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    Posted on September 24th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***



          This story just went up on Lancaster Online (click here).

         Lewis M. Martin and Judge Margaret Miller were the subject of several stories on this site in 2012 when I called for the Judge to resign. She should resign. Her actions were simply outrageous and showed absolutely no regard for the children’s welfare.
         One of the stories is reprinted below in a screenshot from this site. The original article is here and the LNP story linked to at the time, “Judge: Sex offender violated probation,” is now here.
         Also click here for, “REMOVE JUDGE MARGARET MILLER! – 2.”




    From the Washington Post in 2012 (click here).

         Please also note the last paragraph:
         Also, I want to provide a different perspective to your statement ”For many years, naming an uncharged suspect was strictly prohibited in journalism.” My experience is quite different. There is no consistency. Standards and norms differ dramatically from place to place.
         This site has named the stabber in the death of Hiram Calderon in Lancaster on September 7th. He is Enrique Camara. Am I “allowed” to do that? Yes!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 23rd, 2016 Becky 8 comments



         A sign in a Lancaster Turkey Hill. The photo was taken yesterday.
         LNP has fallen so far they can’t get anyone to pay $.75 for a daily or $2.00 for a Sunday paper.  Lancaster needs a new source for news!

     *    Using new DNA technology, state police Wednesday released a description of a person of interest: a medium-to-light-skinned African-American man with green or hazel eyes and zero to a few freckles.
    From PennLive, “DNA analysis produces suspect description in 2009 double murder,” (click here).
         LNP reporter Jennifer Todd has this article about DNA and it is the top story on Lancaster Online, “9 years after infant was found dead in Lancaster dumpster, police look to new DNA technology to solve case,” (click here).
         But Todd doesn’t tell us what any of the new DNA technology is or can reveal! Not a single word! What is the technology? Look at what the state police did with it in June of this year in a 2009 double murder!
         Are the Lancaster City Police using this new DNA technology to also try to solve the horrific murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor in her home over four years ago? If not, why not?    


    Hiram Calderon

    Hiram Calderon

          Police and the district attorney’s office intend on meeting with the family’s attorney as soon as we hear from him or her because we believe the family and/or their attorney should see and hear everything before the public. At that point, all findings will be made public, along with additional information pertinent to the case and the final decision.
    From the DA’s “update” on the deadly stabbing of Hiram Calderon on September 7th (click here).



         District Attorney Craig Stedman and the Lancaster City Police kept Hiram Calderon’s family in the dark for two weeks. They would not return calls or give them any information.
         Then the DA calls them into his office, tells them they don’t think they can “win,” and then goes after this grieving family in this extremely nasty “update.” 
          Who the hell does the DA think he is and who the hell does he think pays his salary?
         The name of the stabber, Enrique Camara, should have been released to the public two weeks ago! The video should be released to the public. The family and the public have a right and need to know this information.
         And when did the Lancaster Newspapers become the public relations arm for the police and the District Attorney? This is beyond scary and horrifically explains all the unsolved murders and crimes in the county.
         Every single one of their editorial staff should go back to journalism class to learn the principles, purpose and ethics of journalism and what freedom of the press means and how it is meant to keep us free.
     Roda Daughter    And Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, “excited about great journalism,” should resign.
         And Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy apparently thinks she can separate her pages from the corrupt, greedy, racist company she works for and stand as some lone beacon of hope. That is ridiculous and she cannot separate herself. As a commenter to this site said yesterday:
         LNP is NOT journalism. It’s the company newsletter for the Con Center and it’s political team player cheerleaders. If Mayor Dick wasn’t a lackey of Con Center interests, LNP would be taking him to task for the increase in crime, property taxes and overall deterioration of Lancaster City.
         And Suzanne Cassidy, who main focus has been domestic violence, would be taking him to task for hiring an incompetent police chief whose ex-wife has written a book stating he beat her for years. Unbelievable!
         Lancaster needs a new media outlet that will tell the truth, hold these public officials accountable, make the citizens their top priority and stop lining their own pockets with public money for their Marriott Hotel and “expansion.”
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 22nd, 2016 Becky 43 comments

    *** I have a lot to say this afternoon, but my computer and this site have been running extremely slowly all day and I will have to wait until tomorrow and hope it  improves. There are excellent comments in under this post – thank you. I will be back tomorrow with some very strong words about this situation.

    **  The DA’s office has just released an update on the stabbing death of Hiram Calderon (click here).



    From District Attorney Craig Stedman’s webpage on the county website (click here).

         District Attorney Craig Stedman has totally failed in his “mission” and no one in the press is demanding answers. I am contacting the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association (PDAA) and everyone in the media – excluding LNP – because they are not a legitimate news organization. Contact the PDAA at

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    Hiram Calderon

    Hiram Calderon

         LIP News has learned from family members of Hiram Calderon that no charges will be filed against Enrique Camara, the man who stabbed him to death at Conestoga and Beaver Streets on Wednesday, September 7th.
         District Attorney Craig Stedman has provided the public with absolutely no information regarding this death which Coroner Stephen Diamantoni ruled a homicide.
         This is simply unacceptable.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 21st, 2016 Becky 6 comments


          This is on a completely different note – “Must See Pics an Vids” has put up an extremely violent video of a fight between two women that happened in Lancaster within the last week  (click here – and warning – this is extremely violent and may upset you). One of these women, who has 4,150 Facebook followers, posted the video on her Facebook page and bragged about it.
         When did this become okay? I don’t know who or what precipitated the fight and who was the “aggressor,” but will the police file any charges and will Children & Youth investigate this woman and see if her very young child should be removed from the home?
         When did this type of behavior become acceptable? It is not acceptable.


    ****  The woman who answered the phone in District Judge Scott E. Albert’s office this morning at 11:25 said that William Horn’s attorney had requested a continuance of his hearing from today and the Judge granted it. She said a new date has not yet been set. When asked who Horn’s attorney is she said she wasn’t sure “and the file is on the Judge’s desk.”

    ***  His docket online for disorderly conduct at 10:58 am this morning:



     **   Dan has now updated his story and it is titled, “Fuss over bus ride gains public support; matter will end up in court.” Now it is a “fuss.”
         And Dan says this:
         A Lancaster County lawyer has volunteered to represent Horn in his fight against the charges. A hearing date has not been scheduled.
         Well, a hearing date had been set for today when I looked it up this morning but they have probably continued it so the mystery lawyer can be present and defend. I will call the District Justice’s office and see what I can find out.


    *     LNP has made their big “investigative story” an “insider” story (click here). But what LNP reporter Dan Nephin doesn’t even tell you is that his court hearings are scheduled for today! That is correct.
         William L. Horn, Jr. has two dockets: one for theft of services and one for disorderly conduct. Both dockets indicate a hearing is scheduled today for 1:00 pm before District Judge Scott E. Albert, 424 S. Angle St., Mount Joy, PA.
         What is wrong with LNP and their reporters?


          The Lancaster City Police have posted a video of the robber of the Dollar Store at 420 N. Franklin Street on Monday on their Facebook page and on YouTube. There is a reward of up to $1,000.00. If you recognize this armed robber, please call the police immediately as indicated at the end of the video.
    Please check back later today.





    Posted on September 20th, 2016 Becky 13 comments


           There is no additional cost to the district attorney’s office to handle cruelty complaints, Stedman said — it’s an allocation of time, not funds.
         “It’s certainly not overloading the system,” he said.
         …For the present, he added, “animal cruelty investigations are being handled a lot more professionally than they were previously.”
    More from LNP’s fourth story (three were editorials) on the DA’s animal cruelty email “tipline” and linked to below.
    Stedman11     Well, it would certainly seem that you are overloaded! You can’t even provide the names and charges of the three people you claim have actually been cited for animal cruelty since the tipline started! Your record keeping must be in shambles and this is extremely worrisome to the public! You would think with a click of your mouse you could find them or at least Detective Resh should certainly know!
         Maybe you could start a tipline for all the unsolved murders in the county? Maybe LNP should be demanding answers and holding you accountable for the stabbing death of Hiram Calderon two weeks ago tomorrow. Your failure to keep the public informed and protected and your disrespect of the victim’s family and friends is unconscionable, unprofessional and unacceptable!
         Additionally today:
    —  I will put in a Right-to-Know request for the three cases in which you claim charges have been filed.
    —  Where is the arrest of yesterday’s Dollar Store robber, and if he has not been arrested, where are the videos of the robber so the public can help identify him and get him off the street before he robs – and possibly kills – someone again.
          LNP’s failure to protect the public and hold the police accountable is simply beyond shocking and disgusting.
    Roda21 Cassidy—  There will also be more very shortly on why LNP is not eligible for any taxpayer dollars. And Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda (pictured far left) and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy: Your Asian American daughters do not count towards the number of minority employees at LNP. They do not count.


    *** RESIGN, KNAPP!

      stedman20                 knapp-stedman
         LNP “reporter” Tom Knapp needs to hand over his journalism card and do it now! There are not words for this disgrace of an “insider” story. From the story there is this (click here if you are an “insider”):
          Brett Hambright, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, said Resh is getting on average five tips a day on the email tipline or by phone.
          Depending on the circumstances, Hambright said, Resh refers the tips to local police, the Pennsylvania SPCA (which is not connected with the county SPCA) or state dog law wardens for further investigation. In some cases, she handles the investigations personally.
          Many of the cases “simply aren’t criminal offenses,” Hambright said.
          Stedman said reports through the tipline have led to charges in three cases. Specifics on those cases were not immediately available.
         Why weren’t specifics available, Tom? Doesn’t the DA know who they charged? Is this a joke? I asked the same thing when LNP ran an editorial several days ago and didn’t say who was charged. Who was charged? Hand in your journalism card, Knapp!


          From the 9-19-16 Lancaster City Police Log (click here):
    OCCURRED 9/17/2016 BETWEEN 0810 HRS AND 0824 HRS
    Paul Daniel, 52 of the 900 block North Plum Street, Lancaster PA reported that he had left his  brown, 1999, Nissan Altima PA/JDR9887, running and unlocked while getting coffee from the Turkey Hill.  While the victim was in the Turkey Hill an unknown suspect took his vehicle.  Daniel was issued a citation for City Ordinance / Leaving Keys in Lock. 
         I bet Daniel is not a happy man. First someone steals his car and then he gets a citation and has to pay a fine for having his car stolen!  Yes, it was stupid to leave his keys in the car but we all do stupid things from time to time.
         But – wait – Turkey Hills have cameras! Maybe the police could put the video of the car thief out to the public and Daniel might get his car back! Or, is that too much work for the Lancaster City Police? Or are they just too stupid to think of it?
         Yes, Mayor Dick, the quality of life in Lancaster keeps geting better and better! <sarcasm off>

    * DICK & KEITH

     —  Hey, Dick, we’re almost out of drugs. We need money! We need to rob a convenience store!
    —  Great idea, Keith! Where and which one?
    —  Anyone in Lancaster city will do nicely. Is your gun handy?
    —  But, but, but – I heard Lancaster has cameras everywhere on the streets! Why Lancaster, Dick?
    —  They don’t actually use the cameras, Keith. Everyone knows that! Why, I haven’t seen a video from those cameras in over six years. Lancaster is the safest place to go to rob a convenience store!
    —  But what about the store, Dick? The convenience stores all have cameras everywhere!
    —  That’s the beauty of Lancaster, Keith. They don’t use those cameras either! We don’t even have to use masks! Our faces will never be shown to the public.
    —  But we don’t have a car, Dick. How will we get away?
    —  You don’t need a car in Lancaster, Keith. We can just walk away. It happens all the time! Lancaster is a wonderful city for criminals!
    —  That’s great, Dick! I’ve got my gun – let’s go to Lancaster!

    Click here for, “Armed robber hits Family Dollar store on North Franklin Street in Lancaster city,” and the Dick and Keith story will be continued…



    wolf4(Click here to continue reading Governor Tom Wolf’s Executive Order.)

         The Lancaster Newspapers (LNP Media Group, Inc.) do not qualify for any state or local monies, including CRIZ money, because they do not meet the state required diversity and equal opportunity employment guidelines for any business or organization receiving taxpayer’s funds in Pennsylvania. Period.
         And we need to let the state the know!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 19th, 2016 Becky 5 comments


          The below comment in bold came in today from Hiram Calderon’s mother. Last week I ran this quote from District Attorney Craig Stedman on this site (click here). This man needs to be removed from office.
         The lives of those being murdered on the daily do matter don’t they? I know Hiram’s murder really matters to me seeing how we are talking about my son here!!!! Do your jobs or make room for those who will do the necessary work!! I am extremely tired and frustrated with all this waiting and no answers. I call and get no calls back he was murdered September 7, 2016 at 9:30pm Wednesday night, but we didn’t know a thing about it till September 8, 2016 at 1:30 am Thursday. We his parents didn’t get to go to the hospital with him or even see him before they moved his body to the morgue.
         It was on Facebook right after he was murdered because someone posted it. It made the 11:00 news on Wednesday night. An officer called me on my personal cell phone line not that I know how they even got my number, so it’s not like no one knew who his parents were. Today is Monday September 19, 2016 I called the DA’s office first thing this morning and I’m still WAITING for a call back!! Taxpayers are paying your salary and expect you to do the work necessary of your paychecks. If you need help solving important cases hire more help, Heck I’ll work for free to help solve these cases if you need the help. There needs to be JusticeForHiram and the many cases like his.
    Sincerely his mother Maria!!


    corll20(Click here)

    **    Good! The state Attorney General’s office is not putting up with the collusion between the Judges and Police that goes on in Lancaster County and is ignored by LNP!

    *    This article was on the front page of LNP’s Saturday, September 10th edition. There has not been another word about this homicide. This is unacceptable! Who holds the Lancaster City Police and District Attorney Craig Stedman accountable?



         LNP’s Opinion department will hold Diversity and Free Speech on Campus, a public forum on political correctness, equality and free speech on college campuses, at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.
         The opening sentence to today’s LNP “editorial,” “Discussion about free speech on Lancaster County college campuses to be held Tuesday,” (click here).
         Maybe LNP should practice diversity before they talk about it! They are hypocrites and liars. Oh, do I have a lot to say about this!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 18th, 2016 Becky 9 comments


         From the “Guidelines for Obtaining Financing for Projects in the City of Lancaster’s City Revitalization and Improvement Zone,” there are the below highlighted requirements (click here for the complete set of guidelines on the city’s website).

         Now, read the six page Penn Square Partner’s (Lancaster Newspapers and High Industries) CRIZ Application posted on this site (click here) and note that these are not addressed: 

    —  The Authority will consider the following criteria when reviewing an application for CRIZ financing:

    3.  Job Creation. The Authority will take into consideration the number and types of jobs the Project is expected to generate within the CRIZ and the City and the degree to which the Applicant will hire workers living in the City of Lancaster.

    5. Project’s Demand Upon Municipal Services. The Applicant should provide information detailing how it will offset the increased demand for municipal services such as public safety, and public works required for its Project as well as the impact on the Lancaster School District.

    6. Certified Minority or Women Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE) Participation. Preference will be given to Applicants that are MBE/WBE certified in the Commonwealth or use MBE/WBE certified subcontractors from the City of Lancaster in the construction of the Project.  

    8. Commercial Good/Services serving low and moderate income individuals. Projects are encouraged to include businesses that will sell, provide or manufacture goods and services that can be used or purchased by the City’s low and moderate income population.  

    —  The following types of projects, while eligible for Authority financing, may be disfavored in relation to proposed projects of other Applicants and may require a more substantial justification to the Authority:  

    3. projects which may create concerns related to traffic, mass transit or pedestrian access, lighting, view obstructions, noise, etc.; or

    4. projects which entail patterns of usage which may require markedly increased demand for public services (e.g., crowd management during off-hours requiring overtime from public safety officers).  

    —  The key components of the Application Stage are as follows:

    xi. Applicant shall detail the long term impact of tax generation within the CRIZ both for private and public project purposes and must provide an estimate of the projected incremental new CRIZ revenue that will be generated by the Project to be used to pay debt service on the Applicant’s Project or reinvested in the CRIZ. The Authority will require a third-party review of such estimate to be provided by the Applicant. Said third party must be acceptable to the Authority.

    xii. Applicant shall detail the demand on Municipal services including the impact on the Lancaster School District.  

    There will be much more tomorrow.



         On September 2nd, I sent the below email to Mara Creswell McGrann, who was then listed as a “community member” of LNP’s editorial board, and posted it on this site  (click here for the original). In today’s Sunday News, she is no longer listed and in the top screenshot Ron Ashby has taken her place. Does anyone know who he is?
    Please check back later today.





    Posted on September 16th, 2016 Becky 19 comments

    * 9-17-16 – I had some personal matters come up. Will be back tomorrow.


    Hiram Calderon

    Hiram Calderon

         The funeral for Hiram Calderon is tomorrow (click here for his obituary). Please see the excellent and heart-breaking comments under this post.  
         To his family and friends and all who knew him my deepest condolences and sympathy and I will do everything within my power to see justice is done in this case.
    There will be much more tomorrow.




     (Click here)

         Remember this? Has anyone been arrested and charged? Do the Lancaster City Police solve any crimes at all? Does anyone hold them accountable?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 15th, 2016 Becky 2 comments



    Jared I. Weaver

          Investigators developed the Rosses as suspects through cellphone analysis, surveillance video of the shooting and interviews, Hambright said.
          He said video evidence showed a physical altercation between the three, with Weaver falling to the ground, shot. No one else was in the parking lot at the time of the shooting, Hambright said.

    From the LNP story by Jennifer Todd, “2 men charged with homicide in killing of 19-year-old Lancaster man in 2015,” (click here).
         What Todd doesn’t tell us and obviously did not ask is why it took a year for the Manheim Township Police to file the charges! It doesn’t get much easier than having the shooting on video (from the AutoZone surveillance cameras), not to mention the cell phone records to verify who the individuals in the video are. A year!
         I guess it wasn’t a priority and who knows what the two men who were finally charged and jailed have been doing for the past year.  Unbelievable!


    **   Mayor Lutz has changed his mind! Click here for, “Columbia officials close Venues after 2 people were shot nearby, then reopen it hours later!”


    **   LOL! (Click here).

         Maybe Mayor Lutz should worry about getting a shooter off the streets of Columbia. It is rumored that the police know exactly who shot two people in Columbia on Sunday but the police “can’t find him.” They have a duty to release the name to the public!





    *    I spoke by phone with the manager of Venues, Dante Lebron, this morning. He said it is impossible to enter Venues with a gun or any type of weapon. He said people are wanded, patted down and bags are checked.
         He said there is a strict dress code and he had seven security guards working the night two people were shot on the same street in Columbia. He said people who attend Venues want a safe establishment.
         He said they have not broken any Columbia ordinances.
    Please check back later for updates on this developing story.
         What gives Mayor Leo Lutz the authority to issue the below proclamation?




    lnp-stedmanThe final two sentences from today’s LNP editorial, “Two steps forward, one step back for animals in Lancaster County,” (click here).



         This is LNP’s third editorial in which they “applaud” DA Stedman about animal welfare in the last two months. This is beyond disgusting! What about human safety? What about human welfare?
         Hiram Calderon was stabbed to death in the city last Wednesday night and Stedman has told the public absolutely nothing! LNP should be demanding answers and protecting the public and instead they have now written this drivel three times in a row!
         Do your damn job, LNP editorial board! Protect the citizens and hold DA Craig Stedman accountable! That’s what matters most!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 14th, 2016 Becky 5 comments


         The 5-0 vote Tuesday allows the city Redevelopment Authority to begin using eminent domain to acquire one of three rowhouses that must be torn down to make way for the park. Two council members were absent.
    From today’s article by Dan Nephin, “Lancaster City Council approves Lemon Street Park,” (click here).


         I am sick and tired of Nephin’s unbelievably sloppy, lazy and incomplete reporting! These people are making decisions that affect people’s lives and pocketbooks and he doesn’t tell us who voted for it and who did not? Are you kidding me?

         Bernard Harris, now the city clerk and former LNP reporter, said by phone today that the two council members who were absent were Pete Soto and Danene Sorace. So that means (and Harris confirmed it) that John Graupera, Barbara Wilson, Louise Williams, James Reichenbach and Tim Roschel all voted for it. And if you don’t like their vote, click here for all the city council members and call or email them and tell them what you think!
         What disgraceful reporting and I’ll have more to say about this at a later time!






    *    Remember this article (click here)? Click here for the sorriest YouTube presence ever! Gee, with all those cameras and all the crime and unsolved murders you would think there would be loads of videos!
         So, where’s the beef, Nephin? Maybe you could do a follow-up on your story?



         Yes, WGAL’s Jere Gish will be the “Master of Ceremonies” at tonight’s Lancaster Safety Coalition’s “Community Celebration,” (click here). And while the Coalition claims to be “keeping an eye on safety,” I’m keeping my eye on them!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 13th, 2016 Becky 15 comments


         If there is any question if the stabbing death of Hiram Calderon was self-defense – then let a jury decide. That is the way it is done in this country. Let a jury decide if Enrique Camara had so much legitimate fear for his life that he was justified in using a deadly weapon and killing an unarmed man. 
        The last statement from the District Attorney Office on this murder was by former LNP court reporter and now DA Stedman’s “media specialist,” Brett Hambright, who is not a lawyer and it was from last Thursday (click here):
         “Much has been learned since (Calderon) was killed,” Brett Hambright, spokesman for District Attorney Craig Stedman, said. “Police have found no random element to the incident; the public is not in danger.”
         Nonsense! The public has a right to know far more and LNP and other media outlets should be demanding information! We pay these people to protect and serve us so make them do their jobs!
         This excellent comment in from “huh?” this morning:
         See? This is what happens when you have a volatile situation where someone is stabbed to death and the victim’s family knows who did the stabbing.
         The DA needs to address what is going on online, and cool this mess down. By standing back and doing nothing, this is what results. Social media has rendered most “secrets” not secrets anymore. It may not be what he is accustomed to doing but even without this website, the names are being shared on facebook and other sites.



    From today’s “insider” story, “Lancaster County group offers support to families of homicide victims.”
         Well, isn’t that special? Maybe he could solve some murders! I posted this as a comment under “SELF-DEFENSE OR MURDER?” below on this site and I’m moving it here in response to Stedman’s latest comments:
         Thank you for your sentiments, Mr. Calderon. The problem is that the DA’s office does not have a good track record and they especially don’t seem to care when minorities are maimed or killed. Check out the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above on this site and that is just in the city and that is just under Mayor Gray!
         And Stedman is a liar. When 83-year-old Erma Kaylor was killed in her home, the DA sent me an email saying they were not involved in the case because the Lancaster Police never requested their assistance. I am serious and I have the email on my site and I will find it. But, they let Lancaster Detective George Bonilla bring the unsolved murder of Juan Lopez “with him” when he retired with a nice pension from the city and moved to the Lancaster County Detectives! Stedman is a dangerous liar!


           District attorney Craig Stedman said in a statement that video evidence “can be extremely valuable in determining criminal charges.”
         “However, it is not the only evidence considered in charging decisions,” he said. “My office will not determine charges without a complete probe and analysis of what took place.”
    Stedman quoted in today’s LNP article, “Columbia High School student charged with assaulting another student in incident captured on video,” (click here).
    Stedman15     This man just lies! Then how did you wrap up the murder of Ibram Hanna in 11 hours? Is that what’s taking so long with the murder of Hiram Calderon? Are you doing a “complete probe and analysis of what took place?”
         The Department of Justice needs to come in and clean out the DA’s office. And Stedman needs to go!


    no-danger1 (Click here)

         “It was a targeted incident and there is no danger to the public,” he [Columbia borough police Chief Jack Brommer] said.



         Does LNP reporter Ryan Robinson have a brain? He wrote the story where one of the victims stated from his hospital bed that he was an “innocent bystander!” Does Robinson ever question the police? How can there be no danger to the public?
         Robinson needs to give up his journalism card and find other work – maybe at Babies”R”Us? This is disgusting! How about a follow-up to Wednesday’s stabbing death in the city, Robinson? Can you just stab someone to death in Lancaster city and walk away without a word or your name being released?

    *    She has since sent emails in which said she left out quotes and “avery chambers” said that. I don’t know who avery chambers is and I don’t know what she is talking about and it sure as hell sounds like a threat to me.
          But, let me be clear: I am not taking the pictures down and when the DA finally does his job and tells the public what is going on, their names and pictures will be all over the press!


           I received the following email from someone using the name “Stacey Ortiz” last evening:
         she was on her way home. no not really there. take down her picture im asking you. and i dont think you have his family telling you that We will find out the truth. even if your telling it. we dont normally hurt women and children. i got friends to do my work for me. i got silencer and you will never hear us coming. we got guns you never heard of. that was from avery chambers. so your telling me you get death threats. right.
         A man was stabbed to death on a city street last Wednesday. District Attorney Craig Stedman needs to update the public on this case today!  Can you just stab someone to death in Lancaster and walk away? This is outrageous!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on September 11th, 2016 Becky 36 comments


         We are waiting for answers. Cassandra Ortiz reportedly was with Enrique Camara when he stabbed Hiram Calderon to death on Wednesday night. Ortiz and Camara had a child together. It is also reported that she dated Calderon. Camara was walking Ortiz home from work and the baby was not with them.

    ortiz   camara4
    *    I am told that some of the information I have here is wrong. The name of the person who stabbed Hiram Calderon to death is correct and it appears he has taken down his Facebook page. I will correct the other information as it becomes available.
         There is a small irony here: when 15-year-old Ibram Hanna was shot and killed in Mountville with a stolen gun – I said the DA’s office could not possibly have investigated his death sufficiently to announce within 11 hours time that it was an accident; that the 17-and-a-half year old shooter who stole the gun would be charged as a juvenile and essentially the case was closed and the public would never hear about it again.
         That was simply outrageous and I am going to follow-up with the Department of Justice on that investigation.
         But in this case, Calderon was stabbed to death on Wednesday and it is now Monday and the DA has offered the public no information. None!
         I’m going to repeat the post I started yesterday’s coverage with – a comment posted on Lancaster Online under a story about Calderon:
         The murderer is the one who stabbed this young man to death. Why haven’t they released the name of the person who stabbed him and what the facts are? How does someone stab and kill someone else and his identity remain secret? What’s going on here?
         Exactly! And in this case the DA’s office has “Safety Coalition” camera footage. He needs to update the public and he needs to do it now! This is absolutely unacceptable! How does law enforcement in Lancaster County think they can get away with this? The public pays them to protect and serve them! This is another outrage!

    Updated 9-12-16 justiceforhiram

    (Click here)

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    camara3                              camara


    Pictures of Enrique Camara from his Facebook page.

         According to a friend of the victim’s family, Enrique Camara stabbed Hiram Calderon to death on Wednesday at Conestoga and Beaver Streets at approximately 9:30 pm.



        Camara was walking his former girlfriend and the mother of his child home from work. Calderon had also dated her. There is reportedly safety coalition camera footage which shows Calderon pushing Camara and then Camara stabbed him twice, at least once very deeply, causing his death.
         Reportedly, the District Attorney’s office is trying to determine if it was self-defense and a decision is expected tomorrow or very early this week.
         The friend wants to know why Camara did not walk away or call 911. If there is any question regarding a self-defense claim, why not let a jury decide? A 20-year-old man with no weapon is dead.
         District Attorney Craig Stedman owes the public an explanation as to why he has kept them in the dark for days regarding this homicide and why he did not identify the stabber much, much earlier.

  • *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

    Posted on September 11th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

       *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          LIP News has learned that Enrique Camara stabbed Hiram Calderon to death on Wednesday night. He is pictured below. Please check back later for this developing story.


    **   It is believed the shooting took place outside of Venues, 237 Locust St in Columbia (click here). LNP is reporting two people were shot.


    *  A man reportedly was shot in the back four times last night in Columbia – (click here).


    hiram-calderon Hiram Calderon, 20, stabbed to death in Lancaster on Wednesday.

          The murderer is the one who stabbed this young man to death. Why haven’t they released the name of the person who stabbed him and what the facts are? How does someone stab and kill someone else and his identity remain secret? What’s going on here?
    Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “Man stabbed to death in Lancaster, person of interest interviewed and released,” (click here).
         Those are all excellent questions and it is unacceptable and unbelievable – but this happens all the time in Lancaster County because the Lancaster Newspapers will not and do not hold the police, the District Attorney’s Office or the “Safety Coalition” accountable.
    Please check back later today. The screenshot of the comment is below.



    Posted on September 10th, 2016 Becky No comments


    Hambright33      “Much has been learned since (Calderon) was killed,” Brett Hambright, spokesman for District Attorney Craig Stedman, said. “Police have found no random element to the incident; the public is not in danger.”
    From the LNP article the day after Hiram Calderon was killed, “Man stabbed to death in Lancaster, person of interest interviewed and released,” (click here).
         This is simply unacceptable. He was killed on Wednesday; Hambright made that statement on Thursday and there has been no further information released. How can he say the public is not in danger?
         In these photographs taken today, you can see the “Safety Coalition” camera at the intersection of Conestoga and Beaver Streets. In the right-hand photo – to the very far right – you can see the white candles placed where Hiram Calderon, 20, was killed almost directly underneath the camera.
        stabbing-9-10-3             stabbing-9-10-2

    Posted on September 9th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


          This comment was the first and has been under the LNP article on their website since very early this morning:
         Of course it was approved! Lancaster corruption at its best, and we the taxpayer will of course be on the hook for this too! And of course they will have to STEAL more money from locals motels/hotels with a higher illegal room tax! People should be going to prison over this CC! Including some at LNP!
        Yes, they should! And we need to make sure that happens. There will be more on that tomorrow. The comments under the article on LNP’s Facebook page are below. Someone needs to stop this now. Someone needs to say “NO!” and put these thieves in jail!  



    *   From the print story.
         Put October 11th on your calendar!




         Well, look at this! LNP has made this story by “reporter” Dan Nephin about their own money grab an “insider” story! They want even more public money for their Marriott Hotel “expansion” but the average person cannot even read the story!
         This is another outrage and even more of a reason the State Attorney General needs to investigate this and the Lancaster Newspapers need to be kicked out of any news organizations they belong to because all they are is a crooked, corrupt and racist business.
    There will be much more later today.


    Posted on September 8th, 2016 Becky 2 comments


          There are preliminary reports into LIP News about the fatal stabbing of 20-year-old Hiram Calderon last night at Conestoga and Beaver Streets.
         It is reported that the man who stabbed him was pushing his daughter in a stroller at about 9:30 pm when he was jumped by four men. He reportedly stabbed both Calderon and another man who was taken to the hospital. The second man’s condition is unknown at this time.
          It is believed he is claiming self-defense and his name is not known although he may have been in prison and released on parole about six months ago. It is believed the fight may be the result of a long-standing argument over a woman.
        There are numerous safety coalition cameras in the area per the camera map below with a blue arrow inserted where the fatal stabbing occurred. 


         People are cautioned to wear nose plugs when swimming in freshwater.
    **  From the PennLive article, “Teen dies from brain-eating amoeba after swimming in stream flowing from Pennsylvania,” (click here).
         It is unbelievable that the Lancaster Newspapers have made their article an “insider” story and people on their website and their Facebook page are furious about it.
         Please check back shortly because LIP News will have breaking news regarding last night’s stabbing death in the city.

    amoeba2*    Unbelievably, LNP has made their story about this amoeba death an “insider” story as well – so read about it here!



         LNP has this story up this morning as an “insider” story – “After school starts, reports of suspected child abuse spike.” And what the article is really about is the need for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) for children placed in foster care.
         I can’t imagine why LNP would make this an insider story – but they state that people interesting in volunteering can attend one of three upcoming 60 minute information sessions as follows:
    —  On October 18th at noon at CAP at 601 S. Queen Street in Lancaster.
    —  On November 15th at 6 pm at East Petersburg Area Civic Center, 6020 Lemon Street in East Petersburg.
    —  On December 20th at noon at CASA at 53 N. Duke Street, Suite #218 in Lancaster.
         The article states the sessions are free but you have to register by calling (717) 208-3280 or emailing them at
         You can also go to their website anytime and contact them about becoming a volunteer – click here.


    Posted on September 7th, 2016 Becky No comments


         [The six page Penn Square Partner’s (LNP and High Industries) Application for the CRIZ is below. Because of technicalities with the scan and in order to make it legible, it does not appear in the six page format. And page six, which is only about an eighth of a page of type, failed to scan so I have typed that.]psp5psp6psp7psp8psp9psp10psp11psp12psp13psp14psp18******

    *   A picture taken this morning of the three buildings LNP and High Industries want to tear down and use public money to build a Marriott “expansion tower” in their place (with a Marriott M Club Lounge and a roof-top bar).
         When I filed my complaint with the Attorney General, this comment came in:
         I believe that just about the only missing thing was the mention of the builder purchasing the building far ahead of any publicly proposed expansion and more importantly the Historic Preservation Trust approving the demolition of those same three buildings to make way for the expansion.
         I did forget that and I will add it to another complaint. When High bought these buildings, they were not “blighted!” In fact, one had lawyer’s offices in it.
         This whole things is so corrupt it is unbelievable!


          I received the following letter in the mail yesterday from the Office of the Attorney General, Antitrust Section, and signed by Tracy W. Wentz, Chief Deputy Attorney General:

         Thank you for submitting your complaint form to the Antitrust Section. The Antitrust Section’s review is limited in determining whether there is any violation of the federal antitrust laws and state common law. After reviewing your complaint carefully, we found no basis for the Antitrust Section to have standing to file any action under the antitrust laws. I am, however, forwarding your complaint to the Criminal Law Division in our Office for their review.

    Please click here for “FILE A COMPLAINT!” on this site and if you have not done so, file your complaint with the Criminal Law Division. Please check back later today for more on the Penn Square Partners (LNP and High Industries) and the CRIZ.

  • WOO-CAT!

    Posted on September 6th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


         I had to do a “Whois” lookup on my own website yesterday. It was on September 25, 2004 that I handed my son a credit card and said get me a website (click here). That’s not ten years ago – it’s 12 years ago and I will start my 13th year this coming September 25th.
         And I’ve seen a lot in those years – but never something as incredibly stupid and juvenile as the email I received last night that said in part (of the incredibly long email) this:
        Because of your unethical reporting and malice-centered publishing, Ms. Green, representatives from our company, and Ms. Green’s minor children have all experienced undue stress, embarrassment, and extensive burden, resulting from your unfounded online published reports. Our company has experienced loss of productivity, client questions, and potential revenue loss as a direct result of your malicious reporting standards.
         All of that happened within 12 hours of my publishing? That is simply astonishing! I have more power than I could have ever possibly imagined! Who knew?
         And there was this clincher at the end:
    Notice: You do not have our permission to disseminate any aspect of this communication. This communication is intended solely for your viewing only and is our final request for you to cease and desist.
    Who the hell are you to give me permission or not to reprint an absurd email you sent me? You better hire some better lawyers!  OMG!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on September 6th, 2016 Becky 13 comments


          I started with two very different topics this morning and that was a mistake. I apologize. This afternoon’s follow-up is about the CRIZ. I need to get the six page application scanned and I hope I will have that done and post it here in full tomorrow.
         Nothing in their application addresses the obvious need there will be for vastly increased public services and traffic control and restrictions and there are only a few sentences regarding the impact on the School District of Lancaster. And LNP (Lancaster Newspapers) most certainly does not meet the “non-discrimination requirements of the City of Lancaster, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and United States of America!”
         It should also be noted that even though LNP is a partner with High Industries in this their name is literally only mentioned once in the application and that is when they outline the “Project Ownership.”
         The application is “based” solely on three highly questionable studies: one by the Lancaster City Alliance whose members have close ties to both LNP and High Industries, and two by the Conventions, Sports and Leisure Association.
          And then there are retracted portions and a reference to a “confidentiality agreement.” When you want the public’s money, you don’t have any rights to confidentiality! Period.
         The CRIZ is a sham and this application is a sham and there will be much more tomorrow.

    ****  From LNP today, “High and partner sell Harrisburg mall for $33.8M,” (click here).
           This is listed as part of High’s portfolio in their application for the CRIZ – see “Exhibit B” below. This is what they say about it in the application along with two pictures:
    High Pointe Commons
    High Real Estate Group developed this $25 million High Pointe Commons shopping center in Harrisburg, PA. The complex includes buildings totaling about 350,000 square feet, including a 99,000-square-foot JC Penney, a 127,000-square-foot Target and 73,000-square foot of other retail space. Greenfield Architects is the project architect and High Construction Company served as the construction manager.

         Why is this for-profit, multi-million dollar company getting a single dollar of the public’s money? Why?

     ***  The CRIZ application I was mailed is about an inch thick. It contains the following –

    — A six page application.

    —  “Exhibit A” – 18 pages of construction and room plans by the architectural firm of Cooper Carry for the new tower.

    —  “Exhibit B” – 15 pages on the qualifications of High Industries including previous projects and resumes for their top executives.

    —  “Exhibit C” – 25 double-sided pages of a Conventions, Sports & Leisure (CSL) report titled “Analysis of the Operations and Sales of the Lancaster County Convention Center,” presented on May 16, 2012.

    —  “Exhibit D” – is actually two different reports as follows:
                            —  An 11 page, double-sided, report titled  “Economic     
                                  Development Strategic Plan for the
                                  City of Lancaster, PA,” prepared by the Lancaster City
                                  Alliance on June 2, 2015.
                            —  An 11 page, double-sided report titled, “Assessment of
                                  Downtown Real Estate and Implications for the Success of
                                  Attracting High Impact Conventions and Meetings to the
                                  Lancaster County Convention Center,” prepared by
                                  Conventions, Sports & Leisure on February 11, 2016.

    —  “Exhibits F & G” which have been redacted but are the “Operating Statements” – “F” under the current CRIZ legislation and “G” under the proposed CRIZ legislation.


    **    Under “Criteria that the Authority Will Consider in Selecting Projects for Financing” there is this:

    PSP App      

         The application has a two paragraph response to this as follows:

    VI. Job Creation  

         There are currently 208 full time equivalent workers employed by Interstate Hotel and Resorts, the manager for the combined hotel and convention center, approximately 22% are managers/supervisors and 78% are hourly. Currently, approximately 60% of the workers reside within Lancaster City. It is anticipated that during the construction phase the project will employee[sic] approximately 100-200 workers over a period of one and a half years. When construction is complete, it is anticipated Interstate Hotels and Resorts will employee[sic] approximately an additional 61 full time equivalent workers, with approximately 16% managers/supervisors and 84% hourly. 

         Additionally, as was the case with the initial construction, we would anticipate the spill over benefit within the City will be great. Since the hotel and convention center has opened in June of 2009 the City has seen over 100 net new businesses open in Lancaster City, employing over a thousand new Downtown employees according to the Lancaster City Alliance. While the hotel and convention center cannot and should not take credit for all those jobs, we are proud to say that the development was a major catalyst for that growth. We fully anticipate additional indirect jobs will be created as a result of the development of the new tower and the increased utilization of the Convention Center.


    *    I will be referring to the city’s “Guidelines for Obtaining Financing for Projects in the City of Lancaster’s City Revitalization and Improvement Zone,” when discussing the application – it is here.
         Please note #3 and #4 below. These are not discussed in their application. Further, it is required that they address these issues later in the “guidelines.”

    PSP App1


    Marriott13     The CRIZ application by the Penn Square Partners (the Lancaster Newspapers and High Industries) for millions of dollars of public money for the Marriott Hotel “expansion” is a fraud. It is an absolute fraud. It is six pages long. You read that correctly! The application is six pages long.
         The State Attorney General needs to investigate this immediately! There will be much more on this later today.
    Martin Linkedin
          This email in over the weekend regarding Scott Martin who is running for the PA State Senate:
         Scott works for a lobbyist in Harrisburg
         Another conflict in my opinion
         This lobbyist owes back taxes
         Yes, Martin does. His Linkedin profile is above. What an incredible conflict of interest! And Martin was granted a second divorce from his wife, Heather, on August 12th of this year. He kept his first divorce and remarriage to her a secret from the public.
         And in what may be one of the worst kept secrets, it is alleged that Martin and the Lancaster County Treasurer, Amber Green, have been having an affair.
        Green was just granted a divorce from her husband, Gerald, on September 2nd. And Ms. Green is a busy woman – from her Linkedin profile:
         How much is the county paying Green and how can she also run two companies? Is the county treasurer a full time job?
         The level of corruption in Lancaster County is simply astounding and not only do the Lancaster Newspapers fail to expose it, they are a lead player in the corruption itself. Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on September 2nd, 2016 Becky 12 comments


           In his introduction to the 51st and final part of NewsLanc’s series on the convention center/hotel that is noted in the email below and has a huge list of “Abuses by Lancaster Newspapers,” publisher Robert Field states this (click here):
         Fortunately, local circumstances have in general changed for the better. This is especially true concerning the Lancaster Newspapers, Inc. which has returned to its  former high standards.
         This is absolute bunk and nonsense as has been proven absolutely false by the recent CRIZ award to PSP Partners (the Lancaster Newspapers and High Industries). And this is what drives me crazy about Robert because he must have used that  returned to “high standards” line for LNP about 30 times over the course of the last several years and it simply is not true. He does not get it!
         LNP (the Lancaster Newspapers) have never had high standards. They have never held the police, the DA or the Judges in Lancaster County accountable. They have always protected the white, elite and privileged establishment. They blatantly discriminate in their hiring and their racism is reflected everywhere in their coverage and lack of coverage.
         But it is their mockery and disavowal of all journalism principles and ethics that is the most shocking and disheartening. The press is the backbone of this country’s democracy and LNP is the antithesis of that basic, most important constitutional fact. And they could care less because they are not a news organization – they are a greedy, unethical business masquerading as a news organization and using the power that comes with it to line their own pockets and keep their cronies and political friends in office. It is disgraceful and beyond scary.
         Barring breaking news, this site is going on vacation until Tuesday, September 6th. Coming shortly thereafter:
    —  A follow-up with the Department of Justice on the petition calling for an investigation into the shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in Mountville on August 12th.
    —  A follow-up with the PA State Attorney General’s Office on complaints that LNP and the GRAY administration have illegally colluded on the CRIZ.
    —  The CRIZ application itself.
    —  A follow-up with the PA News Media Association to have LNP thrown out of the Association.
    —  Follow-ups on the cases of Sterling Staton and Akeem Washington where there is outrageous and racist conduct by the Lancaster City Police Department, the DA’s office and Lancaster County Judges.
    —  Much more.
    Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day!

             And on a silly note and to lighten things up a touch, I found this meme on the “The Realest People of Lancaster” Facebook page and I just enjoy it!

    *     This email was sent today.
    This email is for Mara Creswell McGrann: I was wondering why you are allowing your name to be associated with the LNP editorial board? On Wednesday, August 31 the board wrote in the opinion piece on Hillary Clinton:
    Still, there’s a rule of journalistic ethics that we think ought to apply to government officials, too: Avoid not just conflicts of interest, but the appearance of conflicts of interest. Because in the public’s eye, they’re all the same.
    This is a flat-out lie and a disgrace to journalism. LNP owns the Marriott Hotel and just received CRIZ money (public money) for their “expansion.” I also suggest that you read’s series on the convention center and their list of “Abuses by Lancaster Newspapers” (click here).
    I would appreciate your response.
    Thank you,
    Becky Holzinger


          These two sentences from Wednesday’s LNP editorial simply shock me to my core (click here). That the people on the editorial board could flat-out lie and be this hypocritical and lacking in any integrity or decency whatsoever is scary and shocking and absolutely disgusting. They are a disgrace to journalism!

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 1st, 2016 Becky 9 comments

    **   I am taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will publish tomorrow then go on holiday break until Tuesday, September 6th, when daily publishing will resume.

    Fiorill2* Click here for the above LNP story. I have not watched the videos on but Ben Vonderheide has been going after Fiorill for quite some time now (click here). I don’t know if that has anything to do with his retirement.


    169 CAMERAS!

         Why hasn’t this thief been arrested?


    Cab Drivers

       (Click here)

          Where is the video of these robberies? There’s a Safety Coalition Camera right there!

    600 Manor St.1

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 31st, 2016 Becky 6 comments


         Still, there’s a rule of journalistic ethics that we think ought to apply to government officials, too: Avoid not just conflicts of interest, but the appearance of conflicts of interest. Because in the public’s eye, they’re all the same.
    From today’s LNP editorial, “Hillary Clinton failed (miserably) to maintain a firewall between the Clinton Foundation and her State Department,” (click here).

    Suzanne Cassidy LNP Opinion Editor & LIAR!

    Suzanne Cassidy
    LNP Opinion Editor
    & LIAR!

        There are no words for the hypocrisy and lies told by the LNP “editorial board.” has a brief piece up about this: “LNP hypocrisy knows no limit,” (click here).
         For almost ten years I have been reciting the journalistic ethics that LNP is breaking every single day by their involvement and ownership in the Convention Center/Marriott Hotel. This is a reminder that I faxed the below letter into the PA News Media Association on August 8th stating that LNP should be removed from their organization specifically because they break that exact same journalistic ethic daily! 
          This is your “hometown” news organization blatantly lying to your face – again!



    ***  This is Steven and Cheryl Markle of Leola trying to hack this site. They come on through a proxy using the same computer information as always. Then they try to code their way in. They tried this fifteen times yesterday.
         They will be reported to the DA’s office and the East Lampeter Township Police.

    Markle 8-31


    Walk2**  I found this tweet by LNP sports reporter John Walk last night “amusing.” I get the impression the sports reporters aren’t in the office much but write their stories about games from McDonalds and other WI-FI enabled locations and send them in. Maybe if John were in the office more he could look around at his co-workers and notice that they are all white!
         LNP may be “locally owned,” but unfortunately the owners are unethical, power hungry racists and that has impacted their coverage and the quality of lives of everyone living in Lancaster County for years. 

     *   Some interesting comments came in last night under the story immediately below – and this is something I want to address this afternoon – can LNP’s editorial board be separate and distinct from the rest of LNP’s business practices and products?


    LBC1 (Click here)

         About the Bible College credo… a very wise person once taught me, “Don’t confuse ‘God’ with ‘life.’” The really classical theologians, such as Augustine and Luther, stressed that God gave us “free will.” Or as Augustine wrote, “Love, and do what you want.” One final theological opinion. Years ago there was a best-selling book called, “Your God is Too Small.” Perhaps that book should be reprinted and issued as required reading for the Bible College students.
    A comment into this site from “barryinwinnipeg” about the Lancaster Bible College’s “Statement of Faith” in their application (click here).
         The above article comes as no surprise. I posted the below on May 16th of this year and the original is linked to under Barry’s quote above:

    LBC2 Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 30th, 2016 Becky 16 comments


         I enjoyed the above Facebook exchange! It will never happen, Mark Wolf! There is no chance at all! You see, LNP is a phony news organization. They are a crooked and racist business that uses their power pretending to be a news organization to get what they want. And they want a lot of money!
         And Mayor Gray helped them get their publicly funded convention center/Marriott Hotel and he just got them even more of the public’s money through the CRIZ program for their Marriott expansion.
         They do not and will not ever hold this arrogant, inept and uncaring man and his administration accountable.
         One more time, I am going to go back to their former columnist, Carol Petersen, who wrote “Here’s a blueprint for local news coverage,” as her final column (click here). Her blueprint is the antithesis of LNP. We must demand better and answers and it is now 20 unsolved murders:
         Journalism, at its best, is the protector of the people, asks the hard questions, doesn’t take “No” for an answer, keeps asking the question that the person at the mic during a press conference keeps dodging, and presses issues. Good journalism should make polite society just a little bit uncomfortable, because good journalism isn’t polite. Good journalism is bold. Good journalism isn’t an arm of any administration or political party. Good journalism isn’t an extension of the PR department of the police department or the mayor’s administration — no matter what party holds the office — and shouldn’t run interference for local Big Business’s ambitions.
         …I pray the readers will demand that their local press become the tenacious bulldogs that get the answers to their most pressing questions. It’s time to stop thinking of Lancaster city as just some sleepy backwater where the only thing readers are interested in are human interest feel-good stories. The feel-good stories Lancastrians are interested in are the back story on the fiscal impact of the convention center on taxpayers, the shocking disparity in sentencing in local courtrooms, and the arrests of the murderers of 16 of our citizens.

    *     The $24.25 has been mailed to the city of Lancaster. Please note that exhibits F and G have been redacted under 708(b)(11) of the Right to Know law. That is as follows (click here):
         (11) A record that constitutes or reveals a trade secret or confidential proprietary information.
          When I receive the application, I will decide whether to contest the redaction.

    CRIZ Application


          Below is a sign on one of the buildings LNP and High Industries want to tear down for their Marriott expansion.
         These two multi-million dollar for-profit companies want more of the public’s money for this travesty. They want it taken off the tax rolls and somehow LNP thinks they can simply skip all the requirements for equal opportunity and diversity to receive state funds and this racist, greedy, slimy , horrific company is the  “news source” for Lancaster County.
         I will be following up today with the State Attorney General’s Office regarding my complaint.
    Please also see the post immediately below on this site and check back later today.    



    Posted on August 29th, 2016 Becky 1 comment



         I find it “interesting” that the City of Lancaster put out this video five days ago and yet they want to demolish 14, 16 and 18 E. King Street for the Marriott expansion. The properties are shown below.
         The video is also below although I found it boring and poorly produced. There will be more on the CRIZ and the demolition of these three buildings tomorrow.




    Posted on August 29th, 2016 Becky 1 comment

     *    In Pennsylvania, children must be charged as adults in murder or homicide cases, though defense attorneys can later try to move the charges to juvenile court. Erie County prosecutors say they plan to oppose that.
    From the PennLive article, “Boy shot grandma to death over fight about school: police,” (click here).
         Several people have brought this article and case to my attention because of the shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna on August 12th in Mountville. How does this relate to his 17-year-old killer – George Rosado – who is currently being tried as a juvenile in Lancaster County? I am trying to figure it all out.


    Land Bank2

     Land Bank3    The “land bank” is back in the news (this is from today’s print edition – it is not currently online) because city council gave it their rubber stamp of approval. And this time reporter Dan Nephin doesn’t even tell us where that $1 million dollars came from! It is time to keep a very, very close eye on what is done and who gets the money.
    Please check back later today.