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    Posted on August 24th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         I love it. Smucker who just claimed that Congress has been productive and has yet to hold a public session with his constituents is sitting right in front of a billboard for LanCity connect and MAW…a totally 2-bit outfit scamming dollars from Lancaster City. A perfect juxtapostion since Smucker does the same…scams money from Lancaster City and gives it to his benefactors LNP and High specifically.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under today’s LNP video, “Watch: Congressman Smucker meets with LNP Editorial Board,” (click here). A screenshot from the video is above.
         This is simply unbelievable! The sign in LNP’s boardroom says “Sponsored by LanCity Connect?” How much money has MAW given LNP? All of the money MAW has comes from the taxpayers – $4.7 million to be exact!

    Suzanne Cassidy, Opinion Editor, far right and clockwise Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Deputy Opinion Editor Rich Manieri.

         Did Mayor Gray and Patrick Hopkins suggest that MAW give LNP money to keep them happy and quiet? Is this the reason LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher has not told the public that MAW’s assets consist of a building in Reading valued at $89,000? Is this the reason Stuhldreher has not named a single business or institution that MAW has done business with before?

         This morning I just thought some of these people would be going to jail over the CRIZ. Now it looks as if they will be going to jail for LanCity Connect as well.
         And I hate to use Trump’s words but I will: The LNP editorial board is made up of some of the most dishonest people you will ever encounter.


    From, “City appeals state ruling to provide information to NewsLanc re $9 million CRIZ award,” (click here). Please note that LNP and High Industries make up the “Penn Square Partners.”

    Gray & Sorace

         Who is going to jail over this? Several people will go to jail. Who will they be?
         And today, the LNP editorial board “meets” with now U.S. Representative Lloyd Smucker who wrote the CRIZ for LNP – except it was supposed to be for blighted properties. Will Smucker be going to jail? Will he join Rick Gray and top LNP executives in jail? Will city council member and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace be going to jail? How about Randy Patterson and Patrick Hopkins? There are just so many…
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 23rd, 2017 Becky 5 comments


    A Tweet from LNP’s The Caucus today.

          Uh, oh! I think LNP is in trouble! Maybe The Caucus reporters could investigate themselves? 
          This is part of a comment in today:
         Since he is Auditor General, I would love it if someone would actually ask him if CRIZ and other corporate welfare monies thrown at the PSP need to be audited for a variety of reasons.
         This is why LNP started The Caucus and has all of these state politicians into their office. Using their power and influence exactly so they don’t get investigated and get all the money they want!
         But will it work? It has for years but their time may be up. They are guilty of legal corruption and a lot of people are on to them!


    From DePasquale’s Twitter account today (click here).

         Well look at this! Today, Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale and tomorrow U.S. Representative Lloyd Smucker. Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, the owner of LNP, must be ready to open her huge pocket book again! They are lining up for that cash!


         There was a city council meeting last night and you can watch it here (thank you again to Tony Dastra for live-streaming these meetings).

         Yes, Edward Woestman told city council he wants the statue of Christopher Columbus removed but council told him it is on county property (click here).
         Patrick Hopkins whined and complained and council president John Graupera told him there was no need to apologize when in fact there was.
         Randy Patterson did a song and dance for a business and the police want a grant to update their interview rooms.
         And as I watched these mindless fools, I thought of a Facebook post I read by a former council member who actually has a conscience. Maybe he will run again?

     Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 22nd, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         “New law gives first-time DUI offenders an option to losing their license for a year,” PennLive (click here).
         This might have saved Patrick Sensenig’s life (see below on this site). I was discussing this with a friend just the other day. How do judges and the DA think people can earn a living when they take away their license – not to mention paying all the fines and court costs that come with a DUI?
        In some cases public transportation or family/friends may be able to fill in but those cases are few and far between. Sensenig apparently continued to drive to work after having his license taken for his first DUI in January of this year. The police knew it – and attempted to stop him and he fled. When the officer showed up at his door to take him to jail, he shot and killed himself.
         This sounds like it is a sensible alternative.



         From page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition.

         LNP owner Beverly Steinman’s $25,000 contribution to the Smucker Victory Committee in October of last year (click here).

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 21st, 2017 Becky 10 comments


         The eclipse did strange things to people. Yes, instead of doing their “relentless, independent investigative reporting,” on, oh say, State Senator Scott Martin, the LNP reporters at The Caucus were asking that all important, urgent and penetrating question: What if George Washington tweeted! 
         Yes, I looked up the words and to the best of my ability “gollumpuses” means large, clumsy fellows and “fustilarians” are low fellows, stinkards and scoundrels. Hmmm… sound like anyone we know?




         This very important comment in yesterday (thank you):
         Becky – this is totally off topic but an important story.
         Scott Martin has his hand in the pipeline cookie jar and introducing legislation to curb anti-pipeline demonstrators.
         Do you think the LNP will cover this? I guess that honeymoon must have cost a pretty penny.
         No, I don’t think LNP will cover it! They are liars and thieves and Scott Martin saved their convention center/Marriott Hotel for them!
    Click here for, “Exclusive: PA Lawmaker Working to Curb Pipeline Protestors Tied to Shadow Lobbyists for Company Behind Project.”



    Mark Pugliese

         Regarding the police transmission encryption – I don’t know a lot about West Hempfield Township police Chief Mark Pugliese, who heads the county chiefs association and is leading the charge for encryption, but I do know the following:

    —  Years ago, when I distributed the special edition of LIP – “INCEST TRAGEDY” – he called and threatened me with a $300 fine for littering. Pugliese also put it in writing. Several years later, after I started this site, he denied ever doing that. That was a flat-out lie and I don’t like or trust liars.
    —  The son of a West Hempfield police officer, Devin Gardill, was charged in a violent home invasion for drugs in which he and a friend impersonated police officers. Gardill was allowed to finished high school and was sentenced to six months in boot camp.
    —  The West Hempfield police conducted a less than 11 hour investigation into the shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in Mountville by 17-year-old George Rosado. The case was closed the same day Hanna was shot and the police and the DA’s office wanted to try Rosado as a juvenile.
    —  In the horrific abuse case of the puppy Hennessey, a West Hempfield police officer went to interview his owner, Mario S. Crawley, and said he was such a nice guy he couldn’t have done it. Crawley pleaded guilty.
    —  Very recently, West Hempfield police officer Bradley Rohrbaugh was “let go” and charged with insurance fraud.

         Maybe the people of West Hempfield Township need protection from Pugliese and his officers!



    John R. Michener – Chief of the Southern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (click here for his biography on CrimeWatch).

         He had a felony warrant stemming from last week and the same officer who charged him had gone to the mobile home to arrest him, Hambright said. Details of the charges weren’t immediately available.
         The unnamed officer was invited inside the home where Sensenig and a woman engaged in a cordial conversation.
    From the LNP article, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” (click here).    
          So, the LNP reporter could not look up the charges and see which officer had filed the charges? It’s public information and yet LNP would not release it? 
         And today they have the unmitigated gall to talk about “transparency and accountability” in their editorial about the encryption of police transmissions (click here)?
         The charging officer is listed as the Chief – John R. Michener – and he should not have given the deceased the opportunity to commit suicide. Period.
         LNP’s refusal to do their job and name him and hold him accountable is the main reason there is so much corruption on all levels in Lancaster County.
    Please check back later today.  


    Posted on August 20th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


     *    On a much lighter and happier note, I was waiting for the CBS national news last night and caught the end of the Wyndham Golf Championship and there was a name and a face I recognized! Yes, Amanda Balionis, who used to work for the Sunday News under Marv and Gil!
          I wrote about “THE LION IN BALIONIS” on this site many years ago (click here).
         Good for her! Click here for “Amanda Balionis: Meet CBS’ PGA Tour Reporter.”



    From the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above on this site.

     Posted by Preston Harper [Ron Harper, Jr.] on Lancaster Online under the LNP article, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” (click here).

          Harper finally figured it out (see the comments under yesterday’s post). And “Edward T. Head” took down all his posts – probably because LNP moderators could figure out that his post and the posts coming from “Stanley Novak” had the same IP address.
         “Stanley Novak” is also Steven Markle and he is a very sick, demented stalker and racist who has been doing this for years. He recently posted this on Lancaster Online:

          So, if you see his wife, Cheryl Dum Markle, acting like a nice, normal person and are one of her 608 Facebook “friends,” and you are a minority or believe in equality and humanity – dump her sorry butt immediately! These are very sick individuals.
          That is enough on these stalkers and I want to come back to seriously look at this case and Hambright’s and LNP’s lies and the corruption in Lancaster County either later today or tomorrow.


    Posted on August 19th, 2017 Becky 12 comments


     Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under the story, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.,” (click here).

         Yes, John R. Michener is listed as the arresting officer on Patrick Gregory Sensenig’s docket.
         The “reporter,” Jonas Fortune, is fairly new to LNP, but if he hasn’t learned how to look up a docket he should be fired immediately. He is not “allowed” by his editors to publish information that is public and available to all!
         Unbelievable and disgusting but that is the way LNP works! It is unconscionable and an absolute disgrace to journalism and everything it should stand for.
    There will be more later today.        


    Posted on August 18th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


         When the District Attorney’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, shows up at a crime scene you know there’s trouble. Apparently DA Craig Stedman couldn’t make it because he’s at an Animal Law Conference in Philly today.
         Anyway, a police officer is in hot water – click here for LNP’s, “Man kills self as police officer serves arrest warrant at Conestoga Township home,” and make sure to read the comments underneath.   
         Will the DA release the name of the officer?  Will the DA comment on how the officer handled the situation?
         Time will tell and condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. 
    Have a safe and happy Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    *    The following Right to Know requested was submitted to the county this morning.



          Scathing? Obviously LNP either did not read or did not understand the audit (I am going with number two) . One procedural error by the Board noted in the audit. There is no connective tissue between the actual audit finding and The Auditor General’s news conference ‘performence’. Come on Alex, be more through and complete in your reporting /headline writing!
    Posted by Mark Anderson, the Manheim Township school board president, on Lancaster Online under the LNP “insider” article by Alex Geli, “Manheim Township adopts corrective action plan in response to scathing audit by state auditor general,” (click here).


         Apparently, LNP wants to get sued again! Alex, why don’t you report on how your fellow LNP reporters and editors lied and broke the law regarding their coverage of the school board?
         Why don’t you report on how LNP breaks every journalism code of ethics in this country by their involvement in the convention center/hotel?
         Why don’t you report on how LNP blatantly discriminates in their hiring and doesn’t have a single minority reporter?
         You’re fresh out of college, Alex, get the hell out of there and go work for a legitimate news organization.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 17th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


          So let’s get some facts straight regarding Luis O. Colon and the horrific attack by his dog on three members of the Warfel family on June 19th:
    — It takes the Lancaster City Police an inordinately long time to investigate the dog attack (June 19th) and bring charges (July 17th).
    —  The police state the owner’s address is in Pottsville, PA when in actuality he owns and has lived at 727-1/2 High Street for years (in fact that is where the prior attack on a child occurred by the same dog in 2014 – the CrimeWatch report says it occurred in 2013; however, according to a lawsuit resulting from the prior attack and attached to the recent suit by the Warfels, it happened in July of 2014).
    —  Unbelievably, the police allow the dog owner to quarantine the dog on his own property for 10 days following the latest attack.
    —  The dog’s owner apparently uses a variety of last names – or the Lancaster Police Department reported his name incorrectly.
    —  The Warfel’s lawyers did not trust the quality of the police’s/DA’s investigation so they filed a Motion for  Emergency Relief so they could obtain and save evidence in the case.
    —  The preliminary hearing for the dog’s owner was yesterday, and in this vicious attack that went national, LNP ignored the hearing and they have not printed a word about it as of this posting.
    —  The Warfel’s filed suit over a month ago and the public is just learning about it now (I was so frustrated today as I was talking to a friend that I went to the Prothonotary’s Office and there it was – but LNP obviously has far more resources than this site and should have reported it a month ago).
    —  And of course, the mugshot of Luis Omar Colon (or Colon-Colon) has never been released to the public.
    There will be more tomorrow.


    —   Judge Leonard G. Brown III granted the Warfel’s Motion for Emergency and/or Injunctive Relief:

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The Warfels have filed a lawsuit against Luis O. Colon (note the spelling of his last name) who owns the property at 727 1/2 High Street. It is unknown why the police said he is from Pottsville although apparently he also owns a property there as well.
         Click here for the below filing.


          Luis Colon-Colon, the owner of the pit bull that attacked and seriously injured three members of the Warfel family on June 19th of this year, had his preliminary hearing before District Judge Adam Witkonis yesterday. According to his docket, all of the charges were carried over to Common Pleas Court (see below).
         A mugshot of Colon-Colon has never been published. The final CrimeWatch entry states this (click here):
         As of the time of this release, Colon-Colon has not been placed on record (fingerprinted/photographed). When his photo is available it will be uploaded and saved to this release. 
        His photo has never been attached to the release and it is amazing that LNP did not send a reporter to cover the preliminary hearing of this man whose dog created an absolute nightmare scenario in the city.

  • *** – ** – * A WEB OF LIES AND DECEIT…

    Posted on August 16th, 2017 Becky 5 comments
     ***  11:19 am – The LanCity Connect website is back online after being down for almost 48 hours.
    ** According to this LNP article, MAW Communications President Frank Wiczkowski has received $4.7 million dollars from the city of Lancaster. $4.7 million dollars!

    *    Call Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and ask him to investigate immediately – 717-299-8100.


          The LanCity Connect website this morning at 8:15 am when you do a Google search to arrive at the site.

    —  Calling MAW Communications President Frank Wiczkowski! Where are you, Frank?
    —  Calling LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher! Where are you, Tim?
    —  Calling city business administrator Patrick Hopkins! Where are you, Patrick?
    —  Calling Mayor Gray’s chief of staff Pat Brogan! Where are you, Pat?
    —  Calling Mayor Gray! Where are you, Dick?
    —  Calling mayoral candidate and finance chair of city council Danene Sorace! Where are you, Danene?


    Posted on August 15th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


         One of the ads for LanCity Connect (actually just MAW Communications) that are running on LNP’s “story” today online involving their “Concerts on King” series, (click here).

         You cannot “schedule your installation today,” because as of 3:22 pm this afternoon the LanCity Connect website is still down. And once again, if unexpected public demand is at the root of their problems, why are they spending some of the millions of dollars the city of Lancaster has given them to advertise/sponsor LNP concerts? What a complete waste of the taxpayer’s money – and is that the reason LNP has not questioned one single thing about this company and the millions the city has given and loaned them?
         It is wonderful that the Candy Factory (who got an early, special hookup) is pleased with their service but how many others will get similar service and when? Many, many people are awaiting their connection, anxious to dump Comcast and get reasonably priced, high speed, reliable internet through LanCity Connect.
         That is what they were promised. Will it happen? LIP News will take a closer look tomorrow.




          I spoke with Anne Kirby, a founding member of the Candy Factory this afternoon by phone. She is featured in the LNP “insider” article from April of this year, “LanCity Connect: Lancaster’s municipal broadband is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania,” (click here).
         She said she is still extremely pleased with LanCity Connect and has not had any problems. She referred to them as a “savior,” because even with two accounts with Comcast, she said they could not get good service. She said the price for LanCity Connect is “comparable” with what Comcast was charging.
         She said she believes the demand was much greater than expected and she thinks that may be the reason MAW Communications is having problems. She said she has talked to a handful of the co-workers at the Candy Factory (they have 150 members) who live in the city and have LanCity Connect in their homes and said she believes they are happy with the service.

    —  11:38 am – The MAW Communications site is back up. LanCity Connect is still down.

    —   10:54 am – Now the MAW Communications website is down:

    ***  The District Attorney needs to start investigating this scam now! If Stedman won’t do it, then the State Attorney General needs to investigate – now!


    **    8:24 am – I got the below message once this morning when trying to go to the LanCity Connect website through Google. I got it again just now when I tried to follow a link on their Facebook page that would normally have taken me to their website.


    *    I updated this site yesterday (a new edition of WordPress was out and the same for several of my plugins). It took me less than five minutes. Granted, there was one time when it took me twenty minutes…


         MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) sent an email shortly after noon yesterday that their website was down. As of 7:53 am this morning, their website remains down.

         The email:

    Their website:

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 14th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         Sally Lyall, Chair of the Lancaster County Democratic Committee, said by phone today that two Democrats have put in their names as candidates for the position of Sheriff. She would not name them and only said they are both males and are currently being vetted. So it looks like the Democrats will have a candidate for Sheriff on November’s ballot.
         If you missed it over the weekend, it was published here that the Republicans have four candidates who have put in their names and you can read their Letters of Intent and Resumes here.
         In a bizarre twist today regarding Daniel Deleon, (see immediately below for the story of his bail amount and a link to the LNP story), the alleged biological father went on Lancaster Online under the story and said this in part:
         I am the father of that child, this matter has being in the courts since January. The mother is Amanda Gotshall, and she was a surrogate mother who took back custody after I got the child to Kansas. She lied to the courts and said I was not the father and judge Lesley Gorbey not only believed her but also unlawfully stripped me of my 14th Amendment rights by terminating my parental rights without a hearing. When I started to win in court, we had a hearing on May 24th, 2017, that’s when her attorneys began to withdraw representation of her and then on June 1st 2017 he was assaulted. Let me be clear it was not Daniel, it was Amanda who did this. It will be expected that once Daniel faces over 20 years in prison he will implicate her because who would want to go to prison when he didn’t do it.
         And there is a civil case in Lancaster County and someone who claims to be his lawyer and is named as such on his docket also posted.
         And then the crazies came out. Diane Enck Gamber telling everyone what they should and should not do or say – including his lawyer. This is just one of multiple, multiple posts by her:

          Well, it hasn’t been reported in the news and it would seem to be quite a story and it should be in the news! If I had more time I would contact him! And Diane, your behavior is inappropriate and ignorant and you come off as a childish person. Grow up!
         I just couldn’t resist. She sent one of the nastiest, profanity laced comments into this site ever! What a sick, arrogant piece of work.


    **   A quick update to a Saturday story on this site. I called District Judge Jayne Duncan’s office at 9:10 am this morning regarding the bail amount for Daniel Deleon. The woman who answered the phone looked it up and stated, “Yes, it is 10 percent.” She confirmed that Deleon only had to post $10,000 bail – not $100,000.
         LNP does not even care enough about the public to correct their story. As of 9:18 am this morning, “reporter” Lindsey Blest still says this as the last sentence in her story (click here):
         Deleon posted $100,000 bail at arraignment before District Judge Jayne Duncan on Friday morning.
         This is disgusting!  This is not factual! This is not journalism.


    *     Information has finally been entered under the ‘BARB HOUGH RODA” tab above. This is from an article in January of 2016 on this site and it will be updated.
         As summer comes to an end and children go back to school, the public will begin to look towards November’s election. And one thing is absolutely certain: Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman should not become a Superior Court Judge. There are multiple reasons under the RODA tab and many, many more to be added.

    1 RACE: WHITE!

         Millie Dixon and I in front of the Lancaster Newspaper offices in May of 2013.

        Today’s LNP front page headline in the print edition.

         Then why does LNP only hire 1 Race: White?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 13th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


    —     When Mayor Dick’s administration “gets in trouble” they call on Pat Brogan, the enforcer!  She is the only person from the city side of the story that “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher quotes in today’s piece on LanCity Connect. They turn to Brogan because she’s willing to lie non-stop, she’s mean and she scares the crap out of people! There will be much more tomorrow on all of the items Stuhldreher left out of his article today.

    —     I have not seen this article that is on the front page of today’s print edition online yet. But through William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP, we have learned that Baldrige is a liar and I don’t believe a word of this crap! Maybe she’s trying for another award because her one from their Manheim Township School Board coverage is going to get taken away from her? There will be more on Baldrige at a later date – and do understand that if this site did not exist no one would know what is going on in Murry’s damning lawsuit.

    —     LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy has been retweeting Charlottesville tweets all day long today. I honestly can’t take this hypocrite and out-right liar much longer. How many minorities work in your office with you, Cassidy? Get lost! Once again, boycott racist LNP and these liars!

    *    And here’s a list of LNP’s “behind the scenes” employees with their photographs – count the minorities. (This page takes a long time to load – maybe I need LanCity Connect – not!).


    Click here and the vigil is from 6 pm to 7 pm tonight in Penn Square.

         Is anyone going to do the right thing and call out the Lancaster Newspapers (LNP Media Group, Inc.) for their blatant racism. Their literal white ivory tower offices are just feet from where this is taking place. And their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel, which the city just gave over $9 million dollars to, is literally a few feet in the other direction.
         Who is going to do the right thing and call for a boycott of this racist, powerful company posing as a media organization that controls Lancaster and is at the forefront of keeping racism alive? They do not have one single minority reporter to send to cover this event! Can you even imagine? Click here for their employee list and count the number of minorities. It is absolutely shocking and unconscionable!
         Call for a boycott of the racist Lancaster Newspapers!

    $4.7 MILLION!

       A Lancaster city official recommended Tuesday that City Council authorize lending $1.5 million to the company building LanCity Connect, the city’s broadband network, in order to help it roll out the service to city residents.
         Another $1.5 million would underwrite residents’ upfront cost of connecting,  which the city would recoup over time through a surcharge. 
         …So far, the city has spent more than $1.7 million on the network, which is being built by Reading-based MAW Communications.
    From the March 1, 2017 LNP article, “$3 million in funding proposed to underwrite residential rollout of LanCity Connect broadband,” (click here).
         I have been understating how much money has been funneled to MAW Communications. According to this article, that amount is $4.7 million!
         Is that even possible? Someone is going to jail over this…



    Frank Wiczkowski, President of MAW Communications

          City resident David Hess says he’s a huge supporter of LanCity Connect, the public-private partnership that’s bringing fiber-optic broadband Internet to city residents.
    The opening sentence to today’s LNP article by Tim Stuhldreher, “Residents raise concerns over LanCity Connect broadband,” (click here).
         That’s one lie among many, many lies in this pathetic piece. It is not a “public-private partnership” – it is all MAW Communications and MAW Communications only. And there is this:
         Hess and Blank said they’re bothered by MAW’s decision to put the LanCity Connect network behind a single public IP address — that’s the unique number that identifies a host device on the internet.
         That’s absurd and I don’t even think it’s legal. That means if one person in Lancaster downloads child porn the entire city downloaded child porn! If I block a troll from my site, I block every one using LanCity Connect from my site!
         OMG! That can’t be legal! How can law enforcement determine who committed internet crimes?
    And on top of that, there is so much more… please check back later today.

  • *** BREAKING *** – ** – * GET IT RIGHT, LNP!

    Posted on August 12th, 2017 Becky 12 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** The four Republican candidates who want to be nominated to be the party’s candidate for Sheriff on the ballot in the November election are below (click here to go to the site and read their Letters of Intent and their Resumes).


    **   He was placed in Lancaster County Prison on $100,000 bond, according to court records.
    The final sentence in today’s LNP article, “Caregiver charged with molesting 14-year-old girl in Lancaster,” (click here).
         He really is in jail on $100,000 cash bond. Notice in the docket below that there is no “percentage” amount filled in. He has to post $100,000 to get out of jail as opposed to Deleon, below in this post, who only has to post $10% of $100,000 to get out of jail.
         It’s not hard, LNP! Get it right!



    *    Yesterday in the comments, I mentioned Patrick Hopkins and the discussion of the city’s deferred retirement option program during Monday’s city council committee meeting.
         Today, LNP has the story,Rule change will let a Lancaster firefighter join deferred-retirement program at higher rank,” (click here).
         Do you understand a word of this? You should have seen Hopkins doing his long numbers dance. You can’t believe a word that comes out of that man’s mouth. I still intend to transcribe it and post it here next week.


    10% of $100,000!

          Deleon posted $100,000 bail at arraignment before District Judge Jayne Duncan on Friday morning.
    The final sentence to the LNP article by Lindsey Blest, “Mount Joy Township man charged with fracturing 5-month-old infant’s skull,” (click here).


         No, this 28-year-old did not post $100,000! He posted 10% of $100,000 or $10,000. LNP has to start getting their bail facts correct! This is percentage bail (see a portion of his docket below) and it is actually quite low for the two first degree felonies and the other charges he faces. Stop misinforming the public, LNP!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 11th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


        It was on the front page of today’s LNP print edition today but did you notice how quickly the story became obscure on their website, “Watchdog group lists contaminants in Lancaster County tap water, but officials say water is legal, safe,” (click here)?
         That’s LNP for you. Everything is just hunky dory and fine and happy in Lancaster County – except for that whole Sheriff Reese thing – and we don’t ever question Mayor Gray’s administration and we believe every single word that comes out of Charlotte Katzenmoyer’s mouth and who even cares if you get cancer from the water? We don’t! Mayor Gray takes care of us and we take care of him. And we’re proud to be your community newspaper. Lighten up – who cares about the water?
         Sigh. Have a safe and happy Friday!


    *    What the heck? LanCity Connect (MAW Communications) posted the below on their Facebook page this morning (the below screenshots were taken at 11:30 am today) and the below comment was posted under it (now posted first here). Unbelievable! Has anyone seen MAW Communications owner Frank Wiczkowski or has he left town with a pocket full of money?


         Danene Sorace conveniently missed this vote last night, and a report/request by Randy Patterson to almost DOUBLE the CRIZ giveaway to PSP, but remember that she owns this deal and supports giving away more and more dollars to PSP through CRIZ, tax breaks, etc.
    Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under the article, “Council approves financing for LanCity Connect broadband network,” (click here).


         Oh, city council member and finance committee chair and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace, is not going to be able to “miss” this unbelievable MAW/LanCity Connect disaster!

         Oh, let’s just give MAW $3 million dollars without checking their assets, financial statements, work history or their reputation in the community!
         She is directly responsible for this disaster and also the Marriott “expansion” disaster and needs to resign her mayoral candidacy today!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on August 10th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         Another example of LNP selective sharing/reporting only what they want to, and only to those they choose to.
         This ‘news organization’ has become unreliable, untrustworthy and a disgrace to the journalism profession. Lancaster County readership and taxpayers deserve better; and only a clean sweep with a large broom will accomplish what has been needed for a LONG time.
         New ownership, new leadership, new editors, new reporters along with a new approach and ‘mission statement’ to provide us with the facts and nothing but the facts; regardless of who it may affect among the ‘power elite’..


         I found this excellent and so true comment under a Letter to the Editor from April of 2013 (click here). The letter involves an article written by former LNP reporter Bernard Harris, who lied to the public so repeatedly and so well for years about the convention center/hotel that Mayor Gray hired him to be the city clerk! Just one of many, many liars Gray has surrounded himself with for the last almost 12 years!

         And enough is enough! It is unbelievable that this has been going on for so long and all LNP and owner Beverly Steinman do is lie to the public to maintain their power and control in the county and line their own pockets – and that certainly includes “protecting” their benefactor, Mayor Rick Gray, his staff and the city council members, for years and years!


    **   Under the 20-year agreement, MAW will be paid about $500,000 to install fiber-optic cable and transmitters throughout the city. The company will get a share of residential and business subscriptions, which will pay for maintenance.
    From the LNP article by former reporter Dan Nephin in February of 2015, “City to get free Wi-Fi in public areas under new broadband plan,” (click here).
         How did $500,000 go to over $3 million dollars in two years?


    *    LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher “reports” on other happenings at Tuesday’s city council meeting but there is not one word about David Hess and his comment about LanCity Connect and MAW Communications (click here). This “reporter” has lied to the public over and over again about this “public-private partnership” and MAW Communications!                                                       


         It is so shocking that a purported member of the press would continuously flat-out lie  to the public this way. If you see Stuhldreher on the street tell him what a sorry piece of lying crap he is. Seriously! Click here for LNP’s, “Full coverage: LanCity Connect fiber-optic broadband,” and see 11 articles by Stuhldreher since February of this year doing nothing but praising the city and MAW and never questioning a thing!
         Stuhldreher has absolutely no respect for the truth, journalism or the public!



           City Resident David Hess addressed city council regarding LanCity Connect as follows on Tuesday night (click here to watch the video):

          I wanted to voice my concerns about the fiber internet rollout that’s underway called LanCity Connect. I realize that this isn’t directly related to city council but as it is a partnership between Lancaster City and MAW Communications, I wanted to bring this forward here.
         I’ve been a huge supporter of this project since the beginning and was thrilled to be an early adopter. But as the year has gone by since plans were first announced I’ve have had growing concern about the communication. A few people that I’ve recommended for the service go months without feedback – as well as some of their current technology. I have been in communications with them about a few things and go months without hearing back so what I wanted to bring forward here is more – I guess and urging city council in whatever way to encourage MAW and LanCity Connect to be more transparent and open.
         I think their communications with the city residents is key for this to survive and there’s already a lot of – their competitors – Comcast has already announced their plans probably in the far future but they are planning to compete with this so I think in order for this to survive, focus has to be put on the customer side of this which I think is probably slightly new for both MAW and the city to kind of be that part of a public private venture.
         Thank you.
         City Council President John Graupera’s response:
         And as you mentioned city council has no part in managing or providing the services or supervising what Lancaster Connect does and MAW does so I hope you’ve been in contact with them and they’ve done the same with you over your concerns?
         David Hess’ response:
         Yeah actually I have regularly contacted them throughout the past year but I’ve been not hearing back for a while and I’m actually reaching out to this meeting to kind of rattle cages. And I did hear back from MAW but that’s part of the problem – their communication is not fast enough or transparent enough.

    Posted on August 9th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


         Good for David Hess! It took one concerned citizen to go in front of city council to get some answers and learn the absolute truth. LanCity Connect is not a public-private partnership with the city of Lancaster as we have been told repeatedly by LNP and city officials. LanCity Connect is simply another name for MAW Communications.
         I was wondering last night if Mayor Gray has uttered one true statement in his entire lifetime? He’s a liar and he hires liars and keeps himself surrounded with liars. And LNP doesn’t ever call him on it because he has been so generous to them and gotten them millions of dollars in public money. He even got them some of MAW’s money (or the public’s money) for sponsoring their Concert on King series. The corruption in Gray’s three administrations is shocking.
         There will be much more tomorrow – including David Hess’ full comment to city council – which I promised today but then there were breaking developments in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP. I actually mentioned and quoted a Dave Hess in “WHERE’S THE MONEY, MAW? – 2” on this site a while back and while I can’t be absolutely sure – it’s a pretty good guess that he is the same person who addressed city council last night (click here). What an excellent thing he did!
         From the same article on this site named and linked to above, there is also the below screenshot of another item from that day. This is when I truly believed there was a “partnership” and some of the money from LanCity Connect came from the city (and I put in a Right to Know request). Not true – well unless you consider that all of MAW’s money does indeed come from the city taxpayers. Is MAW paying off LNP?


    *    “The community response to published articles and the fact that a person trusted a reporter enough to leak an audio tape so the truth could be told is exactly what this award is intended to honor — the trust a community gives its newspaper to right a wrong,” the judges wrote.
    From the LNP article, “LNP coverage of Manheim Twp. school board earns Pa. NewsMedia Association’s top award,” (click here).
         No, it looks like the superintendent the Manheim Township School Board was investigating, John Nodecker, who was forced to resign because of alleged sexual misconduct, colluded with the reporters and taped and provided the audio to LNP himself! Will the Pa. NewsMedia Association take back the award?

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         On a completely different note, Judge David Ashworth issued the following order in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP, Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, investigative reporter Susan Baldrige and former education reporter Kara Newhouse. How much longer can Roda and Baldrige keep their jobs?



     Public-Private Partnerships Defined
    A public-private partnership (P3) is a contractual arrangement between a public agency (federal, state or local) and a private sector entity. Through this agreement, the skills and assets of each sector (public and private) are shared in delivering a service or facility for the use of the general public. In addition to the sharing of resources, each party shares in the risks and rewards potential in the delivery of the service and/or facility.

    From the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (click here).
         MAW Communications is not sharing in any of the risk and the city is in this in name only and supplying all of the money. I particularly enjoy #7 under the same link as above – “Pick your Partner Carefully.”


         I may be slow, but sometimes I figure things out. This whole LanCity Connect business is a hoax. It is strictly MAW Communications. The only involvement by the city of Lancaster is paying and loaning this company millions of dollars.
         Presenting it as a “public-private partnership” makes it sound safer. It sounds like the city and MAW are working hand-in-hand and the city can jump in and correct items if MAW fails on an aspect of the job. That is incorrect and the city is lying. LanCity Connect is nothing more than another name for MAW Communications.


    **   From the LanCity Connect “Terms of Service” (click here):
          Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property
         You agree that the LanCity Connect name, logo and other devices are registered trademarks of MAW Communications Inc. and that you won’t misappropriate, dilute, besmirch or otherwise violate our intellectual property rights.
         You agree that you will not hack, reverse engineer, copy, modify, redistribute or resell any of our intellectual property. That includes but is not limited to the LanCity Connect website, mobile apps, billing systems, algorithms or any of the other stuff we’ve worked hard to create. Doing so would be a violation of these Terms of Service.


    From the LanCity Connect website (click here).

         Oh, this is simple alright. LanCity Connect is not a public-private partnership!  LanCity Connect is owned,  managed, and supervised by MAW Communications and the city’s only involvement was to give them millions of dollars in payments and a $1.5 million dollar loan.




    Lancaster city resident David Hess addressing city council last night about LanCity Connect and MAW Communications.

          “And as you mentioned, city council has no part in managing or providing the services or supervising what Lancaster Connect does and MAW does so I hope you’ve been in contact with them and they’ve done the same with you over your concerns?”


    City Council President John Graupera at last night’s city council meeting in response to David Hess’ public comment about LanCity Connect and MAW Communications (click here to watch the meeting and Hess’ comments begin within the first two minutes of the tape).
         Then who does? This is outrageous! Who runs LanCity Connect? Who is involved from the city? City Council has given MAW Communications over two million in payments and an additional $1.5 million in the form of a loan. Who does manage and supervise LanCity Connect? Anyone? Who will be going to jail over this?
    Please check back later today for Hess’ full comment and for the fourth time, LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, resign!


    Posted on August 8th, 2017 Becky 1 comment

    *    An excellent presentation was given on the Lancaster Public Library at last night’s city council committee meeting. Again, you can watch the full meeting here and there will be more on the library on this site later today.




         Last week city councilman James Reichenbach was worried about the “plight of the tuktuk!” This week it’s puppy mills (click here for LNP’s, “Council resolution asks Lancaster residents to fight ‘puppy mills’ by adopting from shelters”).
         And there are lots of quotes from Mayor Gray who defended puppy mills when he was a lawyer (click here for, “Campaign goes to the dogs – City GOP places signs attacking Gray’s legal defense of puppy mill owners”) and city council might consider asking/demanding that LNP stop running puppy mill ads on their website.
         Unbelievable! Unsolved murders and crimes, bad streets, problems with the firefighters and a racist, mostly live out-of-the city police force and Reichenback comes up with a resolution on puppy mills!
         You can watch last night’s city council committee meeting here.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 7th, 2017 Becky 11 comments


    A screenshot of today’s LNP editorial online (click here). This is completely incorrect information.

         It took me a lot longer than you might think to find the 5.8% unemployment rate for the city of Lancaster in June of 2017 according to the PA Department of Labor. I had to call several people and finally got an exceptionally knowledgeable man at the Department of Labor. He said there are no other valid rates published anywhere else for Lancaster and that the city is such a small population group that the statistics are in a sub-group of statistics and not part of the department’s main data output.
         I told him that the Lancaster Newspapers were stating 13.9 percent and he noticed that is the figure for the labor force in East Hempfield Township immediately above the city in the chart below and said maybe that is where they got the number.
         I don’t know where they came up with 13.9 percent for the city and further, 14.7 percent for the southwest part of the city, but neither is close to being valid.
         I knew something was wrong immediately when I read it this morning. How could this have gotten by all those editors? And if this didn’t strike at least one person as wrong, how can we possibly believe anything they say in the editorial about Lancaster’s fiscal situation?
         This is a glaring, embarrassing and totally misleading error and LNP needs to make a correction now.
    There will be more tomorrow.



         Lancaster city’s unemployment rate is 5.8 percent (see below and click here for the original data – on page 10 for the June 2017 rates). The Lancaster Newspapers are completely wrong and need to issue a correction now.


    ***   To clarify, Dr. Ken Smith, the Department Chair of the Economics Department at Millersville University, is quoted below (click here). Thank you very much for speaking with me.

    **   Ken Smith of the Millersville University Economics Department said by phone this morning that he can not imagine where LNP got the 13.9 percent unemployment rate for the city of Lancaster they used in today’s editorial.
         He said the US Department of Labor figures are for Lancaster County and said he can’t imagine that the county could be that low (4.1 percent) and the city that high (13.9 percent according to LNP).
         He said it was a “good question” where LNP got their figures.
         LNP needs to clarify their editorial and state where the 13.9 and 14.7 percent figures they quote come from or make a correction to their editorial now.


    *    Where is LNP getting their statistics? Not from the U.S. Department of Labor. They say Lancaster’s unemployment rate is 4.1 percent (click here and see below)! Has someone at LNP been drinking again?


         The city’s overall unemployment rate is 13.9 percent. Unemployment in the Southwest is 14.7 percent.
         These numbers are all too high, especially when you consider, for example, that the unemployment rate for the nation is 4.3 percent.
    From today’s LNP editorial, “Lancaster should be congratulated for getting its fiscal house in order,” (click here).
         Are these numbers correct? How is that possible? The national unemployment rate is 4.3 percent but in the city it’s 13.9 percent? What the hell is going on?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 4th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         Today is a remarkable day! There is an absolutely ridiculous story about a pig as the lead story on the front page of the LNP print edition and an “insider” story online (click here  for, “Runaway piglet dodges Queen Street traffic, rescuer says pig needs hernia surgery to survive”).
         Unbelievably, there is yet another story about the tuktuk! Will LNP be doing daily updates?
         And there is an editorial today about legislators moonlighting and LNP doesn’t mention – protects – Lancaster County’s own Bryan Cutler who is one of the worst offenders (and one of LNP owner Beverly Steinman’s favorites).
         And still there is not a word from LNP on the procedure to replace former Sheriff Mark Reese who resigned from office this Monday. Not a word!
         It must be a proud day for LNP content editor Tom Murse. Feed the public swill and more swill! Will they notice?
    Please check back later today!    


    Posted on August 3rd, 2017 Becky 9 comments

         Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow and then go on break for Saturday and Sunday and return on Monday.

    Sent to me on Facebook messenger today.

    —  Steven Markle – get help and do not contact me again – see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above. Five years of being obsessed with me everyday! You would think your family or your in-laws would demand that you get the help you so obviously need.
        This is all you have done with your life for the last 15 years and I’m sure you have a folder with all of your Facebook names and log-ins (the way you did so long ago for the “Talkback” forum when you were many variations of “the crow” and the police raided your home because you hacked Ron Harper’s email account).
         You are Stanley Novak and multiple, multiple other names and DO NOT contact me again. You are very sick and a convicted stalker.
    —   See the comments under “Lancaster police arrest man wanted on Megan’s Law violations, burglary warrant” for an explanation of all this (click here).



         The Republicans are seeking candidates for sheriff (click here).



    *     Sell the Reservoir Street property without restrictions to the City of Lancaster, which stands ready to make the purchase.
    From City Council President John Graupera’s new website (click here) and the topic of today’s LNP story, “New website pressures Giant to let another grocer move in to former Lancaster city store,” (click here).
         That’s just a flat-out lie, John, and you should obviously know better. You city council members think you are gods or something! Even Mayor Gray disagrees with you and that’s a first!
         All of these worthless, lying city council members need to go!



           Thanks for the heads up Becky. I too am stunned that LNP hasn’t written anything about what happens now that the Sheriff has resigned. Ok not really haha. I do feel though that in the interest of full disclosure I should state that I was Louie Rodriguez’s Campaign Manager. This was of course public information & I was proud to have served him. So I guess I am biased but much happened during that campaign that signaled impending potential problems with Mark Reese.
    This comment in from Shelley Castetter yesterday.
           Thanks, Shelley! Please keep us informed if you can.
          There is still nothing from LNP about what happens now that Mark Reese has resigned as Sheriff. Nothing about the upcoming election and possible candidates. Unbelievable!
    LNP’s Facebook page states:

         The source of news and information for every resident of Lancaster County. Mostly local, sometimes global. From the LNP newsroom.

         They should change that to read:
         We only tell you what we want you to know (and sometimes we lie) so we can control this county and everything that happens in it and continue to line our pockets with more of your money!
         And speaking of control, there is this excellent part of a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition (not currently online):
         The Lancaster City Alliance is nothing more than the arm of LNP, High Industries, Mayor Gray and city council. The only thing they care about is the six-block magazine section of the city.
          As Republican mayoral candidate Cindy Stewart says:
         Time for change!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on August 2nd, 2017 Becky 8 comments


    **  Shelley Castetter, who at one time had a political blog and has long been politically active, has posted information under the editorial on Lancaster Online that reflects what I posted here (again, the link is here). That’s right! LNP won’t do it so she did!
         And she mentions Louie Rodriguez as a possible Republican candidate as did a commenter to this site. He ran before and this is an old campaign information page – click here.
         Her full comment is this:
         The Governor has the choice to appoint a new Sheriff. He can appoint up to 90 days after the resignation. The Chief Deputy becomes the Acting Sheriff, which means no change in that area since he has been the Acting Sheriff since Reese left. Randall Wenger head of the Boad of Elections has said that the Sheriff’s position will now be on the ballot in this November’s election even though this position would not normally be up for reelection for 2 more years. The Republicans are already putting their endorsement meeting together. Candidates? Well when Reese ran the first time his Republican opponent was an outstanding candidate Louie Rodriguez who was a Special Agent with the Attorney General’s Office and a former Lancaster City Police Officer. Coming back in? Well that remains to be seen.


    *    So…..what happens next…is a new sheriff appointed/ Is there a vote to elect a new sheriff? Who might the possible candidates be? Questions, questions, questions……how soon will LNP be able to provide any insight, so that the public can be well-informed ahead of time?

    This comment is posted on Lancaster Online under the editorial linked to below (I have made some spelling corrections).
         Exactly! This is absurd! Not one word from LNP on what happens next! Are these people idiots or do they have an ulterior motive/candidate they want in office to keep the Sheriff’s legal advertising in LNP?


         The long, winding and unnecessary saga of Lancaster County Sheriff Mark Reese
    The headline to today’s LNP editorial (click here).
         Unbelievable! LNP has another editorial this morning on former Sheriff Reese that is unnecessary, pointless and nothing but a stupid rehash of the whole situation and an opportunity to back-scratch some politicians so LNP gets favors in the future.
         What LNP should be doing is telling you what happens now. The public will go to the polls in slightly over three months to vote for a new sheriff and not a thing is known about the potential candidates.
         So, I will rehash what I learned and published  piecemeal on this site yesterday (thanks to the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association, Randall Wenger of the Voter Registration Office and commenters to this site).
         Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Hamilton is currently the acting sheriff. He can only be replaced by Governor Tom Wolf. In the unlikely event that Wolf does appoint a new sheriff, that appointment would only be good until the public elects a new sheriff this November and Wolf’s appointment would end when the elected person takes the oath of office in January.
         The position of sheriff will be on this November’s ballot. And while it’s not a “special” election, it is in the sense that the sheriff’s office would not normally be on the ballot this year. The voters will be electing a sheriff for only two years this November so the regular sheriff’s office cycle will revert back to every four years in 2020.
         The Democrats, Republicans, the Green Party and the Libertarians have until September 18th to nominate a candidate for this year’s ballot.
         What the public desperately needs to know is information on any potential candidates so we can avoid another Reese. The political parties need to thoroughly vet their candidates and be prepared to give the public a thorough business and personal resume.
         There is very little known about any of the potential candidates and that must change. This site will do all it can to review the potential, and after September 18th, the actual candidates for the position of Sheriff of Lancaster County.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on August 1st, 2017 Becky 30 comments


          Puryear applied to Lancaster city’s health division in April 2016 in order to obtain a license to operate a food service cart for his business “Drinks on Wheels” and was photographed selling popsicles in Penn Square in May of 2016, police said.
    From the LNP article, “Lititz police are seeking the whereabouts of registered sex offender with outstanding warrants,” (click here).
         First and foremost, Jerry, turn yourself in! Do it now!
         As I stated previously, the Affidavit of Probable Cause lists this site as running a picture of him selling popsicles. And I did in May of last year (click here for the post). I had no idea if he had registered it with Megan’s Law – I had no idea what he had to register under Megan’s Law. I was simply having some fun.
         But he didn’t sell popsicles for long! In a video I’ve had for a long time, City Health Officer Kim Wissler and Police Officer Jose De La Torre (yes, that officer) showed up in no time and shut him down!
         Now, turn yourself in, Jerry!


    *    Randall Wenger corrected two things I posted. This is not a “special” election and that has been corrected below.
         Also, the Green and Libertarian parties may nominate a candidate to be on the ballot for the position of sheriff.


          The position of Sheriff will be on this November’s ballot, Randall O. Wenger, Chief Clerk in the Voter Registration Office, said this afternoon by phone. The position will be a part of the November election and will be for a two-year term only – from 2018 (they will take the oath of office in January) to 2020.
         Mark Reese, who resigned the office effective yesterday, was elected for a four year term that would have ended in 2020. So this election will only be for two years to catch up to the “normal” cycle.
         Republicans and Democrats have until September 18th to get their nominating petitions in and get a name on the November ballot to run for the position of Sheriff of Lancaster County, according to Wenger.


    *    I just received the below reply to my question to the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association regarding Sheriff Reese and his replacement.
         My question to them was: Sheriff Reese of Lancaster County just resigned. What happens now? Do the Commissioners appoint a replacement until the next election or is there a special election? Thanks!!


         The city plans to clean the underground mains and seal them with an innovative product developed by RePipe4710, a Lancaster-based startup.
         RePipe4710’s system involves heating plastic piping, curling it into a “C” shape, feeding it through existing pipe, then using high pressure and steam to expand and seal it.
         “It forms a solid plastic pipe inside the other pipe,” Katzenmoyer said. The number “4710” refers to the type of plastic used.
    From the LNP article, “Lancaster embarking on $2.3M project to repair crumbling water mains in Millersville neighborhood,” (click here).
         This sounds great and all – and a “Lancaster-based startup” to boot – but has this been approved by the government and where else has this system been used? What about water quality and the plastic? Where are the test results for this product? Are there any? How long will these new pipes last?
         Katzenmoyer has proved that she’s really not very good at what she does. How much investigation into this system has Lancaster done? Is anyone going to ask these questions?
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on July 31st, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         In this tweet by LNP reporter Alex Geli, he says Gray used to be a boy scout! At least that’s a change from the 500 plus articles where LNP reporters say he was a former defense attorney for 40 years.
         So, I’ll give Gray some tips on being a good Lancastrian:
    —  Tell the truth. (I know this might be difficult for a former defense attorney and you’re failing miserably at it but try really, really hard!)
    —  Do not hire a man whose ex-wife has written a book about him titled, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge” to be your Chief of Police. I really hope I don’t have to explain that to you again, especially to a former lawyer and boy scout, but I’m still trying to get Dr. Phil to cover it and maybe he can explain it to you better than I can.
    —  Do not claim to be at the forefront of civil rights and then totally align yourself with a blatantly racist company.
    —  Do not tell the city council members and the public not to second guess the police when that is how you earned your living for over 40 years.
    —  Do you remember during the one mayoral debate you told the public you’re a lawyer and you know the difference between a legal and a non-legal arrest so the police know they have to do the right thing? How’s that working out for you?
         I could go on for days – but let’s talk about the one really important item that has you going these days – the biggest item on Lancaster’s plate right now – that’s right – the tuktuk! The below screenshot is from yesterday’s Sunday News in their “The Week in Review” section.
         And I stated very seriously on this site that this was one of the dumbest things you have ever said – and the idiots at LNP repeated it in their editorial (click here):
         Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray said last week that the tuk-tuk is “an alternative form of transportation that appeals to both tourists and local residents alike,” and is “an easy way to get around the central part of the city.”
         That directly conflicts with the two petitions to the PUC! You are arguing that it is transportation, not just amusement/entertainment! Hey, Bob, let’s take the tuktuk to work this morning! Hey, Ethel, let’s take the tuktuk to go to lunch! Hey, Fred, let’s take the tuktuk to the train station! Hey, Amos, let’s take the tuktuk to go to Central Market!
         Have you lost your mind? Clearly! Those poor boy scouts!

    **   The LNP story is now online – click here.

    *    What a piece of sh*t Stedman is. This guy had to pay an attorney to prepare and schedule a day for this. Are Stedman and crew so totally incompetent that they just realized this case was happening today and made the decision to throw in the towel on the spur of the moment? Or as huh? suggests, was this part of the intimidation and harassment of him. Never would have happened if Staton was white.
         This comment came under the below post (click here for the original). Unbelievable! Staton and his lawyer were both physically on their way to Lancaster when his lawyer got the call!



          The above is from today’s LNP print edition (not currently online).

               Directly from the lawsuit:

  • ** – * GET OUT, RODA!

    Posted on July 30th, 2017 Becky No comments


    **   Today’s big front page story in the Sunday News is about legislators moonlighting! But there’s not one word from these intrepid, investigative LNP owned The Caucus reporters about Lancaster County’s own Representative Bryan Cutler! Why didn’t he make your cut? He’s been doing it for years!
         You could have just re-run former LNP reporter Gil Smart’s March 2009 story, “Cutler hangs a second shingle – Legislator working part time as attorney,” (click here).
         And he still is (click here):


    *    This is part of a comment under the Lancaster Online article, Lancaster County Commissioners order police transmissions encrypted, blocking scanners for public, media,” (click here):
         I am having a most difficult time believing what I just read.
    As a lifetime radio listener – AM/FM/Shortwave/”Ham”/Emergency Communications, as well as long-time radio broadcaster and amateur radio operator, too often involved in emergency situations, I can’t believe it. Floods, Storms, Lost Persons, Nearby Crimes, Public Events, are just a few things we can monitor, and should. Our abilities to monitor all emergency services – they all relate – is invaluable to the public and must remain unchallenged.
    As far as – The media, yes. The public, no:

         This, at least, certainly would be unconstitutional(?). Let’s all read that thing, again.
    The media has no special powers, anymore than they have special badges acknowledging that they are “the one and only media”. Being a member of the media is a self-proclaimed designation, with no rights of knowledge at all above those of any citizen, anytime, anywhere for any reason. Though they may, sometimes(?) have that “freedom of the press” thing going for them, suffice it to say that if things are “public”, anyone who wants to be “media” will be fine.


    (Click here)

         I knew LNP would fight the encryption, but LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, is only asking for a media exception and that is absolutely and totally unacceptable, irresponsible and legally unsupportable! Who the hell does she think she is and does she realize her primary job as a “journalist” is to stand for the citizens?
         LNP also needs to fight the courthouse cell phone ban. The only person I saw with a cell phone at Monday’s hearing for (Sheriff) Mark Reese was LNP reporter Jonas Fortune. That is unacceptable and this woman should know that! Open and accessible courtrooms are at the foundation of our democracy!
         Run this sorry excuse for a “news organization” out of town!
         Resign, Roda!

  • UPDATE *** – ** – * TIM PLAYS COPYCAT!

    Posted on July 29th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


          Why hasn’t District Attorney Craig Stedman criminally charged Mark Reese with harassment and stalking? Remember when a woman sent a former employer black roses with a card that read “karma” and the New Holland Police charged her?
         That was absurd and the police had to drop the charge (see below), but seriously, why hasn’t the DA charged Reese? He admits to sending the pornographic emails and he admits to having a “spot” where he used to watch Deputy Sheriff Jessica Padilla (this apparently really shook her because she testified about it in court on Monday). So why hasn’t he been criminally charged with stalking and harassment?
         If the DA had charged him months ago, could all of this have been ended much sooner? 
         A partial screenshot of the post on the black roses is below and the full original is here.



    ***  The below update is posted on the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page – click here to read the full release and the blocks in question:


    **   And with one sentence, the attorneys for State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument end their lawsuit against (Sheriff – until Monday) Mark Reese:


    *    (Sheriff – until Monday) Mark Reese’s bizarre email letter of resignation (click here for the original attached to the lawsuit):



     (Click here)

         Today, LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher took mayoral candidate Cindy Stewart’s idea and LNP put it on the front page – using an almost identical photograph.
         Stuhldreher’s piece is inane and shallow while Stewart got a lot of excellent comments. Read her page and tell Tim to go kiss Mayor Gray’s butt!
    Please check back later today.