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    Posted on October 31st, 2016 Becky 5 comments


          That was one righteous letter of resignation. Now, who is going to be accountable at the DA’s office and address the issue of “lying”? Surely their office can’t let this accusation go unanswered?
    This comment in today.
          That is an excellent question! We will see…


    *** Posted under the LNP article on Lancaster Online (click here).
           LNP reporter Tom Knapp is stating that DA Craig Stedman and his spokesman, Brett Hambright, flat-out lied to the public.
         So what is LNP going to do about this? As I’ve said before, LNP wrote three editorials praising Stedman for his “stand” and email hotline against animal cruelty! Are they going to retract them? Are they going to demand that charges are lodged in what has been described by several individuals as the horrific abuse and torture to the puppy Hennessey?
         I don’t know why these animal cruelty stories are such clickbait – or as Stedman insultingly referred to them – “social media tantrums” – but humans come before animals and I want to get back to those cases. Will LNP demand answers from Stedman about all the unsolved murders and the homicides where no charges have been filed against their known killers?
    **   Part of Susan Martin’s resignation letter to the Lancaster County SPCA Board of Directors:
         While serving at the LCSPCA I have endured many trials which included my car windows being shot out in my own driveway of my house, death threats, exposed to facing numerous animal cruelty, harassment by a corrupt Dog Law insinuating I should euthanize puppies, and most recently unjust public scrutiny brought on by a cruelty case whereas the District Attorney felt it was necessary to lie to the public to cover up the mistakes by his office.  Through all of this I never swayed nor doubted that I was where I was supposed to be and at the very least I did not care what others thought knowing all along I was doing the right thing while always taking the high road. 
         But as you know, the past few weeks I have had to face the worst case of animal abuse I have ever seen in a dog named Hennessey.  I had to personally carry this lifeless dog back to the SPCA exam room and make the hard decision to have this puppy euthanized after understanding all the heartache she had endured.  During this process this puppy lied paralyzed only to look up at me during her last moments to when I could see her eyes reflect the horror she had endured.  This memory will truly haunt me for the rest of my life.  After insisting that the District Attorney pursue this case with no avail, I had felt for the first time working at the SPCA that I was completely helpless to help an animal. 
         … I can live through public scrutiny and accept the fact of being a scape goat and accepting lies the District Attorney has used to cover up mishaps from the DAs office.  However, I cannot live with myself knowing that animals are truly no longer protected and the District Attorney continues to deceive this county in believing they are.  Until the corruption and lies are exposed in this county as to how animal welfare is handled and community leaders step up to hold authorities to their promises, I can no longer be a part of animal welfare work and endure looking at another cruelty case come through the SPCA doors.  


    *   This was posted on the Fox43 Facebook page under the article about Susan Martin resigning from the SPCA (click here).
         What in the world? Get a grip, folks!



    *** BREAKING NEWS ***



         LIP News has learned that Mario Steven Crawley, 25, was the owner of the puppy Hennessey. His last known address is 324 Primrose Lane in Mountville according to marriage license records from August of this year (click here).





    Posted on October 31st, 2016 Becky 9 comments


    stedman19      DA Craig Stedman on WGAL today (click here).


          A quote from Stedman in the WGAL story.
         Yes, you and the Lancaster City Police have left a lot of killers on the loose!

          And the drama between Stedman and the SPCA continues! Click here for the LNP story.


    **    There was this exchange under the LNP story, “Assistant superintendent resigns, marking another exit from Manheim Township School District,” (click here):


    columbia3*    Under a recent LNP article where they again bragged about their coverage of the Manheim Township School Board, a commenter questioned why they don’t give other schools such scrutiny. LNP replied that they did.
         The above is from the Columbia Spy on October 26th (click here). A district’s business manager is a very high, important and powerful person! What is going on and why hasn’t LNP reported on it?


           It’s been quite a last few days. District Attorney Craig Stedman was caught lying and he turned nasty. A man was shot dead in the head on Friday and we know next to nothing. And this comment is posted under the September coroner’s reports (click here):
    calderon7      What is going on in Lancaster?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 30th, 2016 Becky 3 comments

    LCP & THE DA:


         It is believed this is the man who was shot and killed Friday night. The photo is from the “Precise Real” Facebook page. The Facebook posting below has been edited to redact the name of the owner of the page.   precise-real


     *   This is part of an email in this morning:
         There is still nothing regarding dead guy on E Clay St,  WGAL still putting out almost same blurbs as original with the exception of interviewing friend/neighbor.  This is a first in my memory regarding a murder.
         The lack of information is shocking! It is unacceptable! Is the public in danger? There’s another killer on the loose! The LNP story is here.




         So, District Attorney Craig Stedman needs multiple days, weeks or months to conduct interviews and “collect evidence” in the case of a puppy’s death – a summary offense(s) – but his office managed to close a murder case – a 17-and-a-half year old who shot a 15-year-old to death with a gun he stole from a car in under 11 hours and charge the killer as a juvenile? Amazing, isn’t it?
    Click here for his incredibly arrogant and nasty,DA Stedman’s Full Statement on Release of Information in Hennessey Case” and here for the original posting on the Lancaster County SPCA’s Facebook page and please check back later today.


    Posted on October 29th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

         I am simply going to post two excellent comments from Facebook this afternoon. The first is regarding last night’s murder from the Lancaster Online page:


         The second is from the Lancaster County SPCA page under the LNP story regarding the puppy:


    *    Connie Kondravy has posted under the LNP article and her comment ends with this (click here):
         We would betray all these years of teaching if we HID this email which speaks for itself from the citizens who have a right to monitor our elected officials. Connie Kondravy, ORCA Cofounder
         Yes, we certainly do have the right to monitor our elected officials and hold public officials accountable! Good for her!


    Craig Stedman

    Craig Stedman

          A man was shot in the head and killed last night in the 100 block of East Clay Street in Lancaster according to WGAL-TV (click here).
         District Attorney Craig Stedman has released a “full statement” on the death of the puppy (click here). His arrogance is unbelievable!
    It’s going to be a busy day. Please check back later today.

    Posted on October 28th, 2016 Becky 2 comments



         Hambright [Brett Hambright, the DA’s spokesman] said Friday morning he was not aware of Resh’s email but insisted it doesn’t say the investigation is over.
         “It is still ongoing. We actually reached out to a veterinarian just yesterday,” he said. “That’s our statement.”
    From today’s LNP article, “Leaked email says ‘no charges’ would be filed in puppy abuse case that has SPCA, DA’s office sparring,” (click here).
         This article confirms absolutely everything I said yesterday (see the post immediately below on this site). Of course they just reached out to a veterinarian yesterday! That’s when the case was released to the media and social media and the firestorm and scrutiny began!
    You mean they’ve had this case for weeks, but told people in an email it  was closed on October 13th, but suddenly yesterday they reached out to a veterinarian? I will ask again, how stupid does Hambright think people are? And the incredibly rude and nasty comments and lies he told yesterday means this man should not be receiving a paycheck from the public. Period!

         And If the DA’s office can’t handle a puppy abuse case then how in the world can they handle all the crimes against humans? They are not doing well with those at all. In fact, it is an absolute disgrace. I will come back to those cases on Monday.
         The below Right to Know request was emailed to the District Attorney’s office this morning. On Monday I will follow it up with a request for Hambright’s salary!



    Posted on October 27th, 2016 Becky 14 comments

    * UPDATE 10-28-16 – Will LNP, the paper that wrote three editorials praising District Attorney Craig Stedman for his animal cruelty email hotline – follow-up on the horrific death of this puppy and probe why the DA’s office hasn’t acted or will they now ignore it and walk away? Stay tuned.



          From the article, which LNP has moved very quickly off the homepage of their website, there is this (the link is below in this post):
         Detective Joanne Resh, who handles animal abuse cases for the county, declined to prosecute.
         Ericson [Jennifer Ericson, SPCA spokeswoman] said Martin [Susan Martin, executive director of the Lancaster County SPCA] contacted Resh and urged her to file charges against the owner, but Resh said a police officer had investigated the matter and was told the puppy had suffered a fall. Martin said the officer “believed the owner’s story because he seemed like a nice man.”
          So, the case was over and Resh said she would not prosecute. So Susan Martin went public. What the hell is wrong with that? Good for her!
         Then LNP reporter Tom Knapp states this:
         The district attorney’s office fired back, saying the SPCA was jeopardizing an ongoing investigation by prematurely releasing information to the public.
         How can you jeopardize an investigation that was over? This is a cliché line used by the police and district attorneys all the time and it is almost always nonsense and to cover-up their incompetence or lack of a thorough investigation.
         Then Knapp quotes Hambright again:
         “That decision was not only disrespectful to the investigative process, it also could have jeopardized any case we may or may not have against an individual or individuals, who have a presumption of innocence,” Hambright said.
         You’re a disrespectful liar, Hambright! Once again, why didn’t Knapp question Hambright as to how it would jeopardize the case – noting that apparently the case was over until Martin released it to the public? Is there “evidence” the perpetrator can now hide? Will the perpetrator change his story again? Will the alleged perpetrator pick up and leave town forever for what would be summary charges?  
         And yes, we know the individual has a presumption of innocence – it’s a basic concept – but I can and will point to article after article you wrote while at LNP that presumed the individual was guilty. And as soon as someone is charged with a crime, while there may be the presumption of innocence on the part of the public, it certainly means the police and DA believe the person is guilty and intend to and will have to prove it in a court of law!
         And then Hambright gets on his high horse with this absolute nonsense:
         “Our objective is about seeking justice for animals that are criminally neglected or abused,” he added. “It is not about personal ego or curating a public image of righteousness.”
         Well then, why did the DA hire you? He hired you to write glowing articles about him and his office – that’s why he hired you! To improve his public image!  And then Hambright gets even nastier:
         “There is a great irony to the fact this is coming from the very person who absolutely failed Libre,” he said.
         I am not going to take sides here but it would seem that Martin did make mistakes with the Libre case but maybe she learned something from it or reacted as she did because of it.
         And the DA’s office has absolutely failed the family, friends and the public in the murders of Anthony Hunter, Ibram Hanna and Hiram Calderon – and those are all within the last year – and they are humans not dogs! So why isn’t LNP asking you questions about those cases? And what is the DA’s office doing to rectify those cases?
         And then there is this final, unbelievably spiteful quote from Hambright:
         “If Ms. Martin actually cared about abuse then she should work with us in a professional manner and allow us to conduct a fair and complete investigation before having a social media tantrum simply because she holds a grudge against this office for illuminating her own failures.”
         What about your office was not investigating anything do you fail to understand, Hambright? Do you think the public is stupid? Once again, Detective Resh said she was not going to prosecute. Period. What else was Martin to do? You have a grudge against her because your office failed terribly! And a “tantrum?” Have you seen pictures of the dog and read what the veterinarians said? It is absolutely horrific.
          And yes, District Attorney Craig Stedman was very harsh and public about humiliating Martin. I have no idea how much of that was deserved but she certainly has brought a shocking failure of your department to light. And your whining and lying and insulting her repeatedly to cover-up your own failures is disgusting!
         Hambright is a nasty liar who should not receive a penny from the public!

    [Editor’s note: Former LNP columnist Carol Evens Petersen posted this under the article:
         Declined to investigate further because “he seemed like a nice man”. Exactly what kind of criteria is that for an officer to use? Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dalmer “seemed like such nice men”. Where is the professionalism in police work?
         Exactly! And one person did not believe Resh really told Martin that. I believe it. Many years ago, then “seasoned” Lancaster County Detective Jan Walters left me a voice mail I will never forget. He told me the detectives had confiscated the computers from the home of a couple accused of hacking and taken them for evidence the night before. As part of the message, he said almost in awe, “They were so polite.” I kept that message for years until I switched phones because it so amazed me and was so juvenile I knew the case would fail. And it did. But that is a story for another day.]

    Stedman11*    LNP has now changed the headline of the story online to, “District attorney says SPCA is jeopardizing animal abuse case with ‘social media tantrum.’ ” 
          It looks to me like DA Craig Stedman and Hambright are the ones throwing the tantrum! This is beyond ridiculous and pathetic!

            THE PUBLIC
                   PAYS HIM NOW?


         LNP went online with a story about the puppy late yesterday afternoon – see immediately below and click here for, “Lancaster County SPCA, district attorney trade shots over euthanized puppy’s fate.”
         Brett Hambright, DA Craig Stedman’s spokesman and the former court reporter for LNP, is a nasty, nasty liar and has been for years. But he takes nasty to the extreme in this article. I have a lot to say about his biting and reprehensible statements and the other human cases that remain in limbo or are “closed” by the District Attorney’s Office.
    Please check back later today. 


    Posted on October 26th, 2016 Becky 7 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***animal-abuse

    (Click here).

         This is totally unrelated to the below afternoon update – but didn’t LNP praise District Attorney Craig Stedman four times for his animal cruelty email hotline? Looks like Susan Martin at the SPCA is getting him back for bad mouthing her – and rightly so if all of this is true. Be warned that the entry about the puppy on the SPCA Facebook page is extremely disturbing and difficult to read (click here).




          Mayor Gray can tell the EPA he can’t stop dumping raw sewage into the Conestoga but we have LED light bulbs!!
    This email in today in response to the LNP article, “City Council approves bond issue, delays action on parking changes,” (click here).
         I’m not good at finances, but I do know that when Mayor Gray, Randy Patterson and Patrick Hopkins leave office Lancaster is going to be looking at a deficit so huge it will make everyone ask, “How did this happen in front of our eyes? Where was LNP, our community newspaper?”
          From the article:
         Including administrative costs, the total cost of the bonds is $12.15 million. The annual impact on the city’s budget will be about $225,000, Hopkins said.
         Really? That’s all? And for how many years will that impact the city’s budget? Tell me if I’m wrong – but $12,150,000 ÷ $225,000 = 54 years! And that’s the best case scenario. And how many other bond issues are out there?
         This city’s financials – between this nonsense, the EPA, the other bonds and the CRIZ/convention center/hotel are simply going to implode one day and that day is coming much sooner than you think.
         There’s an excellent comment in under this post about the baseball stadium and the county possibly facing a huge debt in two weeks which ends with this sentence:
           Randy Patterson should be run out of town on a rail.
          Randy, Patrick and Mayor Gray may be run out of town on a rail very soon – or maybe they will go directly to jail!


    *    One of the many negative comments under the Barnstormers article on Lancaster Online:
          Goodness, why don’t you just take $2.7 million in 20s, make a pile at second base and have a bon fire? The next time I want to refi my home I think I’ll just ask the county. Is there any chance there could be a better use for $2.7 million? Like affordable housing for elderly? Roads? Law enforcement?
         Exactly! And exactly the same for the CRIZ money going to the Marriott Hotel “expansion!”

    WANTS A HANDOUT!barnstormers1

     From the front page of today’s LNP print edition and it is an “insider” story online (click here).

    From the story

    From the story

         Everyone wants a piece of the CRIZ!  Free money! And, of course, LNP came out and endorsed Lloyd Smucker today because he wrote the CRIZ for LNP (click here for “Our choice for the 16th Congressional District seat”) and LNP owner Beverly (Peggy) Steinman made large contributions to his campaign.
         Will LNP and the Barnstormers fight over the CRIZ? Will Beverly call “foul?” Is racist LNP even eligible for state funds?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 25th, 2016 Becky 2 comments


         Some fun this afternoon because this first story brought me such joy!

         This honestly was on Google News this morning under “Entertainment,” (click here if you must read the story). Oh, to spend my days writing such wonderful nonsense! Ryan Lochte is apparently just a total schmuck and liar! No surprise there! Call in LNP dog and cat reporter Tom Knapp to investigate!


          Former LNP President John Kirkpatrick certainly looks happy! The picture was posted on his son’s Facebook page on September 5th and his son, daughter-in-law and his newly born grandson he is holding have been cropped out of the picture. His wife, Sara Glines, looks happy as well. As noted several days ago, she left the York papers and was transferred by Gannett to be the president and publisher at The News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kirkpatrick’s son also lives in North Carolina so this move may be a happy thing for all! We are still waiting for John to tell us all what happened at LNP!  John…?


         Surprise, surprise! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I went to Meagen Finnerty’s Facebook page and there she was standing next to a face I definitely recognize! Finnerty was covered on this site on May 16th of this year when she started at LNP (click here for “LNP FINDS FORTUNE – BUT NOT DIVERSITY!”). And the man standing next to her – why that is none other than Konstantine Fekos, a new LNP reporter covered on this site on August 11th (click here for “LNP: NO ETHICS!”)!
         Amazing! LNP doesn’t hire black or brown but apparently they think olive is “safe” – especially when he’s dating one of their employees! Hmmm…




    *    Remember when the Lancaster City Police hired Benjamin Isaac Lapp in August?  So, what are his dockets below? Only the best for the Lancaster City Police or only white? An investigation is in progress at LIP News.



    INJUSTICE GOING ON!calderon4

         Posted by the mother of Hiram M. Calderon on the “JusticeForHiram” Facebook page (click here).

             Hunter2            Hanna             hiram-calderon4

         Anthony Hunter Jr. (left), Ibram Hanna (middle) and Hiram Calderon (right).

    What is going on in Lancaster County?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 24th, 2016 Becky 6 comments


         The below letter is the response I received from the U.S. Justice Department by mail on Saturday. It’s not much but it is an acknowledgement and I will follow-up.
         This morning I again printed out the petition and comments and mailed them to the address on the letter stating there were additional signatures – 277 – since I mailed the first one. I will also call in several days.
         I want to thank everyone who signed the petition and wrote heartfelt comments. This letter is a beginning. I encourage you to write to them or call the number indicated – (301) 583-7350 – and tell them why you think this case should be reopened and investigated! Please make sure you use the ID number indicated in the letter – #3707504.
         There will be much more in the days to come and very briefly – you may have seen a new name in Sunday’s LNP on the article on former State Attorney General Kathleen Kane who was sentenced this afternoon to 10 to 23 months in prison. One of his tweets is printed immediately below and there will be more on that and letters going out tomorrow.  bumsted2





         I have received a response from the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the petition requesting an investigation into the murder of Ibram Hanna.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 22nd, 2016 Becky 6 comments



    (Click here)
         I hope LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher is proud of himself. LNP: where they break journalism ethics codes every day!
         I will come back to this on Monday. Funny Tim did not mention that the State Auditor General is looking into this in Lancaster!
         The first two comments under the story on the Lancaster Online website are excellent and reprinted below:
    —  *Pretty sure there is more to Lancaster city than just downtown. Revitalize other parts of the city to we live here not the tourists that might visit. Not to mention the money is going to a tax exempt project!
    —  How do the people who live in Lancaster City benefit from all of this? Neither the convention center nor the attached “private” hotel pay any real estate taxes, increasing the burden on property owners in the city and Lancaster Township (School District of Lancaster).
    [* Editor’s note: On Lancaster Online the last sentence of this reads “text exempt project.” That is obviously a typo and it has been corrected to “tax exempt project” in the above.]

    Posted on October 21st, 2016 Becky 15 comments


         I was not aware the internet had gone down this morning – well, some major sites – and now you know what a boring life I lead! Sigh!
         People try to break into this site multiple, multiple times everyday. In fact, it is so often it’s scary and I force myself not to look at it. They come from Russia, China, Iran, France, England, the United States and everywhere. I don’t know how they find this little site and what they would do if they did break in – just crash it I imagine.
         I guess they have computers set up to try every website in the world. Amazing and scary. I took this screenshot two days ago – and these are the really scary ones because someone – or a computer – “realized” that “Becky” makes the posts on this site and they tried to use that to break in.
         Oh well, it’s been a busy week. Have a great Friday and tell the hackers you hate them!


    duh** The first comment under the story on LNP’s Facebook page.

    Susan Baldrige1      That is priceless! No, the Mayor and City Council think it’s more important to give LNP money for a Marriott Hotel “expansion” with a roof top bar! And reporter Susan Baldrige doesn’t think it’s a conflict of interest that her husband voted to give her employer millions of dollars just for that! There is something filthy in Lancaster and it’s not the panhandlers! 


    *  The story  is now online but they have made it an “insider” story (click here)! LOL! I guess it’s the “exclusive” quotes from Mayor Gray!



    From today’s front page article in LNP’s print edition, “SEEKING A FIX,” about panhandlers in downtown Lancaster (the story is not currently online). 

    Columbia or bust!

    Columbia or bust!

        I think every citizen should demand to see a copy of Mayor Gray’s law degree! He is going to charge the panhandlers with fraud?
        I honestly can’t remember the last time I read something this stupid! How will one dollar get you to Columbia? Are you going to follow him all day to prove he didn’t go to Columbia? What if he decides to go to Columbia tomorrow instead? Will the penalty for this fraud be a fine? He’ll have to panhandle to pay the fine – and this time it will be for real – and not a “fraud!”
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 20th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

    $750,000 MORE

          Tom Knapp was a busy reporter yesterday, writing two stories about city roads which LNP has quickly moved off the homepage of their website:
    — “‘Sorry for the inconvenience’: Street work in Lancaster city is nearing its end for the season,” (click here).
    — “$2 million project converting Mulberry Street for two-way traffic is almost complete,” (click here).
         From the story regarding Mulberry Street, there is this:
         Changing traffic signals and adding signs accounts for most of the cost, officials said, while about $750,000 is for the green infrastructure, including trees, rain gardens and porous brick pavers to decrease runoff.
         From, “LNP editorial tip toes around city’s hundred forty-million dollar storm water / sanitary sewage price tag,” (click here):
         What is asinine is the placing of blame on the State EPA when it is has been Gray and Randy Patterson who have steadfast stood in the way of coming up with a multi-year program to remedy the combination storm water / sanitary sewer lines problem but instead have fostered cosmetic and fruitless smoke screens to put off the days of reckoning.
         Instead of a decade ago launching a constructive multi-year plan for building segments of separate storm sewer, picking the ‘low hanging fruit’ at the outset, that would have been welcomed by EPA, been the most economical approach, and  would have spread out  over more years the tax burden on the citizenry, they chose cosmetic approaches, most of which have been wastes of taxpayers money.
         Why hasn’t anyone, other than Robert Field, called out the Mayor and his staff? Why doesn’t city council get off their duffs and demand answers? This is just another of Gray’s huge failings which gets covered up by LNP because of their Marriott Hotel “expansion.”


     From today’s front page of the LNP print edition.

         When have you ever know the Mayor to apologize for anything? What’s going on and where is Nephin?

    —  Pat, where’s Dan?
    —  He’s sick. LNP sent Tom Knapp today!
    —  The Knappster? I thought he only wrote about animals!
    —  Yes, he does do that.
    —  Where is he? Tom?
    —  He’s right behind you kissing your butt, Mayor!
    To be continued…


    Posted on October 19th, 2016 Becky 6 comments



    From former Lancaster City Mayor Art Morris’ website on the Marriott Hotel Expansion (click here).

         A real news organization/ethical journalists do not do this:

    Act Independently
     The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the public.
    Journalists should:

     — Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived. Disclose unavoidable conflicts.
    One of the four principles at the foundation of ethical journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics (click here).

     —  The Lancaster Newspapers need to withdraw or be kicked out of every news organization/society they are associated with or a member of.
    —  The CRIZ money needs to be rescinded (there will be more on that tomorrow).
    —  A criminal investigation needs to be instigated to see what money, gifts and/or services have been exchanged between the Mayor’s office and the Lancaster Newspapers and High Industries.
    —  The Lancaster Newspapers need to be investigated for their blatant discrimination in hiring that is illegal and also excludes them from receiving any state funds (CRIZ).


    *    The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a nonprofit corporation and as such, they are required to have their own Conflict of Interest Statement. From the National Council of Nonprofits (click here):


    Conflict of Interest

         A policy governing conflicts of interests is perhaps the most important policy a nonprofit board can adopt. To have the most impact, the policy should be in writing, and the board and staff should review the policy regularly.

    What should a conflict of interest policy include?

         A conflict of interest policy should (a) require those with a conflict (or who think they may have a conflict) to disclose the conflict/potential conflict, and (b) prohibit interested board members from voting on any matter in which there is a conflict.


         So, not only did Thomas Baldrige and the CRIZ Authority Board break their own bylaws (see the post immediately below), Baldrige broke his own corporation’s Conflict of Interest policy!


    Thomas Baldrige at the 16th Congressional District Candidates Debate that he co-moderated with LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda on October 10th of this year.

         So, Thomas Baldrige is the President and CEO of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry and pays himself over $248,000 a year to advise other businesses how to operate and succeed.
         And his wife, Susan Baldrige, is a long-time employee and currently an investigative reporter for LNP Media Group.
         And Mr. Baldrige and the rest of the CRIZ Authority Board do not see a conflict of interest when he votes to give millions of dollars to his wife’s employer? 
          Really? What world are these people living in? What the hell is going on in Lancaster and who is holding these people accountable? It surely is not your “community newspaper” – the LNP Media Group – they are raping the citizens of Lancaster County!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 18th, 2016 Becky 1 comment


    Section 6.3 Conflict of Interest. As further provided in the Code of Ethics and Ethics Act, a Board member shall not use the authority of his or her office or any confidential information received through the holding of such office for the private pecuniary benefit of himself or herself, a member of his or immediate family or a business with which he or she is a member or his or her immediate family is associated.



         Today, in a series of email exchanges between Randy Patterson of the city and John Murray of the State Auditor’s office and I, Patterson stated that the above Conflict of Interest statement does not apply to either Thomas Baldrige (CRIZ Board) and his wife, Susan Baldrige (LNP reporter) or Daniel Bentancourt (CRIZ Board) and his wife, Enelly Betancourt (Editor of LNP owned La Voz Lancaster) because Susan and Enelly “have no ownership interest in LNP Media Group.”
      I don’t see an “ownership” requirement in the conflict of interest statement – do you?  This is absolute nonsense.
          I wonder what LNP’s code of ethics would say about all this? Oh, that’s right – they don’t have a code of ethics or any ethics whatsoever!
          The emails and where this all stands will come tomorrow.
           On a very related note, this email in today:
          I was wondering if you saw the article in LNP about Princeton being charged 18 million in property tax even though they are tax exempt. What I find laughable is that LNP points out that our city council would make 100 million here in Lancaster if they did the same to the tax exempt places here. But last I checked, over a quarter of that 100 million would be made up alone if they didn’t just grant tax exempt for the Marriot expansion. Like I said… Laughable.
          Exactly! As I said, LNP does not have a code of ethics! They are a greedy, corrupt and power-hungry business. They are liars and thieves!



        From left: Susan Baldrige, Investigative Reporter for LNP; Robert Krasne, Chairman of the Board of LNP and Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, owner of LNP at the John Legend program in May of 2015. 
         Legend’s appearance was sponsored by the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry whose President and CEO is Susan Baldrige’s husband, Thomas Baldrige.


         LNP came out and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President today. No surprise there. After what Trump has said about the media, I can’t imagine any news organization endorsing him. And mind you, I use the term “news organization” very loosely for LNP.
         But what is shocking is Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda’s piece (click here). It is awful. It is a terrible, boring, redundant and cliché filled piece of nonsense – the whole point of it seems to be to let us know she is (gasp!) mom to a teenager.
         At the LNP Editorial Board meeting the next day, I recounted my debate-night story through teary eyes and a tight throat as we agonized over a presidential endorsement.
         Oh, for heaven’s sake. Spare us the melodrama! Agonized? Ridiculous!
         “Where is the inspiration,” she asks?  It sure as heck is not in her piece. Actually, I’m in agony after reading it!
    Please check back later today.  


    Posted on October 17th, 2016 Becky 10 comments

         I am working on sending letters and emails this afternoon. If you have not filed a complaint, please do so. LIP News will be back tomorrow but posting will be sporadic for the next several days. Thank you for your patience.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         This email just in. If you have not filed a complaint with the Auditor General’s office, please click here to do so and click on the “HOTLINE” tab and also click here for the link in the screen shot of the email to the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission and file a complaint. The complaint I sent is under the “BALDRIGE & BALDRIGE” portion of my post on September 29th on this site (click here and you can copy and past it as well).





    **   LNP has changed their headline on their lead story online (see below on this post)! This excellent comment is under the “insider” story on Lancaster Online:
         One is a Democratic idiot and moron. One is a Republican idiot and moron. Both are beholden to Penn Square Partners and therefore work together to fill the public trough for them (PSP) in order for to keep their cushy public sector jobs and to continue to collect pensions on our backs. End of story.



    *    This was posted under the city council approving the Marriott Hotel “expansion” story several days ago. And everyone knows it is true! Now the state Attorney General and the State Auditor General have to investigate those relationships and see what exactly has been changing hands and why LNP and High own Gray!
           Oh, and if Gray announces he will sue me like Trump (we all know he was a defense attorney for 40 years!), I will give him a New York Times response!



         I am seeing a Rick Gray that I haven’t recognized in over 10 years!
         Both Mayor Rick Gray and Lloyd Smucker wrote the CRIZ for LNP – now what is LNP to do?
         This is the biggest piece of non-news I have seen. *Gray announced on Friday that of course he was backing Democrat Christina Hartman (click here to watch it on Hartman’s Facebook page).
         Gray doesn’t like the way Trump treats women! Isn’t that special for the Mayor who has hired and kept a rude, incompetent Police Chief Keith Sadler whose ex-wife has written a book saying he beat her for years? And October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and LNP has not told you about her book, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge.”
         Get a real newspaper in this town with journalists who care about the truth and protecting the citizens they are supposed to owe their allegiance to – not men who write legislation to give them more taxpayer’s dollars! What an absolute disgrace!
    Please check back later today!

    [* Editor’s note: Update/correction – the date on the video with Gray endorsing Hartman on her Facebook page is dated October 11th – so LNP should have known since last Tuesday.]


    Posted on October 16th, 2016 Becky 9 comments

    *    They have put the “Coffee with LNP” story online – click here for, “Coffee with LNP: Journalists welcome public’s input Monday at Manheim Township library.”

    DO YOUR DAMN JOBS!coffee-with-lnp

         Yes, those wonderful folks at LNP want to have coffee with you so they can get more insight and your suggestions for local news coverage. Oh, so many suggestions – these are just a few:
    Barbara Hough Roda

    Barbara Hough Roda

    —  Why doesn’t LNP have any minority reporters? Why do they discriminate in their hiring? How have they gotten away with it for all these years? (Click here for “LNP HAS NO DIVERSITY!” on this site.)

    —  Why hasn’t LNP exposed and questioned the racism in the Lancaster City Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office and in the courts?
    —  Explain how LNP’s involvement in the Marriott Hotel does not break every code of journalism ethics in this country.
    Susan Baldrige

    Susan Baldrige

    —  Ask “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige if she thinks it’s ethical/legal for her husband to head the CRIZ Authority Board and grant her employer millions more in public dollars.

    —  Ask why LNP stopped covering all the unsolved murders in the city after only reporting on two out of twenty?
    —  Why do the LNP editors and reporters act as if the Safety Coalition cameras do not exist? Why hasn’t LNP demanded to know why they have not been used in the very recent spate of shootings (there will be more on that this week).
    —  How did Mayor Gray suddenly get $1 million dollars for a “land bank” and what properties will it be used on?
    —  Why hasn’t LNP grilled Mayor Gray and the City Council about their absurd response to the Environmental Protection Agency? (Click here for a editorial about it and I will also come back to that this week).
    Suzanne Cassidy

    Suzanne Cassidy

    —  According to former mayor Art Morris, “The existing downtown Marriott was given a similar deal, lasting until 2029.  Essentially, LNP and High will pay none of the real estate property taxes, estimated to total $29.3 million in school taxes, $10.2 million in city taxes and $3.9 million in county taxes over that period,” (click here). How can you possibly brag about your Manheim Township School Board coverage when you are specifically damaging the education of the children in the city and raising taxes for all the city residents? 

    —  Why do you lie to the people of Lancaster? Why haven’t you told them about Police Chief Sadler and his ex-wife’s book, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge?”
         Oh, that is only the beginning of my list…and there was also this today by their Print Editor – I just don’t have time for all of these lies and crap – tell that to Beverly Steinman, Barbara Hough Roda, Suzanne Cassidy and Susan Baldrige!



    **** To “lighten” things up a bit, this anonymous email in yesterday:
         Just thought it was interesting to see the photos of the Senate Debate in Lancaster and noticed Scott Martin wearing a wedding band. Wow! Remarried already, just thought the voters might want to know. Just zoom in on Lancasteronline photos. 
         This person is very observant and to be sure, Martin does have a ring on it (I cannot use the entire photo because LNP owns the rights to it but click here and page through the photos until you clearly see Martin’s hand holding a pen and there is a ring on that finger)!
         Martin just divorced his wife Heather for the second time and the divorce was just granted on August 12th of this year. Of course, I went racing to the Lancaster county marriage license lookup to see if Martin had remarried already but there was nothing there. Did he get married in a different county/state? Does anyone know why Martin has a ring on it?



     *** This is the huge front page headline in today’s print LNP. Once again, they have made this an insider story online on their website.
         Lloyd Smucker wrote the CRIZ for LNP and High and you can see their donations to his campaign below. As I mentioned in the comments several days ago, in the debate moderated by LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Thomas Baldrige of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry (and husband of LNP “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige and head of the CRIZ Authority which gave LNP and High the money for their Marriott Hotel “expansion”) Smucker looked directly at Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, the owner of LNP sitting in the front row, and pointedly talked about helping revitalize Lancaster.
         And Beverly and Dale High have used their vast sums of money to show their appreciation to Smucker for making them even richer! Does it get any more unethical than this? I don’t think it is possible but why don’t you ask Roda and Baldrige at the “Coffee with LNP” event! (Click here and I have inserted the blue stars):



    calderon3** Posted by the mother of Hiram Calderon under today’s very important LNP story, “Family seeks justice, transparency after slaying; DA’s office says it has been forthcoming,” (click here).
         I have not forgotten about the murders of Hiram Calderon or Ibram Hanna in Mountville and now Anthony Hunter. There is just too much going on and I will come back to them and District Attorney Craig Stedman next week.
         Please click here for “FULL CALDERON FAMILY STATEMENT,” and here for “YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER IN LANCASTER COUNTY!” on this site.



     *   I have a lot to say today so check back often.
         LNP has made their print front page story about the extremely important race for Joe Pitts’ congressional seat an “insider” story. This was posted on their Facebook page several days ago under an “insider” story:
         Carol Evans Petersen is a former LNP columnist, who, if you read this site regularly, I admire and usually agree with. But how are they making money off the “insider” stories, Carol? That is the one question LNP will not answer. Can you? How exactly is this earning salaries for the newspaper staff?
         If you go to their “Coffee with LNP” tomorrow (story coming), please make sure to ask LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda the true purpose of “insider” stories!
         Oh, and you may not be getting emails yet because you signed up to be an “insider,” but I assure you they are coming!



                                                             (Click here)
         “Tell me Barberet would be here today if the convention center wasn’t there,” he [Mayor Rick Gray] said, referring to the French bakery/bistro and a third floor bar/lounge that opened on East King Street near the convention center last summer.
    From the LNP article, “Lancaster City Council approves $30M Marriott hotel expansion,” (click here).
         Well, look at that! Mayor Gray mentions it and LNP runs to do another story. Surprise, surprise!
         Yes, we should give LNP and High a $10.3 million property tax break for their Marriott Hotel expansion because of one restaurant where most Lancaster folks cannot afford to dine.
         But the owner, Cedric Barberet, did make Donald and Melania Trump’s wedding cake – so I guess the expression, “Let them eat cake,” is absolutely apropos.
    Click here for former Lancaster Mayor Art Morris’ website about the Marriott “expansion” financing and please check back later today.  


    Posted on October 14th, 2016 Becky 8 comments

    10-15-16 UPDATE –  I am working on several things this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


         Police Chief Keith Sadler and Mayor Gray held a press conference today and you can watch it on the police Facebook page (click here). There is nothing new in it except that the man who was wanted and charged for shooting another man in the chest was arrested in Harrisburg.
         These briefs notes and I will have much more tomorrow including the video also linked to below in this post:
    —  Mayor Gray actually references the future of the “quality of life in the city!” They had one heroin bust and Gray is thanking and shaking hands with everyone as if the shooting and heroin problems are now all solved. What absolute BS!
    —  Kent Switzer, now the DA’s Chief County Detective and formerly a city detective who has literally countless unsolved murders and unsolved crimes under his large belt is standing to the far right. Why did they reward this grossly incompetent man? I will come back to Switzer later on this site.
    —  Detective Mike Winters, who can’t solve the murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor in her home, is standing to the far left. That certainly gives you a lot of confidence in the police and detectives!
    —  Not a single reporter asked a question when Chief Sadler opened it up for questions! Not a single question! Maybe because there was absolutely nothing new or maybe they are all scared of Sadler?
    —  On Wednesday of this week, I did send an email to Dr. Phil, who is doing incredible work to fight domestic violence, regarding Sadler and the physical abuse his ex-wife alleges in her book, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge.” Wouldn’t you love to see the chief take a lie detector test?
    Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    *   Of all days, the Lancaster City Police Department just posted this new video on Facebook and YouTube (click here)!



    The headline on the front page of LNP’s print edition.

     rickspin    LNP has made this an “insider” story online, breaking their own insider “rules” yet again!
         This is the most ridiculous, pathetic thing I have ever read. This comment came in from Barry last night under the story below:
         The City of Lancaster may wish to re-brand itself as a real-time Westworld, where robotic council members automatically shovel taxpayer cash to the elite, while other out-of-control entities spray the place with hot lead. At least there would be lots of hotel rooms for those involved in location shooting (of film, not bullets).
         Well, someone needs to explain some things to this idiot mayor and his rude and incompetent police chief, so I will give it a go!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 13th, 2016 Becky 6 comments


         There has been another shooting in Lancaster and the police are currently at 508 W. Orange Street and are obtaining a search warrant according to their release. Click here for the police press release. The below video of the home was taken today at approximately 3:00 pm.

    *    The below email was just sent to the seven Lancaster City Council Members. If I receive a response, I will publish it.




    (Click here)

         Forget those peace-loving Amish folks! We’re going to Lancaster for the shoot-outs in the streets!
         This “article” has two reporter’s bylines and is incomprehensible. From the police press release there is this (click here):
         Responding officers identified several witnesses and were able to quickly determine that the victim and suspect are known to each other. It was also learned that prior to the shooting the victim and suspect were involved in a verbal dispute outside on the 600 block of South Queen Street.
         So what is the name of the shooter and has he been arrested? Or will this be another case of “self-defense?”
         If you argue with someone in Lancaster, you can stab them to death or shoot them in the chest. What a great place to live! It’s just like the Wild Wild West!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 12th, 2016 Becky 19 comments


         LNP even has Irene Snyder covering the Marriott Hotel in their “News Update.” I wonder if her mass communications professors at Elizabethtown College taught her that this goes against every journalism code of ethics in this country?
         Someone posted this on LNP’s Facebook page under the Marriott article:
         What kinda kickbacks did counsel get ? 
         That is a very good question! And what do LNP and High have over Mayor Gray? I’ll come back to that tomorrow.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***
         “Our son isn’t able to fight for himself,” Hiram Jr. said. “We’re going to fight for him.”
         PennLive has a story up about the stabbing death of Hiram Calderon on September 7th of this year: “‘We’re not looking for revenge, we’re looking for justice’: family of stabbing victim,” (click here).



         On a different topic – well, not that different because LNP is a racist company and has no legal right to any public money – PennLive has an extremely powerful and chilling slideshow online on “THE SEASON OF HATE,” (click here).

    ***  The gunshots story is now online with the headline, “Lancaster city mayor calls 6 shots fired calls over 5 days ‘unusual occurrence,’ ” (click here).

    **   The Marriott article is now online – click here. This is an expanded article over the print edition.   



    *    The beginning of today’s LNP front page story by Lindsey Blest with the huge headline, “GUNSHOTS SHAKE CITY,” (not currently online).
         Come to Lancaster for that “big” convention and get shot. Yahoo!

    MAYOR GRAY MUST GO!marriott-hotel

    From page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition (the story is not yet online).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 11th, 2016 Becky 3 comments


              I am leaving this up for today. There has been a lot of talk about former mayor Art Morris and his abrupt about-face on the Marriott. Today, that is the least of my concerns. Click here to go to his website and read the numbers. This is scary and absolutely unacceptable. Period.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***
         Shawn House, the Libertarian candidate for Joe Pitts’ congressional seat and who was in last night’s debate, just posted the below comment on Lancaster Online under the Marriott Hotel “expansion” article. This is wonderful!
    *   I will come to LNP’s debate last night that they have made an “insider” story tomorrow. But last week, a formal complaint regarding Tom Baldrige (a co-sponsor/moderator of the debate with his Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry) was filed both online and by mail with PA State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale regarding the CRIZ. 
         You can also file a complaint. Click here for his website and click on the “Auditor General Hotline – Let Us Know” tab. You can then “report suspected misuse, fraud, or waste of state tax dollars” via their online form, by phone or by mail.


    (Click here)
         “City officials say that payments made in lieu of taxes and a share of profits would more than make up for what the hotel would pay if it were taxable.” MAYBE for the City. Maybe not. But DEFINITELY NOT for the School District of Lancaster. This “integrated facility” has really hurt property owners who pay school taxes in Lancaster City and Lancaster Township, by taking prime real estate off the tax rolls, with a large private for-profit hotel not paying its own fair share.
    Posted on Lancaster Online by SDoL School Board member Randolph Carney under the above story.
         City Council votes tonight at 7:30 pm in the Council Chambers, City Hall Annex, (Marion Street entrance) 120 N. Duke Street, Lancaster. Please email the seven city council members below and tell them you do not want this:
    John E. Graupera
    Barbara Wilson

    Posted on October 10th, 2016 Becky 8 comments
    *    This comment came in this morning:
         Now he wakes up? Someone needs to run that idiot out of town permanently. He supported this project and lambasted the commissioners who attempted to ask questions for all of our protection and now he is going to ask about PSP’s giveaways? Art Morris HAS ZERO credibility.
         The comment was emailed to Art Morris and his emailed response is below. The video is included in the post immediately below this one on this site and the link to it on YouTube is here.
         I  encourage readers of your website to view the video that was provided with the concerns I recently expressed. The video speaks, hopefully clearly, to the existing Marriott Tower as well as the proposed new Marriott Tower.
         The recent angry post by one of your readers calls me an idiot. The person is probably correct about that. It is my speaking out on this issue that provides the opportunity for such personal attacks.
    Arthur Morris

    CORRECTION – This morning when I quoted Art Morris from his taped piece, I wrote “LNP and I have very deep pockets.” That is not correct. It is obviously the two Penn Square Partners – LNP and High – who have very deep pockets. It has been corrected below to read “LNP and High have very deep pockets.” I apologize for the error in transcription!



         “Lastly, Lancaster Newspaper and High have very deep pockets. They have a lot of strength in the community. People do listen to them. I hope that city council can separate themselves a little bit from that and do what’s right for the taxpayers of the city.”
    Former Mayor Art Morris’ website and a quote from his taped piece on (click here).
         Please take a moment today to send each member of city council a brief email with a link to Morris’ site and tell them to do what’s right tomorrow night! Their email addresses are below.
    John E. Graupera
    Barbara Wilson

    Posted on October 9th, 2016 Becky 7 comments

    WHY, WHY, WHY?

    marriott14* From former Mayor Art Morris’ website regarding the Marriott Hotel “expansion,” (click here).


  • *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * & GET REESE OUT!

    Posted on October 8th, 2016 Becky 10 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    (Click here!)


    ** OMG! NBC News, “Pence Cancels Event, Says He’s ‘Offended’ by Trump Comments,” (click here).

    *  Speaking of sexual harassers (see Reese below), who could have ever believed this would happen with a month to go – click here for the Washington Post, “Amid growing calls to drop out, Trump vows to ‘never withdraw.’ “



         The family of Hiram Calderon, who was stabbed to death in the city on September 7th of this year, have started a petition on to District Attorney Craig Stedman to get his killer charged – click here. A jury should decide this case!

         LNP has been making these stories about Sheriff Mark Reese “insider” stories. But in York County, they are already working to get rid of racist West York Mayor Charles Wasko – click here for PennLive’s, “Pennsylvania lawmaker puts in motion effort to remove from office West York mayor.”
         When are they going to start proceedings to remove sexual harasser Reese? He has been on paid leave since July 26 at an annual salary of $85,460 and he obviously has no intention of resigning! For heaven’s sake, someone start impeachment proceedings and get this man out of office! What is taking so long?


    Posted on October 6th, 2016 Becky 12 comments


          1000 to 1 city council rubber stamps this as they have done with every CC decision over the last 16 years.
    This comment in this morning.
         I don’t disagree. LNP is far better at asking – make that demanding – handouts than the panhandler with his upside down sign.
         But the city council members are supposed to represent you – so go below on this post and email the seven of them and tell them how you feel. You never know – they might just decide to do what their constituents want and do what they know is right.
         The Central Market needs a new roof, the city’s southwest needs money (click here) there is crime and the mayor has a poverty commission because the problem is so huge – and they would consider for a single minute giving a multi-million dollar, for-profit, racist company even more of the public’s money that would do absolutely nothing to combat those problems and do absolutely nothing for those living outside the six block magazine section?
         Tell the city council members how sickening that is – and tell them that it is not acceptable. Tell them to do what is right!
    Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.



    **   There is gridlock in downtown Lancaster today and there’s a panhandler standing straight across from the LNP offices! He’s just like LNP – looking for a handout!


    *    On page 3 of today’s LNP print edition, they have the completed “Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation” form they are required to publish once a year (click here for a sample of the blank form and instructions from the USPS).

    —  10-7-16 UPDATE – I am keeping this at the top this morning.


         There is so much going on but this takes absolute priority. Lancaster City Council is meeting this coming Tuesday, October 11th and will vote on the Penn Square Partners (LNP Media Group, Inc. and High Industries) use of CRIZ money to finance their Marriott Hotel “expansion.”
         From the LNP article on September 9th by Dan Nephin (the article is here but it is an “insider” article) there is this:
         Penn Square Partners plans to finance the project with a $24.3 million Redevelopment Authority bond and $5.6 million from the City Revitalization & Improvement Zone, a state economic development program.
         …The proposal will next have a first-reading by City Council on Tuesday, then a vote after a public hearing on Oct. 11.
         I cannot find the agenda for this meeting or the “public hearing” portion on the city’s website but I will call tomorrow and ask for it. The Tuesday meeting will be at 7:30 pm in Council Chambers in the City Hall Annex (Marion Street entrance) at 120 North Duke Street.
         Whether you plan to attend or not, please take a minute to let your City Council members know that you are absolutely against this. The seven council members and their contact information is: 
    John E. Graupera
    120 North Duke Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602
    Barbara Wilson
    120 North Duke Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602
    Louise B. Williams
    120 North Duke Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602
    James D. Reichenbach
    120 North Duke Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602
    Tim J. Roschel
    120 North Duke Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602
    Danene Sorace
    120 North Duke Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602
    Pete Soto
    120 North Duke Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602
         These are a brief sampling of the comments under Nephin’s story on Lancaster Online:
    —  Thought CRIZ was for people or companies to borrow money for projects not to be a free ride for large companies to get cheap money which is not their own. Looks like a panned event second rich person Oh well the rich get richer and The poor get poorer Where is the out cry for the affordable housing and benefits for the citizens who live in the community, I am sure the roof top bar will be packed every night with people from the community
      —  …The richest get richer. This is such an unbelievable scam that I would never believe it possible if it weren’t reality in the middle of the town where I live.
     —  Taxpayers who live in the School District of Lancaster are being screwed royally by this deal.
          — You are right this deal has all the signs of the political elite screwing the working class, but this is not the first. Thank You for speaking up for the taxpayer in Lancaster that keeps paying more in property tax while we give a free ride to more and more elites


    Part of a note PennLive is reporting that West York Mayor Charles Wasko has pinned to the door of his home in their story, “West York mayor blames media for troubles,” (click here).
          Is it true?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 5th, 2016 Becky 1 comment


    Anthony Hunter

    Anthony Hunter

           The maximum penalty on the charge is a five-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine, Knisely informed Shelton. 
    From today’s LNP story, “Coatesville man pleads guilty to killing former McCaskey basketball standout,” (click here).
         You can get away with murder in Lancaster County! You can get away with your maximum penalty being five years. The LNP headline is totally deceptive!
         I am in shock. I remember this case and what I wrote about it on December 7th of last year is reprinted below (the original is here).
         This is unbelievable: Anthony Hunter, Ibram Hanna and Hiram Calderon!



          The Lancaster City Police Department building was evacuated this morning about 8:40 am for unknown reasons. They are standing in front of the County Government building in the picture and returned to the police building about 8:50 this morning. 
    Please check back later today.