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    Posted on December 16th, 2016 Becky 10 comments


         This afternoon I am reading the Commission’s report on poverty and you can read it and there is a form for your feedback – click here.
         But as you can see from the above introduction, the emphasis is on “one good job.” This is what LNP has not done for the last forty-plus years. They have blatantly discriminated in their hiring and have set the tone for the entire county.
         I honestly don’t know why they haven’t been investigated and charged – although I imagine it’s owner Peggy Steinman’s huge pocketbook spreading money around in Harrisburg and to the Republican party.
         But the fact that City Council would give this racist company public money for their for-profit, off the tax roles and doing nothing for the average citizen, Marriott Hotel expansion, is incomprehensible and unconscionable.
         LNP also is not eligible for state money (CRIZ) because they do not meet the state’s requirements for diversity and equal employment opportunity and there will be more on this to follow.


     *    Tom Baldrige, a commission member and president of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry, said he entered the yearlong effort hoping for a unique, game-changing solution, but he learned the problem is too big for a silver bullet.
         “What I think this report does is recognize the reality of the hard work and the broad level of engagement that’s going to be required to address the issue,” Baldrige said. “I think the report in that way is much more realistic and in the long term has much more impact.”
    From today’s LNP report on Poverty.
    tom-baldrige3     Why is this man on the poverty commission? He pays himself $248,000 dollars a year and illegally voted to give his wife’s employer, LNP reporter Susan Baldrige, millions in public dollars to build their for-profit, off the tax roles Marriott “expansion.”
          Why is this man who lives in Conestoga in a half-a-million dollar house on the poverty commission? Why isn’t DA Stedman investigating this man’s illegal vote? This is disgusting!

    NO JOBS AT LNP!poverty3(Click here)

         The poverty commission report is released and LNP has made all of their stories regarding it “insider” stories! What a joke!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 15th, 2016 Becky 15 comments


    (Click here for the “insider” story.)
    Gray & Patterson     Here we go again!    
         There seems to be no end to the enriching of certain parties by the City of Lancaster per the direction of Mayor Rick Gray and Planner Randy Patterson. On their part, it seems more ongoing and obstinate ignorance than venal.
         LNP deserves some credit for publishing the article given LNP’s  indirect involvement  and benefits through Penn square Partners but; coming from a reputable, credentialed source; they had little choice.
    From about the above story (click here).
         This is beyond “ignorance.” This is beyond bribery! This is criminal. This is unbelievable!
    There will be much more tomorrow.

    **   P.S. I apologize to Hiram Calderon for Diane’s comment. He seems to me to be an extremely decent, remarkably calm and sensible person and writer.

    *    I will clear up a few issues and then move on from this nonsense:

     — I am not “disabled” and I am not receiving any public funds.
    — I don’t take any medications except the occasional Advil and sometimes some beers at night.
    — Over ten years ago, I went to a therapist for one hour one day a week for a year when the incest story came up (the link is at the top of this site). I have an incessant stalker who repeatedly claims that this makes me insane (lol!). I am not saying that the incest story has not impacted my life and that I am fully “recovered,” however; I believe I have overcome it to the best of my ability and this site was crucial to that process many years ago. It does not impact what I publish on this site daily.
    — This same stalker (who is clearly insane) states than I am jealous of LNP and that I want a job there and I am bitter because I was fired years ago (lol!)! Nothing is further from the truth! I left LNP to write the Krushinski stories for LIP years ago knowing LNP would not touch them. So little has changed in all those years! I enjoy what I do, I love to write and Lancaster desperately needs an independent voice.
    — I am amazed by the people who are prolific posters on public forums with opinions on every subject and people under the sun, but somehow think their name is special and they can’t be named or discussed on a public website/forum!
    — I hope Diane gets the help she needs.

          I’m done. This site will move on this afternoon.




    Posted under the LNP story, “Man jailed up to 60 years for plotting to kill 3 Lancaster city cops denied new trial,” (click here).

         The problem is, Diane, he did not do the crime!
         In the middle of the night I received a comment into this site from Diane Enck Gamber that is profanity laced and threatening and quite honestly one of the most jaw-dropping sad, outrageous and ridiculous things I have ever read. I am considering whether to post it in full.
          I hope the people “who know her and her situation” encourage her to get help immediately.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 14th, 2016 Becky 1 comment

    THE SOLE “WITNESS” IS DEAD!akeem-washington1

        This went up on Crimewatch this morning (click here).

         LNP does an almost exact rewrite of the above Crimewatch entry on their website. I covered this in October of last year with the first “MODERN DAY LYNCHING” story and a portion of it is below (click here).  The sole witness, a jailhouse snitch and a convicted pimp – yes, a real life pimp – Tremayne Jones, was killed in San Diego on July 1st of this year.
         There will be more on this in the days to come.



  • *** – ** – * “BEACON OF LIGHT?”

    Posted on December 13th, 2016 Becky 13 comments


         The detective said to me, ‘You can classify almost all murders under three motives: money; love; pride.’
    From “Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz Details the Three Main Motives for Murder,” (click here).
         A commenter using the name “Richard Musser” sent in a comment to put me in my place!
         Richard said this in part (no editing has been done except for breaking it into paragraphs):
          Becky, You have it all figured out. Well Hell just tell them who did it already.
          Becky, have ever taken a minute just one min. ever to think what your LIP-Gossip Page does to people who are going through the Death’s you Gossip about?
          If you think digging up people’s Facebook and Public Records info and Posting it is REPORTING you’re wrong!(But it obviously You get off on it!) You Can’t wait to see and Post about someone filing bankruptcy or Sheriff Sale on their house
    “* LNP: “Autopsy set for Tuesday in Salisbury Township death investigation; no ID released yet,” (click here).
           According to county property records, 5852 Timothy Drive is owned by Dennis C. Pitch and Tracy L. Pitch and a picture of the home from the county website is below. They were married on October 1, 2000 and her maiden name is Rau.
          Tracy Pitch filed for divorce less than a month ago on November 22 of this year. Previously she filed for bankruptcy in August of 2013.”
         What did bringing all that into it HELP? (Man isn’t even buried and you post his life story ?) What kind of person is so heartless they would do this kind of thing ? YOU!
         Media outlets were giving the address. Anyone can look it up. LNP was following their non-journalistic stance of not printing names until the police or DA “okay” it. I posted that early in the morning and I had no idea which one was the victim or if it was someone entirely different who was visiting their home.
         Within several hours, the police released the name of the victim, Dennis Pitch, and LNP went up with this (click here):
         County property records show the property is co-owned by the victim’s wife, 49-year-old Tracy L. Pitch. According to the county prothonotary’s office, the couple filed for divorce on Nov. 22.
         They published exactly what I did. They did not include their wedding date, her prior name or the fact that she filed for bankruptcy – but those are true and a matter of public record.
         That is standard reporting and LNP took it one step farther and called the victim’s father. Would you call that move “heartless?”
         Someone was shot multiple times and killed. The public has a right to know and part of reporting is knowing where and how to look up public information. That is not gossip. That is called news. That is why LNP prints divorce, marriage and birth records and bankruptcies (and they printed Tracy Pitch’s) among many other items.
         If I offered an opinion as to whether Kim cheated on Kanye, that could be called gossip.
         And remember Richard: “You can classify almost all murders under three motives: money; love; pride.”
         Their love had turned sour. Dennis Pitch was pictured next to a large gun safe and no one knows what the contents of that safe are/were and his to be ex-wife had money problems and filed for bankruptcy three years before and had requested alimony in her divorce filing less than a month before his murder.
         Does that mean she’s guilty? Of course not! We have no idea what else was going on in their lives. But if I were a detective – I would take a really long, hard look at Tracy L. Pitch! And I think most of the public would agree.
     Hambright33   stedman19

    — Where’s Brett, my PR Man?
    — I’m here, DA Stedman, with my camera in hand!
    — Good job, Brett! Make sure you capture a good smile!
    — Should you put on a Santa suit, DA Stedman?
    — No, that might be overkill, Brett. Just a smile!
    — Got it DA!
    — Post it as soon as you can, Brett! Do you think this will make the public forget that our office lied and then took three months to bring animal cruelty charges against the owner of the puppy but we closed the killing of Ibram Hanna in under 11 hours?
    — Well…
    — Do you think it will make the public forget that Dennis Pitch was murdered last weekend and no one has been arrested?
    — Well…
    — Do you think it will make the public forget that Hiram Calderon was stabbed to death in the city and his killer is still walking the streets?
    — Well…
    — Do you think it will make the public forget the 21 unsolved murders in the  city alone since 2006?
    — Well…
    — Call my good friend Barbara Hough Roda at LNP and see if they’ll run my picture doing such a good thing for humanity and the citizens of Lancaster County!
    — Yes, DA Stedman. I used to work there! I’m sure they will. They love you – and me!


    *    Well, look at this! District Attorney Craig Stedman is working his public relations arm!



    Ibram Hanna

    Ibram Hanna

          The Department of Justice informed me yesterday by phone that my complaint/petition had been forwarded to the F.B.I. So it was a day of calling the F.B.I. yesterday afternoon and this morning. And as you can imagine, that has just been loads of fun!
         I want to add the additional information of the shocking criminal record of 17-and-a-half-year-old George Rosado to the complaint and I will keep you informed.


         This is a portion of an excellent Letter to the Editor of LNP regarding the court cellphone ban (click here to read the entire letter).


          And I will look at today’s editorial about Lancaster County being a “Beacon of Light,” (click here). LNP prints this fluff right after the killer of Ibram Hanna was in court and his lengthy criminal record exposed. And LNP does absolutely nothing about this huge, unbelievable injustice.
    Please check back later today – oh, and “Richard Musser,” I will be coming to your comment!

  • ** – * JUSTICE FOR IBRAM! – 7

    Posted on December 12th, 2016 Becky 2 comments

    **  I am making phone calls the afternoon. Will be back tomorrow.

    *    Comments from the petition are now published below the letter from the Department of Justice and more will be added as the day goes on.


    Ibram Hanna

    Ibram Hanna

          Per the below letter, please call the Department of Justice at (301) 583-7350 and reference case #3707504 and ask them to investigate the death of Ibram Hanna in Mountville on August 12th of this year.
         See the shocking updates to this story immediately below on this site and the criminal background of 17-year-old George Rosado who shot and killed Hanna with a gun he stole from a car break-in the day before.
         Tell the Department of Justice that there is absolutely no possible scenario in which the West Hempfield Township police and the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office could investigate and essentially close this case in under 11 hours and charge Rosado as a juvenile.  
    Thank you and please check back later today.

    Posted on December 11th, 2016 Becky 5 comments


    rosado2From Saturday’s LNP print edition version of the story regarding the shooter, George Rosado.

         This is shocking and raises even more questions regarding the DA’s office closing this case and charging 17–and-a-half-year-old George Rosado as a juvenile in under 11 hours.
         Well over 250 people signed a petition to the Department of Justice to investigate this case in under a week. They were his coaches, his teachers, his neighbors and his friends and family. They wrote heart-felt and intelligent comments on why Ibram Hanna’s death should be investigated.
         As reported here previously, I received a letter from the Department of Justice with a phone number and a case number. And tomorrow, I need people to call and confirm to the Justice Department why this case needs to be investigated so badly. I will print that information early tomorrow morning along with some of the comments that accompanied the petition.    


    *    Were there any other witnesses to the shooting?
    Question posed under yesterday’s LNP story, “Hearing held to determine whether Mountville teen should face adult charges in fatal shooting,” (click here).
         This site has reported that there were several boys in the home when Ibram Hanna was shot and that is for the following two reasons:
    — His grandmother stated to a trusted friend of mine firsthand that there were five or six boys present.
    — His aunt, who works for a law firm, posted this on a public forum (“Must See Pics an Vids”) knowing that the Facebook page is read by the police, DA’s office and LNP:

          Obviously, neither one was physically present when Ibram was shot. But these two very involved family members have raised serious doubts about how many people were in the home at the time of the fatal shooting and the public deserves an exact answer.


          Posts under the previous story about the death of Ibram Hanna, “Juvenile case of teen charged in friend’s Mountville shooting death could land in adult court,” (click here).
          I have some things to say about the incredibly prolific Lancaster Online poster, Diane Enck Gamber, and then an update on the petition.


    Posted on December 10th, 2016 Becky 8 comments



           Here goes Diane Enck Gamber again! Unbelievable! You would think with her home up for Sheriff’s sale, she could find some real work to do!
          What’s up with the request to the Department of Justice? Oh, it’s coming!



         The kitchen trash can in 17-year-old George Rosado’s Mountville home where he killed 15-year-old Ibram Hanna. The photograph was taken two days after the shooting. The grandmother who was raising Rosado told the photographer that she does not drink and all of the beer cans were George’s and his friend’s. The police never even took the trash can as evidence!


    Ibram Hanna

    Ibram Hanna

         A day after finding a Stoeger Cougar 9mm handgun in a vehicle in a Farmdale neighborhood near his home, the teenager called Hanna, 15, of West Hempfield Township, and invited him over to smoke marijuana and check out the gun, Kunkel testified.
         While at the home, he pointed the gun at Hanna and pulled the trigger, Kunkel said.
         After Hanna was shot, the teen called emergency services and initially reported it as a suicide, Kunkel said.
    From today’s LNP “insider” article, “Hearing held to determine whether Mountville teen should face adult charges in fatal shooting,” (click here).
         This is unbelievable! “Finding” a gun? George Rosado stole the gun! District Attorney Craig Stedman’s office closed this case within 11 hours of Hanna being shot dead in the head. The Department of Justice needs to investigate this case now!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 9th, 2016 Becky No comments


    Posted on the “JusticeForHiram” Facebook page today (click here). 

         When will charges be filed?




         Everyone is waiting for updates on the murder of Dennis Pitch in Narvon. And not to beat a dead horse, but I find it amazing that LNP and their reporters have failed to mention the huge gun safe he owned. There are only two pictures on his Facebook page and one of them is of him standing next to it. LNP cropped the safe out of the picture and hasn’t mentioned it.
         Douglas Herr kept $200,000 in a safe in his home and was killed for the money (click here). What did Pitch have in the safe and did it lead to his death? And what does his wife, Tracy L. Pitch, who filed for divorce on November 22 of this year, have to say about all of this?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 8th, 2016 Becky No comments

    * Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


         Yes, there are more important uses for scarce taxes payers dollars than to further subsidize very successful businesses.
         And we believe the same applies to the Steinman interests which include LNP and the interests of Dale High, their partner in Penn Square Partners, equitable owners of the downtown Marriott Hotel.  The two are the biggest hogs in the region for feeding at the public trough.
    From, “Kudos to LNP editorial board for speaking out against ‘alms for the rich’ (when it pertains to others)” – click here.
         Robert Field can dish it out when he wants to! I still want to see LNP’s “strict code of journalism ethics!” Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy, when are you going to publish your ethics code?
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on December 7th, 2016 Becky 15 comments


         It has been a busy day. Now that the puppy case has finally been resolved, maybe DA Stedman can begin working on all the unsolved murders of human beings.
    pitch3     I found it amusing when LNP ran their cropped photo of murder victim Dennis Pitch from his open Facebook page and stated it was with “his family’s permission,” (click here). And I understand to some degree the sensitivity with a murder victim, but LNP runs Facebook photos “without permission” all the time! Maybe this is one of LNP’s new rules!
         They certainly aren’t running a photo of the alleged and now charged puppy abuser, Mario Crawley!  I ran two pictures of him on this site on October 31st (click here and one is below).
         So, LNP will publish his address but not his photo? Ridiculous! Does anyone at that “news organization” know what they are doing?

    Mario Crawley

    Mario Crawley

    ****  And now, November 7, 1979, for the reasons set forth in the foregoing opinion, the court sustains the motion of defendant, William Michael Strube, for a new trial and accordingly grants him a new trial.
         This was from an appeal in one of the Krushinski trials (see below) and the link to the full report is here. If I recall correctly, the Commonwealth did not retry Strube.
         The link was sent to me by an emailer some time ago and I appreciate it and apologize that it took me so long to run it!

    *** The DA’s unbelievably self-serving and arrogant press release on the charges involving the puppy is here.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***    As reported on this site on October 31st, it is Mario S. Crawley who has been charged with the abuse of the puppy Hennessey (see below and click here for the original article with more pictures). Click here for the LNP story that just went online, “Animal cruelty charges filed against Mountville man for abuse of pit bull puppy.”


    *    Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray says he learned when he was a trial lawyer not to spend a lot of time looking back.
    The opening sentence to today’s LNP article linked to below.
         Please! We all know too damn well and have been told over and over again by LNP that Gray was a defense lawyer for 40 years. And that is why this is listed on this site as one of three of Gray’s most outrageous lies (click here for the original):

    2.  Mayor Rick Gray on Wednesday cautioned against second-guessing the police officer who fatally shot a homeless man in downtown Lancaster on Monday, but he agreed with City Council that the public deserves a full report.
         …But the mayor also described the police officers who confronted knife-wielding Gregory S. Bayne as “experienced” and said “second guessing is pretty easy.”
    LNP – “Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray: Public will get full report on police shooting of homeless man,” (click here). 

         Mayor Gray spent forty years second guessing the police. In fact, when I first met him and what made him a noted attorney was the Krushinski trials. The police used a corrupt and lying “drug informant” who broke the law repeatedly during the investigations and arrests of mostly Pagan Motorcycle members for drug sales.
         The Krushinski story in three parts is still on the original LIP News website (click here) and there is a wonderful person who emails me updates and stories still involving this and the corruption that occurred during the scandal and also the involvement and collusion by the DA’s office and I simply have not had the time to use them.
         So for Gray to say don’t “second guess” the police is absolutely absurd and an outrageous lie and because LNP has not held the police accountable for years – it is especially essential that we “second guess” or watch and examine the police’s actions very, very carefully!



     (Click here for the “insider” story.)

         Seriously, LNP? Do I have to wake up to this crap? Mayor Dick certainly did set a tone – arrogance (and give LNP millions and millions of dollars and anything else they wanted)!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 6th, 2016 Becky 9 comments


  is running the full photograph of Dennis Pitch with his gun safe (click here). What was in the safe and did it play a role in his death? Had the safe been opened? Was it one of his own guns that was used to shoot him multiple times?
          District Attorney Craig Stedman needs to supply the public with additional details as soon as possible. This is terrifying!
    hennessey9                  (From Knapp’s Twitter account – click here for the story.)

         LNP reporter Tom Knapp actually followed up with the DA’s office on the horrific death of the puppy Hennessey and received no answers. In fact, Brett Hambright, the former LNP court reporter and now DA Stedman’s spokesperson, is quoted as follows:
         “We will comment on Hennessey when there is a development,” Brett Hambright, spokesman for the Lancaster County district attorney’s office, said in an email Tuesday.
         When pressed to explain why the investigation was taking so long, he replied: “No comment yet.”
         In other words, it’s the good old Lancaster County way of saying “We’ll call you. Don’t call us!” If the DA’s office can’t handle a puppy abuse case in three months time, how long will it take them to solve Dennis Pitch’s murder and all of the huge number of unsolved murders in the county?
         DA Stedman must go – and he needs to take Hambright with him!




           What LNP doesn’t tell you with their cropped photo of murder victim Dennis Pitch, is that in one of the two photos on his Facebook page he is standing next to a huge gun safe! How could they leave this out?
    Click here for LNP’s story and please check back later today.


    Posted on December 5th, 2016 Becky 2 comments


         I enjoy the below Facebook exchange with LNP reporter Tom Knapp! There are multiple killers on the loose – 21 in the city under Mayor Gray alone and numerous ones in the county as well. This horrific home invasion/murder and shooting has never been solved and it happened over two years ago – “Masked men kill 23-year-old man in Clay Twp. home-invasion,” (click here).
         Hopefully, they will catch Dennis Pitch’s killer and do it quickly and LNP needs to hold the police and DA’s office accountable for their failure to solve so many murders! There will be more tomorrow.


    **   The District Attorney’s office has identified the deceased as Dennis Pitch, 52, and are investigating his death as a homicide (click here for their press release). A picture of Pitch from his Facebook page is below.


     *    LNP: “Autopsy set for Tuesday in Salisbury Township death investigation; no ID released yet,” (click here).
         According to county property records, 5852 Timothy Drive is owned by Dennis C. Pitch and Tracy L. Pitch and a picture of the home from the county website is below. They were married on October 1, 2000 and her maiden name is Rau.
         Tracy Pitch filed for divorce less than a month ago on November 22 of this year. Previously she filed for bankruptcy in August of 2013.




          “I serve on the Best Practices committee which drafted the protocol, so I have been part of the process from the start,” Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said in prepared statements released Tuesday.
         “Generally speaking, we are already following these practices in Lancaster County, so this will not change much for us.”
    From the Associated Press article, “Prosecutors issue guidelines on probes of police shootings,” (click here).
         LNP ran an editorial criticizing the guidelines this morning – only they didn’t write it – they took it from the Times-Tribune of Scranton. LNP never directly questions or challenges DA Stedman – not even over the horrific death of a puppy.
         The editorial is not currently online but a portion of it is below and please check back later today.

    Posted on December 3rd, 2016 Becky 3 comments


    cell-phone1      From page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition (the story is not currently online).

         This just gets more and more ridiculous. All of this is a result of one incident where someone took a picture of a person in the courthouse and posted it on social media and called them a “snitch?” People call each other “snitches” on Facebook all the time! They could take a photo of the person anywhere.
         Ben Vonderheide spends his days in the courthouse with a camera so I went to to see what he had to say. There is nothing on the ban, but there is a video where Mayor Gray calls Ron Harper, Jr. “a joke.”  Ron is pictured to the left of Mayor Gray holding a camera in the still from the video below.
         Harper and I certainly don’t see eye to eye but I believe Gray is the bigger joke! The video is here and there will be much more on Gray on this site!




    Photo of Libre taken from the Speranza Animal Rescue Open House Facebook page (click here).

          Libre is doing well (if you consider dressing him in a Santa suit not to be a form of dog abuse). But what about the puppy Hennessey? LNP reporter Tom Knapp has written several animal abuse articles including one in today’s print edition on page A-3. Where is his follow-up on the horrific death of the puppy Hennessey? Where? Does LNP ever question DA Stedman?



    Posted on December 2nd, 2016 Becky 4 comments


          Given the size of Lancaster’s Latino population — it’s about 40 percent of the total, according to the U.S. Census, — the city is bound to have a Latino mayor at some point, Franklin & Marshall College political science professor G. Terry Madonna says.
    From today’s LNP article, “Norman Bristol Colon announces run for mayor of Lancaster,” (click here).
         Well, Madonna was wrong on Hillary but this certainly seems like a safe statement for him to make – “at some point!” And why would LNP go running to him for a quote on this? Are they scared?
         How many Latinos does LNP have on their editorial staff?

    cameras-court-house                                       A sign on the courthouse door.

          This is ridiculous! Who do these people think they are?
    Click here for LNP’s “insider” story, “Cellphone ban elicits mixed reviews from Lancaster County Courthouse visitors,” and please check back later today.


    Posted on November 30th, 2016 Becky 6 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***
         *(Click here for the PennLive story shown below.)


    UPDATED 12-1-2016

         Mayor Gray’s three most outrageous lies – to date – are below. There will be more later today.

    1.  –  Rick Gray, Mayor of Lancaster: As a candidate for Mayor of Lancaster, Gray promised that he would convene a study group to investigate the feasibility of the proposed center.   After the election, Gray’s ‘panel’ questioned only people who were intimately involved in the project, and no one else.  The day after Gray’s inauguration as Mayor, he viciously attacked those who were asking questions about the project at a public forum held at Farm & Home Center.  There, Gray’s statement that state money should not be passed up suggested he either had been a supporter of the project or was unwilling to clash with the convention center sponsors.  Later, after impulsively suggesting a feasibility study be sponsored by the Commissioners, he back peddled on his request and subsequently publicly trashed the reputable PKF feasibility study. – “Final chapter in Convention Center Series: Betrayals of public trust; Excesses and abuses by Public Officials,” (click here).

    2.  Mayor Rick Gray on Wednesday cautioned against second-guessing the police officer who fatally shot a homeless man in downtown Lancaster on Monday, but he agreed with City Council that the public deserves a full report.
         …But the mayor also described the police officers who confronted knife-wielding Gregory S. Bayne as “experienced” and said “second guessing is pretty easy.”
    LNP – “Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray: Public will get full report on police shooting of homeless man,” (click here). 

    3.  “Tell me Barberet would be here today if the convention center wasn’t there,” he [Mayor Rick Gray] said, referring to the French bakery/bistro and a third floor bar/lounge that opened on East King Street near the convention center last summer.
    LNP – “Lancaster City Council approves $30M Marriott hotel expansion,” (click here).




           Gray is a decent individual but fell sway to special interests and bad advisors when it came to real estate development and public works projects. He flipped flopped on the Convention Center, he supports the CRIZ program ear marked to enrich Penn Square Partners and others at the future expense of  our children and grandchildren, bungled the potential redevelopment of Lancaster Square East,  squandered opportunities to get ahead of the looming huge storm sewer assessments, and was a big supporter of the bird brain idea of bringing trolleys back to Lancaster… among other mistakes.
    From, “Will Rick Gray’s retirement be good for Lancaster City?” (click here).
         Many years ago I thought Rick Gray was a “decent individual” but that quickly changed. 
    Coming later today: The three biggest lies told by Mayor Gray!


    Posted on November 29th, 2016 Becky 18 comments

    BYE, DICK!


    (Click here – and you have to “register” to read it online.)

         He’s given racist LNP millions and millions of dollars of the public’s money! He built a six block magazine section of the city. He doesn’t care about crime. He hired an incompetent and rude police chief whose ex-wife has written a book stating he abused her for years. There are 21 unsolved murders in the city since he came into office.
         What a legacy! Bye, Dick!

  • **** – *** – ** – * THEY ARE NOT “ACTUAL JOURNALISTS!”

    Posted on November 28th, 2016 Becky 3 comments

    **** LNP seems to have revised Baldrige’s first story online, but in print on Friday, November 25, in a front page story she wrote the exact same thing:



    baldrige17(Click here)

    *** From the story:
          “I would say some aren’t as willing to publicly acknowledge drug issues within their districts and towns,” said Fritz [Sarah Fritz, the community outreach coordinator for DA Stedman’s office]. “I believe all districts have at least opened the door for us.”
         So, why does LNP and Baldrige have the headline they have? This is Baldwin’s second article on this and the second time she has questioned whether all schools are open to it. This is ridiculous and a blatant attempt to sensationalize the story!
         LNP kept some variation on this story and a picture of Stedman on their homepage for several days now. What Stedman should be doing is investigating Susan Baldrige’s husband, Tom Baldrige, for illegally going against the bylaws of the CRIZ and giving her employer millions of dollars! That’s what he should be doing.
         Oh, and how about an update on the horrific death of the puppy Hennessey, where the DA was caught lying and then turned extremely nasty! Is there an update LNP reporter Tom Knapp or are we just going to forget about it and sweep it under the rug?



    safety1cameras15                                                           (Click here)

    **   And then we have LNP “agriculture” reporter Ad Crable who must have been filling in for one of their police reporters over the holiday. And he opens the article with this clever little thought:
          The power of social media as a crimefighting [sic] tool has been evidenced again in Lancaster County.
         This is from a reporter in a city that has 169 “Safety Coalition” surveillance cameras around the city but the Lancaster Newspapers never publish or push the police to release crime photos from those cameras!
         Why were those cameras (paid for by the Lancaster Newspapers) allegedly installed – to be a crime-fighting tool! Imagine that! And they work when they are used for that purpose! But in actuality in the city, they are simply there for LNP’s convention center/Marriott Hotel to make the tourists feel safe. And the public is paying for them and they are not being used for their purported purpose as murderers, shooters and robbers roam the streets!


    robinson14*    What LNP gives you is this kind of three sentence absolute nonsense by their long-time police reporter Ryan Robinson (click here).


    lnp-code-of-ethics (Click here for the editorial.)

         Besides the fact that the Lancaster Newspapers should print this “code of ethics” they claim to have (see below on this site), they don’t have “actual journalists!”
         Sometimes it takes something simple to realize how truly awful they are. On CBS-3 several nights ago they were reporting on the man who received a bomb at his home in Philadelphia. They said, “The police have not released his name but CBS-3 has learned his identity and he is…” and they went on to give his name, age and ran a photograph of him.
         LNP will not release information unless the police or the DA have “approved” it. I have run examples of this again and again.
         And there is not one journalism school or professor who would approve of that or call them “actual journalists.” As I have said before, it goes beyond scary and into the much deeper territory of collusion by the Lancaster Newspapers.
         Posting will be sporadic for the next few days so please be patient.

  • 11-27-16 UPDATE – IS THIS YOU?

    Posted on November 26th, 2016 Becky 3 comments

    * UPDATED 11-27-16
         I understand that Smith-Wade-El is in a difficult position. But his piece today borders on the ridiculous with nothing new or insightful and no seeming purpose and I find his ending two paragraphs are just empty words that match the standard LNP line – everything in Lancaster is just fine and dandy and couldn’t be better!
    From “STAND UP?” below on this site (click here).
         His final two paragraphs are below. Does he realize and fully comprehend that he is writing this and it will be printed in a newspaper that blatantly discriminates in their hiring and has for years? Does he understand that racism in Lancaster County begins at the Lancaster Newspapers? Does he look around their office when he’s there – if he goes – and notice that there are no people of color?
          It’s nice to be young and idealistic, but his last two paragraphs, unfortunately, border on the absurd. The “tradition” needs to change!




    (Click here for the entire piece – excerpt below.)trump24


    Posted on November 22nd, 2016 Becky 11 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***




          Councilmember Sorace [Danene Sorace] explained her vote in support of this financial plan by saying she is betting on the profit sharing payments coming to fruition. The rest of City Council voted with her.
    From former Mayor Art Morris’ website on the Marriott Expansion (click here).
        According to her Facebook page (see below), Sorace just attended the National League of Cities Summit in Pittsburgh that ran from November 16th to the 19th. She better thank the City of Lancaster! The cheapest ticket for the summit was $460 (click here). The cheapest hotel listed was $175 a night and that doesn’t include her airfare and her food!
         I will put in a Right-to-Know Request with the city for how much this summit cost the taxpayers and if anyone else went. Sorace likes to be extremely free with money that is not her own.



    THANK LNP!gray-lnp(click here)

        LNP has already moved this joke of an article off the front page of their website! That is so appropriate – the big “LNP” sign behind their puppet Mayor Dick!
          What a joke! Thank LNP for the increases – they don’t pay taxes!

         Have a great Thanksgiving and LIP News will be back on Sunday, November 27th.

    * called the LNP Editorial Board out in August when they told this huge lie (click here):




    From today’s LNP editorial, “Take care not to share the fake news stories that abound on the internet; get your news from newspapers,” (click here).

         LNP, print your code of ethics! Print it. For years I have stated that LNP breaks every code of journalism ethics in this country by their interest in the Marriott Hotel/convention center and I can prove it.
         So why don’t you print this elusive “code of ethics” you follow? Print it!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 21st, 2016 Becky 10 comments


          Our city council members (our leaders) don’t know what sector they live in or who their sector officers are. This is pathetic. There is no excuse for anyone in Lancaster to not know what sector they live in or who their sector officers are IF THEY CARE.
    This comment in today.
          The city council members are paid $8,000 a year (the president – John E. Graupera – makes $8,500) to show up to three several hour meetings a month. That’s an additional $666 a month to supplement their income. And no one is holding them accountable. No one!
          There will be much more on the city council members who don’t seem to care about anything after the Thanksgiving break as well as Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler.
         This dog abuse thing is going to sink Stedman’s career unless he is putting together some sort of ‘newsworthy’ stunt.
    This comment in under “THE LNP EDITORIAL BOARD…” below.
         No, because LNP will ignore it and never follow-up as they do with all the unsolved murders and crimes. I hate to dwell on the puppy Hennessey case when there are so many unsolved human cases, but it has caught the attention of the public and they want answers. The DA has had weeks to file charges in the puppy’s horrific death and has failed to do so.
         Oh, and the “stunt” you speak of – the DA and the city police are excellent at diversionary tactics – that is below and I’m sure LNP will run a very large story on it.

         While speaking of animals, there is this article today (click here):

          LNP reporter Tim Buckwalter uses a variation of the word “harvest” six times in his story and “killed” once. I guess since the public is so concerned  about animals lately, “harvest” is a much nicer word to use than “kill.”
         However, if you look up the word “harvest” in multiple dictionaries, it has to do with agricultural crops and vegetation – not the killing of animals. Period. Look it up!


    **   Anyone else think that there was more community involvement and interest by the LCPD when the officers were required to actually reside in the city? Further, it would be interesting to know how many actually do live within the community they serve. I’d be willing to bet not too many.
    Posted under the article on Lancaster Online.
    Nickel     Interesting! And I agree – not too many! Detective Nathan Nickel, who can’t seem to solve any murders (Olga Sanchez-Reyes and Allan Hess to name two) lives in York County and is very close to the 20 mile limit from Penn Square required for the Lancaster City Police Department.
         There will be more on Nickel in the coming months. Why isn’t anyone holding these detectives accountable?


    *    I can tell you what Sadler is not doing while he’s at work:
    —  He’s not solving murders, shootings or any crimes.
    —  He’s not diversifying the force.
    —  He’s not using the “Safety Coalition” cameras.
    —  He’s never out in the community; he’s never at crime scenes.
    —  He won’t answer to the press.




         From today’s LNP “insider” story, ” ‘They don’t trust them’: Dozens of Lancaster city residents say communities aren’t connecting with neighborhood police officers,” (click here).

         Does it get anymore ridiculous than this? Sadler is working? What the hell is he doing all day while at work?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 20th, 2016 Becky No comments


         I understand that Smith-Wade-El is in a difficult position. But his piece today borders on the ridiculous with nothing new or insightful and no seeming purpose and I find his ending two paragraphs are just empty words that match the standard LNP line – everything in Lancaster is just fine and dandy and couldn’t be better! And I will come back to that tomorrow.
         But today I challenge him: I wrote this in 1981 – why don’t you update it with today’s figures and see where it leads (click here):
          Three white men tried to lynch Robert Henderson on May 1. The police are not concerned. The newspapers are not concerned. The city is not concerned.
          It’s not difficult to explain. Lancaster is a city with a population of 57,000. The Black population is 9,500. The Hispanic is 10,500. Together they average about 22 percent of the population.
          The police force has 118 sworn officers; three are Black, two Hispanic. That’s four percent minority.
          There are two daily and one Sunday paper in Lancaster
    . They all have editorial staffs of between 20 and 25 employees. There is not a single minority on those staffs.
         There are no elected minority officials. There is one Black and one Hispanic on the Lancaster Fire Company. There are only two Blacks who work in professional capacities for the city.
         The Lancaster City School District is 40 percent minority. About five percent of the teachers are minority.
         Juries are notoriously white here. Ruth Cooper was called for jury duty several years ago. She was the only minority in a pool of 100.
         The downtown department stores are white.
          “If you’re Black, you’re either overqualified or under qualified. It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or are a high school dropout,” Ms. Cooper said.
         If you ask the average white person in Lancaster if there is racial tension, they are uncomprehending. They are so well insulated from the Black community they don’t know.



    **   One good job.
           One good job can lift a family out of poverty, help give them the time and the resources to advocate for themselves, and can support a child’s education. That’s what we’re working toward.
    The opening sentences to a special LNP column by Dan Jurman, the chairman of the Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty titled,  “An update from Poverty Commission, as it prepares to report to community,” (click here).
         This is what LNP does not offer to minorities – “one good job.” When are the leaders of Lancaster County and City going to acknowledge this blatant discrimination and recognize that racism, including poverty, begins with the Lancaster Newspapers? And when are they going to demand change?

    *    “Ismail Smith-Wade-El is a Lancaster resident and research associate for the Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty
    From LNP under his column today.
    The Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty has a website and it’s very interesting – click here.


    reject-violence1(Click here)


         There is a huge typo in today’s Sunday News print edition in the column by Ismail Smith-Wade-El – but I have a much bigger problem with his column.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 19th, 2016 Becky 3 comments

    *     Actor Brandon Victor Dixon told Pence after the curtain call that the multiracial and multicultural cast is concerned about the Trump administration.
         “We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,” said Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, the nation’s third vice president. “We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us. All of us.”
    (Click here).
          You are a disgrace, Trump!




     The beginning of today’s LNP editorial (click here).

          Thaw the corn? Excuse me? How about the bird?
          I wonder if this was written by LNP’s 21-year-old editorial writer and former sports reporter?
          Barry sent in this as part of a comment on the story immediately below about what the next four years will bring:
         I know your focus is rightly on Lancaster and its glaring issues. Please keep on with your speaking truth to power. But I fear for the whole country and for the whole peace of the world after every newscast. Good luck to us all!
         Well said! I can’t even wrap my mind around it and how much damage he could potentially do. We just have to remain vigilant and count on national reporters to keep us informed and hold him accountable as much as is possible
         I really enjoy this opening sentence from the Washington Post (click here). Talk about telling it like it is!

    trump19    Thanksgiving did not sneak up on me – but winter is coming in tonight and there is lots to do – so posting will be sporadic during the next few days.
         Oh, and if your corn is frozen – you’ll need about two hours at room temperature to thaw it!


    Posted on November 18th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


    Cassidy     Roda21      Murse8
    Left to Right: Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy, Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Content Editor Tom Murse.
    The last sentence in the Letter to the Editor, “Police failed ailing puppy,” (click here).
         LNP never illuminates anything regarding the District Attorney’s office, the police, the county judges or Mayor Gray and anyone in his administration. Never! They are not a news organization – they are the self-serving public relations arm for these departments and it is beyond disgusting and scary.
         Pedro Flores was shot dead three weeks ago today in the city and no one questions the lack of an arrest and another killer left on the streets. There are now 21 unsolved murders under Mayor Gray and DA Stedman. And LNP doesn’t bat an eye or ask any questions because he was not white or wealthy or of a high enough social status for them to care.
         And that is the way LNP has been for years! They need to be run out of town and a decent, ethical news organization that understands their function in keeping this country free and holding public officials accountable has to come in to replace them.
         The only thing the racist Steinmans and their company care about is lining their own pockets. It is revolting.


         Does LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy think the public is this stupid? Does she think we just “forgot” about the Hennessey case? Resign!
    — From Friday, November 11:
    Click here for the full letter, “Take action against alleged puppy abuse.”
    — From Sunday, November 13:
    Click here for the full letter, “The definition of animal abuse.”
    Click here for the full letter, “Another flawed animal abuse investigation.”
    — From Monday, November 14:
    Click here for the full letter, “Taking action against animal cruelty.”
    — From Tuesday, November 15:
    Click here for the full letter, “Sickening treatment of dogs must end.”
    Click here for the full letter, “Police failed ailing puppy.”


    *    They even have the nerve to say this in the editorial:
         This is an emotional issue for Pennsylvanians and the letters LNP receives about animal cruelty reflect as much.
          In the past week, LNP has printed the following Letters to the Editor about or including the puppy Hennessey:

    — Friday, November 11 – one letter
    — Sunday, November 13 – two letters
    — Monday, November 14 – one letter
    — Tuesday, November 15 – two letters

         But they leave any mention of the case out of today’s editorial. These people are horrible, lying human beings!

    IGNORES THE OBVIOUS!animal-cruelty (Click here)

         This legislation is necessary and sensible. The rash of animal cruelty cases we’ve seen in Lancaster County over the past six months, in which abusers have faced nothing more than a fine, is outrageous.
    From the above editorial.
    hennessey     This is LNP’s fifth or sixth editorial on animal cruelty in the last several months and there is not a single mention of the very unnecessary and horrific death of the puppy Hennessey. They ignore the fact that District Attorney Craig Stedman lied to the public. They ignore the fact that no one has been charged and fail to update the public on where the case now stands. The DA has had weeks to investigate!
         These editorial board members are outrageous liars and hypocrites. They are absolutely disgusting! They need to resign today!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 16th, 2016 Becky 5 comments


         The below is part of an “UPDATE” from LNP under the story by both of their police reporters (as of 3:35 pm they had corrected the article to add the “g” to publishing but still state they are not naming the couple – click here):
         WGAL-TV names them and has a picture of Carrera (click here)! The transcript of their video is below. What is wrong with LNP? They should not even be called a news or media organization!

    11-17-16 UPDATE

    robinson13Posted by LNP Police Reporter Ryan Robinson under a recent story on Lancaster Online.

         Police did not release the man’s name because they are looking for him.
          I am still stunned by the absurdity of this sentence by LNP’s longtime police reporter. I think this explains why so many murders and crimes go unsolved. Absolutely no one is holding the police or the DA accountable in Lancaster County. No one!
    Please check back later today.


    name-him2 (Click here)

         Well, the Lancaster City Police’s theory of not releasing his name and picture because they were looking for him didn’t turn out too well! Who could have guessed? The police gave him an almost 24 hour head start! From this site on November 10th (click here):



    A question and the response from LNP reporter Tom Knapp on Lancaster Online yesterday afternoon under his currently titled story, “Lancaster County SPCA reopens, declines to explain reasons for locking shelter doors on Tuesday,” (click here).
         Yes, apparently the SPCA had a meeting yesterday afternoon and locked their door for several hours with a note stating they would reopen later that afternoon and LNP and reporter Tom Knapp went ballistic!
          What they should be doing, instead of grilling the SPCA, is demanding answers from District Attorney Craig Stedman! He’s had weeks to “investigate” the death of the puppy Hennessey! Where are the charges?
         This is ridiculous! On September 20, Knapp wrote the “insider” article, “Tipline for animal-cruelty complaints in Lancaster County has busy first month.” (click here). In it he states the following:
         Stedman said reports through the tipline have led to charges in three cases. Specifics on those cases were not immediately available.
         That was over three weeks ago! Are the specifics on those cases available now? If not, why not? Charges are public information! LNP prints reports of child abusers every day. Where are the names of those three people and the charges that were filed? How simple is that?
         Where are the answers LNP and Tom Knapp? Where are they? Do your damn job and tell the public who, according to the DA, has been charged!
    Please check back later today.
  • *** – ** – * 21 UNSOLVED MURDERS IN THE CITY!

    Posted on November 15th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

    *** LNP is reporting that the Lancaster County SPCA has a note on their door that they are temporarily closed but plan to reopen this afternoon (click here).
         On their website, they are advertizing for a new Executive Director as Susan Martin resigned the position on November 4th (click here):


    **   McCaskey students are gathering to march to Penn Square in a demonstration for equality and in opposition to Donald Trump.


    *    Stephen D. Grimes-Johnson, 20, and Joshua A. Marrero, 17, both of Lancaster, were each charged with robbery, conspiracy and theft in the Aug. 31 incident in the Sheetz parking lot at 1790 Millersville Road.
         Marrero was also charged as an adult with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person for threatening a man with a handgun and repeatedly striking him with it, police said. Grimes-Johnson was also charged with simple assault for repeatedly punching the victim.
    From today’s LNP story, “Police arrest 2 in robbery, assault in Sheetz parking lot in Millersville,” (click here).
         So the 17-year-old was charged as an adult, but 17-year-old George Rosado who shot and killed 15-year-old Ibram Hanna with a gun he stole was charged as a juvenile?  Bring in the Department of Justice!


    EVERYONE IS WONDERING! hennessey6 (Click here to read the entire letter.)

         There are two more Letters to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition asking why no one has been charged in the horrific death of the puppy named Hennessey.
         Why doesn’t LNP follow-up with the District Attorney’s Office and demand answers for the public? Why don’t they demand answers about all the unsolved murders in the city and the county? Who holds DA Craig Stedman and his office accountable?
         I will be adding Pedro Flores to the unsolved murders list in the tab above – that brings the total number to 21 unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray and Stedman. That is simply outrageous and horrifying – and no one questions it!
    Please check back later today.