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    Posted on November 5th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


    Digital Kitchen Scale
    Dash1     One of the many digital kitchen scales available from QVC (click here).  This beauty is only $25.00 plus $5.97 for shipping and comes in a multitude of colors to coordinate with your kitchen.  It does not have Bluetooth capability but some do!
         Please see the story and comments immediately below.  And speaking of cooking, apparently the Dash Food Magazine really is in today’s paper but not available to me as an e-Editions subscriber.  Sigh.  I guess that pumpkin cheesecake will have to wait. 
         But wait… I just had a thought… maybe I could google “pumpkin cheesecake” and find a recipe?
         If I choose Martha Stewart’s, I’m going to need that kitchen scale.  It was all for the pumpkin cheesecake, Officer Frey!  Really!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 4th, 2014 Becky 7 comments

    DO YOU HAVE $145.00?

    Robinson1  Lancaster Police  frey2

    Robinson (left) and Frey (right).

         Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP article by Ryan Robinson, “Police arrest 3, seize stun gun & drugs in Lancaster city,” (click here):
     —-  LCPD should be embarrassed.  I spend more than $145 on dinner and wtf is synthetic weed?
    —-  stun guns are legal in pa except philly
         The below comments were posted on LOL’s Facebook page under the same article: 
    —-  LoL it was synthetic weed or legal natural herbs. And a stun gun. Major impact on the drug trade in Lancaster city. Why not bust senior citizens for genetic aspirin and faulty toasters.
     —-  Throw in the fact the were using bullhorns or intercom at 5:45 am plus the k-9, I heard it 2 blocks away.
          Do these LNP reporters ever ask any questions?  Ryan Robinson has been a police reporter for years!  And he is going to just cut and paste from the police press release (click here) that they “seized” $145.00?  $145.00 dollars?
         This was a  month-long investigation and this is what the police got from Robinson’s article:
         They seized a small amount of synthetic marijuana, an electronic stun gun, paraphernalia used for packaging narcotics and $145, Frey [city police Lt. Tim Frey] said.
         This is simply pathetic by the Lancaster Newspapers and Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda needs to offer an explanation to her readers for the outrageous failure of her reporter to ask significant questions of the police regarding this alleged drug bust!  There will be more tomorrow. 

    Posted on November 4th, 2014 Becky 1 comment

    * BREAKING NEWS*** - LNP reporter Dan Nephin just tweeted a “Voter selfie!”  Wow!  Does it get any better than this?

    Dan Nephin



         This came across my Facebook feed this morning.  I want a sign, too! 

    Please vote and check back later today.


    Posted on November 3rd, 2014 Becky 9 comments



         I’m going to cover the Pitts today, because tomorrow is the election and LNP will be running coverage of it non-stop and this site will not! 
         I will return to crime and Police Chief Sadler and his failure to use the most basic tools to protect and serve the public.  His family members must have come out in force as I have received several not nice comments into this site and they will also come tomorrow.
         Now, the Pitts met with the LNP all white – as is their entire editorial staff – “editorial board” on October 29th, and at the very end there are two notable exchanges (click here). 
         His second to last question is about the Hispanic vote – and Pitts goes on an unbelievable rant about illegal immigration and that it must be reformed – that we have to secure our borders – that we are one visa away from a catastrophe – that there are 12 million illegals in this country and there will not be an amnesty bill. 
         Totally, um, missing the point, Editorial Page Editor Suzanne Cassidy asks this at about one hour, 10 minutes and 42 seconds into the tape:
         So do you think the Republicans, aside from putting people on the ballot, do you think Republicans are going to continue to struggle on this issue in terms of winning the minority vote? 
         And Pitts begins with this:
         No, I mean if you look at the Hispanic vote that you’re talking about…
         And Suzanne breaks in with:
         And African American…[it is hard to hear her next words but she ends with “all minorities”].
         Pitts looks at her like he doesn’t know or care what “African American” means, then ignores her and goes on another unbelievable rant:
         You know, I’ve reached out to my Latinos in my district.  I have groups in like Reading – the City of Reading – in Lancaster, in Chester County – certain parts.
         And, I really, you know, really enjoy talking to them and working with them.  I meet with, I think, a group tomorrow up in Berks County.  I have meetings on a regular basis, uh, with leadership.  I met with business leaders – that’s what I have coming up.  But I have church leaders, various groups. 
         And I find that they have groupings that you must respect as far as their leadership is concerned and it’s not like, you know, one massive group.
         Suzanne Cassidy says “Right.”
         And Pitts continues his roll:
         The Dominicans primarily are business people in the Reading area – so I meet with a lot of those business owners and they’re very concerned about  business issues and the economy. 
         And, you know, the Puerto Rican group primarily are establishment.  They are running the School Board, and, you know, in positions of leadership – they’re really quite assimilated already.
         The Mexican group are a lot of the workers in a lot of the industries so you’ve got – you’ve got to work with all of the groupings of people and respect, you know, their expertise.  I find they’re very open minded and I expect to do well with them because I’ve reached out on a regular basis for several years.
         Would Pitts have said this if there was a minority present in the room?  Can you believe the LNP editors ended up endorsing this out-of-touch, idiotic dinosaur? 
         I only have one request for tomorrow – please – no matter whomever else you vote for – please vote for Democrat Tom Houghton in the 16th Congressional District.

    Posted on November 2nd, 2014 Becky 12 comments

    * Stedman1 According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, Lancaster County generated $2.4 million in forfeiture revenue from fiscal years 2010-11 to 2012-13. Only Philadelphia ($15.3 million), Allegheny ($2.9 million) and Montgomery ($2.8 million) counties generated more.
    From today’s LNP article linked to below.
         In February of this year, DA Craig Stedman was crying for money saying the Drug Task Force was broke and they would “wither” without funds.  Click here for LNP’s article, “Lancaster County DA: Pay up, or see drug task force wither.” 
         What absolute crap!  Why doesn’t LNP call him on these blatant lies?  Why?


         From 2004 to 2011, an average of 149 forfeiture petitions were filed here annually. In 2012 and 2013, that figure spiked to 236 and 233, respectively; through the end of September 2014, 211 petitions were filed.
         The surge resulted, in part,  Stedman said, because “a few years ago, the city police provided us with a long list of old cases they never sent over to us” to complete the civil forfeiture process.
    From today’s article, “Who says crime doesn’t pay?” (click here).
         Do you believe this?  So the Lancaster City Police just kept people’s money and property for years without completing the legal process?  This is simply unbelievable!  It’s criminal!  This needs to be investigated by an outside agency now!
         How does Police Chief Keith Sadler keep his job?  His ex-wife has accused him of beating her for years.  His force cannot solve murders or serious crimes – or street muggings for that matter.  He does not use the coalition cameras or private security cameras for their intended purpose, thereby allowing criminals to stay on the street and re-offend over and over again.  He has completely failed to diversify his force. His department is being sued by multiple individuals for violations of their civil rights and now we learn his department is flat-out stealing from the public. 
         How does this man keep his job and why hasn’t District Attorney Craig Stedman asked for an investigation into the city police’s failure to file the required legal paperwork?
         Unbelievable!  There will be more tomorrow.


    Posted on November 1st, 2014 Becky 7 comments


         Two quick items today as I am anxious to start my holiday cooking!   ;-) 

    Civil Forfeiture

    Eric1     The above is on Page 2 of today’s paper.  As readers of this site know, I covered a $5,200 forfeiture by Eric Tittel on Route 222 by the Manheim Township Police on September 3rd.  He told me Susan Baldrige was doing a piece on civil forfeiture including his story (and was rude to him on the phone) but he got impatient with the wait and contacted me.  Just days before he was arrested by the Feds, he also met with a Lancaster lawyer trying to get his money back.
         I am curious about several things:  Why didn’t his arrest make the local news?  Supposedly he is charged with five others for running a cocaine trafficking “ring.”  Why didn’t any of the local press splash their arrests and mugshots on the front page?
         Also, Tittel is currently in the Franklin County Prison being held under Federal Detention.  I have been unable to locate his federal docket sheet outlining the actual charges and a bail amount.  I will keep looking.
         Finally, I have it on excellent information that the feds were wiretapping his phone(s) – that means that my conversations with him (and Susan Baldrige’s) may have been recorded.  Wow!  If they were, I hope to find out and hear them one day – and if I can ever get transcripts, I’ll post them here!
        Secondly, LNP made a big mistake today on the front-page of the print edition saying the Dash Food Magazine was inside.  It wasn’t – click here for “Dash food magazine to appear Wednesday, Nov. 5,” on their website.  It ends with this:
         We were eager to get started on our holiday cooking and jumped ahead of the schedule. 
         How “cute” and yet disappointing!  Is that a pumpkin cheesecake?  Yum!  I am going to cook today because it seems the only appropriate thing to do on this dreadful weather day – so please check back tomorrow. 

    Posted on October 31st, 2014 Becky 13 comments
     **    It’s Friday and it’s Halloween!  Be careful and safe and please check back tomorrow!


         “Weigh in: LNP Editorial Board endorses Pitts over Houghton, with conditions,” today’s LNP editorial headline (click here).
         LOL!  Of course they do!  LNP’s owner, Beverly Steinman, has been one of his largest contributors for years!  Oh, and if you’re Latino, Pitts knows what you do!  Yes, if you go to about one hour and eleven minutes into his interview with the LNP “editorial board,” Pitts is asked about Hispanics and he tells us what the Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans each do (click here)! 
         You don’t know?  Well, I’ll tell you this afternoon (Mexicans, please do not take offense – Pitts said it, not me) –  and we know they don’t work at LNP!
         What a really sad, pathetic joke of a man and a disgrace that LNP would endorse this fool!    


         The following Right-to-Know request was faxed into the City of Lancaster yesterday afternoon:
          Please provide the settlement amount and any other payments and stipulations ordered in the federal lawsuit, Nieves v. City of Lancaster, et al; Case # 5:2014 cv 00833 in the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court.  The plaintiff was Joselito Nieves and the defendants; the City of Lancaster and Lancaster Police Chief Keith R. Sadler and Officers Justin Miller, Adam Flurry and Willard Smith.  I have attached a copy of the Judge’s order in the case, dismissing it on September 4, 2014 because a settlement between the parties had been reached.
         Click here for background on the case and please check back later today.


    Posted on October 30th, 2014 Becky 10 comments


    W. King & Mulberry

         Police responded to West King and North Mulberry streets around 9:35 p.m. after several callers reported the shooting, city police Lt. Todd Umstead said.
         A 19-year-old York County man was lying on the sidewalk at the northwest corner of the intersection.
    From today’s LNP article by Ryan Robinson, York County teen shot in Lancaster city, shooter at large,” (click here).
          Calling all editors and reporters at the LNP Media Group!  There is a Lancaster Community Safety Coalition camera on that exact intersection.  Remember the cameras, folks?  They were put there for situations just like this!  In fact, Lancaster is known for them as the city has more cameras per person than any other city.  And the taxpayers help pay for them!
         So why isn’t that camera mentioned in your articles and why don’t we have a description and video of this shooter?  LNP, why don’t you call up Chief of Police Keith Sadler, Mayor Gray and every City Council member and ask them why the public has not seen his photo so they can help get this shooter off the street before he kills someone?
    Diamantoni      Diamantoni said there is video documentation of the man leaving a car and going to the place where he jumped. The coroner believes the video came from a Lancaster Community Safety Coalition surveillance camera.
    From yesterday’s LNP story by Ryan Robinson and Jennifer Todd, “Man, 43, jumps from Prince Street Garage,” (click here).
         Well, look at that!  There’s a mention of the cameras!  Don’t you think the coroner should know the source of the video?  Did he actually watch the video?  Shouldn’t he know exactly when and where the video is from before he declares a death a suicide?  Is this a joke?
    Rick Gray     And then there is last night’s safety meeting featuring Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler.  And LNP reporter Bernard Harris tells us this from his story, “Recent crime brings northwest city residents together,” (click here):
         “Don’t give the streets back. Don’t give the sidewalks back. Don’t tell them they’ve won,” Gray urged the crowd.
         Yet, to effectively deal with the problem the neighbors themselves must take responsibility, the mayor said.
         He and Sadler urged them to leave their porch lights on, talk to their neighbors and talk to police when they see something that seems out of place.
         “If your gut tells you it’s not right, it probably isn’t,” said Sadler.
         It’s the police who have given the streets and sidewalks back, Mayor Gray!  How dare you try to blame the residents?  You really are a disgusting human being!
         Last year when Mayor Gray’s neighbor was mugged, he didn’t give a crap.  I’ll come back to that tomorrow, because I really am too angry to type.  What a disgusting human being!

    Posted on October 30th, 2014 Becky 8 comments


     Chief-Inspector     A man was shot in the city last night.  His condition is unknown and his shooter is on the loose (click here).
         LNP reporter Bernard Harris continues his ridiculous spin with today’s article, “Recent crime brings northwest city residents together,” (click here).  Isn’t that great?  Let’s have more and more crime so we can bring “residents together!”  Actually, the shooting occurred right after the meeting.  I’ll take a look at this ridiculous article later today.  Mayor Gray and Chief Sadler need to go!
     Stedman1    And District Attorney Craig Stedman, who has lost several major cases in court recently, has failed to arrest the home invaders and killers of a 23-year-old-man in Clay Township and his fourteen county detectives have failed to arrest the killers of two young men in Manheim Township over the summer, is getting a new $150,000 tool to help with his total incompetence!  Yes, LNP “investigative reporter” Jeff Hawkes went running to Stedman for this absurd story, “Lancaster County getting laser-shooting crime scene scanner to nail bad guys,” (click here).
         Wouldn’t it be great if the police or the DA actually managed to nail some bad guys?  A “laser-shooting crime scene scanner!” Wow!  No more excuses, DA Stedman!  Start nailing the bad guys now!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 29th, 2014 Becky 7 comments


         Just a reminder that there is a meeting tonight at 6:30 (see below the job listing).  This job just went up on the City website (click here) and do the police ever need your help!  Apply today and if you follow the link there is a much fuller description! 


    Evidence Specialist

    Primary Duties:

    Provides expertise in the collection, processing and control of evidence; performs specialized duties as both a technician and custodian of evidence; represents the Police Bureau in various external settings.

    Work Schedule:

    Monday – Friday

    8 hours/day; 40 hours/week

    Rotating shifts – day and evening, as well as, Saturdays

    Education, Training and Experience

     Graduation from High School or completion of a GED, with at least five (5) years of experience in some facet of law enforcement, that includes some evidence related experience, is required; or an Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in a related field with at least three (3) years of experience in some facet of law enforcement is required.

    Documented training by a law enforcement agency or training facility in evidence documentation, collection, processing, and control techniques is required.  

    Licenses and Certificates:

     – A valid Pennsylvania State Driver’s license is required.


    $22.14 per hour – $46,049.95 annualized

    Status: Full-time, full benefits package


    Requires working long hours and must be available after hours, weekends and holidays, as well as being available to be called in at all hours of the day and/or night, to handle evidence and crime scenes.

    Applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on November 7, 2014.

    The City of Lancaster is an Equal Opportunity Employer





    Posted on October 29th, 2014 Becky 12 comments


    Matthew Reever

         Matthew Reever, 25, of York, was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice after an incident Oct. 5 at Wild Cherry’s, 324 W. Market St. Officials said Reever punched three police officers responding to the bar after he and six others got into an altercation with other patrons.

    From the LNP online stand-alone article, “Seven charged after melee at Marietta bar,” (click here) and later buried/combined into the “Police Log,” (click here).      

         These are Matthew Reever’s charges from his current docket (and this is not his first run-in with the law – he has several criminal dockets in York County):  

    Charge                 Grade     Description       Offense Dt.

    1 18 § 2702 §§ A2 F1 Aggravated Assault 10/05/2014

    2 18 § 2702 §§ A2 F1 Aggravated Assault 10/05/2014

    3 18 § 2702 §§ A2 F1 Aggravated Assault 10/05/2014

    4 18 § 2701 §§ A1 M2 Simple Assault 10/05/2014

    5 18 § 5101 M2 Obstruct Admin Law/Other Govt Func 10/05/2014

    6 18 § 5503 §§ A1 S Disorderly Conduct Engage In Fighting                                   10/05/2014

         What is Matthew Reever’s bail amount?  $2,500 cash!  $2,500!  He punched three police officers and as a result is charged with 3 first-degree felonies and his bail is $2,500 cash!  You can bet Matthew Reever is glad he’s white in Lancaster County!  This is an outrage!  This is unbelievable!
    Please check back later today!


    Posted on October 28th, 2014 Becky 7 comments


    Slaymaker & Rosenberry

         Julia Slaymaker and Nathan Rosenberry will be mailed a summons for the charges of Recklessly Endangering Another Person and also for Slaymaker, the charge of possessing a control substance – heroin (see the story immediately below on this site and click here for LNP’s “Police: 2 dump unconscious man suffering heroin overdose by Manheim Twp. road”).
         Unable to find their dockets in the court system, I called the Manheim Township Police this afternoon.  The woman who answered the phone said I needed to speak with District Justice David P. Miller’s office. 
         “They will be mailed a summons,” Kirsten in Miller’s office told me shortly before 2:00 pm today.  She explained that the police came in and filed charges but they are misdemeanors and a hearing date had not been set – and therefore no bail set – and they will be mailed a summons to appear for their preliminary hearings.  Asked about the heroin possession, she said that is also a misdemeanor. 
         She said she had just received the charges yesterday and was working on them and if I called back by the end of the week a hearing date and dockets should be established.  In fact, their dockets appeared online within an hour of my call.
          Both are now scheduled to appear before District Judge Miller on November 26th at 2:30 pm for their preliminary hearings.  At that time bail will be established.  The recklessly endangering is a Misdemeanor – 2 and her drug possession is a Misdemeanor. 
          Rosenberry has multiple previous charges over the past five years including a felony drug charge, receiving stolen property, theft by unlawful taking and several use/possession of drug paraphernalia.
         Apparently none of that was taken into consideration and both of these individuals are free as birds with no bail established until November 26th. 
         Unbelievable!  They left a man for dead!  I will return to my review of District Justice dockets shortly.


    Posted on October 27th, 2014 Becky 14 comments


         The above notice was posted on the Lancaster City Alliance’s Facebook page for the “Chestnut Hill Neighborhood.”  I’ll have some questions for the Police Chief, Mayor and City Council members tomorrow!


    Cordero-Velez & VelazquezAntonio Cordero-Velez (left) and Jay Velazquez

    Slaymaker & Rosenberry

    Nathan Rosenberry & Julia Slaymaker

          There are two major police stories on Lancaster Online today, both by long-time police reporter Ryan Robinson.  The first is one of their top three stories, “Police pull over stop sign violator, arrest 2 on gun charges,” (click here).  They were arrested early Sunday morning (top photo) and LNP already has their mugshots and charges listed.  Their bail amount, each $250,000 cash, is not stated in the article.
         I could not find any prior charges for Velazquez except for a stop sign violation in Berks County this year.  Cordero-Velez is a different story.  He has several criminal dockets and multiple, multiple traffic stops.  In fact, beginning in June of this year, he has been stopped at least once a month – several times most months – for a noise or stop sign violation and then also been charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license each time.
         The other big story is, “Police: 2 dump unconscious man suffering heroin overdose by Manheim Twp. road,” (click here).  Now this occurred on Friday evening and they were arrested shortly afterwards, and yet LNP is not running their mugshots!  And sometimes LNP will go to Facebook for pictures – but they didn’t this time and had they done so, they would have found this October 20th entry by Julia Slaymaker with the caption:
         My man crush today and every day for the rest of my life. This man will forever have my heart #mcm – with Nater Rosenberry.  
         I cannot find their dockets for this arrest (have they been processed?), but Nathan Rosenberry has five previous serious criminal dockets beginning in 2009.  Neither one is currently showing up as being in Lancaster County prison and Nathan or someone took down his Facebook page today. 
         I will come back to this tomorrow to outline the previous criminal records of the two men with prior charges and the bail amounts set for Slaymaker and Rosenberry.
         It sure is nice to be white in Lancaster County!
  • ** UPDATED 10-27-14 – * UPDATED 10-26-14 – FIRE? FIRE? FIRE?

    Posted on October 25th, 2014 Becky 18 comments

     ** 10-27-14     We need to get 60 Minutes involved to uncover and report just what the real politics of Lancaster City looks like. City Council may be very diverse in it’s make-up, but we all know who REALlY runs Lancaster City, and what that power looks like
         This comment in yesterday.  I am leaving this story at the “top” this morning.  It is time for the decent people of Lancaster County to say enough to the racist and unethical Steinman family and their Lancaster Newspaper employees. 

    Please check back later today.


         Who is responsible for the blatant discrimination in hiring at the Lancaster Newspapers?  We can begin with M. Steven Weaver:

    Steve Weaver

    M. Steven Weaver
    Director of Human Resources and Administration at Lancaster Newspapers
    Linkedin (click here).

    The John Frederick Steinman Fellowship Fund Committee
    M. Steven Weaver, Secretary
    8 West King Street
    P.O. Box 1328
    Lancaster, PA 17608-1328
    (click here).

    Steve Weaver – Lancaster Newspaper
    Lancaster City Alliance (click here).

     …M. Steven Weaver, Lancaster Newspapers’ director of human resources and administration, said the company has sought estimates from two construction companies to do the work and is reviewing those amounts.
    From an LNP article (click here).


          A fire alarm went off in 8 West King Street Thursday morning – the offices of the Lancaster Newspapers.  And reporter Chad Umble and editor Cindy Stauffer posted the below photos of the LNP staff in Penn Square.  Stauffer posted a link on her Twitter account to the bottom photo on Instagram with the caption:
          #LNP fire? Staff fills Penn Square
         In the top photo, Umble identified reporter Ryan Mellon intently listening to the police/fire scanner.
         Do you notice anything about the LNP staff filling Penn Square? 



    Posted on October 23rd, 2014 Becky 8 comments



          So by now you know that I write or blog or report or whatever not for Lancaster Newspapers, but LNP.  Which was always the shorthand or nickname for the company anyway, so it’s a pretty good choice in that respect: new, with continuity.
    From Gil Smart’s incredibly stupid latest blog entry, “Digtal is better, except not always,” (click here).
        Why did I go to Smart’s blog?  Why?  I know better and it only gets my blood pressure to rise to levels I’m not sure a doctor can measure.
         Let me sum this up quickly: The newspaper in print form is still viable because Smart’s kids read the Sunday comics and his wife looks through the circulars.
         Yes, that is the brief summation of that long, unreadable piece.  But regretfully, I learned one more thing – Smart puts a little plug in for his latest side gig (shades of Tom Knapp):
         Facebook and Google are ratcheting up revenues via targeted advertising. I get it – I was recently searching for powered speakers for the acoustic duo I’m playing in (Smart & Martin, if you ever see us on the marquee stop in!); so now, every time I go online, I see sidebar ads for… powered speakers.
         Check out that second sentence: It has a dash, parentheses, an exclamation mark, a semi-colon, three dots, several commas and a period!  Wow!  That is just awful!
         But almost lost in all the punctuation marks is “Smart & Martin.”  Heaven help me, I googled it!  Why?  Tell me why?  Yes, if you want to hear the Beatles’ “Tell Me Why” butchered, please click here!  You have been warned! And no one should ever do that to the Everly Brothers, never ever!
         Smart, you better figure out what it is that you do (or whatever) and begin doing it because the phrase “don’t quit your day job” has never had more meaning!
         Tell me why this man even has a day job?  Someone – anyone – please!


    Posted on October 23rd, 2014 Becky 6 comments


    spurs2     Following the robbery in the second block of Howard Avenue, the shotgun and a knit hat – with a San Antonio Spurs logo and a pom pom – were left behind, Marinaro [Defense attorney Michael Marinaro] noted.
         Prosecutors showed the jury photos, from Rodriguez-Santana’s Facebook page, of him wearing the same hat found at the scene.
         However, Marinaro said, there was no DNA or fingerprint evidence to link Rodriguez-Santana to those items.
    From the LNP article, “After 191 days in prison, Lancaster man acquitted of shotgun home-invasion,” (click here).    
         Is Lancaster County a third world country?  Do we have kangaroo courts and idiots for police? 
         There was a serious home invasion using a shotgun but no fingerprints were taken?  The prosecution tried to send this man to jail for years because of a Facebook picture of a mass-produced, knit hat?
         Who is holding the police and the DA’s office accountable?  This is horrific!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 22nd, 2014 Becky 19 comments

    * Working on a project.  LIP News will be back tomorrow morning. 



         Today’s front-page, shared-lead story with an additional large photo of a dog in a muzzle. 

         This is beyond ridiculous.  Whoever is making these front page story decisions is out of touch with reality.  A judge decides an important constitutional case and a mistrial is called by a judge apparently because of a poor translator and 24 dogs are their top story!
         The “new” LNP is making a mockery of journalism and their readers.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 21st, 2014 Becky 2 comments


         This was the response from District Attorney Craig Stedman to the email below, received on September 19th (click here):
    Ms. Holzinger:
         Thank you for your email. As I indicated previously, the city police have jurisdiction over the case. We have a standing offer to assist any department which requests assistance in a homicide case. We offered to assist in this case and many others but we cannot assist and/or take over a case unless we are requested by the municipality with jurisdiction.
    Craig W. Stedman
    District Attorney of Lancaster County
    Phone: 717-299-8100
         An 83-year-old woman was viciously killed in her city home and this is DA Craig Stedman’s response one year later?  Has any other member of the Lancaster media asked Chief Keith Sadler and Mayor Gray why in the world they wouldn’t ask for assistance?  Have they asked for assistance now?  Her killer is still on the loose and Sadler has not kept his promise to arrest him (see the permanent box above).
         And yet, last year when Detective George Bonilla retired from the Lancaster Police Force after failing to solve the murder of business owner Juan Lopez for five years, DA Stedman immediately hired him as one of his detectives and Bonilla took the Lopez file with him!  There will be more on the unsolved Lopez murder tomorrow.


    Stedman1     The Lancaster Police have failed to keep their commitment to the public safety by their failure to arrest the killer of Erma Kaylor among numerous other unsolved murders. It is time for your office to step in and at a minimum, assist the Lancaster Police in solving this murder. You maintain a force of detectives for this purpose and the time has come to utilize them to preserve the public’s safety in Lancaster County.
         Will your office be stepping in to assist the Lancaster Police Department in apprehending the killer of Erma Kaylor?
         Thank you and I look forward to your response.
    Becky Holzinger

         A portion of an email sent to District Attorney Craig Stedman on September 17, 2012 and published on this site (click here). 
    Please click here for today’s LNP article, “COLD CASES: Two local prostitutes strangled in ’90s by same killer?,” and check back later today.


    Posted on October 20th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


    John Kirkpatrick     I have been involved in many redesigns over the years at many places. The reaction to this one has — by far and away — been the best I’ve ever experienced.
          When I read the above sentence LNP President John Kirkpatrick III typed into the live chat this morning, I literally sprayed my computer screen with coffee!  What a bold-faced liar!  There are so many levels of absurdity in his statement that I could spend all day approaching it from so many angles. 
    barbara_hough_roda     But I don’t have time because then Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda typed this:
         Bonnie: I hope you will bear with us. The newspaper is a living, breathing organism that should keep evolving. We are having a great time, and love this community. I hope that shows!
         Oh, for heaven’s sake!  Then everything I own is a living, breathing organism and that’s just ridiculous and downright scary.  “Amos, did you see that newspaper fly across the room and land in the recycle box?”  But I do know the blueberry pie I bought hand-made from a bakery this morning is much closer to being a “living, breathing organism” than the tree pulp you print on.
         And then a commenter asked this:
         Will you start holding local police and politicians accountable soon? LNP historically gives these two groups a free pass time and time again.   
         And Barbara, who has worked at the papers for over 25 years and who was the assistant editor at the Sunday News for several years before her current position, came back with this:
         We believe that is a key role for us. We take it seriously. You will not be disappointed.
         Breaking news!  This just in… holding the police and politicians accountable is a key role of the press!
         We have been disappointed for years, Barbara, because you haven’t done that in decades as the commenter pointed out, and as a result there is so much corruption in the county reporting on it is like taking candy from a baby.  But it has caused intolerable pain and injustice for so, so many.  And add to that the blatant racism practiced and promoted by the Steinman family and your newspaper for years, Barbara, and you do not deserve any more chances.  You are a liar!  You need to go!

    Posted on October 20th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


         Ah, yes!  Another fun morning with John and Barbara!   I imagine opinions will be quite strong today as in “Hate it!”  It is visually unattractive and desperately lacking in content. 
         Did John take his meds?  Will he know where he is?  How many times will Barbara use the words “robust” and “diverse?”  I can’t wait and I’ll be counting!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 18th, 2014 Becky 13 comments


    Jakeem Towles

         Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman, Sheetz’s current employer, declined to comment on the matter today. He said the attorney general has not contacted him or provided him with any of the emails.
    From the LNP article dated October 6th and updated on October 7th titled,”New details emerge about Lancaster men named in pornographic email scandal,” (click here).
         This is why Stedman needs to answer questions, Jeff Conrad!  What, he expected the attorney general to contact him directly?  This was days after the exact nature and content of the emails had been revealed by major news organizations.  This didn’t require a “long  investigation,” Conrad!  It should have taken DA Stedman less than an hour after reading PennLive’s revelations about Sheetz on October 4th to fire him. His above statement to LNP days after the fact is deeply troubling and disturbing.
         Your letter is also extremely concerning on many levels, Conrad, and there will be more on that at a later date. 
         The porn and racist email scandal just exploded further, reaching the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Lancaster County resident, Judge J. Michael Eakin (click here):
         The Philadelphia Daily News reported on Friday that Eakin had received at least three seemingly racist or pornographic messages using a fake name on a Yahoo email account in 2010.
         In a recent ruling not covered by the Lancaster Newspapers but reported by, “Death penalty backed by Supreme Court in midstate rapper’s murder” (click here), Eakin rejected an appeal by Jakeem Towles.  Towles is on death row and it is one of the most egregious cases of racism and corruption in the Lancaster County Courts in years.
         The following comment is posted under the PennLive article:
          I don’t know why the media keeps using this picture. This picture is from the Lancaster County Police Station when the police beat him. I don’t know why you people are being so evil. MY nephew was beaten and was heavily intoxicated when this happened. Where is the fair justice for him? Also Eakin should not be deciding on anyone’s case because he is involved in a scandal at the State Supreme Court looking at racial an pornographic images using a fake Yahoo account. Also he is from Lancaster County. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE THERE?
         There is no justice and there will be much more on this next week.  The picture of Towles used above was taken by his mother recently at the Greene State Prison.
         Finally, to Eric Tittel (see the below stories on this site), who is under Federal detention for alleged cocaine trafficking, according to a family member who witnessed his being charged Thursday evening, a grand jury and wire taps were used in the government’s investigation.  There should be more information available Tuesday and I will report it here.  
         He originally raised the question of “civil forfeiture,” on this site and Right-to-Know requests will be filed with the Manheim Township Police Department and the DA’s office to find out how much money has been collected this way and how the money is being spent.
    LIP News will not publish tomorrow but will be back Monday morning.


    jeff conrad

         Jeff Conrad in a photograph from the Clymer, Musser & Conrad, P.C. website.
          Anyone who knows the legal landscape in Lancaster County knows that Stedman and I don’t always see eye to eye.
    Current defense attorney Jeffrey Conrad in a Letter-to-the-Editor, “Editorial wrong to blame Stedman,” (click here).
         Oh, that is rich!  Hmmm… I wonder what your end game is?  And you are absolutely wrong about Stedman and the email scandal!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on October 17th, 2014 Becky 13 comments


         Over a dozen police, members of the DA’s office and Federal Agents surrounded Eric Tittel’s home in Mountville yesterday morning.  They were told he was not there.  Tittel returned from work about 3:00 pm and his family told him he had to call the police from a business card an officer left.
         Tittel was told there was a federal warrant for his arrest and he had to be at the Federal Building in Harrisburg before 4:30 pm that day.  His family drove him there and he was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine.  They stated he had 280 grams of cocaine in his possession when he was stopped by the Manheim Township Police on Route 222 on September 3rd of this year.
         There is much more involving his passenger, a grand jury and wiretaps and that will come tomorrow. 


         Eric Preston Tittel, featured on this site as a victim of civil forfeiture when the Manheim Township Police stopped him for an alleged tinted window violation on Route 222 and confiscated $5,200.00 in cash on September 3, was arrested by Federal Agents yesterday afternoon. 
         He is currently being housed in the Dauphin County Prison.  A woman who answered the phone there this morning stated she could not tell me his charges because he is a federal inmate and only being held in the prison under a contract to house federal prisoners. 
         She referred me to the U.S. Marshall’s Office in Harrisburg.  A woman there told me they will only release information to his attorney.  I cannot find a Federal Docket for him at this time that outlines the charges.
         His criminal attorney was not available by phone this morning.  As details become available, they will be published here.


    Posted on October 17th, 2014 Becky 4 comments


         Oh, the horror!  LNP is trying to destroy your computer so you have to buy their new print edition!  See the above story from today’s front-page eEdition?  Do you see all lose lines?  There is one in almost every paragraph and they are interactive and take you to scary places!
         Seriously, you would think they would take you to ads, which is dreadful in and of itself, but no, they are taking you to bizarre sites and sometimes, no where!
         Please take this warning seriously and do not click on the interactive links!
         There will be a full investigation later today.


    Posted on October 16th, 2014 Becky 34 comments


    John Kirkpatrick ***All the signs and billboards was genius to make people curious as to what was  that they would make such a huge deal over something so not interesting. Trying to revamp the newspaper that most people would prefer to read online. All that advertisement money could of been spent on something useful. Whoever had this idea should be fired.
    Posted on the Lancaster Online website under the story, “Announcing LNP: A new name, new look, new focus for your newspaper,” (click here).
    Barbara     Of all days, it’s been one of those days but I couldn’t have said it any better than the above poster!  The President, John A. Kirkpatrick III, is out of touch with reality and possibly in a drug induced coma.  Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda just lies and repeatedly uses the word “robust” to sound exciting and act like they actually have news, investigative reporting and are holding public officials accountable!
         How could anyone trust these two?
         I apologize for today’s brevity and there will be much more tomorrow.  

    ** I tried to obtain a comment from attorney Hogan after the sentencing was over.  I have rarely been treated so rudely.  Enough said.
    From a post on this site regarding Shawn Roseboro and his attorney, Tamara Hogan, on October 31, 2010 (click here).
         Well, guess who slapped who in this bizarre LNP story, “Attorney admits that she struck another lawyer in Lancaster city firm,” (click here).
    Gee, who could have seen that coming?  LOL! 

    * Of course, there is a “Live Chat” about the changes on Lancaster Online this morning at 10:00 am with Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and their astonishingly stupid and possibly clinically crazy new President, John A. Kirkpatrick III (click here).



         Well, happy day!  I’ve always known and referred to them as “LNP” (I can’t do the new swoosh-thing with the “N”, though :-( )!  Three initial thoughts from readers in the comments and an email this morning (thank you!):

    —-  Lots more color and pictures, guess that is to address declining literacy rates and non English speaking people.  Price will have to increase as cost of color ink is much higher than black.  My initial impression is that it is now a picture book.  Ads, ads and more ads, very minimal news.  Gonna take me all morning to locate the things I read, glad I’m off today.. 

    —-  Well…it has finally arrived….unfortunately, there are so many advertisements to skip over, it’s tough to find anything worth reading!!!

    —-  Just picked up the much-hyped new newspaper.
            Upon first inspection:

              - The official name of the paper is LNP. “Always Lancaster” is simply a tagline.
            – It has the feel of a small-time college newspaper.
              – Ads are literally on every page.
              – The obituaries were placed in the “Home & Garden” section.
              – The only thing that doesn’t seem out of place is the sports section.

         My overall thoughts on Day 1: “What’s the big deal?” I wasn’t impressed (I don’t  know why I thought I would be); I wasn’t unimpressed either.

    Please check back later today! 


    Posted on October 15th, 2014 Becky 6 comments


    eric tittel                               Neil Harkins

             Eric Tittel                       Manheim Twp. Police Chief Neil Harkins
         I spoke by phone with Manheim Township Police Chief Neil Harkins shortly after 2:00 pm today.  When he learned I was calling about the seizure of Eric Tittel’s $5,200 in cash by his officers on September 3rd, he said, “That’s the subject of an investigation.  I have no comment.”
         When I asked who was conducting the investigation and why, he repeatedly told me that Tittel needs to talk to an attorney and needs legal representation.  I said that would cost Tittel money.  His response was, “That is the proper way to do this.” 
         When pressed, he again said the case is an “active investigation” and it was inappropriate for me to ask him these questions.  He said there should be “news on this shortly” but would not explain further.
         Tittel did see an attorney this morning but an attempt to reach the attorney this afternoon was not successful. 
         The laws regarding “civil forfeiture” are complex and confusing and I am trying to work my way through them.  Remember that Tittel was not cited nor charged with a crime as the result of the car stop.  His car and person were searched with his consent and nothing was found but the $5,200 in cash he was carrying for a specific purpose.  The money was seized and he was told it would not be returned because a police dog later in the day allegedly reacted positively for drugs when it sniffed the money. As noted by commenters to this site, the majority of currency in this country will test positively for “drugs.”
         I did find this from the US Code for Civil Forfeiture – Criminal Forfeiture occurs after you have been convicted of a crime (click here):
         (c) Burden of Proof.— In a suit or action brought under any civil forfeiture statute for the civil forfeiture of any property—
               (1) the burden of proof is on the Government to establish, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the property is subject to forfeiture;
               (2) the Government may use evidence gathered after the filing of a complaint for forfeiture to establish, by a preponderance of the evidence, that property is subject to forfeiture; and
               (3) if the Government’s theory of forfeiture is that the property was used to commit or facilitate the commission of a criminal offense, or was involved in the commission of a criminal offense, the Government shall establish that there was a substantial connection between the property and the offense.
    There will be more tomorrow.