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     Jose Rivera, a well  know community activist, was beaten Sunday night in Crystal Park. He did not see the person but believes it was a teenager. The person hit him from behind. Rivera went to the hospital.
     A policeman took a report Sunday night after a two hour wait, but that officer is off until tomorrow and he hasn’t heard anything else from the police. There is a Safety Coalition camera right at the park that should have captured the beating.
     He expressed concern for the teen this afternoon and said the police need to arrest him before his neighbors get to him. He said there needs to be a much stronger police presence in the neighborhood and in his experience all of the police are downtown.
     The police need to make an arrest now and if they don’t know who did it they need to release the video to the public for identification of this person who would sucker punch a 60-year-old community activist who works everyday to improve the community.


—  As of 1:20 pm today when the below screenshots were taken, WGAL had 191 comments on their Facebook page and LNP had 116. Not a single one of those comments supports nor do they believe what Judge Reinaker said on WGAL. Not a single one.


—  How could Judge Reinaker “self-report” if he watched the video for the first time yesterday? What a bunch of absolute crap! Click here to report Reinaker to the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania.



**   Jose Rivera in a message to me last night at 8:50 pm:


 * Where are the police and Mayor Sorace?


     Jose Rivera, a community activist, a member of the West Lancaster Jewels and known to all the city council members and the mayor, was attacked at Crystal Park.
Please check back for this developing story.


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     The police arrested Dekendrick D. Jones this afternoon. Click here for the full DA’s press release.

  —   So the DA’s office issued a press release on Saturday thanking the public and stating they had identified the exposer but never gave his name and never said he was not in custody and that they were looking for him! Can you help us? If you see him call us.
     What in the world? How incompetent is that? Demand answers!


*** BREAKING ***  According to the Manheim Borough Police this morning by phone, Dekendrick D. Jones “has not been apprehended yet.” They stated there will be a police press release issued this afternoon.

—  Do they have Jones in custody? His docket status is “inactive,” there is no bail amount and there is no date for a preliminary hearing (click here).

l***   The exposer apparently is 24-year old Dekendrick D. Jones. The charges below were filed before District Judge Edward Tobin this morning.



**   On Saturday, the DA’s office was all excited they solved a case and they thanked the public for their tips in the above press release (click here). The release states in part:
     The man gave a statement to police.
     Charges are pending. More specifics will be released when charges are filed.
     Okay. Enough suspense! Could we have the man’s name now?


   The front page, lead story in today’s LNP print edition.
*    Oh, for heaven’s sake! Stop the 225 stories about yourself and do your job and hold the police, mayor and the DA accountable!



(Click here)

     A father is killed and his son wounded in the early morning hours of Father’s Day and there is not a word from Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser, Mayor Danane Sorace or District Attorney Craig Stedman. Not a word.
Please check back later today.

* – *** BREAKING NEWS ***

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     A father, Anthony Marshall, was killed early this morning and his son was wounded. Condolences to family members and friends.


     From the police press release (click here to read the entire release):

     On June 16, 2019, at approximately 12:36 AM, Officers from the Lancaster City of Police were dispatched to the 600 block of Lafayette Street for a report of shots fired.   While responding the scene, the dispatcher informed the officers that the call was being upgraded to a shooting.   When the officers arrived at the scene, they located two shooting victims; one victim in the 1st block of Laurel Street and a second victim in the 700 block of Manor Street.   The victim located in the 1st block of Laurel Street was identified as a 44 year-old Harrisburg man, who was found to have a gunshot wound to the torso.  The second victim who was found on Manor Street was identified as a 25 year-old Lancaster man, who was found to have a gunshot wound to the shoulder.   Both victims were transported to the hospital by ambulance.  The 44 year-old victim died at the hospital as a result of his injuries.   The 25 year-old victim is being treated at the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.   The identities of the victims are not being released at this time pending notification of the next of kin and other family.

**   The crime scene this morning.

*     Police at the crime scene this morning.


     There are reports that several people were shot in the city last night at Manor and Laurel Streets.
Please check back later for this developing story.


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**  I have been told by an authoritative source that a complaint against President Judge Dennis Reinaker has been submitted to the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania. However, to let the Board know how serious citizens feel about this, multiple submissions would certainly not hurt. Click here to find out how to file a complaint and note that this cannot be done by telephone or through the internet – the complaint must be mailed but it can be anonymous.

*   A T-shirt found on the internet. I think they should put a picture of Judge Reinaker pointing to his license plate on there as well. If I find a place to buy the shirt, I will let you know.


      Judge Reinaker is the lead story on the “LEO Affairs” website, a resource site for law enforcement officers (click here).


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*     As of 12:30 pm today, 85% of the participants in the below online LNP poll in their editorial today do not believe Judge Reinaker’s statement was “sufficient,” (click here).
      It most certainly was not. Hopefully the members of the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania are reviewing his actions right now.


(Click here) 

      From the article there is this:
      Asked about the spate of violent incidents, Lancaster police Lt. Bill Hickey said the incidents are unrelated and declined to comment further.
     That’s the way to hold the police accountable, LNP! Maybe you should remind Lt. Bill Hickey that he is paid by and works for the public and his job is to protect, serve and inform the public.
Please check back later today.


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      Your statement to LNP above, Judge Reinaker, is simply a lie and everyone knows it. See below in this post where in the video Reinaker states to the officer, “You better check the registration on this plate soon, mister!”
     Reinaker needs to resign or be removed.

***  The Washington Post has the story about Judge Reinaker up on their website (click here).

—  I have put the pictures of Ben Ramos which show his face below the screenshot of the GoFundMe page for his funeral.   

The GoFundMe page for Ben Ramos (click here).



(Click here)


      A 16-year-old was stabbed to death in the city last night (click here).


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—  The city has posted the video of last night’s city council meeting and I am watching it now (click here).


     Kevin R. Molloy, the Executive Director of the Lancaster County Convention Center, called me shortly after 1:00 pm today. He said there are no events listed for two reasons (see below in this post):
— The customer does not want it publicized.
— The competition (Erie, Hershey, Philadelphia, etc.) uses it to try and lure them away to their city.
     He would not state how many events they have in the upcoming months but he did say that the months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are always slow for the convention industry.
     He said the busy convention season is from after Labor Day to Thanksgiving and then the months of January, February and March.
      He said he might tell his marketing department to delete the events tab unless a customer wants their event listed and then they will put up the tab and the event.

***  Keith Schweigert, who used to work for LNP but now is the digital content producer for Fox 43, has a scary video of the new traffic circle on his Twitter account (click here). 


**   Speaking of the convention center, when you go to their website and click on “Events” what comes up is below (click here). Are there really no scheduled events or are they not posting them?

*    And LNP never says a word about the city’s failure to livestream these meetings – in fact, I think they like it. That way they control what the public knows.


     It took LNP and reporter Tim Stuhldreher three days to report on the financial crisis and the city applying to the state Department of Community and Economic Development’s Early Intervention Program. This site went up with the breaking news on the same night as the meeting and it took LNP three days to slant the story and blame everything on the state.
     And of course, LNP wants the public to think everything in Lancaster is just fine so they can attract conventions and customers to LNP’s for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel. It’s disgusting.
     There was this excellent comment under the LNP article and of course the PSP stands for the Penn Square Partners who are made up of LNP and High Industries (click here):



Posted on the City of Lancaster’s Facebook page at approximately 7:45 pm last night.
     If city employees are incapable of connecting to the internet and livestreaming these meetings they are not competent enough to work for the city. Tony Dastra managed to do it as a private citizen for a year.
     Are they doing this on purpose to keep the citizens in the dark? There should be outrage at this blatant cover-up!
Please check back later today.


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*    In fact, John Lugo II is one of LNP’s top stories online (click here). Just remember – he has shaved!


     I just have to end the day with these further posts from John Lugo II! Comparing himself to El Chapo! Oh, it is all just too much! 

**  This genius from today’s news is wanted for threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (click here for the police press release). He shaved to hide his identity and posted it to Facebook only to learn that the charges are “misdemeanors.” So look for the shaved guy on the right and if you see John Lugo II call the police!



     This was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page about the “haunted bridges” video and are they ever correct. Do not waste five minutes of your life. There is no ghost or fingerprints!
     LNP’s Tyler Huber is talented and some of these have been quite good. This one is not. Tyler should wait for the mayflies to swarm and capture that nightmare!


    [Editor’s Note:  I ran the below early Saturday morning but it was quickly overshadowed by a video of a woman kicking a dog.
     I am re-running it today because it is so important and the public needs answers. There are three shooters on the loose and no one is following up on these crimes.
     There is a city council meeting tonight at 7:30 pm. Someone needs to tell the mayor and council members that the police and the DA need to be held accountable and answer to the public who pays them.]


     Apparently shooting someone and staying on the scene is becoming the way to avoid charges in Lancaster County.
Posted on May 16th on this site (click here for the original).
      In less than a month and a half, three people who shot another person have not been arrested or charged.
—  On Saturday, April 27th, Tony Torrellas was shot multiple times and killed. His killer has not been named nor charged. The DA’s office has offered no explanation. On Monday, April 29th, LNP quoted DA spokesman Brett Hambright as follows (click here):
     And there has been absolutely no further information or mention of this homicide.
—  On Monday, May 13th a man was shot and there was this from the police press release (click here):
     And there has been absolutely no further information or mention of this shooting.
—  On June 7th, the Lancaster Police announced the arrest and charges against Adedolapo Patrick Olaniyi, who was shot multiple times in what has been described as a “gun fight” on June 5th (click here).
      The person or persons who shot him have not been arrested.
      District Attorney Craig Stedman needs to immediately inform and explain to the public the “logic” and legal explanation behind allowing shooters to go free. Was it self-defense in all three cases? When is it legal to shoot – and in one case kill – another person?
     The public needs answers now!


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       Jason Garcia was arrested Saturday for shooting a man in the leg in the street on May 4th (click here for today’s police press release). He is in Lancaster County Prison on $75,000 cash bail.
     Ashley Gaston was arrested Saturday for kicking a dog after she alleges it bit her child. She is in Lancaster County Prison on $50,000 cash bail.


MONKEYING AROUND?From the “Monkey Man” website (click here).

     I was going to go with “serious” news on this rainy Monday morning until I spotted this absolutely bizarre opinion piece as a lead story on Lancaster Online (click here).
     And this comes after a huge public outcry and felony charges over a woman kicking a dog that allegedly bit her child over the weekend.
     The author of this piece is a professor? Why would LNP run this? I am almost speechless. Do I have an opinion on the “monkey man?” Not after reading this! All of the monkey’s “teeth were removed when she was an infant?” That is most certainly cruelty. This piece is just off the wall!
Please check back later today for serious news.


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     The problem with “beating her ass” is that it’s illegal and you’re doing the exact same thing that has you so outraged in the first place! And the wife of the LNP education reporter really should know better than to make these public posts on Facebook.
      These animal stories are for some reason clickbait for mass outrage and the news outlets know it – and so do the police and the DA’s office. How about we get as upset about domestic violence and as a commenter to this site said, “Murders, shootings, corruption in the DAs office, k2 epidemic, heroin, & child molesters should be what rages people. People got issues smh.”

*** – ** – * & NOT A WORD FROM DA STEDMAN!

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     Remember the below story about Annie Beiler (click here)? She hired someone to debark her dogs at her puppy mill. Her bail was $1,000 unsecured. Ashley Gaston is in jail on $50,000 cash bail.
     This whole thing borders on the absurd and DA Craig Stedman trying to look good. The DA’s office “wrapped” this whole thing up in a matter of hours but if you see my initial post this morning – there are three shooters on the loose and not a word from the DA!


                      Annie Beiler                        Ashley Gaston
                  $1,000 UNSECURED bail     $50,000 CASH bail

***   The police have charged her (click here for the police press release).

**   The police came and took the dog.


*     So I will post the video of the woman kicking the dog mentioned in the comments that is going “viral.” Why does this evoke outrage but a gun fight on a busy street during broad daylight does not?



     Apparently shooting someone and staying on the scene is becoming the way to avoid charges in Lancaster County.
Posted on May 16th on this site (click here for the original).
      In less than a month and a half, three people who shot another person have not been arrested or charged.
—  On Saturday, April 27th, Tony Torrellas was shot multiple times and killed. His killer has not been named nor charged. The DA’s office has offered no explanation. On Monday, April 29th, LNP quoted DA spokesman Brett Hambright as follows:
     And there has been absolutely no further information or mention of this homicide.
—  On Monday, May 13th a man was shot and there was this from the police press release (click here):
     And there has been absolutely no further information or mention of this shooting.
—  Yesterday, the Lancaster Police announced the arrest and charges against Adedolapo Patrick Olaniyi, who was shot multiple times in what has been described as a “gun fight.”
      The person or persons who shot him have not been arrested.
      District Attorney Craig Stedman needs to immediately inform and explain to the public the “logic” and legal explanation behind allowing shooters to go free. Was it self-defense in all three cases? When is it legal to shoot – and in one case kill – another person?
     The public needs answers now!


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*    From the updated press release. I would certainly assume there will be more arrests! Who shot Olaniyi?


Adedolapo Patrick Olaniyi

     One man is under arrest and charged as a result of Wednesday’s shooting – the man who is in the hospital  – click here for the updated police press release.


     Unbelievably, there has been no update to this story since June 5th. Nothing!
—  What is the condition of the man who was shot multiple times?
—  Was the ‘person of interest’ involved? Was this person arrested? Has   anyone been arrested?
—  Why isn’t the public in danger?
—  What does Mayor Sorace have to say about this? Why isn’t she demanding protection for the public?
—  Does anyone hold the police and DA accountable in Lancaster County?
Please check back later today.


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     No we’re not in danger…we just have piles of unsolved murders.
This comment in today.
       Is that ever the truth! And piles of unsolved shootings!
     This is simply unbelievable. The Lancaster Police have not issued an updated press release as of 3:34 pm today on yesterday’s shooting. This is unacceptable!
     Where is Mayor Sorace? Why isn’t she demanding her police chief release information to the public? The public has a right and need to know! This is why the public pays police officers – to protect and serve and solve crimes!
     There will be much more tomorrow.



     Another shooting in Lancaster. It’s getting hard to keep count and there has only been one arrest in all of them.
     Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser released almost no information to the public yesterday except to say the public is not in danger. How does he know that? This was a gun fight in broad daylight!
     The LNP article with the video of Berkihiser being interviewed is here.
Please check back later today.


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     The below are the ending three paragraphs to today’s LNP editorial, “The battle for DA’s civil forfeiture records is joined, and it’s a fight for citizens’ right to know,” (click here).
     Just come out and say it LNP: Craig Stedman should not be a Lancaster County Judge!


     In the letter, Carfley [Wacker’s attorney, Peter Carfley] wrote he is “not convinced” the city has the right to exercise eminent domain on a property it owns to terminate a lease it signed.
From today’s LNP story, “Wacker Brewing’s lease on a storage building is a hitch for city’s fire station plans,” (click here).        
     Cue the lawyers! What a mess!
Please check back later today.


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     So, what is going on with Wacker Brewing Company and the city over 425 W. King Street? The city owns 425 W. King Street.
     On January 1st of 2018, the two parties signed a five year lease agreement with Wacker paying the city $554 a month to use the property for warehousing and storage.
     The problem: There is no termination clause in the lease.
     The city needs the property now for one of the two new fire stations.
     Bryan Kepner, the president of Wacker, sent the city a letter stating he felt $495,000 would be just compensation for his company for the city breaking the lease.
     Cue outrage!
     Unless an agreement between the two is made prior, council voted last night to move this to the city council meeting on June 11th for a final vote. The city would use “eminent domain” to terminate the lease.
    Oh, this should be interesting! How many lawyers will get involved? Maybe the city should consider putting a termination clause in their leases? And maybe Mayor Sorace and Kepner could work all this out over a beer?
     We will see…


     “I recommend we table this,” city council president James Reichenbach said to council members last night about the salary study. He said they have “bigger things” to concern themselves with. Yes, they do!
      And there was no marijuana ordinance update. Mayor Sorace “explained” that she and police chief Jarrad Berkihiser got confused between June and July. The update will actually come in July. Hmmm…

      And council went after Wacker Brewing Company and their president Bryan Kepner big time. It’s a long, involved story that will be coming but Kepner wants $495,000 over a $554 per month lease. Oh, there was outrage!
Click here to watch the video of last night’s meeting (in three parts) and check back later today.


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      There is an important city council committee meeting tonight beginning at 6:00 pm. The livestream will be on the city’s YouTube channel (click here). 

***  Raymond Corll’s attorney filed the below petition and motions Friday in Lancaster County Court.



**   On a different and somewhat lighter note, the below is the third “Crime Watch” email from LNP in the last week that has advertising for the Marinaro Law Firm. If you recall, LNP sued Marinaro for payment and owner Mike Marinaro said in an email to this site that he was going to counter-sue (click here).
     As expected, it looks like they have worked out their differences. Marinaro told me over the phone they could afford to pay the bill but were not because of principle. I never doubted for a minute that they could pay because his firm has been expanding rapidly and I’ve seen him in court and he is an excellent attorney.
     And LNP would not want to lose a major advertiser and they most certainly would not want this from Marinaro’s email to be made public:
     “…that LNP made false, misleading statements, regarding circulation numbers of its newspaper and digital consumers.”
      Oh, my. Well played, Mr. Marinaro!


*    A commenter brought up that there is a “Salary Study” on tonight’s agenda for the city council committee meeting (link below). Several months ago, Council President James Reichenbach brought up clerk Bernie Harris’ salary from out of nowhere and said it was “low” compared to comparable cities and they were going to look into this further.
     If this is what they are talking about it is ridiculous. I don’t know what Harris makes but I will find out. Meantime, in the middle of a financial crisis there should not be raises for anyone!


     Former Lancaster city police Sgt. Ray Corll posted bail Tuesday, allowing him to be released from prison while his case is under appeal.
From the June 28, 2017 LNP article, “Former Lancaster city police Sgt. Ray Corll released on bail during appeals process,” (click here).     
     Corll has been free on bail for almost two years pending first his appeal to the Superior Court of PA which was denied and then his appeal to the Supreme Court of PA.  As reported here on Friday, the Supreme Court denied his appeal on May 30th.
     When will Corll be returned to prison to complete his 7-to-23 month sentence? I will make calls today.
     As to yesterday’s post regarding David Smucker, he is scheduled to have a status conference this Thursday at 9:00 am before President Judge Dennis Reinaker. A portion of a post from this site on April 2nd is below (the original is here):      Finally, there is a Lancaster City Council Committee Meeting tonight at 6:00 pm. The agenda is here and includes an update on the marijuana ordinance.
There will be much more on this coming later today.


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Posted on Facebook under the article, “Plain community abuse victims feel pressured to forgive,” (click here). 
What a shocking, horrific, eye-opening story. This must end and LNP and the DA and the Judges need to be held accountable (click here for “WHISPERING HOPE – 2”)!       


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     A retweet by LNP editor, the Caucus editor and a “partner in Spotlight PA,” Tom Murse yesterday is below. And you really think, Tom, that your partners in Spotlight PA are not going to find out how you have lied to and defrauded the people of Lancaster out of millions and millions of dollars? Simply unbelievable. He is an absolute disgrace to journalism.



     Former Lancaster Police Sgt. Raymond Corll’s appeal to the PA Supreme Court on his conviction has been denied (see below and click here for the full docket)! When will he return to jail to finish his sentence?
     Please check back later for this developing story.


**   The irony! The Lancaster City Alliance has a link to a nice Forbes article on Steve Murray of Zap & Co. (click here). So how could the tax base grow only 1.35% between 2006 and 2017?



*     The story is now online: “Lancaster seeks consultant to review operations, finances; calls for PA to modernize local gov’t rules,” (click here).       


     Today’s front page headline in LNP’s print edition (the story is not currently online and I will link when it is available).

     What a misleading headline! The city is not fiscally fit – that’s the whole point of all of this. And from the article there is this:
     In Lancaster, despite all the recent investment, the property tax base grew just 1.35% between 2006 and 2017.
     How is that possible? We know LNP’s for-profit Marriott Hotel was given a $10.3 million dollar tax break and Mayor Sorace and any city council members who voted for this should resign or be voted out of office. And the whole “arrangement” between Sorace and LNP should be investigated by the state attorney general’s office.
Please check back later today.


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*    I have to re-run this because it is so apropos today. On March 21, 2017, I ran the below photo with the headline, “IS THIS THE EXACT MOMENT WHEN SOMEONE ASKED FOR THEIR ETHICS CODE?” (click here for the original).


5-30-19 UPDATE

5-30-19 – UPDATE I am waiting for LNP to tell the public the city of Lancaster is in a financial crisis. LNP has been so busy over the last decade backing politicians who gave them millions of dollars for their convention center/Marriott Hotel and telling people how Lancaster is so much better in so many ways than Reading or York!
      And, of course, it’s not good for their tax-free Marriott Hotel business to have the city in financial distress. Will this slow down the convention business? And LNP has for years told the public that everything was great when they should have been holding these public officials accountable and warning the public that the spending was not sustainable.
     Now, it has all come to a head. When will LNP tell the public and how will they spin this? 


     When is LNP going to inform the public? There must be an awful lot of closed door meetings going on at 8 W. King Street today! This is absurd. Let the public know, LNP! It’s important news!
     This email in (thank you and I did confirm that the writer is a CPA):
Hi Becky
I am not sure how I found your site but I look almost every day for the next items of interest. I am a CPA and always laugh when governments get in financial trouble and mayor and Board who are supposed to propose fixes or cures go out for an RFP for someone to tell them what is wrong. Very seldom is it money well spent.
     There will be much more tomorrow.

—   Oh, and James Reichenbach and Mayor Sorace, you do not give a $10.3 million dollar tax break to LNP!
         Former Mayor Art Morris has taken down his website but you can still read his letter to (click here).

—  OMG! This post just went up on the city’s Facebook page. Talk about deflection! Skip over the financial crisis part of Mayor Sorace’s report at 41:00 and skip to 50:23! OMG!

—   From an LNP editorial on January 4, 2018 (click here):—   Listen up Mr. Reichenbach and Mayor Sorace – the city doesn’t give $3 million dollars to a company and then follow-up and give them a $1.5 million dollar loan when the company’s assets are a building in Reading valued at $89,000. Do you understand that concept, Mr. Reichenbach and Mayor Sorace? That’s not a good or wise business move!

**** Council President James Reichenbach spoke briefly after the mayor and thanked the mayor for her “leadership” and said, “we have played by every rule.” That’s a lie, Reichenbach!

***   LNP was there last night! That’s LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher sitting in the photo below with his computer taking notes. LNP must be trying to figure out how to put a good spin on this. After all, they’ve been telling Lancastrians everything is just wonderful for years while happily taking millions in public money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel!
     Again the link to the video is here and Mayor Sorace begins her report at 41:00 into the tape.

**   Act 47 is a state oversight program for “financially distressed” cities in Pennsylvania. The state tries to help cities turn around their finances and operations. The name comes from the Municipalities Financial Recovery Act (Act 47 of 1987).

*    Mayor Sorace told council that Lancaster is taking steps to enter the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development early intervention program. She said many see this as a precursor to Act 47. She said Lancaster is “no where near” Act 47.



      Mayor Sorace told city council tonight that the city is close to financial disaster and she loses sleep over the 2020-2021 budget (click here for the mayor’s report which is at the end of the meeting). This is extremely serious – and what is the city doing – putting out a RFP to hire a consultant!
Please check back later today for updates on this very serious developing story.


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      As of 3:35 pm today, tonight’s city council meeting at 7:30 pm is still on despite a tornado watch (click here). If anything changes I will let you know. If the city manages to livestream the meeting it will be on their YouTube channel here.
     Attorneys for PennLive and LNP responded to the county’s claim that releasing autopsy records would violate the Health Information and Accountability Act. One paragraph of their response is below and you can read the entire response here.
     Stay safe.

—   It doesn’t give me pleasure to print the below email. What it does show is the level of denial and the incredible brainwashing my parents did to my brothers and sisters. An email from a cousin and a comment from a childhood friend who wants attention have brought this back to the forefront (see Saturday’s post). Who has “mental issues?”
And I need to write about this and put it in a sensible format – either a website or a book. Very few people take incest seriously or want to talk about it or like my brothers and sisters simply can’t handle it and refuse to believe it. Remember David Smucker who is charged with 24 felony counts of child sexual abuse including against his own daughters who is in “Whispering Hope” instead of jail (click here)?
     So I am going to have to scale back on this site. Details will follow but for the rest of the day it is back to the news.


***   I told one of my sisters to take the e-mail from the front page of this paper (An Open Letter To Tom Holzinger) to any mental health professional and to also tell them that Tom molested his thirteen-year-old brother. “See what they say,” I said. I saw the look of fear pass through her eyes. She has never done it.

Hi Tom, 

     As you may recall, one of the issues that precipitated our divorce was the fact that you kept bringing guys to have sex in my bed when I wasn’’t there, and your insistence that you were going to have sex with your foster brother during his planned stay in our guestroom even though I was at home. It seemed to me that you crossed a certain line at that point.

Now another boundary has been breached.  For Easter I went to be with my mother in Pennsylvania for a week, and I naively thought it was very nice of you to offer to feed our cat Cloudy during my absence.  As you had once again lost my house key, I had another copy made and I gave you my trust.  I returned on Monday, and we had daily contact as we discussed Misha’’s current trip.  I had no reason to enter my guestroom until Friday, at which point I saw that the bed had been used.  When I asked you about this, you said that indeed you had been there with a friend because “there was physical desire, but that you saw no problem with that.

     Well, there are problems.  Firstly, there’s the question of common courtesy.  Why wouldn’t one ask permission before using someone else’s place, or at least mention it after the fact?  Why do I have to discoverthis stuff? Secondly, there’s the availability of thousands of places for couples to use in Montreal. Why this obsession with having gay sex in MY bed?  Have you not yet violated me thoroughly enough?  You are a sick man, Tom, and I hope that someday you get the psychiatric help you so desperately need. In the meantime, I need to rethink the influence and even role-model you are for our son, and how much overnighting he should actually be doing at your place. The fact that you hide your actions despite claiming that they are perfectly acceptable indicates a lack of judgment and serious moral confusion.

 For years I maintained discretion with a notion of protecting you, but you’’ve shown that you have no such scruples. Hence this is an open letter, to which anybody is welcome to respond.


**   Okay, Steven Markle, you pathetic, insane stalker. Enough is enough. You are a 44-year-old man who for seven years has sent in three comments a day (that aren’t published) saying I don’t live in Lancaster. News Flash – I know where I live!
      This comment is being sent to the East Lampeter Township Police Department and at the end of the month I will print out all of your filthy comments and mail them to your wife. Does Cheryl Markle know how obsessed you are with me?

*     “They have a pedophile calling a psychiatrist to say that my father couldn’’t have molested me!”
From “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” on the original LIP News website (click here).
      In case you missed it(!), the incest story came up before the holiday break. I’m going to come back to it briefly today – with some news.


     Once again the added burden with zero benefit for Lancaster businesses​. I know of two businesses who said screw this and moved their business out of town. It costs time and money to complete these forms and I can assure you they ARE PISSED knowing that they won’t see a dime.
     How can Tim [LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher] write this shit with a straight face?

Deana Zosky

     This comment came into this site several days ago with a link to the LNP article, “500+ city businesses must file CRIZ reports before June 15. Help is available,” (click here).

     The “help” comes from Deana Zosky, president of FourScore, a third-party consulting firm that assists with CRIZ compliance. According to LNP, Zosky has two colleagues who assist her.
     Zosky makes a very good living off the CRIZ and I will put in a Right to Know to see exactly how much money she receives.
      And speaking of the CRIZ, Randy Patterson is due to retire in June. Unfortunately, the LNP article about his retirement states this (click here):
     Patterson will remain part-time as a consultant, continuing his role as executive director the City Revitalization & Improvement Zone program, the mayor said.
     Why? And how much will he be paid as a “part-time” consultant? Once again, a Right to Know request will be required.
    And speaking of Patterson, city council meets tonight. Will the city manage to livestream it? Will they borrow Tony Dastra’s equipment again? They have had almost six months to get their act together. Can they handle it? If not, why should anyone trust that any of these city officials have a clue as to what they are doing?
     And the Steinman family, owners of LNP, are selling Conestoga House (click here). Why?
Please check back later today.


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      It’s been all over the news lately with the abortion bills that have been passed in two states that exclude rape and incest. And people read those words and hear them over and over again but don’t stop and think much about the incest. It is still taboo.
     And according to USA Today, abortions because of incest make up a very small fraction of all abortions – but they certainly exist (click here).
    But this whole long string of posts today began because someone who should know far better and wanted some attention used the word “lunacy.” If you have not read my main incest story – please do so (click here and follow the top story – “INCEST – A FAMILY TRAGEDY”). It tells the very simple story of a 54-year-old daughter of an anthropologist without a clue walking into a therapist’s office and learning the truth. It is important.
     LIP News will be on holiday break until Tuesday, May 28th when daily publishing will resume. Have a great holiday.


     Finally on Harper, he has posted the below several times. Now if you read my site, you know I really don’t like Stedman – the preferential treatment he gives to his cronies – the unsolved murders – always siding with the police – even in the murder of a homeless man for urinating in Binn’s Park and his recent failures to name officers who killed in the line of duty – and now everything with ADA Fetterman and civil forfeiture and the commissioners and…  But this by Harper is low.
      Harper goes on to state he is not revealing his “sources” and Stedman can sue him if it’s not true. Well, Stedman is a public figure and that is not as easy as it sounds and I’m not sure Stedman cares enough about Harper anymore to do anything about it except laugh.
      Is is sad to see how a once much believed and respected watchdog has fallen.


****  And there was this:
        And this. This is the most arrogant, egotistical and ridiculous thing I have read. OMG!

***  There was a post from this “late-life hippy” and vanner that I would assume and hope lost him all his black and brown “friends” (someone even tagged Blanding Watson of the NAACP in one of their posts):

      And I love this exchange under that same post. As always, Mr. Constitution and the free speech advocate cries “defamation:”


**   So what does all of this have to do with Harper? Well, besides thinking it was a smart idea to have my brother – who molested both his adopted brother at the age of 13 and his Vietnamese refugee brother my parents sponsored – write my therapist to say my father couldn’t have done this – my siblings went behind my back to everyone I knew and was friends with and that included among others Harper and a childhood friend.
      And that is a very long story that will be coming but it was brought to my attention that under one of Harper’s many, many Facebook posts begging for attention and for people to tell him how wonderful he is, she posted this:

and of course Harper loved it and put a big smiley face of approval.
     So I will come back to that “friend” later, but I decided to stick around and check out the man previously known as Ronald Harper and now Preston Harper’s Facebook page. Oy vey!

*     I will begin this ride with this portion of a recent email I received from a cousin I have not spoken to in years and years but her father was notorious in my family and I will leave it at that. But apparently my brothers and sisters tell people I have “mental issues” to explain away the whole incest story – but she found it on the internet: 
       You have spent your life speaking out in defense of yourself and the other victims. In both cases, this behavior is considered “having mental issues” by our immediate relatives. No one ever told me that your “mental issue” was child abuse and incest, like mine. Or you would have been one of the first, rather than one of the last I contacted.


      Pshhh you are the poser – where is your van?” – Preston Harper asked a “friend” on his Facebook page yesterday.
      Oh, my! It looks like we are going for a wild ride today. Yippee!
Please check back later today.


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     LNP continues their hard hitting journalism today with “Looking down at Lancaster. Photos from the top of a parking garage.” It consists of seven unremarkable photos.
     Meanwhile, I have to go to a friends Facebook page and see the below. When is the DA’s office going to release more information about the April 27th murder of Tony Torrellas? When is the media going to do their job and demand answers?
     There will be more tomorrow and then this site will go on holiday break until Tuesday, May 28th when daily publishing will resume.


     What is the big news in Lancaster County? The Fonz liked Shady Maple! Yeah!
Please check back later today.


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—  Thunderstorms are coming. Take care and be safe.  —

$400,000 CASH BAIL

*    District Judge Joshua R. Keller set David Ellerbee’s bail at $400,000 cash (see below and click here for the police press release on Ellerbee). So Davis’ bail is $2,000 and Ellerbee’s is $400,000? Why the huge disparity? Does anyone ever question these District Judges?


$2,000 BAIL?

     His bail is 10% of $20,000 or $2,000 (click here for the LNP article).  This is an outrage. Will anyone question District Judge Nancy Hamill? Who watches these District Judges?
Please check back later today.


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***  JoAnn Hentz just posted this on the Democratic Facebook page under the Greg Paulson post:


     Clarification/correction – the write-in votes have not yet been counted according to Voter Registration and the Board of Elections in a phone call this morning. Democratic Chair JoAnn Hentz just also confirmed that to me on the phone. She was not aware that it was posted on their Facebook page that Greg Paulson had gotten enough write-in votes to be on November’s ballot (which I reposted this morning). Again – they have not been counted. I apologize for the confusion.
     Hentz did indicate that committee people who were at the polls feel confident that he did get enough write-in votes – but again – it is not official and the write-in vote count will be posted by the county on Friday.


**   I first saw this story show up on Fox-43’s Facebook page yesterday. I knew this would be huge! They were followed shortly by ABC-27 and WGAL and then CBS-21 and finally, LNP!
      Does the cat have a collar or is it a marking on its coat? Does the cat have a tipped ear meaning it was trapped, neutered and released?
       Will there be a follow-up to this story?
      Could we pay this much attention to the people who were shot in Lancaster in the last month and arrest the shooters?


From today’s LNP editorial, “As thunderstorm season arrives, and our weather grows more severe, please take weather warnings seriously,” (click here).

*    The LNP editorial board does it again (see the May 20th post on this site).
      I bet in Berks and Dauphin Counties (insert whatever county you want here), neighbors don’t help neighbors! Those rascals! But when you cross that county line into Lancaster, you suddenly have unique and special values and jump right in to help your neighbors and volunteer! It’s a miracle!


      Wonderful news! Greg Paulson will be on November’s ballot for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas!
Please check back later today.


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     There have been four shootings in less than a month (click here for the LNP story shown at left). Tony Torrellas is dead. A second man was in critical condition the last we heard from the police. Five other people have been injured. No arrests have been made. Enough!
     Would someone demand answers from the Lancaster Police and District Attorney Craig Stedman? When is LNP going to do their job and hold them accountable and protect the public?


     Democrats: Write in “Greg Paulson” for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas when you vote today. He only needs 250 write-in votes to get on November’s ballot!

     District Attorney Craig Stedman is not fit to be a judge. Write in Greg Paulson.
The LNP article shown above is here and please check back later today.