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    Posted on October 11th, 2014 Becky 5 comments


    —   The emails include photos and videos of women and men engaged in oral sex, anal sex and intercourse. The photographs included naked women in mock motivational posters showing them performing sex acts on men.
    LNP political reporter Karen Shuey in her coverage of Gov. Tom Corbett’s meeting with the editorial staff yesterday (click here).
    —   Not only did Sheetz forward emails that had explicit photos of oral/anal sex and every variety in between, there were videos and parodies of those office “motivational posters” that showed women in submissive sexual positions with a tag line that these should be shared with their secretaries.
    “Huh?” in part of an excellent comment into this site that was moved to the front page (click here).
         Hmmm….  It certainly looks like Shuey reads this site and borrowed some phrases from “huh?”  And Shuey and LNP finally tell the public what was really in those “sexually charged” emails!


    John Kirkpatrick

    —-  ROFLMAO !!  I’d hate to see the worst.
    —-  I hope you are willing to take back everything bad you have had to say about this man.      
    —-  Glad he is here to ‘right the wrongs ‘lol’   –   yikes!
          These three emails in yesterday all with a link to the article:LNP President John Kirkpatrick wins PNA lifetime achievement award,” (click here).
          Yikes, indeed!  Have mercy!  To the one emailer:  Did you have to include his photo with the link?  I almost didn’t recover!
          But, I have recovered and I’ll take on this fool this afternoon! I’ll write some of his wrongs – you better believe it!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on October 10th, 2014 Becky 5 comments


         Wow!  Just wow!  Richard Sheetz resigned from the Lancaster DA’s office but “he didn’t have to,” according to Corbett? Yes, he did!   “The filters didn’t work.”  What a load of B.S.
         He did get a good shot in at John Kirkpatrick III, who today it was announced, “LNP President John Kirkpatrick wins PNA lifetime achievement award,” (click here).  There will be more on that tomorrow but Corbett said the Patriot News was losing money so they changed the print edition to three days a week.  Zing!
            And Barbara Hough Roda lied and said LNP is growing!  I don’t put a lot of value in these things but Alexa is one of the most trusted sources for web statistics and this is what they show for

    alexaHonor student

         “Live at 3 p.m.: Gov. Tom Corbett meets with LNP reporters and editors,” (click here).  Well, this will be an all white affair!  I can’t wait!  I’ll be watching!


    Posted on October 9th, 2014 Becky 8 comments


         On October 5th, I published a portion of a letter I received from a lawyer regarding a post I published in July of 2009 concerning the Michael Roseboro murder trial and the comments under it (click here).  My response, emailed to the three parties indicated today, is below.

    October 9. 2014

    Via Email:

    Jason G. Benion
    Post & Schell
    17 North Second Street
    12th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA  17101-1601

            File # 119789

    Dear Mr. Benion:

    This is in response to your letter dated September 24, 2014 (I am also sending this response to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Post & Schell and to your General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer):

    1.  The statute of limitations on libel/slander/defamation in Pennsylvania is one year.

    2.  Therefore, your letter has no legal basis and is unprofessional and a blatant attempt to intimidate.

    3.  The fact that you just “recently became aware” of these comments does not extend the statute of limitations and totally contradicts your further statement that “These comments are defamatory and cause substantial harm to Mr. Bean’s reputation.”

    4.  What I find most deeply disturbing is your request for IP addresses and “any other identifying information” on the commenters themselves.  Obviously I am not releasing that information nor would I under any circumstances ever, except for a court order, provide that information to anyone.

    5.  I request that you, your President and your Corporate Compliance Officer each respond to my question which is:  What would you do with that information? If you learned the actual identity of the commenters from five years ago, what purpose would that serve you and your firm?  What, beyond harassment, would you possibly do with the information?

    I am astonished by the lack of professionalism and intimidation in your letter.  I am requesting an apology and an immediate response to my question posed in #5.

    Thank you,

    Becky Holzinger

    cc:  Brian M. Peters
           President & Chief Executive Officer
           Via Email:

    cc:  Andrew W. Allison
           General Council and Chief Compliance Officer
           Via Email:


    Posted on October 9th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


    [Editor's Note: The below excellent comment in from "huh?" yesterday on the resignation of Richard Sheetz and the editorial in the Lancaster Newspapers. 
        If you are having trouble accessing this site or sending comments please let me know.  There has been a huge upsurge in traffic in the last seven days with people googling "Always Lancaster" - I just did it with no quotes and this site is number two on the google results - and also people googling names from the Roseboro murder because of a recent program airing on the Discovery Channel and coming to this site.  Thank you for your patience and please try again if you experience a problem. Please let me know if the problem persists so I can go to my webhost and pay more money.  ;-)
         Also, this site may be briefly down for maintenance today between 10:00 and 11:00 am.  It should last 10 minutes at the most and then be back to normal.

         Thank you again, "huh?," for your excellent commentary and please check back later today!]

    Sheetz     I only wish that the LNP editorial board writers would have been more clear and specific about what was contained on these emails. The vague descriptions left a lot of room for posters on the LNP forum and other Lancaster-centric forums to dismiss this man’s actions as business as usual or a political witch hunt or the usual boys-will-be-boys.
         Not only did Sheetz forward emails that had explicit photos of oral/anal sex and every variety in between, there were videos and parodies of those office “motivational posters” that showed women in submissive sexual positions with a tag line that these should be shared with their secretaries.
         As described in other newspapers by reporters who saw some of the evidence, ‘the photos and videos show nude and partially clad women, sex acts between men and women, and lesbian sex. A series of “motivational images” — titled “Willingness,” “Devotion,” “Resourcefulness” and “Performance” — showed oral and anal sex. The Performance image was described as “mandatory for all secretarial staff.” ‘
         And a NASCAR related themed email that portrayed the traditional uncorking of a champagne bottle being very untraditionally uncorked via by being inserted in a woman’s vagina.
         The fact that these men in highly responsible, highly paid, and highly influential positions felt and saw nothing wrong about this work with women, and more importantly low paid clerical workers who were the direct “ha ha ha” targets of the motivational posters sickens me. And it should sicken every man and woman who post responses on these stories. They need to realize that these emails were more than stupid dirty jokes. What woman would want to walk into Sheetz’s office right after he finished watching a video or seeing an image of a woman uncorking a champagne bottle with her vagina. In situations like this when men in power are “caught” viewing things like this, the unsuspecting woman invariably feels humiliated for any number of reasons. It’s a hostile work environment and no individual is exempt from censure who takes active part in reading and forwarding these.
         Perhaps no one can change their opinions regardless of how clear the ugliness of this episode is presented to them but in the end it doesn’t matter.
         I also wonder who the sender of these emails was. It is obvious to me that the receivers like Sheetz may have known them and therefore felt comfortable forwarding them. Although I’ll bet that Sheetz didn’t forward them to his sisters or his mother.


    Posted on October 8th, 2014 Becky 3 comments

    FROM #69 THROUGH 202

          This is what happened in Courtroom #8 this past Monday afternoon before Judge Dennis Reinaker.  Where it is blank it means it had already been handled previously or I simply could not hear what happened as there was so much noise and chaos in the courtroom. 
         There were also numerical skips – but not many.  Let me remind you that the afternoon started with defendant number 69 and my friend’s number was 180 and the total number of defendants called actually went up to 202 by the end of the afternoon! From 150 to 202 will come tomorrow along with a further explanation of what was going on in that madhouse! 

    69  Continued    
    70  Defendant not here – bail forfeited; bench warrant issued
    71  Will plead guilty at the end of this session
    77  “Continued for the final time”
    78  “Continued for the final time”
    79  Listed for Trial
    83 Failed to show
    84  Continued
    85  Continued
    86  Two bench warrants for him – Listed for Trial 
    87  Continued
    89  Listed for Trial
    91  Continued
    92>  92 &93 together – in jail in Maryland – Continued for the last time
    95  Failed to show – bail forfeited; bench warrant issued
    96  Failed to show – bail forfeited; bench warrant issued
    98  Continued
    99  Failed to show – bail forfeited; bench warrant issued
    101>  101 & 102 together – Continued
    106  Failed to show – bail forfeited – bench warrant issued
    107> 107 & 108 together – Continued – per  Judge if want ARD must file for
    108> it within 10 days
    109  Continued
    110  Third DUI – Listed for Trial – must have discovery requests in by tomorrow
    111  Continued – Must be in touch with his lawyer – will not
             continue again
    113  Will take care of this this afternoon at the end of the list
    114  Failed to show – bail forfeited; bench warrant issued
    117  Listed for Trial
    118  Continued
    122  Listed for Trial
    123  Listed for Trial
    124  Failed to show – bail forfeited; bench warrant issued
    125  Will plead guilty on November 21
    130>  130 & 131 together – Listed for Trial
    134  Going to Mental Health and Drug Court
    136  Continued
    137  Trial List – Defendant in Lanc. Prison – 10 days to put in pre-trial
    138  Will plead guilty in November
    142  Continued
    146  Listed for Trial
    149  Listed for Trial
    150  Continued


    Posted on October 8th, 2014 Becky 7 comments

     * Question of the day:  Exactly when the time changed to 10:00 am this morning, the “Always Lancaster” clock (click here) ticking down read 7 days, 19 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds.  By my calculations(!), that means this huge event will occur at exactly 5:00 am next Thursday morning.  Can anyone do the time to verify this?


    Sheetz resigns1
         The Lancaster Newspapers were going to sweep this under the rug by repeatedly referring to the emails as “sexually charged” when they were actually hard-core, absolutely disgusting porn that denigrates women.  I think huh?’s two comments that were so excellent they became the day’s articles forced District Attorney Craig Stedman and the Lancaster Newspapers into action (see below on this site).
         Thank you for your excellent work, huh?!  Click here to read the above article and here to read today’s editorial.
    Please check back later today.  


    Posted on October 7th, 2014 Becky No comments


          The following Right-to-Know request was faxed into the City of Lancaster today along with the mentioned attachment:
         Please provide the settlement amount and any other payments and stipulations ordered in the federal lawsuit, Judd V. City of Lancaster, et al; Case# 5:2012cv02960 in the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court.  The plaintiff was Stuart V. Judd and the defendants; the City of Lancaster and Lancaster Police Officers Jose Delatorre, Todd Dickerson, Michael J. Gerace and Gary E. Mackley.  I have attached a copy of the Judge’s order in the case, dismissing it on February 6, 2014 because a settlement between the parties had been reached.
         Please click here for background on this case – “JOSE DE LA TORRE – OFFICERS FOUND LIABLE.”
         Yesterday, I went into the Lancaster County Courthouse about 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon for a friend’s “Pre-Trial Conference”  scheduled on his docket for 1:30 pm.  I figured there would be four or five such conferences scheduled for the afternoon before Judge Dennis Reinaker in Courtoom #8.
         Was I ever wrong.  The hall was packed with people.  There had to be 75 to one hundred.  I waited as my friend stood in line to get his number and then I entered the courtroom.  There had to be over 30 lawyers inside.
         They began with number 69 and proceeded to go numerically.  When they got to #80, I turned around and looked at my friend’s number – 180.  I was flabbergasted.  The man sitting next to me looked vaguely familiar and when they called a name I recognized early into the hundreds, he got up and approached the bench.  I’d been trying to talk to him for months and I scurried out of the courtroom as he left.  I caught him!
         What an afternoon!  I had no idea this happened in the American Justice System.  What a zoo!  The full details will come tomorrow.


    Posted on October 7th, 2014 Becky 10 comments

    **  12:30 pm – That was fast!  Shuey has corrected her blog post to read “potential GOP presidential candidate.”


    Christie           shuey1    
           …The incumbent [Governor Tom Corbett] will get some help from GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie on Thursday at a GOP rally in Wayne and later in the day at a private fundraising event in Bryn Mawr.
    From LNP’s “Political Scrapple” blog by political reporter Karen Shuey (click here).
          LNP is now pushing their “blogs” on the home-page of their website.  Why?  No one knows because they are awful – mostly sports with Shuey and unreadable Gil Smart thrown in for good measure.
         Someone better tell Christie he is officially a presidential candidate!  Maybe Shuey has a direct line to Christie over the bridge?  Wow.  This really is awful!


    Always Bus1     
         And the “Always” beat goes on – on a RRTA bus yesterday in downtown Lancaster!  I can’t wait for October 16th!  There are signs everywhere!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 6th, 2014 Becky 6 comments



         The front of the Lancaster Newspaper offices at 8 W. King Street today.  I was also in Courtroom #8 today in the Lancaster County Courthouse.  What a zoo!  Full details tomorrow.
         Whoever thought of “Always Lancaster” should be fired and forced to eat only turnips always.

    Posted on October 6th, 2014 Becky 4 comments


         It has been reported that Richard Sheetz of East Hempfield Township received 58 of the emails, and Kevin Harley of East Petersburg was sent 29. Neither forwarded any of the messages.
         Harley and Sheetz have not returned phone calls seeking comment.
    LNP political reporter Karen Shuey in her blog post on October 3, 2015 (click here).
         You’re wrong, Karen!  Pennlive reported the very next day that Sheetz did open and forward the emails (click here):
         Sheetz, who retired from the state office after Kane’s election, received scores of the sexually-charged emails, and on about 30 occasions, he passed them on.  
         Sheetz is now working for the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office under DA Craig Stedman and the Lancaster Newspapers have not printed a word about these disgusting emails for days or Sheetz’s involvement.
         This is unbelievable!  The public has a right and a need to know. The editorial in today’s paper is about the Right-To-Know law titled, “This Right-to-Know bill may set back transparency in PA,” (click here).
         But the Lancaster Newspapers want to control what the public knows – and they won’t tell you about the “public servant” who opened and forwarded hard-core pornography that totally denigrates women while receiving a paycheck from the public and making crucial justice decisions in this state.
         “Always Lancaster” may be a fitting name for this “media” company because there is nothing that refers to news whatsoever in that title. 
         When the Lancaster Newspaper’s all white editorial staff reports to 8 W. King Street every morning they leave their principles and the truth at the door.  And as today’s editorial states, for the citizens of Lancaster County that means you should:
         Be afraid.
         Be very afraid.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 5th, 2014 Becky 10 comments


    Angie & Randy


          The Discovery Channel is now running a terrible piece on the Roseboro murder that I told you was being filmed in April.  (click here and click here to watch the piece online).  I will have a lot more to say about that, but in the meantime, I stated I received a letter from a lawyer relevant to my coverage of the murder – and I wrote the below shortly after receiving it but never posted it.  It seems appropriate now and this latest coverage must have sparked it:
          A letter from a lawyer came in the mail on Friday. The lawyer who hand-signed it is a principal in a large, well-known and prestigious law firm. It is a long, very detailed two page letter and apparently I even have a “File Number!”
         To my astonishment, the letter concerns a post I made over five years ago during the Michael Roseboro trial and comments that appear beneath it.
          The letter states [I have deleted his client’s name]:
         Though the commenters on have a First Amendment right to state their opinions regarding Mr. Roseboro, even in harsh terms, they do not have a right to make defamatory statements about others in doing so, or to make false comparisons between Mr. Roseboro, a convicted murder(sic), and others. The malice with which the comments were made is well-demonstrated by their gratuitous nature, as the statements regarding Mr. [deleted] had no relevance to the Roseboro trial.”
           The attorney then asks that I remove the comments immediately and goes on to detail seven specific comments by the comment number, the name the commenter used, the date of the comment and the exact time of their comment.
           Perhaps most disturbing is his final sentence:
          I would also ask you to please provide the IP addresses and any other identifying information for [deleted] and [deleted].
         Let me remind you that he is referring to comments made in July of 2009!
         My response to this attorney will come next week.  Please also see this morning’s very important post immediately below.  I will return to this tomorrow.  There is so much going on – that is not being covered by the Lancaster Newspapers! 


    Posted on October 5th, 2014 Becky 9 comments


    [Editor's note: This excellent comment also came in from "huh?" yesterday.  This is regarding Richard Sheetz, who recently returned to the Lancaster County District Attorney's office - see the two stories immediately below.  According to, Sheetz opened and forwarded many of the hard-core pornography emails exchanged among Governor Corbett's top ranking officials.  Pictured top is Barbara Hough Roda, the Executive Editor of the Lancaster Newspapers and below is Suzanne Cassidy, the Editorial Page Editor.  There will be more later today.]      

    Barbara     Two women at the supposed helm of the LNP. Will there be a story in tomorrow’s newspaper? Will they rake this prick across the coals? Will the newspaper call for his resignation?

         Will the newspaper print some of the disgusting things this man forwarded so there is no doubt at all that he wasn’t ‘victimized’ but rather actively took part in forwarding material of an ugly sexual nature that denigrates women?

         How many women work in their offices at the DA’s office? If this man had zero compunction and didn’t see anything at all demeaning to women that he would forward this crap to others, then just imagine his conscious and tacit attitude toward women.

     Cassidy    The two women at the LNP have a real chance now to just write it out. No need to buddy up to Stedman or to get some ‘soothing’ quotes from him. Dammit! These women need to show they are not tokens but rather agents of change.

        If this man forwards crap like this, just imagine what his attitude toward women who are on trial in the courtrooms there with this freaking pig on the prosecuting end. Will LNP grow some ovaries and stand up to that office at last? This is such an opportune time to flex real editorial muscles.


    Posted on October 4th, 2014 Becky 3 comments



    [Editor's note:  This comment in from "huh?" today says it better than I could (see the story immediately below and under the comments there is a link to the Philly papers that describe how vile, crude and disgusting these emails are).  Two notes:  Suzanne Cassidy, who is referenced, but not by name, is the new editor of the editorial page; Barbara Hough Roda is the executive editor of the paper.
         And I chuckled over this adoring and ridiculous article by LNP reporter Brett Hambright not long ago when Sheetz returned to the Lancaster DA's office - click here for "Prosecutor of Pa.'s most notable criminals returns to Lancaster DA's office."   Hambright doesn't have a clue what he's talking about and I covered Roderick Frey's trial in 1979 for the paper version of LIP and was in the courtroom at midnight when the death verdict was returned by the jury.]

         This guy FORWARDED the emails. He can’t even begin to plead “victim” status as someone who received unwanted emails. That is the one thing that I thought about when I read about this. If someone is a recipient but doesn’t solicit ugly emails then they are not necessarily “guilty” of distributing porn on state time.


         Richard Sheetz not only received them, he then viewed them and then forwarded them. The guy’s a pig. And these are the MEN who stand in judgment of women in Lancaster county? The guy should be fired today and there should be a nice big ol’ editorial by the woman who is the purported editor of the Lancaster papers. If he is distributing emails that demean and denigrate women, if I were an attorney in Lancaster I sure as hell would appeal to the courts to review any guilty pleas that any women received when tried by this guy. He shows a pattern of disrespect and good ol’ boy attitude towards women and I wouldn’t put anything past this bastard.


    Posted on October 4th, 2014 Becky 11 comments

    ** If you receive the below notice when coming here, I believe it is because this site is being slammed by people “googling” the Lancaster Newspaper’s possible new name, “Always Lancaster,” and coming to this site.  I apologize and will check with my webhost to rectify this problem.

          Resource Limit Is Reached
          The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

    *    Participation was a lot easier to gauge for Richard A. Sheetz Jr., who as executive deputy attorney general directing the criminal law division was one of Corbett’s top deputies.
         Sheetz, who retired from the state office after Kane’s election, received scores of the sexually-charged emails, and on about 30 occasions, he passed them on.
         Most of Sheetz’s forwards appeared to be to one individual. Sometimes it is to one of his former colleagues who was named as a porn recipient by Kane last week; other times it’s to a lone, blacked out name.
         But a telltale detail tells the reviewer how little anxiety Sheetz must have felt over the sexual material, which pretty clearly violated a longstanding OAG policy barring the use of state computers to access sexual materials.
         In all of the emails he sent, Sheetz’s full name, title, office address and telephone number sat at the bottom of the page, just as if he were reviewing major case strategy with one of his prosecutors.
    From (click here).
         Sheetz in now employed by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office under DA Craig Stedman.


    swarming6     Seriously, LNP?  Swarming insects?  There is a horrific, unsolved home invasion in Clay Township in which a 23-year-old man was shot and killed slightly over a week ago.  Are you going to do any follow-up on that?  What are the police doing?  Why haven’t they and the District Attorney’s Office released more information to the public?  Who are the killers and why haven’t they been arrested?
         An then there is the email scandal.  In fact, that is what your editorial is about today (click here for, “Pornographic email scandal in Harrisburg reveals appalling lack of judgment”).   One of the two Lancaster men involved works in the District Attorney’s Office – Richard Sheetz.  What was his role in this?  Oh, and it demonstrates far more than an “appalling lack of judgment.”  The emails are filthy, disgusting and vile. 
         So did Sheetz open them, respond to any of them, forward any of them to anyone else?  This man is paid by the public to protect and serve the citizens of Lancaster County!  What was his role in this?  The public needs to know – now! 
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 3rd, 2014 Becky 6 comments



         Lancaster City Police Detective Mike Winters (closest to the front) and colleagues on Prince Street this morning.  Shouldn’t the citizens of Lancaster be made aware of what is going on when there are multiple detectives, some with rifles, on the street?
         Were they hunting for the killer of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor from over two years ago?  Winters is the lead detective on that unsolved murder.  Were they hunting for the McDonalds shooter who shot a man on July 3rd of this year at 575 N. Franklin Street?  Were they hunting for the robbers of the Plum Street Turkey Hilll?  Were they hunting for the city home invaders who shot a man and pistol whipped a nine-year-old girl?
         Reportedly, a man and woman were taken into custody although the reason/charges are not known at this time.
          It’s First Friday – have a good one and be very careful out there!
    (Photos courtesy of “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page)

    Posted on October 3rd, 2014 Becky No comments


    Stedman1     I believe in term limits of one if you are not doing a good job, regardless of the office or branch of government,” Stedman [District Attorney Craig Stedman] said Thursday.
    From the LNP story, “Manheim Township GOP: Two terms is enough for county, local officials,” (click here).
         Isn’t that clever, DA Stedman?  In the ultimate irony, the Lancaster Newspapers are running a photo of Stedman with the story from last Christmas evening when he rushed to East Lampeter and held an impromptu press conference on the shooting death of two-month-old Kestyn Davis by her father, G. Scott Davis, House Member Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law.  
         His blatant misconduct and favoritism in handling that case should be investigated and he should be removed from office.  Period.
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on October 2nd, 2014 Becky 7 comments


    Look up

         We don’t know why this man is rolling his eyes and looking up – is it the possible new name of LNP – “Always Lancaster” – or was he just talking to a lawyer?  Actually, we do know – but you have to keep reading!
         Just when you think you are beginning to understand the legal system in this country – you are suddenly humbled by how little you know and have yet to learn.
    lavaud1     Case in point: I published on this site several days ago that Marie Lavaud’s bail had been modified from $150,000 cash to $150,000 unsecured bail and she had been released from Lancaster County Prison.  That is stated on her docket and it is true – but then came something shocking I never heard of before.  According to the Clerk of Courts Office this morning, there is this condition with the bail reduction that is not stated on her docket:
         “The original bail will be reinstated upon discharge from inpatient treatment following completion of medical or mental health treatment at which time defendant will be returned to Lancaster County Prison.”
         So, her bail was only modified and reduced so she could receive treatment at LGH and once that is completed she is returned to prison with her bail reset at $150,000 cash for two misdemeanors.  I am shocked and I will get explanations for this and print them here as soon as I can.  Click here for “MARIE LAVAUD IS JAILED.”
         On a somewhat lighter note, I had a most pleasant chat with an attorney this morning – of course, I did most of the talking which I think is wise whenever you have the misfortune of having to speak to a lawyer. Another federal case against the Lancaster Police Department has settled – and while everyone says the settlement amount is public information – you have to actually get someone to provide you with that figure and the details! 
         I was given the common sense, effective way to do that this morning!  It was one of those “oh, oh, oh…that makes sense” humbling moments! Thank you. This is going to be used for your case as well, you know that don’t you?  Thank you very much for speaking with me.  I will obviously have more on this shortly.
         So, is the man in the picture rolling his eyes at the Lancaster Newspaper’s possible new name “Always Lancaster” (see immediately below on this site)?  It sounds like a movie title, doesn’t it?  Is it possible they chose something that wretched?  But no, that’s not the reason.
         The picture was posted on the “People of Lancaster” Facebook page as an excellent parody of this ridiculous LNP article by Claudia Esbenshade, “Hey Lancaster, look up! Facebook page highlights what’s above our heads,” (click here).  Please!  Claudia must know the owner of the page.  At last check, even after this article, only 153 people “like” it.
         Finally, LNP is playing this story large, “Nationally-known analyst predicts a win for Wolf,” (click here).  Oh, please!  If Wolf doesn’t win it will be the largest political upset in Pennsylvania’s history – and I’m not even a “nationally-known analyst” and I know this!     

    Posted on October 2nd, 2014 Becky 8 comments

    Always LIP1

    *** –  “Always LIP”  What do you think?  I like it!  I really, really like it!

    ** *** BREAKING NEWS ***  Big Kev just sent in this comment:
         Off topic: Yesterday morning, I was driving outside the city and saw a yard sign in the ground “Always Lancaster” 10-16-14.  As I was returning home, I noticed these same signs attached to all the sidewalk newspaper boxes.  Will this be the name of the new newspaper: Always Lancaster?
         Have mercy! Click here for!  Can it be?  Thank you, Big Kev!!

    * Click here for the complete Letter-to-the-Editor now online.


    Stedman1      Our district attorney sidestepped inquiries about the lack of diversity in his own office and at the Lancaster County Courthouse. Everyone who knows anything about power knows the real power starts in the courthouse.
         I am sorry to point out that African-Americans are not represented in most of these offices — from the sheriff’s office to the recorder of deeds and our courthouse halls. It is amazing to me that, in a county of over 500,000, there is not even a black bailiff. And, just as in Ferguson, blacks are not represented in the surrounding police departments.
    From a Letter-to-the-Editor in today’s LNP print edition regarding the recent NAACP forum by Roger A. Culbreth Sr. (not currently online – I will link when it becomes available).
        This is an excellent letter and the real power absolutely starts in the courthouse – and at the Lancaster Newspapers who have ignored – in fact even promoted the lack of diversity – for years.  I have the exact figures and will republish them this afternoon. 
    Krasne      …Keim [Melody Keim, vice president for programs and initiatives for the Lancaster County Community Foundation] said her first meeting of a 16-member steering committee for the Lancaster City Alliance’s economic strategic planning effort reinforced her view that diversity is sometimes forgotten. She was the only woman on the committee. (One more has since joined.) And there was only one non-white member.
    From the September 29th article by Jeff Hawkes, “Promoting diversity, foundation challenges white, male power structure,” (click here).
    John Kirkpatrick     What Hawkes doesn’t tell the public is that the two highest ranking officers at the Lancaster Newspapers under owner Beverly (Peggy) Steinman are deeply involved in the Lancaster City Alliance – Robert M. Krasne, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Publisher (top photo) and John Kirkpatrick III, President.
        What an absolute disgrace!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 1st, 2014 Becky 7 comments

    * My friend wanted to make sure that I ask “Amber” if her incident was reported to the police.  If it wasn’t, please call them now and report it!
         Under the initial story, Amber sent this comment:
         Thank goodness for these women! This same guy pushed his way into my neighbor’s house which is connected to my house a week ago. My neighbor, who’s dealing with stage 4 cancer and was home alone with his young kids at the time managed to push him back out. The creepy guy was looking for someone who called the cops on him. So scary!


         My friend who sat on the burglar in Ephrata and was featured in a Lancaster Newspaper story (see below on this site), woke up to two flat tires this morning.  Her car was parked on the street with nine other cars and hers was the only one damaged.  They let the air out of the two driver’s side tires and ruined the valve stems. 
         She obviously feels she was targeted and that it was retaliation even though that is why she did not let any of the media use her name.  The police took a report and homeowners in the area with cameras are checking them.
         She said by phone this afternoon, “If you call in a tip to crime stoppers you get a thousand dollars but if you sit on the guy you get targeted and retaliation.  What’s wrong with that picture?”    A lot and it’s disgusting!
         She is still feisty however, and insists that anyone else in her shoes would have done what she did.  I’m not sure of that at all but what I do know is that nobody better mess with her again because these losers will become this site’s most wanted criminals and they will be tracked down, caught and jailed!
         I am behind on multiple stories that have been promised and I apologize.  Between letters from lawyers and my brave friend sitting on a burglar and personal items I simply have not had the time to do the research and make the calls that need to be made.  I will try to correct that starting tomorrow.
         I did catch this typo on Lancaster Online’s homepage today and I do enjoy it.  Do you think Stark has plans to “pan” any of these new shows?  Lol!    

    I pan


    Posted on October 1st, 2014 Becky 10 comments


         No one has been arrested, but Simmons said he believes he’s learned who police are searching for. He and Brett did not know them, he said.
         “They did not know my son, and my son did not know them,” he said.
         Simmons presumes the two young men somehow thought Brett had money. He declined to say why he thought that, but said the police investigators know.
    From today’s front-page, lead story pictured above (click here and please note this has a different headline online).
         Yesterday I labeled this story as “bizarre.”  Today I am stating this is irresponsible journalism.  There are so many holes in this father’s story that it borders on ridiculous.  Dan Nephin, the reporter, has a responsibility to explain those holes and raise the obvious questions himself, but he fails to do so.  And did he ask the father if he was on medication? 
         Someone in law enforcement needs to step up to the plate and tell the public what is going on – and they need to do it now!
         Nephin’s story is fear-mongering nonsense and the Lancaster Newspapers and Nephin should be ashamed of themselves.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 Becky 4 comments


                 Ann St.1         Ann St.2

         The unsolved crime that happened a year ago today is covered by this press release from the East Lampeter Township Police which I originally posted on this site on September 30, 2013 (click here):

         ELTPD received information that a retail theft of televisions had occurred at Walmart.   It was reported that a White male and a dark skinned male each placed 50 inch Sanyo flatscreen telvisions, valued at $996.00 each, into shopping carts and ran towards the exit.   The suspects loaded the televisions into the bed of a silver GMC Sierra pickup truck and exited the parking lot at a high rate of speed.    As the truck was exiting the lot one of the TV’s fell out of the truck onto the roadway.   It was later discovered that the suspect vehicle had crashed into a residence in the 100 blk of N. Ann St.    The second television was still in the bed of the vehicle and was recovered.   The suspects were not located.   Investigation continues.  
         I will come back to the latest on this tomorrow. 

    Home Invasion     Dan Nephin of the Lancaster Newspaper’s has a bizarre interview with the father who was shot and whose son was shot and killed in Thursday night’s Clay Township home invasion – click here for Father of Clay man shot and killed: My son didn’t deserve to die.”
         This is the latest update from the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police (click here): 
    Update – 09/30/2014
    Clay Township- 09/25/2014 at 23:04 Hours – 500 block of Clearview Road
         The Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department is continuing the investigation into the shooting death of an adult male, and the wounding of another man that occurred during a home invasion.
         This investigation began as NLCRPD officers were dispatched to a private residence located in the 500 block of Clearview Road in Clay Township shortly after 11:00 PM on September 25, 2014, for a reported shooting with two victims. According to occupants of the residence two males wearing masks and dressed in dark colored clothing entered the home and shot two of the homes occupants.
         The deceased victim is identified as BRETT SIMMONS, age 23 of Clearview Road, in Clay Township, his father identified as JAMES SIMMONS, age 44, of the same address remains hospitalized for ongoing treatment of his gunshot wounds.
         Since the initial reporting of the crime there has been a multi-faceted investigative response to the event, including completion of follow interviews, evidence collection and preservation, submission of sampling for forensic analysis, technical analysis of crime scene information, and forensic mapping of the crime scene.
         The NLCRPD is being assisted in the investigation by the Office of the Lancaster County District Attorney, who has provided investigators from the Lancaster County Major Crimes Team, and provided assistance from the Victims Services Unit to assist the victims of this crime.
         The forensic autopsy of the victim was completed by the Office of the Lancaster County Coroner on Monday morning, and determinations as to the cause and manner of death were formalized, the victim’s death was caused by gunshot wounds, and the manner of death was listed as a homicide.
         The Lancaster County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for this crime.
          An essential part of the NLCRPD response to this crime is focused on providing community safety and reassurance activities, such as providing escort services for citizens in the affected areas and continued visibility at schools in the area, during arrival, dismissal, and at numerous times during the school day. Citizens with concerns regarding safety issues should call 717-733-0965 and request assistance or additional information.
         Further information will be released concerning this investigation as it becomes available.  Anyone having further information or who may have been a witness to this event is requested to contact the NLCRPD at 717-733-0965 or via the department’s web page at


    Posted on September 30th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


    Home Invasion
          Joe from Manheim posed this question on this site several days ago:
          Why does it take Lancaster County Police so long to solve murders? In addition someone told Lancaster City has many murders that remain unsolved. I’m trying to figure all this out. Does anyone have input as to why our local police are so incompetent?
         I do, Joe! I have lots of input and one main reason!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 29th, 2014 Becky 16 comments


         I told my friend in Ephrata this morning that the press would be calling!  Did they ever!  Yes, it was a good friend of mine who sat on the burglar in her neighbor’s house until the police came.  She went to the store this morning and came home to find every TV station in front of her house, except WGAL but including Blue Ridge Cable 11, and LNP reporter Dan Nephin! 
         I think what she did is just amazing!  I want her for a neighbor as well as a friend!  While she was sitting on him and holding his arms down she told him, “You dumb son-of-a-bitch, why don’t you get a job!”
         Does it get any  better than that?  She doesn’t want me to use her name either but I hope this story goes national!  Both women deserve the recognition!
         Click here for “2 grandmas catch burglar, subdue him until police arrive.”
         Please be my neighbor!  

    Posted on September 29th, 2014 Becky 8 comments


          DA Stedman caused a stir at the NAACP forum when he opened with a declaration that there is no systematic racial discrimination in Lancaster County.
         But there are no African-American or Latino judges in the Lancaster County Courthouse.
         As one audience member at the NAACP forum pointed out, officials — even the bailiffs — at the Lancaster County Courthouse are overwhelmingly white.
    From Sunday’s editorial, “We must confront the issue of race in Lancaster,” (click here).
         You sound like this is news, LNP!  I’ve been saying it for ten years!  And didn’t your court reporter, Brett Hambright, who walks into the courthouse five days a week, ever tell you this?  And actually, every bailiff I have ever seen has been absolutely white – so the “overwhelmingly” doesn’t even apply here!  There will be more later today.
         On the subject of race, Marie Lavaud had her bail reduced from $150,000 cash to $150,000 unsecured bail and finally, after two months of incarceration on two misdemeanors, she was released from Lancaster County Prison on Friday.  There will also be more on this later today.
         And LNP reporter Dan Nephin doesn’t even mention race when it matters – the police press release clearly states the Clay home invaders are (click here for the release and also see the story immediately below on this site):
         The ongoing investigation has revealed that 2 masked men entered the home and both men were believed to be white or light skinned males.
         Nephin caused confusion with readers and commenters because he left this vital information out of his “updated” story – click here for Clay fatal home invasion suspects’ descriptions released.” 
         What is wrong with these reporters?  Do they have brains?  There will also be more on this horrific home invasion later today. 
         And I received (gasp!) a letter from a lawyer on Friday.  It is being reviewed by my legal eagle but I have developed a plan!  I am considering buying a Belgium, miniature, short-haired, short-eared, black and white, paper-eating rabbit!  That will fix them don’t you think?
         It’s national coffee day and I need some because it’s going to be busy!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 28th, 2014 Becky 18 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

           The ongoing investigation has revealed that 2 masked men entered the home and both men were believed to be white or light skinned males.
         Suspect #1 was described as being a young adult male, 5’9”-5’11”, average to medium build.
         Suspect #2 was described as being a young adult male, approximately 5’9”, average to medium build with blonde hair and dark eyes.
         From a just released Lancaster City Police press release on the home invasion.  Click here to read the entire release.

    *     “There have been no official updates.  Nothing has been released to anybody,” the woman who answered the phone at the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department said at 1:45 pm today.  They are the lead police department on Thursday night’s home invasion in Clay Township that left 23-year-old Brett Simmons dead and his father in the hospital. 
         She suggested I call back tomorrow.  I will.
         This Facebook update was posted yesterday by one of Brett’s brothers:
         Thank you all for the prayers and support. Its really hard right now and we’re all devastated. My dad is gonna be fine. I just hope they find those heartless bastards that killed my brother. I’m gonna miss you bro, we all love you so much. Rest in peace.


    Home Invasion
    Stedman1      Yesterday, at 1:49 pm, Lancaster Newspapers reporter Brett Hambright updated his story on Thursday night’s home invasion in which a 23-year-old was shot dead and his father is in critical condition, with these two sentences from DA Stedman (click here):
          “This was a pre-planned home-invasion,” District Attorney Craig Stedman said Saturday afternoon. “So these individuals are especially violent and extremely dangerous.”
        That’s all?  That’s fairly self-evident!  Stedman does not give the public any idea of the motive, a further description of these two men or what precautions the public should be taking!  Stedman has totally failed to inform or protect the public he is paid to protect and serve as the chief law enforcement officer of Lancaster County.
         This is reprehensible and inexcusable conduct by DA Stedman and the Lancaster Newspapers who have not updated the story since yesterday afternoon.  The public has a right and a need to know.  Now!
    Please check back later today.