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    Posted on August 6th, 2015 Becky 3 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***




          “Follow the money”…..with LNP, it’s always about the money.
          What is their financial interest; and how/who can best ensure/protect it.
    This excellent comment in from Rednek this morning.
         Yes, it’s always about the money with LNP! And they are obviously not covering this as a “favor” to  District Attorney Craig Stedman and President Judge Dennis Reinaker who are both essential parties to this attack on District Judge Jayne Duncan. LNP has covered-up and flat-out lied on Stedman’s behalf multiple times in the last two years and those specific instances will come tomorrow.
         Remember what former DA, now Judge, Donald Totaro did for LNP? He basically convened a grand jury to go after the county commissioners who did not support LNP’s convention center/hotel for a year. And then President Judge Joseph Madenspacher did them a huge favor as well with a courtroom decision in their favor.
         Stedman and Reinaker are extremely powerful men that LNP wants on their side. After all, they now want even more of the public’s money – millions – through the CRIZ program to expand their tax exempt Marriott Hotel!
         But why this attack on Judge Duncan?  Does Stedman have his eye on a job in Harrisburg? Could there be any relation to the charges brought today against PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane? And what is attorney Jeffrey Conrad getting out of all this? I’m working on all of this and if anyone has any theories or has any facts, please send them into this site.
          I spoke with Kelly Ballentine’s attorney, Samuel Stretton, yesterday by phone and I’ll share what he said about all of this tomorrow. There is one absolute fact for sure – LNP is absolutely and purposefully not covering any of the developments in the criminal and civil cases against Judge Duncan. And that is simply unethical and despicable.



    LNP (click here).

         There are criminal and civil investigations currently taking place against District Judge Jayne Duncan that the Lancaster Newspapers are purposely not covering and haven’t for weeks. Who are they protecting and why?
    Please check back later today. 


    Posted on August 5th, 2015 Becky 3 comments


             Ron Harper posted this about me when I mentioned his post and Ben Vonderheide recently on this site (do not call me again, Ben)!  And someone really did send me that post because Harper is so boring and such a fool I only check his Facebook page once a month if that!


         There are days I am just amazed by the stupidity and arrogance of people online. Ron has two accounts in his name:


          And he has one for his dog:


         And he has one for his cat:


          Deborah Fitzkee is a liar and just plain nuts. I never asked her to be my Facebook friend and she is the last person on earth I would ever ask. Click here for more on Deb from this site years ago!

          And “Brenda Hollinger” is really Steven Markle and Ron Harper filed a writ to sue he and his wife because of Markle’s internet postings about him!


          And that’s all Steve has done with his life for the last 15 years and he has been stalking and harassing me (check out “Brenda’s” Facebook page) for years and it’s about to come to an end or Markle can spend time in jail this time (click here).       

    There will be more to follow at a later date.  Please see immediately below for the very serious news of the day!  


    Posted on August 5th, 2015 Becky 3 comments

    **  This is so shocking! Someone very high up at LNP made the decision as a “favor” to someone that they are not going to cover any developments in the cases against District Judge Jayne Duncan – and they have not.
         This is a case the DA stated in a filing that is being watched by every District Judge across the state of Pennsylvania. Judge Duncan is under a criminal and civil investigation and chairs the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania!
         LNP is not a news organization! What a sickening display by everyone employed there.
        There will be more tomorrow.

    *   This is unbelievable. LNP now has this story up: “Lancaster City District Judge Kelly Ballentine removed from bench,” (click here).
         From the article by two – count them – two LNP reporters they say this: 
         The state Judicial Conduct Board, essentially the prosecuting agency in the process, charged Ballentine with not filing state or federal income tax forms between 2009 and 2013.
         That Board is chaired by Lancaster District Judge Jayne Duncan who is under criminal and civil investigations that the Lancaster Newspapers are not reporting on!

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         In a case that grows more bizarre by the minute, Shawn Kerr, through his attorney Jeffrey A. Conrad, filed a motion on Monday to withdraw his motion to intervene in the Writ of Mandamus against District Judge Jayne Duncan. Click here for the definition of “Nunc Pro Tunc.”





    Posted on August 5th, 2015 Becky 9 comments

     *    LNP has an editorial about this today, “Unable to truly assess risk, kids need to be protected from harm online,” (click here). The only thing the editorial says about the actual sentences the men received:
         That’s why the men in these cases should have been sentenced.
         Why not talk about the actual sentences these men received and compare them with the sentences for Jonathan Masteller and Christy Lee Smith?


    Minzer, Boas & JarvisRyan Minzer, Aaron Boas and Carlos Jarvis (left to right)

         The charges for the three men who raped a 12-year-old girl they met on the OK Cupid “dating” website are below. What did LNP court reporter Brett Hambright fail to mention about these three men’s sentences in his article, “3 men jailed for separate sex assaults of 12-year-old girl from OKCupid dating website,” (click here)?
         Are these three men in jail today?  No. They each got immediate work release – and there’s more.
    Please click here for “EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL? and check back later today.

    Ryan Minzer
     Aaron Boas
     Carlos JarvisOKCupid2


    Posted on August 4th, 2015 Becky 7 comments


         The July 28, 2015 scheduled meeting of the Lancaster CRIZ Authority Board has been cancelled.  The next scheduled meeting of the Authority Board is set for August 25 beginning at 4:00 PM in the City Commission Meeting Room, Lancaster City Hall, 120 North Duke Street.  
    From the Lancaster CRIZ Authority webpage (click here).
         Please put August 25th at 4:00 pm on your calendar. I have been keeping track of the Penn Square Partners (PSP), consisting of LNP and High Industries, and their application for CRIZ money in the millions of dollars to expand their Marriott Hotel. As of last Monday, Randy Patterson from the city, said they had not put in a CRIZ Application yet and the July 28th Authority Meeting was cancelled.
         The only way the public has to be informed about this is by LNP – one of the partners looking for millions of dollars from the public! It is an outrageous situation and this is why it is also journalistically one of the most unethical things a news organization can ever do. But LNP has never cared about ethics!
         Please note the below posts on LNP’s Facebook page under the article, “Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray to appoint commission to combat 29-percent poverty rate, improve city’s quality of life,” (click here) and please check back later today.     




    Posted on August 3rd, 2015 Becky 6 comments


    [Editor’s note: Please do not call and threaten me ever again! It is not appreciated or wise, Ben Vonderheide!]
    Angel Nash3
         Remember “THAT WAS EASY!” from July 15th on this site (click here and page down to the morning post)?
         Well, it was Angel Nash because the East Lampeter Police filed charges against him two days later for the theft from Wawa on June 30th!
    Angel Nash4
         Why do I bring this up? Because of the power of a photo! Please note the other two stories in that same July 15th post regarding the lack of photos from the 161 “Safety Coalition” cameras!
         Today, LNP ran this story, “Map: 30 gunfire incidents in Lancaster city so far this year,” (click here). What the reporters don’t tell us is how many of these incidents have been solved and there’s not a single mention of the “Safety Coalition” cameras in this story!  
         But there was a mention of the cameras in the prior story by Dan Nephin that they state prompted this story, “Philly to consider gunfire detection system; Lancaster already passed on it,” (click here). Nephin says this about Mayor Gray in that article:
         Gray said it made more sense for the city to invest in cameras for the Lancaster Safety Coalition.
         That’s the group that operates the 161 surveillance cameras across the city.
         What world do Gray and these reporters live in? The “Safety Coalition” cameras are not being used for their intended purpose! The only time we’ve seen a photo from these cameras in years was a few days ago and it was over a year old!
         I’ll return to this and this morning’s promised story tomorrow. The threatening phone call unhinged me a bit today.

    Posted on August 3rd, 2015 Becky 2 comments

    2 YEARS 
    OR 80 YEARS?

    Jonathan Masteller             Christy Lee Smith

              Jonathan Masteller                             Christy Lee Smith

    Minzer, Boas & Jarvis

    Ryan Minzer, Aaron Boas and Carlos Jarvis (left to right)

          Remember this article, “Ex-coach and church official jailed up to 80 years for sex abuse of boy,” (click here)? LNP court reporter Brett Hambright wrote this about Jonathan Masteller:
         It’s the longest prison term ever ordered in Lancaster County against a school official convicted of sex abuse, newspaper archives show.
          And then there is Christy Lee Smith and the story, “Former McCaskey teacher jailed 14 to 30 years for sex abuse of 2 students,” (click here). The sentence followed her second trial.
         So what sentences did the three men who raped a 12-year-old girl receive from the same judge who sentenced Smith? And what facts did Hambright leave out of his story, “3 men jailed for separate sex assaults of 12-year-old girl from OKCupid dating website,” (click here)?
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on August 2nd, 2015 Becky 5 comments


         In a recent criminal case in Lancaster County, a 12-year-old girl posing as someone older on OKCupid was victimized by three men in their 20s. The men were recently jailed for sexual abuse of the girl.
    From Brett Hambright’s article, “Dangers of online dating: How easy is it for minors to use adult dating sites?” (click here). 
         “Victimized?” “Sexual abuse?” She was raped! She was 12-years-old! I don’t care if she was on a dating site or not. Obviously there are some problems in that home and Children and Youth should and did get involved – but she was twelve and most likely in the sixth or seventh grade! It is called rape!
         Remember when LNP bragged about the award Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and  Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy won – “LNP editors are Pa. winners of award for contributions to ending sexual violence,” (click here). Well it certainly went over Brett Hambright’s head and all the editors who looked at his copy before it went into print and online. And Hambright got very sloppy with his reporting on the absurd and disgusting sentences these men received. That will come tomorrow.
         The article noted above about Roda and Cassidy says this in part: 
         LNP has sought to lead on the way sexual violence is reported by the media. And Houser said LNP has been “at the forefront” in providing its staff members with training about how to use language from police reports, and how to summarize sexual crimes without sanitizing them.
         She said PCAR staff members see stories from newspapers around the state, and LNP coverage of sexual violence stands out.
         Last May, the newspaper asked representatives from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center,  PCAR and YWCA Lancaster to deliver a mandatory staff training on the language of sexual abuse and assault. Cassidy organized that training for LNP.
         Roda also has required staff members to take an online course for journalists that was developed by the Poynter Institute and the NSVRC on reporting on sexual violence.
         LNP just lies over and over again. It is called rape!
  • 8-2-15 UPDATE – * KEN YOU JUMP…

    Posted on August 1st, 2015 Becky 5 comments

    — UPDATE 8-2-15 They put court reporter Brett Hambright’s incredibly stupid “article” on his fake dating profile for “Ken Jump” on the front page of today’s Sunday News! I wish I could say it’s all a joke – but it’s not! It is on the front page!



    * Posted by LNP reporter Tom Knapp on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the “National Mutt Day” story.

         Rescued? Seriously? This really gets my goat. Every dog and cat is now a “rescue” animal. A few years ago this would just have been “got the dog from a family that could no longer keep him.” Now it’s “rescued!” That is just ridiculous.
         Tom Knapp, the great hero who “rescued” a dog! Please stop the crap, Knapp!


    Hambright24  Hambright25

         Babs, this is Tom Murse your content editor!
         I was hoping you were John Kirkpatrick, Tom!
         He was fired, Babs!
         Oh, why and when? I liked him so much!
         LNP was too unethical for even him, Babs!
         So sad! So what are we putting on the front page today, Tom?
         I was thinking that 5-day-old story about Brett Hambright getting drunk for law enforcement!
         Brilliant! I love great journalism! It will also help hide the fact that our court reporter is not covering the whole Duncan thing! He’s been too drunk to worry about something that affects the whole state!
         Why aren’t we covering the Duncan thing, Babs?   
         Don’t call me Babs! We’ve discussed this. Only John could call me Babs! Where is John?
         One more time – he was let go, Barb!
         Craig personally asked me not to cover this whole Duncan thing, Tom. And you know we need him on our side! But Brett has written another wonderful piece! He “tricked” online dating sites!
         I could do that all day long, Barb! You do know we have a “Harry Dyke” commenting on our site, don’t you?
         Let’s run it as a big story online and we’ll put it in the print edition in a couple of days. Maybe it will make people forget he’s our court reporter and should be covering the whole Duncan thing! I love great journalism and courageous reporting!
         Isn’t it time for your medication, Barb?
         Why, yes it is! The Pressroom here I come. Do you think John will be there?
         There’s a good possibility, Barb! Maybe Ken Jump will be there as well! I hear he likes to jump… oops! …

    Oh, my! Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 31st, 2015 Becky 12 comments


    *     In this morning’s post below, DA Craig Stedman through his assistant James Reeder, in their latest filing totally ignore the fact that District Judge Jayne Duncan states that fill-in Judge Daniel Garrett did not complete the proper paperwork to legally adjudicate the citation for Shawn Kerr. So what do other Lancaster County District Judges have to say about that and what paperwork does constitute the legal adjudication of a case?
         Oh, it’s complicated!
    Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.


             More from the “Commonwealth’s Response to the Defendant’s Motion to Stay Civil Proceedings” in the District Judge Jayne Duncan case is below. The Commonwealth is completely ignoring one major fact here.
        It closely resembles how the Lancaster Newspapers are completely ignoring this whole huge, terribly important case. The power of the press – to inform – and for LNP – to keep the public totally in the dark.
         One of the problems I encounter almost daily is that those who rely on LNP for news about Lancaster County – the Associated Press and the Harrisburg, York, Reading, Philadelphia and Pittsburg news organizations and others, do not believe that a fellow “news outlet” could be as unethical and devoid of any journalism principles as is LNP. So I am working on a list in just the last two years where Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and her “reporters” have flat-out lied to their readers and that will go as a permanent tab at the top of this site.
    Please check back later today.


    Duncan Court27

    Duncan Court28

    Duncan Court25

    Duncan Court 26


    Posted on July 30th, 2015 Becky 2 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    **** A portion of the Commonwealth’s response filed yesterday to District Judge Jayne Duncan’s request for a stay on the civil proceedings until the criminal investigation has concluded. The DA’s office is requesting the Judge deny the stay.

    Duncan Court23

    DA HAS 15 DAYS!

    *** President Judge Dennis Reinaker’s Order in the Judge Duncan Case regarding Shawn Kerr’s Motion to Intervene in the Writ of Mandamus:


    ** The Elizabethtown Advocate and this site are the only two news sources covering the shocking developments in District Judge Jayne Duncan’s case. The Advocate has the beginning of the updates reported on this site under, “Driver Petitions Court to Intervene in Case vs. Duncan,” (click here).

    * As a side note, I was told about this post on  “watchdog” Ron Harper’s Facebook page. If anyone has more information or witnessed this, please contact this site.Harper3



    From LIP News (click here).


    Nephin3     As predicted on this site, LNP Reporter Dan Nephin never did “delve” into the report as he promised but today he tells us, “Lancaster outlines biking, pedestrian plans in grant application,” (click here).
         Who could have seen this coming? LIP News!
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on July 29th, 2015 Becky 5 comments


          Umstead [Lancaster City Police Lt. Todd Umstead] released more information about multiple gunshots fired at around 12:45 a.m. Monday in the southwest section of Lancaster.
         Bullets struck the front wall of a home and a second-floor window of a second home in the 800 block of Prangley Avenue, he said. No one was shot or injured.
         It was raining at the time so police did not immediately discover the damage, Umstead said.
    From today’s article by LNP reporter Ryan Robinson, “Shots fired in Lancaster city twice in 2 days, police say,” (click here).
         Of course, the rain explains it! You don’t really expect the police to get out of their cars and walk around in the rain, do you?
         And, while there are no “Safety Coalition” cameras at that location, the second shooting happened in the 200 block of East Walnut Street with shell casings found in the area of 215 E. Fulton Street. Here’s a “Safety Coalition” camera inset map of that location:
    200 E. Walnut
         You mean there are all those cameras concentrated in that area and not one of them caught anything?
         And then, of course, we have the year old, terrible photo in the story, also by Robinson, “Police release photo of suspect in 2014 Lancaster city shooting,” (click here).
         It is unknown if the picture is from a “Safety Coalition” camera, but those cameras certainly should have caught pictures of the shooter because there is one directly at Conestoga and Beaver Streets where the shooting took place:
    Conestoga & Beaver
         These comments were posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article:
          Is Ryan Robinson slow? Does he have a mental disorder? Is there some reason he purposely and intently ignores the existence of 161 “Safety Coaliton” cameras throughout Lancaster? Is there a reason he hasn’t quizzed the police on why we never see photos from those cameras?
         What is going on and why has LNP covered-up for the police and the “Safety Coalition” for years?

    Posted on July 28th, 2015 Becky 16 comments

    * UPDATED 7-29-15 – I am spending the morning making sure that other news sources are aware of this story and what is going on in Lancaster County. There will be more this afternoon.


          Heidi Eakin, District Judge Jayne Duncan’s defense attorney, said by phone today that she supports Shawn Kerr’s motion to intervene in the Writ of Mandamus filed by his attorney Jeffrey A. Conrad on Friday. “He has a stake in it,” she said. “It illuminates what is happening here,” she continued. “It also makes it obvious that the DA’s office failed to talk to Shawn Kerr before instigating their criminal investigation. All of this was done at the discretion of the officer,” she stated.
         The officer is Joshua Reager of the Northwest Regional Police Department who issued the three traffic tickets to Shawn Kerr on April 12th. Eakin stated that while the filings by the District Attorney’s office make it appear that Reager contacted them after the second hearing on those tickets had concluded, that is not what actually happened. She said that Reager contacted the DA’s office after he learned that Duncan’s office had agreed to a second hearing but before the hearing actually took place.
          A member of the District Attorney’s office then called Judge Duncan and told her she could not hold a second hearing as that would place Kerr in double jeopardy. Duncan did not comply with the DA’s command and proceeded with the second hearing, according to Eakin.
         Eakin noted that the District Attorney’s office does not have authority over District Justices and that Duncan was following the common protocol of District Justices throughout Lancaster County by allowing the second hearing when the defendant has good cause for missing the first. Eakin also reiterated that the fill-in Judge for the first hearing, Daniel Garrett, did not complete the paperwork by signing the back of the citations to make his finding of Kerr guilty in absentia legally binding.
         It was shortly after the second hearing that Eakin states the DA’s office raided Duncan’s office and took Kerr’s paperwork. She states that she spoke with DA Craig Stedman three times by phone before his office filed the Writ for Mandamus to no avail. It was only after Stedman publicly announced that his office was pursuing a criminal investigation that Eakin felt she had to speak up and issued a statement to the press. Her initial email to the press is reprinted from the Elizabethtown Advocate immediately below.
         Eakin noted that this case is being watched carefully by District Judges, not only in Lancaster County, but across the state of Pennsylvania.
         Heidi Eakin worked in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office for 24 years and became the first female First Assistant District Attorney in the county’s history. She left shortly after Craig Stedman was elected DA and has worked as a defense attorney for eight years.
         She again expressed her shock and dismay today over the fact that all of this, the criminal investigation and the highly unusual Writ of Mandamus, and the time and money being spent by the DA and the courts, are over three summary traffic tickets.
         A note about Shawn Kerr – he was found guilty in absentia in the first hearing on the ticket for tinted windows. In the second hearing, Officer Reager withdrew the charge per his promise to Kerr that he would withdraw it if Kerr removed the window tint – which Kerr did. With the District Attorney’s demand that the outcome of the first hearing stand and be the legal outcome – it means Kerr is once again deemed guilty and responsible for the ticket. Thus his request to intervene in the Writ of Mandamus to have the results of the second hearing stand as the legal outcome of his case with the ticket withdrawn.

         A note about Officer Joshua Reager – according to the Elizabethtown Advocate and verified by others, Reager has been fired from two different police forces in the past. There is a meeting scheduled tonight in Mt. Joy for the public to discuss this matter and why Reager remains a police officer.
         Below is Heidi Eakin’s initial email as published by the Elizabethtown Advocate on their Facebook page. There will be more tomorrow and a summary of exactly where the criminal and civil cases stand at this point for Judge Duncan.

    ********Duncan Court18


    Posted on July 28th, 2015 Becky No comments


    Duncan Court12

    From the LancasterOnline Facebook page.
    Duncan Court13     It hasn’t changed in the over 30 years since I was the editor of the paper version of LIP. It hasn’t changed one bit.
         The Lancaster Newspapers only tell you what they want you to know. And right now they are totaling blacking out one of the most unusual and crucial stories going on in the Lancaster County Courts in years.  
    Duncan30     Every day there is a new twist or turn in the case involving District Judge Jayne Duncan that began with Shawn Kerr of Elizabethtown receiving three traffic tickets on April 12th of this year.
         Why is LNP totally ignoring this story? Someone powerful has requested the blackout and LNP is complying. This is posted as a comment on (click here):
         LNP will always make sure that the Power Elite’s interests are a forgone conclusion. That’s the way it always was; the way it is; and the way it always will be.
         After all….LNP is ……..Always Lancaster!!!
         That is one of the best descriptions I have ever read. LNP is not a news organization – this is a powerful business that controls Lancaster and everything that goes on in the city and county. And they have been doing it for years.
         If you ever needed proof, their failure to cover the Judge Duncan story is absolute confirmation of that fact.
    Please see the remarkable developments immediately below and check back later today.

    Posted on July 27th, 2015 Becky 19 comments


    Shawn Kerr1

    Shawn Kerr in a photo from his “Shawn’s auto” Facebook page.     

         This is all simply unbelievable! It is getting so messy, dirty and complicated that keeping track of it all is a full-time endeavor. I’m not sure it’s “double jeopardy” for Shawn Kerr – I think it might be triple jeopardy!  And I’m not sure whom his motion might help and whom it might hurt! Oh, this is beyond delicious! 
    Please see below and check back tomorrow.

    **** Documents added immediately below.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    ***      Shawn Kerr, the man who received the three traffic tickets that began the criminal and civil actions against District Judge Jayne Duncan, has filed a “Motion to Intervene in Writ of Mandamus” through his attorney, Jeffrey Conrad, claiming double jeopardy!





    **    Russ Glass from Court Administration confirmed today that District Judge Jayne Duncan is not hearing any cases where the Commonwealth of PA is a party. He said those cases showing up as assigned to her office are being e-filed and his office is not able to redirect those filings. He said that after the fact, staff is going in and manually redirecting those dockets to a different District Judge’s office.
         He said the three District Judges filling in for Duncan on those cases – criminal, traffic and non-traffic  – are:
    — Scott Albert – He is picking up the cases from Conoy Township and the Susquehanna Regional Police.
    — Edward A. Tobin – He is picking up the cases from Warwick and the North West Regional Police.
    — Robert A. Herman, Jr. – He is picking up the cases from Elizabethtown.
         Glass clarified that this is not a suspension of Judge Duncan but “a temporary reassignment of cases ordered by President Judge Dennis Reinaker and involves any cases where the Commonwealth of PA is a party.” Glass also stated that he could not recall anything like this ever occurring in the Lancaster County Courts before.

    *     Russ Glass from Court Administration just returned my call regarding District Judge Jayne Duncan and the cases being assigned to her office. Please check back later for details.




          Apparently what’s trending in the newspaper business is nothing – literally – a half-page of white space. Unbelievable.      You can read the article, “What does a semicolon tattoo mean?” (click here) at your own risk of throwing things around your house when overcome by the stupidity of it all or dying of boredom if you actually try to read the entire article. This is just awful in every possible way.
    Please check back later today for some real news.


    Posted on July 25th, 2015 Becky 16 comments

    * Updated 7-26-15 From September of 2014 on this site (click here):Roda7



    From the article, “Former Sunday News Editor David Hennigan dies,” (click here).

         Courageous reporting? Seriously? He may have urged it but Roda has never once done it. She is the biggest liar in the world! What an absolute disgrace.
         I’m going to rerun the below conversation between “courageous” LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and DA Craig Stedman because it ran on the day John Kirkpatrick “resigned” and there were other items that also overshadowed it. And the very, very scary part of this is that while it may be “made-up” – it is all too true – and very scary.
         Stedman11                   Roda4

         Barb, this is Criag Stedman.
         Craig, what’s shaking? Did Peggy forget to write you a check?
         Oh, no. She’s been more than generous as usual. Barb, I have a favor to ask…
         Anything, Craig, you know that!
         This whole mess with District Judge Jayne Duncan – I would really appreciate it if your reporters would back off and not tell the public anything about what is really going on.
         Whatever you want, Craig, but can you tell me why?
         Well, I’ve gone out on a limb here and you never know how this out-of-county Judge is going to rule on this. It might make me look bad. I mean, Duncan heads the PA Judicial Conduct Board and it might look as if there’s corruption in the Lancaster court system. We wouldn’t want anyone to think that, Barb!
         We do everything we can to make Lancaster county and city and the officials look good, Craig – as long as they do what we want. Lancaster County is special and the best place to live on earth – if you’re white. We tell our readers that all the time – well, without the white part. Wink, wink!
         And Barb, I’ve noticed someone has commented under some of these articles about a parking ticket scandal in Lancaster city. I certainly hope you are not going to investigate that.
         Our investigative reporters couldn’t investigate an ant, Craig. You don’t have any worries there.
         Well, that’s wonderful, Barb! And you know this buffoon who’s running to be a District Judge and hasn’t paid his taxes in years? I hope you’ll keep that hush hush as well – it might give the Republican Party here a bad name.
         We won’t say a word, Craig! You know our motto – the public has no need to know.
         I am so glad you folks at LNP are devoid of any journalism ethics. It makes my job so much easier. I don’t have to answer to anyone!
         Glad you’re happy with us, Craig. I have to run – the LNP Board is meeting to discuss how we are going to present our company as a diverse employer so we can get millions in CRIZ money.
         Good luck with that, Barb! I’ll talk to you again when I need something else covered-up.
         Okay, Craig. Have a great day! 

    Posted on July 24th, 2015 Becky 6 comments


           I will recap all of this tomorrow and have more of what attorney Heidi Eakin told me today. I placed a call to Russ Glass in Court Administration late this afternoon and left a voicemail that has not been returned.
         Did Judge Garrett complete all the paperwork required when he found Shawn Kerr guilty in absentia on the three tickets? Even if he did, is it standard practice among District Justices to continue a hearing if the defendant has “cause” for missing a hearing?
         District Judge Jayne Duncan chairs the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board. District Attorney Craig Stedman has embarked on a criminal investigation and a civil proceeding against her over three summary traffic tickets. This is simply astonishing. What is going on and where is LNP’s coverage? Why are they purposely not covering the developments in this crucial case?
         There was a post this morning before the “breaking news” and it is so far down at this point that the link to “THEY PLAN TO EXPAND?” is here. I will also be coming back to this story very shortly.    


    Heidi Eakin     Two crucial issues I discussed with Heidi Eakin (pictured left), the attorney for District Judge Jayne Duncan, are covered immediately below. There is more coming and please be patient as I try to present this in any easy to read format.   



    Duncan Court6     Attorney Heidi Eakin said Judge Reinaker has not changed his order and her client, District Judge Jayne Duncan, is not handling any criminal, traffic or non-traffic cases. “She is not handling them,” Eakin stated.
          This was in response to my question as to why those dockets are showing up under Judge Duncan’s office.  “It’s a mess,” Eakin said. “The information is not being put out there correctly. There is confusion and there are visiting judges.”

         She again reiterated that Judge Duncan is not hearing the cases and referred me to Russ Glass in Court Administration who is handling the reassignment of her cases, stating the information is not being put out correctly and to everyone who needs to know.


    Duncan21      At the core of the investigation into District Judge Jayne Duncan are the three traffic tickets for Shawn Kerr and whether fill-in Judge Daniel Garrett properly completed the paperwork on those tickets.
          Heidi Eakin, the attorney for District Judge Jayne Duncan said today by phone that the paperwork was not completed because Judge Garrett did not sign the back of the citations. Questioned about the notation and initials along the left-hand side of the ticket, she confirmed those were Judge Garrett’s initials but stated, “He did not sign the back of the citations.”

    *** 12:40 pm – I just finished a phone call with attorney Heidi Eakin who is representing District Judge Jayne Duncan. There’s a lot of information coming.

    **   From attorney Eakin’s filing requesting a stay on the civil case against District Judge Jayne Duncan pending the outcome of the criminal case against her.

    Duncan Court3

    *   From attorney Eakin’s filing (see below):

    Duncan Court

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          On July 22, District Judge Jayne Duncan, through her attorney Heidi Eakin, requested the court put a stay on the civil proceedings in her case until the Commonwealth has concluded their criminal case.

    duncan Court2


    Posted on July 24th, 2015 Becky 3 comments


    Lancaster Safety Coalition      Recently, the city debuted the first free public wireless hotspot in Binns Park. 
         Other public hotspots will be added, but Katzenmoyer [Charlotte Katzenmoyer, the city’s public works director] didn’t have a timeline.
         Overall, she said, the project is on schedule, but it had slowed a bit because the city is adding Lancaster Community Safety Coalition cameras onto the system.
         That will save the coalition money in terms of maintaining their own network and allow them to expand, she said.
         From the LNP article by Dan Nephin, “Lancaster city’s municipal broadband plan highlighted in report on Internet access,” (click here).
         So, now the public will be paying even more towards these cameras that we never see images from and they plan to expand? And “reporter” Nephin just tucks this in at the end of his story?
          These cameras and their operation are one of the biggest frauds in the city of Lancaster. The coalition needs to be investigated now!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 23rd, 2015 Becky 9 comments
    ***     In April, the woman applied for and received a $10,000 loan from a local branch of a bank, police said. Police are withholding the name of the bank.
    LNP Reporter Cindy Stauffer in her article, “Have you seen this woman? Police say she stole $10,000 from local bank by forging loan application,” (click here).
         Why are police withholding the name of the bank and why would LNP allow that? Is the bank embarrassed? I’d like to know how to walk into a bank with “appropriate I.D.” and get a $10,000 loan! 😉
         This is just completely ridiculous. If the police find and charge this woman, the name of the bank will have to be made public. Why are the Manheim Township police protecting the bank and why didn’t Stauffer ask them and report their answer to the public?


         Gil Smart mentions and provides a link to the below Chris Rock video, “How not to get your ass kicked by the police” in his blog post, “Attention cops: You are being watched,” (click here).
         Not in Lancaster, they aren’t Smart, and they haven’t been watched for years! And as it so happens, it’s your job to watch the police so why don’t you get on it and do it! Why doesn’t the public ever see video from the “Safety Coalition” cameras? Why don’t you examine the lawsuits against the Lancaster City Police and your paper running mugshots of people who have obviously been beaten? Why don’t you investigate the hiring by the Lancaster City Police and why they only hire white, non-city residents? That will get you started. Oh, and investigate the seventeen unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray (click here).
         And you are going to say this:
         2. That said, Bland wasn’t exactly cooperative:
         Seriously? Seriously?
         And this:
         Chris Rock had a hilarious sketch a bunch of years back on “How not to get your ass kicked by the police.” Among his suggestions: “Be polite.”
         How about this Chris Rock suggestion:
         If you have to give a friend a ride, get a white friend. A white friend can be the difference between getting a ticket and a bullet in the ass.
         Do your job, Smart!

    *     “A national report released Thursday morning says Lancaster County roads are among the worst in the country,” WGAL-TV (click here).



         LNP reporter Brett Hambright in a top “story” this morning on Lancaster Online (click here). 

         There are simply no words for this level of stupidity passing as news. None.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 22nd, 2015 Becky 8 comments


    From today’s print edition of LNP.

    * Can someone, anyone, tell me who cares?


    Conestoga Stree2    Conestoga St.

          The police have released the above photograph of a suspect in a shooting that occurred in the 1st block of Conestoga Street on June 22nd. Also above is an inset from the Lancaster Safety Coalition camera map with a blue arrow inserted pointing to the location of the shooting. The police did not state where the photo is from. Why not? How many more photos do they have?
    Please see the story immediately below and check back later today.


    Posted on July 21st, 2015 Becky 12 comments

    *** [Editor’s note: The Discovery channel must be showing their dreadful piece on the Roseboro murder because this site is being slammed from literally around the world. Please be patient.]

    Conestoga Stree2

    Crime Stoppers (click here). 

    On Sunday June 22, 2014 at approximately 11:54 pm Officers from the Lancaster City Police, Platoon B, responded to the 1st blk. Conestoga St. for a report of a shooting that had just occurred. Officers found that an adult male resident of Lancaster had been walking along Conestoga St. when he was shot from behind. The victim was shot one time in the posterior. The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of the gun shot wound.  

    The subsequent investigation  revealed that the suspect pictured above was the person that shot the victim. The identity of the shooter remains unknown. The suspect is described as a heavy set male (possibly White, unknown if Hispanic), last seen wearing a dark knit cap, dark colored long sleeved shirt, light colored pants and white sneakers. The suspect fled on foot, last seen east on Conestoga St. toward S. Queen St.  

    Anyone with information on this shooting or the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Det. Whiteford as (717) 735-1780 or Lancaster City/County Crime Stoppers at (800) 322-1913, or you can anonymously Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by using your cell phone. Text LANCS plus your message to 847411. Callers may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.


    LNP (click here). 

     *    No, I don’t think this burglar has a “thing” for Dunkin Donuts – I think he or she has a thing for cash and maybe a drug habit! Who is telling these reporters to get “cute” with their stories? What the hell is going on?



         This has been running on Lancaster Online as a top story since yesterday afternoon (click here). Is the child alive or dead? LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer’s last sentence is:
         Police said the toddler was alive when transported.
         Then it is a “near drowning” – it is not a drowning unless this child has subsequently died! This is awful journalism. 
         And these are from yesterday’s Lancaster City Police Log (click here):     

    OCCURRED 7/19/215 BETWEEN 0200 AND 0400 HRS.
    Victim (a male, 38 years of age) was at listed location with other individuals when he was approached by a Hispanic man 30-40 years of who began a physical altercation. Victim was stabbed and sustained a broken nose as a result of the assault.   Ongoing investigation.  

    OCCURRED 7/19/15 0528 HRS
    Victim reported finding bullet holes in his front window and in residence.  Four shell casing were location in parking lot at listed location.

         In addition, there are three auto thefts and the theft of a mountain bike! How many of these crimes will the Lancaster Police solve?

  • ** – * VITRIOL?

    Posted on July 20th, 2015 Becky 12 comments

    ** Knapp Breaking News Rednek, one of the best commenters ever, has questioned whether this can possibly be true. I fully understand. As proof, I present this screen shot from Lancaster Online’s “Contact Us” list (click here).    


    Nephin Moses2

          I’m actually hoping this is a real person and a real interest and that they stick around. Finding the other comment sites in Lancaster abusive and totally racist, I always appreciate that you moderate your site, Becky, and hope this place always stays fairly civil. I enjoy the sarcasm and the dry wit and irony that your regulars employ, but you’ve managed to weed out the worst of the online trolls making it a pretty decent (and fairly safe) place to share our opinions. Thank you for that.
    This comment in from Anonymous2 today.

         Thank you Anonymous2! I too hope “Interested” will stick around. I’m sorry if you were offended by “rich bitches,” but if you truly were then you need to stay off the internet. And please note “Harry Dyke” who posted today under LNP reporter Dan Nephin’s “Moses” story on Lancaster Online. Apparently “Harry” doesn’t have an available image and he can’t read either!
    Tom Knapp      I’m going to come to Nephin’s story and the breaking news that former dog and cat reporter, Tom Knapp, is now listed as their “General Assignment and Breaking News Reporter” later today and tomorrow as time allows.  I kid you not. Have mercy!


          Please pardon my intrusion. I have been a long time reader of your sight [sic]. I commented recently on one of your posts in regards to the visceral reaction to LNP. Now, I understand your issues with said publication. I may not agree but I get it. What bothered me was the “rich bitches” comment was posted but when I simply asked why people employ such vitriol my comment has not been added. I am not looking to torpedo your site but was merely interested why people feel they can make such wide casting aspersions yet not take into account the possibility of another potential rationale.
    This email in yesterday from “Interested.”
         Hmmm. Such heavy stuff for a Monday morning. Yikes! Well, I will answer that and your initial comment later today. Are you John Kirkpatrick III?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 19th, 2015 Becky 13 comments

    *    The “People of Lancaster” submitted this photo to LNP’s live twitter feed of “Slide the City!” LOL!  


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         LIP News will not be covering “Slide the City” today!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 18th, 2015 Becky 11 comments

    * Per a comment into this site, the above “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab has been revised to reflect the 17 unsolved murders in Lancaster city under Mayor J. Richard Gray with 12 of those under Police Chief Keith Sadler.



          This is what the Lancaster City Police Department is doing today (click here). Your tax dollars hard at work!


    Posted on July 17th, 2015 Becky 2 comments




    Posted on the Ephrata Review Facebook page under the above photo of the armed robber who robbed the Ephrata National Bank yesterday.    

         Has the public identified the man who robbed the Ephrata National Bank yesterday at about 2:25 pm? The police released a photo within hours of the armed robbery. If she’s seen him with the shirt and the hat – what are the odds? And yes, there’s an Austin Michael Moyer who will turn 21 on July 26th who has had some scrapes with the law and has five dockets. I hope the poster or someone at the Ephrata Review has called the police!