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    Posted on October 20th, 2018 Becky No comments


         “They’re not going to do any damage,” Elkner [Penn State Extension educator Timothy Elkner] said. “They’re not going to bite the dog, they’re not going to bite you. They’re not going to eat your houseplants.
         “Worst-case scenario, they’re an annoyance.”
    From the LNP lead story online, “Tiny grinches: Ravenous spotted lanternflies could hitch a ride into your home on a live or fresh-cut Christmas tree,” (click here). 
         So why is this LNP’s lead story when it goes on to say over and over again that it is highly unlikely they will enter your home through a “fresh-cut” Christmas tree? And if they do – see the above quote from the story!
         And we haven’t even had Halloween! What a bunch of worthless, fake, scary nonsense! Find something real to write about, LNP!


    *    The beginning of an Order by Judge Leonard G. Brown on September 4, 2018 is below in the cases discussed in the first post  (click here to read his full order).



    (Click here).

          An interesting opinion piece/update on lawsuits against Armstrong World Industries.


    Posted on October 19th, 2018 Becky No comments

    *     Today was not a good day to make a Trump “joke” after he praised a politician for body slamming a journalist. Unbelievable! Nothing, nothing excuses that.



    —   Does Trump know about you and LNP, Tom? If he did, you would move to the top of his dishonest journalists list. That’s quite an accomplishment!
    —   You aren’t far behind, Danene!
         Yes, LNP managing editor Tom Murse and Mayor Danane Sorace have another talk later today!


    Posted on October 17th, 2018 Becky 7 comments



         LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher wrote the article quoted immediately below the “breaking news” in this post regarding the donations to Mayor Sorace’s campaign and he wrote the main article on the proposed new parking garage and library building. And yet LNP has not said a word about this huge conflict of interest between the Mayor and Benchmark Construction.
         This type of corruption has been going on for years in the city and the county because LNP ignores it and because LNP is a major recipient of money from the corruption.
         People need to know what an absolute fraud and disgrace to journalism and the public LNP really is.
    There will be much more tomorrow.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***  – Jeffrey Lyons and Karen Connelly’s new preliminary hearing date is December 6th according to their updated dockets today!
         Maybe Lyons’ attorney, Robert Beyer, can stretch this out until Lyons is in his eighties?





          She [Mayor Sorace] received 16 donations of $1,000 or more, by far the most among the three candidates. That includes $11,500 from a half-dozen donors affiliated with Benchmark Construction Co., the workplace of her husband, Christian Recknagel.
         Recknagel is credited with an in-kind contribution of $705 in scotch and cigars for a fundraiser, part of $1,192 in total in-kind donations.
    From the LNP article, “Analysis: Lancaster’s Democratic mayoral candidates spent $6.54 per vote in primary,” (click here).      
         Wow! That $11,500 turned into $25 million plus! Imagine that?


    ***  The “CLOSING COMMENTS” slide from last night’s presentation. Please note the final one. Mayor Sorace’s husband is a vice-president at Benchmark Construction. Will LNP mention this conflict of interest?

    **   These two comments were posted under the library story on Lancaster Online last night (there are new comments this morning) and they offer an interesting contrast!
          And just one note about the “history.” The library handed reporter Tom Knapp that information and he copied it. Period! In fact, the statistics regarding the usage of the library were presented to city council in one of their meetings this year.



    *     This is a screen shot of Lancaster Online last night at 9:16 pm and their top three stories.
           Last night’s meeting began at 7:00 pm and ran until a few minutes after 8:00 pm. The reporters had to walk back to the LNP offices – agreed  – not far, but if they attended and didn’t watch the live-stream of the meeting, they could not have been back at their desks before 8:15 pm. 
          Reporter Tim Stuhldreher did not write the lead story in an hour and Tom Knapp did not write the two sidebar stories in an hour.
         They had been given all the information by the city probably days before and had these stories written and ready to go hours before. All they had to do was make sure there were no major surprises or changes during the live meeting and then give the green light to put the stories online.
          And notice the headline on the library story – not “it is proposed the library will move,” no, “the library will move.” LNP secretly “approved” these plans days ago.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The city wants to move the Lancaster Public Library to an annex building they are proposing building on Lancaster Square (yes, and the plan includes a parking garage). This was a portion of last night’s very important presentation on the Lancaster Square East Side Redevelopment which you should watch – click here!
         And the contractor to build that building – Benchmark Construction where Mayor Danene Sorace’s husband, Christian Recknagel, is a vice-president. Unbelievable! Oh, and some CRIZ money for it too!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on October 17th, 2018 Becky 7 comments


    Leadership isn't for the faint of heart

    You know what gets our goat? Politicians like Lloyd Smucker that won't hold town halls but make time for their corporate donors like the Koch Brothers. Jess King shows up, listens, and isn't taking a dime of corporate PAC money. That's why #WeLikeJess.

    Posted by Lancaster Stands Up on Tuesday, October 16, 2018


    ***     Jere Myer Lyons, 79, of Lancaster, PA, died on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at Landis Homes.
    The LNP obituary for Jeffrey B. Lyons’ father (click here).
         What I find interesting and amazing and sad is that Jeffrey Lyons’ father died the day after he went missing and this whole huge mess began to unravel and this has never been reported by the media.


    **   To the first post this morning: A commenter made an excellent point into this site previously that Lyons may be in rehab. Well, take him out of rehab for a day for his preliminary hearing! Ridiculous if that is the reason.
          The only legitimate reason I can see that this man would not be” “available” is if he is in an intensive care ward of a hospital! 


    *     Lyons, with former controller Karen L. Connelly and her successor Judith A. Avilez, used the fraud to obtain millions of dollars of loans for the company, Shubert alleged in a 205-page filing.
    From today’s LNP story, “Worley & Obetz trustee: Lyons led $2B fraud overlooked by ‘negligent’ management,” (click here).      
         Now we know why bankruptcy trustee Christine C. Shubert is trying to take Judith A. Avilez’s house! As of this morning, no criminal charges have been filed against Avilez in Common Pleas Court.
         And District Attorney Craig Stedman previously cleared her in a statement and said she went to the police. What a mess! From October 9th on this site (click here for the original):



    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP October 9th story, “Preliminary hearing for Worley & Obetz’s former CEO & controller postponed,” (click here).

         According to their dockets, their preliminary hearings still have not been rescheduled! How is this possible? What is going on?
    Please check back later today.    


    Posted on October 16th, 2018 Becky 9 comments


         Defense attorney Christopher Sarno represented both Pfeiffer and Pressler.
         “Both Mr. Pfeiffer and Mr. Presler had significant mitigating factors, and I believe Judge Reinaker, after a thorough and careful examination, constructed a very considerate and sensible sentence in both cases,” Sarno said in an email to LNP.


         Well, it’s unknown if LNP asked Judge Reinaker for an explanation of his outrageous sentences, but LNP did update this morning’s story with the above comment from the private defense attorney for both men (interesting)!
         Surprise! Surprise!  Who would expect a defense attorney to say anything else? And I’m sure with all that praise, Judge Reinaker will put a little star next to his name the next time Sarno is in his courtroom.

    **   Since the two men in this morning’s post for some reason have never had their pictures in the media, here they are from the Megan’s Law website:




    The opening sentence in today’s LNP front page article in print, “PA Senate – Security force is in turmoil,” (not currently online).  

    *    And yet, LNP will not cover a shocking federal sexual harassment lawsuit against a large Lancaster County Employer! See the post immediately below on this site for “BACON V. LANCASTER COUNTY MOTORS, INC.”




    (Click here for the LNP article above, President Judge Dennis Reinaker)

         Can you guess the race of these two men? Neither of these men spent a single day in jail and there are no available mugshots.
         Wasn’t there just international outrage over the PA grand jury report on the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests? You’d never know that in Lancaster County!
         ABC-27 ran this story four days ago with the headline, “2 avoid prison for sharing child pornography,” (click here). So, how did these two men manage to “avoid” prison and why? Why hasn’t anyone demanded answers from President Judge Dennis Reinaker?
         The charges they pleaded guilty to are below:

    Charles Ernest Pfeiffer III

    Christopher B. Presler

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 15th, 2018 Becky 11 comments


         The complete “Operative Facts” in the federal lawsuit of Katie Bacon v. Lancaster County Motors, Inc. is below. Her “Relief Requested” is at the end. 
         LIP News will follow this lawsuit.



    Posted on October 15th, 2018 Becky No comments

    RACE & LNP!

         I am going to repost the federal sexual harassment lawsuit against Lancaster County Motors, Inc. later today so that it is all in one post and not interrupted by other news stories.


         Why isn’t LNP covering this federal lawsuit? I went back and checked the number of stories LNP did on Powel Steel, which was a private company owned by Steve Powell, who was also a long-time McCaskey basketball coach who died this June. And Powell was black.

         They did 14 stories between the announcement that he was filing for bankruptcy on February 19 of 2013 until January 23 of 2014 when they ran an article stating a judge had dismissed his bankruptcy. In all, 16 stories in less than a year on the struggles of a small, private company owned by a black man. 
         But LNP will not cover a timely, important and shocking sexual harassment lawsuit against a large Lancaster auto sales company. Amazing!
         The below is from January 3rd, 2014 on this site and the original is here.   
  • 10-15-18 UPDATE – PART 2 IN A SERIES!

    Posted on October 14th, 2018 Becky 7 comments

    UPDATE 10-15-18 – Of course, serial and convicted stalker Steve Markle felt it was important to send in a comment yesterday (see below)! You could use logic and say if this is a “kindergarten blog,” then why is he so obsessed with it and why would he spend so much time worrying about what I’m doing? You would think he would move on to a middle-school blog.
         But logic doesn’t work on stalkers because they are mentally ill. But Markle is not so mentally ill that he doesn’t know what he is doing is criminal harassment and he has been convicted before.

    Please see the definition of “cyberstalking” under the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above and check back later today when I will return to the news.


    Cheryl Dum Markle from her “Linkedin” account (click here).

         Well, as you can see from the below comments into this site, my stalker, Steve Markle, has been busy over the last two days (please excuse the language).
         Two or three times a day I get these kinds of love notes from Steve and have for almost seven years (you read that correctly). And he says I’m crazy!
         And his wife, Cheryl Dum Markle, really thinks people will be “dum” enough to give a convicted stalker’s wife their most personal information? LOL! Talk about crazy!

        I hope Cheryl does find a job because they are going to need it to pay the legal bills!


    Posted on October 13th, 2018 Becky 8 comments


          I had just gotten home and my phone was still in my purse when it rang at 3:44 pm yesterday afternoon. In a hurry to get it out and answer the call, I didn’t look at the number that was calling.
          An authoritative male voice said he was from (and he named a specific company which I don’t remember) Tree Company and they would be here tomorrow morning to cut down my tree.
         I said, “You have a wrong number.”
         He ignored that and said, “Let me check my work order. No, we will be there tomorrow morning to cut down that ugly tree.”
         I said, “I don’t have a tree. I did not call a tree company.”
         He said, “No, your neighbors called. They want to get rid of your ugly tree. They are paying for it.”
         I said again, “I don’t have a tree.”
         He said, “We will be there at 9:00 tomorrow morning to cut down that ugly tree.”
         I said, “I don’t have a tree. What address do you have?”
         He said, “We will be there tomorrow to get rid of that ugly tree.”
         I asked again, “What address do you have?”
         He said, “We will be there tomorrow morning at 9:00 o’clock to get rid of that ugly tree.” And he hung up.
         It was then that I looked at the number and saw the 717 area code and became totally suspicious. I immediately put it into a reverse lookup and there it was – Lancaster County Motors, Inc. I simply could not believe it.
         Is it possible someone spoofed their number? Possibly – but who and why? And the juvenile nature of the call seemed to fit with the nature of the lawsuit. And he seemed to be enjoying himself. Unbelievable! I will let the attorney for the plaintiff know. 




         It was a stupid, childish prank call that I received from Lancaster County Motors, Inc. yesterday afternoon. It was about a tree – a tree that I don’t have!
         But for a couple of seconds he had me going. Because the situation sounded “familiar.” The above is my neighbor’s huge, horrible, nasty holly tree (with the very sharp leaves) rubbing all up against and damaging my house and roof this summer. And I had to contract and pay to get that sucker trimmed – and it wasn’t cheap.
         Okay, that’s off my chest – sort of. A woman actually went before Lancaster City Council several months ago to complain that she had to pay to have her neighbor’s tree that was hanging over her yard trimmed and she didn’t think it was fair. Neither do I! But city council can’t change that – the state should change the law! There is no reason we should have to pay for someone else’s tree!
         Now it’s off my chest and I’ll come back to the prank call shortly.


    Posted on October 12th, 2018 Becky 7 comments

         I just received a threatening and harassing phone call from Lancaster County Motors, Inc. (717) 569-4514 at 3:44 pm! Unbelievable!



         Part of an ad LNP ran for themselves this summer. Tom Murse, LNP Managing Editor.

    The shocking sexual harassment lawsuit filed in federal court this Tuesday (click here).

          Where is LNP’s coverage? Why are they ignoring this shocking lawsuit? Shouldn’t the public know? Stay informed – read LIP News! You are a liar, Tom Murse!
    Please see the posts below for the lawsuit on this site and check back later today.


    Posted on October 11th, 2018 Becky 9 comments



    Clark Adams, Chief Operating Officer, left, and Frank Nolt, President of Lancaster County Motors, Inc.

         The “Relief Requested” in Katie Bacon’s federal lawsuit against Lancaster County Motors, Inc. is below. There will be more tomorrow.


    **   The continuation of the “Operative Facts” portion of Katie Bacon’s federal lawsuit against Lancaster County Motors, Inc. is below (please see yesterday’s post immediately below for the beginning).


    *     I sent an email through their website this morning asking if they have any comment on the federal lawsuit (see yesterday’s post). I’m waiting!



    (Click here)

         It is great that they can solve a 12-year-old burglary with DNA. It is past time to start solving all of the unsolved murders with DNA!
    Please check back later today when there will also be more on yesterday’s shocking sexual harassment lawsuit.


    Posted on October 10th, 2018 Becky 11 comments

    —  I am not sure there is anything that can prepare you for opening a complaint in a lawsuit and reading what is below. LIP News will be back tomorrow. —

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The below is the beginning of a shocking lawsuit filed in Federal Court yesterday: Katie Bacon v. Lancaster County Motors, Inc. of East Petersburg.



    UPDATE…..Charlie’s badge has been turned in!!! He was so happy that he was smiling from ear to ear! Thanks to everyone for spreading the word.
    Posted on the Lancaster City Police Department Facebook page (see yesterday’s post here).

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    75% REDUCTION!

         “The Use of Force policy has been in effect since August 1st.
         …While we just have two months of data thus far, we have seen a reduction in about 75 percent in those two months regarding use of force incidents in the city.”
    Mayor Danene Sorace in her Report of the Mayor last night to city council (click here to view the entire meeting).


    Posted on October 9th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


    — & HORSE THIEF? —    

        Wow I didn’t know you could postpone a hearing because “you’re not available”. Smh
    Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the above story (click here).  
         This is very strange and Lyons had at least a month’s notice of today’s date. What could he be busy doing?
          I wonder if the two bail bondsmen who each put up $500,000 are getting nervous?
         Lyons is no longer living with his wife who is seeking a divorce. He is now living with his mother. When the Sheriff’s Office tried to serve him on September 17th in one of the many bankruptcy related filings the result is below:



         Yes, apparently someone stole Charlie’s badge! From the CrimeWatch entry there is this (click here): 
         On Thursday 04 October 2018, Off. Berry and Charlie were on mounted patrol in downtown Lancaster City. At some point during his patrol, Charlie’s badge holder came loose from the harness.
         Off. Herr was in the area of W. King St. and Prince St. and located the leather portion that held the badge, but the badge was missing and presumed to have been removed from the leather holder. 
         The bottom rocker portion of the badge is engraved “H-2”. We have included a photo of what the actual badge looks like in the leather holder. The missing/stolen item is the metal.
         It’s lucky that there are lots of Safety Coalition cameras in the area (please see the above insert from the camera map and the blue arrow was inserted indicating W. King and Prince Streets). Can the Lancaster City Police solve this crime? Will the cameras finally prove helpful?


    *     Today, MAW has 10 employees, down from about 25 in April 2017. They’re divided between Reading and Lancaster, with Lancaster accounting for about half its business, he said.

    From the LNP article linked to below.


          This is simply unacceptable and downright ridiculous reporting by Tim Stuhldreher and his LNP editors. What business do they have in Reading? I’ve been asking this question since March of last year and no one has answered it (click here):

         Where else has MAW “rolled out?” They created one hot spot downtown in the city of Reading! That’s it! Supposedly they have “institutional clients” and cellular companies using them but we have no idea who they are!
          You would think that after two years and over $5 million dollars, someone at LNP would directly ask MAW president Frank Wiczkowski: “Exactly what other business do you have?” And if they have all this business in Reading, why did they need a loan? And why didn’t they go to a bank for the loan?

    $14,900 MONTHLY!


         Last spring, when MAW began rolling out service to business and residential customers, the city loaned it $1.5 million for startup costs.
         The first payment was due this month; It was received Thursday, city business administrator Patrick Hopkins confirmed.
         The monthly installments of just over $14,900 are to continue over the next seven years. Asked if MAW will be able to make the payments, Wiczkowski said: “Absolutely.”
    From the September 16th LNP article (under the sidebar), “Some LanCity Connect customers lose service as PPL removes ‘unauthorized’ equipment,” (click here).
         LIP News will put in monthly Right to Know requests to make sure the city receives the payments.
    Please check back later today.   


    Posted on October 8th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         Also, a plug for our new email newsletter, Power & Policy, written by a team of watchdog reporters: Janesch [Sam Janesch, their political reporter, who he says will be posting updates tonight under the article], county government reporter Carter Walker and City Hall reporter Tim Stuhldreher.
    LNP editor Tom Murse posting under their debate article.
         Oh, my heavens! I don’t even have time for these lies and nonsense today. How long has Walker been out of college? And all I have to say about Stuhldreher is “MAW COMMUNICATIONS!” What a very sad joke.

    *   Let’s not forget the $30,000 bonus Beverly Steinman gave Roda in the form of a scholarship to her daughter from her tax-free fund (click here)! These Steinmans think they can get away with anything!


    (Click here for the above debate story, Barbara Hough Roda)
         “It will be moderated by Barbara Hough Roda, community liaison for LNP and LancasterOnline, and Tom Baldrige, president and CEO of the Lancaster Chamber.”
         Barbara Hough Roda should not be moderating this debate! Lloyd Smucker wrote the CRIZ specifically for LNP to give them millions of your dollars for their Marriott Hotel expansion. Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, LNP’s owner, has given Smucker thousands and thousands of dollars for his campaigns.
         This is another travesty from LNP!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on October 7th, 2018 Becky 8 comments
    *    The below events at the convention center are not filling the Marriott Hotel (click here). It will be used for 11 days in October and 10 days in November! (I wonder how much they are charging McCaskey for their homecoming.)



         We stayed here for my best friend’s wedding. First off, when I booked, I ended up having to book a second night. When I called to change my reservation, the girl was very rude on the phone, and claimed the wedding wasn’t blocked off for Friday, just Saturday. So I would have to pay full price. When I told the bride, she said that was not the case. The groom ended up calling to change my booking. The couple called everyone who had booked from the wedding to make sure they got the negotiated price. Apparently I wasn’t the only one they tried to make pay the non-wedding rate.
    From a review of the Lancaster Marriott Hotel on Yelp from August of last year (click here).
         The “20/20” episode on the murder of Christy Mirack on Friday began by stating that Lancaster is a well known wedding destination.
         I learned this several years ago when I happened on Marriott reviews and everyone was there for a wedding. The convention center is not filling the Marriott and not the reason they are expanding – weddings are!
         Why is this such a secret?


    Posted on October 6th, 2018 Becky 12 comments


    A relative of Rowe’s current wife entered this photograph in an ABC-27 promotion/love/photo contest in 2014.
         Emily Noble dated Raymond Rowe for about a year in the mid-’90s and when she heard he was charged with criminal homicide, she said, “I’m shocked, but I’m not surprised.”
    ABC News, “Ex of DJ charged in teacher’s ’92 death says ‘How did I roll by unscathed?’  (click here).
         That’s not what she told LNP in July of 2018:
         “I go back to this place of asking, ‘Why not me?’ If he did it to her, why not me … ,” she said in a phone interview. “I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t want to believe that he did this.”
         She said while Rowe was abusive and controlling, never did she imagine he would be capable of the crime he’s charged with.
    From the LNP article, “Woman who dated alleged killer Raymond ‘DJ Freez’ Rowe asks, ‘Why not me?’ ” (click here).    
         Why did Noble change her tune? And what was missing from last night’s “20/20?” Any mention of his three previous wives and almost no mention of his current wife.

    Posted on October 5th, 2018 Becky 5 comments

    *    Officials said Friday there was nothing criminal in the case of a Shultz Transportation bus driver dropping a Lampeter-Strasburg first-grader off at another student’s house to use the bathroom.
    From this afternoon’s LNP story, “Police: Nothing criminal in bus driver dropping girl off at other student’s home to use bathroom,” (click here).       
         OMG! LNP reporter Lindsey Blest asked the police and the DA’s office if there was anything criminal in this stupid click-bait story LNP has kept as their lead story all day but won’t ask for an answer from DA Stedman about the murders of Chevalier and Myers?


    — WHY DON’T WE KNOW? —

         It has been a month since I mailed the letter to the PA Attorney General and the FBI requesting a simple DNA test be done to determine if Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers have the same killer (the letter and original post are here).
         I will follow-up next week and I have to pinch myself that this is real and DA Stedman refuses to answer the question. Think about that while you watch “20/20” tonight. Unbelievable!


    ***   On August 6th, I wrote about a lis pendens filing in Lancaster Common Pleas Court to take 10 properties associated with Worley & Obetz in their bankruptcy (see below and click here for the original). 
          On September 10th, another lis pendens action was filed to take the personal homes of Jeffrey and Julie Lyons, Karen and Douglas Connelly and Judy Avilez (see the entry immediately below on this post).
         Jeffrey Lyons and Karen Connelly are scheduled to have their preliminary hearings on their criminal charges this Tuesday, October 9th, at 1:30 pm before District Judge Edward Tobin.


    **   Judy Avilez, who replaced Connelly as company controller in January 2016 and was trained by her, told investigators that Connelly told her to continue paying Lyons’ credit card debts, Stedman said.
          According to the criminal complaint, Connelly “told her about a ‘package deal’ in which Lyons was permitted to submit his personal credit card payment stubs for full payment using company funds.”
         Avilez initially paid Lyons’ debts before approaching police, Stedman said. She does not face any criminal charges.
         “We have no evidence that anyone else was involved” in making illegal payments, he said.
    From the LNP article, “Worley & Obetz’s former CEO, controller charged with using company funds to pay $1M in personal credit card debt,” (click here).
         Avilez may not be facing criminal charges but the bankruptcy court wants her house! In a lis pendens court filing in Lancaster Common Pleas Court on September 10th, the court wants to take her Elizabethtown home (see below). Why? What is going on? 



    *    While on the topic of the Christy Mirack murder and District Attorney Craig Stedman, there have been comments into this site stating Stedman will be on November’s ballot to be a judge. That is not correct.
         There are no judges statewide on the ballot this November and the vacancy created by Judge Hoberg’s retirement will not be filled until the 2019 election when the judge’s seat, the District Attorney’s Office and all three Lancaster County Commissioners will be on the ballot among other offices.
         Randall Wenger, Clerk of Elections, explained by phone this morning that those positions are only on the ballot in municipal election years and the next one will be in 2019.
         To view a sample of your November ballot click here and select your school district.

    20/20 TONIGHT


         “I told the police what I saw, but I’ve never told anybody else what I walked in on,” Goodman [Harry Goodman, the principal at Christy Mirack’s elementary school] said. “I struggled for years with this. Screaming, nightmares.”

    Click here for the above ABC news story and here for the accompanying story, “How DNA and genetic genealogy are becoming ‘major’ game-changers in decades-old cold cases.”


    Posted on October 4th, 2018 Becky 4 comments
         I know you are probably tired of reading about former Police Chief Keith Sadler and his ex-wife’s book stating he beat her for years and the absolute hypocrisy of the LNP editorial board regarding it. I’m tired of writing about it!
         But it’s true and it’s absolutely awful and if Suzanne Cassidy, Tom Murse and Barbara Hough Roda of LNP think they can get away with their unbelievable cover-up because Sadler resigned for a new position before the new mayor came in, well, they are wrong and other news organizations will find out!
         There will be more tomorrow – including a list – because as Robert Field of writes, these individuals are guilty of so much hypocrisy and so much false reporting that it is unbelievable, unethical and inhumane.
    **  Lancaster city police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser announced at a community forum Thursday that the unnamed, female officer who left the message was suspended without pay for an unspecified amount of time.
         …Berkihiser also said an officer who interacted with a witness during a July 5 arrest captured on video broke standards of conduct.
         A video shows an officer threatening to arrest a woman filming the incident.
         That officer also was not identified and also was suspended without pay for an unspecified amount of time, Berkihiser said.
    From the LNP article, “Canadian says suspension for Lancaster officer who left threatening voicemail is ‘step in the right direction’ but not enough,” (click here).
    Do not brag about the Lancaster City Police, LNP, with your absurd headline (see below)! Do not tell me that they are “among best in U.S.” We still do not know the identity of the female officer who left the message and for exactly how long she was suspended. And she should be fired!
         And while the second incident is obviously Detective Nathan Nickel, he has never been formally named by the police and he also assaulted a prone, incapacitated suspect on the ground in the same video. He has probably been using excessive force and intimidating civilians for years!
         This is very disturbing and yet no one; not the mayor or city council or LNP is demanding answers!
    [Editor’s note: While the police were discussing de-escalation methods and tactics, Councilwoman Janet Diaz specifically asked about “hostage situations.” Chief Jarrad Berkihiser was evasive and did not really answer her question but I need to listed to the live-stream again and be more specific about his reply in light of the recent police shooting death of Ricardo Avenia (“Macho”).  But good for Diaz!]


    *    To read the full NewsLanc article – click here. City Councilwoman Janet Diaz live-streamed last night’s Police Use of Force meeting and you can watch it on her Facebook page – click here.

    & BEST IN U.S.?

         I am having internet connection problems this morning. But coming later today, these stories!




    Posted on October 3rd, 2018 Becky 5 comments

         Important Meeting tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 in City Hall (click here for the Facebook page for the event).

    ***  Apparently Randy Patterson decided by himself in July that there would be no more food carts. Why? Did it apply to everyone? Who gave him the authority?


    **   LIP News has exclusively obtained the below recent Attorney – Client Agreement. The names have been redacted at this time.


    *  You would think Randy would have more important things to worry about! Like that $1.5 million dollar loan the city gave to MAW Communications that will never be paid back!



         “There are no other permitted carts out there,” Randy Patterson, director of economic development and neighborhood revitalization, told City Council at Monday’s committee meeting.
         “It makes no sense to me to have a city ordinance to address a single cart in a single location,” he said.
         City Council concurred, and gave Patterson the go-ahead to draft an ordinance that would eliminate the food cart ordinance for downtown.
    From today’s LNP article, “Lancaster city looks to eliminate little-used downtown food cart permits,” (click here).
         Really, Randy? Suddenly you are worried about an ordinance that you claim no one is using? Does it have anything to do with this video and recent developments?


    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 2nd, 2018 Becky No comments

         The Caucus will continue and will now also be offered as a digital, subscription edition (click here).  What a disgrace! There will be more tomorrow.


    **   The LNP article, “LNP, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, team up to cover Pennsylvania state government,” is now online – click here.

    The Money Man!

    *   Speaking of “investigative reporting,” there was a long city council committee meeting last night (you can watch it here). And as always, LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher had lots of questions. Oh, this man is always asking about the money!
         And yet, he couldn’t figure out that MAW Communications owns a building valued at $89,000 in Reading and Lancaster City gave them a loan for $1.5 million dollars! Amazing!
         A review of his latest article and LNP’s editorial about MAW Communications/LanCity Connect is coming!


    A front page headline in today’s LNP print edition.

        You have to be an investigative reporter to try and understand this article (not currently online that I could find). Will the Caucus still exist? I honestly don’t know! There is also talk of “Spotlight PA” and the “PA Post.”
         I will read this about fifteen more times and see if I can figure it out! When it goes online I will link and maybe you can help me out! Yikes!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 1st, 2018 Becky 8 comments

      —  To Be Continued tomorrow. —



          Brett Hambright, spokesman for District Attorney Craig Stedman, has been tweeting today about a ceremony at LGH this morning about domestic violence. In the above he quotes DA Craig Stedman and Lancaster City Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser as follows:
    —    Stedman: Children in domestic violence settings are forgotten victims. “What they see, what they hear” have ‘profound effect.’
    — Berkihiser: Domestic violence, unfortunately, “still widely accepted” in our communities.
         That’s touching, guys. Why didn’t either of you speak up about former Police Chief Keith Sadler whose ex-wife has written a book stating he beat her for years?
         And the way they got away with it: Because LNP decided to use their extreme power as the only news source in Lancaster County to withhold that information from the public so as not to embarrass Mayor Gray who was supporting and shoveling them money for their convention center/hotel. Unbelievable – but true!


    **  On the same Sunday night, September 16th, that a Lancaster City Police Officer shot and killed Ricardo Avenia, there was another shooting (click here for the police press release a portion of which is below):
         On Sunday 16 September 2018 at approximately 2241 hrs. Officers from Lancaster City and assisting Police agencies from Lancaster County responded to the 500 blk. Green St. for a report of a shooting. 
         Upon arrival, Officers found a male with a gunshot wound to the area of his neck/ face. The victim was conscious and walking and held a towel on the injury. The male was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The injury does not appear to be life threatening. 
         While clearly overshadowed by the police involved shooting, there has not been another word about this! Where does the investigation stand? What is the man’s condition today?



    *    The first arriving Officer located a male who was walking toward the Police cruiser. The male, a 24 year old resident of Lancaster City, was holding a tee shirt to his neck and was bleeding from a gun shot wound to his neck. 
    From the police press release just issued (click here).


    Click here for the Facebook page. 

         WGAL has a brief piece up on the shooting last evening at about 6:30 pm at Manor and Old Dorwart Streets (click here).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 29th, 2018 Becky 7 comments


    This New York Times columnist nails it (click here).


    Posted on September 28th, 2018 Becky 7 comments


         At the quad apartment shared by Garvey and Stinar, police said they seized over 1 pound of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol edibles and tetrahydrocannabinol wax, along with packaging materials, digital scales, cash, drug paraphernalia and a digital safe.
         Both men were cooperative at the scene, police said. Garvey is from Middletown, New Jersey. Stinar is from Forest Hill, Maryland.
         …Warrants have been issued for their arrest, police said. Attorneys for both have communicated with police, according to a news release issued by Elizabethtown police Friday.
    From today’s LNP story, “Former Elizabethtown College students charged after police find drugs in campus apartment ,” (click here).
         Why weren’t they arrested on the scene? Is it because they were “cooperative” or is it because they are white or because they live on a college campus or all of the above? Warrants have been issued for their arrest? Unbelievable!

     **  I am simply going to put this out there. There is a story on the original LIP News site called “Charlie’s Promise.”
         It’s a true story about an astonishing boy I met and fell in love with at a summer camp in 1972.
         That fall he attended Dartmouth College and I attended Hartwick College. I went “up” to Dartmouth about once a month. He joined a fraternity. The stories I could tell. I used to go back to Hartwick and tell my friends I couldn’t tell them what happened while I was “up there” – they wouldn’t believe me.
         But there was something he told me over the phone that stands out. He said they had a party and invited what he said was a “stripper” or a “prostitute.” He said there was a line up the steps to the room she was in.
         We never really discussed it further. He wasn’t in the line. It was the 70’s and we had so much else to talk about.
         At the time, I just hoped it wasn’t a random girl they got drunk – which happened a lot. Nothing makes it okay and my boyfriend was also disgusted but it was part of the “culture” that was Dartmouth back then. 
         So do I believe Julie Swetnick’s description of what went on at Brett Kavanaugh’s elite all boy’s school? Oh, you better believe it. The question is: Did Kavanaugh participate?


    *    A tweet by former LNP sports editor and now deputy opinion editor(!) Chris Otto several days ago.

         I did not see Otto respond to the question, but maybe it’s because to work at racist LNP, you also have to throw all the journalism principles and ethics you ever learned out the window! Their prior digital editor and social media manager both went to the Reading Eagle. And with their new paywall, it is surely not growth!



    Today’s LNP editorial in print (not currently online) and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy.
         LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy is a proven liar. A flat-out liar. Why would anyone believe a word this woman says? Why in the world should this liar tell the people of Lancaster County daily what they should and should not believe or do? 
    Click here for “A TERRIBLE LYING START… BY SUZANNE CASSIDY” from September of 2014 on this site and check back later today.

    Posted on September 27th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    — OMG! This is a sob fest! —

    — Watching Brett Kavanaugh this afternoon. —


    From today’s LNP article titled online, “Q&A: Lancaster police chief discusses community relations after fatal officer-involved shooting,” (click here).    

         Videos have caught your police acting very, very badly in the last several months. What you see in those Facebook live videos is the truth.
    Please check back later today.

    [Editor’s note: This post has been edited to make the quote larger and more readable.]


    Posted on September 26th, 2018 Becky 3 comments

    *    When is a bed & breakfast actually a motel? The county lists their second structure as a motel!


         If I were a business owner in Lancaster County I would not go before Lancaster city council and the mayor (and the world through the internet) and state that I use marijuana morning day and night. Nope. Not wise. It is still not legal. Maybe he was high? Are the Amish growing marijuana in Bird in Hand?

    **   Wade McFarland and his wife own Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast in Bird in Hand (click here).


    McFarland addressing city council last night.

    *    The opening remarks of a commenter’s statement to city council last night (please note the spelling of his name is based on his pronunciation and may not be correct).
         Wade McFarland – Old Philadelphia Pike. I just want to say I appreciate what you all are doing here as far as hopefully with a yay vote and moving the ordinance forward and passing it tonight. I think it’s courageous of you to do this.
         I’m a pothead. I use marijuana morning day and night. I’m a family man. I have three kids and a businessman – self-employed – so I’m not your typical marijuana user or I don’t look like it anyway maybe – but I think this – it will definitely be the right step forward and if I could plant a seed of courage in any of you I think maybe the best way to legislate cannabis would be not at all.



         There was no question how city council was going to vote last night on the marijuana ordinance (click here to watch the entire meeting). As soon as it was introduced about a month ago you knew it was going to pass. If you watch enough of these meetings you know you will hear “aye, aye, and aye” over and over again.


         Last night the only city council member to say “no” was Janet Diaz. This seemed to catch city clerk Bernard Harris so off guard that it took several seconds for him to recover.
         I have some questions about this ordinance – so you can have  an ounce of marijuana – but where do you buy it? How do you buy it? What about the seller?
         And in an interesting twist, a commenter last night who stated he is a father of three went on to say he uses marijuana “morning, day and night.” Hmmm… Where does he get his marijuana? Does he have more than an ounce at any one time? Is he an addict?
    Please check back later today.