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    Posted on March 26th, 2014 Becky 13 comments

    * Doing some research this afternoon – back tomorrow.


          Under Bob’s [Robert Krasne, publisher and chairman of the board of Lancaster Newspapers]  direction, the LNP’s strategic restructuring has gained traction. “We have a strong balance sheet and very bright prospects. The most notable change is our focus on local news and information and connecting with the community. Our mission is to be the source of information for every resident of Lancaster County. We don’t have bureaus in Washington or Benghazi. We want to cover Lancaster County like a blanket.”   
    Business to Business on Robert Krasne in December of 2013 (click here and you may have to register to read the entire article.  The above is the last paragraph). 
         I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  What he really means is the only source of information.  I love the “blanket” line.  “We will tell them what we want them to know and that is all they will know!  We will control this town and run things the way we want to run them as we have been doing for years.  We will keep the white, privileged and elite in power no matter what!  And we’ll make millions as we do it!”
         These newspapers don’t even qualify to be a legitimate news source.  They violate every single rule of the PEW Principles of Journalism (click here).  Every single one!
         All of this, of course, is why the Lancaster Independent Press was founded over 40 years ago.  I wonder if Beverly Steinman, the owner of LNP, has made another donation to U.S. Representative Joe Pitts’ campaign recently.  She’s a one person bankroll of that dinosaur.  Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 25th, 2014 Becky 5 comments


    Oct J&K1

         I called and spoke with the owner of the J & K Super Mart the day after he was robbed for the first time last year.  His English was not good but you could understand him.  “Are you the detective they said would come today?  Are you coming?  Are you with the police? Are you coming?”
         It was heartbreaking and the detectives never came back as they told him they would.  The first robbery is another example of terrible police work, inexplicably bad and incompetent police work – but I want to deal with the other two robberies last year – one in October and one in December, both by the same man.  And that same robber hit seven other convenience stores in the meantime – and he should have been caught after his first J & K robbery.
         The owner has given up and closed his store.  It is tragic – but I don’t blame him.  It’s not safe to have a business in Lancaster.  The police are clearly not doing their jobs and putting business owners and the public at risk everyday.  It’s an outrage and they are doing it under everyone’s noses and not a single person or media outlet is willing to call them on it.
    1. The police clearly said there was a struggle at the door as the owner tried to keep the robber out for some reason. Did he recognize him? Did he see the knife?

    Posted on this site on December 13, 2013, the morning after the owner of the J&K Super Mart was robbed for the second time in two months (click here).
         We now know the answer.  He recognized the robber because the same man, Arieset Galarza-Ruiz, robbed him on October 27th of this year as well. 
         This is absolutely shocking!  This site was screaming for the police to release images of this man’s face after the October robbery and then again on December 13th after he was robbed for the second time.
         The suspect lived one block away from the J&K.  Someone most certainly would have recognized him and reported him.  That did not occur and this man has been charged with a total of nine armed robberies beginning with that October 27th robbery of the J&K Super Mart. 
    Decemer 16, 2013:  “TELL IT TO J&K, MAYOR GRAY!” – click here: 

      Tell it to J&K
        Remember this disgusting ad by Mayor Gray in the Lancaster Newspapers right before the election?  It is part of a full page “Open Letter to Charlie Smithgall.”
         Tell the owner of the J&K Super Mart that Lancaster is a safe place to do business, Mayor Gray.  He’s been robbed twice in the last two months and neither robber has been caught!  Where are the images of the robbers, Mayor Gray?  The owner has his own cameras for this exact purpose.  Where are the images?  What are your police doing?  This is an absolute disgrace!  Release the images of the robbers and do it now!  And why don’t you go visit him in person, Mayor Gray, and tell him how safe it is to do buiness in Lancaster.
         There will be more on this tomorrow as well as Molly’s Pub who had to post their video of a thief on their own Facebook page to get any attention or police work!  Unbelievable!
    October 26. 2013:  “IT ‘DEGRADES’ THEM!” - click here:
         “To keep on saying that Lancaster is not safe it really degrades our police department and really belies the statistics – the honest statistics…”
    Mayor Rick Gray in Wednesday’s debate.
         So, we are not “allowed” to question the police because that would degrade them?  If you hire a cook and they make inedible food, would you continue to keep them on staff and pay them?  If you told them their food was dreadful, would you be “degrading” them?
         The Lancaster Police are totally incompetent at best.  It’s plain fact.  There are sixteen unsolved murders during your eight years in office, Mayor Gray, but  you refuse to acknowledge the pain, frustration and devastation of the victims’ families, friends, co-workers and neighbors.  There are sixteen killers on the streets of Lancaster to possibly kill again because of the blatant incompetence of your police force, Mayor Gray.
         To use the word “degrade” is reprehensible and disgusting, Mayor Gray. 
         Every once in a while, though, I come back to Carlos. The neighborhood I grew up in, the neighborhood he once owned a piece of, that neighborhood didn’t have too many Carloses in it when I was a kid. Now it’s no big deal for a Carlos to be there. Which is kind of how America is supposed to work. Except when it doesn’t.
         …The day Carlos lost his house, I failed America. And every time someone has to lose a house, even if it’s the right thing to do from a purely financial sense—and most of the time, it is—someone else is failing America.
         Ephrata bankruptcy attorney and outstanding writer Mitchell Sommers in a piece he wrote for iPinion and which I featured on this site, originally titled, “A Tiny Plot of America,”  (click here). 
         The Mayor, the Police and the local media failed the owner of the J & K Super Mart – and in so doing – failed us all.

    Posted on March 25th, 2014 Becky 2 comments



    Posted on March 25th, 2014 Becky 6 comments


    Super Mart3

    The owner of J & K Super Mart in the parking lot pointing the direction the robber ran after his second robbery last year.  
         Crime has driven the owner of the J & K Super Mart out of business.  Three robberies in one year.  One robbery that could have and should have been prevented by the Lancaster Police.  A fight at the door to keep the robber out that failed and could have cost him his life.  An employee mugged and beaten leaving the store one night.  There’s only so much a man can take.
         Lancaster City failed him.
    All photos courtesy of “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page.  All photos below taken this morning.
    Super Mart
    Super Mart2
    Super Mart1-
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on March 24th, 2014 Becky 3 comments
    *     Today, Owens [Kurtis Owens Jr.] is working a full-time job with the city parks department and is a dedicated family man who credits much of his good fortune to the values and responsibility he learned at the club.
    From Susan Baldrige’s Sunday News piece, “Long legacy of giving ties Steinmans to Lancaster community,” (click here and also see the story immediately below on this site).
         The bottom line, Susan, is that Owens could not have gotten a job at the Steinmans’ newspaper because of the color of his skin.  And you know that very well because you can look at the faces of everyone in your office and know it’s the truth.
         I’m making a list of the incredible harm the Steinmans have done to minorities in Lancaster County for years and that will come tomorrow.


          This is a post from 2008 and archived on a page devoted to the horrific false arrest and torture of Faith Mugwe in New Holland in that year (click here).  It’s just one of the hundreds of cases where this kind of blatant racism and excessive force by the police happened and continue to happen in Lancaster County every day because the Lancaster Newspapers never did, and still never do, a thing about it.  It is absolutely unconscionable!


    ~ LNP! ~

    IN THE 50’s

         This email titled “Back to the 50s” in from Jeffrey Pijanowski, a former editor at Newsday, who now lives in Lancaster.  Thank you very much for writing, Jeff.  I hope to meet you soon. 

    Hey Becky:    

          It was both sad and funny reading the email you received this morning that is at the top of your web site. Unfortunately, that type of attitude still exists throughout our country and here in Lancaster. But the good news is that many professional news organizations do in fact work hard to include minorities in their newsrooms. And despite some 1950s attitudes that linger, there has been tremendous progress.    

          At Newsday, where I served almost 20 years, we had a specific minority training program that included dozens of reporters and editors who had recently earned their bachelor’s degrees. It was wildly successful, as many of that program’s graduates have moved on to places like ABC News, The Times, and high positions at Newsday. I was lucky enough to be a mentor to many of them, I am so proud that I had a small part in their success as journalists.    

          In the end, a newspaper can only serve its community if it’s a true reflection of that community. In no small way, it’s what hinders Lancaster Newspapers ability to provide any sense of quality journalism.


    Posted on March 23rd, 2014 Becky 1 comment

    *     This long, absurd, slanted and ridiculously fawning article by Susan Baldrige is not going to stop discrimination lawsuits against the Lancaster Newspapers.  Nope.  I really am too angry to write anything else today.  I wrote about racism at the Lancaster Newspapers thirty years ago (click here) and I’ve been writing about it on this site for the last ten years. The harm these newspapers have caused is everywhere in Lancaster.  Absolutely everywhere.


          They will never know each other — the young African-American man who grew up in Lancaster city and two of the area’s best-known patriarchs.
    The lead sentence to today’s front-page article in the Sunday News by “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige, “Long legacy of giving ties Steinmans to Lancaster community,” (click here).
         How dare you, Susan?  Quite simply, how dare you?  You and 82 other white journalists walk into the newspaper offices everyday in a city where more than half the population is “minority,” and there’s not a single minority on your staff!  How dare you?
         Click here for “PICTURES ARE WORTH…” and please check back later today.


    Posted on March 21st, 2014 Becky 3 comments

    ***     First thing Marilyn Coreano is his sisters name. Yesenia, the victim,  is his ex wife’s name. This is a case of the system failing. In May of 2010 Emmanuel Coreano attempted suicide by setting himself on fire.  He was allowed to be in society without being required to have long term mental health hospitalization. There is a deep history of mental health issues in his family. His older brother Edward Coreano had done the same thing in March of 1998 also murdering his 8 month old daughter. Emmanuel Coreano should have been in a mental health facility getting real help for his issues.
          This comment came in today about the stabbing story below.  I have independent verification of most of this information, so I am posting it here.
         There is not enough time in the day…  There will be an update on the body found tomorrow.   Have a great Friday evening.

    **The car where a man’s  body was found this morning behind 623 W. Chestnut Street.  (Pictures courtesy of “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page.)

     623 W. Chestnut1       623 W. Chestnut

    * “Body found in car in Lancaster,” – WGAL, (click here).  WGAL has a reporter on scene and they should have video on their site shortly.


         The first of Smith’s two trials got under way Thursday, again before  Reinaker [Judge Dennis Reinaker], who rejected a claim by defense attorney Janice Longer that the judge  demonstrated “hostility” toward her client at prior hearings.
         The latest proceedings doubtless will bring justice in this  case. But for SDL officials, they also are like pouring salt on a wound that  hasn’t quite healed.
    From today’s New Era editorial, “New trials, old wounds for SDL,” (not currently online).
         No, these latest cases will also be thrown out because Judge Reinaker, the worst Judge in Lancaster and possibly in the state of Pennsylvania, should have recused himself.  He is wasting the taxpayers money and delaying “justice” in this case.
         What is wrong with the editors at this paper?  They are absolutely disgusting!  Click here for “CHRISTY SMITH REDUX – TWICE!” and here for LNP’s, “Martic Township father, son get probation for molesting young girls.”  I guess the editors at the New Era conveniently forgot about that Reinaker travesty of justice – one of many!
         In other breaking news, a man has been found dead in the 600 block of West Chestnut Street this morning and there will be more details as they become available.


    Posted on March 20th, 2014 Becky 10 comments


    weir      Lancaster Online is featuring the break-up of local ice skater Johnny Weir’s marriage, which he ended with a “tweet,” on their home page.  Now, besides this news being several days old (yes, I go to Google entertainment several times a day – don’t tell anyone), they left out the best part.  Weir’s soon-to-be ex has hired a crisis manager who, according to E! News, released this statement:
         “My client is shocked by the abrupt ending of his marriage and is dealing with the trauma he endured during the marriage, including multiple things he’s just now becoming aware of,” Wendy Feldman, legal crisis manager for Voronov, said in a statement to E! News.
         Does it get any better than this?  It reminds me of when a reporter asked comedian Wanda Sykes if she thought two actors should become a couple.  “Oh, yes,” she said,  “their break-up will be divine!”  Boy is the dirt about to fly for Johnny – but I’m sure he’ll enjoy it and come through it with shiny colors and clothes.
         All of this has put me into deep thought as I try to determine if I need to hire a crisis manager just so I can say I have one.  Any candidates?
         Enjoy this first day of Spring!


    Posted on March 19th, 2014 Becky 8 comments

    The police have released this photo of Coreano, probably his driver’s license picture.  See a photo from his Facebook page below and click here to read the police press release.

    drivers license

        Right after Emmanuel Coreano arrived at LGH in police custody, two more domestic violence calls came in to the Lancaster Police within the next five minutes.  One came  from a room at the Travel Lodge on Lincoln Highway West stating there were a man and a woman fighting in the room next door and she was screaming for help.  The other was originally from a car and then they parked and were fighting in the CVS lot on Lemon Street. 
         And there’s a huge secret in Lancaster that none of the local media are willing to tell the public:  That Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife has written a book stating he abused her for years.  It’s been a busy day – so all of that will have to come at a later date.
        Please keep Ms. Coreano in your thoughts for a full and speedy recovery from this horrific act by her ex-husband.

    Emmanuel CoreanoEmmanuel Coreano, 26, in custody today for stabbing his ex-wife, Marilyn Coreano, multiple times in front of their two young sons.  She is in very serious condition.

    ** 12:33 pm – The ambulance with the suspect just arrived at LGH.

    *The ambulance in the county park to pick up the suspect. (All photos courtesy of Jerri Wright of “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page).


    ******12:19 PM –  He is in custody.  They are waiting for an ambulance to take him to the hospital to be checked for superficial wounds.

    ***** Police at County Park. 

     County Park1     COUNTY PARK

    **** He is believed to be in the County Park.  He is Hispanic, six feet tall, skinny with long side burns and a beard.

    *** His white Audi is parked at 633 S. Queen Street.

    ** He ran out the back and is on foot.  He has knife injuries to his hand and neck.  Police do not know if they are self-inflicted.

    * Police received a 911 call from 633 S. Queen Street saying the stabber is there.  His first name is Emanuel.  It is unknown if he has stabbed another woman as well.  Multiple police units are at the address.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    626 W. Vine

         A woman in Lancaster was stabbed at least six times by her ex-husband in front of her young children this morning at 626 W. Vine Street.  The husband is driving a 1997 white Audi A-2 – last four digits of license plate are 2217.  It is believed he lives on Queen Street just North of Susquehanna Street and his name is something similar to Manuel Corrara.  According to radio dispatch he has not been captured yet.  Police have a photo of him.  Two of the children are three-years-old and two-years-old.  They told the police “Daddy left.”  The police called for car seats for the two to remove them from the home.  They could be heard crying in the background of the police radio dispatch.

    Picture courtesy of “Must See Pics anVids” Facebook page (click here).


    Posted on March 19th, 2014 Becky 7 comments


    peggy steinmam2
         The mission of the foundations has always been to improve the quality of life for people who live here.
    From today’s front-page, lead story in the print edition by Susan Baldrige, “Steinman family foundations merge, form one of the largest philanthropic forces in Lancaster County,” (click here). 
         No, Susan, you got that wrong.  Their mission has always been to improve the quality of life for white folks and white folks only. In the 2001 special print edition of the Lancaster Independent Press covering the Lancaster Lynching, I called for the newspapers to give $5,000,000 of their millions back to minority causes in Lancaster to make up for the harm they have done.  Today, that figure should be $25,000,000.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 18th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


         Anderson fired at a rival group of two to three males, witnesses told police. Those males also fired shots, charging documents show.
         Police haven’t charged the individuals from the other group.
         Anderson gave a statement to police, detailing his involvement. It’s unknown if the other males have been interviewed.
    March 13th article by LNP reporter Brett Hambright, “Judge: Lancaster teen to trial for shootout in which 14-year-old girl was critically wounded,” (click here).
         It’s been a month-and-a-half since a 14-year-old girl was shot and critically wounded and Hambright doesn’t know and obviously doesn’t care if the “other males have been interviewed.”
         Aw, who cares?  Just three young men with guns who have shoot-outs in the city and critically injured a 14-year-old girl.  Hey, whenever you guys want to start investigating and interviewing is just okay with me.  An arrest at some point might be appropriate if you guys are up to it and have the time!  I don’t mean to ask you to do your jobs or anything.  I hope none of my family, friends or co-workers get caught in the cross-fire in the meantime – if they ever are arrested! 
         Ain’t Lancaster grand?  Don’t these LNP reporters excel at their jobs?

    Posted on March 18th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


    TH Robber6 
         The robber was described as a black male in his 20s, 5 feet 8 inches tall and about about 160 pounds. He was wearing a navy blue hooded sweatshirt with white or gray strings and a white logo.
         If you have any information that could help investigators, call the Manheim Township Police at (717) 569-6401 ext 0. Those wishing to remain anonymous should call the Manheim Township Anonymous Crime Tipline at (717) 569-2816
    WGAL-TV, “Turkey Hill robbed in Lancaster Township,” (click here).

         The Turkey Hill at 900 Columbia Avenue was robbed Sunday night and the man pictured above struck the clerk.  If you have any information please call the police immediately.
         There is not a mention of this in the Lancaster Newspapers.  This man needs to be arrested before he kills someone!
         In fact, there have been a number of crimes in Lancaster in the last few days and none of them have been reported by the Lancaster Newspapers.  Are they covering up the crime because there’s a quilters convention in town? They can’t have any convention folks staying at LNP’s Marriott Hotel know that there’s crime in Lancaster!
         And this paper essentially stopped comments on their website by requiring people to use their Facebook accounts because they could not moderate properly, and ironically, now their Facebook page is a cesspool of nasty, profanity laced insults, garbage and spam.  Good job, LNP!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 17th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


         Last week, defense lawyer Janice Longer motioned that Reinaker [Judge Dennis Reinaker] recuse himself from the case.
         Reinaker denied the motion on Friday.
    From today’s article, “Former SDL teacher headed back to trial for alleged sex with two students,” (click here).
         Actually,  Christy Smith is heading back to two separate trials because a state court already overturned her conviction and 20-40 year sentence stating she should have had two separate trials in the first place.  And if Reinaker doesn’t recuse himself from the upcoming trials, any convictions at these two trials will be overturned as well!
         This is unbelievable!  How does Reinaker remain a Judge?
         District Attorney Craig Stedman said he would appeal Reinaker’s sentence of then 17-year-old Justin Jenkins who was one of her alleged two victims and Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler and Captain Keith Switzer walked out of the courtroom in protest (click here for “DA says judge too easy on teenage burglar”)! And while Reinaker argued in his ridiculous sentence that Jenkins’ multiple crimes were partially the result of Smith’s actions, he had no time for that in this case, “Jerry Sandusky victim sentenced to state prison for robbery,” (click here).
         This is beyond ridiculous and outrageous and an incredible waste of taxpayer’s dollars because, if she is found guilty in either or both trials, Christy Smith will have them overturned again!  
         This is the same Judge who gave an Amish father and son probation for molesting young girls, including family members!  Click here for “Martic Township father, son get probation for molesting young girls.”

    Posted on March 16th, 2014 Becky 13 comments

          In response to today’s disgusting front-page Sunday News article by Brett Hambright, “What came out of Lancaster County’s grand jury investigations?” (click here),  I am republishing the below article from March 17th of 2011 on this site (click here).  This is the fourth grand jury, Brett – but why try to get your facts right when you write total crap and lies like the ones in this story?  Also click here to read “IT’S NOT CHEAP!”


    DA Stedman
        District Attorney Craig Stedman has just publicly announced that the Lancaster County Police Forces and his own Lancaster County Detectives cannot solve crimes.
        For the fourth time in 16 years, Stedman secretly empanelled an investigative grand jury to “target unsolved major cases in the county, especially homicides and rapes.”
        So let me get this straight, every four years we need a grand jury in Lancaster because there are so many unsolved crimes?  What does that tell you?  The police and the Lancaster County Detectives obviously have no clue what they are doing and they are leaving multiple killers and rapists on our streets!
        And apparently our District Attorney can’t even count.  He is quoted widely as saying this is the third grand jury in the history of Lancaster County.  That would be wrong!  There have been four in the last 16 years:
    —- In 1995, then DA and now Judge Joseph Madenspacher. empanelled the first grand jury in Lancaster County history.
    —-  In 2001, then DA and now Judge Donald Totaro, empanelled the second.  In fact the two opening sentences from the August 2001 Intell article, “Unsolved crimes to get more scrutiny,” says:
        The Lancaster County district attorney’s request for a grand jury investigation into unsolved homicides, the local drug trade and racketeering has won approval.
        District Attorney Donald Totaro and his top assistant, Craig Stedman, filed the application Friday and President Judge Michael A. Georgelis signed the order later that day.
    —- Apparently that grand jury failed miserably, because Totaro empanels a second grand jury in February of 2005, less than four years later!  That grand jury completely defies the original intent and goes on a fishing expedition for a year to support the Lancaster Newspapers and their Convention Center.
    —-  There are still so many unsolved crimes, and new ones, that now Stedman has empanelled the fourth grand jury in 16 years (click here).
        It is clear and obvious that the County Police Departments as well as his own Lancaster County Detectives are completely inept and should be replaced immediately with men and women who can actually solve crimes and arrest killers.


    Posted on March 13th, 2014 Becky 12 comments

    **  3-14-2014 – Luke Karpathios and Devin Gardill’s preliminary hearing scheduled for this morning at in 9:00 am in District Justice Robert Herman’s Columbia courtroom were postponed and a new date has not been set.  Karpathios’ attorney, Jeffrey Conrad, requested a continuance and Pam in Herman’s office explained that the two are co-defendants so all judicial procedures for the two will be held together.  LIP News will follow this story.
         As noted below, this site will not publish over the weekend and will return to daily publishing this Monday.

     *  The woman who answered the phone in District Judge B. Denise Commins’ office this afternoon stated that the preliminary hearing for Javon Caldwell was postponed today as he is obtaining an attorney.  She stated she will wait to hear from that attorney to set a new date.
         Preliminary hearings for Luke Karpathios and Devin Gardill are scheduled for tomorrow at 9:00 am in District Judge Robert A. Herman’s Columbia courtroom (click here for “EQUAL JUSTICE? -3″).  Karpathios is represented by Attorney Jeffrey A. Conrad.  Please note that as stated in the article linked to, I still cannot locate a docket for Gardill either by name or with the docket number given to me by Herman’s office so I do not know who his attorney is.  Karpathios’ number is MJ-02103-CR-0000058-2014.  Pam in Herman’s office, told me that Gardill’s was the same except he is 0000057 of 2014.  That number does not bring up a docket so I will call tomorrow to clarify.  It will also be interesting to see if Judge Herman recuses himself as Gardill’s father is a West Hempfield cop who charges individuals in front of Herman all the time.  We will also see if the bail amounts stay at the same absurd level – $50,000 unsecured.
         And Attorney Conrad is a busy man because he also represents Geoffrey Scott Davis, who shot and killed his two-month-old daughter on Christmas Eve and who is currently scheduled to plead guilty on March 31.  I stated I will take two days off to work on an appeal to several parties to investigate District Attorney Craig Stedman’s handling of the case and that will absolutely come, no matter what outrages might occur, this Saturday and Sunday!

    Man pulls gun during road-rage incident in East Lampeter Twp.

    (click here) 

         LNP reporter Jennifer Todd uses the word “victim” five times in the article that accompanies the above headline which has been a lead story on Lancaster Online for hours.  
         Who was really the victim here?  Did Javon Caldwell have the right to protect himself and his infant?  And what is the other man’s name – or did his parents really name him “victim?”  And why this huge, scary headline when it was a toy gun?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 12th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


    Freedom Riders (620x800)
         This just showed up on my Facebook feed from the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission and it seemed very appropriate to run today (click here). 
         The first thing the people of Lancaster should do is refuse to purchase or read anything from the Steinman family’s Lancaster Newspapers and they should push to have them investigated, fined and sued!  They are the reason racial equality in Lancaster has not moved past the 1960′s and no one should accept their illegal and unconscionable racial discrimination in hiring that is then reflected in everything they report and do not report.
    Racism in Lancaster County beings at the Lancaster Newspapers!  Put them on a bus and run them out of town!


    Posted on March 11th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


          A number of detectives have worked Carrie Marshall’s case as people moved on in the department or retired.
         That’s not an indication that police have given up, Switzer [Captain of Detective Kent Switzer] said. A fresh set of eyes on a case can be good, he said.
    From the LNP article, “25 years after Carrie Marshall’s murder, a family lives with pain, seeks answer,” (click here).
         There are so many families in Lancaster living with this kind of pain.  A friend asked me several weeks ago what I would be doing this May 16th on the second anniversary of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor’s unsolved murder.
         He was serious and so am I.  We both know this murder will not be solved unless someone from outside the county steps in.  No one questions why the Lancaster Police have not requested the District Attorney’s help in finding her killer. Detectuve Switzer talks about “a fresh set of eyes” one minute and then ignores it in all the other unsolved murders.   
         District Attorney Craig Stedman states they have to ask his office for help – and yet – he has numerous Lancaster County Detectives on his payroll to do just that – assist in investigations.  Why wouldn’t the DA want to protect the public and remove all these killers from the street?
         Mayor Gray won’t answer the question of why his police force has not requested help to protect his residents.
         Detective Mike Winters, who is now the lead detective on the case, told WGAL at the year-and-a-half anniversary mark that he was doing “victimology” on Erma Kaylor (click here).  She was 83-years-old, she never left her home and there was no forced entry.  And if a highly paid, well seasoned, veteran detective claims after a year-and-a-half that he is doing “victimology,” then he needs to be investigated.
         The one time I spoke to Police Chief Sadler on the phone about the case, within a month of her murder, he was rude, abusive and told me he has been a police officer for 31-years and the Lancaster Police force are trained professionals and, of couse, the favorite fall-back – this is not an episode of “CSI” that gets solved in an hour.  He also told me the detectives work on all the unsolved murders everyday.  See, the police say things like that to the media everyday in Lancaster because the media accepts it and they never follow-up a year later and say, “Hey, but you haven’t solved any of the unsolved murders!”
         Absolutely no one is holding the Lancaster Police force accountable and it’s been that way for years and they can do as they please and it literally is the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.
         So all of this is leading up to I will be doing something again this May 16th and I’m also working on a list of things I want to focus on until then and I will print that list tomorrow.
         And then I will take Thursday and Friday off to work on an appeal to Attorney General Kathleen Kane, the FBI and the Justice Department to investigate District Attorney Craig Stedman’s handling of the Christmas Eve shooting death of two-month-old Kestyn Davis by her father, Geoffrey Scott Davis, the brother-in-law of House Member Bryan Cutler. 

    Posted on March 11th, 2014 Becky 3 comments

    * The Lancaster City Alliance just posted Gil Smart’s article on panhandling on their Facebook page (click here).  Who is on the Alliance’s “Advocacy Board”?  Thomas Baldrige, the head of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the husband of LNP “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige who co-authored the original articles with Gil Smart, and Robert Krasne, the president of the Lancaster Newspapers (click here)!  Does it get any more unethical than this?


          What is being done about these incidents beyond the police and mayor blaming lots of guns on the street?? Why are we the most watched city, yet the cameras NEVER lead to an arrest? Why was only one eyewitness to the E Ross St shooting interviewed, when multiple neighbors who witnessed the shooting from different angles and perspectives were readily available and willing to be interviewed?? How about a real police presence being established throughout ALL neighborhoods in the city??
         And how does the mayor and police chief know drugs weren’t involved? We couldn’t get anyone to investigate the drug dealers across the street for over three years, after multiple complaints and phone calls from numerous neighbors-only reason that dealer left is because his girlfriend kicked him out.
         These are the reasons people move out of the city-god forbid a homeless man urinates where a tourist might find him but sure you can open fire feet away from homes!?!?!

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the February 17th article by “investigative reporter,” Susan Baldrige, “Flurry of shootings despite the weather,” (click here).
         Why haven’t you answered her very good questions, Susan?  Where is your follow-up?  Oh, and God forbid somebody panhandles in downtown Lancaster where a tourist staying at LNP’s Marriott Hotel might see them!  Click here for today’s huge front-page, lead story in the print edition by another LNP “investigative reporter,” Gil Smart titled, “Lancaster city groups seek ways to limit panhandling, help homeless.”
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on March 9th, 2014 Becky 6 comments


              Below are photos of the 83 employees of the Lancaster Newspaper’s editorial staff as listed by them online (click here).  They are in the same order as LNP’s “Contact Us” page and their names will be added tomorrow.  In the few cases where no photo is provided by LNP, I have added them from Facebook and Linkedin after absolutely verifying they are the employee in question. 
         Coming Monday afternoon: a look at the latest U.S. Census numbers for Lancaster County and City and the breakdown by race and ethnicity for both.

        barbara_hough_roda  Pete Mekeel  T. Murse ( Tom Murse )  Jim Loose...March 2013 photo (Photo/Hertzler).   

             Jon Ferguson  R. Montgomery ( Randy Montgomery )  John Cassidy  Dave Cody 

            Earle Cornelius  Jim Burchik  Bill Hannegan // Intelligencer Journal staff writer  Bill Bert 

                Doug Harper // Intelligencer Journal staff writer.  Jim Hersh  Jed Reinert  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

    Jack Roberts  Mary Ellen Wright  Susan Baldrige (Photo/Hertzler).   Jeff Hawkes

      Gil Smart  Helen Colwell Adams  Larry Alexander  Suzanne Cassidy

           Ad Crable Outdoor Trails ( Ad Crable - new column portrait, October 7, 2013 )  Brett Hambright  Joel Hainthaler  Bernard Harris

           Tom Knapp  Casey Kreider  Dustin Leed  Valerie Marschka

        Roxanne McRoberts  T. Mekeel ( Tim Mekeel )  Ryan Mellon  Dan Nephin

                 Kara Newhouse  Dsvid O'Connor  P.J. Reilly  Ryan Robinson 

         Keith Schweigert  Karen Shuey  Stauffer( Cindy Stauffer )  Tim Stuhldreher

             Jennifer Todd  Paula Wolf  L. Thompson ( Laura Eckert Thompson ) ( Laura Thompson )  Jeff Young 

                  Michael Long OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  David Byrne  Kevin Freeman

                  Jason Fulginiti // Intell Sports writer  Mike Gross  Tim Gross  Ed Gruver, Intelligencer Journal sports writer. 

            Pete Kauffman head shot. (Wenger)  Dan Massey  Burt Wilson  Margaret Gates. (Photo/Hertzler).

        Jen Kopf  Lynn Schmidt  Claudia Esbenshade  Mary Beth Schweigert

     Jane Holahan  Elizabeth Patton  Jo-Ann Greene  Kathy Daminger

            Eric Stark. 2012 photo (Photo/Hertzler).  Andy Blackburn  Crandall  Marty Heisey

                   Randy Hess  Rick Hertzler  Dan Marschka  Jeff Ruppenthal 

                Blaine Shahan  Vinny Tennis  Emlet ( Chris Emlet )  Todd_Spindle

                                Tim Buckwalter  Kensinger 1.jpg  Chad Umble.



    Posted on March 9th, 2014 Becky 8 comments


             john-kirkpatrick5  Nike BS

    News flash: not everyone is obsessed with Penn State and the idiotic swooning.
    Penn State taco sauce?
    Are you seriously that childish???
    I speak for a lot of people when I say we are tired of all the Penn State hype. It ain’t that great a place
    Grow up and move on.
    The first and only comment on Lancaster Online as of 8:30 am under their lead, huge, front-page story by “investigative reporter” Gil Smart, “Junkets, JoePa and Phil Knight: Why Penn State’s relationship with Nike is more than a business deal,” (click here).
         This is beyond unbelievable.  LNP’s new president, John Kirkpatrick III, comes from the Harrisburg Patriot-News who, of course, won a won a Pulitzer Prize for their investigation of the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State scandal.  Doesn’t this man have a new thought in his head?  Does he think it’s going to happen again? 
         It’s not!  Oh my God!  This is unbelievable!  This is awful!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on March 7th, 2014 Becky 12 comments

    $40,000 CASH BAIL VS.
    $50,000 UNSECURED BAIL 

     Devin Gardill    I have added the exact charges for the two eighteen-year-olds below this morning’s pictures and post.  I could not find the docket for 17-year-old Devin Gardill (pictured left), who is the son of West Hempfield policeman James Gardill, and who is charged as an adult.  I called District Justice Robert Herman’s office this afternoon and spoke with Pam.  She stated that his charges are idential to Luke Karpathios’ charges, which again are listed below.  He was also released on $50,000 unsecured bail and according to the latest LNP article (click here), showed up in school today.
         Unfortunately this is Friday, but on Monday I will be calling Robert Herman’s office, the DA’s office and Judge Madenspacher, who oversees the District Judges, to ask why there is this unbelievable disparity in bail amounts and why two young adults each with six first-degree felony charges, three second-degree felony charges and one third-degree felony charge are free on $50,000 unsecured bail while another young adult who is charged with one third-degree felony is sitting in jail on $40,000 cash bail.


                            Darnell Greene1                   Luke Karpathios

         Darnell Greene, 18,  was charged yesterday with one third degree felony, one first degree misdemeanor and one misdemeanor.  His bail was set at $40,000 cash and he is in the Lancaster County Prison.
         Luke Karpathios, 18, was charged yesterday with six first degree felonies, three second degree felonies, one third degree felony and numerous misdemeanor counts.  His bail was set at $50,000 unsecured and he is free.
         Do you know which one is which?

    Charges against Luke Dimitri Karpathios (Pictured right):
    # Charge Grade Description Offense Dt. Disposition
    1)   18 § 3502 §§ A1 F1 Burglary – Overnight Accommodation, Person Present 03/02/2014
    2)   18 § 3502 §§ A1 F1 Burglary – Overnight Accommodation, Person Present 03/02/2014
    3)   18 § 3502 §§ A1 F1 Burglary – Overnight Accommodation, Person Present 03/02/2014
    4)   18 § 3701 §§ A1II F1 Robbery-Threat Immed Ser Injury 03/02/2014
    5)   18 § 903 §§ C F1 Conspiracy – Burglary – Overnight Accommodation, Person Present 03/02/2014
    6)   18 § 2702 §§ A4 F2 Aggravated Assault 03/02/2014
    7)   18 § 3701 §§ A1IV F2 Robbery-Inflict Threat Imm Bod Inj 03/02/2014
    8)   18 § 3701 §§ A1V F3 Robbery-Take Property Fr Other/Force 03/02/2014
    9)   18 § 2902 §§ A2 M1 Unlawful Restraint/ Involuntary Servitude 03/02/2014
    10)   18 § 2701 §§ A2 M2 Simple Assault 03/02/2014
    11)   18 § 2701 §§ A3 Other to Physical Contact 03/02/2014
    12)   18 § 2701 §§ A3 M2 Simple Assault 03/02/2014
    13)   18 § 2701 §§ A3 M2 Simple Assault 03/02/2014
    14 )  18 § 4912 M2 Impersonating A Public Servant 03/02/2014
    15)   18 § 2709 §§ A1 S Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact 03/02/2014
    16)   18 § 2709 §§ A1 S Harassment – Subject -Threat Immed Ser Injury 03/02/2014
    17)   18 § 903 §§ C F1 Conspiracy – Robbery M2 Simple Assault 03/02/2014
    18)   18 § 903 §§ C M2 Conspiracy – Simple Assault 03/02/2014
    19)   18 § 903 §§ C F2 Conspiracy – Aggravated Assault 03/02/201
    Charges against Darnell M Greene (Pictured left):
    # Charge Grade Description Offense Dt. Disposition
    1)   18 § 6106 §§ A1 F3 Firearms Not To Be Carried W/O License 03/06/2014
    2)   35 § 780-113 §§ A31 M Poss Of Marijuana 03/06/2014
    3)   18 § 912 §§ B M1 Possess Weapon On School Property 03/06/2014

    Posted on March 6th, 2014 Becky 6 comments

     ** “Son of West Hempfield Twp. police officer charged as adult in home invasion” – click here for WGAL-TV’s report.  These kids are free on ankle bracelets?  Read what they did!!!

    * I am doing research this afternoon.  Will be back tomorrow.


         Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said Wednesday that he was confident township police would’ve been fair in their investigation.
         But went on to say that “to avoid all appearance of impropriety, the wise course to take was to turn the case over to (state police).”
    From today’s LNP article, “State police take over West Hempfield home-invasion investigation; officer’s son is suspect,” (click here).
         District Attorney Craig Stedman should have done this with Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, Geoffrey Scott Davis, who shot and killed his two-month-old daughter on Christmas Eve.  And it’s already evidently clear that this case is not being handled properly or normally because neither of the two suspects have been charged!  This is outrageous!
    Please see the story immediately below on this site and check back later today.


    Posted on March 5th, 2014 Becky 19 comments


         Karpathios is not in police custody but Pugliese said he has an attorney and is expected to answer to the charges when they are filed.
    From LNP’s article, “Cop’s son accused in West Hempfield home invasion; stabbed by victim during encounter,” (click here).
          Luke Karpathios is the 18-year-old!  Why hasn’t he been arrested/booked/had bail set?  They committed felonies!  Is this a sick joke?  And, of course, LNP is doing their best to hide this story.
         Karpathios’ motto on Vine is “No ones given anything in life, you gotta take it,”  (click here).  Looks like you’ve been given a heck of a lot, Luke!  But this blatant preferential treatment and allowing this dangerous individual to walk around free is beyond outrageous!
    There will be more tomorrow.


           Police have confirmed that one of the two juvenile suspects is the son of a West Hempfield Township police officer. 
    WGAL-TV, “Home invasion in Lancaster ends with victim taking control,” (click here).
         Will this cop’s son be charged as an adult and his identity revealed?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 4th, 2014 Becky 5 comments


         Brett Hambright10         Breit & Levi

    LNP reporter Hambright, left, and Breit with “Lebanon Levi.” 
         Thank goodness on this deep-hitting and important investigative reporting Lancaster Newspapers! Maybe you should be out with your limited resources investigating real crimes and corruption, instead of assuring everyone who has any intellect that Amish Mafia is fake.
    The first comment on Lancaster Online under today’s big story, “Amish Mafia through the years: Here’s why it’s fake and always has been fake,” (click here).
          This is the most absurd and childish piece I have read in ages!  And where’s lawyer Steven Breit in this piece?  After all, he’s the “legal consultant” to the show and represents several of the “stars” of the show.  That’s right, Breit is LNP’s court reporter and “co-author” of this story, Brett Hambright’s, good buddy who gives him tips and information to help his cases – case in point – the very recent article, “Attorney: Lititz man charged with New Year’s Eve rampage is mentally ill, will plead guilty,” (click here).  From the article:
         A preliminary hearing on the Columbia chase and crash is scheduled for March 18. Breit said he intends to begin talks then with prosecutors of a potential plea agreement.
         “We want to discuss a global plea that would take into account all charges and his mental state,” Breit said.
        Well, isn’t that special?  “A global plea!”  That’s pretty fancy talk for an attorney who represents the Amish Mafia!   Self-serving much, Breit and Hambright?
         Also, click here for, “HAMBRIGHT: NO JOURNALISM ETHICS, BREIT: NO LEGAL ETHICS!” with the top portion of the story dealing with yet another “mysterious death” in Lancaster.


         These sentences have been deleted from Cindy Stauffer’s online article (click here).  The sentences appeared on the continuation of the story from the front page to A-5 in the February 19th print edition.  They appeared in the online story for many days until very recently being deleted.  Why were these sentences deleted?
    There will be much more later today.


    Carol Petersen

         “Good journalism isn’t an arm for any administration or political party. Good journalism isn’t an extension of the PR department of the police department or the mayor’s administration – no matter what party holds the office – and shouldn’t run interference for local Big Business’s ambitions”
         “A good investigative reporter ferrets out information, follows their own leads, and doesn’t just take dictation from official spokesmen or regurgitate press releases. Investigative journalism should always be seeking out sources, should be the very essence of integrity for ‘We the People,’ not with the goal of giving us salacious tidbits or tabloid sensationalism, but to hold to the fire the feet of those whose jobs it is to serve and protect the citizens.”
         “Perhaps the answer to remaining viable in the Internet-driven world is not to go safe, to just aim at hanging on, being the Hometown News. Perhaps the answer is to go big or go home. Perhaps the answer is to find 21st-century ways to emulate Woodward and Bernstein, aiming to break big local stories and issues wide open!”
         “I pray the reader will demand that their local press become the tenacious bulldogs that get the answers to their most pressing questions. It’s time to stop thinking of Lancaster city as just some sleepy backwater where the only thing readers are interested in are human interest feel-good stories. The feel -good stories Lancastrians are interested in are the back story on the fiscal impact of the convention center on taxpayers, the shocking disparity in sentencing in local courtrooms, and the arrests of the murders of 16 of our citizens.”
    From Carol Petersen’s last column in the Sunday News, “Here’s a blueprint for local news coverage.”
         The sixteen undolved murders are only in Lancaster City – the number does not include the huge number in the county as well.  And the inaction by the police, District Attorney Craig Stedman and the coroner on the Darryl Morton and Judy Cora murders is outrageous.
         And what do the Lancaster Newspapers do – they have deleted Carol Petersen’s last column.  My link to her column no longer works nor does NewsLanc’s who also wrote about it (click here).  And this morning, I realized they have deleted several very significant sentences from a recent story about Morton and Cora, in order to protect the police, the DA and the coroner.  Unbelieveable and absolutely unconscionable! 
    Please check back later today.
    [Editor's note:  My original story is here.  There's a reason I printed a complete "picture" of her column as it appeared in the print edition!  They can't "delete" that!]

    Posted on March 3rd, 2014 Becky No comments


         Inside 788 Sterling Place, one body was found in a bathroom; another in a bed, according to investigators.
         Neither body was bruised, beaten or showed any other signs of trauma.
         Nothing appeared to be stolen from the home.
         “(It’s an) extremely unusual set of circumstances,” Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said on Tuesday.
         Police say they are keeping all options open in investigating who or what killed the couple.
         Carbon monoxide or some other type of poisoning is on that list of factors being investigated.
         “Nothing has been ruled out and (we) have looked at possible carbon monoxide poisoning,” Stedman said. It is “still treated as a homicide, until established otherwise.”
    By LNP Reporter Brett Hambright on December 10, 2013, “DA: Deaths of Lancaster Twp. couple investigated as homicides,” (click here).
          Morton’s family said there were some strange things going on.
         The bathroom where Morton was found was torn apart, items thrown all over the floor, and bottles of lotion and other toiletries even found tossed inside the toilet bowl.
         Morton’s safe, which he kept in an upstairs closet, was standing open and completely empty.
          Morton was interrupted as he arrived home Monday night with groceries for the Thanksgiving meal. The items sat, untouched, in his pickup truck in the driveway.
         And somebody apparently was at the home during the day before the discovery of the couple’s bodies.
        …Darryl Morton, upset over the people his son was associating with, had asked DJ Morton to move out of his home this spring, family members said.
         DJ Morton filled more than a dozen trash bags with items and removed them from his father’s house two days after his dad’s and his dad’s girlfriend’s bodies were discovered, Sonya Morton said.
         While that was happening, she said she went to the house, told DJ Morton not to take any of her brother’s things and then asked him to leave, along with two people who were with him, whom she said she did not know.
         …The couple’s home had electric heat, and so carbon monoxide poisoning was not a factor, she [Sonya Morton] said.
    By LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer on February 19, 2014, “Family wants answers in death of Lancaster Township couple,” (click here).
         Both of these articles are about the “unsolved deaths” of Darryl Morton (50) and Judy Cora (54) who were found dead in their Sterling Place home this past Thanksgiving morning.  How can two accounts differ so completely?  Why wasn’t carbon monoxide poisoning ruled out in a matter of days after finding their bodies?  Is District Attorney Craig Stedman really this incompetent?  Why aren’t his Lancaster County Detectives involved in the investigation?
         This is an absolute disgrace and there will be more inconsistencies and more on the shockingly bad police work tomorrow.  This is a totally flawed  murder investigation leaving yet another killer or killers on the loose in Lancaster County and leaving families with no justice or closure.