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    Posted on January 2nd, 2015 Becky 11 comments


         Rick Gray and his administration need to be held accountable. The residents and visitors here need to feel safe and not as though violent crime is running rampant in the streets. Protect the lives of our residents, Mayor Gray. You are the only one that has the power and resources to do so. 
    From a Letter-to-the-Editor by Charlie Smithgall in today’s print edition (click here).
         Good for you, Charlie!  And believe it or not, Gil Smart has written another incredibly stupid blog post about his letter today and I will come to it tomorrow.
         There’s not another word about the woman who was shot in the ankle minutes before New Year’s Eve!  So what are the police busy doing?  They are going to Paula Kling Luciano’s house over a Facebook “threat!”  I’m not kidding!
         Paula, who also has a “political” Facebook page, has been featured on this site before (click here for “HOW MANY POLICE CHIEFS”) and she is not the brightest bulb in the pack to put it lightly.  In fact, I go to her Facebook page when I want to be annoyed by stupidity and I note anyone who posts on her page and write their name down under my dumber than a door-stop list.
         So today, Paula posted this “threat” from a woman who unfriended her two years ago and the “threat” was posted on one of Paula’s friends’ Facebook page:
         The last post you made was Paula wanted me to say something on facebook, but I have to think about it. Say it and did you tell Paula, we will be paying her a visit this weekend. You hit a nerve in me that will not go away. Maybe most people put up with your ignorance, but I will not!
         Paula’s response:
         Would not hurt to notify the police as Jason’s cousin is a police officer. Maybe give him a call to keep an eye on the house and if she shows up, she will be trespassing and then I can record her getting arrested!!!!!
         Yes, and apparently the police did show up as Paula reported this:
         It is nice to have friends and family on the police force and drama queen, I don’t think so. Both the police dispatcher and the officer said I was right to report it.
         Yes, it must be nice and I think this incident should be investigated as to why the Lancaster Police apparently showed up at her door and took a police report about this alleged Facebook “threat!”
         Can you imagine if everyone called the police over vague Facebook “threats”?  
         I once stated that Paula has the largest ego and the least talent of anyone I have ever encountered.  I have also added Gil Smart to that list.
         It’s First Friday.  Be safe out there and please check back tomorrow!


    smart remarks2
          I remain committed to equality of opportunity, though I’ve slowly edged away from thinking we can or should ensure equality in terms of outcomes.
         This is the final sentence to yet another absurd blog post by LNP “investigative reporter” Gil Smart – click here for “Thanks for reading in 2014, and stay tuned.”
         He just throws this sentence in as an after thought at the very end of his ridiculous post.  As I’ve mentioned, Smart has written some very disturbing blogs recently and I plan to take a look at them later – but I seriously want to know what this sentence means.
         Is it a heavy economic theory (I hate economics and I am the first to admit I know nothing about it) or is this just more Smart absolute B.S?  I even googled it and found this  – “Equality of Outcome or Equality of Opportunity: Why Not Both?”
         I am going to slowly work my way through this article (sigh), but I really would like to know what this means and why Smart, who works in a literal ivory tower for a company that has discriminated for years and offers no equality of opportunity, published it?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 31st, 2014 Becky 17 comments

     gaga & kinney1

          Oh, happy day!  He has purchased the property to build his and Gaga’s love nest!  Babies will be next!  Mayor Gray will probably try to take credit for this!  ;-)
    Posted on this site when Taylor Kinney bought the home at 264 Mt. Hope School Road, Willow Street, Providence Township (click here and the top link to see more photos of the house no longer “works”).
         Well, Gaga went to church in Lancaster County and tenacious, bulldog, “take no prisoners” LNP reporter Tom Knapp was all over the story (click here).
         The above delightful photo is from Gaga’s Instagram account and there are rumors flying the two got engaged over Christmas!  I hate to say I told you so – but I told you so!  Why doesn’t Knapp drive to their home and find out what they’ve done with it?  I’d love to know.
         Have a safe and happy New Year!  LIP News will return this Friday.


    Posted on December 30th, 2014 Becky 23 comments


    **   In response to LNP’s video and today’s editorial, and in anticipation of the coming New Year, I am republishing a portion of Carol Petersen’s last column for LNP from January 19th of this year, “Here’s a blueprint for local news coverage,” (click here):
          …I deeply wanted to write the personal stories of the unsolved murder victims in Lancaster, including follow-up accounts of the ongoing suffering of their families and friends in the torment of not knowing, but with only 800 words and 16 victims, it really would take 16 separate columns to do each one justice in print as they wait for true justice from law enforcement and the courts.
          But that does bring me to the topic at hand.
         Journalism, at its best, is the protector of the people, asks the hard questions, doesn’t take “No” for an answer, keeps asking the question that the person at the mic during a press conference keeps dodging, and presses issues. Good journalism should make polite society just a little bit uncomfortable, because good journalism isn’t polite. Good journalism is bold. Good journalism isn’t an arm of any administration or political party. Good journalism isn’t an extension of the PR department of the police department or the mayor’s administration — no matter what party holds the office — and shouldn’t run interference for local Big Business’s ambitions.
          Investigative journalism actually investigates. A good investigative reporter ferrets out information, follows their own leads and doesn’t just take dictation from official spokesmen or regurgitate press releases. Investigative journalism should always be seeking out sources, should be the very essence of integrity for “We the People,” not with the goal of giving us salacious tidbits or tabloid sensationalism, but to hold to the fire the feet of those whose job it is to serve and protect the citizens.
          My previous column called for Christians to go for broke, go all in, and now I issue that same call to the Lancaster print media. Perhaps the answer to remaining viable in an Internet-driven world is not to go safe, to just aim at hanging on, being the Hometown News. Perhaps the answer is to go big or go home. Perhaps the answer is to find 21st-century ways to emulate Woodward and Bernstein, aiming to break big local stories and issues wide open!
          I pray the readers will demand that their local press become the tenacious bulldogs that get the answers to their most pressing questions. It’s time to stop thinking of Lancaster city as just some sleepy backwater where the only thing readers are interested in are human interest feel-good stories. The feel-good stories Lancastrians are interested in are the back story on the fiscal impact of the convention center on taxpayers, the shocking disparity in sentencing in local courtrooms, and the arrests of the murderers of 16 of our citizens.

    * Actually, LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda doesn’t pay a lot of taxes here!  She lives in Millersville!  And the home she bought in 2007 for $185,000 is only being taxed based on a value of $133,200 because Roda applied for the “Homestead Exclusion” in 2013!  You’re a piece of work, Roda!



         It’s going to be a full day!  A ridiculous and disturbing video by LNP posted on their site and YouTube (see below), a nauseating, lying editorial in today’s print edition (click here), and a white man who tried to disarm an officer and lived to talk about it!   And then, of course, we have Lady Gaga!  Wow!


    Five arrests in 2014!

    Please check back later today. 


    Posted on December 29th, 2014 Becky 13 comments

     *    Since we all know that LNP continues to exist in a time-warp from the “Driving Miss Daisy” days, may I suggest that when Barbara Hough Roda is acknowledged as Honorary Chairperson, that everyone in attendance turn their seats around and show her their backs. This quiet, peaceful protest in a public venue may do more than cancelled subscriptions/advertisers in expressing everyone’s dismay that a supposedly 21st century organization could continue to operate in the Forties and Fifties when in comes to equal employment opportunities.
         Just a thought.
         This comment in today from “Rednek” under “AN UTTERLY DISGUSTING DISSERVICE!” below on this site (click here).
         What an excellent idea and so well worded, Rednek!  I still intend to send those involved letters and post them here but it won’t happen until after the New Year.  I very much like your suggestion and may try to incorporate it into my letters/emails.           


    Window_Masking_1     Window_Masking_2

         The alleged “masking software” to protect your privacy from the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition Camera website (click here).

         If I could, in response, the reason we have the cameras is because of the generosity of the Steinman Foundation. They provided a lot of the funds to originally get the cameras in. There was a question of sustainability, and I had talked to Jack Buckwalter [now deceased, he was the former chairman of the Lancaster Newspapers] at the time as to how we were going to sustain this. It’s been an uphill battle to get the money to keep it going. The city has made a commitment of $100,000. We negotiated with the district attorney, got him to commit to $100,000 a year for the next five years. In addition, with our commitment and with the DA’s commitment, the Community Safety’s Coalition’s been able to go out and raise additional funds sufficient to support and maintain the cameras. So I think, finally, as of really last year, I think the sustainability of them is in place.
    Mayor Gray in his debate with Charlie Smithgall that was “sponsored” by the Lancaster Newspapers in October of last year – click here for “Debate transcript: Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray vs. challenger Charlie Smithgall.”
         Which is the biggest lie and cover-up perpetrated by the Lancaster Newspapers in the last four years?  Is it the cameras, Police Chief Sadler’s past, Mayor Gray’s complete ineptitude, District Attorney Craig Stedman’s repeated obstructions of justice or the Lancaster Police Detective’s dismal and inexplicable failures to solve murders and crimes (even with the cameras)?  It’s a close call.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 28th, 2014 Becky 18 comments

    *    “Chicago gave hundreds of high-risk kids a summer job. Violent crime arrests plummeted.”
    The Washington Post (click here).
         I will come back to Gil Smart later this week as I work on my “Worst of 2014″ list and in particular his recent front-page article, “Police chief, mayor vow aggressive response to Lancaster crime wave,” (click here). 
         In it, Smart says this:
         But Sadler and Gray said they have other tools to fight violent crime — the surveillance cameras mounted around town, crime mapping software designed to let police predict where crimes will occur.
          In his online piece, the words “surveillance cameras” are a link to the Los Angeles Times article from 2009 titled and sub-titled, “Lancaster, Pa., keeps a close eye on itself – A vast and growing web of security cameras monitors the city of 55,000, operated by a private group of self-appointed gatekeepers.  There’s been surprisingly little outcry,” (click here).
         Does Smart have one ounce of common sense?   What is wrong with this man?  There is simply no explanation for this level of stupidity and ignoring the obvious!    



         And while I’m always up for a good protest, I am a little confused by this one.
         Because it’s good to raise awareness of systemic racism that too often results in mistreated or dead black citizens. But I also wondered — what does this mean here, in Lancaster County? What, specifically, are protesters agitating for here?
    From Gil Smart’s Sunday News column today, “We want perfect police, but Robocop isn’t available,” (click here).
         This spoiled, white brat sitting in his literal ivory tower typing is so clueless and out of touch it is beyond embarrassing – it is inconceivable that a paper would run crap like his week after week.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on December 27th, 2014 Becky 9 comments



    Chief-Inspector      Dustin Lee Klopp, 36, punched Stephanie Kilhefner in the face, cut her throat and bashed her head with an ax at their Paradise Township home about 10 p.m. Wednesday, according to Pennsylvania State Police in Lancaster.
    From LNP’s article titled online, “Paradise Township man charged with cutting, axing wife to death,” (click here).  The huge headline above is from today’s front-page print edition.
         What kind of incredibly stupid headline is that?  It is apparently taken from this quote in the story by District Attorney Craig Stedman:
         Stedman wouldn’t say what Klopp and Kilhefner, 34, argued about. 
         “I know what he said … What difference does it make? There’s nothing that justifies it,” he said.
         Do you think, DA Stedman?  If she forgot to buy bacon for their Christmas morning breakfast, would that justify it?
         Do you know what else is “not justified” in any way, shape or form, Stedman and LNP?  Having a police chief whose ex-wife states in a book that he beat her for twenty years.  Nothing justifies that!  
         Today is the Lancaster City Community Peace Walk beginning at 1:00 pm in Penn Square – please see the post immediately below. 


    Posted on December 26th, 2014 Becky 2 comments



    Posted on December 23rd, 2014 Becky 9 comments


    Barbara Hough Roda

         Honorary chair: Barbara Hough Roda, LNP executive editor.
    From the LNP article, “Speaker for Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast sees ‘a war on black boys,’ “ (click here).
         Absolutely not!  I will write everyone involved and ask that Roda be removed immediately and you should do the same.  She and the Lancaster Newspapers have done more than any other business or organization to practice, condone, promote and maintain racism in Lancaster County.  Period.  
         Her editorial staff remains entirely white even with the below six new hires in the last several months (their names and job descriptions are below the photos).  This is purposeful and intended discrimination and defies the law, journalism ethics, decency and humanity. 
         Remove yourself, Barbara Hough Roda, or you will be removed by others!


    Amanda Patrick Kirchner1 Lori Goodlin

    Amber DeGrace2  Erin Negley1 Heather Stauffer

    From left to right: 
    TOP ROW – Amanda Sohaney (Content Data Analyst), Patrick Kirchner (Visual Editor) and Lori Goodlin (Print Editor). 
    SECOND ROW – Amber DeGrace (Food Writer), Erin Negley (Staff Writer) and Heather Stauffer (Business).
    The LNP editorial staff fills Penn Square following a fire alarm at their 8 W. King Street office at the end of October this year.  The City of Lancaster’s population is over 50 percent minority.

    Posted on December 22nd, 2014 Becky 18 comments



    ***  This excellent comment is posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article, ” Map and data: 9 recent shootings in Lancaster city,” (click here):

         Mayor Gray’s comments are embarrassing. He should be ashamed to make comments suggesting that these people don’t live in our city, well, because they do live in our city or this violence wouldn’t be occurring. Of course, feeling embarrassment would require Mayor Gray to take accountability for his leadership failures. These weak statements and positively pointless comments from him after each incident are absolutely useless and do nothing to empower or instill confidence in the rest of the community. Seriously, I wish he would do or say something meaningful for once instead of allowing the ill-formed thoughts falling out of his mouth to make him, and the rest of the leadership of Lancaster city, look completely powerless.

    ** On a far lighter note, my search for the perfect mouse has been updated – click here.

    * UPDATED 12-23-14 – LIP News will publish this afternoon and then go on holiday break until Sunday, December 28th, when daily publishing will resume.


    400 Block East King

        I had something entirely different planned for this afternoon and then came word of another shooting shortly after 3:00 pm (click here for LNP’s article, “Reported shooting in 400 block of East King Street.”)
       An inset of the Safety Coalition camera map is above with Penn Square marked with an inserted blue star.  Make arrests, Lancaster Police, or put up the photos of all involved immediately so the public can help get these shooters off the street.  No one is safe!  Enough is enough!  This is simply horrific and sad.

    Posted on December 22nd, 2014 Becky 3 comments


    William Clayton
         So if your the right color of skin, you can assault a police officer and still get to keep your life?? Please someone help me understand… We need a new DA.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “Dropkick Murphys fan was on LSD when he attacked cops, police say,” (click here).
          Exactly!  This teen attacked two police officers sending one to the hospital.  And they just drop the two aggravated assault charges?  This is an outrage.  And to the poster right below who replies with “race baiter” – absolute nonsense! 
           This is the truth and this is why minorities are so rightfully angry in this country.  There are two levels of justice and this goes on every day in Lancaster County.  If this were a Black city teen, he’d be looking at years in jail. 
         Maybe they’ll send this white teen, William E. Clayton, to boot camp for six months.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 21st, 2014 Becky 4 comments

     **     The story of my new mouse – I went to Staples and they had about 30 mice hanging from hooks. Most were wireless and I am so far behind the times and needed to send emails and publish that I wanted a wired mouse I could just plug in and get going.

         So I had one in my hand I thought was wired but wasn’t sure and asked an employee. He said they only carry two – I had one of them in my hands for $15.99 and he pointed to one more that was $12.99. I grabbed the $12.99 mouse and went to the cash register. The woman said I could buy a two year warranty for my $12.99 mouse for $4.99. I swear to God! I passed on the warranty, came home and plugged in my mouse and was back in business.   

         Several things I learned: 

    1. Very soon I will no longer be able to buy a wired mouse and will have to learn (and yes, I’m very sure it’s extremely easy) how to set up the wireless mouse. But what if I forget where I put the mouse? 

    2. Wireless mice are far more expensive – most were in the $25.99 to $29.99 range. 

    3. I still cannot believe that anyone would pay $4.99 for a two year warranty (that probably covers nothing!) on a $12.99 mouse. That is just ridiculous and consumerism at its worst.  

         You see, this is my third mouse in almost as many months. I’m hard on mice. The wonderful man who set up my laptop for me included a mouse with a very long cord. Well, the mouse dropped a lot! In fact, I had just told a friend I’d probably dropped it a hundred times while moving my laptop around when the mouse just up and died on me.

         The next mouse was a cheap but retractable wire mouse from Wal-Mart. Yes, I had learned my lesson about the long wire. That mouse lasted about a month and was no longer making the contact it needed to operate. I was worried for a while that it was the port on my laptop and not the mouse – but it was, in fact, the mouse. So, I am now on my third, $12.99 mouse – and did I mention that it has a very long cord? Uh, oh! Sigh. 


          ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
          not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

         My mouse was not stirring at all yesterday.  It just stopped working!  It’s hard to imagine that one little item could cause such dismay and upset.  I cannot publish this site without a working mouse!  I am off to buy a new mouse for this house and hope to publish this afternoon!


    Posted on December 18th, 2014 Becky 31 comments


    ** UPDATED – 12-19-14 - In light of today’s absurd and disgusting LNP editorial –  click here for “City police need more support” – I am leaving this at the top this morning.  With all of the unsolved murders and crimes and lawsuits against the Lancaster Police, this is a direct insult to every resident of Lancaster.  This is simply despicable.  The editorial tells you to contact your lawmakers in Harrisburg, but they don’t say why!  This editorial should be telling the police to do their damn jobs!  What is wrong with these people?
    There will be more later today.


    *     I can tell you that in my situation (and from what I can gather from Ms. Zeran’s assault) carrying a firearm would not have prevented the attack; it would have only changed the number of victims. The response I experienced from city police while very friendly and empathetic did not resolve anything or make me feel particularly safer as a city resident. My attack was recorded on Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras, and my stolen bank cards were used in a nearby convenience store with many security cameras and this still did not lead to any arrests.
    This is part of a comment on LOL’s Facebook page under an article involving a recent assault (click here for “Assault on Chestnut Street raises neighborhood fears”).
         How is this possible?  What are the cameras for?  Why don’t the Lancaster Police have photos on their website and Facebook page asking for the public’s help?  How many other people have been attacked by these same criminals?  Who is holding the police accountable?  The citizens help to pay for these cameras!  This is an outrage.  Demand answers from Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler!  LNP should have demanded answers years ago!


            In a city experiencing an unexpected and unexplained scourge of violent crime, it is easy to reduce the violence to simple statistics that carry no meaning beyond them.
         …It’s hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t share Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray’s anger over Mathewson’s death and the violence now plaguing the city.
         It’s a righteous anger that needs to be turned into action.
    From today’s LNP editorial they are also running as one of their top “stories” online, “LNP Editorial: The violence in Lancaster must be stopped,” (click here).
         What a bunch of absolute hooey and lies!  These editors have very short memories.  I guess they forgot they published this in February of this year (click here for “Flurry of shootings in Lancaster city sparks concern among residents”): 
         Since the beginning of 2014, the city has had 10 incidents of shootings or illegal use of a gun.
         The violence in the city has been growing for years because even with 161 “safety coalition” cameras, the police are not solving murder after murder and crime after crime and the perpetrators are reoffending and others are joining in the criminal action in this lawless city.
         It is an outrage and Police Chief Sadler and the detective division need to be investigated now!  Yes, most of that “righteous anger” needs to be directed squarely at the incompetent and uncaring police force and at Mayor Gray who has allowed this to go on for years.
    Please see the permanent box directly above and check back later today.


    Posted on December 17th, 2014 Becky 19 comments


    **    Interesting comments on the LNP article about the Moore arrest. Luther Henry commenting. Isn’t he a retired LPD cop? Looks like he doesn’t believe that Eric Garner’s choke hold death – caught on tape! – was a “true narrative.” Perhaps it’s best old Luther is retired…

         He wrote this:  “Great police work by the Lancaster Police Dept. I hope the community appreciates the hard work that these folks perform day in and day out, whch mainly goes unnoticed, Unless something like the the false narrative out of Ferguson, MO, and NYC stirs up public outrage and hatred for the police nationally. Kudos to the entire Department.”
    This comment in today about Luther Henry’s post on Lancaster Online under LNP’s story, “Teen told police accomplice killed 6th grade teacher, fled with her car,” (click here).
         Luther Henry was the Chief of Police in Lancaster and he was as corrupt, racist and stupid as they come.  I interviewed him for a five part series on rape and justice I did back in the late 1970’s for the paper version of LIP.  That is a whole other story and let’s just say Henry did not come off well!  I don’t think he believed there is such a crime as rape.
         And then came the lynching story right after I moved to Philadelphia.  I still vividly remember speaking with him over the phone in the Philadelphia Tribune office and everyone listening in disbelief as Henry and I had a very heated conversation about the police doing absolutely nothing to solve the crime and the use of the “N” word.
         Luther Henry should have spent years in jail as an accomplice to attempted murder and many other crimes.  There will be more at a later date.



         I don’t believe I’ve ever seen as ridiculous a headline as this!  And the story is a joke as well (click here).



    LANCASTER: Sometime between Dec. 8 and Sunday someone broke into a home in the 100 block of Old Dorwart Street and took various items including jewelry and collectable coins valued at $312.

    LANCASTER: Sometime between midnight and 9 a.m. Friday someone broke into a home in the 200 block of East Frederick Street and stole a Playstation 4 video-game system. Loss was $585.

    LANCASTER: Someone broke into a home in the 300 block of North Prince Street between Dec. 10 and 13, ransacked the place, and stole an undisclosed amount of cash.

    LANCASTER: A handgun, leather holster and six rounds of ammunition were stolen from a home in the 600 block of High Street by someone who broke in between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. Saturday. Loss was $220.


    LANCASTER: A pizza delivery man working in the 200 block of Ruby Street Friday around 8 p.m. was approached by a man who produced a gun and demanded cash. The victim turned over a small amount.

    LANCASTER: A man was returning home after parking his car in the 700 block of First Street around 7 p.m. Saturday, when he was approached by two males — one 17-19 years old and the other 10-12. The two demanded everything the victim had, while the older male pointed a gun at him. They made off with about $200 worth of loot.


    LANCASTER: A caller reported a window on the front of a building in the 300 block of Hand Avenue was shot three times late Saturday night.
    From yesterday’s Police Log (click here).
         How many of these crimes are solved?  How often is an arrest made?  Why aren’t there pictures of the perpetrators being released to the public from the “Safety Coalition” cameras?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 16th, 2014 Becky 39 comments


    * It’s been two days of shock and sadness.  It certainly appears there will be a second arrest – if it has not already been made – in the horrific murder of 32-year-old school teacher Nicole Mathewson in her Lancaster home.  LNP will live stream a police press conference updating the murder investigation that is scheduled for 4:30 pm today (click here). 



         Marcus Anthony Rutter, 16, of the 700 block of East Marion Street, is charged with criminal homicide, burglary, criminal conspiracy to commit burglary and robbery.
    LNP, “16-year-old charged with killing elementary school teacher in the city,” (click here).


    Posted on December 15th, 2014 Becky 21 comments


    The homicide victim has been identified as Nicole Mathewson.  She is pictured here with her boyfriend, Cory Meek, in a Facebook photo from April of this year.


    **  At 9:10 a.m. December 15, 2014 Lancaster City Police were dispatched to a residence in the 700 blk. N. Franklin St. for an unresponsive female. Patrol officers located the victim, a 32-year-old female, inside of the home. The victim had what appeared to be visible traumatic injuries. Detectives were notified and responded to the scene. This incident is being investigated as an apparent Homicide. It was discovered that the victim’s vehicle is missing. 

    Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating the following vehicle:

    2005 Mazda 3 sedan, black in color

    PA registration FVN-8421 

    The below photo is a STOCK photo of a similar make / model vehicle: Homicide Car

    If this vehicle is located, or if anyone has any other information, please call Lancaster City Police at (717) 735-3300 or Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913. You can also click the Submit a Tip button on our website,, or Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by texting LANCS plus your message to 847411. Tipsters may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.     

    From the Police Press Release (click here).


    *   OMG!  LNP has come back with this – “City police chief ‘fired up’ about lack of witness cooperation in spate of city shootings,” (click here).
         The Chief is “fired up?”  He should be fired immediately.  He should have been fired years ago.  Where are the photos of the McDonalds shooter from July, Chief Sadler?  Why didn’t you ask him, LNP “reporter” P. J. Reilly?  This is disgusting! 



    The boarded up window at the McDonalds on Franklin Street after a shooting there on July 3rd of this year.  The shooter has never been arrested and a description and photos of the shooter have never been released to the public.  

         Lancaster police released little new information Sunday about a shooting Saturday night that left two men injured.
         Police on Sunday said the victims and witnesses were not cooperating with the investigation.
    From the LNP article, “Few new details released in McDonald’s shooting,” (click here).
          Now, according to the police, not even the witnesses are “cooperating!”  The folks who went to McDonalds for a Big Mac and fries and saw bullets fly and two men get shot don’t want to talk to the police?  Which police officer told you that, LNP?  Could you do your job and name them?
         Why aren’t they cooperating?  Everyone who was there can’t be involved in the shooting!  Are the relations between the police and the community that strained and lacking in trust that the public fears telling the police what they know?
          That McDonalds has cameras – just the same as they did with the first shooting on July 3rd of this year.  So where are the descriptions and photos of the shooters and their car?  Where the hell are they?  Protect the public and release information and do it now, Lancaster Police!
    Click here for “TURNING A BLIND EYE TO TOTAL POLICE INCOMPETENCE” and please check back later today.


    Posted on December 14th, 2014 Becky 9 comments


    Cassidy* I have a lot to say about today’s Sunday News Perspective section – but it will have to wait until tomorrow (plumbing emergencies – sigh).  Let me just say that editorial page editor, Suzanne Cassidy, has just landed as number one on my top ten worst list of 2014.  How do the Lancaster Newspapers keep finding these lying, disgusting hypocrites?  Amazing – and in the worst possible way!  I guess now we know how she went from being an obscure reporter to being promoted to the editorial page editor and writer!  She has no scruples or ethics!  Just what LNP looks for and wants in their employees!


    Updated: Sunday, December 14 2014, 08:50 AM EST
    Lancaster Police are investigating a shooting near the McDonald’s on Franklin Street in the city. Dispatch says there are at least two victims. Their conditions are unknown. The incident occurred at 9:45 this evening.Lancaster police investigating drive by shooting near McDonalds.    
    CBS-21 (click here) 

    Posted on December 13th, 2014 Becky 4 comments

    Santa Stumble

    He’s climbin in your windows
    He’s snatchin your people up
    Tryna rape em so y’all need to   
    Hide your kids, hide your wife
    Hide your kids, hide your wife
         Yes, tonight is the POL “Santa Stumble,” so beware and hide your kids and wife!  Have mercy!  Be safe out there!

    & SHELF IT, LNP!

    Mensch & Elf                   Bush and Baby Jesus

            Today, we’re issuing a goodwill challenge.
    From today’s LNP editorial, “Hunting #LNPgoodwill: We could use some cheer,” (click here).
         Well, isn’t that special?  The company that refuses to hire anyone of color (doesn’t that sound like I made it up – I didn’t!) could use some cheer!  Ho, Hum! Give it a rest, you racist bastards!  Spoiled white people problems!  And not the Baby Jesus again?  What, if I may ask, makes the Baby Jesus different from any other doll?  Am I missing something?
         And please stop with the Elf on a Shelf nonsense on your Facebook page.  It’s weird and it’s all been done (too often) before.  Why not feature a Mensch on a Bench?  He’s not creepy like the Elf and LNP!
         And in serious news, where is this robber’s picture – click here for “Victim follows robber until he pulls out gun to get away in Lancaster city?”  Is this a joke?  Why do all the mini markets have cameras?  To identify robbers so the police can arrest them so they can’t rob or possibly shoot anyone else!  I know this may come as startling information to the Lancaster Police and the police reporters at LNP –  but it’s true and you are welcome for the tip!  Now, put his picture out there so he can be arrested before he does this again!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on December 12th, 2014 Becky 7 comments



    Editorial Board

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 10th, 2014 Becky 21 comments


         I wanted to say this about Palmer Brown and the racism at LNP: I “unfriended” him on Facebook about a year ago because I knew this day would come.  Years ago – and I mean it has to be eight or nine years ago now – I brought up the fact that the Lancaster Newspapers had no minorities on their editorial staff on their old “Talkback” forum which Brown moderated.  Kate Harrison, one of the all time top posters on that forum, asked him if it was “intentional” on LNP’s part.  Brown did not respond.  That was a solid, unspoken “yes” from Brown who normally answered anything he was asked.
         So, we were Facebook friends as he went to the York papers and then to WGAL.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s brilliant in the digital world and social media.  His personal Facebook page was a source of constant amusement and humor.  And then I noticed that he left WGAL and went back to LNP when they began their huge “social media” focus.  And I unfriended him because I knew it was inevitable this day would come.
         Because when you work for a corrupt company, you have to become corrupt as well to stay.  If you knew a company you worked for was actually lying to their customers and stealing their money, any decent, honest person would do everything possible to leave that company as quickly as possible. 
         The Lancaster Newspapers are as corrupt and unethical a company as you can find.  And every employee who works there knows it – all they have to do is look around at their co-workers and it hits them in the face everyday.
        I am still shaking from the injustice that happened in a Lancaster County courtroom this past Friday and has been covered-up by the Lancaster Newspapers.  Thomas Greene’s mother (see the stories below), LaToya Hunter-Harvey, said to me in a phone conversation regarding the judge and the prosecutor after the sentencing, “They will all have to answer to God for this.” 
         I simply cannot imagine her pain. I don’t know how she can internalize this gross injustice.  And Ferguson has shown us that many have reached their breaking point and will no longer tolerate the kind of injustices Ms. Hunter-Harvey has seen take place within Lancaster’s courthouse, and the injustices that occur there everyday are endorsed and condoned by the Lancaster Newspapers.
    Please check back tomorrow.   

    * Another afternoon of emails and phone calls.


     Palmer    Palmer Brown, is that you behind the “” posts on their Facebook page?  Wow!  Have you really sunk this low?  This is nothing but lies and utter and disgusting nonsense – see the post from a family member under the same “boot camp” thread immediately below on this site.  I guess everyone has a price for their soul.


    Please check back later today.

  • **** – *** 12-9-14 – ** SECOND UPDATE – COMPLAINT FILED – * UPDATED 12-8-14- “THIS NEEDS TO BE SHARED”

    Posted on December 7th, 2014 Becky 26 comments

    **** First let’s start with the fact that the officers son actually had a REAL GUN. Next let’s be honest – they never apologized to my mother or my son after they bound him with zip ties (kidnapping attempt). Next let’s add in that the assistant district attorney Clark Madden NEVER once notified my mother or son of ANY of the hearings that were held. They had every right to be present. Then we will add that the officers son has been in and outta trouble with the law constantly. The other, the family had money. It’s all just bull! The supposed “boot camp” did not allow robbery criminals – how did these two jerks manage to be entered??
    Posted on the Lancaster Online Facebook page under the “Boot Camp” story by someone stating they are the female victim’s daughter.

    *** UPDATED 12-9-14- Taking another morning to make calls and send emails. 


    ** I have put in a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office and am awaiting a return call.  I have contacted many media outlets and I am working on contacting many more.  LNP has now responded with this absurd and sickening article, “Quehanna Boot Camp houses nearly two dozen Lancaster County offenders,” (click here). 
         There are so many things I could tear apart in this ridiculous story, but for today I’m just going to say – ask Thomas J. Greene and his mother, father and grandfather what they think about this sentence. Greene is doing a revised sentence of 8-1/2 to 20 years in state prison, reduced within the last month by Judge Margaret Miller from her original sentence of 16 to 35 years, for a similar, less violent home invasion (click here).
    Please check back tomorrow.

    * UPDATED 12-8-14 – As the commenter noted, “This needs to be shared” and I am spending my morning doing just that.  Please share this story with everyone you know and check back this afternoon.


          Would this alternative to prison for such a violent crime be afforded to teens of color, or those not from a suburban, upper middle class high school. It would be interesting to see some stats on this. This is the type of criminal justice action that leads to segments of the community feeling alienated, disaffected and discriminated. We’ve seen the consequences of this type of systemic stratification by race, ethnicity and class recently in Ferguson, New York and Cleveland. This needs to be shared.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Cop’s son and friend face 9-month stint in ‘motivational boot camp’ for raid of West Hempfield home,” (click here).
        Exactly.  And any decent news organization in this country would be writing about that – but not LNP.  An LNP reporter less than a month ago wrote another story about a then 17-year-old African-American teen being re-sentenced for a similar, less violent home invasion, to 8-1/2 to 20 years from his original sentence of 16-35 years.  But does LNP mention that or compare the sentences?
         There is righteous outrage in the many comments under the article about the special privilege these kids received – both because of race and one being a cop’s son – and LNP ignores it.  And on top of that, it would appear that the victims did not agree to the sentence – a requirement for the boot camp when a Judge overrides their eligibility requirements.
         Has LNP demanded answers from Judge Joseph Madenspacher, District Attorney Craig Stedman or Clarke Madden, the prosecutor from the State Attorney General’s office who was brought in supposedly to prevent exactly this from happening?  Why haven’t they demanded answers?
     Suzanne Cassidy     This is shocking and simply proves that LNP has not changed one bit.  Their new editorial editor, Suzanne Cassidy, can write all the goody two-shoes editorials she wants – but she’s lying and she knows it and the public knows it.   
         Run this racist, elitist company out of town.

    Posted on December 6th, 2014 Becky 15 comments

    * Please click here for the sentences in another, less violent, home invasion.  Thomas Greene was just re-sentenced on November 10th of this year to 8-1/2 to 20 years in prison, down from his original 16-35 year sentence.  I spoke to his mother this morning.


    Madenspacher1                Stedman1                Clarke Madden

    Judge Joseph Madenspacher, District Attorney Craig Stedman and Deputy Attorney General Clarke Madden.

         These three men need to resign their positions on Monday morning for the gross miscarriage of justice they perpetrated in the Lancaster County Courthouse Friday morning (see immediately below).  Oh, and Mr. Madden, I will hear from you?  No, your office will hear from me first thing Monday morning!


    Posted on December 5th, 2014 Becky 17 comments

    * I am so filled with shock and disgust after this morning’s sentencing that I need a night to try to cool down.  This is just unbelievable and sickening and has shaken me to my core.



    LANCASTER, PA:  Devin Gardill and Luke Karpathios were both sentenced separately this morning by Judge Joseph Madenspacher to two to five years in state prison for their violent home invasion in March of this year.  However, Madenspacher “skirted” the eligibility requirements (the robbery charge they both pleaded guilty to should have excluded them) and made them eligible for “Motivational Boot Camp.”  If they complete that six-month program, they can ask that their sentences be reduced.  So essentially, they have been sentenced to six months in Boot Camp.


    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 4th, 2014 Becky 7 comments


         I received a call from the State Attorney General’s office this morning about 11:00 am in response to my very early call and Renee told me the ARD program would not be a factor in tomorrow’s sentencing of Devin Gardill and Luke Karpathios.
         Last evening I saw the ARD entries on their dockets and emailed a knowledgeable friend to ask if by some possibility these two could be in the program.  I awoke to an answer that was not a “no.”  I could not imagine a reason a reference to it would even appear on their dockets.
          With the latest grand jury decision ringing in my ears and District Attorney Craig Stedman’s gross misconduct in his handling of the of G. Scott Davis case, Representative Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, I really put nothing past his office or the Judges in Lancaster County.  And that also includes the very recent re-sentencing of Thomas Green for a very similar, yet less violent, home invasion to 8-1/2 to 20 years from his original sentence of 16 to 35 years.
         A lawyer confirmed to me this morning that the ARD program was not in place and I posted the update immediately on this site.  So tomorrow we will find out the sentences that are imposed by Judge Madenspacher on these two young men who have not spent a moment in jail to date and were allowed to continue with their lives and finish high school during the last nine months since their terrible crimes.
         I have not forgotten the “Amish Mafia” stalking case and I received several emails regarding it (thank you).  I can find no previous charges of any kind for John Geiman, the alleged stalker charged with serious crimes.  So I will keep this on a back burner and report if any developments occur.  To the commenter (not posted for other reasons) who suggested it would behoove me to remove the victim’s names – I’m not going to remove them.  They are a matter of public record and just because LNP is not publishing them does not mean that this site will not publish them. 
         There are legitimate  and valid reasons the press chooses for the most part not to print the name of juveniles or the victims of sexual assaults.  Those do not apply here, and plus the private investigator has splashed his videos everywhere and Geiman’s lawyer, Steven Breit, very publicly alleged to LNP (and other media sources) that a broken affair was the motive behind the alleged crimes.    

    ** Just an addition to say the legal source (thank you) said these two pleaded guilty to very serious, violent crimes and stated in his opinion, “They are going to jail.”  I just want to point out that these two have not yet spent a single hour in jail.  They have been free on $50,000 unsecured bail, continued to attend public school and reportedly both graduated in June. 

    * A knowledge legal source just told me that these two have not been accepted into the ARD program.  They will be sentenced tomorrow.  It will be very interesting to see their sentences as this site has been covering the sentences in another very similar home invasion.  More later today.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    Karpathios                                               Gardill

              Luke Karpathios                                                      Devin Gardill

         It appears that one of the largest miscarriages of justice in years will occur in the Lancaster County Courthouse tomorrow.
         Luke Karpathios, the son of a prominent Lancaster businessman, and Devin Gardill, the son of a West Hempfield police officer, are scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Joseph Moadenspacher Friday morning.  They both pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, including robbery and burglary, and a slew of other charges this September for their armed, violent home invasion on March 2nd of this year (click here). 
         Both of them have this entry on their criminal docket:
         Order – Status, GP/ARD Scheduled
         It would appear they have been accepted into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program.  They are not eligible.
          From a Philadelphia law firm’s website (click here):
         First-time offenders charged with certain assault, white collar crimes such as embezzlement and theft, or DUI or DWI may qualify for the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program. People charged with other crimes do not qualify. ARD can help first-time offenders avoid the criminal justice system, and the program diverts these offenders into a program designed to rehabilitate offenders who are unlikely to commit another crime. The program helps first-time offenders:
    • Avoid jail time
    • Spend less time in court
    • Have a shorter driver’s license suspension period and avoid the mandatory one-year suspension
    • Spend less time doing community service
    • Avoid a conviction and keep your criminal record clean

         If you complete the ARD program successfully, you qualify for a record expungement, meaning that your criminal record will be cleared of the arrest, charges, and completion of the ARD program.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 2nd, 2014 Becky 25 comments

    ** Taking a break this afternoon.  Back tomorrow.


    * UPDATED 12-3-2014 -  This is part of an email I received (thank you).  To get up-to-date on this story, you need to read the comments under this post as I realized soon after publishing this story that I missed the obvious and P.I. Hall and Lawyer Steven Breit have to be working together:
    So let’s say the power couple needs to salvage their reputation after the wife fooled around, and to distract from the fact that she is an adulteress and he a cuckold.  The logical thing would be to make her into the stalking victim of a crazed lunatic.  If you wanted to destroy a guy you’d do no better than the Laurel & Hardy team of Hall & Breit – Hall to smear him with stalker photos fed to the media and Breit to pretend to represent the stalker when he’s really just mugging for the cameras and blabbing out stuff that helps the opposition and hurts his client.
          I would really be interested in knowing whether the most damning details (dousing gasoline but not lighting it, peeing on the car) are legit.
          Plus, if this guy is so dangerous as to attempt to burn a family’s house with them in it (as the reports imply), why would they let him free on bail?
          Something weird is going on here.


    BreitSean L. Hall

         His attorney Breit may not be too BRIGHT. Why on earth would your own attorney disclose this information? It certainly doesn’t make us sympathetic to your client, it doesn’t excuse or explain his behavior, and it doesn’t increase his legal standing on the charges. We get it, affairs happen, they never end well, but stalking and trying the burn their house down? I don’t think so. Double dose of dumbness. Compounded by a clueless attorney. I’d love to know his thoughts for disclosing this to the newspaper.
    Posted on the Lancaster Online Facebook page under the article, “Attorney: Alleged stalker of family was having an affair with the wife,” (click here).
         If you’ve read the comments under this morning’s post, you know this story has been brewing here all day.  And, of course, we don’t know if there really was an affair – although one of the victim’s Facebook friends posted “it happened” as an answer to another poster who questioned it.  The comment has since been taken down by the poster or a moderator but I would drop Melissa Herr from your friend’s list just as fast as you can. 
         But all of the other points this poster made are solid and dead-on.  So why did Steven Breit, who has always been a low-life, creepy lawyer besides being the legal consultant to and occasional “actor” in the Amish Mafia TV program, open his big mouth?
        Folks, it looks like we have a real life Amish Mafia war between Breit and the P.I. who nailed the stalker, Sean L. Hall.  He is featured in the bizarre YouTube video below which is also posted on his website.  And he is stating he was hired by big, real-life Amish Elders to investigate the series!  And one of his major assignments is to look into Esther Schmucker, who has been represented by Breit in the past.
         The victims, Michael J. and Amanda M. Minney, 1732 Temple Avenue, are a Lancaster power couple.  They are related to and know people in high places.  So, on top of the “Mafia” conflict, Breit probably figured he’d come out swinging and get some media attention as nothing can really make his client’s case look worse than it already does and the victims have powerful people standing behind them.
         The question in all of this is the stalker himself – John Geiman.  How does he know this couple, why did he do this and how did he come to hire Breit?  Absolutely nothing can “excuse” his alleged criminal actions and unless Breit personally witnessed a sexual encounter between Geiman and the victim, Breit is only mouthing what his client allegedly told him and he and reporter Brett Hambright should have made that absolutely clear.  And if Geiman committed all these awful acts, he should spend years in jail.
         But is Geiman a pawn in a war between Breit and Hall and how did all of that come about?  This is simply wild and hold onto your seats – this may become a true Amish Mafia affair and war!
    [Editor’s note:  I thought long and hard about publishing the victim’s names – but Protection From Abuse orders are public and in the coming days – at Geiman’s preliminary hearing and future court proceedings – their names will constantly be on the public record.  LNP states they are currently keeping them private – we will see how long that lasts.]



    Posted on December 2nd, 2014 Becky 18 comments


    wrecking ball

         Have you noticed LNP now has “Sponsored Content” – click here for “9 clever ways to hide your Elf on a Shelf.”  What the heck is this? An ad disguised as an article?  What the heck is it?
    Please check back later today.