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    Posted on April 29th, 2015 Becky 27 comments


    **     LNP will be delving into the study, as well as getting reaction from city officials and other stakeholders as they get a chance to read it.
    LNP reporter Dan Nephin in today’s, “Read the Lancaster city walkability study.” (click here).
         That load of BS is just too much for me today. “Delving into the study?” Please! Hasn’t the study been available to you to “delve” into for several months now, Dan? Whatever your LNP bosses want, Dan, is what Lancaster will get led by their puppet cheerleader, Mayor Dick and his mindless, rubber-stamp city council.
         You can put that in the pocket of your utilikilt and take it to the bank, Dan!


    * According to the Daily Mail and numerous other entertainment sources, Swift was at her Los Angeles home last night having a cookout (click here).


         I do commend Nephin for some better than usual lapdog journalism. And maybe the mayor’s smugness in the article will come back to bite him in his ample butt.
    Part of a comment into this site about LNP reporter Dan Nephin and his article, “Lancaster drops emergency power gun sale ban,” (click here). The full comment is under the story immediately below.
         What Nephin wrote is not even reporting – it is ad copy and kissing the mayor in his ample butt. It is literally disgusting and full of half-truths, unchecked “facts,” insults, errors and lies.
         Nephin says this at the end:
         The city, citing exemptions in the state’s right to know law, refused to give names, but gave Prince other information, including the letter from the insurance carrier.
         As reported here yesterday morning (see the story immediately below), the Office of Open Records determined the same exemption Lancaster is trying to use is not valid in Harrisburg and when Prince appeals Lancaster’s refusal, they will also have to give the names. Nephin is three days behind and this is not journalism!
         I will come back to his pandering and ridiculous article later, but Nephin apparently did learn something important at the city council meeting last  night from someone in the “know.” Yes, one of the three major stories on Lancaster Online yesterday and today is this by LNP cat and dog reporter Tom Knapp (click here):   Taylor Swift1           And Nephin posted this on Knapp’s Facebook page this morning:

    geek out     Yes, LNP and Knapp are three days behind on the Swift one’s schedule! Sorry folks, you missed your chance to stalk, “geek out” and hobnob with a celebrity!
         And speaking of celebrities, this brings me back to Nephin who infamously is wearing a kilt in his Facebook profile picture: What the hell do you have on? Nephin, a long distance runner, posted this picture on his page after winning a race. Is Nephin transitioning? Is he just “geeking out?” Could someone tell me what the hell he has on? Hmmm…

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 28th, 2015 Becky 28 comments

     * *    I spoke with Howard Sheppard who wrote the Fox 43 article at about 3:30 pm today by phone. He could not confirm that the mugshot of Wiilie Morant they are running on their site was taken yesterday.  He said, “That’s the picture they sent us.” Morant has been arrested numerous times.
          I put in a Right-to-Know request with the county for yesterday’s mugshot and have not received it. I spoke to Tammy Moyer, the Director of Administrative Services at the Prison, early this morning and she told me to call or email Tammy Bender, the Open Records officer for the county, to request it. She said that would be the equivalent of a Right-to-Know request.
         I left a voice mail and also emailed Bender but have not had a response. Moyer, from the prison, also said she was going to immediately email the mugshot to Bender so she could in turn email it to me upon receiving my request.
         I will continue to follow-up until it is received.     

     Fox 43 states this is Willie Morant’s mugshot – click here and thank you to a commenter. You would not believe what I have been going through trying to get it!


     *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    NRA lawsuit4

    Suzanne Cassidy     Click here for the article and documents on attorney Joshua Prince’s blog. LNP has never reported on the documents Prince received from Lancaster in his Right-to-Know request regarding their legal defense fund for the NRA lawsuit. Nope. Not a word! How’s that for transparency and keeping the public informed, Suzanne Cassidy (pictured left)?
         But it looks like Lancaster is going to have to remove their redactions of the names and address as in the below beginning of their supposed record of Lancaster’s “Online Contributions” to the fund. Prince has also appealed Lancaster’s redactions. And Suzanne Cassidy and the rest of the LNP “editorial board” should be pushing and demanding Mayor Gray release the information according to their own words – click here for “WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY, DEMOCRACY DOESN’T WORK!”
    defense fund4
         When the “opinion editor,” Cassidy, flat-out lies and withholds vital information like this, should you believe another word that she writes? There will be more on this later today and where is Willie Morant’s mugshot (see the story immediately below)? I will be calling the prison this morning. This is ridiculous. Will this require a Right-to-Know request? What is going on? And where’s that all important “transparency,” LNP, so democracy can work?
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on April 27th, 2015 Becky 45 comments


             I am waiting, as is everyone, for Willie Morant’s mugshot from the prison. This has been a shocking day and I guess the hardworking LNP reporters expected to be spoon fed the news from the police and the courts as they usually are. Morant was arraigned early this morning – at 8:30 am according to his docket – and it obviously caught these dogged reporters off-guard. It also seems as if his mugshot should have been released by now.
         I am surprised by the charges – I expected more. I am also surprised by the bail amount – I expected more. What is going on? Are we going to see the videos from the cruiser’s dash cams of the chase? If not, why not?
         What do Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler have to say about this? How much will this cost the taxpayers? Could anyone at LNP ask some questions?  And I’ll come to DA Stedman tomorrow. 

    *** 2:00 pm – Morant is now listed as being in the Lancaster County Prison. His inmate number is 15-1749. 

    ** As of 12:30 pm today, LNP updated their story to say “No charges yet,” (click here). What part of the below docket do they fail to understand? This is unbelievable!  


    * Willie James Morant, Jr. was arraigned this morning by District Judge David E. Brian and is being held on $100,000 cash bail. According to his docket, he is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of reckless endangerment and fleeing police and several driving offenses. His preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for May 8th. The charges are as follows:

    # Charge                Grade    Description       Offense Dt.

    1 18 § 2702 §§ A6     F2 Aggravated Assault 04/26/2015

    2 18 § 2702 §§ A6     F2 Aggravated Assault 04/26/2015

    3 18 § 2705               M2 Recklessly Endangering Another Person 04/26/2015

    4 75 § 3733 §§ A       M2 Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Officer 04/26/2015

    5 75 § 1543 §§ A       S Driv While Oper Priv Susp Or Revoked 04/26/2015

    6 75 § 3714 §§ A       S Careless Driving 04/26/2015

    7 75 § 3736 §§ A       S Reckless Driving 04/26/2015


         Lawrence [State Trooper Ryan Lawrence] said the engines of three other police vehicles were blown during the pursuit.
    From the LNP article by Jennifer Todd, “Police fire multiple shots at suspect during police pursuit on Route 222,” (click here).
          Those are three Lancaster City Polices cruisers as reported here yesterday morning at 8:35 am, reporter Todd! And the girlfriend who called the police and said Willie Morant took her car without permission – her car is totaled.
    Mayor Gray, your police are totally, absolutely out of control and rogue. You need to clean house and you need to do it today! Nothing justifies the actions of your police officers yesterday. Absolutely nothing.

     Please see yesterday’s events immediately below and check back later today.


    Posted on April 26th, 2015 Becky 20 comments


     *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    ** Morant was scheduled to plead guilty to two counts of theft by deception and two counts of conspiracy to commit theft by deception on April 28th before Judge Margaret Miller. His docket indicates he is free on $10,000 unsecured bail and is represented by attorney Roger Renteria.

    *    This is unbelievable. LNP is not even trying to cover news anymore. They have prom pictures and multiple stories on Nepal as their leads! This was a high speed, 45 minute, heart-stopping chase that endangered multiple drivers and did severe damage to three Lancaster City Police cruisers!
         The police knew exactly who they were chasing from the very start – Wiilie James Morant, Jr., who has/had an open domestic bench warrant. He also has a large number of criminal dockets with at least three that are listed as “active,” and I am going through those. But was this chase justified? Who authorized it?
         How much will it cost to repair or replace three cruisers?  WGAL is reporting that two State Police cruisers were also heavily damaged. And the woman who initially called and said he took her car without permission this morning apparently now has a very heavily damaged vehicle as well. Who authorized this chase?

    2:00 pm – Willie James Morant, Jr., 44, was arrested this morning by the Pennsylvania State Police following the high speed chase on Route 222. His name was just confirmed to me by the woman answering the phone at the Lancaster Barracks.

    ** Lancaster police and state police were involved. Three police cruisers were disabled during the pursuit.
    From PennLive’s updated report (click here).

    * WGAL has the story up – “Police pursuit through Lancaster City and beyond,” click here.  It is believed the perpetrator is Willie Morant; awaiting state police confirmation of the name of the suspect in their custody.


         The Lancaster City Police Department is down three cruisers after a high speed chase up and down Route 222 early this morning at speeds of 100 miles per hour.  The perpetrator was captured and is in state police custody. He apparently has a domestic warrant and took his girlfriend’s car without permission this morning. The chase started in Lancaster and went past the Denver exit – with the perpetrator crossing the median and going north and south multiple times. Apparently the three cruisers have blown engines. The three officers are waiting to be picked up by a fourth officer on her way up 222 to just north of the Denver exit at 8:35 am this morning.


    Freddie Gray       As it stands, there is a blunt truth to the recent statement from Gray’s family attorney, renowned Baltimore litigator William Murphy, Jr: “The lesson here was that he should have run, and he didn’t run fast enough.”
    From the New York Daily News, “Black, white, blue and Freddie Gray: Urgent lessons about race and policing from Baltimore,” (click here).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 24th, 2015 Becky 13 comments


                    Pannone          Webber

    Officers Erik Pannone (left) and Adam Webber (photos from social media). 

    * UPDATED 4-25-15 –   Both Luis & Mark Cepeda pleaded guilty in a negotiated plea deal on July 31, 2013 to one summary charge of Disorderly Conduct – Unreasonable Noise each before Judge Jeffrey Wright.   The other charges were all nolle prossed by the prosecution and the noise charge was changed from a misdemeanor to the summary charge. Their cases went through numerous judges for continuances for over a year and they were ready to go to trial – but were then offered the plea.
         A summary offense is like a ticket – you are mailed a summons and pay a fine unless you fight it at the District Justice level. Summary offenses do not go beyond the District Justice level.
         So the “prosecution” of these two has already cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Their lawsuit may add another huge amount to that total. 


    [Editor’s note: Both police officers last names apparently are spelled incorrectly in the lawsuit. The docket for Mark Cepeda shown below also spells officer Adam Webber as “Weber.” His Linkedin profile indicates it is actually spelled with a double “b” – Webber. Erik Pannone is spelled with the initial double “n” on Luis Cepeda’s docket and that spelling is apparently correct according to a post on the City Police Facebook page.
         This brings up a larger, very important issue – every police officer’s name and badge number should be listed on the Lancaster City Police website. There is currently no way to officially look up who is a city police officer, not to mention finding the correct spelling of their names.]
         On May 17th, 2012, criminal charges were filed against Mark and Luis Cepeda as shown below resulting from an incident at Luis Cepeda’s home on May 10th. The incident has also resulted in a federal lawsuit against the City of Lancaster and Officers Adam Webber and Erik Pannone. The “Factual Allegations” portion of the suit is also published below.
         The outcome of the criminal charges lodged against the Cepedas and their prior criminal histories will come tomorrow. Their case is currently scheduled to go to trial in October in the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia.





    Posted on April 24th, 2015 Becky 6 comments


         These enterprising and hardworking reporters and editors at LNP managed to find a federal lawsuit filed against Coroner Stephen Diamantoni’s medical practice that was settled against him (click here). It even made the front page of today’s print edition. But for some strange reason, they apparently can’t find all the federal lawsuits filed against the Lancaster Police Department and individual officers in the last several years. And unlike Diamantoni’s, the settlements in these are coming from taxpayer dollars.
        Yesterday, as I made a list of the numerous suits to track, I found yet another one: Luis Cepeda and Mark Cepeda vs. Lancaster City, Officer Eric Panone and Officer Adam Weber et al.
         It was filed in the Eastern District Court on April 28th of 2014 and is currently scheduled to go to trial in the Philadelphia Federal Courthouse in October of this year.
         The allegations made in the lawsuit are absolutely horrific.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 23rd, 2015 Becky 10 comments



         These comments in from Cheryl Markle and Steve Markle in the last two days. I apologize for the language. This has been going on daily for two years with well over 1,000 comments received. And this is only the tip of the iceberg of what these stalkers do on the internet that relates to me. So I’m posting this on the home page one more time to make absolutely sure they see it. 😉 It’s also a permanent tab at the top of this site.


         The “Stalker Warning” site set up by another of their victims is here.


    Posted on April 21st, 2015 Becky 20 comments


         The $18,000 allegedly collected by the “Common Sense Legal Defense Fund” has been spent. According to the documents received by attorney Joshua Prince in his Right-to-Know request to the City of Lancaster, the city solicitor’s law firm, Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort  & Albert billed the city $8,068 for January and $5,368 for February.
         The request does not include March and April, when they filed two motions with the court – Preliminary Objections and then a detailed, complex 38 page Brief in support of those objections.
         Below is the first page of the April 2nd, 38 page brief.  Please note the opening paragraph which ends with this sentence: “Since the adoption of the ordinance, no circumstances have arisen requiring that the ordinance be enforced.”
         So, is all of this about “safety” or is it really just a chance for Mayor Gray to make headlines on a national stage and pretend that he’s doing something about the violence and unsolved crimes in Lancaster? The answer is resoundingly clear.

    ** And how could I forget – this LNP article is not included either – “Lancaster city won’t turn over NRA legal defense fund names; will give other info,” (click here). This, of course, is after LNP ran two editorials about the Right-to-Know and revealing people’s names and addresses (click here for ” ‘WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY, DEMOCRACY DOESN’T WORK.’ “

      * UPDATED 4-22-15 – Notice under the “News” section of the “new and improved” website, they have five articles/editorials from LNP. Five. Strangely missing is this one, “Lancaster City’s insurance will cover most NRA suit defense costs,” (click here). What happened with that, Mayor Gray? Attorney Joshua Prince says it is not true (click here).

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         This is unbelievable! Knowing attorney Joshua Prince was going to release the results of his Right-to-Know request regarding the NRA lawsuit, Mayor Gray has now expanded the website for the “Common Sense Legal Defense Fund” (click here).  I will put in a Right-to-Know request with the city tomorrow to find out how much they have paid the “Industrial Revolution” to create and revise this website.
         Not one single person has been charged under this ordinance in the five years it has been on the books! You are a liar, Mayor Gray!
    Please check back for much more on this and see the post immediately below.

    defense fund2

    defense fund 3



    Posted on April 21st, 2015 Becky 16 comments

     * Working on reading through some of the documents Prince has on his blog this afternoon! Wow!


    *** Screen shot from Prince’s blog (see the link below):

    NRA Lawsuit3

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    *     Attorney Joshua Prince has the results of his Right-to-Know request to the City of Lancaster regarding the NRA lawsuit posted on his blog – click here.NRA lawsuit2


    lausell1                       Sean Adams
         Lausell struggled with police for two to three minutes before McCormick [Officer Christopher McCormick] used his Taser on her several times, Heim [Police Sgt. Richard Heim] said.
    From LNP’s, “Police use stun gun on woman,” (click here).
        Noemi I. Lausell’s mugshot is above. 
         He refused officers’ commands and pushed Officer Chris McCormick, according to the affidavit.
         At that point, another officer deployed a Taser on Adams, city Police Lt. Todd Umstead said.
         Adams told police he was punched in the face by someone at the bar, but declined to provide specifics, Umstead said.
    From the LNP story, “Police use Taser on violent drinker who fought with patrons at downtown Marriott,” (click here).
        Sean Adams’ mugshot is above. He is from Farmington, New York. Those injuries are more than one punch to the face. Who was the other unnamed officer and how did Adams get all those injuries?
          Officer Christopher McCormick has been involved in a number of violent arrests where police state the force he used was necessary. Was it?
    Please see the lawsuit immediately below on this site and check back later today.


    Posted on April 20th, 2015 Becky 16 comments


          On October 30th, 2014, Michael McKinney filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the City of Lancaster and Police Officers Christopher McCormick and Anthony Weaver for violation of his civil rights.
          McKinney, according to his docket, was charged on November 20th, 2012 with the below two crimes by Officer Christopher McCormick resulting from his actions 20 days earlier on November 1st as described in the below lawsuit.


    Weaver & McCormich   Geckle

    Officers Anthony Weaver (left)            Attorney Patrick Geckle
    and Christopher McCormick

          McKinney is represented by attorney Patrick Geckle who states on his website that his firm is “dedicated to representing victims of police misconduct and brutality” (click here). What happened with the charges and does either of these two officers have a history of the use of force? That will come tomorrow.
         The below is taken directly from the lawsuit. Paragraph 14 is duplicated here again and for the following two paragraphs where McKinney tries to file a complaint against the two officers and alleges the charges were filed as retribution for doing so – see the post two stories down on this site. What are the stated complaint procedures in Lancaster? Click here to read them on the police website.McKinney1Mckinney2Mckinney3Mckinney4



    Posted on April 20th, 2015 Becky 12 comments


              Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray called the incident “unfortunate” and said he has lived in that area of the city for 42 years and isn’t concerned
          “The chances of something like this happening are rare,” Gray said. “I think it’s sad to make an association based on an isolated incident.”
    From the LNP story by Jennifer Todd, “Woman “shaken” after BB hits window while driving in Lancaster city,” (click here). 

         Did you think to ask him, “reporter” Todd, about the 10 shootings in March? Did you ask him how many of the shooters have been arrested? Your neighbor was mugged and badly beaten less than two years ago, Mayor Gray. Remember that (click here for “MAYOR GRAY: A TERRIBLE NEIGHBOR! – 3″)?
         I received the following in an email yesterday:
         I had an opportunity to interact with some of Lancaster youth (early to mid 20’s) yesterday.  The Lancaster Police Department is now considered to be just another violent street gang here in Lancaster. 
         Your police are not solving any crimes. Your police are violating citizen’s rights on a daily basis. Your alleged wife-beating police chief (stated by his ex-wife in book form) is an ineffective, crude, nasty person who is seemingly unaware that he is at least part African-American.
         And city council members: You better get your heads out of your butts and do something about these incompetent, abusive police. Hiding behind a gun ordinance that has not been enforced once in the five years it has been on the books is pathetic and ridiculous. Do something or resign! Hold Mayor Gray and the police accountable.
         Mayor Gray, you are not only a terrible neighbor and mayor, you are a terrible human being to allow this to go on. Period.
    Please see the Federal lawsuit immediately below and check back later today.
    [Editor’s note: I have not forgotten the LNP Media Group’s part in all of this. Turning a blind eye as young people are being shot, killed and maimed and the police do nothing to stop it. Every citizen’s life is threatened as a result – just like the woman and her child in the article. And it’s all because of their hotel/convention center and wanting to take even more of the taxpayer’s money through the CRIZ program established by Mayor Gray and Senator Smucker exactly to give racist LNP that money. Executive Editor, Barbara Hough Roda, you need to resign – today!]

    Posted on April 19th, 2015 Becky 3 comments


         I had something entirely different planned for today, but then I found yet another lawsuit. They just keep coming. This is from a Federal lawsuit filed by Michael McKinney v. Officers Christopher McCormick, Anthony Weaver and the City of Lancaster for violation of his Civil Rights (click here). It was filed on October 30, 2014 and is currently scheduled for a Settlement Conference with the Judge on May 28th. Why isn’t LNP reporting on any of these lawsuits? Why? This is just outrageous and unbelievable behavior by the Lancaster Police. Among his injuries, McKinney states the police officers broke his sternum.



    Posted on April 19th, 2015 Becky 10 comments


    gil smart3                                   gil smart2

           Yes, today is Gil Smart’s last day as an LNP columnist – click here for, “Goodbye, farewell and amen (but check the blog, willya?).” No, I will not check your blog, thank you!
    Back to the LNP “Editorial Board” later today.


    Posted on April 18th, 2015 Becky 7 comments

     * According to this poster on Lancaster Online’s website, Tom Knapp has been caught napping again – and why is this even a story (click here)?:
         There should be no disagreement about the castle’s origin. The former (and original) park owners stated clearly that it was never part of the park when they owned it (from 1963-2001).
          The writer is correct in saying it’s hard to assign a price to it – it’s worth what someone will pay for it.
         But if it’s value was inflated by a fabricated history on the family’s part, and poor reporting on LNP’s part, then I would be upset if I were the winning bidder. I hope he’s aware that what he purchased is only 12 years old and is made of coated styrofoam.

          Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. But someone ought to report the facts…

         LNP really, really needs to rein this guy in! He is a loose cannon. Over on LOL’s Facebook page, Knapp is really losing it under his dog flu story with totally bizarre posts and photos! Whoa!


         This is the LNP “Editorial Board.” They met with Rep. Joe Pitts yesterday. Do you know who these people are? Do you care? Do you trust them?
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on April 17th, 2015 Becky 5 comments

     * Taking a break this afternoon. Back tomorrow.


     rickspin    One person with the ability to get his party to focus on the issue, Gray told the LNP Editorial Board on Thursday, is Lancaster’s own state Rep. Mike Sturla, who chairs the state House Democratic Policy Committee.
         We agree with Gray: Sturla needs to move his party to action on municipal pension reform.
    From today’s LNP editorial, “A call to Democratic lawmakers: Help cities out of pension mess,” (click here).
         You better watch out Mike Sturla: If you don’t do what LNP wants they’ll stop protecting you and publish all of your bizarre behavior and all of your son’s arrests! 
         So did the bow tie Dickster waddle down to the LNP offices and meet with the “Editorial Board” in person?  Of course they agree with Gray! They tell their puppet what to do!
         What else did they discuss? Crime? Police Chief Keith Sadler? Unsolved shootings? The coalition “safety” cameras? The NRA lawsuit and how much the city has spent on its defense? The EPA and how much the city has paid the law firm charging $550 an hour? Roof gardens? The walkability study? Road conditions in the city? Gail Gray’s artwork? The CRIZ and how LNP wants millions more of the public’s money? Rooftop bars?
         The possibilities are endless! Oh, my!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on April 16th, 2015 Becky 5 comments

    * I am getting very negative feedback about these “trunk scanners” (see below). Please do not buy one without more information.


    Good Afternoon.
           There have been no arrests made.   We do not have any suspects or further leads at this time, and we did not receive any tips or information following the story.
    Thank you,
    Lieutenant Robin Weaver
    Administration/Public Information Officer
    East Lampeter Township Police Dept.
    2250 Old Philadelphia Pike
    Lancaster, PA 17602
    Office# (717) 291-4676 Ext 3118
          This email in today from Lt. Robin Weaver in response to my email of this morning which asked:
          Have any individuals been charged in the incidents on March 22 and 26 and reported by the Lancaster Newspapers in their April 2 story, “Racial incidents in East Lampeter Township shake African-American family?”
          LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer reported this description in that article (click here):
         Wood said two young men were driving in an older model, black Ford F-150 pickup. She said one of the young men had short, spiky strawberry blond or red hair. The other had brown hair. Both appeared to be between 17 and 20 years old.
          How hard can it be to find these two? If you have any information, please contact Weaver at the above phone number.
           This was posted on the Lancaster City Police Facebook page today (click here):
    Many cities, counties and even entire states in the U.S. and Canada use “trunking” radio systems for public safety communications . Trunking allows agencies to provide dozens or even hundreds of groups of users to share a small number of computer-controlled radio frequencies. This is what we started using on Monday. You can do a web search of “trunking scanners” to find a model that will work in this area. Be prepared….they are pretty pricey.

          Well, I need to google and I’ve run out of time today but there will be more on this at a later date. Is it my imagination or do the police seem pleased that they are “pretty pricey?”
          This is posted on the Lancaster City website under the CRIZ Authority page (click here):
         *The April 28 CRIZ Authority Board meeting has been cancelled.  The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for May 26, at 4:00 pm in the City Commission Meeting Room, City Hall.
          Please put the May 26th date on your calendar and I will find out as soon as possible if the PSP Partners (LNP Media Group and High Industries) have put in a CRIZ application.
          And speaking of City Hall and the poor excuse for a Mayor who “works” there, LNP has already moved the three paragraph story, “State honors Gray and Inter-Municipal Committee for excellence ” off their home page (click here). I have never heard of the “Inter-Municipal Committee” but this apparently is their severely lacking and ugly website (click here).
          And the article did not go over well on LOL’s Facebook page! The comments under it are republished below. (I was not aware of Whoopi Goldberg’s lack of eyebrows but a quick google search certainly revealed that she does have extremely minimalist eyebrows. Who knew and what happened to them?)



    Posted on April 16th, 2015 Becky 7 comments


    dog driving1

    dog driving2     Yes, yesterday evening LNP police reporter Jennifer Todd suggested that a dog may have been driving the SUV! Who knew? The story has now been wisely revised and sadly, there is no mention of the dog! Click here for “Man with gunshot wound drove himself to fire scene.”


          This appeared in yesterday’s print edition and it’s also online under the story, “Stalker gets 18 months for terrorizing family with fire, slashing tires, pouring sugar in gas tanks,” (click here). Why aren’t you identifying them, LNP? Shouldn’t you tell us why?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 15th, 2015 Becky 10 comments



         Someone from the Lancaster City Police Department posted this update on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under this morning’s stabbing story hours ago and LNP has not even updated the story on their website (click here). Unbelievable! What do these reporters and editors do all day besides tweeting about journalism? They should practice what they tweet and do some damn work!
         And this has to be the world’s stupidest headline ever:



    Goldberg1                           Joseph McMahon

            Alan Goldberg                                        Joseph McMahon
         Jose Rentas has hired attorney Alan Goldberg of the law firm Goldberg & Beyer to defend him according to his docket.  Elaine Key has hired Joseph McMahon of the McMahon & Winters Law Firm. Samoad Key’s docket does not indicate his representation at this time.
           All three face multiple serious charges in connection with the accidental Easter Sunday shooting of Rentas’ 9-year-old son in Lancaster (click here for ‘ABSOLUTE OVERKILL”).  Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for May 14th at 3:00 pm before District Judge Janice Jimenez.
         Goldberg is one of Lancaster’s best defense attorneys. We will see if any of the duplicate and far-fetched charges are withdrawn at the preliminary hearing stage. These defendants are facing the fight of their lives – literally.


    vodka theft

         The East Lampeter Township Police are looking for this woman who allegedly stole a bottle of vodka (click here). But have they found and charged the two men involved in the shocking racial incidents from several weeks ago (click here)? Have they put out the men’s descriptions asking for the public’s help to identify them? What have they done to bring these men to justice? And where is your follow-up, LNP?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 14th, 2015 Becky 13 comments


    Geiman10                               Madenspacher

         John F. Geiman                                     Judge Madenspacher  

    LANCASTER: Damian Ruiz, 33, of the 300 block of East Filbert Street, was charged after he was found to be in possession of a stolen firearm, a .22-caliber Smith and Wesson Walther, during a traffic stop on Thursday in the 300 block of West King Street. Ruiz had a fully loaded magazine in a jacket pocket, He was sent to Lancaster County Prison on $50,000 bail.
    From the Police Log on October 21, 2011 (click here).
         Yes, the year 2011 is correct. Why do I bring this up? Because it is the subject of a Federal lawsuit filed in the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court by Damian Ruiz on January 7th of this year for violation of his Civil Rights by five Lancaster City Police Officers (click here).
         And it also involves Judge Joseph Madenspacher who had a key decision reversed by the Superior Court on September 16, 2013 and they granted Ruiz a new trial.
         On February 13th of 2014, DA Craig Stedman entered a nolle prosequi in Ruiz’s case. Ruiz spent 27 months in prison.
         There will be more on this lawsuit later. Some days you go looking for one thing and you happen to find another. And so it is with this lawsuit. None of this, except for the police log entry from 2011, has ever been reported by the Lancaster Newspapers.
         But LNP reporter Brett Hambright did “report” on John Geiman’s sentencing today by Judge Madenspacher and stated this (click here for “Stalker gets 18 months for terrorizing family with fire, slashing tires, pouring sugar in gas tanks”):
         After hearing details of the case, County Judge Joseph Madenspacher said he could have sentenced Geiman to much more, but accepted the agreement to spare the victims of further court precedings [sic].
         “This is about as horrible a set of facts I’ve ever seen,” he told Geiman. “Kind of like one of those made-for-TV horror movies.”
         Madenspacher said he could have ordered a 10-to-20-year prison term and appeals courts “wouldn’t bat an eyelash.”
         “You are incredibly lucky,” the judge said, “this is the sentence you are getting.”
         So, why don’t you explain to us, Judge Madenspacher, why he was so “incredibly lucky?” You’re the one who gave him the “incredible luck!” Why? Ruiz didn’t get any “incredible luck” from you! Who gets “incredibly lucky” in your courtroom and who doesn’t? Is this Las Vegas?
         I am so disturbed by all of this that I will come back to it tomorrow. The entire justice system in Lancaster is totally corrupt, racist and out of control.    


          Defense attorney Cory Miller said he will be seeking a boot-camp sentence after a background check is completed.
    From the LNP article, “Driver admits to hit-and-run crash that killed pedestrian; faces 3 years in prison,” (click here). 
    Chuck     Brandon Bleecher, 23, struck and killed Charles (Chuck) Leayman (pictured left) and then drove away on January 18th of this year (click here). Bleecher was charged in two previous hit and run accidents. Boot camp should not be an option for Bleecher, whose father or step-father, Douglas Michael Bleecher, is one of the inventors of “NeverWet” for the Ross Technology Corporation in Leola.
         He is scheduled to be sentenced before Judge Dennis Reinaker on May 8th at 1:30 pm in Courtroom #8. Please mark your calendar to attend and also write Judge Reinaker and tell him that boot camp is an unacceptable sentence for Bleecher:
         Judge Dennis E. Reinaker
         Lancaster County Courthouse
         50 N. Duke Street
         P.O. Box 83480
         Lancaster, PA 17608 
    Geiman10— John Geiman is scheduled to plead guilty to multiple counts of stalking and arson this morning at 9:00 am before Judge Joseph Madenspacher. Click here for “FOLKS WE HAVE AN HONEST TO GOODNESS AMISH MAFIA AFFAIR!” and please check back later today.


    Posted on April 13th, 2015 Becky 12 comments


         There are three blatant, recent criminal cases where explicit preferential treatment was given by the DA and Judges because of political connections – and LNP purposely and knowingly covered them up and flat-out lied to the public: 

    1. G. Scott Davis, Representative Bryan Cutler’s step brother-in-law. 

    2. Devin Gardill and Luke Karpathios who were sentenced to six months in boot camp for a violent home invasion for drugs. Gardill is the son of a West Hempfield Police Officer and Karpathios is the son of a prominent Lancaster businessman. 

    3. Katie West who drove high on heroin and was involved in an accident that killed her husband and one of her children who were in the car. She was not charged and the DA and police tried to blame and convict a recent immigrant truck driver whom she hit. She is the sister of County Commissioner Scott Martin. 

         I will come back to each one of these in detail – but Representative Bryan Cutler should be outraged by all these cases as well and urging for the dismissal of the public officials involved in them.  



         “If people do not trust that the process is fair, they will always question the results,” Cutler said. “The residents of the Commonwealth deserve to be able to trust their public officials, and when that trust is destroyed, the official must be dismissed.”
    From Representative Bryan Cutler’s website post calling for the impeachment of District Judge Kelly Ballentine (click here).
    Stedman1     I certainly hope Cutler is also calling for the dismissal of DA Craig Stedman, because he obstructed justice and gave outrageous preferential treatment to Cutler’s step brother-in-law, G. Scott Davis. What a hypocrite!
         See “ABSOLUTE OVERKILL” two posts down on this site for G. Scott Davis’ charges and treatment compared to the participants in the Easter shooting tragedy of a child in Lancaster.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 12th, 2015 Becky 10 comments


    Robin Weaver

          Still, the principles Stevens pursued, of standing up for those suffering discrimination and poverty, were enshrined in the 14th Amendment’s call for “equal protection of the laws.”
         While our nation still does not deliver on the equality for all that Stevens sought, the words he had added to the Constitution give the standard he pursued both the force of law and the ability to inspire us to finish the job he began.
         Let us do so with the energy and passion Thaddeus Stevens brought to the task.
    From today’s LNP Sunday editorial, “Let us meet the standard Stevens set on equality,” (click here).
         This is the second editorial in a row in the Sunday News regarding hatred, discrimination and racism. Last week’s was about the horrific story of Yvette Wood, “In increasingly diverse Lancaster County, racism cannot be allowed to reside here,” (click here).
         If the LNP editorial board means one word of what they write, they should follow-up with the East Lampeter Township Police to see if these two men have been found and charged. And if they have not, they should ask police Lt. Robin Weaver why not. And they should call him everyday and ask why not until these men have been found and charged. Period.
         Where is your follow-up, LNP?

    Posted on April 10th, 2015 Becky 29 comments
    *    This story is getting more and more bizarre. Samoad Key received the highest bail amount this morning at their preliminary arraignments – $100,000 cash. According to the prison website, he is an inmate in Lancaster County Prison.
         Jose Rentas’ bail was set at 10 percent of $50,000. LNP is currently reporting $50,000 without the percentage and saying he was committed to prison. That is not correct. His docket indicates the 10% and I called District Judge Janice Jimenez’s office late this afternoon to confirm. An assistant stated his bail is $5,000 and it has been satisfied by a bail bondsman and he is free.
         Elaine Key, who by the police account, actually pulled the trigger is free on $50,000 unsecured bail.
         Why did Samoad Key receive a far higher bail amount that the other two? And with his exception, the bail amounts for the others are low considering the number of felonies they are charged with. There will be more tomorrow.
         As a follow-up to attorney Thomas B. Sponaugle, who is running to be a Lancaster County Judge, and his summary trial yesterday afternoon for a speeding ticket, see a portion of his updated docket below (see the post two stories down on this site for more information).
         The charge was decreased from speeding in excess of 15 MPH over the limit to speeding in excess of 5 MPH and he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge and received the accompanying fine. The attorney listed on his docket is with the York law firm where Sponaugle is employed. It is not known if the attorney was present.
    Have a safe and fun Friday night and please check back tomorrow.


         Two children were accidentally shot in Lancaster County. One, Kestyn Davis, is dead. The other, Logan Rentas, remains in critical condition.
         The names, pictures and charges of those involved in each shooting are printed below.
         Click here for LNP’s, “Father, sister among those charged in Easter Sunday shooting of 9-year-old city boy.”
         The paragraphs regarding G. Scott Davis are from Monday’s print edition and were included in LNP’s reporting of this Easter Sunday tragedy. Those paragraphs are no longer available online.
    Please check back later today.  



    Ealine Key1Elaine Key

    Samoad Key1Samoad Key


                                            G. Scott DavisG. Scott Davis Davis3



    Posted on April 9th, 2015 Becky 17 comments
    **** Two additional people have been charged with multiple felonies related to the Sunday shooting of a 9-year-old boy outside of his home at 627 E. Madison Street. It is not believed these two are in police custody at this time:
    — Samoad Anyea Key
    — Elaine Key
    [In my last post I said “shooting death.” I apologize. The lastest information available on 9-year-old Logan is that he is in critical condition and the post has been changed to reflect that.]


     *** BREAKING NEWS *** 



         Charges were filed this afternoon against Jose Rentas, 46, in the accidental shooting of his 9-year-old son, Logan, on Easter Sunday at 627 East Madison Street in Lancaster.  His docket is below.


    ** Upon closer inspection, it appears Officer Thomas Gjurich unloaded numerous parking tickeks – some going back to February!

     * The Lancaster Police Department must have been extremely busy last night. District Judge John C. Winters has filed 53 traffic citations just this morning! That doesn’t mean all of the alleged violations occurred last night but he has 53 filed as of this date at 9:53 am!


    Thomas Sponaugle

    Thomas B. Sponaugle

          We have three attorney’s breaking legal codes of conduct and one is a District Judge and one wants to be a Lancaster County Judge. This is simply unbelievable and intolerable! 
    From “WHAT ABOUT DAD?” on this site (click here).
         The man who wants to be a Lancaster County Judge is Thomas B. Sponaugle, the husband of District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle, who was cited for speeding by the East Hempfield Township Police on February 12th of this year. He is scheduled to have a summary trial on the charge today at 2:00 pm before District Judge Brian E. Chudzik (see a potion of his docket below). Will he fight the ticket? Will he argue the officer was wrong? Should a Judicial candidate obey the law?
         LIP News will find out and I have not forgotten about this family outrage. Right-to-Know requests and a formal complaint will be filed next week and posted here.
         There will be more on the shooting of the 9-year-old boy on Easter Sunday later today. Was his mother, Kristina Crippen, buying a gun and that’s why she “test-fired” it? Did one of his older two step-brothers fire the shot? The public has a right and a need to know. As posted here yesterday, Jose Rentas and Crippen are the parents who live in the home.
         District Attorney Craig Stedman, the public needs answers now!

    SponauglePlease check back later today.


    Posted on April 8th, 2015 Becky 21 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** 

        LIP News has learned that Jose Rentas and Kristina Crippen are the couple that live in the house at 627 E. Madison Street with their four children. Their 9-year-old son was accidently shot on Easter Sunday by a family member who has not yet been identified or charged.


    BurglariesLANCASTER: Cash, ammunition, a handgun, Xbox and Xbox games were stolen Sunday from a home in the 300 block of Laurel Street.
    LANCASTER: Two flat-screen TVs and various medications were stolen between 1 and 7 p.m. Friday from a home in the 400 block of Fremont Street.
    From today’s Police Log (click here).
         Okay, Mayor Gray, someone reported their gun was stolen. Are your police out on the street right now looking for it? These two burglaries are within three blocks of each other (see the Safety Coalition camera map above and the inserted blue triangles indicate the burglary locations). Will these be solved?
         How did they get away with two flat-screen TVs in broad daylight? Did the burglar or burglars have a car? Did they leave fingerprints in the homes? Was anything caught on a Safety Coalition camera? Did either of these two homes have their own surveillance cameras? Is someone targeting this neighborhood? How is their quality of life, Mayor Gray?
     Erma-Kaylor    Who maimed and murdered Erma? When will this killer be captured?
         This was part of a comment into this site yesterday. Yes, even though Police Chief Keith Sadler told me almost three years ago that his detectives work on all the unsolved murder cases “everyday,” not one has been solved in all this time. There are still 16 unsolved murders under Mayor Gray alone.
         The permanent box above returned to the top of this site Monday morning and there it will remain until these two cases are solved. The third anniversary of Erma Kaylor’s horrific murder is May 16th. Arrest her killer, Lancaster City Police or bring in outside help. This is despicable!
         Remember when LNP was going to investigate these unsolved murders? LNP reporter Susan Baldrige did exactly two. What happened? There will be more on this to come.
    Stedman1     No charges related to the shooting have been filed. Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman on Monday said authorities are taking their time with the case.
         “There is no danger to the public,” he said. “There will be a very deliberate and measured review of all the facts and relevant law prior to making any final decisions.”  
    From the latest LNP update on the 9-year-old boy shot Easter Sunday (click here).
         DA Craig Stedman is apparently spending more time reviewing this case than all the time the police spent trying to solve Erma Kaylor’s murder. You’ve been the DA and in that office for how long now, Stedman? Tell the public the shooter’s name and file charges or go back to law school and start over!
    Please check back later today.    

    Posted on April 7th, 2015 Becky 6 comments


    Robert L. Pfannebecker                     Neil L. Albert

     Robert L. Pfannebecker                       Neil L. Albert
         Maybe the newspaper can do a Right to Know request
    Posted on the Lancaster Online website under the article, “Lancaster city won’t turn over NRA legal defense fund names; will give other info,” (click here).
         Oh, the irony of that comment! Well, yes you would think the Lancaster Newspapers would put in a Right-to-Know request! On March 6th, in their editorial titled, “Without transparency, democracy doesn’t work,” they said this (click here):
         The main struggle now — for citizens and news outlets alike — is over the willingness of governments at all levels to provide information about the things they do in our names and with our tax dollars.
         The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, for example, ruled last month that government agencies must slow the release of employees’ home addresses to give each and every employee a chance to halt the disclosure of his or her address. Considering a home address private information is absurd as we noted last month because it threatens the public’s right to know.
         The prior editorial they are alluding to is their February 20th editorial titled, “Court ruling threatens public’s right to know,” (click here). In that editorial they said this:
         Instances of a home address release threatening an individual with physical harm or a loss of personal security are rare. The number of records that could be made public rapidly without any true harm to individuals is comparatively large.
         As Pellegrini noted, the ruling could apply to, and thus slow the release of, a multitude of public records that often include home addresses and other personal information — building permits, business licenses, public contracts.  
         This case should be appealed, and the state Supreme Court should reverse the Commonwealth Court to restore the Right-to-Know Law as an effective means of keeping public records open to the public.
        But LNP reporter Dan Nephin apparently thinks it’s just great that the City of Lancaster is trying to deny Attorney Joshua Price the names and addresses of the donors to the Lancaster Common Sense Legal Defense Fund. The money itself is essentially the same as tax dollars being used to pay the “city solicitor” for city purposes.
         And Nephin, in all of his articles, never mentions the actual name of the city solicitor. He is Robert L. Pfannebecker of the law firm Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort and Albert, LLP (click here). But it is not Pfannebecker who is filling the legal documents in the NRA’s lawsuit against Lancaster; it is attorney Neil L. Albert. (As a side note, Dan, you might want to check with Executive Editor Babara Hough Roda, because Albert handled her very messy divorce and custody battle. The firm also represented her in a suit against several creditors because her ex-husband pleaded guilty to forging her name on numerous credit card/loan applications.)
         And in this article and all of his others, Nephin fails to report how much the city has paid this law firm. The public has a right and need to know, Nephin and LNP! Albert has now filed two lengthy, complex responses to the NRA’s suit which have to have cost thousands of dollars if he is charging a standard hourly rate.
         And Nephin doesn’t report in this latest article how much money has been raised by the city’s “legal defense fund.” In the article before this one, on March 30th, he wrote this (click here):
         As of Monday, a little more than $18,000 has been donated, Hopkins [Patrick Hopkins, the City’s Business Administrator] said.
          That’s an increase of $4,000 over the last time Nephin reported the amount that was given to him by a city official.
         The bottom line is the public has a right to know exactly how much money has been raised and how much money has been spent. This is ridiculous, kid glove reporting that is shameful at best.  Yes. LNP should file Right-to-Know requests with the city for this information. Do you think they will follow their own editorial advice and do so?
    To be continued…