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    Posted on April 3rd, 2016 Becky 13 comments


    cheryl Markle3          Markle 1-135

    Markle - Roda1

          I don’t care if you’ve been in contact with the Pope! You have been advised repeatedly to stop sending your sick comments into this site. Next week, Cheryl’s employers – Ehrlich Pest Control and the Ephrata Performing Arts Center – will get  certified letters stating there is a Cease & Desist order in place and her work computers should not be used to send comments into this site.
         A letter will also be mailed to their home in Leola. If they chose not to sign it, it does not matter – it is obvious from their other internet activities that they read this site multiple times daily.
         There will be more next week and the letters, with copies to the Philadelphia and Lancaster DA’s office, will be posted under the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above.

          Among the harassing comments into this site from these two very sick individuals in the last four days:

    — Someone needs to tell Becky Holzinger that she is a world wide, internet joke.

    — What does it take for Becky Holzinger to stop her rants about a news outlet that she is envious of? Evil has consumed your entire existence which was very disturbing from the start. Your brain capacity isn’t anymore than the level of a child with emotional problems. You have wasted your life and shamed your family for what? Nothing. Nothing at all.

    — Why are you so concerned about prom season, especially in another county? Unhealthy for someone of your age. Are you registered with Megan’s list?

    — Becky do you really need to publicize your stupidity and jealousy every damn single day on the internet? Dense doesn’t even begin to describe your brain.

    — LNP = limp nigga penis

    — Why do you do something so stupid like copying a press release? It’s hard to think of something or someone more useless than you and this site.

    — isn’t it time for you to have your medication adjusted?


         In a November memo seeking co-sponsors for the bill, Ms. Rapp, Rep. Bryan Barbin, D-Johnstown, and Rep. Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster, wrote that the proposal was motivated by evidence that fetuses are capable of feeling pain before birth.
    From the LNP article by the Associated Press, “Pa. House fast-tracking a bill to tighten abortion restrictions,” (click here).
         I knew I’d find Bryan Cutler’s name in all of this! Why is this man still in office?
    Please check back later today. 

  • * REAL…

    Posted on April 2nd, 2016 Becky No comments

    * Someone needs to tell Pete that April Fools is over!




    Posted on April 1st, 2016 Becky 2 comments

    * Taking the afternoon off. Have a happy and safe First Friday!


    Buffalo Killers

    Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the story, “NY murder suspect could be in Lancaster area,” (click here).
         No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke! That’s really for real! What a world, indeed!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on March 31st, 2016 Becky 7 comments


         Fire alarm at a Scandinavian embassy?
         One of the many such comments that came into this site when I first posted this Twitter photo from former LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer in October of 2014 (click here). A fire alarm had gone off at 8 West King Street and the LNP employees spilled into the square of a city with a population that is over 50 percent minority.
         I’ve been writing about the racism at LNP on this site for 10 years. Eight years ago, when Barack Obama first ran for president, I held a “Find a Minority at LNP” contest. The only minority that was found was Alex Rios.
         In March of 2014 I ran photos of the 83 members of their editorial staff (click here). Every sinlge staff member was white except for Alex Rios.
         There was the year I said “There’s a black man on the front page of the Intell and he’s not charged with a crime. It must be Martin Luther King Day!”
         It was, of course, Martin Luther King Day.
         I pointed out over and over again that no mugshot included with a crime story meant the perpetrator was white.
         I have stated for years that racism in Lancaster County begins with LNP – and it does.
         For years LNP made no attempt to hide their blatant racism. They were proud of it! The Klan was all over their “Talkback” forum.
         In 2010, businessman Charlie Crystle, then a SDoL School Board Member, embarrassed them by openly discussing the racism on their Talkback forum at a meeting. The top executives at LNP claimed they did not know and they shut the forum down.
         Then in September of 2014 came the racist cartoon incident that went national – comparing the seating on airplanes to slave ships. LNP fired the editor who ran it, combined their two editorial pages into one and made little known reporter Suzanne Cassidy the Opinion Editor.
         But nothing has changed. The editorial staff is white. There is absolutely no diversity. They do no have a single minority reporter on staff.
         I stated the other day that, “The racism at LNP is simply astounding, absolutely disgusting and illegal.” 
          And it is. And it cannot continue and those responsible at LNP need to be held accountable and charged accordingly.


    **  Believe it or not, Lancaster Online had this as “BREAKING NEWS” for several hours yesterday. PennLive has a different take on it – click here for, “Baby bald eagles alive and well in hundreds of nests across Pennsylvania.”
         …”The Game Commission doesn’t name wild animals,” she explained. “It’s not appropriate for people to think of them as pets.
         “Giving wild animals human characteristics is a disservice to their wild nature. It slants the relationship that we have as we watch them.”
         The commission moved quickly Wednesday to get in front of any human sentiments for strange actions like body recovery, funeral and burial, even as some viewers mistakenly described actions by the adult birds in the live-stream as somehow mournfully burying their dead offspring in the nest.

    *  From the March 30, 2016 Lancaster City Police Log (click here):

    200 BLK E LEMON ST
    OCCURRED 3/29/2016 BETWEEN 1730 AND 1740 HRS.
    A 15-year-old female was walking with a 14-15 year old male through the Cemetery when they were approached from behind by two unknown suspects. One of the suspects held a gun to the female victim and demanded her belongings. The suspect pushed the victim to the ground and took her her cell phone. Both suspects fled on foot towards Howard Ave. 

    OCCURRED 3/28/2016 2228 HRS
    Reported shots fired in area and responding officers found several shell casings at the scene. A vehicle which was parked in front of a residence at the location sustained damage to the rear window and driver’s side mirror from bullet strikes.

    SHOTS FIRED     
    500 BLK HIGH ST
    OCCURRED 3/28/2016 1650 HRS
    Reporting person stated that she heard gun shots.  Responding officers located several shell casings in front of residence.


    LNP Media2

    LNP Media1

          LNP Media Group is looking for four reporters – some of the ads have been up for months (click here).
         What, besides being white and ignoring the truth and the obvious, does it take to become a LNP reporter?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 30th, 2016 Becky 5 comments


              The following Right-to-Know request was faxed into the City of Lancaster yesterday:
         Please provide a copy of all complaints, correspondence, emails and any external or internal written correspondence received or noted by the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission regarding discrimination in hiring based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion by LNP Media Group (formerly known as the Lancaster Newspapers) for the last five years.


     *   The other day, those intrepid LNP reporters were tweeting and boasting about their Keystone Press Awards. Yes, it is that time of the year again!
         But I noticed a major difference this year – a huge difference. 
         Last year they were in Division I – Multi-day Publications – over 75,000 circulation:                                                             Keystone
         This year they are in Division II – Multi-day Publications – 40,00 – 74,999 circulation. Can you say circulation drop? There will be more on this and the awards coming at a later time:Keystone1




         Another man was shot in Lancaster last night (click here). LNP is still not reporting that the victim in Monday’s shooting is Craig L. Johnson, who was arrested and charged with selling pot from above his wife’s daycare the day before he was shot. Seriously, what is wrong with LNP and their reporters? This is beyond pathetic.
         In other news, Attorney Michael Marinaro won a not-guilty verdict from a jury for his client yesterday, LIP News put in a Right-to-Know request with the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission and LNP’s circulation takes a major tumble (is it any wonder?)!
    Wow! It’s a busy day! Please check back later.


    Posted on March 29th, 2016 Becky 11 comments

        Victim is the person charged yesterday with selling pot out of his wife’s daycare
         This is posted on Lancaster Online under the story of last night’s shooting (click here). I am being told that this is correct. That would mean that the shooting victim is Craig L. Johnson, 43-years-old, and the subject of LNP’s story yesterday, “Prosecutors: Lancaster Township man sold pot from above wife’s day care,” (click here).
         I am awaiting absolute confirmation on the victim’s identity and whether his alleged pot selling activities/arrest had anything to do with his being robbed and shot last night.




            Stacel Tyrice Crenshaw, 27-year-old male, last known address: 600 blk. S. Marshall St., Lancaster, PA, has been identified as the shooter in the above incident. Crenshaw has been charged with Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, and Firearms not to be Carried Without a License by Det. Stan Roache before MDJ Adam Witkonis. An arrest warrant has been issued for CRENSHAW.

    * Police Press Release (click here):  

         On March 28, 2016 at 10:24 PM, Lancaster City Police officers were dispatched to the 700 blk. of High St. for a reported shooting. Upon arrival, officers located a 43-year-old male victim with a gunshot wound to his lower left abdomen. Investigators learned that the victim was walking in the block when a suspect, described as a black male, robbed the victim by pointing a handgun at him and demanding the victim surrender his wallet. The victim gave the suspect a small amount of cash. While the victim was attempting to run away, the suspect fired one round from the handgun, striking the victim in his left side abdomen area. The suspect then fled the area on foot. The victim then entered a bar / restaurant in the block where employees called 911. Medical personnel responded and transported the victim to a local hospital where he is continuing treatment. His injuries are not believed to be life threatening. 

         Investigators have identified a person of interest in this shooting but no charges have been filed at this time, as the investigation is ongoing. We will provide updates if any charges are filed or if any arrests are made. This shooting does not appear to have been a random act.

         Anyone with information about this case is urged to call Lancaster City Police at (717) 735-3300 or Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913. You can also click the Submit a Tip button on our website,, or Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by texting LANCS plus your message to 847411. Tipsters may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.    


    Shooting 3-29     WGAL, “43-year-old man shot outside Irish pub,” (click here).

         According to WGAL, there will be a mid-morning update from the police.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 28th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

         The US Capitol and the White House are on lockdown after the reported shooting of a police officer at the Capitol Visitors Center.
         I will come back to the below story and the racism at LNP tomorrow.

    *****  As a total side note to this story, Carothers’ docket indicates that on March 14, 2016, Judge Joseph Madenspacher issued an “Order Granting Motion for Continuance” in this case. Madenspacher is retired and has been replaced! I thought the courts needed to save so much money they supposedly can’t afford to keep a District Judge in the city’s Southeast!
         Doesn’t Lancaster County have enough Judges? Why is Madenspacher involved in this case? How much is he being used and how much is he being paid? What is going on? I will put in a Right-to-Know request!


    ****  Joseph Carothers is in jail on $150,000 cash bail with the below charges. He is currently set to have a pre-trial conference on April 11th.  So, is it the same woman as Sheval Lewis is charged with breaking into her home and assaulting another man?  Hmmm… What is going on in Cocalico?





    *** This is who Joseph Carothers is! Click here for the PennLive, November 2015 story, “Man broke into ex-girlfriend’s home, assaulted woman and new boyfriend: police.”

         That’s very close to the headline running for Sheval Lewis!
         And the plot really, really thickens!
    **  From the story:
         It’s not Lewis’s first brush with the law.
         Last summer, police charged Lewis, then of Denver, with disorderly conduct and harassment after he was involved in a fight with another man.
         Yes, those two summary charges are on Lewis’ dockets. The harassment docket is shown below. Notice as part of his sentence – three months probation – there is also a condition – Lewis is ordered to “stay away from Joseph Carothers.” His disorderly conduct docket reads exactly the same.
         So, who is Joseph Carothers? Oh, now the story gets really, really interesting!

       From the story:
         Police noted in a statement that Lewis has at least 11 warrants for his arrest in Lancaster, Lebanon, Berks and York counties.
         What he has in Lebanon, Berks and Yorks counties are apparently unpaid traffic tickets (see below).
         In Lebanon, he received two tickets on the same day; one for no inspection and one for an unregistered vehicle.
         In Berks he has one traffic ticket for exceeding the 55 speed limit by 22 miles per hour.
         In York, he has one ticket for driving while his operating privileges were suspended or revoked.
         These are the only charges in those counties and there are no criminal charges according to court dockets. So, if there are warrants, they must be because those tickets are not paid. His charges in Lancaster County will come shortly.


    Lewis2 YORK COUNTY



    Sheval Lewis1

     (Click here.)

         This story has been on the home page of Lancaster Online for four days now. There are multiple problems and huge misstatements in this story. Multiple misstatements!
         And there is this posted as a comment under the article:Racist1
          Is there a moderator or a social media editor or someone at LNP who has the common sense and decency to delete this comment from under the story? This is 2016 and Barack Obama has been president for eight years! Could someone delete this absurd, disgusting, KKK comment? Or has LNP just decided to be openly racist again?
         Again, this story has been front and center for four days now making this 23-year-old black man look like the worst “career” criminal in the world and implying that he should be locked away for life!
         There is no byline on the story but someone at LNP took the time to look into his record. But they didn’t look far enough or they decided to ignore the truth! And the police are making this look far worse than it is.
          This is an absolute disgrace and blatant racism!
    Please check back later today.

  • *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Posted on March 25th, 2016 Becky 9 comments


         This video of an arrest yesterday in the city, originally posted on “The Realest People of Lancaster” Facebook page, is making the social media rounds. There are over 450 comments on their page.


    Posted on March 23rd, 2016 Becky 2 comments


          I had planned on writing a lot today but the weather is gorgeous, my brain is tired and I have a lot to do.
         I guess it’s those big checks LNP owner Peggy Steinman sends to conservative politicians that keeps her company from being investigated for 40 years of blatant discrimination. I plan to address the racism at LNP head-on following the Easter break.
         Also on my list are the “safety coalition” cameras, the Lancaster City Police Department and all the unsolved murders and crimes. And we’ll see how well Mayor Gray and Police Chief Keith Sadler are doing in diversifying the police force. And if all of those sound familiar, well, they are – because LNP does nothing to protect the public and hold the mayor and the police accountable. Absolutely nothing. And we know how they feel about human equality and decency.
          There’s a lot more on the list as well. Have a wonderful holiday and LIP News will resume daily publishing this Monday morning!


    spelling (Click here)

         Why didn’t LNP just headline this absurd video piece as: Watch white people attempt to spell!
         The racism at LNP is simply astounding, absolutely disgusting and illegal.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 22nd, 2016 Becky 6 comments



    Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page.

    Jaime Rodriguez

    Jaime Rodriguez

         Agreed. Especially after they ran the mugshot of Jaime Rodriguez! WGAL and LNP both claim Lancaster City Police officers used “leprechaun” in their original descriptions. It doesn’t mean they have to use it as a headline all day long – again, especially after running his mugshot where he looks nothing like a “leprechaun!” Who does? It’s ridiculous! Just ridiculous!
         You can’t really blame people for having a field day with it though. But I imagine for the Turkey Hill workers involved it was a nightmare and extremely scary and traumatizing.
         Tomorrow – back to more serious news and a news roundup before this site goes on Easter break beginning Thursday until Monday when daily publishing will resume.


    *    Um, yes you can be mad about it! How would you like to be working in a store late at night and have a man in a green wig with a machete threaten you?
         Who is LNP hiring these days? You can go off to the LNP spelling bee and your word is “leprechaun” or maybe “Gillhoolley!”




    (Click here)

         A leprechaun, you say?
    Please check back later today!

  • **** – *** – ** – * LNP BURIES…

    Posted on March 21st, 2016 Becky 15 comments

    To be continued tomorrow…

    Photo of Briggs from WGAL:


    ***** PennLive, “Turnpike shooter Clarence Briggs was arrested, charged with assaulting his wife in 2014,” (click here).

    **** The Daily Mail is confirming the picture of Briggs shown below (click here).

    *** PennLive, “Turnpike shooter Clarence Briggs worked for weapons firm, filed for bankruptcy,” (click here).

    ** A Facebook photo of Clarence Briggs according to the website


    *   The story I mentioned yesterday about the Manheim Township School Board (see “UNACCEPTABLE JOURNALISM!” immediately below) just went up online (click here). This sentence is still there:
         Murry, in an interview with LNP, said he did not authorize Ray and Associates to begin a search. “I can’t authorize the work. I’m not the board,” he said Friday.
         Was it a phone “interview,” an in person “interview” or was it email correspondence with Murry? Tell us now, LNP!


    State Trooper

    LNP’s online headline – click here.

         A huge story broke last evening. A retired PA State Trooper, Clarence Briggs, shot and killed two turnpike workers in a robbery attempt and then was shot and killed himself.
         LNP took hours to revise the story and update the Associated Press version that the suspect was a retired trooper. It’s still not in the headline in their online story and they buried the story on Page A-10 of today’s print edition.
         What is wrong with this company? Seriously, what is wrong? PennLive was one of the first to run with the story and has it front page and people have been commenting for hours (click here).
         LNP protects the police. Not only the incapable and incompetent Lancaster City Police but police everywhere. This is a huge story and LNP is burying it. This is not a news organization!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 20th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


    Murry16      Very briefly, there is yet another front page Sunday News article about the Manheim Township School Board today. It is not online as of this time so I can’t link to it, but LNP reporter Susan Baldrige says this:

    Murry15           This is simply unbelievable and unacceptable! How did she interview Board President William Murry? She never says. Was it conducted over the phone or in person? If in person, did he come to the LNP offices or did Baldrige go to him? Was anyone else from LNP present for the interview? What time on Friday did this “interview” take place?
          This is basic Journalism 101! LNP has run two editorials and multiple articles calling for Murry to resign – and LNP apparently finally talks directly to him and doesn’t give any details of how that occurred or what time on Friday. This is unacceptable journalism, Susan Baldrige and LNP!


    Posted on March 19th, 2016 Becky 1 comment


         From the March 17th Lancaster City Police log (click here):
    On 15 Mar 16 at approximately 11:00 am 49-year-old female (victim) was walking east bound in the 1st blk. of E. James St. while talking on her cell phone. As the victim was walking past the parking lot of the barber shop located at Prince and James Sts, four males approached her from behind and grabbed her purse and cell phone. The victim stated the suspects were all tall and thin (unknown age, race). The victim was punched in the back by one of the suspects. The suspects did not get any loot and fled south on N. Market St.  
         Number one – this makes no sense. If she was walking East in the first block of E. James Street she would not arrive at Prince and James Streets (see the map below).
          The police may have meant West James Street. Either way, however, there are “Safety Coalition” cameras everywhere and it was broad daylight!
         What are these cameras being used for?
    First Block East James [The inserted blue arrow marks the first block of East James St. They may have meant the first block of West James Street. Either way, the inserted green arrow marks them heading South on N. Market Street. Again, there are cameras everywhere!]


    Posted on March 18th, 2016 Becky 6 comments


    Manheim Township11

     A comment posted on Lancaster Online under today’s LNP story, “Manheim Township school board picks search firm, considers restoring elementary arts and music,” (click here).
         Yes, where is that information? Was it discussed at the meeting? Why doesn’t LNP tell us?

    Newhouse4      LNP reporter Kara Newhouse has come under fire before. Click here for the Lititz Daily News story.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 17th, 2016 Becky 8 comments

    GRIM KARMA? – 2

    Black rose                      karma

            I have some good news this afternoon!  Remember the woman who sent her former employer black roses with a card that read “Karma” and the New Holland police charged her with harassment?  The charge was withdrawn by the New Holland Police in January:

          Dana Grim had to hire an attorney but she got a good one! Attorney Daniel Lewis Carn of York laughed when I spoke with him this afternoon. I first mentioned Ms. Grim and he struck a blank and then I said karma and black roses and he immediately remembered and chuckled.
          He said he wrote a letter to the charging officer (Jed Travis Custer) and to the New Holland Police Chief (Donald L. Bowers, Jr.) and told them her alleged conduct did not constitute charges and he asked them to withdraw the charge. And they did!
         Carn also said they plastered it all over the New Holland portion of the Crime Watch site and he said he sent another letter to the police requesting they remove it. As of this morning, the post is still there.
         LNP reporter Ryan Robinson originally presented this story as he does any other police press release – without asking any questions and assuming everything they say is written in stone. It was only following an outpouring of incredulous and outraged comments under his story that he then put more work into this than most of his stories – even murders! He called florist shops and looked up black roses and karma and even tried to call Ms. Grim.
         Well, the public knew more than Robinson and they were right. The police had no grounds to file a charge against her. No grounds at all.

    —  Robinson’s multiple times revised article, “Police: Woman sent black roses with ‘Karma’ card to former employer in Lancaster County,” is here.
      My article, “GRIM KARMA?” is here.

          And no, I don’t know who the employer is who received the roses and called the police in the first place. Attorney Carn just dealt with the police aspect of it and didn’t recall.


    rickspin                 sunshine

         Lancaster city is recognizing Sunshine Week with a proclamation stating its commitment to “pursue actions that exemplify openness and transparency in city government throughout the year.”
         …Mayor Rick Gray, who issued the proclamation, said, “We feel openness in government is not only the best way, but the easiest way go to go.”
    From the LNP article by Dan Nephin, “Lancaster city recognizes ‘Sunshine Week,’ ” (click here).
         Let’s put Mayor Gray to the test! Talk, as we know with the Mayor, is very, very cheap!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 16th, 2016 Becky No comments

     *   It made Forbes – “Stealing Nude Pics From iCloud Requires Zero Hacking Skills — Just Some YouTube Guides,” (click here).


         It was a simple phishing attack.
    A comment posted under the WGAL story, “Lancaster man charged in Jennifer Lawrence hacking scandal,” (click here).
         Wow! Yes, it was! You would think people, especially celebrities, would know better! Why is he only charged with one count? Be careful on the internet!
    Please check back later today for more serious news.


    Posted on March 15th, 2016 Becky 13 comments



    (Click here)     

         In May of 2014, when there were sixteen unsolved murders in the city, LNP reporter Susan Baldrige wrote this in her first story on the murder of Allan Hess: 
         The story of the Hess murder is the first in a series of unsolved homicides Lancaster Newspapers is reviewing with the goal of uncovering new information from the public.
         On June 1, 2014, Baldrige wrote several articles about the unsolved murder of Juan Lopez.
         And then LNP and Baldrige stopped and wrote no more. Why? Now there are 21 unsolved murders.

    (Click here and here)

    Baldrige8(Click here)


    *   The first comment on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article.

    Manheim Township10********************


    Manheim Township9

     (Click here.)

          This is a warning for all adults in Lancaster County. Do not run for your local school board. It will bring you no money and nothing but misery and incredible amounts of work.
         And if LNP decides they want to look like a “real” newspaper, they will come after you like rabid dogs.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 14th, 2016 Becky 8 comments


         Three things this afternoon –
    —  These are the Legal and Estate notices in today’s LNP. They are on page C8 and C9 and continue on page C10 for two columns:
    Legal Ads
         Yesterday, I published LNP’s prices for Legal and Estate notices:
    Manheim Township4
         A rough count of the number of “lines” per page is 160 and there are six columns per page (noted on the top of page C8 there is a listing of the classified ads that takes up “lines” and on page C9 an ad on the bottom right). A rough calculation indicates that LNP is making about $5,000 a page for Legal and Estate notices, so in today’s paper the total is about $11,500.
         Not bad! Not bad at all – but not good for those who are required to run the notices! I’ll come back to this later in the week and whether LNP is Manheim Township’s only option for publishing their notices as LNP reporter Susan Baldrige implies in her article.
    —  I am filing several Right-to-Know requests and I will outline them tomorrow.
    —  This email in over the weekend. Thank you so much for writing. I appreciate it! There is not a print version.
          I’ve just discovered this site by a Facebook link from a Lancaster friend. I LOVE IT!!!!! I remember LIP from the 70s. Is there still a print version? Keep up the great work. I read the LNP publications daily for 40 yrs. or so. Something to do at work on break. Not much real news there anymore. Many hours of reading the real news on this site!
    Brogan3***  I don’t have a lot of time for Ben Vonderheide of and his confrontational tactics but he does ask questions that others don’t. LNP reporter Dan Nephin did not put one word in his article about Vonderheide speaking to City Council about Sgt. Ray Corll. And watch this piece (click here).
         Mayor Gray’s Chief of Staff, Pat Brogan, first asks him “Where are your press credentials?” and then tells him she has a “right to privacy.” She is at a city council meeting and is extremely well paid by the public and her response is she has a “right to privacy?”
         Oh, yes, the sunshine sure ain’t shining in City Hall!

    ** I do enjoy the “People of Lancaster’s” intro to the LNP article. Nobody ever bucks LNP! Heavens no!
         Heck, these guys are just trying to save the district money by moving  the public notices to a less expensive and more diverse and law abiding outlet! LNP should be joyous about that!

    Manheim Township7*************************

    *   “Word on the street is that public officials in Lancaster County do not want to become another Manheim Township school board.”  
          LOL! That is ridiculous! In other words: “We’re LNP and we run this county and if you don’t do what we want you’d better watch the hell out because we have the power to destroy you!  So there!”


         “During Sunshine Week, and every week, open government is good government.”
    The headline to today’s LNP editorial (click here).
         What a bunch of hooey! I put in two Right-to-Know requests with the City of Lancaster recently and they were denied.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 13th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

     *   Because of size restrictions on this site, the comment on Lancaster Online printed below is small and difficult to read. I have transcribed it and broken it into paragraphs for easier reading and corrected the spelling of “hemorrhaging”: 

         Given that newspaper circulation is declining, are newspapers still the best means for securing notice about public meetings? You have to buy a copy of the paper on the day that the notice is published to even read it. Whereas publishing notices on the internet makes them available to a much broader audience at any time of the day or night, on any day, for many days. Practically anyone has access to the Internet, and most people today have Internet capacity on their phones.
         What Lancaster Newspapers doesn’t tell you is that they charge more for these notices than regular classified advertising because municipalities must make public notice. Newspapers in general have been hemorrhaging revenue from both circulation but more importantly from the loss of classified advertising because of online websites that are taking away much of their previous lucrative classified business, such as help wanted (m o n s t e r DOT c o m) real estate listings (r e a l t o r DOT c o m) for sale (c r a i g s l i s t DOT c o m) and auto sales (c a r s DOT c o m) etc.
         Legal notice advertisements are the last hope for newspapers to hold onto their monopoly and of course they are going to present any legal entity trying to move away from the requirement as something nefarious or ‘evil.’
         PS I had to spell out the names of the websites because LNP blocks them from showing up on their website. Enuff said.



    Manheim Township6
         I wanted to move on, but unbelievably, LNP still has the above as a lead story today on Lancaster Online (click here).
         This excellent comment is below it:

    Manheim Township5     And it sure isn’t cheap to run legal “advertisements” in LNP (click here):

    Manheim Township4
             So, LNP is arguing the point that they are a monopoly and everyone simply has to pay whatever price they demand? This may come back to bite them big time!


    Posted on March 12th, 2016 Becky 19 comments


    Roda - racist1     Interestingly, LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda tweeted the above this morning and then quickly deleted it. Gee, I wonder why? The only way it exists is because Alex Rios of LNP “retweeted” it.
         LNP’s staff does not begin to “represent the community!” They are breaking the law everyday with their racist and discriminatory hiring and they have done so for years and years. No school district or self-respecting business should be giving this dishonest, racist, law-breaking company money for anything. Period.


    **   The article is now online (click here). 


         SDoL School Board Member Randolph Carney posting under the previous Manheim Township article, “Finding a new superintendent will cost up to $19,900 for Manheim Township School District,” (click here).
         Their coverage has been totally slanted and over-the-top! It’s beyond ridiculous!
         And now LNP “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige is trying to tell the Board they have to advertise with LNP! No, they don’t! Save the taxpayers some money! Isn’t that what you want, Baldrige and LNP?


    LOSE IT!

    Manheim Township

     From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (the article is not currently online)!

          Oh, this is good! This is just too good! You go, Manheim Township School Board!
    Please check back later today and I will link when the article goes online.


    Posted on March 11th, 2016 Becky 1 comment

    * Oops! I ran out of time. The story will come tomorrow. Have a great Friday!


    Lancaster Safety Coalition1
         A total of 169 surveillance cameras watching the city helps.
    From the March 8th LNP editorial, “In our words: Police sergeant misrepresenting Lancaster city’s police department,” (click here).
          I’m going to come back to this editorial later today, because the LNP editors tell so, so many lies in it!


    Posted on March 10th, 2016 Becky No comments


         I started this website within two months of Courtney Fry’s disappearance. This box still appears on the home page of the original site (click here):
     Micah Stewart2
         I wrote about the case for months waiting for an arrest. I attended every day of the trial. LNP reporter Justin Quinn was fired because of this case. Then Coroner Gary Kirchner was charged with giving five Intell reporters classified information and those five were given “amnesty” because of leaks regarding her autopsy. LNP would dog Kirchner to his death as a result.
          Stewart’s prosecutor, Christopher Hackman, became a Judge. Attorney Roger Renteria was straight out of law school and didn’t have a clue what he was doing. Angelica Rivera, Stewart’s father’s girlfriend, would reappear in David Jordan’s murder case years later.
         This case occupied my life for several years just as I began this site. My thoughts and condolences go out to both families on the death of Micah Stewart (click here).
         From October 25, 2009 on this site (click here):
    Micah Stewart1
          Much of my trial coverage is here.
          From a piece on the trial coverage page:

         Everyone in this country is entitled to a defense. Micah Stewart didn’t get one. He is entitled to a new trial.
          I don’t know why his defense attorney, Roger Renteria, bothered to show up in court.
          It was so bad that twice Judge Georgelis had to step in. They both involved evidence. The second time was when Assistant District Attorney Hackman had a DNA expert on the stand and was not making clear where the evidence he was referring to, such as plastic, was coming from. The Judge told Hackman that with every piece of evidence he referenced to tell the court whether it was gathered from where her body was found, Stewart’s car or his apartment.
          That’s how bad it was. Stewart’s defense attorney should have done it but the Judge rightfully had to step in.
          Do you know that with the two rug samples that were sent for DNA testing and were not a match with Cortney Fry’s DNA – to this day we don’t know whether they came from his car or his apartment or one from each?
          Do you know that we were never told whether Stewart had rugs in his apartment, especially in the back bedroom or in the doorway area to his apartment?
          I stand by every comment I made about ADA Hackman’s closing. It was a sneering, sarcastic, lie-filled and ugly performance. And a prosecutor should not lie. Let me repeat that – a prosecutor should not lie.
      Very early in Hackman’s closing he referred to Angelica Rivera, Stewart’s fathers live in girlfriend, and said, “She was his [Micah Stewart’s] mom. She lived with him and raised him for 12 years.”
         Stewart’s mother, Cindy Adams, was sitting directly behind me in the courtroom. She said out loud in a low voice, “That’s a lie.” Yes it was. The testimony in the trial was that Stewart spent weekends at their house and more time over the summer. Stewart lived with his biological mother, Cindy Adams, who “raised” him.
          Later in his closing, Hackman said of Stewart and Rivera, “He called her mommie.” This was never testified to during the trial and I think it’s doubtful and this was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to add veracity to Rivera’s extremely questionable testimony. If you recall, Hackman referred to the crack addict during the trial as a “hostile witness.”
         Speaking of crack addicts, I want to return once again to the last prosecution witness and her testimony that Hackman repeatedly referred to in his closing as the “piece de Resistance” of the case – Renalda McClair.
          This school bus driver testifies that she never met Cortney Fry but knows what she looks like from flyers in Columbia where she lives. She is so up on the news that she testifies that two months later she did not know Fry’s body had been found.
          So she testifies she has a chance meeting with Stewart at his father’s and Rivera’s house where she testified she procured crack cocaine in the past. She testified she had had several beers prior to showing up at their house and had a beer while there.
          She testifies that there’s a girl in the home who looks exactly like Fry. Now remember, this woman testified that she doesn’t know Fry’s body has been found. So does she ask Stewart, “Gee, where was she all this time? When did she come back? How did you find her?”
         No, she says there’s a woman who looks exactly like Cortney in the house, she doesn’t know her body has been found and she asks Stewart, “Whatever happened to her?” Does that make sense to you?
          Stewart’s defense should have chewed this woman to pieces and Renteria should have made the prosecution embarrassed they ever put this woman on the stand.
          For more lies from Hackman please see the two stories immediately below on this site.

    Tomorrow, another witness who never should have testified and who throws out three absurd red-herrings and the defense does nothing. And more about the screwdriver and Fry’s actual remains.


    *  As noted here yesterday, attorney Heidi Eakin (who is now also defending Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll) was in a Harrisburg courtroom yesterday defending District Judge Jayne Duncan. Bill Keisling of was there. His interest is more in Eakin’s husband, suspended Supreme Court Judge J. Michael Eakin and the astonishing conflict of interest on so many levels between the Eakins and Judge Duncan who chairs the PA Judicial Conduct Board which is reviewing his conduct/emails.
         Keisling’s report is here. I will try to obtain more information on yesterday’s hearing regarding District Attorney Craig Stedman’s Writ of Mandamus filed against Duncan over three summary traffic tickets and where that case now stands.


    Judge Seat

    (Click here)

          Good! And why doesn’t the Lancaster Human Relations Commission look into the hiring practices of the Lancaster Newspapers? Why are they ignoring their blatant discrimination?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 9th, 2016 Becky 6 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         Attorney Heidi Eakin is now shown as Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll’s defense attorney on his docket. She was in a Harrisburg courtroom this morning defending District Judge Jayne Duncan and she is the wife of suspended Supreme Court Judge J. Michael Eakin. Stay tuned!

    Corll - Eakin


    Exley - Markle1

     **  And a side note today: Yup, “Edward Exley” on Lancaster Online turned out to be none other than Cheryl and Steve Markle (see the tab directly above). Surprise, surprise! They must keep a huge folder of all of their names and log-ins! Later in the thread they turned up as “Dustin Phillips.”
          But this guy nailed them! Yes, they are trolls and Facebook stalkers and classic bullies! It’s what they do! It’s what they’ve done for fifteen years! What complete losers!


    Irene Snyder

    (Click here.)

    * Why, LNP? Why?


     Vonderheide - Nephin
         After getting fuzzy reception to its plans to broadly regulate satellite antennas, Lancaster will instead try to work with landlords.
    The opening sentence to today’s coverage of last night’s City Council meeting by LNP reporter Dan Nephin, “Lancaster looking to address satellite antennas with landlords, drops ordinance efforts,” (click here).
         Isn’t Dan just so clever?
         He doesn’t mention that Ben Vonderheide spoke to the council regarding Sgt. Ray Corll. I found this on (click here), and that’s Nephin in the yellow shirt directly to the left. Nephin doesn’t lift his head once during Vonderheide’s speech. Not once!
         I guess Corll wasn’t important enough for Dan to include in his report? What an awful, deceptive reporter! But that’s the way LNP likes them!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 8th, 2016 Becky 3 comments


    Cassidy - Liar2
    Tweeted by LNP “Opinion Editor” Suzanne Cassidy today.
         Do you know who I think is one of the bravest, strongest and most fearless women I know? Rosaura Torres Sadler – Lancaster Police Chief Sadler’s ex-wife who continues to speak out about domestic violence and is compassionate and demanding about racial and ethnic equality.
         And do you know who I think is one of the most spineless, weak and gutless women I know? You, Suzanne Cassidy!
         You have betrayed all women and all the residents of Lancaster County. You are a liar and have absolutely no compassion, and I have no respect or compassion for you whatsoever.
          Yes, I have had enough and I am angry! There will be more tomorrow.

    **   Click here for the April 24, 2015 post on this site, “LNP: SELECTIVE IN THEIR LAWSUITS – A DOZEN FILED AGAINST THE LANCASTER POLICE.”

    *    Now that Corll has been exposed, what is Stedman going to do about all of the cases he is actively involved in or that he was either the main witness or the prosecutor?  Is he going to investigate them?  Maybe his office is incapable of that.  Is the AG’s office going to investigate these cases?  Should the FBI?
         What about the other 2 cops who stood by and assisted in the arrest of Widdowson?  Were they disciplined?  They knew he was lying and perjuring himself…did they conspire to help him break the law?
          Why is LNP going after the Manheim Twp. School Board like a rabid dog yet not investigating Corll and the cover-up that has put people in jail for 15 years.   Seems to me not announcing a meeting and ruining lives are on a whole different level.

    Part of an email I received last week.
          None of these questions are addressed in today’s editorial!


              Barbara                Cassidy       Roda                                                      Cassidy

    Editorial - Corll      The opening sentence to today’s LNP editorial with the online headline, “Police sergeant misrepresenting Lancaster city’s police department,” (click here).
         That is a ridiculous lie! This whole editorial is lies! The Lancaster City Police recently told LNP police reporter Jennifer Todd that they simply were not going to do their jobs. Period!
         LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy need to resign! This editorial is nothing but blatant lies and the public knows it!
    Please check back later today. 


    Posted on March 7th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


    Rudisill Rudisill1
    (Click here for the LNP story.)   
          I will come back to the Lancaster Police and LNP tomorrow, but I simply could not believe it when I saw the above story go up on Lancaster Online this morning. I’ve been paying attention to Maggie Rudisill for several weeks now (it’s a long story which will be coming shortly). Did anyone at LNP check the videos on her Facebook page or her YouTube channel?
         This is not what children and young adults should emulate! This is not breaking stereotypes! Drinking, drugs, guns and gangs! What the hell is wrong with LNP? To see why, click here for her video, “Real Niggaz on the Rise” and it comes with every warning in the book. Unbelievably disgusting crap rap! This is disgraceful, LNP!


         From an opinion piece in today’s LNP by Lancaster City Councilwoman Louise Williams, “Southeast Lancaster will fight for court and self-determination,” (click here).
         Good for Williams and everyone else involved in writing this piece and backing this cause!
    Please check back later today!