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    Posted on October 25th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


          DA Stedman caused a stir at the NAACP forum when he opened with a declaration that there is no systematic racial discrimination in Lancaster County.
    From the September 28, 2014 LNP editorial, “We must confront the issue of race in Lancaster,” (click here).       
         Stedman is a “good” liar but this time he lied to a group of people who know the truth! And the editors and reporters at LNP are also liars because there has been systematic racial discrimination at LNP for years and years and they all know it and nothing has been done about it. And LNP simply ignores the massive racial injustices that go on in the county courthouse and District Judges’ courtrooms across the county every single day under Stedman.
         The Lancaster NAACP and the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission should be speaking out about Stedman and telling everyone in the state what a racist and a liar he is!
         There will be more tomorrow.



         The four cases below should have ended District Attorney Craig Stedman’s career. Instead, with the help of LNP covering-up for him, he is running to be a Superior Court Judge.
         This is an outrage and the State Attorney General’s office should review these cases and take Stedman’s law license away. The four cases are:

    —  The November 12, 2012 car crash of Katie West that killed her husband and son. They charged a trucker, recent immigrant Emmanuel Noviho, who was acquitted in a jury trial of two counts of vehicular homicide. West was high on heroin and was not charged with any crime. Her brother is then county commissioner and now state senator Scott Martin.


    —  The shooting death of two-month-old Kestyn Davis by her father, G. Scott Davis, on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013. Davis is the step brother-in-law of state representative Bryan Cutler and received unbelievably preferential treatment.


    —  The violent home invasion on March 2, 2014 in Mountville by Luke Karpathios and Devin Gardill. Gardill is the son of a West Hempfield Township police officer and the preferential treatment these two received is beyond outrageous and absolutely unconscionable.


    —  The shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in Mountville on August 12, 2016. The District Attorney’s office closed this case in under 11 hours and announced that the shooter, 17-year-old George Rosado would be charged as a juvenile. This entire case needs to be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 24th, 2017 Becky 9 comments


          The three most recent police officer killings in the city of Lancaster are listed below. In the last two cases, District Attorney Craig Stedman refused and continues to refuse to name the officers involved. This is unacceptable! There are also allegations that Stedman lied in several of these cases.
         There will be more tomorrow. This is only the tip of the iceberg why Stedman should never be a Superior Court Judge!

    Gregory S. Bayne, 35, killed on June 10, 2013. Officer named.


    Anthony Quinn Gomez, Jr., 29, killed on May 19, 2015. Officers involved not named.


    Jose Efrain Rodriquez, 18, killed on January 24, 2017. Officers involved not named.




         Below is November’s ballot with the Superior Judge options (the red through Stedman is mine).
         How many reasons do you need to know that District Attorney Craig Stedman should never be a Superior Court Judge or any judge for that matter? How much time do you have?
    Please check back later today.

  • — *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * A WHOLE LOT OF JUDGES!

    Posted on October 23rd, 2017 Becky No comments

    — — —  Doing some research this afternoon. — — —



         Thomas Greene is out of prison! He is pictured here following his release with his mother, Latoya Hunter-Harvey. Click here to read his story: “LNP: CONDONES THE BLATANT RACISM IN THE COURTS,” and there will be much more on this to come.             


    **   Remember this very recent LNP article, “Lancaster attorney suspended for 5 years,” (click here).
          Ben Vonderheide of has been all over this story for over a year (click here). And LNP doesn’t tell you but former Attorney Jeffrey Mohler worked at Clymer Conrad PC (see immediately below). Why wouldn’t LNP mention that? This involves a candidate to be a Lancaster County Judge! Unbelievable!



    *    While attorneys Jeffrey A. Conrad and Shawn P. McLaughlin received ratings of “not recommended.”
         …Conrad, 50, a shareholder with Clymer Conrad PC, is a criminal defense attorney who previously worked as a prosecutor. The former U.S. Marine Corps officer was also a county commissioner in Perry County
         “I’m certainly shocked and bit disappointed,” Conrad said. “I’m looking forward to reaching out to all of my friends and colleagues on the Republican committee here in Lancaster County and seeking their endorsement. … I’m thinking my conservative values will play well with (them).”

    From the LNP “insider” story, “Lancaster Bar Association releases ratings of 5 candidates for potential judiciary seat,” (click here).
          How does this happen in Lancaster County? How did this man get on the ballot? This is disgraceful! From November’s sample ballot:


    WORRY ABOUT 2017!

    (Click here for the “insider” story online).

         It is not pleasant to wake up to a very large picture of Donald Trump’s face! Not pleasant at all.
         And unbelievably, LNP editor Tom Murse makes the above their lead story in the print edition this morning with a very large Trump face (and a smaller insert) and with the November election just two weeks away.
         Let’s worry about the upcoming election not 2018! This November’s ballot is long with a great many important positions on the line.
         Click here to view your sample ballot and please check back later today.



    Posted on October 22nd, 2017 Becky 9 comments


    *    To “Frank Lee” who has always questioned how Mayor Gray has improved the quality of life in Lancaster – here is your answer! This is from the LNP video under their story, “Mayor Rick Gray says he accepts his Governor’s Award on behalf of Lancaster’s artists,” (click here):
         There was always a big art community in Lancaster. What it’s done – it’s a – you know people – when you talk about the quality of life, if people are surrounded with beauty, with public art, with galleries – it raises their expectations, it raises their feelings about their community and about their city.


         That connection and outreach is at the crux of Gray’s contributions, longtime friend Robert L. Pfannebecker says:
         …A local lawyer and internationally known collector of contemporary American crafts, Pfannebecker says Gray and her husband, who became Lancaster mayor in 2006, have used their visibility to continue their work as strong proponents of Lancaster arts.
    From the LNP article, “Gail Gray to be honored for leadership at Governor’s Awards for the Arts,” (click here).
          Pfannebecker (pictured far left) has been the city’s solicitor since 2006 and is currently fighting editor Robert Field’s Right to Know request for city documents regarding the CRIZ and LNP and the Marriott! Of course, LNP doesn’t tell us that!

    Posted on October 21st, 2017 Becky 4 comments


    This just amuses me! The music is catchy! Has anyone actually been hooked up? WTH?


    Posted on October 20th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


         A bail bondsman put up $20,000 in surety bonds for Melvin Hartman so he is out of jail and out about $2,000 already (see his docket below the comment). That is because while prices vary, most bail bondsmen charge roughly 10% of the bail amount and they keep that no matter what.
         This is regarding the arrest and charges filed against Melvin Hartman and the LNP story, “Martic Township man charged with using ‘pen’ to take audio, video recordings at courthouse,” (click here).
         A commenter on Lancaster Online under the article posted one of the best things I have read regarding the related issue of the “cell phone ban” in the courthouse. I also spoke with a lawyer a while back who felt the court should absolutely provide lockers. And as the commenter points out – this goes directly to the physical safety of many people. Something needs to be done! (I have broken it into several paragraphs for easier reading and the docket is below).      
         I’ve often asked, “Why if you can’t bring a cell phone into the courthouse’s proceedings don’t they have lockers to put them into in the lobby that people would feed money into for the convenience, the courthouse would turn a profit, it would discourage downtown vehicle break ins, and people wouldn’t be totally pissed when they showed up with a cell phone out of the ignorance of not knowing the newest set of rules?”
         Why, because its just one more way to control people. I mean, as a driver, it’s inconvenient to leave my phone in the car where it could be broken into and stolen, but like most people these days, EVERYTHING is on my phone… calendar, my contact numbers, my email, my ability to communicate…… BUT I seriously feel for the pedestrians of the city, who have no car to leave their phone in, and end up having to leave home without it due to having nowhere to leave it when they enter the courthouse… way for schools or babysitters to reach parents in an emergency, no way to get calls from family, jobs, no way for a woman with a PFA attending court that day to call someone for help if she encounters the person she is seeking protection from who is also going to the courthouse for the same hearing, etc. 
         If the courthouse is going to impose these rules on the general public, then they should make accommodations such as lockers to be available to the public as well.
         If I had the money, I would apply for a permit and post lockers somewhere close to the courthouse and sit back collecting locker fees just like parking meters!


    *     I am always so impressed as to how insightful the LNP Editorial Board is, and how they know how to resolve any issue that a School Board faces. They have ALL of the answers. I would love to know if any of them have ever been elected to a public office and have the responsibility that they are always so very quick to criticize.
    Manheim Township School Board President Mark Anderson posting under today’s LNP editorial, “School District of Lancaster officials get a “needs improvement” grade for handling of problematic principal,” (click here).


         I love it! Keep going after them, Mark! Suzanne Cassidy, the opinion editor, has proven herself to be a despicable liar, hypocrite and fraud. And yes, 22-year-old Alex Geli, who first worked for LNP in sports, then as an editorial writer and now as an education “reporter,” certainly has years of experience and insight into knowing how principals and School Boards should act. And don’t get me started on “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige, who according to the editorial gave Geli “an assist.” Well, actually see immediately below!



         “Surreptitious recording of any conversation is a violation of The Wiretap Act and is punishable criminally,” said President Judge Dennis Reinaker in an email Thursday.
    From the LNP article, “Martic Township man charged with using ‘pen’ to take audio, video recordings at courthouse,” (click here).        
         So why hasn’t the person who secretly taped the executive session of the Manheim Township School Board and gave it to LNP been charged? You mean these seasoned detectives can’t figure it out? Why not?      From an entry in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP that involves the illegal recording and lists emails between then Superintendent John Nodecker and LNP’s Susan Baldrige (click here).
         And the evidence is pointing more and more toward Baldrige knowing full well who made the illegal recording and possibly encouraging the person to do so. If she did encourage the illegal recording, will she be charged with a felony count of conspiracy?
    There will be much more later today.


    Posted on October 19th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         It is important that this story gets statewide attention as it is so disturbing in our free society where open courtrooms are at the core of our justice system. Two felonies and $20,000 cash bail for this man? And District Attorney Craig Stedman wants to be a Superior Court Judge? Absolutely not! Put him in jail for filing false and senseless charges!


    **  When I first read about the “Livescribe pen” in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP, I thought someone might try this at the courthouse (click here for the article on this site).  Apparently someone did!
         Two felonies? $20,000 cash bail!
         The last time I was at the courthouse and tired of paying $10.00 a day for a law firm to hold my phone and not being able to contact anyone the whole day long; and seeing LNP reporter Jonas Fortune sitting in the courthouse hallway with a cell phone and a laptop, I went into court administration and asked about an exemption to the cell phone ban. Their answer still astonishes me and I will no longer accept it!    


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    $20,000 CASH BAIL!

    (Click here for the District Attorney’s press release)

         This is unbelievable. Melvin Hartman’s bail is $20,000 cash! Have these people lost their minds? What is happening in this country? Will the ACLU get involved?



    (Click here)

         Do you like your boss? Are you good friends with your boss? Have you ever worked anywhere where everyone loves the boss? Do you talk about your boss behind his or her back? Do you tell your boss to his or her face that you think they are the scum of the earth or do you praise them hoping for a promotion and a raise? Are all Marines mean all the time?
         Do you think Alex Geli likes all of his bosses? Do you think he is being taught good journalism at LNP? Do you think he has carefully read their journalism code of ethics? Does LNP have a code of ethics?
         So many questions – so little time!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 18th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


            Let’s just say that now LNP “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige taught now education reporter Alex Geli when she was an English teacher at Penn Manor High School. Sigh! I warned you once before, Alex! Get the heck out of LNP!
         There will be more tomorrow.


         Some days you have to have some fun and good news in between the gloom and doom. And the guy behind the Columbia Spy is serving it up! Who knew the Albatwitch liked apples? (Click here for a fun story and fantastic pictures!)
         And do you see the “Hinkle’s” sign behind the Albatwitch hunter in the above photo? Yes, the Columbia Spy has good news about that as well. It will be purchased and remain as a restaurant! Wonderful news (click here). Will they serve the Albatwitch apples?


    *    The first is pursuing NewsLanc’s right to obtain the files pertaining to the $9 million CRIZ award for the Marriott Hotel expansion. The State agreed we were entitled to the information and told the City to hand over the files. The City is using taxpayer money to appeal the state’s decision through the court system and thus conceal the actions of Mayor Richard Gray and his administration. NewsLanc will absorb the costs, from $10,000 to $20,000, to pursue our rights and  the rights of the citizenry to know what has been going on behind the scenes.
    By Robert Field of (click here).
         Robert is keeping his promise and he has hired a Philadelphia Law Firm to represent him in the city’s appeal. The city is paying the Lancaster firm of Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort & Albert, LLP trying to keep these documents from the public (see below). I will follow this and also put in a Right to Know request for how much the city is paying their law firm trying to keep these documents a secret from the public.
         Where is your coverage, LNP? Oh, that’s right – you are half of the Penn Square Partners and you are trying to keep these documents from the public as well! Unbelievable!


          You can watch last night’s SDoL School Board meeting, where in the first two minutes they address the Bill Jimenez issue (click here). He has resigned. From the board:
         Last Thursday, just five days ago, the school district received a report of an alleged, inappropriate verbal statement by Dr. Jimenez to a staff member that had reportedly occurred near the start of this school year.
         They went on to say that his replacement job offer was withdrawn by the board yesterday and while “Dr. Jimenez denies having made the alleged statement,” he has resigned.
         You can also read LNP “reporter” Alex Geli’s account (pictured left) where he actually found some people who liked and respected Jimenez – click here for, “McCaskey High School Principal Bill Jimenez, recently placed on paid leave, resigns.”        
    Note:  I will be squishing Geli like an ant later today!


    Posted on October 17th, 2017 Becky 2 comments



         @Frank Lee…I agree with your assessment 100%. Same Ole, Same Ole Sorace is a Gray clone with LESS intellect than he has…that does not bode well for the future. Her GOP challenger seems to be mailing it in. Dastra, regardless of his worthiness, cannot win as a 3rd party outsider with little or no backing. This race was decided when the City Dems endorsed Danene. I hope they will be held accountable later but it is unlikely.
    This comment in under “AND CHRISTINA HARTMAN!” below.
         I agree about Tony Dastra. As much as I appreciate him live-streaming city council and other meetings, he can’t possibly win. I do hope he runs for city council the next time a seat is open.
         Please don’t split the vote in November as the Democrats did in the primary when Kevin Ressler and Norman Colon split the vote so Sorace won. If you are unhappy with what has happened under Mayor Gray and Sorace, then vote for Cindy Stewart. I agree she is a very long shot but if nothing else, it will let people know that they are not satisfied with what has been going on for years in the city – with money being poured into the six block magazine section only and crime being virtually ignored.
         One quick note about this morning’s piece – there was this in the LNP story on McCaskey principal Jimenez where they are quoting an unnamed retired SDoL teacher who didn’t want her name used because she still substitutes in the district:
         She said that those who fell in line with Jimenez’s orders were his “henchmen.” Another popular term among teachers was “FOB” — Friends of Bill. If Jimenez’s “friends” would catch another teacher speaking out against the principal, there would be consequences.
         Obviously there are those who like Jimenez and there was not a single quote from anyone who does. That is outrageous and why I call it a character assassination piece. Unbelievable! And to put “He’ll squish you like an ant” in the headline is totally over-the-top and inappropriate! Does anyone at LNP know what they are doing?
    *    This press release just in from Christina Hartman’s campaign. Dump the schmuck, Lloyd!



    (Click here for the “insider” story online.)

         LNP, desperate for answers regarding the strange happenings with McCaskey Principal Bill Jimenez, take a really low road! They name exactly one former teacher in this article and one parent who has two sons in the district.
         Talk about character assassination! Wow! LNP’s journalism standards have been thrown out the window.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 16th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         The election is only a few weeks away and it has been so quiet. I found this list of candidate forums for mayor on Republican Cindy Stewart’s Facebook page. I will try to find out more and if any will be live-streamed/recorded for the public to view.

         And Christina Hartman is doing well in her race against the Schmuck according to the below press release received today. Go Christina, go!

  • 10-16-17 UPDATE – SUE LNP! NO LIP TODAY!

    Posted on October 15th, 2017 Becky 1 comment

    10-16-17 UPDATE Still feeling pretty dreadful and this LNP story – “Elizabethtown insulation company sued by former human resources manager for racial discrimination,” – didn’t make me feel any better (click here). When, oh when, is someone going to sue racist LNP?

         I have a terrible change of season cold! Hopefully, LIP News will  be back tomorrow.


    Posted on October 14th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


         A couple more notes today:
    —  You should really watch the city council meeting where the police requested a special security zone around the police station and city council candidate Ismail Smith-Wade-El’s response (click here and he actually mentions the NAACP). I was in Lancaster on Wednesday and went by the police station twice and I did not see a single person loitering or hanging out anywhere near the station. Not a single soul. I also went into the station since I have not been inside since they installed the bullet proof glass. Let’s just say I was not greeted warmly (they had no idea who I was) and the bullet proof glass goes to within about four or five inches of the ceiling.
    —  Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler may be leaving Lancaster because there is a new mayor coming in – but it also occurred to me it may also be because of his part in retired Philadelphia police officer Sterling Staton’s lawsuit against the city and officer Todd Dickinson. Apparently Sadler used his remaining influence with the Philadelphia police department to bad mouth Staton to support his officers. The corruption in Lancaster is astounding! I received and responded to a subpoena regarding Staton’s lawsuit two weeks ago and there will be an update on this site shortly.

    —  Gerald Green has requested the court end his custody complaint against his ex-wife Amber Martin who is now married to State Senator Scott Martin. If you recall, there was a huge, contentious fight between the attorneys in the complaint and it was reported exclusively on this site.

    —  They snuck this plea in on a Friday afternoon (click here for the press release on the District Attorney’s CrimeWatch website). President Judge Dennis Reinaker’s comments do not bode well for Marquell Rentas who was also involved and it looks like another young black man will be spending most of his life behind bars. Where is the NAACP? There will be more on these cases tomorrow.

    —  The residents of Columbia are trying to do something about their crime situation (click here for the Columbia Spy article). Good for them! Why isn’t anyone in Lancaster demanding that the mayor and city council address the unsolved murders and crimes?


    Posted on October 13th, 2017 Becky 17 comments


          A couple of notes to finish up the week:
    —  I was going to apologize to District Judge Bruce Roth but his comment about my father was so crass and out-of-line that I will not. And I’m not sure that because a 20-year-old says he’s homeless and jail would make him feel safe, that means we put him there! There must be other options for this struggling young adult.
         I’m also concerned about Roth’s office telling me twice that I need a full-time job to post bail and I wonder if they are doing that to discourage individuals from posting bail and having to do the paperwork. Having only one individual posting bail in five years that was not through a bail bondsman is unacceptable and I plan to look into it further.
         And thank you to the caller the other night who really, really doesn’t like Roth. Keep the calls coming!
    —  Some good Friday news – you may have noticed in the comments on this site that Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife and author of a book about him has a new name! She got remarried! Congratulations!
    —  And there simply are no words for LNP failing to inform the public about the alleged domestic violence by Sadler and removing his ex-wife, Rosaura T. Thomas’ comments under their stories and removing anyone’s comment that mentioned domestic violence. As I’ve said many times, they are a complete disgrace to journalism and the public.
    —  And that brings me to The Caucus and what a joke it is. I am republishing the below comment that came into this site because this person nails it! My only disagreement – LNP did have a Gary Hart sort of story – and, as you said – totally ignored it and kept it from the public. That would be State Senator Scott Martin with his secret divorce, secret remarriage, secret divorce again and then marrying the county treasurer. But Martin helped them out with their convention center/hotel and who knows when they might need his help again? Everyone in Harrisburg needs to know what a greedy, lying and disgusting company LNP really is!
          I think I can answer your last question regarding why the “Caucus” addresses trivialities in the larger scheme of things, and won’t dare touch anything of meaning and importance: From all outward appearances, and knowing what we do about the incestuous financial relationships LNP has with certain newsmakers…and lawmakers, it looks as if the Caucus was specifically and strategically set up to 1. make it look like the parent company is, actually, a “news” organization, when it is not (i.e. to try to hide those incestuous conflicts of interest and; 2) and more importantly, to curry favor with lawmakers from outside Lancaster County that they do not yet have relationships with currently, but will need to cultivate as their avarice and greed only grows. They can accomplish that by pissing off and outing piddly lawmakers whose vote they do not need, to the delight and glee of the rest…who matter to them.
         It is just drawing their power and corruption into a wider net, while trying to fool the public into thinking they are a serious, unbiased news organization. I promise you that if one were to gift them with a, say, Gary Hart type story about Lloyd Smucker (I am just using that as an example), the girl would still be sitting in his lap while they cover copy machines. This strategy also helps should they face legal scrutiny or any other kind of oversight for some of their boneheaded, if not downright unethical, immoral or illegal, actions over the past few years. Call it a preemptive strike.


    **   The LNP article on the police station, “Lancaster City Council hears concerns about police station security zone, lead-paint inspections,” is here. But LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher is a liar and you can watch this on Tony Dastra’s “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).

    *    LNP has made the Sadler story an “insider” article online – click here.


         Below: An article on Police Chief Keith Sadler from today’s LNP print edition, next to it the article on the police requesting a “safety zone,” an online petition to fire Lancaster City Police Officer Todd Dickinson (click here) and a quote from Mayor Gray from the article on Sadler.


    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 12th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         As to District Judge Bruce Roth’s assertion yesterday that I am a terrible reporter, with all due respect, I disagree and state that the LNP reporters and editors are far, far worse. I strive to tell the truth. I am not swayed by money and keeping Mayor Gray in office and in the public’s good graces because he is going to obtain millions of dollars in taxpayer monies for me.
         And to yesterday’s story on Police Chief Sadler leaving, I am reprinting my post about LNP’s opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy’s first editorial after her promotion in September of 2014 (the original is here).  
         There will be more tomorrow. The headline to the below was “A TERRIBLE, LYING START…”

    —   I received an email with a link to this petition today (click here).

    **** They added the below charge yesterday and “criminal mischief.” Surely they can find some more charges to add – five might not be enough to put him in jail for a couple of years!

    ***  Shaw-Cannon is still in jail and they increased his bail and added two new charges at his preliminary hearing yesterday (see below). Unbelievable. Under the original article, a commenter said on this site, “It’s Lancaster and he’s black. If he was white, the cops would have sent him on his way.”
         This has reached a level of absurdity and it is disgusting and I will continue to follow his case.


    **   Delonte Shaw-Cannon is either very mentally ill or an actor. He confirmed that he told District Judge Bruce Roth at his arraignment that he was homeless and jail was the only place he would feel safe. And Roth obliged and sent him to jail.
          He changed his mind yesterday at his preliminary hearing. He wanted to leave jail and stay with his mother. When I left court yesterday, the Judge and his public defender, Courtney Monson, were trying to call his mother to see if she agreed.
         But Shaw-Cannon also stated that while in jail someone was using “mind control” on him and he had thoughts of “committing murders and raping.” He also said he had “weird dreams” of committing almost all the crimes you can imagine and then ended with “touching himself.” He said someone was “invading his mind.”
         Someone needs to give this 20-year-old a mental evaluation stat to see if this is true or if he is playing games with the court!

    *     I am not going to revisit the incest story. I will simply republish this email I sent to my brothers and sisters on May 2, 2002 (it and another email are published on the original LIP News website – click here) and then I will move on to why Delonte Shaw-Cannon wanted to go to jail.

          I understand that our family has been keeping yet another secret.  Tom molested his own brother Steve and you knew.  I think it would have been nice if someone had told me before I sent my son to Canada for a week by himself.  Very nice.
        I come from a normal, nice home, but I have a brother who molested his younger brother (by the way that’s a CRIME) and his “foster” brother.  But let’s keep that a secret so everyone thinks we’re the nice, normal family that’s better than everyone else because our father is a PROFESSOR.
        And you are surprised that my therapist immediately saw sexual abuse – and you say it couldn’t have been our father.  I wonder what other secrets are out there.
        Why didn’t you ever suggest to your twin that he gets help – before he lands in jail.  Shit, the Catholic Church has nothing on the Holzinger family.


         “Your father was a wonderful man,” District Judge Bruce Roth told me in open court yesterday.
         Roth attended Franklin & Marshall College for two years.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 11th, 2017 Becky 15 comments


          District Judge Bruce Roth announced in open court this afternoon that he expects a full apology from me and that I am the worst reporter ever!  And then he took a very cheap shot. Details will come tomorrow!

    **   The first comment under the story on Lancaster Online is below. Is that ever correct! Unbelievable!


     *** BREAKING NEWS ***



         Mayor Gray stated at last night’s city council meeting that Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler is leaving (the LNP story shown above is in this morning’s print edition and not currently online).      You can watch last night’s meeting on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).


    Posted on October 10th, 2017 Becky 7 comments

    —  Making phone call this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


         If the invoice remains unpaid we will file suit against Ms. Schmucker at the local Magisterial District Justice office.
         So, the law office of Scott E. Albert is threating to file a suit in Scott E. Albert’s District Justice office. Isn’t that convenient? See below.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***



         District Judge Scott E. Albert, pictured above right, has a private law practice (click here for his website). His office represented and then sued “Amish Mafia” star Esther Schmucker for non-payment.
          On August 4th of this year, he presided over the preliminary hearing for Schmucker’s boyfriend and abuser, Imir Williams. He should have recused himself. He will be reported to the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board. See below.



    (Click here for the “insider” story online)

         This is nothing but an ad for Lloyd Smucker. There is nothing new in this article. Nice of Smucker to provide LNP the photos.

    (Click here)

         And here’s another ad by Tom Baldrige who pays himself $262,000 a year and whose wife is an “investigative reporter” for LNP and he broke the PA Ethics Code by voting to give LNP millions in CRIZ money. Nice, LNP! “Buy local.” There’s a new concept! There is absolutely nothing new in this blatant ad. You have to work harder to earn that $262,000, Tom!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 9th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


    [Editor’s note: All court offices in the state were closed today. There will be an update on Delonte Shaw-Cannon tomorrow.]

    From the October 5th, 2013 post on this site (click here for the original).
         I am making this afternoon’s update a separate post because it is long and this is a warning that some may find this difficult to read. I was interested in what type of cases District Judge Bruce Roth’s partner in his private firm, attorney John H. May, handled. I didn’t get very far until I noticed the name Yelcick.
         This was one of the largest miscarriages of justice in Lancaster County in the last few years and there is a commenter to this site (“huh?”) who often brings this case up.
         May sued former doctor John Yelcick in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas and the case, because they are asking for more than $75,000 in damages, was subsequently moved to the Federal Court in the Eastern District of PA and it is currently ongoing (click here).
         Yelcick served 15 days in prison for this – click here for LNP’s, “Former LGH doctor who moved dead body will serve 15 days in prison.”
         He did much more than move a dead body. Once again, some people may find this lawsuit very disturbing (click here for the full suit in the Lancaster Court of Common Pleas and where the below screenshots were  taken).
    —  One other note: On the lawsuit in the Lancaster Common Pleas Court, May lists his firm as The Personal Injury Law Group, LLC – the one he shares with Roth. On the federal lawsuit he lists his firm as the Lancaster firm of May, May & Zimmerman, LLP.

    Posted on October 9th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


    **   Oh, this is rich and just astoundingly ironic! District Judge Bruce Roth was very quick to comment under the LNP update story about a bear released from a cage in 2015 (click here)! Yes, worry about a bear and not a 20-year-old human being in a cage! Unbelievable!


    FROM 20 TO 19

    *    Have you noticed the absolute lack of hard news in LNP, especially the print edition, since Tom Murse became their managing editor for news and sports? 
         And an actual good news story happened that got very little attention and I wonder why? That would be this from the District Attorney’s press release, “Grand Jury Leads to Charges against 2 Men in 2015 Homicide in Lancaster,” (click here).
         Two men have been charged with the murder of Edward Cameron on September 7, 2015. He was one of the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” under Mayor Gray under the above tab on this site and his name has been removed and the total is now nineteen.
         Did you forget that there was a grand jury empaneled by District Attorney Craig Stedman? That’s because we haven’t heard another word since March 8th, 2017 when there was one LNP article, “Unsolved murders get another look; Lancaster County district attorney calls grand jury to aid in investigations,” (click here).
         That is partly because everything with grand juries is “super secret” or so DA Stedman tells the public and generally that is true but not everything. There will be more to come on this: How many more unsolved murders will be solved, why did it take a grand jury to solve them, how much is this costing the public and why are there so many unsolved murders in Lancaster County in the first place? And why did they announce this case when DA spokesman Brett Hambright has stated in the past that even the cases where charges are brought are “secret?”       


          And to think they released him on bail!
         —  Probably gives him one last chance to touch another little girl before his court date buuuuut once again court system is a joke. Sick pedophile.
    Posted as a comment and then a response on Lancaster Online under the LNP story by Jennifer Todd, “Mount Joy man charged with sexually assaulting girl over period of several years,” (click here).
         From the article:
         The alleged assaults began in 2003, when the girl was 3 years old, and continued through 2012, according to an arrest affidavit. The alleged incidents took place at Spath’s home. 

    District Judge Scott Albert

         District Judge Scott E. Albert released this man on $100,000 unsecured bail. And look at the charges on his docket below – just one felony and one misdemeanor charge. They could have charged him for every time he allegedly touched her over the course of those nine years but they have only charged him once.
         A suburban, 70-year-old white man. It is nice to be white in Lancaster County.
        As the commenter said, maybe he’ll get to “touch” another little girl before his court date.
         And long time LNP reporter Todd doesn’t question it at all and will LNP’s editorial department write about this incredible miscarriage of justice and how we need to protect our children?
           He began when the girl was three. Absolutely horrific!
          And does bail mean anything in Lancaster County? Is it possible for a citizen to step in and post 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon’s 10% of $1,000 dollar bail to get him out of jail – or will District Judge Bruce Roth do everything in his power to impede it and does Shaw-Cannon really, really want to stay in Lancaster County Prison?
    Please see the stories immediately below and check back later today.   


    Posted on October 8th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


    (Click here)

         This has been a top story on Lancaster Online for several days now. The comments under it are a hoot!
          And the LNP “reporter” doesn’t include it, but Lancaster City is so welcoming it is also where 20-year-old men of color want to go to jail! Imagine that? That should be worth a mention!


    Posted on October 7th, 2017 Becky 16 comments

    *** Actually, Ronald Fantazier was free on bail from a previous charge when he was arrested for his 11th offense. So he broke his bail conditions – and he still got unsecured bail?


     **   Ronald Earl Fantazier has a problem with theft. He has 10 separate charges since June of 2010. He was arrested again on September 28th and charged with a third degree felony for theft. What amount did District Judge Bruce Roth set as his bail? $5,000 unsecured. Unsecured bail! He is free as a bird! 
         So all those people who comment on this site about everything that is taken into consideration when a District Judge sets bail, including their criminal history, please tell me why this man’s bail, after 10 previous charges, is unsecured? Is it because he’s white?
          Please see the screenshots below.

    *    I have been checking bond requirements and I have not found one that mentions the requirement that the person posting the bail must have a full time job. This was the first thing District Judge Bruce Roth’s office asked me the two times I called last week about posting the bail for Delonte Shaw-Cannon. They stated I must have a full time job and be able to “prove” it (see the story immediately below on this site). Are they doing this to purposely “discourage” those who want to post bail?


    Magisterial District Judge Bruce A. Roth

    (Click here)

          How can Lancaster County District Judge Bruce A. Roth be a partner in a personal injury law firm (click here)?



    Posted on October 6th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


          “He wanted to go to jail,” I was told by Crystal in District Judge Bruce Roth’s office today about 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon.
         She would not give me the reason he apparently gave for wanting to go to jail.
         When I asked for specifics regarding paying the $100 dollars bail which is 10% of his $1,000 bail and providing proof that I have the full $1,000 should he default – she put me on hold and then came back and said she had been speaking with the Judge.
         She said the Judge stated I could not bail him out unless the defendant himself says he wants to be bailed out.
         This, of course, raises the question of whether a defendant can request jail. If the defendant met the guidelines to have been released on his own recognizance, or an unsecured amount of bail, can he “request” bail so he can go to jail?  If there is no legitimate legal reason for setting bail, why should the public pay to house and feed him? And can he refuse to be bailed out?
          And, of course, why in the world would this 20-year-old want to go to jail?
         And we never got to the bottom of what I would have to provide to bail him out – it stopped with the requirement that I have a full time job. I replied that I am retired. Believe it or not this stumped them and then I found out why. Crystal told me than in her five years in Judge Roth’s office they had only bailed out one individual. One person in five years.
         She did say that they have had bail bondsmen bail people out. After I talked to their office two days ago and I said I was in Philly and could not bring in cash that day (they do not take credit cards), they suggested I call a local bail bondsman. I called two in Lancaster. One said he could not help me and the other said he charges a minimum fee of $275 for his services.
         There are lots and lots of questions to be answered here and I will do my best in the coming days.



    Shaw-Cannon’s mugshot

          Dissent — truly effective dissent — should be nonviolent, but nonviolent doesn’t mean comfortable. Peaceful doesn’t mean warm and fuzzy. And just because dissent risks overreaction by a king, a president, or a Republican state senator in Lancaster County, doesn’t mean government actors should give in to that temptation.
    From a column special to LNP by Ephrata attorney Mitchell Sommers, “King George tried to shut down dissent, and look how that worked out,” (click here).    
         Sommers is the only good thing in LNP and his column is well worth the read and to understand what State Senator Scott Martin is trying to do with his truly appalling Senate Bill #754.
         In the meantime, 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon sits in Lancaster County Prison for allegedly trying to burn an American flag in Penn Square (click here for the police press release). He is in prison. He is sitting in a jail cell at your expense. And no one is speaking up about it and the fact that racism is clearly involved in his case.
         I tried to bail him out from Philadelphia (his bail is set at 10% of $1,000). It’s not as easy as you think. 
    That and more will come later today.  


    Posted on October 5th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


         It is never a good day when you have to call a lot of lawyers and know the odds of them actually speaking with you are below one percent – so:
    —  As noted below, I left a message with Luke Murray’s defense attorney.
    —  The woman who answered the phone in District Justice Jeffrey Mensch’s office said they have nothing to do with the charges being withdrawn. She said that if all the parties agreed to withdraw the charges then the Judge would do that. She suggested I call the District Attorney who was in their office on Tuesday for the preliminary hearing.
    —  Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Crossland was the prosecutor for the preliminary hearing and was not available when I called today and the woman who answered the phone indicated it was not likely he would call me back. I asked if I could call again tomorrow and she said that would be fine.
    —  I sent an email to the District Attorney of Union County, D. Peter Johnson, and received an automatic out-of-office response. If I do not hear back from him tomorrow, I will contact his assistant as he indicated you should do if you need immediate help.
         I hope to have better luck tomorrow!
         As a side note, I spoke with someone who worked closely with lawyers for years the other day and he told me he really doesn’t like lawyers. True story!


    George Lepley, Jr.

          Apparently East Hempfield Township Police Officer Luke Murray and I were both calling his lawyer’s office at about 1:45 pm today. I called George Edward Lepley, Jr. of Lepley, Engelman & Yaw LLC in his Williamsport office this afternoon and asked for him and gave the woman who answered some brief information as to who I am and why I was calling. She put me on hold for some time and when she came back she asked, “Luke?” I said no, it’s the reporter and asked if Luke Murray was also calling in?

    Luke Murray

          She did not give a firm answer and the lawyer was busy so I left a message. Ironically, the law firm has a department devoted to obtaining Protection from Abuse orders. They state on their website (click here):
         At Lepley, Engelman & Yaw, we have years of experience drafting petitions for a PFA and successfully representing our clients at the hearing for a Permanent PFA. Please contact us for a consultation if you have been a victim of domestic violence.


    East Hempfield Township Officer Luke W. Murray

         Come on LNP, go after them like you went after Manheim Twp. Charge them with sunshine act violation, hound them at every turn, suggest that the auditor general get involved, pat your yourself on the back for ‘investigative reporting’ and you might get another weekly reader award!! Can hardly wait for the first story!!!
    Posted by Manheim Township School Board President, Mark Anderson, under the LNP story, “McCaskey Principal Bill Jimenez placed on paid leave,” (click here).     
         Good for you! Can you imagine if LNP went after Mayor Gray and city council the way they went after Manheim Township because they were trying to look like they are a real newspaper? I caught city council breaking the Sunshine Act right after Tony Dastra began live-streaming their meetings several months ago and not a word from LNP!
         And imagine if they told the public the truth about Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler and how someone on Gray’s staff did not vet him properly! And speaking of domestic violence, as posted here yesterday all charges were withdrawn against East Hempfield Township Police Officer Luke Murray’s at his preliminary hearing Tuesday afternoon (click here for the LNP story which does not give a clue why they were “withdrawn” and I will try to find out more today.) I will also try to find out if Murray gets his job back or gets fired.
         Thanks to the commenter who indicated where I could find Murray’s photo. Hopefully I have the right one above – you said his name is clear but my eyes are old! If that is not him, please let me know and I will make a correction.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 4th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


    Steven Markle

         Last night, this “person” who posted the above below the YouTube video that is on this post and who uses the same name and profile picture on Facebook, posted extensively on Lancaster Online under the flag burning story. They took down his posts because he became violent and openly racist, but before they took them down, he was attacking me the way convicted stalker Steven Markle does every day. In fact, he posted the below from his “parody” blogspot about me verbatim on Lancaster Online:

    Cheryl Markle

          So the convicted stalker, formerly known and hated by everyone on Lancaster forums as “the crow,” is actually a Klan member. Amazing, although it partially explains his complete antisocial personality disorder and his inability to deal with anyone on a human, decent level and his constant need to put everyone (except apparently “white Europeans”) down so he feels better about himself and to make up for the lack of any achievements in his own life.
    And his wife, Cheryl Markle, works for the Ephrata Performing Arts Center. I guess she can really act! You just never know…

    —   One man’s face is constantly blurred in this video. Could it be Steven Markle of Leola?

    —   So this happened in Lancaster Saturday night. Click here for the PennLive article.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         According to his court docket, all charges were “withdrawn” against East Hempfield Township police officer Luke Murray at his preliminary hearing yesterday afternoon.



    (Click here)

         The Lancaster City Police are worried about an “ambush” attack on the police station! Didn’t they have bullet-proof glass installed several years ago at a significant cost?
         The police seem more concerned about their own safety than the safety of the citizens! Why is that?
         Unbelievable. You can watch this being presented at city council’s committee meeting on Monday on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).
         Maybe the police are worried that victims of domestic violence will come and protest having a police chief whose ex-wife states repeatedly in a book that he beat her for years!
         After yesterday’s events this is all just unbelievable. The racist Lancaster City Police can’t solve murders and crimes but they arrested and jailed 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Canon for no legitimate reason (see immediately below on this site).
         The corruption and racism in Lancaster is simply astounding and this latest move by the police is just patently disgusting and unconscionable.
    Please see the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above and check back later today.


    Posted on October 3rd, 2017 Becky 4 comments
    *    According to his below docket, his bail is $10% of $1,000 or $100 to get out of jail. Hopefully someone shows up with $100 today!


    (Click here for the LNP story and here for the police press release.)

         LNP recently updated their story to add this:
         Shaw-Canon was arraigned Tuesday and is currently held at Lancaster County Prison on $1,000 bail.
         You have to be kidding me! Could the NAACP step up and take some action?  Where the hell is Lancaster NAACP president Blanding Watson? This is ridiculous and sickening!
         I was actually going to have some degree of “fun” with this nonsense until I read that he was in jail! And we don’t know if that is 10% bail or cash bail! This is an outrage! At the absolute most he should be mailed a summons for trespass and be required to replace the $5.00 flag. Fire the police officers!



         It is such a given and so commonplace that when someone posts bail it means 10%, that we reporters don’t bother to get into the technicalities of ten percent was posted of x amount, … The rarer scenario is cash bail, which usually is mentioned by the media. Because cash bail amounts are usually very high – 1-million dollars cash, for e.g., for a mob member because the judge means business. So, technically, it is not incorrect to report that someone has posted 15,000.00 bail when they only paid 1,500.00 to do so. It is lackadaisical, perhaps, but that is how the media has been reporting it for decades and most members of the public know that, whether they are lawyers, press, or not, because America has made criminals out of honest people more than any other country in the world.
    Part of a personal message I received yesterday.
         The public may know/assume that but you and they are wrong and this is where equality in the justice system begins! Most of the bail I see in the city is cash bail. When you see police car stop after police stop in the news in the city and they find drugs or guns and you see bail set at $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000 it is cash bail and that means most of these men and women will be sitting in jail for months awaiting a trial or plea.
         When former teen hero Temar Boggs was charged with robbery, his bail was set at $150,000 and it was cash bail.
         But thank you, maybe this was the eye-opener I needed because if people are assuming it is always percentage bail they are very wrong! In the city, for minorities, it is almost always cash bail and that is a huge difference!
    Please check back later today.    


    Posted on October 2nd, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         I had quite an argument with a commenter today about bail in the comments under the story immediately below.
         LNP stating Luke Murray “is free on $15,000 bail” is deceptive and incorrect. Period!
         And it is National Newspaper Week and the LNP editorial staff, of course, get on their high horse and state this in their editorial today (click here):
         We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating — we exist for our readers, as we have for some 223 years. In a modern age of fake news, social media, and the dissemination of information in 140 characters or less, we believe the role of community newspapers is as relevant as ever. We are bombarded with information from so many different sources — some credible, some not. Consumers are forced to be discerning if they are to separate fact from fiction.
         No, you exist to make the Steinmans money and control Lancaster County. And I will come back to that tomorrow and domestic violence and Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler.
         But today, LNP “reporter” Tom Knapp tweeted this:
         Really? A “death knell for Columbia?” What kool aid has he been drinking? Is that fake news?
         LNP: Failing to tell the public the truth about bail and Chief Sadler. Is it their “death knell?”


    **   An email in this morning with a link to “MightyRecruiter” (click here) and this question (thank you):
         So has Murray been looking for a new job or does this site just put up the names of people who might be a candidate?



    Senator Bernie Sanders on his Twitter account yesterday.

         And if we want to discuss criminal justice reform – then we have to talk about bail. And LNP needs to get their facts correct! See yesterday’s post immediately below on this site.


         Waking up to a huge tragedy in Las Vegas this morning. There are no words.
    Please check back later today.