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  • * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** UPDATED 1-24-2017 – * WAS TRUMP…

    Posted on January 23rd, 2017 Becky 9 comments

    It’s been a busy day! LIP News will be back with more on this tomorrow. 


         There was a shooting incident early Tuesday morning in southeast Lancaster city that involved city police and a male suspect.
          The male suspect, 18-year-old Jose Efrain Rodriguez, is deceased.
         Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman, and Chief County Detective Kent Switzer, are coordinating the investigation and will make a determination on the police action at a later time.
         The incident began Tuesday at approximately 12:30 am.
         Two city police officers were on South Duke and North streets when they initially observed Mr. Rodriguez, who walked up to their vehicle. Although not initially visible to the officers, Mr. Rodriguez was armed with a handgun.
         At this point in time, the investigation shows Mr. Rodriguez fired at police and, in turn, was shot by police.
         The investigation also revealed the police deployed their Tasers.
         Rodriguez was pronounced dead at a local hospital.
         No police officers were struck by gunfire or injured.
         Rodriguez is originally from New York and was recently staying on South Queen Street.
         The district attorney will review all reports and evidence, including any available surveillance footage of the incident. At that point, the district attorney will make a determination and the information will be promptly released to the public.
         No additional information is being released at this time, including specifics about the officers involved.
    Also, the district attorney’s office and police will not be doing on-camera interviews Tuesday.

         The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact police.

    From the DA’s press release – click here.


    *    According to WGAL noon news, a New York City man was shot by the police last night. The District Attorney has not released his condition.



    Posted on a Facebook page (I have obscured the identity of the owner).

    District Attorney Craig Stedman: Provide the public with information!



    **** 8:56 am – Howard Street between Duke and Rockland Streets remains blocked off and closed this morning.

    ***    The woman who answered the phone at 8:41 am this morning at King Elementary said the school is open.

    ** If your child attends Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, check ahead of sending them! A picture of the school taken at 7:50 am this morning.King1

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         There is a huge crime scene this morning at Duke and Howard and North Streets in Lancaster. Click here for WGAL’s current coverage on the shooting and video of the scene this morning is below.



    Updated 1-24-2017 –We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”
    A quote from city council woman and mayoral candidate, Danene Sorace on her Facebook page, in her “pussy ear hat” headed to the Women’s March in Washington.
         How can she support a police chief whose ex-wife has written a book stating he beat her for years? Does she live in a parallel universe? How can she explain this?

    *   My electricity was off for most of the day! Will be back tomorrow.


    running war

    On the front page of yesterday’s print edition of the Sunday News.

    Abuse4                Lambert1

         Why didn’t Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler sue his ex-wife, Rosaura Torres-Sadler?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 22nd, 2017 Becky 4 comments

     *    With college towns such as Millersville Borough and a thriving City of Lancaster, it was only a matter of time until the county was acknowledged for its youthfulness.
    From yesterday’s ridiculous LNP editorial, “The fountain of youth can now be found in Lancaster, and the county is better because of it,” (click here).
         Well, LNP states without reserve that Lancaster is “thriving” – because, of course, LNP is!  Mayor Gray and city council just voted to give them millions of the taxpayer’s money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel “expansion!” They state the city is “thriving” despite the recent Poverty Commission report!
         And what is deeply disturbing is the crime. And LNP never follows up and never holds the Lancaster City Police accountable! They fail to protect their own readers in this “thriving” city.
         A man was shot in the head (apparently just an extremely lucky graze) two weeks ago in the 200 block of East Clay Street less than a block away from where Pedro Flores was shot in the head and killed last October. There have been no arrests made in either case.
         Then there were two recent arsons in the city and no arrests have been made.
         And a man was stabbed in an extremely horrific home invasion on South Christian Street last week and no arrests have been made.
         The city police do not solve any crimes. The only things they seem capable of doing is making drug arrests after multiple neighbors complain and finding drugs or weapons in their multiple car stops all aimed at one section of the city.

    Kevin Ressler

    Kevin Ressler

         And then there is the “irony” of Lancaster being the “most watched” city in America. Yes, the cameras! Only mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler has had the good sense and decency to finally question them. From the LNP article, “Kevin Ressler announces run for mayor of Lancaster,” there is this (click here):
         Similarly, some neighborhoods have good community-police relationships, but in others, residents consistently say police rarely leave their patrol cars. And letting an organization like the Lancaster Safety Coalition operate a citywide surveillance network raises accountability and equity concerns, he said.
         Yes, it certainly does. But LNP paid for those cameras for their convention center/hotel so they never question the fact that these cameras are not being used for the intended purpose presented to the citizens: to solve and prevent crimes!



    Stabbing 1-22

    (Click here)


    Posted on January 21st, 2017 Becky 10 comments


         With all of this court talk, LNP still has not reported that Michael Hansen did not plead guilty on Friday (click here for LNP’s, “Lancaster woman against plea deal for York bail bondsman who allegedly terrorized her in 2015” ).
         Their former court reporter and now the DA’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, was in the courtroom but did not do his usual press release so apparently LNP doesn’t know what happened. They did the story the day before but didn’t send anyone to the courthouse to see what happened? This is pathetic and terrible journalism!
         I did speak with Lisa Brown by phone on Friday following the court proceeding and due to time constraints today, that will come tomorrow.


    —  Frank N. Snyder Jr., 38, was reportedly sentenced to five to 12 years…
          He was either sentenced to five to 12 years or he was not! 
    —  Snyder reportedly pleaded guilty in November…
          He either pleaded guilty in November or he did not!
    —  Ruth’s father reportedly died a month later.
          He either died or he did not die a month later!
    **   Quotes (and my comments in italics below) taken from the LNP story by Konstantine Fekos, “Columbia man gets 5-12 for hitting, killing cyclist en route to see dying father,” (click here).
         There is no excuse for this kind of writing! Where is an editor? Does LNP have any editors at all?
         Fekos may be straight out of college but he is supposedly a reporter and yet he uses “reportedly” three times in the story. And he twice credits and took the entire story from The Morning Call. So he doesn’t trust the reporter who wrote it for them or what is his problem?
         This is beyond terrible journalism. This is a joke. Just run the story from The Morning Call and be done with it! He “reportedly” pleaded guilty? Can Fekos read a court docket? Oh, this is awful, dreadful journalism!


    *   And his son, Ivan, who is mentioned in the story as also being charged. Yes, he raped his sisters. See the charge on his docket below.

    Ivan zook


    ZookPosted under yesterday’s LNP story, “Drumore Township man sentenced to 6-20 years for rape, statutory sexual assault of a minor,” (click here).

         Yes, Ephraim Zook raped his own daughter. Why doesn’t LNP tell us that? From his court docket, note the “Incest” charge below. Unbelievable!

    E Zook
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 20th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


    Defendant Michael Hansen’s “LinkedIn” Profile!  Really!  Click here.  

    My interview with Lisa Brown will come tomorrow.

    **   Michael Hansen did not plead guilty this morning because he wants to keep his bail bondsman’s license. How this man thinks he could keep his license after what he did is simply astounding! I just got off the phone with his victim, Lisa Brown, and there will be much more coming. He upended this woman’s life and the lives of her family members for $1,000 dollars! $1,000 dollars!

    Judge Knisely

    Judge Knisely

    *  There were multiple meetings in Judge Howard F. Knisely’s court chambers this morning with Michael Hansen and his attorney and the prosecutor in Courtroom #3. In the end, in a five minute open court session, Michael Hansen told the Judge he was not going to plead guilty and Judge Knisely scheduled his trial for February 13th of this year.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***  – ** Michael Hansen Sr., 50, did not plead guilty this morning in the Lancaster County Courthouse (click here for, “Lancaster woman against plea deal for York bail bondsman who allegedly terrorized her in 2015,” and check back later for more details).

    *    If LNP wants to /claims to be a watchdog and protect the public, then they need to lookup and report on Mt. Joy police incident #1307-017584 from July 16 of 2013 involving Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple and his then fiancé (click here).


    Barbara Hough Roda LNP Executive Editor

    Barbara Hough Roda
    LNP Executive Editor

         As champions of the First Amendment, we also believe wholeheartedly in the importance of a free press, and in the role of journalists to serve as a watchdog over government.
    From LNP’s editorial today, “The peaceful transfer of power makes our nation, as divided as it is may be, a marvel,” (click here).
         Champions, my butt! Everything I posted about District Attorney Craig Stedman (reposted below), the editors and reporters at LNP purposely covered-up for DA Stedman. That’s right – they purposely and intently did not inform the public and in the case of Representative Cutler, they flat-out lied! They lied to you and they continue to do so!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 19th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

    *    Taking a break this afternoon. Posting tomorrow will be sporadic because of the (gasp!) inauguration!


    LNP - Art (Click here)

         Look at this! The LNP editorial board wants to talk about price! They want to protect your pocketbook! Isn’t that special? What about the price all Lancastrians are all paying for your off the tax-rolls, for-profit Marriott “expansion.”
         You need to publish this journalism code of ethics you claim to have and you need to do it now!
         And their lead story in print this morning (and an “insider” story online) is a ridiculous piece of nonsense titled, “Lancaster County residents question safety of driverless cars on roads with Amish buggies, scooters,” (click here).
         A commenter under the story has already lampooned part of it with this:
       mostly all of the amish do insure their teams. they do pay into an insurance that they do have for the carriages and horses. get your facts straight before posting them for the public to read. this is why so many people believe stories that are printed on paper that are lies.
         Oh, my! Maybe some public art will sooth her?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 18th, 2017 Becky 5 comments

     44% OF THE BUDGET!

         I want to repeat what Kevin Ressler, candidate for mayor, said in his speech on Saturday because it is one of the smartest and yet simple common sense things I have heard in a long time (the live feed is on his Facebook page under January 14th – click here – I have trouble linking directly to the video).
         It involves one of his four pillars – community policing. There was one word and one sentence I could not fully hear and those are indicated by [not audible].


          Every single person in this country now knows that there are some serious challenges of law enforcement and within law enforcement. The central problem, though, we should all be able to agree on – and that is easy to define – it is a lack of communication and a lack of interaction between law enforcement and the community.

          It is not helpful when the city is allowing outsiders as far away as the other side of York and the other side of Chester County to patrol our streets. This is a recipe for disaster that has been shown to be a contributor in the tragedies in places like Ferguson and Minneapolis.

         We need to take an exploratory look at different ways of making officers part of this community so that they care about it more than just as the job they wanted to do but as a community that wants to [word not audible] and get further. And if their response is we can’t recruit them, I can tell you in a country with 320 million people, you can find some police officers who want to live in the community they want to patrol. [Sentence not audible]

         Beyond just law enforcement officers though, in general we need to be increasing the number of city employees with city residency, not decreasing them. Why wouldn’t we want the salaries we spend for services to be used for the businesses we developed inside this city? Forty-four percent of the city budget is in the police department. The overwhelming majority of the police officers do not live in the city. This is a failure of economic development – when the thing that you have the strongest control over is the expenditures of your money – are sent immediately into other communities.



    (Click here)



    **    Well, Police Chief Keith Sadler may have vowed to find the arsonist and her killer, but in over six years he has failed to keep his vow. And then LNP reporter Tom Murse, now content editor for LNP and their new publication The Caucus, failed to tell the public that there had been a previous arson fire at a property owned by Olga Sanchez-Reyes and her husband a year-and-a-half before that also has never been solved.
         Murse did not report the previous arson fire until I confronted him in the LNP lobby several days later and said, “Don’t you think the public has a right and a need to know?”


    Unsolved murders

    *    Photos from May 17th, 2013 in front of City Hall were reposted today by the “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page. There are now 21 unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray (see the tab above on this site).
         Does mayoral candidate Danene Sorace think this is just fine and dandy? Has she spoken with any of the families of the victims? Has she questioned the police on why they haven’t been solved? That’s 21 killers loose on the streets of Lancaster under Mayor Gray!


    LNP Coffee
    (Click here)
         If anyone is going to have coffee with LNP in New Holland tonight, please ask the staff for a copy of their Journalism Code of Ethics. That’s simple right? Every staff member should receive one when they’re employed by LNP so they know what is expected of them. And most news organizations publish them. Where is LNP’s?    
           And do you remember this (click here):
         “We have two arsons within a few days of each other, and they are businesses that are similar,” Lancaster city police Sgt. Bill Hickey said Thursday.
         “We are looking into the possibility that these incidents could be connected.”
           The Lancaster City Police have had over a month to investigate. So, are they connected, who set them and when the hell are they going to be arrested? Will the public ever hear about these arsons again? When will the arsonist strike again?
    Click here for the American Society of Newspaper Editors list of Ethics Codes and please check back later today.

    Posted on January 17th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


    Ressler1(Click here for the event page on Facebook.)


    — Wednesday, March 22
    — From 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
    — At Ross Street United Methodist Church, 312 E. Ross Street, Lancaster,
    — Sponsored by Neighbors United Lancaster and the Lancaster City
          Democratic Committee

         Thank heavens this is not an LNP sponsored event. They have so many conflicts of interest, legality questions and ethics violations with this mayoral campaign that it is disgusting.
         And they would never ask the questions I asked of Danene Sorace on her Facebook page which she quickly deleted. Those initial questions are re-posted below.
         There will be more to follow and candidate Kevin Ressler made some excellent points about the Lancaster Police Department in his speech on Saturday and those will come tomorrow.




    Chamber*    Well, speak of the devil! Maybe if Thomas Baldrige, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, dropped his absurd $248,000 annual salary that might help (click here)!
         And why isn’t District Attorney Craig Stedman investigating Baldrige’s illegal CRIZ vote to give his wife’s employer, LNP, millions in public money?


    Kevin Ressler

    Kevin Ressler

         The city has practiced “trickle-down” development he said, pouring money into downtown and well-to-do areas as poverty increased everywhere else. 
    From LNP’s article, “Kevin Ressler announces run for mayor of Lancaster,”  (click here).
         And they’ve been pouring money directly into LNP and High Industries’ pockets – multi-million dollar, for-profit companies! Why? Why would the mayor and city council do that? And they’ve been doing it for years!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 16th, 2017 Becky No comments


     **   And there is this from December of 2014, “Cop’s son and friend face 9-month stint in ‘motivational boot camp’ for raid of West Hempfield home,” (click here).
         I’ve put a screen shot of a few of the comments under the article below but they are small and difficult to read so they are also reprinted immediately below:

    —  I’m not one to pull the race card. But had they not been the child of a police officer, privleged, and caucasian….they would have been locked away.

    —  This sentence is a joke

    —  How and why does a D A allow this is the reason why people are demonstrating now. Wake up

    —  Burglary, robbery, impersonating police, and related counts. . . and they don’t go to prison? Unbelievable. I guess they need to save room for the black kids selling or possessing marijuana.

    —  Would this alternative to prison for such a violent crime be afforded to teens of color, or those not from a suburban, upper middle class high school. It would be interesting to see some stats on this. This is the type of criminal justice action that leads to segments of the community feeling alienated, disaffected and discriminated. We’ve seen the consequences of this type of systemic stratification by race, ethnicity and class recently in Ferguson, New York and Cleveland. This needs to be shared.

    —  the lady who owns the home is my sister .. and she wasnt even informed until 8 am of the morning of this court action she is dsiabled and has since shown signs of PTSD .. she nearly had a heart attack when this happened. = the info in the article is incorrect= as there were NOT “3 occupants ” of her home. the ones who were there were herself ,her grandson and his co= worker who was visiting ..and also was terrorized===i guess .(my opinion only dont need to have a police backlash) is that in this world nowdays ..its really helpful to be the son of a high ranking law enforcement officer…

    Stedman 28


    *    Someone else posted a link to under the article (click here).


    stedman19Stedman26Posted under the article, “Trio of Superior Court Candidates Emerge,” on (click here).

         On this Martin Luther King Day, it is important that you remember that the Lancaster Newspapers actively covered-up these items for District Attorney Craig Stedman and continue to do so to this day.

  • ** – * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** – WHY NOT ANSWER?

    Posted on January 15th, 2017 Becky 4 comments

    **    This is amazing and scary that no further information has been released on the shooting by the police. This is a block from where Pedro Flores was shot in the head and killed on October 28, 2016 outside his home in the 100 block of East Clay Street. No one has been arrested for his murder.

    * An officer knocks on the door of a home in the 200 block of East Clay Street this morning. There are no other signs of the shooting.


    Shooting 1-15


         I posed these initial questions to city council member and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace on her Facebook page last evening and it’s good I grabbed a screenshot because they were deleted in about two minutes!



    Posted on January 14th, 2017 Becky 1 comment
    * You can see Kevin Ressler’s speech today as he runs for mayor here.


         I received the below letter from the District Attorney’s Office yesterday by email at 3:08 pm. I requested the mugshot of George Rosado.




    Posted on January 12th, 2017 Becky 9 comments


         At 3:08 pm today, I received a lengthy email from the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office denying my Right to Know request for the mugshot of George Rosado. As I noted in the comments today, I also cannot locate his docket online. And DA Stedman wants to be a Superior Court Judge? There will be much more on all of this next week.
    I want to keep the incredible conflict of interest between LNP and city councilwoman and now candidate for mayor, Danene Sorace, at the top today. This is so shocking and blatantly obvious that I plan to spend part of the weekend writing letters to Harrisburg to open an investigation into all the illegalities, conflicts of interests and unscrupulous dealings that went on with LNP and High being given millions in CRIZ funds and city council approving it.


        One brief other note today: Ben Vonderheide of has a video up stating that Lancaster Attorney Jeffrey Dale Mohler’s license has been suspended (click here). According to a search of the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that is correct. What is not known is how long and in what capacity he worked for Clymer Conrad, PC. A principal in the firm, Attorney Jeffrey Conrad, was recently named in LNP as a potential Lancaster County Judge candidate. There will be more on this at a later time as well.


    UPDATED 1-13-17 – The below letter was marked “Personal & Confidential” and mailed to Ralph Martin on January 3rd. The enclosed, self-addressed envelope has two stamps on it in case their ethics code is very heavy!

    Ethics Code

    * Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.



         I don’t know what LNP is up to with their very recent “lay-offs,” but the Washington Post is hiring reporters – dozens of them (click here).
         And I think in the upcoming four years of Trump, journalism in this country will become more important than ever. It will be absolutely crucial to keep this man in check.
     sorace3    And I want to go back to city councilwoman Danene Sorace and her run for mayor. Did she lead the vote for LNP to get millions of dollars in public money because she knew she would need their backing to win? Did she make a deal with LNP that if she gave them her voice and vote they would in turn endorse her and write only complimentary stories about her?
         This is so corrupt that it simply boggles the mind. This obviously breaks every code of journalism ethics in this country. And in the days of Trump – with his attacks on the free press – journalism ethics are everything.
         The Washington Post is bucking all the trends and prospering.
         The Lancaster Newspapers are a disgrace and they need to divest themselves from the Marriott Hotel and the Convention Center and the Pressroom Restaurant immediately! Otherwise, they don’t deserve the title of being called “the free press!”
         There will be more later today.


    Posted on January 11th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

         BE LIKE …

         I will come back to Stedman tomorrow. After the events of today, I simply have to run this meme that came across my Facebook feed. be-like1

    **   The below was Tweeted by former LNP reporter Dan Nephin last evening. Wow! I’ve noticed some names missing besides those mentioned yesterday: Dustin Leed and Amber DeGrace are two.
         When the Intell and the New Era combined several years ago, the lay-offs were by seniority only. That is not the case this time. What is going on?


    *    DA Stedman caused a stir at the NAACP forum when he opened with a declaration that there is no systematic racial discrimination in Lancaster County.
    From the September 28th, 2014 LNP editorial, “We must confront the issue of race in Lancaster,” (click here).
         Stedman is a flat-out liar! And anyone who cares about equality and human decency needs to tell this man “No!”


    stedman24(Click here)

         I always thought District Attorney Craig Stedman had his eye on something other than becoming a Lancaster County Judge. He wants to be a state Superior Court Judge! 
          No way! Absolutely no way!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 9th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


    pagan27     Manuel Pagan, also known as “Yung Zona” and “Real Zona” on his Facebook page.

         When you finance your life by drugs, bad things will happen! 2017 is not looking too good for you: You are charged with five felonies and your bail is $750,000!

         Dan Nephin was not alone at being laid off from LNP yesterday. I enjoyed Schweigert’s Twitter feed especially during Philadelphia Eagles games.
         I’m not sure who else – but long-time police reporter Ryan Robinson’s name is no longer on their “Contact Us” list and I will keep any eye out.
         What is LNP up to? What a way to start a new year!

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    pagan26(Click here for the LNP article and here for the police press release that it is taken from.)

         Who could have seen this coming? Not Meredith at WGAL! See below for Meredith posing with this “up and coming recording artist.”
         Click here for “YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE, PAGAN” and check back later today.



    Posted on January 9th, 2017 Becky 10 comments

    “NO” FOR LNP!

         Asked for an illustration of her decision-making, she cited council’s “no” vote last year on the Lancaster Parking Authority’s proposed expansion of the East King Street Parking Garage.
        The authority didn’t do enough to include the local community in its planning process she said.
    From today’s LNP article on Sorace.
         I’m surprised she didn’t cite her leading the vote to give LNP millions more in the public’s money! Or maybe she did and LNP isn’t telling us!
         This is such a disgusting conflict of interest that there are almost no words to describe it. Did LNP make a deal with her as they did with Mayor Dick? There will be more coming on all of this.
    Dan Nephin     I was wondering what was happening with now former LNP reporter Dan Nephin. He always covered city council and lately it has been Tim Stuhldreher covering the city (and he wrote the article on Sorace). So today I went to look up Nephin on LNP’s contact list to see if his “assignment” had been changed and his name was gone. From his Facebook page today (hmmm…):



    crossings1(Click here)

    **  Have councilwoman and mayor contender Danene Sorace explain this! She led the vote to give for-profits High and LNP millions more in public money but High can afford to build a $100 million development and Sorace thinks they need more public money? And they are going to give the city $30,000 a year for ten years for Long’s Park?
         Have Sorace, who chairs the finance committee, explain this! Break down those dollars, Sorace! Disgusting and Ridiculous!



    From former Mayor Art Morris’s website on LNP and High’s Marriot Expansion (click here).



    sorace3(Click here)

         As predicted in the comments section of this site several weeks ago, city councilwoman Danene Sorace has announced her run for mayor (apparently to LNP several days ago).  A Mayor Gray clone, she is absolutely unacceptable!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 8th, 2017 Becky 4 comments



         There’s something missing from this article as the below comments under the story indicate (click here). This is LNP’s lead online story – why haven’t they fixed it?




    *    I saved this portion of LNP’s editorial about the Poverty Commission from December 18th because once again I am stunned by their hypocrisy and lies and there will be more on this to come. The editorial, “Report of Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty has some gaps, but we hope new coalition succeeds,” is here.



    Part of a letter in today’s print Sunday News from Mayor J. Richard Gray criticizing LNP for their lack of coverage on his Poverty Commission (not currently online).

         With the end of his term in sight, will the gloves come off between Mayor Gray and LNP? Oh, wouldn’t that be grand?
         I was surprised that LNP not only did not print the whole report but did not even link to it in their coverage.
         The link to the report is here and there will be more later today.


    Posted on January 6th, 2017 Becky 12 comments


          Co prison got your request and immediately e mailed mug shot to LNP
    Part of an email received this afternoon.
         Yup, that’s what I’m figuring – but I think it was right after the Right-to-Know request into the county! Oh, the games!
          Someone is being protected.
    Part of a comment in today under this post.
         Yes, someone is! When I first started on this story, I thought it might be as “simple” as an Egyptian immigrant family and the police and the DA’s office thought people wouldn’t care and their lives didn’t matter as much as others. But, no, with all of this going on – there is something much deeper at work here! Much deeper.
         There will be more on all of this in the days to come. Have a safe and happy Friday evening!


    george-rosadoLNP is now running this picture as George Rosado’s mugshot.

    **** I just emailed a Right-To-Know request into the county for George Rosado’s mugshot:


    ***  I was just told by Sgt. Aberts in the Lancaster County Prison that he cannot release George Rosado’s mugshot because he is a juvenile. After a long discussion, he said the directive came from the county solicitor’s office. I have a call into the Assistant Solicitor for the County as the Solicitor, Christina L. Hausner, is on vacation all this week.
         I did ask Sgt. Aberts where the photos of the three 15-year-olds recently charged as adults for an attempted carjacking came from and he said, “They didn’t come from the prison.” Then where did they come from? They are too young for driver’s licenses! See below and click here for the story accompanying their photos.


    **   I have a call into the prison for George Rosado’s mugshot and I will keep you informed.

    *    I just confirmed with the Clerk of Courts office that George Rosado’s bail is 10% of $100,000. Both LNP and PennLive are stating it is $100,000. That is incorrect. He only needs $10,000 to get out of jail. The outrages continue!



    Ibram Hanna

    Ibram Hanna

         Outrage is putting it mildly to me. Psychologists, certification hearing, what a total crock of BS. This kid is a killer. Had a kid living in the city done something like this the book would have been thrown at him/her and jail for a long, long time, none of this shilly shallying around! Who is footing the bills for this nonsense?
         This comment came into this site under the initial hearing where it was learned that George Rosado,17, had a long prior criminal history and had broken into over 300 cars (click here).
         Yesterday, we learned he had been in and out of the system since he was 12-years-old. He had been given chance after chance – opportunity after opportunity.
         And the District Attorney’s Office closed this case and decided to charge Rosado as a juvenile in under 11 hours on the same day he shot Ibram Hanna dead. They closed it on a Friday night going into the dead news zone of the weekend and thought no one would notice.
         This still remains an outrageous case of injustice by law enforcement and the DA’s Office and LIP News will do everything in our power to get to the bottom of this and find out why Rosado was given this incredibly preferential treatment and ensure that justice is achieved for Ibram Hanna.
    Please check back later today.

  • * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** – * HERE WE GO AGAIN!

    Posted on January 5th, 2017 Becky 4 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    *   One update this afternoon: Rosado’s bail has been set at 10% of $100,000 or $10,000! Unbelievable! LNP is currently just saying $100,000 – that is not correct.

    [Editor’s note: There will be much, much more tomorrow. Today, I again want to thank the well over 250 people who signed the petition in just a matter of a few days to the Department of Justice. Judge Workman said there was a lot of public interest in this case and all of that came from the people who immediately stood up and signed and said “Do what is right!”]

          George Rosado, 17, will be charged as an adult for the shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in Mountville on August 12, 2016.


     *    LNP has a follow-up to their big investigative story, “Good Samaritan pays ticket for Lancaster man after bag of loose change refused by city treasury,” (click here).
         I bet the “good Samaritan” was someone in city government who just wanted this nonsense to end. Simply post a notice that the city will only accept wrapped coins and the issue is over.
         As a commenter says under the story: “This isn’t newsworthy.” No, it’s not and it never was. Alfredo Santiago – your 15 minutes are up.
         Maybe LNP can find some real issues to investigate – there are plenty of them. They can start with the 21 unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray and District Attorney Craig Stedman!


    smucker8 (Click here)

         LNP’s opening sentence in this editorial is about ethics:
         The 115th Congress got off to an inauspicious start, with its flap over the Office of Congressional Ethics.
         And the owners, editors and reporters of LNP have absolutely no ethics. Lloyd Smucker wrote the CRIZ for LNP so they could get millions more of the public’s money for their Marriott Hotel “expansion.” LNP owner, Peggy Steinman, opened her huge pocketbook and donated thousands to his campaign. And LNP’s partner in the Marriott, Dale High, also donated thousands.
         These people are an absolute disgrace to journalism and the citizens of Lancaster County!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 4th, 2017 Becky 27 comments

    *    I know I should have wrestled in high school. Had I known man handling other guys and sweating all over them would make me senator and hot chick worthy I would have gladly strapped on my singlet.
    This comment in late this afternoon.
         Poor love-struck Greg – I guess your chances now of working for the LNP editorial department are also pretty low!


         The final sentence in today’s LNP editorial titled “To the mat” in print and online, “State Sen. Scott Martin’s wrestling background could serve him well in the Legislature,” (click here).


         Let me get this straight: LNP just started an in-print only publication on waste and fraud in Harrisburg but they think Scott Martin can do well there because “he’s proven he can win a wrestling match” when he was in high school!

         There are no words for this level of stupidity! LIP News has learned from numerous sources that Martin can also wrestle a number of women! Maybe LNP would like to write an editorial about that?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 2nd, 2017 Becky 11 comments


         The woman who answered the phone in Judge David R. Workman’s chamber this afternoon said the Judge has not yet issued his opinion on whether 17-year-old George Rosado should be tried as an adult for the shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in Mountville on August 12, 2016 but she did say he expects to issue a decision this week.
         Click here for LNP’s “insider” story, “Hearing held to determine whether Mountville teen should face adult charges in fatal shooting.”





    **   This is directly from Judge Dennis Reinaker’s three page order and I will print the entire order tomorrow. The order states the ban goes into effect on January 9, 2017 and not today so I am trying to clarify the exact date.


    *    The cell phone ban at the courthouse has apparently been implemented and no one knows the procedure for reporters and others to obtain an exemption from it. I was referred to Court Administration, then to the Sheriff’s Office and then back to Court Administration.
         I was told by the Sheriff’s Office that this is a signed court order by a Judge [President Judge Dennis Reinaker] and currently the only people in the Court House allowed to have cell phones [*besides employees – updated correction] on their persons are attorneys and their phones have to be turned off. They said they are charged with enforcing the order but not in arranging exceptions to it.
          I have a call into the Court Administrator, Mark Dalton, as I plan to attend several trials in the near future. I will keep you informed.


    UPDATE 1-3-17  It’s a big day. LNP’s first issue of The Caucus is due out in print. The cell phone ban in the Lancaster County Courthouse is scheduled to begin.
         LNP’s editorial board says, “Legalizing slot machines in bars and social clubs would not be a sound bet,” (click here). I don’t believe them – they better check with the big boys upstairs and at their Marriott Hotel.

    newslanc1 editor Robert Field opines about LNP – again (click here)! It doesn’t “pain” me! No one is more deserving!

    barbara-wilson      The Vice-President of City Council, Barbara Wilson, thinks “civility” is the most important issue of the day. What a load of nonsense! “Whatever Mayor Gray and LNP want, we will do!” Four of the city council members are up for re-election this year and they desperately need to be replaced: Tim Roschel, Danene Sorace, Pete Soto and Louise Williams.
         And PennLive has an update to their story on the teenage shooting in Franklin County, “15-year-old trying to scare victim when he killed him on New Year’s Eve: police,” (click here). How does this compare with the shooting death of Ibram Hanna in Mountville by a 17-year-old with a gun he stole the day before?
          There will be more on these and much more in the days to come. Welcome, 2017!



         Well, isn’t this nice! The new Steinman Communications executive vice president wants to wish us all a happy and healthy new year! In his 17 second video, that’s exactly what Ralph Martin does (click here)!   



        The only problem – no one knows who Ralph Martin is and why this man would want to end his seemingly illustrious newspaper career with these money and power hungry liars and thieves? This is reminiscent of John Kirkpatrick III whose high-up position at Lancaster Newspapers ended very, very suddenly. It’s nice to think it’s because he had some journalism ethics but no one knows for sure.
         But I will give Ralph Martin a chance and write him a very nice letter and ask him to mail me LNP’s code of journalism ethics!
          In August of last year – right about the time Martin began with LNP – their editorial board published this (click here):
         Still, there’s a rule of journalistic ethics that we think ought to apply to government officials, too: Avoid not just conflicts of interest, but the appearance of conflicts of interest. Because in the public’s eye, they’re all the same.
          But LNP has never published their code of ethics and I think it’s time they did. So, I will politely ask Mr. Martin for their code of ethics!



         From the December 26th LNP article by Tim Stuhldreher, “2016 in review: Lancaster County’s top business stories,” there is this under “#10. Retooling the CRIZ,” (click here):
        Much of the money went toward Clipper Magazine Stadium and the Lancaster County Convention Center; one future recipient will be the downtown Marriott Hotel expansion project (backed by a company jointly owned by affiliates of High Real Estate Group and LNP’s parent company). City officials say the CRIZ can now start to catalyze downtown development on the scale originally envisioned.
         So, are the LNP editorial board just liars and what does Mr. Martin have to say about this and LNP breaking “a rule of journalistic ethics?” Let’s ask him!


    Posted on January 1st, 2017 Becky 2 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         PennLive, “15-year-old boy charged in fatal shooting of teen,” (click here).
         According to his docket below, the 15-year-old has been charged as an adult and is in Franklin County Jail with bail denied.



    Posted on December 30th, 2016 Becky 2 comments

    UPDATED 12-31-16 – Have a Happy New Year! LIP News will return on Tuesday, January 3rd.



    From LNP’s “The Caucus” website (click here).

    the-caucus4     Is The Caucus, LNP’s new in-print only publication aimed at Harrisburg legislators, nothing more than a lobby group to get slot machines and gambling in their Marriott Hotel/Convention Center?
         You better believe it! These people are liars and thieves!

    Click here for yesterday’s incredibly slanted LNP “insider” article, “Rep. Mike Sturla thinks Pa. should legalize video gambling at bars and clubs; Here’s why,”  and please check back later today.

  • AFTERNOON UPDATE – **** – *** – ** – * SHOW HIM THE MONEY!

    Posted on December 29th, 2016 Becky 10 comments


    Matthew and Jonathan Caple
          I have been keeping an eye on the Caple brothers, Jonathan and Matthew, both Lancaster City Police Officers, since receiving an email on December 15, 2013. It concerned what they stated was police report #1307-017584 from an incident that allegedly occurred on July 16th of that year in Mt. Joy involving Officer Jonathan Caple and his fiancé. I have never had the time to research it – but someone at LNP might want to – or that might be asking way too much! There were other allegations against them that I could never verify.
         They were mentioned under a long ago story by LNP about parking tickets and a comment was posted under it with links for tickets being withdrawn for these two police officers. And I was shocked when I realized a long time ago how in debt Jonathan Caple is.
         And, of course, I covered him on this site when he got smart with a relative of an unsolved murder victim (click here for “CAPLE IS A COP!”).
         Are you telling me that LNP has never received any information on these brothers? How can they be that far removed from reality or did they just ignore it as they do with everything involving the police?
         And they are going to start an investigative publication on waste and fraud in Harrisburg? That is beyond pathetic and absurd – and it is a lie!


         This is a long – but interesting case! Jonathan Caple signed a lease specifically for his fiancé and the mother of his daughter, Elizabeth Warnick Williams, for a home for her and their daughter to live in. Caple was the only one who signed the lease and had his own home. Then there was alleged water damage to her property and she sued and was awarded approximately $2,000.
         She and Caple then appealed and re-sued wanting $22,040 in damages. Hershey Real Estate Services came firing back – and I do mean they unleashed on Caple and Warnick Williams. They did not respond and thus, the above order. The case was discontinued on 2-16-12 according to the Prothonotary’s Office.

    **** It’s 10:54 am and LNP has moved the story off their home page! I wonder why? There’s more coming…

    ***   Has Officer Caple paid Capital One Bank? If not, they might want some of that $9,800!


    **   Has Officer Caple paid Cynthia Funbar? If not, she might want part of that $9,800!


    *    Officer Caple needs to pay his condo fees! But there’s more…



    caple10 (Click here)

         LNP had this “heart-warming” holiday story by reporter Dan Nephin as their lead story online yesterday evening and it’s still on their home page. Isn’t that special? Dan better make sure Jonathan Caple has a home to put that $9,800 heater in!
         You see, Caple doesn’t seem to be good with finances and owes a lot of people a lot of money. Has he paid them?
         Do these LNP reporters know anything at all about these publicly paid officials “who serve” us?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 28th, 2016 Becky 1 comment

    A RANT


         There are few media figures in Philadelphia who have had as many scandals as John Bolaris! He’s been every gossip – and regular news site’s – dream! So when I saw his latest I had to check out his Twitter. This is an epic and wonderful rant!




           LNP simply will not leave the Hempfield story that they fueled alone! Today there is this syrupy editorial with the headline (click here):
         An encouraging and hopeful response by the community to the family at the center of ‘A Christmas Carol’ controversy
         Maybe LNP should check their own letters because today there are these:
    —-  “Mom humiliated at Toys for Tots,” (click here for the entire letter).toys-for-tots
     —-  “Upsetting experience at Lancaster dog park,” (click here for the entire letter). 


         So what the hell is going on?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 27th, 2016 Becky 18 comments


         In keeping with the new direction of yellow journalism the P is pursuing, shouldn’t the headline be: Coin Cash Has Hopkins Hoppin’
    This comment just in.
         Yes, that would be an excellent headline – in fact – I used it! And for all of you who are saying the city should have accepted it – I hope when you stand behind five people each bringing in $20 in coins – that you are patient and understanding as the city clerk counts it. 
         🙂  Amazing what LNP passes off as news these days!

    **   After they raise money for his defense, maybe as huh? suggests in the comments, they can fill a wheelbarrow with pennies and take it to his lawyer’s office as payment!

    *    I love the huge picture of Patrick S. Hopkins in the story! LNP hasn’t questioned this man about one other thing he has done in his many years in city government! And now they are talking about crowd funding for this man’s defense (see the comment posted on Lancaster Online immediately below)? LOL! I will not be donating!



    coins1(Click here)

         Is this LNP’s idea of deep investigative reporting? Is this a joke?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 26th, 2016 Becky No comments


    new-york-times3                                                       (Click here) 

         This story from the New York Times is heart-warming and well written and shines a very nice light on Lancaster County and numerous members of the community.