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  • *** – ** – * NO ETHICS WHATSOEVER!

    Posted on July 31st, 2016 Becky 5 comments


    ***  I am reprinting two of the comments I published that were posted under the LNP article, “Downtown Marriott’s owner proposes 96-room, $23M expansion,” (click here). If you want to stop this, please take a minute to file a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office (click here). This is what your local “media” company wants to do to you!
    —  This is almost beyond belief. They want to dump even more of our taxpayer guaranteed money into this bottomless pit? They want to take even more city property off the tax role? They want local hotel operators to continue to fund even more competition? They seriously believe adding more rooms will attract larger conventions? Ask any 100 Lancastrians if they believe any of this is a good idea, if any of this will work, or if any of this should be done and 99.5 will say “no”.
    —  You’ve got to give it up to High and LNP — you guys have ‘nads. Huge. After the historic failure and massive taxpayer ripoff of this $200 million project, where you got to operate a hotel without paying property taxes and have local hotel owners subsidize your business, you want more. Bigger conventions? You need an airport and much more in the way of amenities to attract those. The market was down before the project started; it has only gone down further. The greed of High and LNP (and mouthpiece Fitzgerald) is awesome to behold. 
    **   You have LNP’s “investigative reporter,” Susan Baldrige, married to Thomas Baldrige who heads the CRIZ board and gave Susan’s employer $30 million dollars in taxpayer’s money!
         You didn’t read about that unbelievable, unethical and illegal conflict of interest in the pages or on the website of LNP!

    *    For the time being, I will feel sorry for new “Deputy Opinion Editor” Rich Manieri who has an opinion piece in the print edition today about almost being hit by a car (click here). He has an impressive resume and picked up and moved to Lancaster for this job with LNP. 
         Did/does he know that LNP breaks every code of journalism ethics in this country? When will the reality hit home that LNP is nothing more than a corrupt and greedy company masquerading as a news organization – and what will he do?


    Roda21    Cassidy   Murse8

    Left to right: LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda; Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy and Content Editor Tom Murse.

    LNP Editorial3

    From today’s editorial, “Lessons in transparency learned from Manheim Township school board,” (click here).
         These people are despicable, disgusting liars and give the media a bad name every single day.
    Click here for “GREEDY, UNETHICAL, CORRUPT & RACIST!” and please check back later today.


    Posted on July 30th, 2016 Becky 10 comments

    **   If you have “data journalist” as part of your byline, you should be good with facts and figures, don’t you think? Please note the post immediately below the Columbia arrests and I will come back to all of this tomorrow.
         What is LNP giving Mayor Gray to repay him for the CRIZ? That will come on Monday.


    *  Updated photo of Trenton Nace. The one below is from 2011.



    Rentas8*** BREAKING NEWS *** Marquell Robert Rentas, 17, has also been charged for the shooting in Columbia and his bail is $2 Million dollars. (Click here).



    Nace*** BREAKING NEWS ***  Trenton Michael Nace, 18, has been arraigned on countless charges for the shooting in Columbia. His bail is set at $2 Million dollars. ( Click here).


     *    This is unbelievable. LNP “data journalist” Tim Buckwalter has this story online this morning – “Recent incidents of shots at police in Lancaster County,” (click here).
         He leaves out the most recent, obvious and serious case! From his own paper on May 21, 2015, there is this – “Officer shot, suspect dead after warrant served in Lancaster city,” (click here).
         Did he do this on purpose or is he just that stupid and sloppy? And the public has never learned the name of the officer who was injured or the name of the officer who shot and killed Anthony Quinn Gomez, Jr.



    Mayor Gray13                  Robert M. Krasne( Robert Krasne )( Bob Krasne )
    Mayor J. Richard Gray and Robert Krasne, Chairman of the Board of LNP.

          Mayor Gray wrote the CRIZ for LNP. What is LNP giving Mayor Gray in return?
         Endless good press for one thing. Not a critical word about this arrogant, incompetent and uncaring man in 10 years.
         But is there something more?
    Please check back later today.

  • * 7-29-16 UPDATE * FILE A COMPLAINT!

    Posted on July 28th, 2016 Becky 5 comments

    —  I am keeping this at the top for one more day.

    — WGAL – “Active shooter on loose in Columbia, police say,” (click here).

    *** UPDATED 7-29-16 – I am leaving this at the top until this afternoon. Mayor Gray so nicely wrote the CRIZ to benefit LNP! What is LNP giving Mayor Gray in return?

    *  There are two brief updates this afternoon on the post immediately below. I am trying to keep this separate and on top! It is that important.


         Please click here for the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, Antitrust Complaint form, fill in the top information and then cut and paste the below into the “Complaint Information” box and submit it to her office. Or write your own complaint and send it in. This must be stopped!
         Please investigate the relationship between the Lancaster CRIZ Authority Board and the PSP Partners. (The PSP partners are made up of the Lancaster Newspapers, recently renamed as LNP Media Group, Inc. – and High Industries – both are for-profit, multi-million dollar companies that have already received millions of taxpayers dollars for the Lancaster County Convention Center/Marriott Hotel).
         Two of the CRIZ board members are spouses of LNP Media Group, Inc. employees and should have never been placed on this board by the city. The Board Chairman, Thomas Baldrige, is married to LNP Media Group, Inc. investigative reporter Susan Baldrige and Board Member Daniel Bentancourt is married to Enelly Bentancourt, the editor of the LNP Media Group, Inc. owned publication La Voz Hispana.
         The public was given no notification of the PSP’s application for CRIZ (public) money. The agenda was never posted on the city’s webpage regarding the CRIZ and LNP Media Group, Inc., who controls and has a monopoly on the press in Lancaster County, did not report on this until the Sunday prior to the Tuesday vote – and never reported that an application had been submitted and would be voted on in less than two days.
         The “expansion” is being run through the Redevelopment Authority of Lancaster so that the PSP Partners will not have to pay any taxes on the property as they currently do not on the existing Marriott Hotel. This means the PSP Partners will not pay any real estate taxes to the City of Lancaster or the School District of Lancaster.  This is illegal and must be investigated.
         The PSP has not provided any proof whatsoever that an increase in hotel rooms will bring in more conventions or that if this were true that it would benefit the average citizen in any way – including the mostly part-time, low paying jobs that might result. The hotel rooms and rooftop bar would have pricing that would exclude many Lancaster city and county residents from the ability to visit or make use of the establishment. Numerous comments under LNP Media Group, Inc. articles involving the CRIZ state that the public does not want the expansion and does not want to be put in debt for years in order to profit these already for-profit, multi-million dollar companies.
         LNP Media Group, Inc. does not meet the PA State Code for public funds relating to the criteria for equal opportunity employment and diversity. The minority employees on their editorial staff make up less than one percent of their total number of employees. They are in direct violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
         There are many items that directly go against the application provisions for the CRIZ (which is available on the city’s CRIZ webpage) such as – under the category – “Certain Types of Projects May be Disfavored in Relation to Projects of Competing Applicants” :


         3. projects which may create concerns related to traffic, mass transit or pedestrian access, lighting, view obstructions, noise, etc.; or

         4. projects which entail patterns of usage which may require markedly increased demand for public services (e.g., crowd management during off-hours requiring overtime from public safety officers).

          The Marriott Expansion which the PSP Partners state would increase the size and number of conventions coming to Lancaster (and the roof-top bar) would create terrible problems related to traffic and pedestrian access and would require markedly increased time for police and public safety officers.
         There is also this:

           Applicant shall detail the demand on Municipal services including the impact on the Lancaster School District.

           This would be disastrous for the Lancaster School District and the citizens of Lancaster as it would take three buildings off the tax rolls illegally.
         Once again, the CRIZ was designed for the PSP Partners by the mayor of Lancaster, J. Richard Gray; the CRIZ Board was filled with individuals with extremely strong ties to the PSP Partners and the public was given no notification and was not allowed any participation in the process whatsoever.
         This is a direct violation of antitrust laws and needs to be investigated immediately.
         Thank you.

  • *** – ** – * STOP THE CRIZ!

    Posted on July 28th, 2016 Becky 3 comments
    ***  There will be more on the summary trial of Philadelphia Police Officer Staton Sterling here tomorrow along with an update on last night’s shooting.
    **  In the comments under this post you will see that I questioned who now owns the building that houses District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle’s offices (her mother used to).
         That would be Dennis D. Herr of Lititz, the organizer of 1351 Elm, LLC. Herr is an original founder of the Bent Creek Country Club and owns a number of properties.


    *    LIP News has received the below video of last night’s shooting. Listen carefully when the witness speaks at 50 seconds into the tape.


         Because of the confines of this site, yesterday’s “Breaking News” went above the CRIZ information yesterday afternoon. I will move it below this morning and will briefly come back to update the case this afternoon. But the CRIZ is absolutely the most important thing and stopping it must be done now.
         I am working on complaints to the State Attorney General’s office and they will come later today.


    Posted on July 27th, 2016 Becky 11 comments


          I emailed the below Right to Know request into the City of Lancaster at 9:27 am this morning. I am working on a letter/complaint to the State Attorney General’s office that people can print out/copy and paste and send in – and possibly a petition as well. The letter should be ready by tomorrow afternoon.
         I am reviewing the “Guidelines for Obtaining Financing for Projects in the City of Lancaster’s City Revitalization and Improvement Zone,” and on top of everything else, this project should never have been approved for CRIZ financing (click here).
         I am also going to request the State Attorney General’s office look into the relationship between Mayor Gray and his administration and LNP (Lancaster Newspapers) and High Industries. Why did Mayor Gray write this legislation for LNP and High Industries and what has he and his administration received in return?

    Right to Know

    **   File an Antitrust Complaint with the State Attorney General’s office (click here).

    *    It’s called racketeering and extortion.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under their article on the CRIZ linked to below.
          Yes, that’s exactly what this is!


         Lancaster School Board member Randolph Carney posting on Facebook about the CRIZ. This is not legal or acceptable. Click here for LNP’s “coverage” of their own project.

    CRIZ - Taxes Please check back later today.

    ****** Sterling Staton will appeal.

    ***** Philadelphia Police Officer Sterling Staton was found guilty of disorderly conduct by Magisterial District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle.

     **** Unbelievably, the Lancaster City Police Department – Officer Todd Dickinson to be exact – who was fired by a unanimous vote of city council and then quietly rehired and who then shot Kenneth White – brought a summary charge of disorderly conduct against Philadelphia Police Officer Sterling Staton arising out of the situation in the video. As of 3:57 pm the trial is still on-going. The full 14 minute video has been played for the court.

     ***  The video on this site is a 30 second clip of a 14 minute plus video. A PennLive reporter is in the courtroom!

     **   That would be this video – click here.

     *** BREAKING NEWS *** 2:55 pm – I am told that this website was just mentioned by Lancaster City Police Officer Todd Dickinson as running a certain video in a summary trial that is taking place right now in Magisterial District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle’s courtroom. Details to follow.


    Posted on July 26th, 2016 Becky 2 comments

    **  3:15 pm –  With forty-five minutes to go until the CRIZ Authority Board meeting and $30 million of the public’s money on the line there is still no agenda available to the public.

     *    The Lancaster Central Market is begging for a new roof and LNP, a private, for profit company worth millions has received $170 million dollars of taxpayer’s money for their convention center/Marriott Hotel. They received an additional $4 million in CRIZ money for future upgrades to furniture and fixtures for their convention center/Marriott Hotel.
         They pay no taxes on their Marriott Hotel and don’t want to pay any taxes on their “expanded Marriott Hotel” that they want the public to pay them an additional $30 million for.
         The answer is “NO!” Run these sick, disgusting, corrupt and racist people out of town!


    Journalism ethics1
         For years I have written that the Lancaster Newspapers (LNP Media Group, Inc.) have broken every code of journalism ethics in this country. I have quoted repeatedly from numerous ethic codes about truth, independence, holding public officials accountable, putting the interest of citizens first and never getting involved in conflicts of interest. From the Associated Press Code of Ethics (click here):
         It means we avoid behavior or activities that create a conflict of interest and compromise our ability to report the news fairly and accurately, uninfluenced by any person or action.
         I could go on and on – a long list of journalism ethics codes is here. Read one or two of them.
        The Lancaster Newspapers are an unethical, greedy, corrupt and racist company pretending to be a news organization. Period. They are truly horrendous liars who don’t give a damn about the public.
         And some of what they do may well cross criminal lines and the State Attorney General needs to investigate. Stop buying their papers and tell their advertisers you will not do business with them.
         Instead of informing and protecting the public they are raping the public.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 25th, 2016 Becky 1 comment


    **   One of the comments under the original LNP article about the Marriott Hotel expansion and reprinted in the post immediately below was this by Lancaster School Board member Randolph Carney:
    —  Maria Coole: There is no loophole. According to Pennsylvania law upheld by multiple court rulings, and government agency owned properties which house for-profit businesses are taxable. Lancaster County is in violation of State law by ruling the Marriott is tax exempt. Under former mayor Smithgall, Lancaster City guaranteed to pay the taxes on any of the Penn Square Partners’ buildings if they were assessed; this ordinance is also illegal. But opposing any of these in court would cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus as much or more in taxpayer money, and there is NO judge in Lancaster County and much of the surrounding area who would dare to rule against the Penn Square Partners.
         No, that is why we get the State Attorney General’s office involved to investigate and bring charges! This is unbelievable!
    **   With 24 hours and 15 minutes to go until the CRIZ Authority Board meets on Tuesday at 4:00 pm to discuss giving out $30 million of the public’s money, there is still no agenda available for the meeting. The below is the message you receive when you click on their “July Agenda” link (click here). (On a mobile phone it reads “This webpage is not available.”) They need to reschedule the meeting and give the public notice!
    CRIZ Agenda
    *     I asked Matthew Parido if Thomas Baldrige, the husband of LNP “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige, has recused himself as he must by the CRIZ’s own bylaws. Parido answered, “I don’t know. I have no idea.”
           Daniel Betancourt, the husband of Enelly Betancourt, editor of LNP owned La Voz Hispana, must also recuse himself.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The Penn Square Partners (PSP – made up of the Lancaster Newspapers and High Industries) have put in an application to try to obtain an additional $30 million in taxpayer money through the CRIZ program for their “Marriott Hotel expansion.”
         I spoke by phone today at 12:30 pm with Matthew Parido, Chief of Staff for State Senator Lloyd Smucker and a non-voting member of the CRIZ Authority Board. Asked about an agenda for tomorrow’s CRIZ meeting (the link on the city CRIZ page does not work and he said he has never been to that page – click here for the link to the July 2016 agenda that does not work with less than 28 hours to go), he said he has an agenda and one of the items is:
         Application from the Redevelopment Authority of the city of Lancaster and the PSP for the new Marriot Hotel on the Penn Square property. 
    Please see immediately below on this site and check back later today.

    Posted on July 24th, 2016 Becky 12 comments

         When “reporter” Tim Mckeel first wrote about this for LNP on January 30, 2015 (click here for, “Downtown Marriott’s owner proposes 96-room, $23M expansion”)  the comments were fast and literally furious. The comments posted under the story on Lancaster Online are republished below. Please take the time to read them and we have to stop this now!

    This is an article from 2003 written by Sunday News Reporter Gail Rippey when the convention center was just a twinkle in PSP’s eyes. It’s a long article, but you can see that the future of convention centers wasn’t good well before ours was built. They built it anyway. (Link here).

    —  Let’s knock down some more of Lancaster’s historic buildings to put in more rooms people won’t use. Gee, shouldn’t they have thought of this to begin with.

    —  Dont forget there are at least 30 motels on route 30 and at least a dozen on 340 so why do u need to build more in Lanc.?

    —  I am so happy that I am not the only that is confused by this decision

    —  I’m confused..LNP has money to pay for this, but they don’t have money to improve their presses and print the paper in Lancaster?

    —  All I can see is “Right lane closed ahead” signs for the next 2 years. NO NO NO!

    —  Just what downtown needs is another 96 rooms give me a break

    —  Listen. There’s a real simple solution. Instead of socialism, how about if those who believe this is a great idea pony up their own money to pay for it? They could sell stock to get investors, and to make sure the bank doesn’t lose any money on loans, they could put up their personal assets as collateral! That way, when oodles and oodles of conventions are booked, and conventioneers are out and about enjoying all that Lancaster has to offer, the investors can say to us naybob’s of negativism; TOLD YOU SO! What about it con cheerleader-ready to use your own money?

         —  I agree, and I am NOT a naybob (what the hay is that?) of negativism. A large problem is rarely fixed by making it an even larger problem.

    —  It looks like this is already a done deal. From Lancaster Newspapers on Wednesday January 28:

    “NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Lancaster will conduct a special meeting on Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. in the Commission Room City Hall annex building, 120 North Duke Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the meeting is to consider a proposal regarding a possible redevelopment project and any other business that may properly come before the Board. Respectfully submitted, Frank P. Mincarelli, Solicitor
    Location: 120 North Duke Street
    Posted in Legal on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 7:00 pm.”

    —  They didn’t mention the casino, there won’t be room for conventions when the center is turned into a casino floor like it was designed to be.

         —  Cool! Look at all the improvements casino gambling brought to Atlantic City!

    —  I just realized that when the survey was taken 2012 it was without the present Hotel Lancaster so you did not have those rooms to really be used. Remember figures do not lie but lairs know how to figure

    —  We could easily have studies done that would show that this project is not wise. But that won’t matter. Just as there were reports when the convention center was first talked about that indicated that such centers were not a good investment, and those were ignored. Once certain entities decide they want to do something, that ‘something’ is a done deal. It is just a matter of getting through this uncomfortable period while citizens express concern and opposition to the project. I appreciate all of the intelligent comments here, but we might as well be pissing into the wind.

         —  Not one study showed a convention center in Lancaster would succeed. when people convention, they want more than outlet shopping, miniature golf, bowling, and no night life.

    —  I  would like to see the data on how many nights all of the rooms were booked since the Marriott opened. Does anyone know this? Also, how many nights were there maybe only 1/3 to 1/4 of the rooms booked? What if the conventions don’t materialize? That’s a lot of risk for the city taxpayers. This article doesn’t give me the information I need to make a decision on the wisdom of this expansion. My educated guess and gut reaction is it shouldn’t happen.

         —  PSP keeps this information about the Marriott a closely guarded secret. Not even their partner LNP knows, that’s why LNP sued to get hotel tax details.

    —  The reporter/shill should’ve mentioned that the current project was proposed at $75 million for both hotel and convention center and ballooned to $200 million. So don’t hold them to the $23 million number. McHeel the shill should’ve also reported that High made millions as Master Developer. He also might’ve given some evidence for his insipid “The math is simple” lede. It’s not simple; Lancaster can’t compete for large conventions. We keep waiting for LNP to ‘hit bottom’ but you guys keep lowering the floor. Countdown: Number of days until LNP prints its last newspaper? 114 days!

    —  Build it and they will come. Lancaster can not stay in the stone age forever. Sometime this century we may have a downtown worth going to.

         —  I totally agree with you. However, the Con has proven to be a complete and utter failure in making downtown Lancaster a desirable place to be. More of the same doesn’t come close to making sense.

         —  Let’s see…downtown Lancaster has Central Market, numerous parks, great restaurants, several breweries, a theater, Building Character, lots of bars, First Friday, art galleries, ample parking… You’re right. Downtown sucks. SMDH

         —  Valerie Dawber Cloud Central Market has been there for over a century and so has the Fulton.
    First Friday is relatively safe because of large police presence. Bars? Art galleries? Yes to both. But, no movie theaters. Hmmm. I wonder why?
    Because ya see, back in the day when several movie theaters were in the city and people were going into the city to see movies, there was your ample parking, Central Market, bars,The Fulton, art galleries, great restaurants, and a brewery. But something changed to dissuade people from going into the city to see a movie. Maybe it was the stabbings, the shootings, the assaults, the robberies, the muggings?

    —  Evidently the Redevelopment Authority is owned by the Penn Square Partners

          —  well said, Ms. Cohn. (also, RACL bought the building from PSP for $6.8 million, after PSP bought it for $1.25 million. PSP has the option to buy the building outright for $25 million in 10 years. So they’re getting an $80 or so million hotel, for which they have not paid property taxes, for a discount of about 70% of market price. yes, they are owned by PSP.)

         —  I was informed by an original supporter that this joint effort is supposed to be paying 10% taxes that increase every year, similar to LERTA. They also said the three properties to be demolished are not on the tax rolls. Would be good if LNP would properly investigate this and inform the public.

          —  Kathleen Griffey Harrison Why are the three properties to be torn down not on the tax rolls?

          —  Christiaan Hart Nibbrig: PSP has the option to purchase the hotel from RACL for two and one half million dollars after twenty years, which started seven and one half years ago. Right now PSP is paying off a $24 million construction loan over 20 years in the form of a lease-purchase from RACL. The State of Pennsylvania has already spent more than $40 million taxpayer dollars for the “private” hotel, and is paying $1 million a year for 20 years (starting in 2007) toward yet another construction loan for the hotel.

          —  Kathleen Griffey Harrison: the TIF and LERTA plans were abandoned when S. Dale High threatened to pull out of the project after the SDoL board rejected his attempts to intimidate them. I have no idea why these buildings would not be paying taxes, since High owns them.

          —  Randolph Carney, if High is a for-profit business, then High should be paying taxes. It would be nice to know what special loophole has blocked these properties being taxed.

          —  Maria Coole: There is no loophole. According to Pennsylvania law upheld by multiple court rulings, and government agency owned properties which house for-profit businesses are taxable. Lancaster County is in violation of State law by ruling the Marriott is tax exempt. Under former mayor Smithgall, Lancaster City guaranteed to pay the taxes on any of the Penn Square Partners’ buildings if they were assessed; this ordinance is also illegal. But opposing any of these in court would cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus as much or more in taxpayer money, and there is NO judge in Lancaster County and much of the surrounding area who would dare to rule against the Penn Square Partners.

     —  Residents of Lancaster City and county will march for peace in downtown Lancaster but what about protesting the raping of taxpayers by this failed convention center and hotel? Three tax paying properties are being torn down for an addition to this hotel and convention center that does not pay any taxes to the city, county or school district. County hoteliers are still supporting this thru the room tax. Are they getting customers from conventions? Time for Penn Square Partners to do their fair share !

         —  14 E. King St., the vacant Windward Travel office. 16 E. King St., the vacant Casual Corner clothing store. And “he lack of sufficient rooms stopped nine or 10 “Level 1” and “Level 2” conventions that wanted to come to Lancaster from doing so”. Sounds good to me in spite of all you say. Move forward Lancaster.

          —  Kathleen, I think we have a much better chance of preventing shootings in the city than we do in stopping this ‘proposed’ project.

       Rooftop lounge and bar… Yes!
    Fear of heights… Doh!

     —  This is almost beyond belief. They want to dump even more of our taxpayer guaranteed money into this bottomless pit? They want to take even more city property off the tax role? They want local hotel operators to continue to fund even more competition? They seriously believe adding more rooms will attract larger conventions? Ask any 100 Lancastrians if they believe any of this is a good idea, if any of this will work, or if any of this should be done and 99.5 will say “no”.

     —  From a real Newspaper:
    (Link here – Washington Post – “Steven Pearlstein: Debunking the conventional wisdom about conventions.”)

          —  Great article!

          —  Thanks for posting this article. I hadn’t seen it. It is excellent.

          —  You’re welcome. I got it from LIP News.

     —  You’ve got to give it up to High and LNP — you guys have ‘nads. Huge. After the historic failure and massive taxpayer ripoff of this $200 million project, where you got to operate a hotel without paying property taxes and have local hotel owners subsidize your business, you want more. Bigger conventions? You need an airport and much more in the way of amenities to attract those. The market was down before the project started; it has only gone down further. The greed of High and LNP (and mouthpiece Fitzgerald) is awesome to behold.

    —  Privatize the profits, socialize the losses is becoming the mantra for crony capitalism in Lancaster.

    The only way this will work for the people of Lancaster County and City is if the Marriott and Penn Square Partners to accept responsibility for all debt and taxes of the convention center and related properties.

     —  So…”…because the convention center shares utilities with the Marriott, expanding the Marriott would reduce the convention center’s proportion of those operating expenses by $30,000 annually.” Does this mean the convention center pays a portion of the utilities not based on useage? I.E. The convention center has been paying MORE than its share all these years.

          —  Since the “integrated facility” was never built with properly zoned utility meters, a consultant was hired to figure out what percentage of what is paid by whom. I strongly suspect that when the next calculation is done, taxpayers via the LCCCA will be paying exactly the same amount as before, even though it will be a lower percentage of a greater total.

     —  grab the Vaseline Lancaster city, and county residents , hotel and motel owners your gonna need it!!!

     —  This is BULLSHIT, the CC is a failure and does not come close to filling rooms. The TAXPAYERS are on the hook for the CC, not Penn Sq. Partners. They have enough money and wealth to pay off the CC debt, but they won`t because it will never be profitable. They should have to pay off CC debt and the expansion if they want it. I quess they will steal more money from local motels and hotels by raising the room taxes, which by the way is robbery.
    “NEWS FLASH” quality large conventions go to big cities Balitmore, Philly, Pittsburg where they have paved streets and other things to do. Anyone who thinks Lancaster is a major convention stop is a IDIOT.

         —  The CC is NOT a failure, it is LOSING almost exactly the amount of taxpayer dollars that was planned since long before demolition began.

     —  Spend $23 million to raise revenue $170k, only a 135 year payback

          —  What a joke. Increasing the number of rooms will NOT significantly increase the number of conventions. It just means that all the other hotels and motels in Lancaster County are being screwed that much more.

    —  And who will the general contractor be????? follow the money.

          —  And I’m sure the crack investigative team at LNPee plan on doing just that!

     —  I have two questions the first what is the day in day out occupancy of the Marriott. The second is this outfit that did the survey who are they are they and where did they get the information use?. Finally I agree with Mr. Carney the school funding must be considered. Every time you take commercial real estate off the market you put more burden on the home owner. We are at the limit of property tax.

          —  Penn Square Partners – specifically High – is keeping their occupancy and profitability a closely-guarded secret. Even Lancaster Newspapers has no idea what the numbers are, this is why they sued to find out the “hotel tax’ amounts per facility!

    —  I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist, but it’s strange how the CRIZ Program was passed in 2013 by our local rep just in time for this project. And why no mention of the outlying hotels in the computation of available rooms? I remember when the room tax was imposed on them, with the promise of higher occupancy rates.

         —  From the article… State Sen. Lloyd Smucker, whose district includes Lancaster city and who sponsored the legislation creating the CRIZ, said in a prepared statement that the program “was made for exactly this kind of project.”

    —  Blah blah blah blah blah…

    —  I’d love to know the 9 or 10 “level 1 or 2” conventions that chose other cities instead of Lancaster as a result of a lack of rooms. I’d also like to know the cities they chose.

     —  Trickle-Down Economics. More taxpayer dollars will be used to take three more centrally located buildings OFF the tax rolls. This means less money for the School District of Lancaster as well as for Lancaster City. And the taxpayers of Lancaster City will own a second hotel tower just off Penn Square.

     —  Not a cent for the School District of Lancaster, which will lose real estate taxes from the buildings being demolished.

            —  Someone needs to address that with Senator Smucker who is now the Senate Chairman for Education. Mayor Gray and Re Sturla should also care about the lack of funding to SDoL. 


    *** UPDATE 7-25-16 I’ll keep this at the top this morning because Sunday is a slow news day and that’s why LNP announced late yesterday afternoon that they want $30 million more of the taxpayer’s money. 
         And the answer is quite simple – if you want to expand the Marriott – pay for it your damn selves!
    Please check back later today.

     *   Lancaster School Board member Randolph Carney’s post on Facebook from about an hour ago (2:00 pm) regarding the CRIZ is below.
         LNP wants $30 million more in taxpayer’s money This is unacceptable. This is unheard of greed. I have been stating for the last week that LNP is a racist company pretending to be a news organization. Here’s your proof!

    $30 MILLION


         CRIZ has been “a significant driver” and “a key component of the financing approach” for Penn Square Partners’ $30 million plan to expand the Marriott hotel that adjoins the Lancaster County Convention Center, said Mark Fitzgerald, the partnership’s executive vice president and chief operating officer.
         Penn Square Partners is composed of affiliates of the real estate development and management firm High Associates and LNP’s parent company.
    From today’s LNP article, “CRIZ 2.0: Big things expected from revamped tax incentive – Hotel Lancaster, Marriott expansions lead the way,” (click here).
         This is beyond belief. I am contacting the Attorney General’s office.

    **   There is a CRIZ Authority Board Meeting in two days and there is no agenda posted (click here):
    CRIZ12      Click on the link above and then scroll down  to the “Meeting Agendas” and click on the link for “July 2016.” The link does not work! There is no agenda posted with two days to go!
         Also, check out the last “Meeting Minutes” posted – it is from October of 2015!
         Where is LNP on this story? Where is Susan Baldrige? This is taxpayer money!

    *  From the Bylaws of the CRIZ Authority:



    Baldrige2                                                   Tom Baldrige

           Susan Baldrige                                                         Thomas Baldrige  


         The final paragraph to Susan Baldrige’s front page story this morning in LNP’s print edition titled, “School board’s trouble shapes discussion here,” and not currently online. The above she says is a quote from Eric Epstein, who Baldrige describes as “a school board member in Dauphin County and a veteran good-government activist.”
            This article is nothing but self-praise! This is really unbelievable. This is chutzpah on a level almost never seen before in Lancaster and that is saying a lot!
         You see, her husband, Thomas Baldrige, is the head board member of the CRIZ Authority which was designed by Mayor Gray to give her employer, LNP, millions of dollars. According to the CRIZ by-laws, Baldrige should not even be on that board. It is a direct conflict of interest and an illegal way to do “business.” This is unconscionable!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 23rd, 2016 Becky 9 comments

    **  What does LNP say on their “insider FAQ’s” page?  This:

    What content will never be placed in the "insider</div section?

    Nonexclusive information that is time sensitive and/or vital to the health and safety of our community, such as articles about traffic, crime, weather, sports scores or other breaking news.
         And they have made this an “insider” story:



     *    It’s hot today – and I am equally hot under the collar and have been making lists about LNP and “transparency” and “justice” and the cameras and the CRIZ, etc. So I need a little humor…
         The Barnstormers are having goat races tonight! Someone call LNP’s Tom Knapp. It looks like not only goats are being abused but young children as well! OMG!
         And a free knit cap! Who could turn that down on a 97 degree day? Are these people nuts?

    Goat races


           “The jury in the case was all white, aside from one black alternate.”
    From PennLive’s coverage of the Ashley Rose Curry trial, “Racially motivated shooting or act of self-defense? Lancaster County jury announces verdict,” (click here).
         LNP, with their constant editorials about “coming together” and “talking about race and justice and violence” – there is another one today – did not even send a reporter to cover this trial. Their editorial board is made up of disgusting, hypocritical liars.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 22nd, 2016 Becky 6 comments

    *    If you want to read the little there is about Curry’s conviction in court, you might as well read Brett Hambright’s report from the DA’s office because Tom Knapp’s LNP piece is taken directly from it (click here). Apparently Tom was too busy with his monkey protest story to go to court.
         LNP’s failure to cover this trial is absolutely despicable.
         Have a great and safe Friday and there will be much more on this tomorrow.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Ashley Rose Curry

    Ashley Rose Curry

     1:44 pm – Brett Hambright of the DA’s office just tweeted, “Ashley Curry GUILTY of all counts in racially-charged shooting in Columbia.”



    (Click here)

         This is one of LNP’s “top” stories online and on page A-3 of today’s print edition. As of this morning at 7:38 am, according to the Facebook page for this protest, three people are going and nine are interested (click here).
         When there was a “Standing with Black Lives Vigil” on July 8th and over 300 people were going, LNP did not do a story. Nope, not a word prior to the event even though it was taking place literally within feet of their office door.   
         This racist business pretending to be a news organization needs to get ridden out of town.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 21st, 2016 Becky 10 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***  This update just in on the Curry trial. Why hasn’t LNP been covering this? Why? There has not been one word in LNP about this! Didn’t they just hire a court reporter? There will be more tomorrow.


         Today’s promised story will come tomorrow.
         As noted in the comments, I realize this is a bicycle theft and I don’t know why the police chose to post this particular theft/crime – but the city police log on June 16th listed 10 bicycles that were stolen (click here).
         This obviously raises the questions of why we have not seen photos like this for over six years from the “Safety Coalition” cameras and why LNP has not asked them why.
         I will follow-up on my email to the 17 Coalition Board members next week and they need to answer that question and they need to do it now – and that includes board member and DA, Craig Stedman, and board member and Mayor Gray’s chief of staff, Pat Brogan. They need to answer to the public now.

    suspect4      Well, well, well. Look at this Lancaster City Police press release that was just posted. Someone has to recognize him! There’s another photo with the release which is reprinted in full below (click here):    
         On Saturday July 16, 2016 at approximately 8:49 am a Trek Navigator bicycle, green in color, was stolen from a residence on the 100 blk. E. Orange St. 
         A surveillance camera captured images of the suspect. The suspect appears to be a black male, 20’s-early 30’s, medium height & build with a receeding hairline. It appears that the suspect has tattoos on both left and right biceps, sticking out just below the sleeve.
          The bicycle has not been recovered.
         Anyone with information on this case or the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Lancaster City Police at 717-735-3301 or you can submit a tip through CrimeWatch.
         All suspects accused of a crime are considered innocent unless proven guilty in court.

    **  The editorial is here. To repeat the final two sentences:
          But if we’re only talking to people who look and sound like us, who believe in the same things and come from the same places, we can expect nothing to change.
          And we already know what that looks like.
          Yes, of course they already know what that looks like – it looks like their LNP office!


    LNP Editorial2*   The ending of today’s LNP print editorial “Coming Together,” (not currently online).
          This is simply too much hypocrisy to bear from this racist company with no minority reporters that pretends to be in the news business. This is sickening!


                                   rickspin               Dan Nephin
         Pat, where’s Dan?
         He’s right behind you kissing your butt, Mayor!
         Oh, I guess I’ve grown accustomed to it. Dan, listen up! We need to talk about the roof!
         About what, Dick?
         The roof. The Central Market roof. Sit down and listen while I tell you what to write!
    To be continued later today.


    Posted on July 20th, 2016 Becky 16 comments


         The Lancaster Central Market having to beg for a roof is simply beyond unbelievable. As a commenter noted – it is the true treasure of downtown Lancaster – and the whole city. I will come back to this tomorrow.

    Central Market2

    Central Market3


    **   Unbelievably, the Lancaster Central Market posted this on their Facebook page yesterday. How is this possible, Mayor Gray? Why hasn’t LNP reported on this?

         The Lancaster Central Market posted this as a comment below the post:
         Yes – the City of Lancaster owns the building. It is managed by a non-profit trust who has the responsibility of raising the funds for major improvements.

    Central Market


    Murse4*    Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under a post for the “insider” story, “Lancaster County residents support local police in wake of Baton Rouge, Dallas shootings.”
         The wife of LNP content editor Tom Murse, Cathy Murse, decided to chime in! Nice! Maybe she can tell us how LNP is making money off this “insider” nonsense!
         Heck, they can afford to send their political reporter, Sam Janesch, who just graduated from college last year, to the Republican National Convention – which is very nice for him – but I’m not sure what good it is doing for LNP and their readers!


          The Ephrata Turkey Hill was robbed this morning at 2:45 am and the Ephrata Police have already put out a surveillance photo. Where are all the photos from Lancaster city? Why doesn’t LNP police reporter Ryan Robinson ask?

    Ephrata TH

     Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 19th, 2016 Becky 1 comment

     *    Samuel Stretton replaced defense attorney Michael Marinaro after he withdrew from the case in February of this year because he represented the shooting victim, Jamie Roland, many years before (click here).
         Stretton, of Chester County, successfully defended Carl Dixon, Jr. who was charged with the attempted murder of a Lancaster City Police Officer and was acquitted by a jury in April of 2013.
         Stretton was busy on July 7th making the below motions and possibly hinting at Curry’s defense.



    Larsen4     Curry4   Stretton

    From left to right – First Assistant District Attorney Christopher P. Larsen, Ashley Rose Curry, Defense Attorney Samuel Stretton.

    From Brett Hambright in the District Attorney’s Office – “Jury Picked to Hear Trial over Racially-Charged Shooting at Columbia Parking Lot,” (click here).



    **** And is this news or an ad for LNP
    Posted under the LNP article, “ Columbia Borough to keep public notices, legal ads in LNP,” (click here).
         It is both an ad and a warning. Since the Manheim Township School Board talked about moving their legal ads – others are looking to save money as well. LNP went after Columbia with big guns:
         “It is critical for good government that the public, as a whole, see these notices,” Amy B. Ginensky, a senior partner at the Pepper Hamilton law firm, wrote to the borough. The firm represents LNP Media Group Inc., publisher of LNP and
         LNP must be paying her some big bucks (click here). And their correspondent reporter says this:
         In Columbia alone, LNP has 2,498 Sunday print paid subscribers and 1,703 daily print paid subscribers.
         Columbia has a population of 10,382 – so the Sunday subscribers represent only 25% of the population and the daily 20%. My guess is that more people than that have access to the internet.
    This comment is also posted under the article:

           LNP may have the widest PAID circulation readership but Engle Publishing has the widest circulation. The law on this is tricky making LNP the only realistic legal option. Many municipalities feel the cost of advertising in LNP is too high. They would save a lot of money if they could advertise elsewhere.
          I don’t think LNP can hold onto all of the legal advertising in the county much longer.



    ***  On 18 July 2016 a tip was received that Cameron was going to be in a vehicle in the SW area of Lancaster City. Officers and Detectives from Lancaster City Bureau of Police acted on that tip and established surveillance in the area specified in the tip.
    From the Lancaster City Police Press Release on the arrest of Jonathan Joseph Cameron for the Sunday stabbing of a 21-year-old man who is in critical condition (click here).
         The police solved a stabbing with the public’s help. Where are the videos from the “Safety Coalition” for all the other murders, shootings, stabbings, robberies and burglaries in the city? Where are they?

    **   Uh, oh! What is LNP going to do now?



    *    On Friday, the SPCA board of directors — besides Martin, the board includes Patrick Hopkins, Joseph James, John Shoff and Dr. John Hall — issued a statement supporting the executive director.
    From the LNP story by Tom Knapp, “Protesters call for SPCA director’s resignation as ailing puppy Libre learns he can walk, bark,” (click here).
         Suddenly, the SPCA has a board of directors! And did you note the name – Patrick Hopkins – Mayor Gray’s business administrator!  That’s the end for LNP! You won’t see any editorials demanding SPCA director Susan Martin step down.
         Oh, no! LNP doesn’t say a bad word about Mayor Gray or anyone in his administration because they have an agreement and want Gray to funnel as much money as possible to their Marriott Hotel and convention center.
         An outside agency needs to examine the relationship between Gray and LNP and any promises regarding money and anything else that have been made between the two to see if they cross criminal lines.



    Melania     “Dammit, Melania! I said write a speech not recite a speech.” ~ Donald Trump
    On my Facebook feed this morning.

          Oh, Melania! Did LNP’s Dan Nephin help you with that speech?
    CNN – “Melania Trump’s speech plagiarizes parts of Michelle Obama’s,” (click here).
    Please check back later today!


    Posted on July 18th, 2016 Becky 7 comments

    ** Doing some research this afternoon. Back tomorrow and back to the stabbing!


      *   How much does LNP reporter Dan Nephin know about Islam and Fethullah Gulen? I doubt he knows very much! In his story today, “Manheim Township man calls Gulen ‘scapegoat’ in Turkish coup attempt,” (click here), all knowing Dan says this:
         Gulen’s philosophy blends a mystical form of Islam with staunch advocacy of democracy, education, science and interfaith dialogue.
         Wow, Dan, it’s impressive that you know so much but don’t you think you should give your former employer, the Associated Press, some credit for that?
         From their story three days ago (click here):
         Trained as an imam, or prayer leader, Fethullah Gulen gained notice in Turkey some 50 years ago, promoting a philosophy that blended a mystical form of Islam with staunch advocacy of democracy, education, science and interfaith dialogue.
         Nephin is a disgrace as a reporter!


         A man was stabbed last evening very close to the Lancaster County Courthouse (click here).
         LNP police reporter Ryan Robinson tells us the following:
    .    Police did not report if his wounds are life-threatening.
         That is not a good sign. The police almost always say they are non-life-threatening unless the person is dead.
         And he also says:
         Officers located several witnesses and determined the victim and suspect know each other, Fry said. The assault does not appear to have been a random act.
         Stabbings are rarely random acts but it’s wonderful that they have several witnesses!
        City police are following up on numerous leads, including reviewing surveillance video footage from the area of the assault.
         This is great! Not only are there “several witnesses” but the police have “numerous leads.” Excellent! And yes, there are “Safety Coalition” cameras all over the area.
         This should be a slam dunk!
         Now, let’s arrest this stabber before he can stab someone else! Will there be an arrest today? Will they release video of the stabber so citizens can protect themselves and assist in his arrest?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 17th, 2016 Becky 3 comments


    New York Times1

    New York Times2

    New York Times(Click here)

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          According to this website, Tremayne Sherard Jones died on July 1st. Jones was the subject of a number of articles on this site regarding Akeem Washington and his conviction for attempting to solicit the murder of several Lancaster City Police Officers (click here for “LIGHTNING SPEED & A MINIMAL SENTENCE”).
         Washington has two appeals before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. I am trying to verify his death or find out if Jones might be faking his own death. You read that correctly. More details to follow as they become available.

    Tremayne Jones6



         Finally someone is stepping forward!
    Posted under the LNP story, “Lancaster group focused on preventing police violence,” (click here).
         Yes, this is excellent! LNP investigative reporter Susan Baldrige quotes Yvette Wood in the article. The East Lampeter Township police never found and charged the two young men who racially harassed her and her family (click here for – “Racial incidents in East Lampeter Township shake African-American family”).
          Maybe Baldrige could check with the police and find out what they did to try and find these men. My guess is they did absolutely nothing.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on July 15th, 2016 Becky 6 comments


    Murry17Tweeted by LNP reporter Kara Newhouse during the Manheim Township School Board meeting last night. LNP made her story about the meeting, “Democrat Nikki Rivera and Republican Jon Sensenig appointed to Manheim Township school board,” an “insider” story so I am not linking to it.

    Bill Murry

    Bill Murry

         I am not condoning Manheim Township Board President Bill Murry’s behavior. But LNP certainly doesn’t scare this man! They have done just about everything possible to force him to resign and he waves them away like a fly. In its own way it’s refreshing because LNP controls almost everyone in the city and county – with the exception of the Manheim Township School Board and especially Murry!

    LNP Editorial1
         And LNP got on their high horse with this editorial today. LNP should be doing far more to protect the citizens in the county by holding the police and the Lancaster “Safety Coalition” and their 161 (or 169) cameras accountable. It is indisputable and an absolute disgrace. That will come tomorrow.


    **   I spoke with Savilla Stoltzfus’ attorney, Craig Penglase, by phone today at 12:45 pm (he returned my call).
          Justine McDaniel
     of the Philadelphia Inquirer (click here for her story on the bail reduction), continues to not mention that it is 10% of the bail amounts. Penglase said that while she is not incorrect – by not mentioning the 10% she is not being complete.
          He confirmed that with Stoltzfus’ revised bail of 10% of $250,000 she needs $25,000 cash to be released on bail. Asked about a bail bondsman, he said that would cost two to three thousand non-refundable dollars and she does not have that kind of money.
          He did state that he will continue to request a bail reduction and he may make a reduction request every thirty days.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***  Savilla Stoltzfus’ bail amount was reduced this morning by a Bucks County Judge from 10% of $1 Million to $10% of $250,000 or $25,000 bail.



          A warrant has been issued in one of last week’s stabbings (click here), leaving three stabbings and two shootings unsolved in a week of violent crime in Lancaster.
         Richard Brenton, a Penn Manor school teacher, is scheduled to be fired this Monday according to LNP for allegedly soliciting a prostitute in a police sting on May 26th (click here).
         In what seemed to be a surprise, Patricia J. Halgash, 43, was found guilty by a jury for driving drunk and killing a woman and injuring her son in an auto accident (click here).
         Libre, the puppy, is still the top news with the latest – “Rally planned Sunday outside Lancaster SPCA, protesters want shelter’s director removed,” (click here).
         And there is the absolute horror in France. The world has changed.
    Please check back later today.

  • *** – ** – * START SOLVING CRIMES!

    Posted on July 14th, 2016 Becky 1 comment


    (Click here) 

    ***  There is something disturbing if you look closely at the large LNP photo by Dan Marschka that accompanies this story. Do you see him/her?


    Martin7**   Ninety days have passed since Scott Martin, PA State Senate candidate, filed his divorce complaint against Heather D. Martin and on July 12th he filed his Affidavit of Consent requesting the court grant the divorce (click here). The Martins secretly divorced in 2005 and then remarried on September 29, 2006.



    GANGS *   Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the story, “3 with ties to Bloods and Crips charged with burglary of Elizabethtown-area gun shop,” (click here).
         Exactly! So are there gangs or not? How hard a question is that?


          The print front page headline to the story with a very different online headline – “An uncomfortable conversation: People gather to discuss violence by and against police,” (click here).
         This is ridiculous! Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler need to diversify the Lancaster City Police Department and start solving violent crimes against mostly young, minority youths. Then there can be “healing talks.”
         There were two shootings and four stabbings in the last week and not a single arrest has been made! This is absolutely disgusting. Why isn’t LNP demanding answers?
    Please see immediately below for the breakdown of the Lancaster City Police Department and LNP and check back later today.


    Posted on July 13th, 2016 Becky 8 comments


         My internet has been extremely slow all day, so today’s promised story will come tomorrow and several quick comments on this article today:
        Sadler [Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler], Gray said, has participated in forums with the local chapter of the NAACP and he and officers regularly visit churches and community events and neighborhood gatherings.
    From today’s LNP article by Dan Nephin, “Mayor Gray talks about Lancaster’s efforts to avoid racial bias, excessive force by police” (click here).
         Gray and Sadler have been saying this exact same thing over and over again for years and yet, the force has not added a Latino or African-American officer to the department in years. In years! Why don’t you look it up and get back to the public, Dan, and tell us the last time a Latino or African American was added to the city police force!
         Your newspaper, Dan, said this in an editorial in September of 2014 (click here):
         Sadler said police here are trying to recruit more minority police officers.

         Of his 144-member force, 10 are African-Americans, and 11 are Latinos.
         He said police have gone into churches, started a Police Athletic League, and soon will restart a police cadet program.
         But Sadler has not recruited any since September of 2014 and for several years prior to that. And the unbelievable part is that the number of minorities on the force should be at least 50% – or 72 to reflect the community – not 21 officers!
         And just a month before, in August of 2014, LNP said this in yet another editorial, “Editorial: A police force should reflect its diverse community,” (click here):
         Lancaster city’s 144-person police force consists of 7 percent Hispanic police officers, or 10 officers, and 6 percent African-American officers, or 9 officers. That’s in a city that, according to the 2010 Census, is 13 percent African-American and 35 percent Hispanic.
         The numbers don’t even match from one month to the next! Which is it? This is outrageous and Gray and Sadler need to be called on the carpet. Someone is lying and no efforts are being made to increase these numbers or it would have been done!
         There will be much more on this to come and I will research the last time a minority was added to the force.
         And how is LNP doing on their employees reflecting their readership? Three out of 89 listed editorial employees or barely over 3%? That is absolutely disgusting and illegal and there will also be more on this to come.



        From page A3 of today’s print LNP. Brandon Seals is one of the 20 unsolved murders under Mayor Gray (click here). He was killed five years ago today.
         The unsolved violent crimes that were perpetrated in the city in the last week will come later today.



    Posted on July 12th, 2016 Becky 2 comments


          All traces of the two shootings and four stabbings in Lancaster (with no arrests made) have been erased from Lancaster Online’s home page.
          But Libre, the puppy, is still there and according to LNP reporter Tom Knapp’s Twitter account at about 3:30 pm, the SPCA is holding a press conference this afternoon on why no charges were pressed against the breeder or the breeder’s vet.
         Wouldn’t it be nice if the Lancaster City Police Department was held this accountable? Unbelievable!



    *   There are “Safety Coalition” cameras on every corner where the fight and stabbings occurred at East King and North Duke Streets:

    E King & N Duke

    WHERE ARE THE ARRESTS? Police log1 (Click here)

          These violent crimes were in the Lancaster City Policy Log for July 11th that I linked to with the drug story yesterday afternoon (click here).
           How many shooters and stabbers have been left on Lancaster City streets in the last week? Will the police make any arrests?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 11th, 2016 Becky 5 comments


    OCCURRED 7/9/2016 2050 HRS
    Rashin Thomas Raison, 35, of the 200 block Greenland Drive, Lancaster PA was a subject to a vehicle stop for an equipment violation. Raison was found to have a suspended license. Raison was found to be in possession of a corner tie bag of marijuana.  Raison was arrested and charged with  Driving Under Suspension and Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana. 
         This was in today’s police log (click here) – and since the subject of traffic stops and profiling is in the news – I decided to look him up! I wonder what his equipment violation was? The police knew exactly who they were stopping. As you can see below, he’s been arrested often and the traffic violation filed on June 2nd was for driving while his operating privilege was suspended or revoked.
         So the police knew exactly who they were stopping and were hoping to get lucky and find some drugs on him. And I honestly don’t know the legal lines on this. What was his equipment violation and if there was not a legitimate one – can the police just stop this man whenever they want to? How did they find the “corner tie bag of marijuana?” Did he agree to a search?
         And he was arrested? I have not found the docket for this arrest, but driving without a license is a summary offense as is having a small amount of marijuana for personal use.
         The cops want this guy and they want to lock him up for good. I will keep track of this one.


     *   The police press release on the stabbing – E. Mifflin Street is one block down from E. King on the camera map below – (click here):
         At 6:13 a.m., July 11, 2016, Lancaster City Police officers responded to a report of a stabbing in the area of the 400 blk. of E. King St. Upon arrival, Officers located an adult male on the sidewalk with multiple stab wounds to his torso. He was transported to a local hospital. The injuries are not life threatening. Follow up investigation indicates this stabbing occurred in a parking lot in the 500 blk. of E. Mifflin St. Detectives responded and remain at the scene collecting evidence and searching for witnesses. No suspect information at this time. 
         Anyone with information is urged to call Lancaster City Police at (717) 735-3300 or Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913. You can also click the Submit a Tip button on our website,, or Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by texting LANCS plus your message to 847411. Tipsters may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.


            A man was stabbed this morning and found on the steps of 442 E. King Street about 6:00 am according to LNP (click here). There is a Lancaster Safety Coalition camera on both corners (see an inset of their camera map below with an inserted blue arrow depicting where the man was found).

    400 E. King Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 10th, 2016 Becky No comments


    Darryl Morton         Judy Cora

         I will give you an example of the “Black Lives Matter” movement stripped from a Lancaster crime story – the very disturbing deaths of Darryl Morton and his girlfriend, Aida “Judy” Cora. It took Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni six months to determine they died from carbon monoxide. Six months.
         There are still so many open questions about this case and family members who are far from satisfied with the answers the coroner and District Attorney Craig Stedman have given them.
         Why did it take the coroner six months to reach an easily detectable conclusion? Why did he and Stedman treat the family with so little consideration and respect? I believe it’s because they were black.
         I don’t believe Coroner Diamantoni and DA Stedman thought their case was as “important” as if they’d been a white couple. I believe it received less attention because their lives were not deemed to be as “important” as white lives. I truly believe Diamantoni and Stedman thought the public would not care. There really is no other explanation for this travesty of justice.

     Click here for the LNP story, “Finally, some answers but still many questions in unusual deaths of Lancaster Twp. couple.” Cindy Stuaffer who wrote the story but is no longer with LNP, told a friend that this was one of the worst cases she has ever seen.


    Posted on July 9th, 2016 Becky No comments

     *   I’m in shock. The only thing I know about Cassidy [opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy] is that she did write on a lot of “women’s issues” – like today’s front-page piece on college rape. But to write that editorial and to have a guest columnist write about domestic violence knowing full well that the Lancaster Police Chief’s ex-wife has written a book alleging he beat her for years and LNP has never once mentioned the fact is beyond all comprehension.  It is a direct blow to the face of every man and woman living in Lancaster County and inconceivable to any real journalist.
         She just showed her true colors and it’s just more of the same unbelievable crap and lies from LNP. It is total deception and it is absolutely disgusting!

    From LIP News on September 14, 2014, “A TERRIBLE, LYING START…” (click here).

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    Cassidy              Barbara

                    Suzanne Cassidy                                Barbara Hough Roda
                   LNP Opinion Editor                             LNP Executive Editor

         What are the odds that the racist Lancaster Newspaper’s top two women both have Asian American daughters? Unbelievable! 
    Please check back late today.


    Posted on July 8th, 2016 Becky 1 comment





    ****  THIS WILL BE A PEACEFUL EVENT!!! Any violence or disruption of the peace WILL NOT be tolerated!
    From the Facebook page for tonight’s vigil in Penn Square beginning at 6:00 pm (click here).
         LIP News hopes to post some pictures later this evening and tomorrow.

     *** Mayor Gray can put a sock in it!
          And, of course, LNP just ran the Mayor’s statement again with no mention of tonight’s vigil!


    **   Apparently a barn fire in Lancaster is more important to LNP that five officers being killed. And I don’t know who Candace McPhillips is – whether she’s a summer intern or new employ – but the lack of diversity at LNP is beyond disgusting.
         And they are obviously totally ignoring the planned Standing with Black Lives Vigil tonight that will literally be within feet of their office door and as of 2:15 pm today, 313 people said they will be attending (click here).

    *    Being clear, here, this event recognizes the senseless assault on the police in Dallas last night as part of a sickness of violence in America.
         But this event is particularly focused on systemic issues beyond the individual occurrences that spur that call for action.
    Posted on the Facebook page for “Standing with Black Lives Vigil” happening this evening from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in Penn Square (click here).


          It’s very telling that we’re all so chill about an armed individual entering a home and shooting a resident. Nothing to be alarmed about, happens all the time. Maybe it’s just the way it’s written but even the quote from the cops is so…jaded. It’s like they hope he will snitch but if not, oh well! Nothing to see here folks, move along.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under their “updated” story on the shooting, “37-year-old man shot twice in his Lancaster city home,” (click here).
         The poster nailed it.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 7th, 2016 Becky 2 comments

    * (Click here for the event Facebook page)

    Black Lives Matter1


            The “fighting to survive” puppy is still one of the top five stories on Lancaster Online’s website while the article on the 37-year-old man who was shot in the chest and hip last night was taken off their home page several hours ago. Yes, LNP makes their priorities very clear.
         Regarding the shooting: It happened inside a two story home; the police “conducted witness interviews” so there were more people in the home than just the victim and the shooter; the police press release also states, “It also appears that there had been a physical altercation preceding the shooting.”
         So, where is the updated information and where is the arrest?
         A call place to the owner of the home, Alice Simpson, was answered at 3:50 pm today. She said, “If this is… there’s an emergency and I can’t talk to you. Bye.”
         The only public record of an Alice Simpson, who bought the home in 2000, is an archived LNP article the beginning of which is reprinted below. I cannot verify that this is the same Alice Simpson, although the Whitepages only list one Alice Simpson (age 65+) as living in Lancaster.



    **   According to Lancaster County property records, the home at 823 Sixth Street is owned and lived in by Alice Simpson:


     *    Police update on shooting (click here):
         On 6 July 2016, at approx. 11:20 PM, officers from the Lancaster City Bureau of Police were dispatched to 823 Sixth Street for a shooting.   The officers arrived and found a 37 year-old Lancaster man, who had been shot in the chest and the hip.   The male was transported to an area hospital for treatment and is currently listed in stable condition.   His injuries do not appear to be life threatening.  
         Detectives from the Lancaster City Bureau of Police responded to the scene, conducted witness interviews and processed the crime scene for evidence.   Based on the investigation to this point, it appears that the shooting occurred inside the residence at 823 Sixth Street.   It also appears that there had been a physical altercation preceding the shooting.   It is unknown at this time if the suspect was known to the victim, but this does not appear to be a random act.   The investigation is on-going.
         Anyone with information is urged to call Lancaster City Police at (717) 735-3300 or Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913. You can also click the Submit a Tip button on our website,, or Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by texting LANCS plus your message to 847411. Tipsters may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.     


     Puppy mill
         In the puppy mill capital of the United States (PennLive – click here), LNP reporter Tom Knapp writes extensively about one puppy “fighting to survive,” (click here).
         In the meantime, there are 20 unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray and a man was reportedly shot in the chest last night (click here).
         Which story will stir the public’s outrage?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 5th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


          I could sit here and type the same thing over and over again that I have been typing for years. But instead, I will reprint the below piece and then go to each of the 17 Board Members of the Lancaster Safety Coalition and ask them where is the video and I will report back.
         Julio Garcia Camacho, 28, was shot and killed on June 13, 2015 and no video has been released to the public from either of the two “Safety Coalition” cameras in the area. No one has been charged with his murder. LNP/the Steinmans funded those cameras for the sole purpose of benefiting their Marriott Hotel/convention center so they never do their jobs and ask!
         This is an outrage and needs to be investigated immediately. This is unthinkable, unconscionable and absolutely unacceptable!
         The original and the full piece of the below is here. “WHERE IS THAT SURVEILLANCE?” is here.  There will be more tomorrow.
    Demand to See It!



     —  If I could, in response, the reason we have the cameras is because of the generosity of the Steinman Foundation. They provided a lot of the funds to originally get the cameras in.

    —  The real thing I think that if there’s any legacy that I’m going to have, it’s going to be the community, or the City Reinvestment and Improvement Zone [CRIZ], which Mr. Baldrige is on the board of.

    Two quotes from Mayor Gray in his October 23, 2014 mayoral debate with Charlie Smithgall (click here).
         I am going to address his first one and LNP’s (the Steinman’s) involvement/funding of the cameras this afternoon. The one relating to the CRIZ will come later this week.

    **  From the Lancaster Safety Coalition 2014 tax return, contributions have fallen steadily over the last five years. Of course they have! The public never sees any video from these cameras and murders and serious crimes go unsolved even when they are perpetrated in daylight immediately beneath these cameras. Why would someone donate to a fraud?

    LSC Tax2
    *   The city administration intends to earmark the $60,000 it will get from LG Health for the rest of 2015 for the Lancaster Safety Coalition, which operates surveillance cameras throughout the city.
         The money would largely be used for coalition operational costs, said Pat Brogan, chief of staff to Mayor Rick Gray and a coalition member.
    From the September 3, 2015 LNP article, “Lancaster General Health increasing city payments; city wants to use for Safety Coalition,” (click here).
         Bill Stadden, who is listed as the principal officer on the 2014 tax return, is the “Senior Financial Operations Analyst at Lancaster General Health,” according to his LinkedIn account (click here).
         So he and everyone else on the board and Mayor Gray and the DA’s office and the police department knew the Lancaster Safety Coalition had to have this money to continue day to day operations. But the public was never told the truth!


         The CRIZ, an epic failure, a “land bank” suddenly with $1 million dollars and the Lancaster Safety Coalition in deep debt and no one informed the public (see their 2014 Tax Return immediately below on this site). And the Lancaster Newspapers are deeply involved in each one.
         As I have stated here before, it is very difficult for the public to accept that a purported news organization that is supposed to inform and protect the public and hold public officials accountable, is actually nothing more than a greedy, unethical, racist and illegal business.
          Meet LNP Media Group, Inc. – formerly the Lancaster Newspapers.
         Coming later today – much more on the Lancaster Safety Coalition – and below are the Board Members as listed on their website (click here). These people must be held accountable!
    Don Geiter, Board Chair, Executive Committee – Barley Snyder LLC
    Bill Stadden, Board Vice-Chair, Executive Committee – Lancaster
                         General Health
    Clint Rider, Board Treasurer, Executive Committee – RKL
    Doug Groff, Board Secretary, Executive Committee- CCS Building
    Jennifer Ponessa-Hundley – Lancaster District Attorney’s Office
    Pat Brogan – Chief of Staff, Mayoral Designee
    Gene Duncan – Thaddeus Stevens College
    Wm. Smokey Glover – Fulton Bank
    Kyle Kaschak – Northwestern Mutual
    Kathia Maldonado – Lancaster City Housing Authority
    Justin Oberholtzer – Keller Williams of Central PA East
    Cpt. Charles Schmidt – Lancaster Bureau of Police
    Bob Shoemaker – Lancaster City Alliance
    Sean Smith – Ross Buehler Falk & Co.
    Miriam Soto – Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership
    Craig Stedman – Lancaster District Attorney’s Office
    Jim Wagner – Fulton Bank