually fun on a certain level. 
         I really appreciated this comment from Nancy and this level of nastiness permeated all of Tom’s posts:
          Sicko psycho bitch from hell.
         Nice!  I’m sure you’re a real winner!  I bet Suzanne Cassidy thinks you’re great, too!
    This sicko psycho bitch from hell will be back this afternoon!
    [And while I certainly do commend the actions of those jumping in to  help others in Cassidy’s editorial – the original event that spurred some of it – the homeless man who was found dead last week – died from a heroin overdose, not the cold, and somebody at that newspaper in the news business should know it and report it!  Maybe if they spent less time in a feeding frenzy of bashing innocents like me on Facebook, they would know what’s happening in the news!]

    Posted on November 17th, 2014 Becky 9 comments


          I had planned something serious today, but Tom has been keeping me busy in the “MORE QUESTIONS…”  thread below on this site – and, in fact, has sent in another comment that has not been posted and I will post it and respond to it tomorrow because he is now getting on my very last nerve. 
         The following Right-To-Know request was faxed into the City of Lancaster today:
         Please provide the names of the three members of the Civil Service Board that oversees the hiring of firefighters and police in the City of Lancaster.  Please also state who Richard Simms is replacing
    Please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on November 17th, 2014 Becky 1 comment

    & CAREERS @ LNP!


         Tom Knapp taught me something yesterday (please see the story and comments immediately below).  Who knew?  At the top, far right of the LOL home page – there is a tab for “CAREERS @ LNP!”  Click on that link and you will find a lot of job openings!  Please apply and tell your friends and neighbors.  Maybe the NAACP of Lancaster, SACA and the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission could post a link and encourage their readers to apply!
         I go up there every morning to click on their “eEDITION” tab and never even noticed – and I’ve always thought it was odd that the tab for eEDITIONS wasn’t larger and more obvious – and I never checked out everything available on that line!  Thank you, Tom.  (Boy, do I feel stupid!)
         And these ads, and yesterday’s piece, raise questions about the role reporters and writers should take in social media and what they should keep private – and how they should do that!  But that’s a discussion for another day!  Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda blocked me from her Facebook page when I mentioned her daughter is Asian.  LOL!  I enjoy that!  Grow up, Barbara!
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on November 16th, 2014 Becky 30 comments

    & KNAPP’S A DOG?

                          TOM KNAPP                            TOM KNAPP1

    Tom Knapp (left) and Tom Knapp (right).
          Knowledge of journalism principles and ethics, among them, clarity, organization
    From the Steinman Communications Employment Opportunities for a “Community Engagement Specialist,” (click here).
         What a hoot!  How about the journalism principles of telling the truth, holding public officials accountable, their first obligation is to the public and not being involved in a huge conflict of interest (think the CC/Marriott Hotel).
         I found this Steinman job site today by accident and please note there are quite a number of positions at the Lancaster Newspapers that have been listed recently including Police Reporter, Breaking News Editor, County Reporter and many others (click here).
         I wonder why these job openings are listed privately and obscurely and how many people are aware that this is the way the Steinmans advertise their job openings?  Hmmm… Do you suppose they are hiding from the EEOC?
         I found something else by accident today.  Representative Bryan D. Cutler is listed as an attorney with Nikolaus & Hohenadel, LLP (click here).  Cutler doesn’t mention this fact in his own biography on his own website (click here).  So is he actually doing any work for the firm and is he receiving any type of compensation from this firm?  Hmmm….
         So what sent me to Nikolaus & Hohenadel’s website in the first place?  LNP reporter Tom Knapp.  You see, the day after his dreadful column was published (and I bashed it in the comments on this site), “VOICES: Timid pup becomes a hero at the dog park,” (click here) his wife filed for divorce.  And apparently Tom went back into the column in July and specifically took out the mention of his wife he had in the original piece. 
         And it looks like the divorce is getting nasty (she said the marriage had been irretrievably broken – uh, oh) because he hired attorney Robert S. Cronin, Jr. to represent him and that took me to – you guessed it – Nikolaus & Hohenadel, LLP where Cronin works!
         Now Knapp has two Facebook pages – both under the name Tom Knapp – so you would think one would be private and one would be related to his LNP work.  Not so – he foolishly posts on both with no seeming distinction or discretion.
         Now if you read the job descriptions in the top part of this post, you will see that LNP wants their reporters to actively engage in social media – which Tom does to a fault.  In fact, yesterday on one of his Facebook pages he whined (click here):
         Over on the page, I’m being slammed by some readers for suggesting in my story that this was anything other than a good deed. Ignoring the fact that the likely result of leaving a kitten that young out in subfreezing temperatures is a suffering death, it also dumps the cost of the kitten’s care on someone else. I don’t see that as generous or kindly behavior. Do you?
         I refuse to discuss the kitten story which made the home page of Lancaster Online and indeed Tom was slammed on their Facebook page and Tom just kept coming back and coming back.  It reached total absurdity. 
         Maybe Knapp should stick with dogs?  Let’s hope LNP doesn’t make him their “Community Engagement Specialist!”

    Posted on November 15th, 2014 Becky 4 comments


          This comment came in from Robert with this link to the City code:
         The Civil Service Board has been around for a long time. He just announced that Simms will now be on it.
         Okay, thank you, Robert.  I will check this out and see how new it is.  If it’s been around for a long time, then who the heck is on it and who is Simms replacing because they’ve done a terrible job!  I will put in a Right-to-Know request for the members of this board first thing Monday morning.
         I received a letter in the mail yesterday (thank you) regarding Garden Court Apartments and a security guard being shot.  Does anyone know if they have security guards and if one was shot on October 19th?
         Sorry for being so brief today.  Please check back tomorrow!


    Posted on November 14th, 2014 Becky 14 comments
    *    I received Bernie Burkholder’s voice mail when I called the Mayor’s Office this afternoon shortly before 3:00 pm and I left her a detailed message.  If I don’t receive an answer by Monday at noon, either by email or phone, I will file a Right-To-Know request with the city.  Can you even imagine having to do that?
         Jerry Puryear, who filmed the video of Mayor Gray stating he had appointed Richard Simms to the three person board, will report to the prison today by 8:00 pm.  Be safe and stay in touch, Jerry!
         I will wrap-up Thomas Greene’s resentencing tomorrow.  Have a good Friday evening.
         Dick, this is Robert Krasne, Publisher of the Lancaster Newspapers.
         Hey, Bob, what’s shaking?
         Me, Dick!  I’m mad as hell.  What’s this about a Civil Service Board?  You didn’t run this by us!  We have an agreement, you know!
         Bob, calm down.  It just came to me in the moment!  Did you hear the applause?  The people loved it!
         Don’t play with me, Dick!  Am I on this Board?  Who else is on this Board?  Why didn’t you get our okay before you did this, Dick?
         If you recall, Bob, I am the mayor of this town!
         If you recall, Dick, we have an agreement and you know it.  We keep your sorry butt in office and you do as we say.  It’s that simple.  Peggy is so mad she’s at her Showcase of Fashions writing huge checks to every Republican she can think of.
         She’s been doing that for years.  How do you think she keeps the EEOC at bay?  But seriously, Bob… 
         No, buts, Dick!  We have supported you and all your crazy ideas.  We praised the Dancing Arches and all your other ugly art projects.  We support your rain gardens and your stupid green roof.  We constantly lie to the public for you and we even say the city will be fined $35,000 a day by the EPA – that’s my personal favorite – ha, ha!  But in return, Dick, you are supposed to give us the final say on everything.
         Listen, Bob!  I have supported your huge, money-losing white elephant ever since I was elected and, frankly, it has made me look like a jerk and a liar for years.  What more do you want?
        You know you only got re-elected because of our hard work.  We make you look like you know what you’re doing and let me tell you that’s not easy.  That takes a lot of creative writing, Dick!
         Bob, you know the public loves me – why just the other day I was walking to work…
         No, no, no, Dick!  Do not give me the twenty minutes to walk a block story!  Yesterday I saw three people give you the finger behind your back and a woman yelled “you lying creep” in your face.  Nobody is buying it anymore.
         Listen, Bob, let’s cut to the chase.  What do you want?
         I want to be on this board, Dick!
        I can’t do that, Bob!  This board is set up to promote diversity and everyone knows the Steinmans are bigots and don’t hire minorities.  All they have to do is look at your editorial staff.
         Dick, we agreed to never talk about that.  It’s our secret.  This is our town – we control it and we always have – and we don’t like diversity.   We don’t like it one bit. Why do you think there’s a lack of diversity in all the city and county offices?  We work hard to keep it that way.  I want to be on that Board so we can keep hiring police officers who live in York if that’s what it takes to keep the force white. Do you hear me, Dick?
         What do you think the public will say about this, Bob?
         We’ll spin it, Dick!  We’re experts at it, as you know.  I’ll say: “I am accepting this position because of my love and commitment to improving the City of Lancaster for all of our residents.  It is a privilege and an honor to serve.  The public has no idea of the personal sacrifices I make on their behalf.  Always Lancaster is our motto at LNP and we mean it.” 
         That means like everything else in this town, this board will be a total sham, Bob!
         You said it, Dick!  Always Lancaster! 


         The below email was sent to Mayor Gray’s Office yesterday morning.  I am awaiting a reply and will follow-up with a phone call this afternoon if I have not received an answer. 
         If you recall,  Mayor Gray made the announcement last Saturday night but there has been no mention of it in the Lancaster Newspapers and the other two members of this board have not been named.  Hmmm….
    On November 8th, Mayor Gray announced that he was appointing Richard Simms to a Civil Service Board that will oversee the hiring of all firefighters and police in Lancaster City.  Please advise the other two members of the Board and when the oversight will begin?
    Thank you very much,
    Becky Holzinger  
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on November 13th, 2014 Becky No comments


          In a situation like this – it could have easily turned into a homicide.  If that had happened, you could be sitting on death row now for the rest of your life.  
         First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen said those words to Thomas Greene in court Monday at his re-sentencing. His mother, Latoya Hunter-Harvey, immediately turned to me and said, “He only said that because of Jakeem.  That is nasty and low.”
         Hunter-Harvey is also the mother of Greene’s half-brother, Jakeem Towles, who is on death row – click here for “Jury gives death penalty in case of slain rapper.” 
         Larsen knows that full well because he prosecuted Towles.  His nasty, fully-intended jab and insult demonstrates a prejudice against the family and Greene and may be cause for an appeal.
         And Larsen also said this about Greene in the courtroom on Monday: “He was the main impetus in these crimes.”
         But Larsen previously said this about Bradley Isaacs when he was sentenced several years ago according to an LNP article (click here):
         Isaacs provided those guns and drove a Ford Mustang to the house, First Assistant District Attorney Christopher P. Larsen said.
         “But for the defendant, none of this could have happened,” Larsen told the judge.
         It was Isaacs who was owed money, who supplied the guns and he picked up Greene and Dylan March at a Wawa that night and they got caught up in this terrible crime. 
         Larsen said some other nasty things and those and Judge Margaret Miller’s actions and statements will come tomorrow – and in the near future, this site will feature the case of Jakeem Towles, who was recently mentioned here when an appeal of his was turned down by Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge J. Michael Eakin (click here).


    Posted on November 13th, 2014 Becky 11 comments


    crime      Lancaster’s 2013 violent crime rate ranks pretty high in comparison to other Pennsylvania cities of about the same size
          Reading was higher, with a rate of 843 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, while York, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Erie all had lower rates.
    From today’s article titled online, “Violent crimes up, property crimes down in city and largest suburbs, FBI report says,” (click here) but with the above headline on the front-page of today’s print edition.

         Talk about spin!  The “long view!”     

    YELCICK      In the short view, did you see this (click here):      

         The state Board of Medicine suspended the license of Yelcick [Dr. John Matthew Yelcick of Lititz], for at least two years because he committed a crime involving “moral turpitude or dishonesty.”      

         Yes, he sure did commit that crime!  This man continues to get slaps on the wrist.  Unbelievable.  Judge Joseph Madenspacher sentenced him to a whole fifteen days in jail (click here)!     

    Chris-Larsen31     And later today, back to the re-sentencing of Thomas Greene and an unbelievably nasty, slanted and biased statement by ADA Christopher Larsen that may be grounds for Greene to appeal this re-sentencing.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 12th, 2014 Becky 7 comments


     *   I want to remind you of this LNP editorial that was published shortly after the racist cartoon debacle and Ferguson – “We must confront the issue of race in Lancaster,” (click here).     

         These editors lie.  They simply just lie.     

         This case would have been a perfect time to “confront the issue of race” and justice in Lancaster but they purposely and obviously avoided the entire issue. Reporter Brett Hambright never mentions the involvement of the Superior Court or the actual sentences of the other participants or that Greene received a sentence three times longer than the rest (and, no, Greene was absolutely not the “driving force” in this incident and ADA Christopher Larsen’s lies will come tomorrow).      

         This racist, lying company really needs to be run out of town.  They are destroying people’s lives and have been for years.    


    Quotable      This boxed quote is on today’s front-page of the print edition under Brett Hambright’s revised article concerning the re-sentencing of Thomas J. Greene on Monday (click here and also see the stories immediately below on this site).      Race is not mentioned once in his article.  This is all about race and the Superior Court made Judge Margaret Miller revise her sentence.      Once again, these are the four other individuals involved in the same incident who had the exact same charges and the sentences they received:

    Kyle Nathan Allensworth        4-20 Years

    Bradley Dale Isaacs                5-15 Years

    Dylan Chandler March             5-1/2 – 20 Years

    Joshua Manuel Maldonado      8-1/2 – 20 Years

          Greene received triple the sentences of the three teens – and double the Hispanic teen – 16 to 35 years.  And the reason – he is the only African American in the group.  Allensworth was released from prison last April.  Isaacs supplied the three guns and the car.      

         This is all about race and it happens everyday in that courthouse because the Lancaster Newspapers are racist and they promote and condone the racism.       This is absolutely disgusting.  This is unconscionable. This cannot continue.  Call Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and cancel your subscription today – 717-481-7335!


    Posted on November 11th, 2014 Becky 11 comments


          I am going to tell you tomorrow what actually happened in the courtroom yesterday when Thomas J. Greene was re-sentenced by Judge Margaret Miller.  
          And let me be clear: I don’t think she had much choice at all.  Apparently Superior Court Judge Eugene B. Strassburger III wrote a very strong opinion about the huge disparity of the sentences in these five cases all with the co-defendants pleading guilty to the exact same four charges:
         Felony 1 – Robbery
         Felony 1 – Criminal Conspiracy
         Felony 1 – Burglary
         Felony 2 – Aggravated Assault
         She mentioned him several times and you will not believe why she stated she chose to match Joshua Maldonado’s sentence given by Judge Dennis Reinaker, and the second longest sentence after Greene’s – although it is still half of Greene’s original sentence.  And I will come back to Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen who not only lied but took a below-the-belt, nasty shot at his family in court.
         What concerns me today is that Thomas Greene’s Common Pleas Docket is not online.  You can pull up the other four and see their charges, pleas, sentences and other vital public information.  You cannot do that for Greene and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible.  Judge Miller stated twice in court yesterday that she wasn’t sure if she originally sentenced Greene on April 5th or 6th of 2010.  How is that possible and is it because of the missing docket?
        You used to be able to pull up Common Pleas Dockets by the person’s name – but I have noticed in the last year that has changed and you need an OTN Number (Offense Tracking Number) or another piece of information to pull up the Common Pleas Dockets.  Which means you have to go back to the Magisterial Docket with the original charge and get the OTN – in Greene’s case it is K896794-3.  That does not pull up his Common Pleas Docket.
         You can also use the police complaint/incident number from the Magisterial Docket.  In Greene’s case that is 62097009EK.  That number pulls up three of the other co-defendants but not Greene’s (I believe the fourth one incorrectly had an extra 0 input in the number).
         Finally, you can pull it up if you know the Common Pleas Docket number itself.  When his re-sentencing was posted on the court calendar they listed a docket number of CP-36-CR-0002589-2009.  ADA Christopher Larsen confirmed that number in the courtroom saying it was case number 2589 of 2009.  But that still does not pull up the Common Pleas Docket for Thomas Greene!
         All the information regarding his appeal and Miller vacating her original sentence should be on that docket and it should be available online like every other person charged in a criminal case including his four co-defendants.
         So I suggest someone in the District Attorney’s office look into this mysterious missing docket and rectify the situation as soon as possible.  Maybe that’s why Judge Miller doesn’t know the exact date of her original sentencing.  What unbelievable sloppiness!
         And LNP reporter Brett Hambright – who of course doesn’t mention the race angle in any of this – ends his article with (click here):
         Defense lawyer Vincent Quinn, who motioned that Miller reconsider the sentence, said after hearing the new sentence, “We have no complaints.”
         That’s cute Brett!  What you didn’t include was that Judge Miller went fishing to see if there would be any more appeals and Quinn avoided the question with his answer.  I would expect to see an immediate appeal of her latest sentence and I’ll tell you why tomorrow along with the ridiculous and unbelievable reasons she stated she chose to match Maldonado’s sentence instead of the sentence of one of the other three co-defendants.

    * LNP just went up with the story – click here for “Judge cuts teenage armed robber’s sentence in half — 4 years later.”  (First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen is a nasty liar!)


    Judge Margaret Miller

    Judge Margaret Miller

          The young man described as the motivating force behind the incident, Thomas Jeffery “T.J.” Greene, 18, also of Ephrata, was sentenced to 16 to 35 years in prison for the same charges.
         A second co-defendant, Kyle Allensworth, 18, of Ephrata, pleaded guilty to similar charges and was sentenced by Judge Jeffery Wright to 4 to 10 years in prison.
         Another co-defendant, Joshua M. Maldonado, 19, of Ephrata, pleaded guilty last month and is awaiting sentencing.
         Charges still are pending against the fourth co-defendant, 19-year-old Bradley D. Isaacs.
    From the LNP article by Janet Kelley, “Ephrata man sentenced to 5 1/2-20 years for home-invasion robbery,” (click here).
          It was Dylan March who received the 5-1/2 to 20 year term in this article.  And Kelley says Greene was the “motivating force,” apparently trying to justify his triple sentence on the exact same charges.  No, he wasn’t. 
          Bradley D. Isaacs supplied the three guns (one was a pellet gun and that is the one Greene had) and the transportation and he only got 5-15 years (click here for “Ephrata teen gets 5-15 years in prison for role in home-invasion robbery” by Brett Hambright):
         Isaacs, now 19, provided three guns and a ride for the group that entered an occupied home and threatened the residents, including an infant, according to testimony.
         So why did Judge Margaret Miller sentence Thomas Greene to 16 to 35 years?
         And why hasn’t LNP reported on Miller vacating her original sentence and re-sentencing him yesterday in the county courthouse?  And why did Miller re-sentence him to 8-1/2 to 20 years?  It is still far more than the young man who supplied the guns and the car.
    Please see the story immediately below and check back later today.


    Posted on November 10th, 2014 Becky 3 comments

    thomas greene

    Thomas Greene receiving the GED he earned in prison.

    *  Eighteen family members and friends of Thomas J. Green III filled Courtroom #4 this morning for his re-sentencing by Judge Margaret Miller.  This has to be one of the most blatant and obvious cases of racism in the county in years. 
         Five very young men (Greene was only 17 when it happened) all involved in the exact same incident and all had the exact same charges against them and Greene, the only African American or minority among them, received a sentence that is three times what the other four received. 
         It doesn’t get much more obvious or racist than that.  LNP court reporter Brett Hambright was in the courtroom this morning.  Where’s his story and what about the previous court reporter who reported on all of these sentences several years ago and never mentioned the huge disparity for one of those involved?
         Many of those there this morning were hoping for a “time served” sentence and for Greene to come home as several of the others have done.  That didn’t happen and Judge Miller labored extensively to try to explain her original sentence and now her revised sentence of 8 1/2 to 20 years.  It makes no sense.
         All of that will come tomorrow. 


         LANCASTER – Thomas J. Greene III, 23, had his sentence cut in half this morning by Judge Margaret Miller.  Miller vacated her original sentence of 16 to 35 years in October and resentenced him this morning  to 8 1/2  to 20 years in Courtroom #4.

          Greene was one of five young adults involved in a “home invasion” In Ephrata in April of 2009.  All five were charged with the exact same charges.  All of them were white except for Greene, who is African American.

           These are the five and their original sentences:


             Name                                          Judge                 Sentence                  

    1.  Bradley Isaacs                           J. Wright                  5-15

    2.  Kyle Allensworth                      J. Wright                  4-10

    3.  Joshua Maldonado                D. Reinaker                8 1/2-20                    

    4 . Dylan March                             H.  Knisely                5 1/2-20   

    5. Thomas Greene                          M. Miller                   16-35

                Greene appealed on the basis of the disparity in the sentences.  There will be much more later today.


    Posted on November 10th, 2014 Becky 4 comments


          One other thing:  this is a retirement dinner but it isn’t really.  We’ve recently appointed Dickie to be one of the three people on a civil service board for the city who will participate in the future selection of all firefighters and all police officers in the city of Lancaster.
    Mayor J. Richard Gray at Richard Simms’ dinner on Saturday night (please see the story and link immediately below).
         What an excellent idea!  Did Mayor Gray finally do something right?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 9th, 2014 Becky 16 comments

     ** Click here for the video of Mayor Gray!


         Mayor Gray spoke to the crowd last night and said that even though it was a retirement party for Richard Simms, he was not retired because Mayor Gray just hired him!  Yes, apparently he will be one of three people on a Civil Service Board which will oversee the hiring of Lancaster City Police Officers and Firemen!  I will  get more details shortly but hopefully this means more diversity in the ranks and there will not be any more city officers hired who live in York County!
         This is reported by Jerry Puryear and he will have a video available soon of Mayor Gray’s statement. 
         Why wasn’t any local media present to cover the event?  It really is an absolute disgrace on the part of the Lancaster Newspapers. 
         To give you another idea of the power sitting in that room at Brightside, please see the picture immediately below.  If you look slightly left of center in the photograph, you will see Mayor Gray.  Directly in front of him is First Assistant District Attorney Chris Larsen.  Directly in front of him is DA Craig Stedman with his head down.  And behind Stedman and against the wall (Stedman’s head is blocking part of his face) is Police Chief Keith Sadler.  While most of these men brought their wives, I have been told the woman sitting next to Sadler is not his current wife.



           Richard Simms was celebrated for his decades of public service last night at the Bright Side Opportunities Center.  Mayor Gray, DA Craig Stedman, Police Chief Keith Sadler and multiple Judges and District Judges attended.  Mayor Gray had a major announcement and that will come later today.
         [Pictures courtesy of “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page.  If you’re saying  – but you said Jerry Puryear was sentenced to Lancaster County Prison – you would be right – but he doesn’t report until this coming Friday at 8:00 pm – so why not hang out with the big guys on a Saturday night!]






    Posted on November 8th, 2014 Becky 13 comments


    Amber DeGrace
         It’s official. My 1st day as a member of the @LancasterOnline team is next week, covering the area’s beer/homebrew/spirits/food scene!
    Tweeted by Amber DeGrace yesterday (click here).
           A man was shot dead in a bar last night.  Two others were wounded.  There was a stabbing last night in the first block of West Lemon Street. 
         And what did the Lancaster Newspapers/Amber DeGrace announce yesterday? 
         Yes, they have hired her to cover the beer/homebrew/spirits/food scene in Lancaster!
         This is simply unconscionable. 
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 7th, 2014 Becky 8 comments

    BeverlyRampaul2 **    It’s Friday – and First Friday at that – and Jerry Puryear has received his sentence.  I have a lot to say about that but it will have to wait a couple of days because Jerry is a friend and I have lived his case almost every day for six months.  I need some time to reflect.  He did thank in court, and would like to thank again, Beverly Rampaul of the Public Defender’s office (pictured left) who worked incredibly hard when it counted and got Jerry a decent plea when the prosecution was gunning for him.
         Very quickly, remember the “big” drug bust from several days ago that ended up with a look at digital kitchen scales on this site (click here for the dreadful LNP article)?  Erica D. Lopez, 31, has no prior criminal history and the only charge I can find as a result of this “drug raid” is a Summary, Non-Traffic citation for Disorderly Conduct/Hazardous Physical Offense.
         Walde Omar Cotto-Blanco, 31, also has no prior criminal history and so far no charges have been lodged against him as a result of this “drug raid.”
         Maybe a higher-up in the Police Department actually looked at these and said “That is not chargeable!  Have you lost your minds?”  One can always hope!
         Finally, in a docket search this morning, I found a man, 63-years-of-age, who has been charged over 110 times in the last 10 years for certain non-traffic offenses.  You aren’t going to believe this.  It will come next week. 
          Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.

    * Click here for his original arrest and story.

     *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Jerry Puryear

         Jerry Puryear plead guilty this morning to attempted burglary in front of Judge Dennis Reinaker.  In a plea deal, he received a sentence of one day less a year to two days less two years.  The sentence means he will serve his time in the Lancaster County Prison. 
         There will be many more details to follow including a last minute switch-up by ADA Randall Miller.


    Posted on November 6th, 2014 Becky 12 comments



        Posted on a social media site about the November 3rd stabbing in Lancaster. 

         In the past week a 19-year-old was shot twice in the chest on October 29th (click here), a 22-year-old man was stabbed on November 3rd (click here) and yesterday a 20-year-old man was shot in his ankle – not his leg as LNP is reporting (click here).
         In this city with more cameras per person than any other city, not a single arrest has been made nor a video of any of the perpetrators released to the public. 
         How is this possible? 


    Mike Winters

           It was the second shooting in a week in Lancaster city.
          A 19-year-old York County man was shot twice in the chest Oct. 29 at King and Mulberry streets. No arrests have been made.
         In the most recent incident, Winters [police Lt. Mike Winters] said, it appeared the victim and assailant had gotten into a verbal dispute prior to the shooting, which occurred around 2:30 p.m. in the 200 block of Howard Avenue.
         “They probably knew each other in some capacity, there likely was some familiarity, but we’re still sorting out what that connection may be,” Winters said. “It wasn’t random.”
         He said police were still trying to determine if others were involved in the argument.
    From the LNP article, “UPDATE: Man shot in leg in Lancaster city,” (click here).
         Why don’t you make an arrest, Detective Winters?  You say the same nonsense over and over again and never arrest the shooters and stabbers!   
         Remember when Winters said this about the shooting at McDonald’s on July 3rd where no arrest has ever been made (click here):
          “There was some kind of disturbance outside the restaurant and shots were fired,” Lancaster police Lt. Mike Winters said. “We’re not sure how many shots were fired, or how many people may have been shooting. But there was at least one gun involved.”
          Can a detective really be this stupid?  Why does the public accept this? Arrest the shooter or resign, Winters!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on November 5th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


         There was a shooting in the 200 block of Howard Avenue this afternoon shortly after 2:30 pm.  Apparently the victim was driven to the hospital in a private vehicle.  A witness reports that it was a drive-by shooting – a car came down Howard Avenue with shots being fired from it.  The victim’s condition is unknown.  There are four police cars on the scene and several blocks of Howard Avenue are closed down.

              The first picture is from Google Maps of 223 Howard Avenue (the red house), very close to where the victim was shot and the second is of Howard Avenue today at 3:45 pm about half a block up from the shooting scene where the street is shut down (photo courtesy of “Must See Pics & Vids” Facebook page).

    223 Howard Avenue

    223 Haward Avenue


    Posted on November 5th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


    Digital Kitchen Scale
    Dash1     One of the many digital kitchen scales available from QVC (click here).  This beauty is only $25.00 plus $5.97 for shipping and comes in a multitude of colors to coordinate with your kitchen.  It does not have Bluetooth capability but some do!
         Please see the story and comments immediately below.  And speaking of cooking, apparently the Dash Food Magazine really is in today’s paper but not available to me as an e-Editions subscriber.  Sigh.  I guess that pumpkin cheesecake will have to wait. 
         But wait… I just had a thought… maybe I could google “pumpkin cheesecake” and find a recipe?
         If I choose Martha Stewart’s, I’m going to need that kitchen scale.  It was all for the pumpkin cheesecake, Officer Frey!  Really!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 4th, 2014 Becky 7 comments

    DO YOU HAVE $145.00?

    Robinson1  Lancaster Police  frey2

    Robinson (left) and Frey (right).

         Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP article by Ryan Robinson, “Police arrest 3, seize stun gun & drugs in Lancaster city,” (click here):
     —-  LCPD should be embarrassed.  I spend more than $145 on dinner and wtf is synthetic weed?
    —-  stun guns are legal in pa except philly
         The below comments were posted on LOL’s Facebook page under the same article: 
    —-  LoL it was synthetic weed or legal natural herbs. And a stun gun. Major impact on the drug trade in Lancaster city. Why not bust senior citizens for genetic aspirin and faulty toasters.
     —-  Throw in the fact the were using bullhorns or intercom at 5:45 am plus the k-9, I heard it 2 blocks away.
          Do these LNP reporters ever ask any questions?  Ryan Robinson has been a police reporter for years!  And he is going to just cut and paste from the police press release (click here) that they “seized” $145.00?  $145.00 dollars?
         This was a  month-long investigation and this is what the police got from Robinson’s article:
         They seized a small amount of synthetic marijuana, an electronic stun gun, paraphernalia used for packaging narcotics and $145, Frey [city police Lt. Tim Frey] said.
         This is simply pathetic by the Lancaster Newspapers and Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda needs to offer an explanation to her readers for the outrageous failure of her reporter to ask significant questions of the police regarding this alleged drug bust!  There will be more tomorrow. 

    Posted on November 4th, 2014 Becky 1 comment

    * BREAKING NEWS*** - LNP reporter Dan Nephin just tweeted a “Voter selfie!”  Wow!  Does it get any better than this?

    Dan Nephin



         This came across my Facebook feed this morning.  I want a sign, too! 

    Please vote and check back later today.


    Posted on November 3rd, 2014 Becky 9 comments



         I’m going to cover the Pitts today, because tomorrow is the election and LNP will be running coverage of it non-stop and this site will not! 
         I will return to crime and Police Chief Sadler and his failure to use the most basic tools to protect and serve the public.  His family members must have come out in force as I have received several not nice comments into this site and they will also come tomorrow.
         Now, the Pitts met with the LNP all white – as is their entire editorial staff – “editorial board” on October 29th, and at the very end there are two notable exchanges (click here). 
         His second to last question is about the Hispanic vote – and Pitts goes on an unbelievable rant about illegal immigration and that it must be reformed – that we have to secure our borders – that we are one visa away from a catastrophe – that there are 12 million illegals in this country and there will not be an amnesty bill. 
         Totally, um, missing the point, Editorial Page Editor Suzanne Cassidy asks this at about one hour, 10 minutes and 42 seconds into the tape:
         So do you think the Republicans, aside from putting people on the ballot, do you think Republicans are going to continue to struggle on this issue in terms of winning the minority vote? 
         And Pitts begins with this:
         No, I mean if you look at the Hispanic vote that you’re talking about…
         And Suzanne breaks in with:
         And African American…[it is hard to hear her next words but she ends with “all minorities”].
         Pitts looks at her like he doesn’t know or care what “African American” means, then ignores her and goes on another unbelievable rant:
         You know, I’ve reached out to my Latinos in my district.  I have groups in like Reading – the City of Reading – in Lancaster, in Chester County – certain parts.
         And, I really, you know, really enjoy talking to them and working with them.  I meet with, I think, a group tomorrow up in Berks County.  I have meetings on a regular basis, uh, with leadership.  I met with business leaders – that’s what I have coming up.  But I have church leaders, various groups. 
         And I find that they have groupings that you must respect as far as their leadership is concerned and it’s not like, you know, one massive group.
         Suzanne Cassidy says “Right.”
         And Pitts continues his roll:
         The Dominicans primarily are business people in the Reading area – so I meet with a lot of those business owners and they’re very concerned about  business issues and the economy. 
         And, you know, the Puerto Rican group primarily are establishment.  They are running the School Board, and, you know, in positions of leadership – they’re really quite assimilated already.
         The Mexican group are a lot of the workers in a lot of the industries so you’ve got – you’ve got to work with all of the groupings of people and respect, you know, their expertise.  I find they’re very open minded and I expect to do well with them because I’ve reached out on a regular basis for several years.
         Would Pitts have said this if there was a minority present in the room?  Can you believe the LNP editors ended up endorsing this out-of-touch, idiotic dinosaur? 
         I only have one request for tomorrow – please – no matter whomever else you vote for – please vote for Democrat Tom Houghton in the 16th Congressional District.