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    Posted on June 25th, 2016 Becky 7 comments

     **    Savilla Stoltzfus’ lawyers last week asked a judge to reduce her $1 million bail.
    This sentence is from the Philadelphia Inquirer article, “Girls taken from Bucks house say they were not abused” (click here), and also the topic of my email to the reporter, Justine McDaniel, that is reprinted below.
         For over a week, all the major news organizations have been throwing out that her bail (including the other two as well) is $1 million. Not once have they mentioned the crucial fact that it is actually 10% of 1 million!
         One more time – this is not correct and gives the public the completely wrong idea of how much money she needs to get out of jail on bail!
         I posted this on the Inquirer’s Facebook page under the story:
    Stoltzfus3      This is unbelievable!

       *  No, Justine McDaniel of the Philadelphia Inquirer – your sentence is NOT correct! Our email exchange is below.



    Corny Mayor

         Mayor Gray appropriately went straight for the corn at yesterday’s Celebrate Lancaster event! His wife, Gail, took a more modest approach to the food!

  • *** – ** – * POLITE DESERVES BETTER!

    Posted on June 24th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


    ***  Savilla Stoltzfus is jailed on $1 million bail after a Bucks County judge refused her lawyers’ request for a bail reduction Friday. The judge set a July 14 bail hearing.
    From the Associated Press article on Lancaster Online, “Judge denies lower bail for woman accused of ‘gifting’ teen,” (click here).
         This is unbelievable! The AP is wrong! Such incredible sloppiness! It is on their dockets!
          PennLive finally got it correct yesterday (I sent them an email) – click here:
         All 3 adults remain confined to Bucks County Jail on 10 percent of $1 million bail.
         The amount Savilla Stoltzfus currently needs to get out of jail is $100,000!


    marv - scam artist **   Marvelous Marv lives! I took today’s LNP news quiz and a face in a picture caught my eye! I went to the article and there was former Sunday News Editor Marv Adams (click here for, “Boehm’s Chapel will celebrate 225 years of service June 24-26”)!
         Marv, as it turns out, is the President of the Boehm’s Chapel Society – and he is not 225-years-old – and he looks and “sounds” unchanged. His, um, “dry wit” is evident in the article. Oh, my:
          In the 1970s and 80s, Adams says, there were rumors that the chapel was haunted. He then segued to stories about some less-than-welcoming neighbors.

         “One rode his horse into the chapel,” Adams says. “Then there was a man in the balcony chewing tobacco who used the bald heads of men sitting below him for target practice.”
         That is the Marvelous Marv we knew! Yes, he can segue!


    *    I’m surprised Nephin didn’t jump on this story. If you want to know what’s going on in the city, go to the “Lancaster’s Chestnut Hill Neighbors” Facebook page.
         This was posted:
          We try to be good neighbors in this city and we love being here. We go up and down the block with bags picking up trash regularly. We sweep the sidewalk and up and down the street all the time and pick up after some who don’t seem to care. We plant flowers in front and keep our porch clean and tidy. We greet our neighbors and hold regular gatherings to bring people together and try to create an environment for a better community and world. So I was just a bit upset to receive a $25 citation in the mail for a few weeds coming out of the bottom of the tree in front of our home that we overlooked. No friendly warning. Just a ticket. That doesn’t seem very neighborly at all…
        Most of the neighbors said she should fight the ticket. And then Patrick Hopkins, the city’s business administrator, came on and there was this interesting exchange:


          But the properties that would have made up the park’s area amounted to a little under an acre, or about the size of a football field excluding the end zones.
    From today’s story by LNP reporter Dan Nephin, “Initial location scrapped for park honoring Nelson Polite; other park to carry name,” (click here).


         This “article” and headline are junk. Pure junk. It makes no sense – explains nothing – and where did Nephin get the tidbit about the end zones?

           He likes the word “tweaked” though! Read this absolute crap:
         So the city took the residents’ concerns under advisement and are tweaking plans, she said.
         Katzenmoyer and Pat Brogan, Mayor Rick Gray’s chief of staff, declined to share details of what the city is considering, but it still could include recreation. 
         The city will schedule another meeting to share the tweaked plans with the community and get its input, probably after July 4, Brogan said.
         What an awful reporter and writer! Is this a joke? Would someone “tweak” Nephin? Please! Nelson Polite deserves better than this!

    Posted on June 23rd, 2016 Becky 7 comments


    Poverty     Speaking of the Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty – they will have drinks and pizza, supplied by Domino’s Pizza on New Holland Pike, at their public meeting tonight!
         It is scheduled to be a three hour meeting beginning at 6:00 pm at Bright Side Baptist Church at 515 Hershey Avenue. Click here for more information.

    Celebrate1      Some good news and something that hasn’t been covered much – tomorrow is Celebrate Lancaster! Sounds like a good time! Click here for more information.


     Wages(Click here)

         This has to be one of the stupidest ideas ever! Raise the wages! Maybe Mayor Gray’s Commission on Poverty can study the county government!
    Please check back later today.

  • ** – * HOW LOW CAN LNP GO?

    Posted on June 22nd, 2016 Becky 4 comments

    **   First LNP told us a Judge issued a gag order and today they tell us there was not a gag order issued in the case of the Stoltzfuses and their daughters and Lee Kaplan!
         Wow! I am doing some research this afternoon and will be back tomorrow.

    *   One last word on the $1 million cash bail versus 10% of $1 million bail. I learned this lesson with Cherlie LaFleur and her docket showing an initial true bail of $1 million cash is below.
         LaFleur is the McCaskey student who gave birth in the bathroom at school and then put the baby in a trash can (click here).
         A friend of mine who was outraged and wanted to help must have sent me 15 emails about her bail. It couldn’t be $1 million she said! She said she was going to check with a lawyer friend and get back to me. But I had to be wrong! It couldn’t be $1 million.
         She went to friend after friend. She kept coming back. “It’s $1 million cash,” I said. “There’s no percentage in that column. That means it’s $1 million cash. She needs a million dollars to get out of jail.”
          I don’t believe my friend believes me to this day – she was in such shock at the amount. But it was $1 million cash bail until a Judge reduced it to R.O.R. 




    insider8        One of a number of very negative comments on Facebook under LNP’s “insider” story by Kara Newhouse, “Email shows School District of Lancaster principal dissuaded parents from PSSA opt-outs,” (click here).
         This is not even worthy of a story or a single sentence. Kara Newhouse is a very dangerous reporter and LNP has completely lost touch with their readers.
    Please check back later today.

  • **** – *** – ** – * HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

    Posted on June 21st, 2016 Becky 10 comments
    **** Savilla Stoltzfus’ docket which states her bail is 10% of $1 million and lists her two attorneys:
    *** Actually, Savilla Stoltzfus’ docket indicates she also has a “co-counsel” – Alexander Geoffrey Tuttle of Colmar, PA (click here).

     **   All are being held at Bucks County Prison, unable to post bail, which was set at $1 million each. None have attorneys, Bucks County District Attorney David W. Heckler said Monday.

    From the latest LNP article by reporter Dan Nephin, “Relative of woman in ‘gift’ child case describes her break from Amish church,” (click here).
         Nephin is wrong on two counts:
    1. Their bail is set at 10% of $1 million. I have clarified this with an attorney – they have to post $100,000 to get out of jail. If they take off and don’t show up for court – then they are liable for the full $1 million.
         Stating their bail is $1 million is not factual or correct! They can be released from jail if they put up $100,000.
    2. Savilla Stoltzfus’ docket indicates she does have a lawyer – Cary Bartlow Hall of Norristown, PA (click here).
         Check your dockets, Dan!
    *    LNP just went up with another story with “gift” in the headline (click here)! Didn’t they just have an editorial several days ago about childhood sexual abuse? What is wrong with them?


         Stop calling it gifting! It’s child slavery! Human trafficking!
    Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under one of the Stoltzfus/Kaplan stories.
         Really! Enough is enough! You can’t “gift” a daughter! This is getting absolutely absurd and disgusting!
         amazing…look how fast suspected animal abuse cases gets investigated….why did it take so long for these innocent helpless children…..
    Posted on Lancaster Online under one of the Stoltzfus/Kaplan stories.
         Very true. A prime example is Lily, the “paint ball” horse, who was apparently euthanized after a fall and LNP and reporter Tom Knapp refuse to acknowledge the fact (click here). And Lily got more words written about her than most of the unsolved murder victims in Lancaster.
         With 161 cameras throughout the city, the Lancaster City Police put up a video from a laundromat camera regarding a stolen cell phone. Okay, but what about the murders, shootings, stabbings, robberies and burglaries within view of a “safety coalition” camera? A stolen cell phone? Well, this should certainly be easy! Where are all the “safety coalition” videos?

     Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 20th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

    10% OF $1 MILLION
    EQUALS $100,000!

         Their dockets say Kaplan and the Stoltzfuses were unable to post bail, which was set at 10 percent of $1 million for each.
    From LNP reporter Tom Knapp’s round-up of everyone else’s coverage in, “Further details revealed on bizarre story of Lancaster County couple who ‘gifted’ their 14-year-old daughter to financial benefactor,” (click here).
         I heard and saw that all three were in jail on $1 million dollars bail each all weekend. I read it in all the papers and heard TV reporters say it over and over again.
         I posted here on Friday that they were wrong and all three of their dockets read 10% of $1 million or $100,000 bail! Knapp knew because LNP reads this site!
         It is a huge difference – a $900,000 difference in how much money and/or assets they need to get out of jail on bail!
        I argued with a commenter on this site over the wording. They are not in jail on $1 million bail. They are in jail on $100,000 bail each. And reporters have to be more careful and check their facts and the way they present bail information.
         Almost two years ago I posted this, “LNP REPORTERS: READ THIS CAREFULLY!” and listed the three types of bail in PA from a law firm’s website (click here). I repeated it in the comments yesterday.
         This was a huge mistake that got continued over and over again – although I believe Lee Kaplan’s bail should be set at $1 million cash – unfortunately it is not!


    **  Just a note of interest and I’m embarrassed I did not find it sooner – when I use my “Chrome” book, the “insider” articles are there in full and viewable. Does any tech person know why?

    *    In yesterday’s print edition of the Sunday News, LNP published their editorial board members – and there is a new addition – Rich Manieri – deputy opinion editor. Did LNP diversify their board? I don’t think so!

    Editorial Board3


          Lancaster Online, as of 7:30 am this morning, still has this three-day-old story as one of their top stories on their website (click here). It is dated June 17th with no updates since!
         This is unbelievable! Their editorial this morning is about child sexual abuse – “Applauding local religious leaders for acknowledging ‘a great sin,’ ” (click here). And right in front of their noses is a huge, horrific case of child sexual abuse and they are ignoring it!
         I guess LNP is worried about losing those Amish tourist dollars. What an absolute disgrace for an alleged news organization!
         What a lying, two-faced, hypocritical and sick editorial board!
    Please check back later today.

  • *** – ** – * OWLETS IN BIRD-IN-HAND?

    Posted on June 19th, 2016 Becky 8 comments

    ***  PennLive has the Criminal Complaints/Affidavits of Probable Cause up for Lee Kaplan and Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus (click here).

     **   The editors at LNP just continuously lie to their readers. There is this under “insider FAQs” (click here):

          And yet, right below it is the very important story about lead –  vital to the health and safety of our community – and you guessed it – they made it an “insider” story!


     *    PennLive has a front page update on Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus, “Was Lancaster County couple ‘brainwashed’ into giving away 14-year-old daughter?” (click here).
         Their reporters actually went to their Quarryville home and interviewed family members. LNP has not updated their story for days!


    LAIDPosted on Lancaster Online under the “insider” story, “Rare barn owlets put on a show in Bird-in-Hand banding operation,” (click here).

         Gasp! Is this what it really means to be an LNP “insider?”
    Please check back later today.

  • *** – ** – * A TRUE HORROR STORY!

    Posted on June 18th, 2016 Becky 9 comments

    *** I just called Bucks County District Judge John I. Walton’s office (he set the bail amount) and the woman who answered the phone was not signed into the system (and has obviously been getting calls all day on the case) – but she said the dockets probably reflect the true bail amount and to call back on Monday to absolutely get to the bottom of this. I told her even the Philly press is going with $1 million and she said the press is most likely wrong!

    **  An update from, “Police, dogs scour Bucks back yard where man, 12 girls lived,” (click here).
         This article also states all three are in prison in lieu of $1 million bail each. Again, all three dockets indicate it is percentage bail and the amount is 10% of $1 million. I am trying to find out who is correct! Lee Kaplan’s docket is below.


     *    They are being held at Bucks County prison on $1 million bail.
    From the LNP story, Police: Lancaster County couple ‘gifted’ teenage daughter to man who helped them out of financial ruin,” (click here).
          That is not correct. They are being held on 10% of $1 million bail or $100,000. Daniel Stoltzfus’s docket is below. Savilla Stoltzfus’s docket reads exactly the same in terms of the bail amount and Lee Kaplan’s docket also states 10% of $1 million.




    (Click here)


    Posted on June 17th, 2016 Becky 3 comments


    UsedSmartphones      PCWorld, “Your Old Smartphone’s Data Can Come Back to Haunt You,” (click here):
         “Unless you do your research, expecting another party to wipe your phone is like playing identity-theft roulette.”
         I changed a lot of passwords last night because I did something so stupid. I gave AT&T my old phone with emails and texts and photos and a remembered password for this very site.  I have made three phone calls since. It will end up on eBay or Craigslist or in a basket at a flea market. And as the above article states – a “re-set” –  whatever that is – is not nearly enough.
         A friend said someone could get enough info from the phone to easily steal my identity. Not only that, but obviously information is on there for all the people I called, emailed and texted.
         I feel incredibly stupid and I think I was conned to a degree. It was at an AT&T store. My phone would not charge and they told me the port was bad (I’ve since been told that is a very easy fix). I got a new phone and they talked about not putting the old with the terrible battery for the environment in the trash. And then they looked up how much “credit” I could get for turning in the old phone and they gave me an overpriced case and screen protector that I really didn’t want or need for “free.” And I left my old phone with them.
         DO NOT DO THIS! The only thing that is keeping me anywhere approaching calm is that I called the store twice and national AT&T once and was assured that the phone had already been wiped absolutely clean – and it was an official AT&T store.
         That is all I can do. It’s too late to get the phone back. I should have called the friend who knows about phones first – but the battery was so low I wasn’t sure I would be able to make the call and I dashed to the store because the idea of being without a phone today is, well, just impossible.

    *   This question is being asked repeatedly on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page and they will not answer the question! Why the email? Why?




         LNP made their court story on Temar Boggs an “insider” story  so I am not linking to it but the article is in the print edition of the paper this morning. And there is this from his attorney Jeffrey Conrad:

         So, when are these inequalities going to be dealt with in Lancaster? When will a minority be able to get a job at the Lancaster Newspapers? In 2016, that is a serious and deeply disturbing question!
    Please check back later today.

    [Editor’s note: I began a somewhat fun story on my muffler and cell phone last evening and it is immediately below. The cell phone situation is far more serious and I will add to that story later today. Be careful out there and yet another reason you don’t want to give LNP any personal information to be an “insider!”]


    Posted on June 16th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   cell phone
         I turned a corner and heard a noise in my car – and then I heard my car – and it was loud! So loud I thought the whole driving world was looking at me. It was a Saturday and my brilliant mechanic was closed. So, I did the unthinkable. I pulled into a Midas Muffler and said I wanted a quote.
         An hour later the man came to me and took me to see my car up on lifts. We walked underneath and he showed me the loooooong pipes running the length of the car to the muffler. And he said my rear tire wasn’t in good shape either and should be replaced.
         We stood in front of a computer as he told me it would cost over $900. I said “no!” He said, “We can finance it for 6 months with no interest!” I said “no!”
         He said, “But you said you wanted it fixed today.” I said, “Not for that price. It’s an old car.” He said, “We checked the car and it’s in excellent condition. How much were you expecting to pay?”
         I said, “If it were $300 or under, I would have it done.” He said, “Let me talk to the mechanic.”
         He came back to me about 15 minutes later with a revised quote. Imagine that – it was now about $300! I asked if the tire was included. He said, “no.”
         I told him I wanted the car back and he took great offense. He told me after the mechanic ate his lunch they would bring it out. So, I waited and took my car back.
         I took it to my mechanic several days later. He charged me $135 and they popped out a major dent in my car while they were at it. The car barely makes a whisper!
          Yesterday, my cell phone would not charge. Things didn’t go quite as well…

  • *** – ** – * ASHWORTH WILL BE REMOVED!

    Posted on June 16th, 2016 Becky 2 comments

    ***  Yesterday, it was my car. Today the phone! Sigh. LIP News will be back tomorrow.

    **  LNP has changed the photo in their editorial: The black fingers holding a needle are no longer there but a picture of Ashworth has replaced it!

    *    Judge Ashworth berated the jury in the Akeem Washington trial. He told the jury he would not accept a hung jury. He told the jury the public pays for the public defender who represented Washington. He told them the public won’t pay for another.
         He scolded them that they should have reached a verdict. He reiterated that the jury had to either find him guilty or not guilty – there would be no hung jury.



    (Click here)


         This morning’s LNP editorial praises Lancaster County Judge David Ashworth and they even quote DA Craig Stedman’s new spokesman and their former court reporter, Brett Hambright, as follows:

         “It’s literally everywhere in the county. Prior conceptions that heroin is an urban drug are no longer accurate,” Hambright says.
         But do you see the picture that accompanies the editorial online? Those are black fingers holding that needle! And I noticed with the recent LNP article on Ashworth – “8 graduate from Lancaster County Adult Drug Court” – that the eight graduates are all white (click here)!
          I stated within the last week that Judge Ashworth should be removed from the bench. And LNP jumps in to write glowing words about him. That is what racist LNP does.
         But I stand by my words – and when the appeals and the investigation into the outrageous trial of Akeem Washington, presided over by Ashworth, are complete, Ashworth will be removed from the bench!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 15th, 2016 Becky 14 comments

    * Click here.



          LNP reporter Tom Knapp responding to a poster under his story on Lancaster Online, “City cameras help police nab armed teen who threatened girlfriend,” (click here).
         Suddenly, Tom cares! Knapp is arrogant and his refusal to see the larger picture defies all logic and common sense.
    Please check back later today.

    Knapp cameras1


    Posted on June 14th, 2016 Becky 3 comments


          I would like to apologize for yesterday afternoon. It was one of those days where if I didn’t go with humor, the FCC would have come knocking on my door.
         Republishing what then city Captain of Detectives Kent Switzer said – or rather refused to say – about a gruesome murder simply had me in shock. The fact that this incompetent man, who is paid by the public to protect and serve them, has so little regard for the public or the families and friends of the victims is simply disgusting.
         And this man, without a word from LNP, retired from the Lancaster City Police Force with a nice pension and was immediately hired by the DA’s office as their chief county detective. In fact, I knew he had retired but it was when the DA’s office published a photo with him in it, that I said to myself: “but I thought he retired.” And then I took a closer look.  
          It was reminiscent of Todd Dickinson who was fired by a unanimous vote of city council and one day I saw his picture in LNP as a city police officer again! Deja vu.
         The corruption in Lancaster County is simply astounding and I will come back to this tomorrow.

    Knapp Cameras

          And there is this today by LNP reporter Tom Knapp (click here). Gee, do you think the fact that I sent an email to all of the board members of the “safety coalition” on June 2nd has anything to do with this (click here for “SPY CAMS FOR THE STEINMANS?” and the email that was sent)?
         I will also come back to this with updates tomorrow.

     **** BREAKING NEWS ***  Colton Yeager, who is charged with terroristic threats that caused Manheim Central to cancel their graduation ceremonies, had his bail reduced from one million cash to $100,000 unsecured today and is out of prison. And the two third degree felonies were reduced to misdemeanors! Click here for “BEYER TO THE DEFENSE!”


    ***    From today’s Lancaster City Police Log, there were 10 bicycles stolen, a vicious assault and this (click here):
    OCCURRED 06/13/2016 BETWEEN 0650 HRS AND 1000 HRS
    An unknown suspect(s) gained entry to a vehicle parked at the location and removed a black range style bag containing four guns and several boxes of ammunition from the rear passenger seat of the vehicle.  The vehicle was locked at the time of the incident. 

    **   Why is Rob Kaufhold, the owner of Lancaster Archery Supply, hunting varmints in the “Midwest” and why doesn’t Crable tell us?

    *    LNP has put the story online as an “insider” story (click here).


         LNP reporter Ad Crable usually is a straight shooter, but his use of the word “varmint” in today’s front page article sent me on a long google search this morning. Wikipedia even defines a “varmint rifle” and it sure isn’t an AR-15 (click here). Merriam Webster defines varmint as follows (click here):
         1:  an animal considered a pest; specifically :  one classed as vermin and unprotected by game law
         And then, of course, there is Yosemite Sam – but he most certainly did not use an AR-15!
         This is a ridiculous and sick article in light of the tragedy in Orlando (it is not currently online) and you most certainly do not need an AR-15 to go “varmint hunting!”

     Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 13th, 2016 Becky 6 comments

    **   LOL! (click here).


    *    I am doing some research this afternoon. The Knappster tweeted this bright and early this morning. The answer is “No!

    Knapp off

         And I hesitated before I republished the below – but I just enjoy it so much. (This is also applicable to “My Husband,” etc.) The look on the left is the one I had this morning when I saw the Knappster’s tweet!  🙂 

    My wife


    Julio Garcia Camacho

    Julio Garcia Camacho

    Gregory Bayne           Gant

                        Gregory Bayne                                                    Titus Eugene Gant

    —  Julio Garcia Camacho was shot and killed one year ago today. Despite two “Safety Coalition” cameras close to his murder site and multiple witnesses, no arrest has been made.
    —  Gregory Bayne was shot and killed by Lancaster City Police Officer Jose De La Torre. Bayne was homeless and was “caught” by a “Safety Coalition” camera operator urinating in Lancaster Square. Bayne was killed as a result on June 10, 2013.
    —  Titus Eugene Gant was shot dead in his car in the 100 block of Nevin Street on June 12, 2013. Almost no information has been released about his murder.


         From the LNP article exactly three years ago today, “Man shot and killed on Nevin Street in Lancaster is identified,” there is this total lack of information provided by Kent Switzer, who has since retired and is now employed by the District Attorney’s office as their lead county detective (click here):

         Lancaster city police Capt. Kent Switzer said the victim was shot while behind the wheel of the vehicle.
         He said the shooting occurred “in the general area” where Gant was found but declined to say how far investigators believe Gant drove before he crashed.
         Switzer declined to confirm a report that the victim was shot multiple times.
         Although he would not say whether police believe Gant and his assailant were known to one another, Switzer did say that “all indications are that this wasn’t random.”
         He described the investigation on Thursday as “very active,” but said no one had been taken into custody.
          Witnesses Wednesday night said they saw a man running from the area of the shooting. One person reportedly saw a man throw something under a bush on nearby West Marion Street.
         Citing the ongoing investigation, Switzer declined to say Thursday if authorities had recovered a weapon or any other type of evidence in that area.
    Please check back later today.
  • Posted on June 12th, 2016 Becky 13 comments

    it's timeit's time2


    Posted on June 11th, 2016 Becky 3 comments


    Yeager2  Beyer1 Beyer2

            According to his court docket, Colton Yeager, charged with terroristic threats that forced Manheim Central to postpone their graduation ceremony, is represented by attorney Robert David Beyer of Goldberg & Beyer (pictured right).
         Yeager, who is in Lancaster County Prison on one million dollars cash bail, just hired one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Lancaster County.
         This should be interesting.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 10th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


         It’s been a busy day and it’s Friday so I’ll end with two things that are a little lighter (I have not forgotten the cameras or Judge David Ashworth and those items will be coming all next week).

         Among the many bizarre things LNP is doing, there is this (click here)! Now, if you thought the drinks were free, sadly they are not. LNP fails to say it but WITF is truthful on their site calling it “News and Brews” but also stating (click here):
         Buy yourself a drink and network with two award-winning news teams!  
         And LNP is holding it at their own Pressroom restaurant so they make the money off the drinks! Isn’t that clever? What a bizarre thing to do. Speed information?


        Well, I thought the proms were over but tonight is the final one! Can we all raise a glass to the end of prom season!
         Have a safe and happy Friday and here’s hoping Manheim Central’s graduation tonight goes off without a hitch and a wonderful time is had by all!




    ***** Francis Sharide Dinkins Jr., 18, has been arrested and charged for this morning’s shootings of two 18-year-olds (click here).

    yeager1**** Bail has been set at one million cash by District Judge Bruce A. Roth for Colton Charles Yeager (pictured left from his Facebook page) accused of halting Manheim Central’s graduation last night with terroristic threats.

               Click here for the DA’s press release.


    *** Again, according to county property records, the home at 594 N. Plum Street is owned and lived in by Douglas Anderson, Sr. and Sonjia Anderson. Police reportedly were called to the home earlier in the evening because of noise from the party.

    ** 594 N. Plum Street – photo taken at 9:30 am this morning.



    * From a police press release (click here): 

    On June 10, 2016, at approx. 1:57 am, officers from the Lancaster City Bureau of Police were dispatched to the area of 594 N. Plum Street for a report of shots fired.   As officers were responding to the area, a dispatcher from Lancaster Countywide Communications informed the responding officers that two shooting victims had arrived in a private vehicle at the emergency room at a local hospital.   The one victim was identified as an 18 year-old Lancaster male, who sustained a gunshot wound to the arm.   The second victim, also an 18 year-old Lancaster male, sustained a gunshot wound to the arm and a wound to the leg.   Both victims are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

    Officers responded to the area of the original shots fired call and secured the crime scene.   Detectives interviewed several witnesses and processed the crime scene for evidence.   Detectives are also checking camera footage from around the area.   Detectives have learned that the victims and several other people had been at a party in the 500 block of N. Plum Street and that the incident occurred as the victims were leaving the area.   The incident does not appear to be a random act, and the investigation is on-going.

     Anyone with information regarding these incidents is urged to call Lancaster City Police at (717) 735-3300 or Lancaster City-County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913. You can also click the Submit a Tip button on our website,, or Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by texting LANCS plus your message to 847411. Tipsters may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.         

    PERSON SHOT AT PARTYNo information

    Three of the four sentences from today’s LNP article by Ryan Robinson, “Police investigating shooting in Lancaster city,” (click here).

         I am told that according to the police scanner this happened during a party at 594 N. Plum Street. According to county property records, the home is owned by Douglas Anderson, Sr. and Sonjia Anderson. Reportedly, 12 shell casings were found near the scene. A person is in Lancaster General Hospital with a gun shot wound.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 9th, 2016 Becky 8 comments

    *    From reading the Opinion available with the CBS-21 story, it appears the only reason the Judge dismissed the lawsuit is because Lancaster County Judge David Ashworth found him – the trucker – guilty of three summary offenses following his jury acquittal! Unbelievable and Judge Ashworth needs to be removed from the bench. Absolutely removed from the bench. He is part of the incredible corruption in Lancaster County! That story is coming!


          CBS-21, “Court dismisses lawsuit alleging charges against truck driver were ‘political conspiracy,’ ” (click here).
         Wow! A very interesting take on this by CBS-21. They include this:
         CBS21 went to Martin’s [former County Commissioner and now PA State Senate candidate Scott Martin’s] home address listed in divorce filings, tried to email him and to contact him through his campaign. He did not answer any of our phone calls today.


    **  …But the problem here — and it’s a huge problem — is that the “war on political correctness” is largely just an excuse for Trump’s mostly white, heavily male group of supporters to dismiss any grievance — no matter how legitimate — by women, by the LGBT community, by racial and religious minority groups, as just liberal “white noise.” That assumes some kind of fictional, magical world where all serious social inequity was pretty much wiped off the earth in black-and-white footage of the 1960s, so that’s all that remains in their book is  left-wing rebels without a legitimate cause.

         And yet nearly every day, even if you’re not looking for it, a story of rank injustice and unfairness in today’s America will all but smack you in the face. Sometimes, they cross over into the broader national dialogue, as happened this week with the shockingly light sentence meted out to Brock Turner, 20, a now convicted rapist who happened to have been a star swimmer at an elite university, Stanford.
    From today’s Daily News column by Will Bunch, ” ‘Political correctness’ isn’t killing America. Injustice is,” (click here).

    *    From the story: Brown will be signing copies of “Love, Murder and Corruption in Lancaster County: My Story” at three Barnes & Noble branches on June 18: 10 a.m. at Fairless Hills; 1 p.m. at Neshaminy; and 4 p.m. at Plymouth Meeting.


         “Incredible corruption pervaded the Lancaster judicial system,” Brown [attorney Dave Brown] said.
    From the West Chester Daily Local News article, “Chester Springs man co-authors murder novel,” (click here).
         I’m not going to argue the Lisa Lambert case or her book – but the word is certainly spreading that there’s a problem with Lancaster’s judicial system.
         I have never seen such corruption in my life and it all goes on under the watch of the racist Lancaster Newspapers who tell the public every day that everything is just fine and dandy and happy and Lancaster County is the most wonderful county in the country.
         There’s also a huge problem with the surveillance cameras, paid for by the Lancaster Newspapers, and that will come later.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 8th, 2016 Becky 9 comments

    *   I am taking the afternoon off. Today’s little storm did more damage than the one that was hyped for days! Traffic lights are out, small tree limbs are down and the power is off in many places. Amazing.


         “It’s based on me, and I’m pissed off,” Stedman said.
    District Attorney Craig Stedman quoted in today’s LNP article, “Fed up Lancaster County DA eyes mandatory state prison terms for heroin-related convictions,” (click here).
         Well, it seems an awful lot of people are pissed off and tired of Stedman! Imagine that! I am.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 7th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


    Free and stuffA recent tweet by LNP’s “social media editor” Andrea Gillhoolley.

          All of these (white) millennials at LNP tweeting constantly about journalism who don’t have a clue is driving me up several walls! Sigh! 
         Of course people want quality news! That’s the business you’re in! If you don’t understand that basic concept, then what the hell are you doing in journalism? (Well, she is at LNP!)
         Understand this – the news has always been basically free. Do you understand? And people don’t want to have to be an “insider” to get the news!
         The article she links to is here. 
         I cannot take any more of LNP’s or DA Craig Stedman’s nonsense today!


          Quickly, regarding the letter flap: On May 16th I received the following email with the letter and this introduction:
         For LNP to go to the trouble to contact the DA’s office for statistics, find out there are none, yet still print the increase as fact is incredible. I sent this letter to the editor:
         I responded to the emailer that I would like to run the letter if LNP did not.
         Yesterday, I received another email from the same address stating LNP had not published the letter. I thought that was my go ahead and I published it.
          I then received another email from a county email address which is the letter I posted late yesterday and again this morning.
         Again, I apologize. I should have tried to call and verify it but my experience trying to call lawyers is, well, not too good. It is an excellent letter and people should read it and LNP should divulge why they didn’t publish it.
         I will try to be more careful in the future. I get a lot of emails and snail mail and phone calls with “tips” and stories. I try to be careful and will redouble my efforts in the future.


    Tweeted by LNP’s new crime and courts reporter Jonas Fortune.
    **   What? Did you think it was going to be a cake walk? Why don’t you apply yourself and get the public more information on the attempted suicide!
         And let me add that your lead sentence in this story, “Man accused of shooting 2-year-old reaches plea deal, gets up to 12 years in prison,” (click here) is one of the dumbest I have ever read:
         The Lancaster County District Attorney’s office was able put Justin “Frog” Davis in prison Monday morning.
         You see, Davis already was in prison. He only got out for the morning for the plea deal and the story is that his minimum sentence is to only spend five years in prison! So why don’t you do a follow-up story on what went wrong with the police and DA’s case? Why are people afraid to testify in Lancaster? Why don’t people trust the police or DA’s office?
    Tweeted by LNP’s new crime and courts reporter Jonas Fortune.
    *    Let me get this straight! You have worked for LNP for approximately three weeks and you think someone cares what you do in your spare time?
         You are a former sports reporter who was in banking before you got this job and you only got it because you are white and privileged. You read that correctly.
         I think it’s nice you’re going to marry your WGAL producer girlfriend at the Hamilton Club. That is so special.
         If you don’t want the job there are lots of better writers and thinkers than you who would like the opportunity to improve justice in Lancaster County. And believe me, there is a hell of a lot to improve! Unbelievable!


          I am reprinting this letter that I put up on my site below after 6:00 last evening. I apologize for any confusion. There will be more later. 

    *** UPDATED – I received this email this afternoon from a verifiable email address. 


     I saw that you published a letter to the editor that I sent to LNP on May 16. I am an Assistant Public Defender in Lancaster County; however, this letter was not written in my professional capacity but rather as a private citizen and concerned Lancaster City resident and property owner. Nowhere in the letter do I mention my employer or my profession and the letter was signed only with my name – I did not include my title or employer after my signature. My opinions are my own and I am not authorized to speak on behalf of Lancaster County or the Public Defender’s Office and never intended to do so.

     I did share a copy of this letter on a private listserv for Lancaster County criminal defense attorneys and that email contained a signature line that included my title and employer. I assume someone on this listserv forwarded you my email and you mistakenly believed that this information was included in the original letter to the editor. While I stand by everything that I wrote, the last thing that I want is for my clients or colleagues to suffer any negative consequences as a result of my opinions. Please either remove your post or update it with this information. In the future, I would appreciate it if you would contact me before publishing anything sent to you that is purported to be written by me so that this does not happen again. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Phillip A. Michael
    Assistant Public Defender
    Lancaster County


    Posted on June 6th, 2016 Becky 2 comments

    *** UPDATED – I received this email this afternoon from a verifiable email address.


    I saw that you published a letter to the editor that I sent to LNP on May 16. I am an Assistant Public Defender in Lancaster County; however, this letter was not written in my professional capacity but rather as a private citizen and concerned Lancaster City resident and property owner. Nowhere in the letter do I mention my employer or my profession and the letter was signed only with my name – I did not include my title or employer after my signature. My opinions are my own and I am not authorized to speak on behalf of Lancaster County or the Public Defender’s Office and never intended to do so.

     I did share a copy of this letter on a private listserv for Lancaster County criminal defense attorneys and that email contained a signature line that included my title and employer. I assume someone on this listserv forwarded you my email and you mistakenly believed that this information was included in the original letter to the editor. While I stand by everything that I wrote, the last thing that I want is for my clients or colleagues to suffer any negative consequences as a result of my opinions. Please either remove your post or update it with this information. In the future, I would appreciate it if you would contact me before publishing anything sent to you that is purported to be written by me so that this does not happen again. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Phillip A. Michael
    Assistant Public Defender
    Lancaster County



    **    There is an outrageous LNP story today – “Man accused of shooting 2-year-old reaches plea deal, gets up to 12 years in prison,” (click here). This is unbelievable – 15 first degree felonies and he got a minimum of five years. I will come back to this and the cameras tomorrow.

    *   I mentioned several weeks ago that I was emailed a copy of a Letter to the Editor sent to LNP. They did not publish the letter so I am! Thank you very much, Phillip A. Michael, and shame on LNP! The LNP article in question is here. LIP News wrote about it here.

    On May 14, you published an article about District Attorney Stedman’s support of legislation that would impose mandatory minimum sentences for burglaries. The first line of that article asserted without qualification that there has been “[a] sharp upswing in violent, drug-fueled home invasions.” Yet, later in the article you write: “a spokesman for the district attorney’s office said Friday they didn’t have any statistics showing the increase.” If the District Attorney wishes to make such an assertion without statistical evidence to back it up, that is his prerogative. However, for an independent news organization to recognize that there is no statistical support for such a statement yet still print it as an unqualified fact is misleading and dangerous. 

     Further, the article states that Stedman told the committee that the increase in burglaries was driven by the heroin epidemic, which has drug addicts scrambling to find money for their next fix. It goes on to state that Stedman testified that harsher penalties are necessary to serve as a deterrent and that these burglaries are not heat-of-the-moment crimes, but rather planned and premediated.

     Considering that LNP has extensively reported on the heroin epidemic ravaging Lancaster County, your reporters should be aware that heroin addicts rarely think of anything beyond their next fix and are willing to do almost anything to get that fix. It is almost laughable to think that a heroin addict in need of a fix would stop and consider the potential penalties before burglarizing a house.

     The willingness of LNP to accept as fact unsupported assertions from the District Attorney—combined with its failure to ask probing questions or push-back against his contradictory statements—is a disservice to everyone affected by the heroin epidemic and an impediment to finding a real, workable solution to the problem. 

    Phillip A. Michael
    Assistant Public Defender
    Lancaster County



         The below is reprinted from August 11, 2015 on this site – click here for the original and to follow the links. 
    I’m coming back to the cameras later today.



  • ALERT *** – ** – * BLOWING IN THE WIND?

    Posted on June 5th, 2016 Becky 11 comments

    ***  Eric Horst at approximately 1:45 pm.


    **    LNP’s “Visual Editor” tweeting today. I disagree. It’s really quite dreadful!  Ali deserved better.

    Not Nice Work

    *   Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers Minis are $1 and are free after the $1 Register Reward.
    From today’s LNP article, “Coupon Cutting Mom: Find savings on soap, personal care items, candy, baby products,” (click here).
    —  One – it’s “Brite” not “Bite.”
    —  Two – yes I googled them to see what type of horrible candy they actually are.
    —  Three – they should be free. Even if they are free, I would not eat them.
    —  Four – their ad makes me seriously wonder what is happening to America? OMG! Does this explain Donald Trump? There are no words…



           After all the hype, today is the kind of day where you follow Eric Horst’s every tweet (click here)! Bring in anything that could blow around and be alert and safe!


    Posted on June 4th, 2016 Becky 2 comments

     *    “These charges are false, and I am not guilty,” Long said. “I can’t discuss the case, but I want everyone to know this was entrapment at its best and I am not guilty of this.”
    From The Daily Item quoting Peter Long, “Lourdes basketball coach charged in prostitution sting in Lancaster,” (click here).
         Whenever the Lancaster City Police want some good publicity they pull out one of these prostitution stings. Someone at LNP recognized the name of a Penn Manor teacher, Richard Brenton, who was also charged. His docket states that he is represented by a private attorney, Michael Todd Winters of McMahon & Winters Law Firm LLC of Lancaster.
         I could not locate the docket for Long, who states in the above article that he will fight the charge.


          “Certain circumstances we discovered made it appropriate for us to send it there,” said spokesman Brett Hambright. He refused to detail whether it was a specific conflict of interest or the possibility of additional charges that made the county’s top prosecutor, Craig Stedman, switch gears.
         …The investigation centers on whether to charge school board members with violations of the Sunshine Act related to the board’s Jan. 28 executive session. A leaked audio recording of the meeting, which was obtained by LNP, revealed the board conspired during the meeting to hire a search firm to find a new superintendent outside of a public meeting. 

    From the LNP article by Susan Baldrige, “Lancaster County DA passes Manheim Township School Board investigation to state attorney general,” (click here).



         What Baldrige fails to understand (again!) is that the “leaked audio recording” was illegal! It is against the law in Pennsylvania. You can claim “whistleblower” all you want but it is still illegal and the DA has an obligation to pursue it! And I’m quite certain that is what the DA’s office referred to the state attorney general!
         Get your head out of the sand and take your ego down a notch or two, Baldrige.


    Posted on June 3rd, 2016 Becky 2 comments

         It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day…

    Have a great and safe First Friday!


    Chief Inspector1

         The Lancaster City Police are investigating three incidents of suspicious telephone calls made to local residents, where an unknown male subject called and portrayed himself as Lancaster City Chief of Police, Keith Sadler.   These calls were reported to the Manheim Township Police and Lancaster City Police on June 2, 2016.   The unknown male claimed to be “Chief Sadler, from the Lancaster City Police Department” and in one case, the male indicated that the person receiving the call needed to come to the police station to take care of a legal matter.  
    From a Lancaster City Police press release late yesterday, “Suspicious Activiity – Possible Phone Scam.”  Click here to read the entire release.
         Someone is impersonating Police Chief Sadler? Say it’s not so! Does anyone know if the chief is even still alive?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 2nd, 2016 Becky 3 comments


         The following email was sent today to most of the Lancaster Safety Coalition Board Members (there are a few that I am still collecting addresses on). There will be more tomorrow.
    My name is Becky Holzinger and I have a news website ( that has been covering Lancaster city and county for 10 years daily.
    Since the cameras were installed many years ago, very few images of perpetrators have been released to the public. In fact, on the Lancaster City Police YouTube channel  there are only three videos from the Coalition cameras asking for the public’s help in identifying criminals.
    I simply fail to understand this. Why are the police not releasing videos to the public for their help in catching criminals? Is that not the stated purpose of the cameras and the coalition?
    Why is taxpayer’s money being used to fund these cameras?
    I would appreciate any information that you could offer regarding this situation and I plan to be back in touch again. This is an ongoing investigation/study and I would very much appreciate your help.
    Becky Holzinger
    (215) 350-5849


         So, they are essentially spy cams for the private family that funded them?
    This comment in yesterday.
         Yes, spy cams for the Steinmans and their Marriott Hotel. At this point after over six years there really is no other way to look at it. I think you nailed it. And that makes the whole camera operation criminal!
         Absolutely criminal!
    Please check back later today.