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    Posted on June 10th, 2015 Becky 9 comments



         The following Right-To-Know request was faxed into the City of Lancaster this afternoon:
         Please provide Lancaster Safety Coalition video from every camera in the City of Lancaster for the 24 hour period of Friday, June 5th, 2015.
         There will be much more tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


    Posted on June 9th, 2015 Becky 11 comments

    ** Making phone calls this afternoon. Please check back tomorrow.

    *     On February 18th of 2014, LNP ran the below map of shootings and their proximity to the cameras to accompany an article by “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige (click here and you can click to enlarge the map). There was no follow-up by LNP to ask why the shooters had not been arrested or why the public had not seen video or even a description of the shooters. There was no follow-up whatsoever. But this is as close as the Lancaster Newspapers have ever come in questioning one thing about the cameras.




         “Cameras catch crooks”. Really? Could you please prove that, sir? And $200,000? For that money, I want all those photos presented to the taxpayer in a leather-bound Wedding-style album!
    This comment in yesterday.
         There are 161 surveillance cameras located around the City of Lancaster. If you live on a block with a camera – the “operators” know your every move – when you leave – when you come home – your car and where you park it – where you shop – what you buy – what you eat and drink – who comes to your house – what time you go to bed and what time you wake up in the morning.
         But these cameras, we are told, are for “safety” – for catching crooks and keeping the public safe. So why does the public never see any photos of crooks from these cameras?
         Why hasn’t even a description been given to the public of a man who shot another man in broad daylight in Lancaster Friday afternoon? A shooter who is still on the loose to shoot again?
         After years of questioning the unsolved murders and crimes that are rampant in Lancaster, I picked up the phone and decided to ask the Executive Director of the Lancaster Safety Coalition, Wes Farmer, why. Farmer doesn’t believe he has to answer to anyone even though he receives over $200,000 from taxpayers every year.
         On a recent afternoon, camera operator Doug Winglewich sat at a console and watched several dozen incoming video feeds plus a computer linked to the county 911 dispatcher. The cameras have no audio, so he works in silence.

         Each time police logged a new 911 call, he punched up the camera closest to the address, and pushed a joystick to maneuver in for a closer look.
         A license plate could be read a block away, and a face even farther could be identified. After four years in the job, Winglewich said, he “can pretty much tell right away if someone’s up to no good.”
         He called up another feed and focused on a woman sitting on the curb. “You get to know people’s faces,” he said. “She’s been arrested for prostitution.”
         Moments later, he called police when he spotted a man drinking beer in trouble-prone Farnum Park. Two police officers soon appeared on the screen, and as the camera watched, issued the man a ticket for violating a local ordinance.
         “Lots of times, the police find outstanding warrants and the guy winds up in jail,” said Winglewich, 49, who works from a wheelchair on account of a spinal injury.
         If a camera records a crime in progress, the video is given to police and prosecutors, and may be subpoenaed by defense lawyers in a criminal case. More than 300 tapes were handed over last year, records show.

    The Los Angeles Times from June of 2009, “Lancaster, Pa., keeps a close eye on itself – A vast and growing web of security cameras monitors the city of 55,000, operated by a private group of self-appointed gatekeepers. There’s been surprisingly little outcry,” (click here).

    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on June 8th, 2015 Becky 6 comments

    * Be careful out there. A tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect.

    HE RECEIVES $200,000

    Farmer2        Farmer


        Remember the new name and slogan for the camera operation in Lancaster from the LNP article of May 4th, “‘Catch’ phrase: Lancaster’s surveillance network adopts bold slogan to attract donors,” (click here):
          The slogan: “Because Cameras Catch Crooks.”
         I placed a phone call to the Executive Director, Wes Farmer, this afternoon to ask about Friday’s shooting in the 400 block of South Lime Street right beneath one of their cameras. There has been no arrest. There has been no description of the shooter given to the public and we certainly haven’t seen any camera footage of the shooter who is still on the loose and a danger to the public.
         What Mr. Farmer said to me disproves everything on their website (see above) and the cameras should be shut off immediately! Who the hell does he think he is and what gives him the right to watch your every move?
         His comment to me before he hung up will come tomorrow.

    Posted on June 8th, 2015 Becky 3 comments

     ACTING ON A “TIP?”robbery5

         A Letter to the Editor in today’s print edition. Click here for the article, “78-year-old inmate appeals life sentence — 35 years after killings of Swarr siblings.”
         I remember this case. It was terrible police work. Have the police in Lancaster improved at all since those awful deaths?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 7th, 2015 Becky 15 comments



          All done. I did good. Shed a few tears but I was strong.
         I received this text from Latoya Hunter-Harvey yesterday. She had just been interviewed and filmed for a movie produced by Texas attorney Linda Broocks, a documentary about mothers whose children are on death row. Latoya was chosen as one of five mothers from across the country.
         Her son, Jakeem Towles, is on death row in Greene State Prison near Pittsburgh. He was sentenced in Lancaster on June 11, 2012 following a jury trial for the killing of Cornell Anton Stewart in Columbia on May 7, 2010.
         I attended portions of the trial and met his mother, Latoya, but was not there when the jury returned with death.
         This is going to be the hardest decision of your lives. This is the hardest thing for all of us.
    Part of my heart is gone. I’ve dreaded this day. I’ve dreaded this moment. I don’t know if I’m good enough to do this.
    I wish I could sit down and talk with you. I wish we could have a conversation.
    You have been attentive jurors. The trust we have in you is deserved.

    Defense attorney Patricia Spotts addressing the jurors yesterday afternoon in her closing argument to save Jakeem Towles from the death penalty.
    (Click here.)
         I stayed in touch with her over the years and had an extensive conversation with her about her trips to Pittsburgh to visit Jakeem in prison. She mentioned another son – Thomas Greene – who she said had been sentenced unfairly as the only African-American involved in a crime. I briefly looked him up several years ago but did not research his case thoroughly. And then last year came the good news that Greene had appealed his sentence to the Superior Court and won and would be resentenced shortly. I said I would come.
         I spent the weekend before on the internet looking up his record and the records of everyone else involved in the crime. I made a chart to keep track of it all:

    Name                          Age            Sentence           Judge 

    Kyle Allenworth          17                4-10                Wright 

    Bradley Isaacs            18                5-15                Wright 

    Dylan March                20                5-1/2-20         Knisely 

    Joshua Maldonado      18                8-1/2-20         Reinaker 

    Thomas Greene           17                16-35              Miller 

    (Click here.)

         It was an eye-opening shock yet again to the blatant racism in the Lancaster County justice system.
         And his re-sentencing by Judge Margaret Miller would be a terrible blow to the 20 family and friends who attended and were hoping for “time-served.”
         Through the struggles and the pain, Latoya, has raised two other children –
         Taqoya (pictured below) who graduated from McCaskey last year and Jaqon (pictured in this morning’s post with his mother), her youngest son who also graduated from McCaskey this past Thursday – two days before Latoya was interviewed for the documentary. Latoya wrote, “Through all of our storms, he made it through.”
         There are stories that need to be told. There are terrible injustices that need to be corrected. Rarely does so much happen to one family. Rarely does a mother stay this strong and hopeful through it all.
         Jakeem Towles should not be on death row and Thomas Greene has done his time and should be free. LIP News will stay on these stories until justice is done.



    Please check back later today.



    Posted on June 6th, 2015 Becky 19 comments


         Welcome! We’ve assembled everything you need to make your visit to Lancaster County a success. We’re experts on Lancaster—we’ve been publishing the newspaper here for more than 200 years. So we know where to find the best stuff around here.
          We’ve put it all together for you in a series of easy-to-use lists, relying on our expertise and opinions from people who live here; some even list the favorites of local celebrities like Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray.

    From LNP’s new website (click here).
         This showed up on my Facebook feed this morning:

    visit lancaster1      And it means that LNP has given up any pretense of being a news organization and now is nothing more than an entertainment and tourist promotion machine for their Marriott Hotel and convention center. And they just continue to kiss up to their puppet, Mayor Gray, because they want those millions in CRIZ money!
         Please notice that “court reporter” Brett Hambright does their piece on “Best Dive Bars” (click here and page to the bottom for his “credit”) which is fitting and probably where he spends most of his time while he’s supposed to be in court. And I’m surprised LNP cat and dog reporter Tom (I need a nap) Knapp doesn’t have a piece on the best puppy mills in the county – or maybe it’s coming!
         Please check back tomorrow for an in-depth look at LNP’s three top stories from this morning.


    I survived lunch

         These are the top three stories on Lancaster Online this morning. And they call themselves a newspaper? Seriously? Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda should hang her head in shame. Can you survive another edition of LNP?
    Please check back later today.

  • ** – * HURRY UP, ROBERT!

    Posted on June 5th, 2015 Becky 13 comments

    **     A portion of the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition camera map showing a camera at today’s shooting location (the blue arrow indicating the intersection of Howard Avenue and S. Lime Street was inserted by LIP News).
         Click here for LNP’s coverage.

    Howard & Lime

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***  From the Lancaster City Police Department Facebook page at 3:00 pm: 

    Shooting 6-5


    6) The state sponsored CRIZ program is one of the dumbest follies ever to be perpetrated on the public, amounting to turning over decades of tax revenue that would be earned from future improvements to current private interests for their enrichment. We will discuss the craziness of the CRIZ program in a future series that will take a couple months to have professionally authenticated.
    Robert Field,, “Lancaster does not lack for adequate housing now or in the future, just leadership at all levels PART TWO,” (click here).
         Well said, Robert! But you need to speed up your series! Penn Square Partners (LNP and High Industries) will be putting in their application for millions any day now.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 4th, 2015 Becky 15 comments

     MARTIN & STEDMAN!Harper

         LNP police Reporter Ryan Robinson rewrote yet another Lancaster City police press release today about – gasp! – a four hour prostitution sting!  There will be more on that tomorrow.
    harper5     And also today, LNP reports that Ron Harper, Jr. went after Commissioner Scott Martin alleging that his sister, Katie West, received special treatment while in Lancaster County Prison (click here for the article and video and see the above email Harper obtained).
         Harper also alleges that she got special treatment by the DA’s office when she was not criminally charged in a deadly accident while she was high on heroin. And there have been developments in a lawsuit that LNP has never printed one word about that she filed against the truck driver she hit and his company and their countersuit against her (click here).
         Why hasn’t LNP printed one word about the lawsuit? Because they cover-up and protect Commissioner Martin and DA Craig Stedman time and time again – and they did it again today. It is unethical and disgusting! There will be much more tomorrow.


         LNP “police reporter” Jennifer Todd rewrites a police press release and uses their photos in this morning’s top story online, “2 K-9s added to Lancaster city police force; Meet Axel and Wodan,” (click here for her “article” and here for the release on the police’s Facebook page). 
         LNP could hire a tenth grader to rewrite these police press releases!
         In the meantime, on May 20th, I called out LNP reporter Brett Hambright for his sloppy and incorrect reporting yet again (click here):

            Hambright then updated his story but LNP didn’t even bother to change the headline to reflect the correction (click here):

          It is now June 4th and we still don’t know which Lancaster City Police Officer shot Kenneth L. White and we still don’t have the results of the investigation from District Attorney Craig Stedman three months later!
         This is an absolute disgrace! Run this company out of town and get a real news organization in Lancaster!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2015 Becky 10 comments


         “It’s just a statement that we got to do something in a serious way to reduce gun violence,” Gray said.
    From the bizarre LNP story, “People wear orange for 1st National Gun Violence Awareness Day, ” (click here). 
         If you want to do something serious to reduce gun violence, Mayor Gray, then have your police force make arrests in the 10 shootings in the city in March!
         This is simply unbelievable and LNP ran the story in this morning’s print edition on page A-3 a day after the fact (see the below headline)! What is wrong with them?
    orange bow tie
         Frankly, I like this version from the People of Lancaster (POL) much better (click here):
    Frank Lee
         What a hoot! But, POL, could you please do something about those dreadful ads running below every “article.” I don’t know if they’re supposed to be a joke or if they are for real, but they are disgusting and keep me from going to your website.
         They are almost as awful as this one running constantly on Lancaster Online:
    Lift saggy skin
         There will be more on these ads, including the ones for the NRA on Lancaster Online’s website, at a later date.

    Posted on June 3rd, 2015 Becky 11 comments





         LNP reporter Tom Knapp yesterday in his day-long Facebook cry fest about my site!    
         Well, of course, I broke the story! The Knappster even linked to the original LIP News yesterday and this “Family Letter” from 2003 from the incest series (click here). What a classless piece of crap he is! But he should have noticed the motto on the old site:
         We find the news within the news!
          As to “who asked whom,” I have my absolute doubts about that, as any sane woman would have dumped his arrogant, conceited, overweight, unkempt and untalented big butt in a minute. But good luck with the divorce and all, Tom. I’m sure a judge will appreciate all the details you’re putting on your public, newspaper required social media page – not!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 2nd, 2015 Becky 20 comments



         Posted on LNP reporter Tom Knapp’s Facebook page on a post bashing me today by one of Lancaster Online’s most prolific commenters.
         Out of control?  Domestic violence is out of control! You even have a recent post about domestic violence on your own Facebook page! Rosaura Torres-Sadler and her book were featured in the Philadelphia Daily News last year. I expect to see her on the Dr. Phil show in the near future.
         The only reason the people in Lancaster County don’t know about her allegations – in a book available everywhere – about Police Chief Keith Sadler is because LNP has refused to address it. Why? Because Mayor Gray hired him and backs him and Gray supports LNP’s convention center. That is LNP’s reason – money and control! It is unconscionable!
        And you are totally out of control if you think it’s in any way acceptable that Lancaster’s Police Chief has never had to answer allegations that he beat his ex-wife for years! Unbelievable!
    There will be more tomorrow including why Tom Knapp really is totally out of control!



         Glines [YDR Publisher Sara Glines] said readers can continue to expect the same high level of journalism they have come to know.
         “One of the reasons we got purchased by Gannett is that we’re doing a great job,” she told staffers.
    YDR, “Gannett acquires York Daily Record, other central Pa. newspapers,” (click here).
         Have you seen the above ad running on Lancaster Online’s website? I think LNP reporters Tom Knapp, Dan Nephin and every police and  court reporter should click on it – because if they ever have any competition of any kind – they will be toast in a minute flat. Burned toast! Black as night toast! Toasted to a crisp!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 1st, 2015 Becky 9 comments



         The York Daily Record (YDR), the Lebanon Daily News and the Hanover Sun were sold to Gannett today (click here). In the photo is YDR Publisher Sara Glines, the wife of LNP President John Kirkpatrick III. What changes will be coming? Will Gannett maintain a print edition of the papers? Will Glines keep her job?


         “Slow news day?” the only commenter asked under LNP reporter Dan Nephin’s ridiculous article, “It’s easy to hit the target when it’s not shooting,” (click here). No, that would be a “No news day!”
         How low will LNP go? Get ready for their CRIZ application where they will be shooting for millions more of your tax dollars so they can make even more money on their Marriott Hotel! Oh, they are aiming low, alright!
    Please check back later today!



    Posted on May 31st, 2015 Becky 9 comments


         Gee Wiz. Let’s say the next class is swarming with “reporters” from LANP. Suppose someone in the class asks about the Chief’s domestic abuse. Real reporters on a real newspaper and the chief would have some ‘splainin’ to do. But fortunately for those in power who champion the Con, they have nothing to fear from any Peggy owned paper.
    This comment just in.
         Yes, real reporters for a real newspaper would grill the chief, not only about the alleged domestic violence which should have ended his career years ago, but all of the unsolved murders, all of the lawsuits against his police department, the force’s failure to utilize the Lancaster Safety Coalition Cameras, the chief’s failure to diversity the force and the recent white hires from York and Dauphin Counties and the most recent from the City of Baltimore, the multiple, multiple unsolved shootings and his recent failure to name the officers involved in the deadly shooting of none other than a domestic violence suspect, to name a few.
         But as the commenter notes, anyone who supports LNP’s con center can be assured they will get nothing but good press from LNP. Simply unbelievable!
          My time has been limited for the last month and will continue to be so for the next two weeks or so. I appreciate your patience and will come back to all of the above topics at a later date.



         Today’s front page story is titled “Lancaster’s revived citizens police academy offers behind-the-badge insight” (click here), and it has the below graphic online. Of course, Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife, Rosaura Torres-Sadler, has written a book “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge” in which she alleges he beat her for years (top photo).

    Behind the Badge Please check back later today!


    Posted on May 30th, 2015 Becky 13 comments
    ** Regarding Knapp’s comment: wouldn’t it be great if the writers and “investigators” grew some balls and/or ovaries and were as confrontational with bullshit artists like Stedman?
    This excellent comment just in!
         Let me add Mayor Gray, Police Chief Sadler, Rep. Joe Pitts, Rep. Bryan Cutler, the Lancaster County Judges, Commissioner Scott Martin, Sen. Smucker among a few others to add to the list! Oh, and what about LNP owner Beverly (Peggy Big Hair) Steinman who bankrolls all of them?
    * BREAKING NEWS – The Knappster strikes again!
         LNP cat and dog reporter, Tom (I need a nap) Knapp, strikes again under the article, “LNP staffers win 16 awards in statewide journalism competitions,” (click here).
         Wow! As I’ve said before, LNP needs to keep a close eye and put a lid on this loser. What a nut case! Is he in touch with reality?


    prom1     Oh, no! What will LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda do now? What will we all do? Do you suppose LNP will actually decide to cover the news? Where are those police officers’ names?
    Please check back later today!


    Posted on May 29th, 2015 Becky 8 comments


    what about sue

         Today, LNP tells about their Keystone Award winners (click here). I, of course, reported it on March 20th (click here) and you can again read the full list of winners here. I wonder if it took LNP two months to boast about this as they were waiting for Susan Baldrige’s name to be added which it has been
    I thought it would be an appropriate time to run one of my favorite pieces from shortly after this site began in September of 2004 (click here for the original). David Hennigan was the editor of the Sunday News then and he ran a weekly column called “Coffee with Clyde.” After graciously referring him to Dr. Fraud, I thought it was Smart’s turn to go (and he did write about a gay hooker – really)!



    “Hello, Dr. Fraud.  I’m Becky Holzinger, investigative reporter for LIP News.”
    “I never heard of it. How many readers do you have?”
    “We don’t have any readers.”
    “This sounds familiar. Have we met before?”
    “I don’t think so. Do you have coffee?”
    “Oh my. Oh my, oh my.”
    “Whatever is wrong, Dr. Fraud?”
    “I have a new client. He drinks all my coffee.   I think he might be stealing it, too.”
    “I’m sorry to hear that.”
    “It’s a very difficult case. He says he has a large rabbit for a friend.”
    “Well, isn’t that nice.”
    “No, I mean a really large rabbit. He drinks coffee too.”
    “The rabbit drinks coffee?”
    “So my patient says. The cup is always empty. It’s a very difficult case. Would you like some tea?”
    “I’d really prefer coffee.”
    “Fine, since it’s your first visit. Do you take milk and sugar?”
    “Yes, please. All that you have.”
    “Aha! You take me for a fool. I thought you looked familiar. You’re the one who referred that nut job. It’s a very difficult case. The most difficult I’ve had in my nine months of practice.”
    “Really, Dr. Fraud. You’ve said that several times already. I thought you said medication would help.”
    “Oh, I think he’s already quite medicated. I offered him drugs but he said he had plenty. I mean the man has a rabbit as a friend. I even offered to give the rabbit drugs. I see rabbits in my sleep you know?”
    “Well that’s all very interesting but I’m here for a different reason today.”
    “Drugs. You decided you want some drugs?”
    “No, thank you. I’m here about a man who is a bad newspaper columnist by day and a bad gay hooker by night.”
    “Is there something unusual about that?”
    “Well, he tries to keep the gay hooker thing a secret. He’s married after all.”
    “Ah, an older man?” Dr. Fraud asked.
    “No.   He has a young son. Actually he works at the same newspaper as your very difficult case.”
    “Dear God! What is this world coming to? Another one from the same paper. Dreadful.”
    “What’s dreadful, Dr. Fraud?”
    “I think I know who you mean. I’ve read his writing. He’s pompous, overbearing and inarticulate. He’s an awful writer, indeed.”
    “Yes, that would be Smart.”
    “So, you want me to see if I can help him with his writing?”
    “Well, no. I was thinking you could work on the whole secret, bad, gay hooker thing.”
    “Well, I think first things should come first.  What about the public who has to read his crap?  I was a bit of a writer in college you know.  I covered the Fraud Club. I might be able to help.”
    “Well, if that’s where you think you should start. Excellent coffee by the way.”
    “Does this Smart fellow drink coffee?”
    “No, I think he drinks beer.”
    “Excellent. Does he have any rabbit friends?”
    “I don’t think so.”
    “He probably does. Did I tell you that I see rabbits in my sleep? It’s a very difficult case.”
    “Now, Dr. Fraud. I think you need to pull yourself together. After all, you are a distinguished psychiatrist.”
    “Well, yes I am. Did I tell you that I got my degree over the internet?”
    “Yes, you did. After you address the bad writing thing I hope you’ll deal with the whole secret gay hooker thing.”
    “Of course. I’ll get the real low-down on him. Ha. Ha. I made a joke. Did you get it?”
    “It was hard to miss, Dr. Fraud. I’ll send him over to see you.”
    “I’ll sharpen my pencil. Another joke. I’m in good form today.”
    “Very funny, Dr. Fraud.”
    “Did I tell you that I count rabbits to get to sleep?”
    “I have to run, Dr. Fraud. I’ll be back to see how the two of you make out. Did you catch my joke?”
    “It was hard to miss. Don’t be in a rush to come back.”


    Posted on May 29th, 2015 Becky 5 comments

    * BREAKING NEWS – Just tweeted by LNP Sports Editor Chris Otto! Good to know! Did Peggy cut the “ribbon?”ribbon cutting


         Pete Booker, president and CEO of Delmarva Broadcasting Company, says the event will help “to establish Steinman Communications as the premier media and entertainment organization in our region.”
    From the story by LNP reporter, Tom (I need a nap) Knapp, “Live on Vine: Inaugural music festival turns former production lot into a summer block party,” (click here).
    Tom Knapp     LNP needs to focus on news! Why doesn’t LNP owner Beverly (Peggy Big Hair) Steinman just announce that she runs Lancaster County and owns Mayor Gray, Police Chief Sadler, DA Stedman and the three County Commissioners and be done with it? And what a good little PR man the Knappster has become – he doesn’t even try to be a reporter anymore!
    Krasne & Steinman
         And this photo of Steinman and her main henchman, Robert Krasne, also appeared on LNP’s “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige’s twitter feed.  
    Sponsors? I thought you just bought an expensive ticket? Oh, and who is Baldrige’s husband? Hmmm…this gets even more unethical every single day!
    NRA lawsuit5
         Uh, oh, Mayor Gray and city council – (click here for Prince’s Blog)! Where’s LNP city hall reporter Dan Nephin to tell us how much the city has spent defending this lawsuit? And when is Judge Joseph Madenspacher, Mayor Gray’s long time best friend, going to make a ruling in the case? Will he do the Mayor a huge favor before his mandatory retirement? Or does Madenspacher, for once, know better and will he follow the law?
    Reinaker     And speaking of Judges, where is new President Judge Dennis Reinaker’s plan to diversify the all white courthouse – click here for “5 changes for court: Lancaster County’s new President Judge unveils his plan?” Didn’t LNP court reporter Brett Hambright get the memo? LNP wants millions in CRIZ money so for the first time in 60 plus years, they are going to pretend to care about equality and racial justice! Someone give Hambright and Reinaker the memo now!
    Please check back later today.
  • * LEGENDS?

    Posted on May 28th, 2015 Becky 9 comments

    * Personal items to attend to this afternoon – LIP News will return tomorrow morning.


    rickspin     But the proposal may not meet some conditions in the provision, and an emailed statement from the mayor’s office this week said the city does not have the authority to establish such a ban and cannot adopt an ordinance that is preempted by state law.
    From the LNP article, “Anti-GMO camp has Lancaster city council in crosshairs,” (click here).
         Isn’t Mayor Dick a hoot! He wants to be a legend in his own time! How’s that NRA lawsuit coming, Dick? You know, the one about you and the city council adopting an ordinance that is preempted by state law?
    John Legend
         LNP “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige (left), LNP Chairman of the Board Robert Krasne and LNP owner Beverly (Peggy) Steinman at last night’s Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry dinner featuring John Legend.  What is totally wrong with this picture? They are the antithesis of “Glory!”
    Please check back later today.   


    Posted on May 27th, 2015 Becky 9 comments

    THE NIZ & THE CRIZ! – 2

    *     To help Robert Field out, I should have printed the entire voicemail Randy Patterson left me on May 12th – I printed a portion of it that day – click here. The full message he left was:
         Becky, this is Randy Patterson returning your phone call.
         Penn Square Partners has not yet filed an application for CRIZ financial assistance for the Marriott Hotel Tower.
         At the present time I don’t have any expected date for that application. I do know they are preparing it, but as I said, I don’t have an expected date for submission.
         So, at this month’s board meeting, if the CRIZ Authority Board does in fact meet on May 26th, there will not be any projects which would be reviewed and approved.
          Projects must first be reviewed by the Project Review Committee which meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and there are no applications in front of the Project Review Committee at this time.
          If you have any other questions, please give me a call – 291-4760.
         I will stay in contact with Patterson regarding the application from Penn Square Partners and hopefully Field and many others will attend those meetings!
         I briefly ran an article regarding the Allentown NIZ and the Lancaster CRIZ on May 17th (click here), but that was quickly overshadowed by the outrageous James (Jamie) Haines running to be a District Judge.  I want to post two excellent comments that came in under that article about the NIZ and the CRIZ:
         These articles are just scary, not that I understand much of it! It appears that the only businesses to benefit from the CRIZ are LNP, con center (High), and Hotel Lancaster. The small business owners are being made to jump through near impossible hoops to secure the funds of which they will not benefit in any way, shape or form. This seems to be a huge scam perpetrated by the beneficiaries for their benefit only. I saw a comment on LOL telling businesses to get out of CRIZ area. I agree, run fast and far.
        The CRIZ bill was touted as something Smucker wrote for the business people. When it was passed it sounded like our mayor had a very hand in it. Now it appears that it has been “borrowed” (as most things in Lancaster are) from Allentown, a few words changed to make it appear authentic and unique from Smucker and, voila, all this money to appear with no other reason than to save the con center and make a very few people very much richer. Shame on you people. Shame on us citizens for allowing this, and pity on us in another few years.
    Coming tomorrow – more on LNP and the release of Lancaster police officers’ names. 


    Robert Field

    Robert Field    
         We aren’t surprised that Patterson has screwed up on the small things as he does on the big.
         But we wonder how we can get back our nine quarters.
    Robert Field of, “Randy Patterson bungles again!” (click here).
         Oh, Robert, the games LNP and the city are playing with the CRIZ!  Always call first, Robert! And believe me, this is not a “small thing!” There will be much more later today.
    Stedman & Sadler
          And remember when LNP tried to be a real news organization and called for the release of the officers’ names in the shooting death of Anthony Gomez, Jr. – click here for “Puzzling explanation for delay in releasing police officers’ names?”
         Well Field gives us this excellent reason (click here): 
         When an agent of the government kills someone, no matter how justified, it amounts to an arrest, indictment, trial, conviction and execution. If government can withhold vital information about an execution of a member of the public, then the most basic rights and protections of our citizenry are in serious danger. At that point the government, rather than our protector, becomes our threat.
          But Field is so out of touch, he ends with this:
         Three cheers for LNP. As for Stedman, whom we have not had cause to criticize in past memory, he needs to go back to school.
         Ah, Robert, where are their names? So you were played by LNP, yet again?  And as for Stedman, you really should read this site, Robert! Stedman does “favors” for his friends and the rich and powerful all the time!
    There will be more later today.

    Posted on May 26th, 2015 Becky 13 comments

    ** LNP finally has the story up! Click here for, “Lancaster police arrest 3 in connection to armed robbery.”

    * Brian Allen Courtney from “Crime Watch” (click here).



    Isabel Raine Jungclaus        O''Keeffe

    Isabel Raine Jungclaus in a “selfie” from her Facebook page and Denis O’Keeffe III with Jungclaus in a photo from his Facebook page.
         As noted here yesterday, three people were arraigned Monday morning for armed robbery. They are: Armed Robbery1
          LNP has not updated their story since Sunday night and has not published their names and charges (click here): Armed Robbery
         Both Jungclaus and O’Keeffe worked for the Fulton Theater and both have connections to the wealthy, powerful and elite in Lancaster!
    Please see the story immediately below and check back later today.
  • *** – ** – * MAYOR GRAY WOULDN’T LIKE IT?

    Posted on May 25th, 2015 Becky 22 comments

    *** Dennis O’Keeffe states on his Facebook page that he is employed in sales at the Fulton Theater and is in a relationship with Jungclaus. O''Keeffe

    ** According to her Facebook page, Jungclaus is employed by the Fulton Theater.

    Isabel Raine Jungclaus

    *    Two men and a woman had their preliminary arraignments this morning before District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle on armed robbery charges: Isabel Raine Jungclaus, Brian Allen Courtney and Denis Joseph O’Keefe III. All three are charged with a first degree felony for Robbery and a first degree felony for Conspiracy to commit Robbery. The three are in Lancaster County prison in lieu of $30,000 cash bail each according to their dockets.
         Click here for LNP’s bizarre story, “Lancaster police investigate armed robbery,”


         This most excellent comment in from Frank Lee yesterday:
         Top Ten Reasons Brett Hambright Doesn’t Write About The 16 Unsolved Homicides Under Mayor Gray:
    10. The mayor wouldn’t like that
    9. They happened so long ago-get over it
    8. Victims have no relatives that could benefit Craig Steadman
    7. Angry editor might take away press pass to Barnstormer games
    6. Doesn’t want to upstage Gil Smart or Tom Knapp
    5. You mean like a real newspaper?
    4. Co-workers got tired of him asking; how do you pronounce this 
    3. Who can think with all the noise from bricks being laid at Central
    2. Could jeopardize his chance to be in next City Authentic commercial.
    1. IT’S PROM SEASON!!!
         It’s going to be a busy week. Have a great Memorial Day and please check back tomorrow.

    Posted on May 24th, 2015 Becky 13 comments

    Mike Winters    In a series of interviews with different officers, Blankenship maintained he didn’t fatally stab the man, according to testimony.
         Detective Lt. Mike Winters said, after about 13 hours of previous interviews, he confronted Blankenship with physical evidence he found inside the apartment.
    From the LNP story by Brett Hambright, “Police say bloody fingerprint on bleach linked Lancaster man to roommate’s “horrific” killing,” (click here).
         Winters didn’t get a confession from Blankenship,  Hambright! And Winters is the detective who can’t solve the murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor in her home! Would someone hold these police accountable instead of writing about murders from over 50 years ago?



           LNP took a ridiculous story that has been on their website since Friday, written by their very questionable court reporter, Brett Hambright, and put it on the front page of today’s Sunday News (click here). Who is making the editorial decisions at this joke of a paper? 
         And I’ll ask again, as I did on Friday when the story first went online: Why doesn’t he write about the sixteen unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray? They are: 

    1. Keenan W. Dudley – 3-10-2006
    2. Daniel V. Hollman – 10-17-2006
    3. Baby Mary Anne – 9-27-2007
    4. Juan Lopez – 12-5-2007
    5. Juan Marquez – 3-16-2008
    6. Samuel E. Bair – 8-26-2008
    7. Hector Ortiz Fuentes – 8-11-2009
    8. Sandy Reyes-Mateo – 11-21-2009
    9. Michael B. Evans – 12-19-2009
    10. Timothy J. Frei – 11-1-2010
    11. Olga Sanchez-Reyes – 12-6-2010
    12. Spencer Houston – 5-19-2011
    13. Brandon Lamar Seals – 7-13-2011
    14. Erma Kaylor – 5-16-2012
    15. Allan Wayne Hess – 1-7-2013
    16. Titus Eugene Gant – 6-12-2013 

    Please check back later today. 


    Posted on May 23rd, 2015 Becky 9 comments

    GET TO WORK, JENN! Jenn Todd

         LNP “police reporter” Jennifer Todd refers to herself as a “crime reporter” on her Twitter account. Isn’t that special? (Oh, and her last name is really Fulginiti now that she is married).
         But she has a lot of work to do, don’t you think? There were shots fired on Coral Street last night and no one has been arrested in last week’s shooting – click here for Todd’s, “Man wounded in city shooting.” And there were the 10 shootings in March. And there are sixteen unsolved murders under Mayor Gray. Maybe it’s time to lay off the margaritas and do some work!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on May 22nd, 2015 Becky 5 comments

    16 KILLERS! 

         What is the point of Brett Hambright’s ridiculous LNP piece today, “Killer confessions: Why did 8 Lancaster County men admit to murder?” (click here)?  Why doesn’t he write about the sixteen unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray? They are: 

    1. Keenan W. Dudley – 3-10-2006
    2. Daniel V. Hollman – 10-17-2006
    3. Baby Mary Anne – 9-27-2007
    4. Juan Lopez – 12-5-2007
    5. Juan Marquez – 3-16-2008
    6. Samuel E. Bair – 8-26-2008
    7. Hector Ortiz Fuentes – 8-11-2009
    8. Sandy Reyes-Mateo – 11-21-2009
    9. Michael B. Evans – 12-19-2009
    10. Timothy J. Frei – 11-1-2010
    11. Olga Sanchez-Reyes – 12-6-2010
    12. Spencer Houston – 5-19-2011
    13. Brandon Lamar Seals – 7-13-2011
    14. Erma Kaylor – 5-16-2012
    15. Allan Wayne Hess – 1-7-2013
    16. Titus Eugene Gant – 6-12-2013 


    Gil Smart8

         The front page of today’s LNP print edition (click here to read the article). 

    smart-one     LNP brings out “investigative reporter” Gil Smart to tell us why the police are not releasing the names of the wounded officer or the officer who shot and killed Anthony Gomez, Jr. on Tuesday.
         Is this a joke? Smart should be demanding their names. The public has a right and a need to know. Smart doesn’t have a clue what being a journalist means let alone an investigative one! What an absolute disgrace by everyone at LNP and especially Smart!
         Investigative journalists (often referred to as Muckrackers, a term coined during the election campaign for Theodore Roosevelt) have a long-standing tradition in the United States of holding those in power accountable.  Whether investigating the wrongful conviction of a death-row inmate, or exposing a financial giant for misuse of investors’ funds, investigative journalism is critical for the upholding of a true and just democracy.
    From, “Investigative Journalist,” (click here).
         Go back to school, Smart – or better yet – find a new career!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on May 21st, 2015 Becky 13 comments


          The woman who answers the phone in Judge Dennis Reinaker’s chambers said today by phone that the Judge was in a meeting and not available but she “believes” there is a mandatory time for Brandon Bleecher to spend in state prison before he is eligible for boot camp. “I was there,” she said of his sentencing.
         But she could not tell me what that mandatory time is and it is not on his docket so she referred me to the Clerk of Courts office and also advised I could contact the prosecutor in the case, Todd Brown or Bleecher’s defense attorney, Cory J. Miller for the information!
         I called the Clerk of Courts office and the woman who answered and listened to my question transferred me to the clerk who does the “SCI [State Correctional Institution] commitments.” That clerk said she had processed his paperwork last week and also immediately said, “He is eligible for boot camp.”
         When asked how long or if he was required to spend time in state prison prior to boot camp, she said I should call the Camp Hill prison where all male prisoners are first sent to determine at which state facility they will serve their sentence. I called Camp Hill and they told me that until the prisoner actually arrives, they do not have access to the information and to try again after he arrives at Camp Hill. As noted this morning, Bleecher is still showing up as an inmate in Lancaster County Prison.
         I also left a message for ADA Brown. This is absurd. Is there a mandatory time Bleecher has to spend in state prison or not? Does anyone know? I will follow-up tomorrow.


    Bleecher7     Why is Brandon Bleecher still in the Lancaster County Prison? He was sentenced on May 8th! Click here for LNP reporter Brett Hambright’s article, “Hit-and-run driver jailed at least 5 years for crash that killed well-known walker.” Bleecher10

    Please check back later today. 


    Posted on May 20th, 2015 Becky 10 comments


         Laney [attorney Christine Pfau Laney] said that if Lancaster County is to really address the issue of domestic violence, the team needs a prominent community leader with clout, someone who will champion the cause.
         We challenge our local elected officials, and leaders in the business and legal community,  to step up and fill this role.
         Claim the mantle. Make it clear that domestic violence is a serious issue here, and, as a community, we intend to combat it on every front.
         … As a community, we should make addressing domestic violence a priority. It is our business. And it should be the business — the urgent business — of this community’s leaders.
    From an LNP editorial earlier this month, “On abuser Floyd Mayweather and the need for a champion to take on domestic violence here,’ (click here). 
         What absolute hypocrites! How about “community leaders” like alleged wife abuser Police Chief Keith Sadler and the boss who hired and keeps him in command, Mayor Gray?  Do you think they should step forward and declare domestic violence an urgent priority? This is unbelievable and utterly disgusting!

    Hambright111     And here is yet another sloppy piece of reporting by LNP and Brett Hambright. The headline suggests the person shot by the police had to be armed – but Hambright’s opening sentence is this (click here):
         Tuesday’s police-involved shooting on East Chestnut Street marked the ninth time since 2008 that a Lancaster County cop opened fire and wounded a suspect.
          The most recent police-involved shooting – where it has never been stated the suspect was armed – is completely missing from  Hambright’s article – Kenneth L. White shot on February 11th of this year – click here for “Lancaster city police identify man shot after allegedly fleeing, resisting arrest.”
         LNP has never followed up on this story. We don’t know which Lancaster city police officer shot him – and we absolutely should – and we don’t know if DA Craig Stedman has ruled it justified or not. Well, we all know Stedman will find it justified but it has never been officially announced.
         The terrible reporting and follow-up by Hambright and LNP on the police and the courts just continues to roll right along. It is disgraceful!

    * LNP reporter Dan Nephin wrote an incredibly stupid article, “6 Lancaster County police officers shot since 2000,” and features former East Earl Township police Officer Greg Yarbrough (click here). This is one of Ron Harper, Jr’s best videos of all time about Yarbrough.


    Stedman, Sadler, Gray & Switzer

          Yesterday’s press conference regarding the officer who was shot and the suspect killed.

         It turns out that a domestic violence incident on Monday precipitated this whole horrific event.  And we have Police Chief Keith Sadler standing there whose ex-wife, Rosaura Torres-Sadler, has written a book – “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge” – that alleges he beat her for years. And to the far left we have Mayor Gray who hired the chief and maintains him despite the abuse allegations and Sadler’s absolutely dreadful performance on the job.
         And to the far right we have Captain of Detective Kent Switzer who has failed to solve 16 murders in the last 10 years under Mayor Gray despite Sadler telling me that the detectives work on them every single day.
         And at the microphone, we have District Attorney Craig Stedman who is guilty of judicial misconduct with his blatant preferential treatment of his political allies – G. Scott Davis, Representative Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, and Katie West, Commissioner Scott Martin’s sister.
         And the Lancaster Newspapers have not told the public a word about any of this. Why? Sheer greed!
         Welcome to Lancaster!
    Please check back later today.