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    Posted on June 29th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


    Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “Hotel Lancaster to refinance acquisition loan through CRIZ,” (click here).

         I believe Mayor Gray’s “legacy” will be as an arrogant liar who has put taxpayer’s at very high risk for years to come and has done nothing for the average resident of Lancaster who lives outside his six-block magazine section. When the convention center, the CRIZ, MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) go belly up and the EPA comes to make its final call – people will, quite frankly, remember Gray as the mayor who lied to get into office and has lied everyday since and ultimately will have damaged the city beyond recognition.  
         Oh, and let’s not forget his other legacy. A Police Chief whose ex-wife states in a book that he beat her for years and who has also totally failed to diversify the police force and failed to solve major and minor crimes even though with the Safety Coalition cameras, Lancaster is one of the “most watched” cities in America.
         What a legacy Gray will leave!

    *    Compare this to the Manheim Township School Board – who spent $358,000 on a very sensitive situation involving the superintendent and allegations of sexual misconduct. LNP has viciously gone after the volunteer school board members for years over that but doesn’t say a word about the millions of dollars being wasted by these highly paid city officials.



         Between February 2015 and June 2016, the city spent more than $900,000 on legal fees, consulting fees and computer modeling, LNP reported last year.
         In the 12 months since then, it has spent another $187,057 on legal fees and $343,618 for consulting services and computer modeling, according to Katzenmoyer and Patrick Hopkins, the city’s director of administrative services, for a total of $530,675.
    From the LNP article by Tim Stuhldreher, “Lancaster, EPA reportedly nearing agreement on sewer overflow issue,” (click here).
         The City of Lancaster is literally throwing millions of dollars down the drain and no one is questioning these overpaid, incompetent city officials who should have been fired years ago?
    Please check back later today.  


    Posted on June 28th, 2017 Becky No comments

    — Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


          “He’s not telling the truth,” a citizen told the city council members of Randy Patterson following his presentation last night.
         “I think it’s risky,” former Mayor Art Morris told them last night among several concerns he expressed. He said the city “is no expert on hotels.” He also mentioned a possible $3 million annual shortage that could come due in 2029 and land directly on the taxpayers.
          I have to listen to the tape several more times to get a grasp of the numbers Patterson was throwing out – and making up – last night.
         This whole unbelievable situation needs to be investigated by the state – from High buying up the three buildings knowing the CRIZ money was coming – from Senator Smucker and Mayor Gray writing the CRIZ specifically for LNP (PSP Partners) and Smucker stating it was for “blighted properties” – to CRIZ Authority Board Member Thomas Baldrige breaking the state ethics code by voting to give his wife’s employer, LNP, millions of dollars – to the whole scam of using the Redevelopment Authority to avoid taxes and most certainly Randy Patterson’s relationship and dealings with the Penn Square Partners.
         The initial convention center/hotel deal was so underhanded and broke so many laws (see’s 52 part series on the convention center) that it is hard to imagine anything surpassing the corruption involved in that. Lo and behold – they have done it with this Marriott Hotel “expansion!”

    [Editor’s note: Patterson also reported last night on the CRIZ Authority Board’s meeting yesterday afternoon – and yes – the Hotel Lancaster is getting lots of CRIZ money. All this money going to hotels and tourists and to for-profit corporations in the six block magazine section and not a dime to help regular residents of the city!]


     (Click here to watch the above meeting on Facebook (and again, thanks to Tony Dastra for livestreaming these meetings and why isn’t the city doing it and putting them on their own Facebook page?)

         Last night’s city council meeting was unbelievable! Randy Patterson, Lancaster’s head of the Department of Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization, threw millions of dollars and years around in a presentation on the Marriott Hotel expansion funding.
         He talked about 2029, having no guarantee, having to file a Right to Know request to see the papers he was displaying, having the head of the PSP (LNP and High Industries) at the meeting with him to correct him in case he made a mistake, bond issues, $39 million with over $9 million coming from the taxpayers and appealing the recent appraisal of the current Marriott calling it “excessive.”
         I thought Patterson worked for the citizens of Lancaster but he clearly does not and works for LNP and High Industries.
       Former Mayor Art Morris, and owner of the website, was there and did not like what he heard.
         LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher, who I am beginning to believe has serious mental issues, stood and said he had three questions regarding the funding and pointed at the PSP head (ultimately his boss) for one of them.
         This is the most outrageous theft of tax payer dollars ever – by LNP – your “community newspaper” – and someone or several of these thieves  are going to end up in jail.
    There will be much more later today.       


    Posted on June 27th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

    * 4:01 pm —  LNP went up with a story literally 10 minutes ago while I was publishing. It is all taken directly from the “GoFundMe” page and I can’t even find a link to the page in their story (click here).


    This screenshot was taken at 3:37 pm today. Click here and please post this on your Facebook page and spread the word to as many people as possible.
         Back to the fundraiser for the Warfel family and LNP’s unbelievable and unconscionable failure to cover it. I suspect it stems from the last line in the police’s second update on this horrific story (click here):
         The victim’s family has requested that the media respect their wishes for privacy and not make any attempts to contact them as they will not be granting any interviews.
         It is not the police’s job to tell the media how to do their jobs! And in this case the family has given their dramatic and heart-wrenching story on a public fund raising platform and that certainly means the family wants it public and for as many people as possible to see it, read it and hopefully donate – as literally hundreds of people have done today.
         Their report states the dog had not had a rabies shot in four years; to date no charges have been brought against the owner and the police are allowing the owner to “quarantine” the dog in their house in the neighborhood where this horror occurred. 
          And the only reason I can see that LNP is not covering this and helping this family in desperate need is because the police requested they not do so – and that is so unacceptable and so disgusting that everyone involved at LNP in failing to cover this should be banned from journalism for life and, in fact, banned from the human race.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Per the Judge’s order below, Sheriff, or former Sheriff, Mark Reese will have to come out of hiding and appear in a Lancaster County Courtroom on July 6th. I will verify that this will be open to the public and report back.



    There is much, much more. Please go to the GoFundMe page to read the entire piece (click here). And there is also this:


    Posted on June 26th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article.

          Most commenters on Lancaster Online and their Facebook page agree: The bail amount is absurd and it is because they are white! When is this going to change? This must change.



    Jordan Russell (left) and Ronald Brown from their respective Facebook pages. These men like trucks – big trucks!



    Ronald Brown (left) and Jordan Russell.
    *    You can shoot into occupied homes if you are a good ol’ white boy in Lititz! Oh, happy day! Their bail is $5,000 apiece. Yes, you read that correctly. A minority in the city would have their bail set a $250,000 without a doubt. And Russell has serious priors!
         Oh, it’s good to be white in Lancaster County! Click here for LNP’s, “2 charged with shooting into Lititz home.” Could LNP find out why their bail is so low or is that asking too much of this “news organization?”


          LNP’s big front page headline in this morning’s print edition.

         Isn’t that special? Remember when the fire alarms went off in the LNP offices in October of 2014 and the LNP staff came spilling out into Penn Square (click here for the original on this site)?
         Why won’t anyone in power in Lancaster – the mayor, the city council members, the county commissioners, the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission, etc. – step up and say this is wrong? This is unacceptable! It is 2017 and we will not allow this in our community?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 25th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


          Today, LNP decides to tell us what “important” people in Lancaster County are going to read this summer! Let me be very clear: I don’t give a rat’s butt what Mayor Gray is going to read (but it should clearly involve telling the truth and ethics) but I do want to read, “This Is the Rat Speaking!” And why has this book by a local author on a very local and important topic not been mentioned by LNP?
         I have ordered it and am anxiously awaiting my copy! It has been theorized and stated that the rise of the “Black Power” movement is when the Steinmans, the owners of LNP said, “Not in our town!” and made sure that pervasive racism existed in all aspects of everyone’s lives in Lancaster County until this very day.  I wonder if that’s why they haven’t mentioned it? 1969 is also the year my father, who was a professor at F&M, and others founded and began publishing the Lancaster Independent Press.
          From the opening chapter (click here for the book on Amazon):


    Posted on June 23rd, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         I discovered several things today:
    —  the below filmmaker who is quite good.
    —  he also has a video on panhandlers in Lancaster that is excellent (click here).
    —  But what shook me to my core, is the man holding the sign very early in the below video (beginning at .56 seconds in). He is talking about Lydia (Lilly) Colon Torres. There is a man who holds a sign to remind us of Lydia Colon Torres! She was murdered in September of 2009 and her body was found in the Susquehanna River on October 1, 2009.
          She doesn’t even make the list of the unsolved murders in Lancaster County (click here for the LNP piece) – but she sure as hell should and I will follow-up to see where her case stands. This brought tears to my eyes because I covered her case somewhat extensively back then. I spoke to family members and I spoke to Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen who was handling her case and lied to me.  And this injustice and her family’s pain has been buried for years without a word about her except for this man who holds a sign to remind us of her case and the justice she deserves and to ask for peace.




    (Click here for the LNP story.)

         It would be wonderful if the city could announce they have solved some of the twenty unsolved murders under Mayor Gray, but bikes will have to do?
         So, somebody attending a big Lancaster City convention can come in by train, pick up a bike and pedal to the Marriott? Oh, boy!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 22nd, 2017 Becky 3 comments


    (Click here to read the whole piece).

         Thank you, Robert Field of! The arrogance, lack of ethics and flat-out illegal operations of the people in the Gray administration and on city council is shocking and people find it hard to believe. That’s because LNP doesn’t tell them about it, of course, because that is how they are trying to get millions of dollars they should not receive.
         I have made complaints to the state and will be making more. It is good to see that despite moving to New York City, Robert is still doing good work. There are only a very few news outlets that are trying to let the public know the truth about the huge, powerful, corrupt, greedy and racist LNP!


    **   The second police press release on the attack and the dog and where it is quarantined is here. At the end of her report from the scene on June 20th, Katelyn Smith of WGAL says this about the dog (click here):
         …not here in the neighborhood anymore.


    *    Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the updated story, “Police: Dog that attacked 2 kids in minivan outside Lancaster home will be euthanized,” (click here). 

         I couldn’t agree more. And in fact, Katelyn Smith of WGAL indicated in her report several days ago that the dog was no longer in the neighborhood. I don’t know where or from whom she got that information but scarily the dog is still in the neighborhood according to police.



         I hope there is follow up to the article and that the dog will be put down or remain in quarantine. I live in the neighborhood just a few blocks away and this is horrifying. I am already afraid to simply walk by a leashed pit bull while pushing my daughter in her stroller and reading this gives me fear to walk outside with her at all.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “2 Lancaster children in ‘serious but stable’ condition after loose dog attacks them in their minivan,” (click here).
         Where is the follow-up to this terrible story? How are the children? Where is the dog and will the owner be charged?
         LNP lists two reporter’s bylines with the story; Lindsey Blest, who re-wrote the first police press release and Tom Knapp, who re-wrote the one police update to this story. That is the only thing LNP has done on this entire story. At least WGAL and FOX43 went to the scene and interviewed witnesses and informed the public how truly awful this attack was.
          But the public has a right and a need to know more information!
         Fourth and finally, Defendant Reese has either abandoned his office as a matter of fact and law, or he is near-daily committing a crime.
    From the Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction filed by State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument against Sheriff Mark Reese (click here and also see below). LNP has this as an “insider” story: ” Senators attempt to stop biweekly payments of $4K to Lancaster County sheriff accused of sexual harassment,” (click here).
         If he is committing a crime, why hasn’t he been charged? Charge him! Charge him daily! From the Motion:

        On a lighter note this morning, although not light on your pocketbook, I was shocked to see a full page ad in today’s LNP print edition for “My Pillow.” And LNP also has ads running on their website. Please, please read the reviews and the lawsuits against this company before you spend $50.00 for a pillow! This guy has to be the world’s biggest crook! Simply amazing!


    Posted on June 21st, 2017 Becky 1 comment


         Quite simply, ESABATM is an acronym for “Eat sh*t and bark at the moon.” And I don’t think I will be doing that anytime soon.
         Yes, this slur was thrown at me yesterday in Lancaster Online’s comments section after I became quite testy regarding all the comments under the article, “2 Lancaster children in ‘serious but stable’ condition after loose dog attacks them in their minivan,” (click here).
         And I actually think I went to high school with the poster so the whole thing just gets more bizarre!
         Anyway, there were these posts:
        If I had a Dachshund who didn’t like children and bit me three times and required stitches, I would no longer have the Dachshund. Period. And I would not consider someone who has such a Dachshund to be an expert on dogs or a good doggie caretaker!
         And among her multitude of posts, this is the one that really set me off:
         There was one dog who got in the vehicle and it was clearly explained how the dog got in the van:
         Oh, my! I wish I could put ESABATM to good use but I’m not sure it’s anything I’ll be using in the foreseeable future!
         There was a woman who said a “GoFundMe” account would be set up for the children and if anyone knows where it is, please let this site know.

    ***  Sometimes the internet scares and amazes me. Working on my afternoon post, I put “ESABATM” into google again so I could reference its meaning (I had looked it up before I wrote this morning’s piece). And right there on the first page of results was this site – which is amazing in less than seven hours and also means not too many people use ESABATM! :


    **   There are developments in former Manheim Township school board president William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP. There is this from his “Motion to Compel Discovery” regarding the illegal recording of a board meeting obtained by LNP.


    *   From (click here).

    & ESABATM?

         I am not going to deal with these insane “pit nutters,” but going on the Lancaster City Police Facebook page and showing your total ignorance does not help your cause!

         Oh, and what does “ESABATM” stand for? Someone used that on me yesterday and I had to look it up. Nice!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 20th, 2017 Becky 8 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The police have updated their press release (click here):
         The children are still being treated at HMC in serious but stable condition.
         The animal in this incident is a 66 lb., 5 year old male Pit Bull terrier. The dog had been in a fenced-in backyard of a home on the 700 blk. High St. At some point, the dog managed to break through the fence and was loose along the 700 blk. Lafayette St. 
         At some point, the victims were in their minivan behind their home along Lafayette St. The dog managed to get inside the vehicle and attacked the children as they were still secured in their car seats. 
         The children’s mother managed to eventually pull the dog from the van. Several people in the area assisted the mother. The mother had scratches as a result of this and was later treated at LGH. 
         The owner of the dog came out and was able to secure the dog after the mother left for the hospital and just as Police arrived on Lafayette St. The owner of the dog is cooperating with the Police investigation. This investigation is still on-going and is not complete. The identity of the dog owner is not being released as no charges have been filed. The dog is currently quarantined. 
         We will publish additional updates as more information is learned.

    *  Good for WGAL! They have much more on this terrible story (click here).


    The Lancaster City Police have this at the bottom of their press release this morning about the dog attack (click here).
         That is just ridiculous. Then release more information! How could it “jeopardize” someone’s safety? How could it “jeopardize” the investigation? You are doing that by not releasing information! And you don’t have to just worry about the “media” – you need to worry about social media as well! Why are you trying to keep a lid on this? Who owns the dog and where is it now?
         The below was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the story:

          No one knows if this is accurate or not but this is an incredibly scary episode and apparently a two-year-old and a five-year-old are in very serious condition. This is terrible!
          And the family of the children need to file a homeowner’s insurance claim immediately against the dog’s owners. There are medical payments that are available for these situations without filing a suit – that can come later. And if they don’t have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, then the dog’s owners can expect to lose everything they own.



     **     From today’s Lancaster City Police log (click here):
         At about 1654hrs 19 Jun 2017, Lancaster City Police Officers responded to the 700 blk of Lafayette St for a reported Class 1 medical call.  911 callers indicated that a loose dog was attacking two young children.  When the officers arrived, they found the children, female age 2 and male age 5, had been transported to Lancaster General Hospital by their mother and the dog had been secured by its owner.
         The children were treated at Lancaster General Hospital for serious injuries received in this attack and then transported to Hershey Medical Center for further treatment.
         The Lancaster City Bureau of Police Criminal Investigations Division is actively investigating this incident.  Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact Det Lt Phil Berkheiser at 717-735-3320.

    *    According to his LinkedIn profile, former Manheim Township Superintendent John Nodecker states he is retired at the age of 56! Imagine that!



    Posted on Lancaster Online by the current Manheim Township school board president and apparently also signed by school board member Steve Grosh under the LNP story, “AG: Manheim Township school board wasted taxpayer money, operated in secrecy in former superintendent’s early termination,” (click here).


         Yes, it was great political theater and I wonder what job Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale has his sights on next – the governor’s office? “That’s a joke” and “Are you guys nuts?” That’s what this professional says whose job was to audit the district? And he said it was his “G-rated version.” Cute?

         Will this affect former board president William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP? LNP only mentions Murry once in the article – saying he did not return a request for a comment. How different from their front page editorials calling for Murry to resign! And of course, there is the illegal recording that we still don’t know who made and whether LNP solicited it.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 19th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


         Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale gave LNP everything they wanted today (click here for the above story and video of his press conference). He said the school board broke state law and wasted $358,000 regarding the former superintendent. He said he believes the board was trying to subvert the Sunshine Law but said intent is hard to prove. He was emphatic, used colorful language and seemed eager for questions – wanting more than the reporters had for him. He very much enjoyed the press conference and the attention he received.
         Regarding the rest of the audit, Manheim Township passed. It will be interesting to see if any of the then board members speak out.
         Meanwhile, the Manheim Township School District issued a lengthy statement regarding the audit on their website and had this calm statement regarding the superintendent situation (click here):
          According to the audit, the only area that the district demonstrated lack of compliance was with administrator contract buyouts.  Manheim Township School District failed to publicly post the settlement agreement of a former superintendent who submitted a resignation before the superintendent’s contract end date.  The audit finds that the settlement agreement should have been posted to a School Board Agenda since it was voted on during a public School Board Meeting. The district agrees with the Auditor General’s report that the separation agreement should have been publicly posted on the Board Agenda.  However, school board directors and administrators who were working in the District Office at the time were following legal recommendations pertaining to Board procedures, and were unaware that the actual separation agreement needed to be posted on the Board agenda.
         There will be more tomorrow. I am going to unplug for the impending (weather) storm.


         Did you know that Lancaster author and Penn Manor teacher Todd M. Mealy released his fourth book in March? Click here for the book on Amazon.

    Posted on June 18th, 2017 Becky No comments


    (From the front page of today’s Sunday News – click here and note that online this is an “insider” story). 

         Finally there is some really good news for Lancaster! And even though LNP reporter Susan Baldrige quotes Mayor Gray in her sixth paragraph into the story, neither he nor Baldrige, had anything to do with this!


    Posted on June 17th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


          Just a quick note this afternoon: I was sent the Manor Township Police report very early this morning (thank you). As I stated, I saw it happened on the 16th and assumed it was yesterday. It wasn’t until I was speaking with Ben that I realized the incident happened in May but was just reported by the police yesterday.
         And I was struck by what Ben said about LNP refusing to cover any of it. They do that with so many important, significant stories that the public should absolutely know about. But if LNP doesn’t tell the public – then who will?
         They protect these public officials and the officials do them favors in return. Mayor Gray and Lloyd Smucker are the most recent examples of that having written legislation to specifically give LNP millions of more public dollars (the CRIZ).
         This has been going on for years but District Attorney Craig Stedman running to be a Superior Court Judge may be the beginning of their downfall. Facts about certain cases that LNP blatantly ignored or lied about are sure to come up during the election. How will LNP explain that?
         Days after Tuesday’s city council meeting, LNP reported what I noted on this site about Mayor Gray and his “legacy.” Oh, there will be much more coming on this site about this! The below screenshot is from today’s print edition and they cleaned up the grammar in the online version (click here):


    —  The below is one of several videos on on Kelly Ream (click here to view). Ben said this morning that LNP has refused to cover any aspect of this case and the scandal with the Southern Regional Police Department.

    *** UPDATE — I spoke with Ben Vonderhiede this morning by phone. He went to interview Kelly Ream at her home and she called the police. Ben has done multiple pieces on Ream on his website (click here). He said he has been working for months on an investigation into fraud in the state police pension fund.
         He also makes numerous allegations against Ream in his videos. This is a developing story.

    [Editor’s note: When this story was first was posted this morning I said this happened yesterday. I saw the date and not the month and I apologize for the error and it has been corrected. This happened in May and was just posted by the Manor Township Police yesterday. Ben said this morning he was not even aware that charges had been filed.]


    *    I ran into Ben in the Lancaster County Courthouse when I was covering the Ray Corll trial. He did not disappoint! He insulted Corll’s defense attorney Heidi Eakin to her face; loudly proclaimed that Corll had been a bad cop for years so Corll’s family who were sitting right up the hall could hear it and also said he probably beats his wife and discussed in very colorful language the shenanigans (affairs) going on in the District Attorney’s Office and more. 
         It was just a normal day for Ben!


          Ben Vonderheide, owner of the website “Daddy Justice,” got into trouble in May in Manor Township (click here). What did you do now, Ben?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 16th, 2017 Becky 10 comments


    (Click here)

         Tonight there is another “Concert on King” at the LNP studios. And when I click on the above “article,” there are two ads for LanCity Connect; one at the top of the page and one at the bottom (screenshots of them are posted below).
         So, let me get this straight: These concerts aren’t really free because your taxpayer money is going to LNP to “sponsor” them!
         On top of all of the other millions the city has paid MAW Communications, they also loaned them $1.5 million. And within three months of city council passing the incredibly questionable loan, MAW Communications announced they were so deluged with requests for installations, that they were ceasing to install any more internet connections.
         And yet, your money is being used by the city and MAW to advertise with LNP with “high-tech” ads that state “Schedule your installation today” when they have stopped installations!
         And city council members and top members of Mayor’s Gray’s administration refuse to answer legitimate questions about how and why and how much of your money is being spent to advertise with LNP. That is a basic violation of the public’s right to know.
         This whole thing reeks of total corruption and needs to be investigated now!




    The above was posted on Lancaster Online under their story about last night’s shooting, “Man, 23, shot in chest late Thursday in Lancaster,” (click here).
         You would think, wouldn’t you? But here is a big Lancaster secret: The DA, the police, the mayor, the city council members and the LNP reporters apparently aren’t aware that there are 169 surveillance cameras in the city! I know it seems hard to believe but it is true! They are not used to solve crimes and the public never sees images or videos from them and the LNP reporters never question it.
         An inset from the Safety Coalition camera map he links to is below with an inserted blue arrow where the shots were fired (the red dots are cameras).



    ***  11:15 am – According to the police scanner this morning, a subject fired several shots at a victim who was apparently not hit, at Woodward and Christian Streets at about 10:25 am.
         Witnesses reported the suspect ran up Christian Street and police had identified him at Christian and Howard Avenue several minutes later.
         The map below is of the Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras. The inserted blue arrow is where the shooting occurred and the inserted black arrow is where he was last seen according to the scanner.
         It is not known at this time if an arrest has been made in this daylight shooting.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    10:40 am —  The suspect is described as a light skinned black male wearing a red sweater who was just spotted by police at Christian and Howard Streets. Apparently he fired several shots. Intended victim apparently was not hit by any of the shots.

         Lancaster City Police are chasing a suspect who shot at a person at Christian and Woodward Streets this morning at about 10:25 am.

    *   Click here for the police press release on last night’s shooting.


         Have you all gone and lost your minds??? You are all getting your undergarments in a twist over not being able to take your dogs out to eat with you???
    The beginning of a comment on Lancaster Online under the story, “No dogs allowed at Bulls Head, General Sutter patio in Lititz after complaint to state agency,” (click here).
         Yes, the outrage continues with veiled and not so veiled threats against the anonymous person who filed the complaint in the first place.
         In the meantime, there was a shooting last night at a graduation party and is District Attorney Craig Stedman trying to obstruct justice – again?
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 15th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         Benchmark Construction was mentioned during Tuesday’s Poverty Commission update given to city council because Marcus Grimm of Benchmark heads their “Communications Action Team.” And back when the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry had their $225 a plate annual dinner and I mentioned someone compared it to a prom but I couldn’t remember who? It was Grimm (click here and see below)! Oh, what tangled webs the Lancaster white, elite and powerful weave!


    ***  Also during the Poverty Commission’s report at Tuesday’s city council meeting, Benchmark Construction was named and I have to go back and re-listen to the tape very carefully.
         Benchmark Construction is where city council woman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace’s husband works. From the LNP “insider” article, “Analysis: Lancaster’s Democratic mayoral candidates spent $6.54 per vote in primary,” there is this (click here):
         She [Sorace] received 16 donations of $1,000 or more, by far the most among the three candidates. That includes $11,500 from a half-dozen donors affiliated with Benchmark Construction Co., the workplace of her husband, Christian Recknagel. Recknagel is credited with an in-kind contribution of $705 in scotch and cigars for a fundraiser, part of $1,192 in total in-kind donations.
         And Sorace’s top two donations at $2,500 each, were from the Chairman and the President of Benchmark Construction pictured above. This already has a certain strong stench to it. There will be much more to come.



     **   In Tuesday’s city council meeting, Pat Brogan, Mayor Gray’s Chief  of Staff, said Gray wants the Poverty Commission to be his “legacy initiative.” You can’t make this stuff up!
         Since it was Gray who contributed to the problem by lying to the public to win election and then immediately doing an about-face regarding LNP’s convention center/hotel, I imagine poverty, deceit and arrogance will indeed be his legacy!


    *    This is the top story on Lancaster Online this morning (click here)! I am not kidding. And I don’t give a dog’s tail about the story because if I wanted to eat with dogs I’d take a sandwich to a Lancaster City Council meeting!
         But what caught my eye was LNP has a new staff writer. Yes, check the byline on the story. So, has LNP diversified their staff?


         The below is from a “SPECIAL REPORT” published on this site on March 9th. We still don’t know where else MAW has “rolled out” before or if this is strictly a lie and fraud by Hopkins and MAW. The full original story is here and the link to the LNP article cited in the screenshot is here.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 14th, 2017 Becky 2 comments

    “IT IS 2017!”

         If you get the chance, please watch last night’s city council meeting (click here). And thanks once again to Independent Mayoral candidate Tony Dastra for livestreaming them.

    Danene Sorace

         At the end of the meeting, Danene Sorace declared June to be LGBT Pride month and members of council talked about it being 2017 and it’s unbelievable that people discriminate against people based on whom they choose to love.  And then there was the mayor and climate change and once again the year 2017 came up and they said everyone knows in 2017 that you leave the world a better place than you found it.

         And in the beginning of the meeting there was a report from the Poverty Commission and there was more talk of “One Good Job.”
         Yes, it is 2017, and what these “good and decent” city council members including mayoral candidate Danene Sorace, know is that LNP discriminates based on race in their hiring and they have done so for years. They will not give a minority “one good job!” It is another one of Lancaster County’s dirty little secrets – like all white juries.
         And the state makes it very clear that in order to receive public funds, companies cannot discriminate. They must be equal opportunity employers.
         And these supposedly moral and progressive city council members just ignore that fact and look the other way, because LNP has so much power as the monopoly news source, that no one will call them out for it and say, “No. It’s 2017 and every decent person knows that you don’t discriminate on the basis of someone’s skin color and no, we are not going to give you money or support your racist company in any way!”
        And on top of that, these moral and progressive city council members don’t understand the concept of conflict of interest or the state guidelines that say Thomas Baldrige, as a member of the CRIZ Authority Board, cannot vote to give his wife’s employer, LNP, millions of dollars of public money. It is the year 2017 and everyone but the CRIZ Board and the city council members understands that to be a blatant conflict of interest that is not ethical and is not permitted by state law.
         And yesterday, I replied to Pat Brogan (Mayor Gray’s Chief of Staff) and all the city council members in an email as follows:
    I appreciate your replying for everyone but your answer is not satisfactory. LanCity Connect is a public-private partnership and therefore directly involves the City of Lancaster and decisions made by the people I have included in this email!
    Again, I am asking, why the city (LancCity Connect) is “sponsoring” LNP concerts and the exact money amount involved in this sponsorship.
    Thank you.
    There will be much more tomorrow.



    From left: LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, Content Editor Tom Murse and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy.

    From (click here).

         No, they shouldn’t be tarred and feathered – they should go directly to jail! And if the liars, hypocrites and thieves on LNP’s editorial board continue to write about ethics and wasting taxpayer’s money, they do need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 13th, 2017 Becky 9 comments

    —  I am watching Attorney General Jeff Sessions testify before the Senate this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.



    The headline from Page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition and posted online as an “insider” story (click here).
    *   This was reported days ago on this site and I think it’s more than a “snag!” The LNP article says this:
         Martin and Aument were given 20 days to present an amended complaint that re-argues their case before the case is dismissed. The suit was initially filed in March.
          The senators, in a joint statement Monday, said they intend to “remedy the concern raised by the judge” within the allotted time period.
         I don’t know how they can “remedy” their standing in 20 days – but we will see. Don’t waste the taxpayer’s money with nonsense, Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument!  And those 20 days are going to be up soon!


         LNP goes yellow this morning! How appropriate!

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 12th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


          On Saturday, I highlighted the above ridiculous sentence from the LNP article, “Caregiver charged with defrauding 85-year-old woman of over $19K,” (click here). Her docket does indeed read that her bail is unsecured.
         LNP has not even bothered to fix it despite comments under the article pointing out the glaring error. A commenter said:
         She isn’t in jail
         Another commented sarcastically that apparently she wanted to go to jail even though she could be free.
         It is a sad day when reporters and editors care so little about the basics and the facts and also care so little about the public they distribute obviously incorrect information to.
         LNP may not care about journalistic integrity but they sure do like their money! There will be more on MAW, LNP and LanCity Connect tomorrow.




         On a second, tragic domestic violence story, the funerals for the Arnau family are scheduled for tomorrow. A GoFundMe page has been set up and the response has been wonderful (click here).



           I want to cover a couple of other items today, and once again, because of the confines of the layout of this site – they have to go on top of one another!
         Remember this story from April 26, “Manheim Borough man with history of domestic violence against ‘Amish Mafia’ star wanted in new domestic violence incident,” (click here)? WGAL-TV reported at the time that Esther Schmucker was the victim again in his latest assault.

    Esther Schmucker

         But Imir Williams has never been arrested, arraigned, jailed and had his bail set! Why not? He’s active on Facebook!  Ask the people who are posting on his page or ask Esther. And I don’t care if she doesn’t want to testify. The prosecution doesn’t need her! There are hospital records and according to the story noted above, he knocked her down while she was holding a child. Enough is enough! Arrest this man! He’s posting on Facebook like he’s not even wanted on an arrest warrant!
         And Esther, I know you’ve heard it a million times over – but for the sake of your children’s lives and your own life – leave this very disturbed and violent man once and for all! 


    ***  Surprise – not! LNP has put the story online as an “insider” story – click here. 


    **   The bottom line, Brogan [Mayor Gray’s Chief of Staff, Pat Brogan] said, is that MAW is reworking its process and that customers who are hooked up are “very, very happy and satisfied.”

    The last sentence in today’s article by Tim Stuhlderher.
         And according to Stuhlderher in one of his recent articles, the number of customers who are hooked up is “nearly 100,” (click here).
         $3.4 million for an internet hook-up for nearly 100? That is patently absurd and sickening!
    *    Though he declined to provide figures, Wiczkowski [MAW president Frank Wiczkowski] said MAW is making significant investments of its own money and resources in LanCity Connect: “We’ve got a lot of skin in the game.”
    From today’s article.
         They have no skin whatsoever in this “game!”


    The headline on the front page of today’s LNP print edition (the article is not currently online).


         In his third article in a week, LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher takes lying and deceit to a whole new level. This time he goes wack – that’s right – to Westminster, Maryland City Council President Dr. Robert Wack!
         I guess that’s because he can’t go to his favorite anymore – Christopher Mitchell, director of Community Broadband Networks, at the nonprofit Institute for Local Self-Reliance – whom he quoted in his last story (click here). You see, I picked up the phone last week and spoke at length with Christopher Mitchell in his Minnesota office.
          This is unconscionable, absolutely despicable reporting by Stuhldreher and LNP! There will be much more to come and I will link to this latest piece of deceptive, junk journalism when it goes online.


    Posted on June 11th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


    Peggy Steinman

    —  This thing reeks of some type of sophisticated money laundering scheme.

    —  I was thinking the same thing. Money loaned to MAW who then turns it over to the LNP to “sponsor” concerts.

    These two comments in yesterday about MAW Communications, the City of Lancaster and LNP.

         I don’t put anything past the greedy, corrupt and racist Steinmans! Peggy Steinman is using her tax free foundation to give her employees bonuses. And she thinks she is so wealthy and powerful that she can get away with it!
         This has been going on for years in Lancaster County!


    Posted on June 10th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


    (Click here for the story including the above last sentence.)

         I realize that news organizations are doing away with copy editors, and editors for that matter, but come on! Konstantine Fekos has been a police reporter for almost a year at LNP! The woman charged in his story is not in jail because her bail is unsecured! This is basic, basic stuff and LNP has this as one of their top stories. Pathetic.
          Click here for more on Fekos on this site, “RUN AWAY NOW!,” and please check back later today. He should have taken my advice but now LNP may force him to run away – or do they even care? This is sloppy, sloppy reporting!


    Posted on June 9th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         LanCity Connect is a service of Reading-based MAW Communications, provided through a public-private partnership with the city of Lancaster.
    From the LNP, June 5th article, “LanCity Connect rethinking its deployment plan for residential fiber optic Internet service,” (click here).
         LanCity Connect, Lancaster’s residential high-speed fiber optic broadband service, says it has been deluged with much higher demand than it expected, and more than its rollout plan could handle. 
    The opening sentence to LNP’s article the very next day, “MAW president explains decision to pause and regroup on LanCity Connect rollout,” (click here).
         So why is MAW Communications paying LNP to sponsor their Concerts on King music series (click here): 
         As soon as I saw this I sent an email to all the city council members and Mayor Gray’s top administrators asking: “Please state why the city (LancCity Connect) is ‘sponsoring’ LNP concerts and the exact money amount involved in this sponsorship?”
        As reported here previously, I received this one response from Pat Brogan, Gray’s Chief of Staff, who copied in everyone I wrote to in her email:
         Inquiries related to LancityConnect community engagement efforts and other services can be made through their website at:
         So I put in a Right to Know request and received this response from Patick Hopkins, the city’s business administrator: 
         Sponsorship of the Concerts on King music series was by MAW Communications. As the City of Lancaster was not a sponsor, no public documents exist that would be responsive to your request.
         I thought they were a “public-private partnership.” Why does LNP say they are being sponsored by LanCity Connect and not by MAW Communications?
         These games are not funny and they are not acceptable! This is $3.4 million of the public’s money and the public has a right to know what is being spent and how. Why would MAW Communications need “community engagement” if they were “deluged with much higher demand” than they expected?
         And LNP, on top of failing to report accurately on this debacle to the public, is apparently receiving “sponsorship” money from these liars and thieves! And these city administrators and the members of city council think they can get away with this and not be questioned because they know LNP will protect them and not do it and if they don’t, then who will?
         This site will! There will be much more on this to come.


     From the LNP article, “Here’s a list of 41 unsolved homicides in Lancaster County since 1992,” (click here). 

    Julio Garcia-Camacho

    **  His family, who have been vocal, went below this article and stated Julio Garcia-Camacho died instantly and LNP and reporter Tom Knapp never corrected it. He died on June 13, the same Saturday night he was shot and in four days it will be two years that his murder has been unsolved and his killer still on the loose.
         This is one of the most shocking (if that is possible) of the unsolved murders because there are two coalition cameras very close to where he was killed and there remains a “mystery” (which absolutely should not be and the police need to tell the public now) about the involvement of a van which many witnesses recounted.
         The images from those cameras need to be released to the public now and the detectives and District Attorney Craig Stedman need to be grilled as to why this murder has not been solved and the images released. Do your job, LNP, and hold these public officials accountable, get a killer off the streets and bring some closure to this grieving family.



    *     Yesteday, “Frank Lee” sent a comment into this site with a link to the ridiculous YouTube video, “This Lanc is Your Lanc.” Sure enough, this morning LNP goes up with a “serious” story (click here).
          LNP, maybe you could have your reporter, Lindsey Blest, who normally covers the police and crime, look into the twenty unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray? Unbelievable!



         The Manheim Township Police Department changed their cover photo on their Facebook page yesterday (click here):
         It was sent to me with this comment:
         Most racist picture I have ever seen!
         That is obviously an exaggeration – but how does this happen in 2017? And why doesn’t someone say, “This is not right – the police force should reflect the community it serves!” This cannot continue in this country! It cannot continue.
        It’s too early to say when LanCity Connect will resume scheduling new installations or how deployment might change, Wiczkowski [Frank Wiczkowski, the president of MAW Communications] said. The service will be making further announcements in coming weeks.
    From the LNP article by LNP reporter Tim Stuhdlreher, “MAW president explains decision to pause and regroup on LanCity Connect rollout,” (click here).
         Then how are they going to repay the $1.5 million dollar loan the city just made to them. When is the first payment due? What is their payment schedule? Why don’t you tell us, Stuhdlreher?
         The collateral on the loan is the fiber optic network they were supposed to install! But they have stopped the installation so there is absolutely no collateral except that building they own in Reading assessed at $89,000!
         Is the fact that LNP is receiving advertising money from MAW reflected in their terrible reporting on LanCity Connect and their failure to tell the public the truth and hold these city officials and city council members accountable?
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 8th, 2017 Becky 9 comments

    **  Between Comey, phone calls and cooking, I ran out of time today. I will come back to this tomorrow.


    From the LanCity Connect website (click here).

    *   These are the LNP headlines to articles about MAW Communications, all by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher beginning with February of this year:

    —  February 16 – Phased rollout of LanCity Connect, Lancaster’s high-speed fiber network, to start this spring

    —  March 1 – Here’s when you can hook up to LanCity Connect, the city’s new broadband network

    —  March 1 – $3 million in funding proposed to underwrite residential rollout of LanCity Connect broadband

    —  March 9 – Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why

    —  March 29 – Council approves financing for LanCity Connect broadband network

    —  April 2 – LanCity Connect: Lancaster’s municipal broadband is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania

    —  April 12 – Podcast explores LanCity Connect, Lancaster’s fiber-optic broadband network

    —  May 2 – Phase 1 of residential deployment begins for LanCity Connect fiber-optic broadband

    —  May 24 – Meet Frank Wiczkowski, founder of MAW Communications, the company behind LanCity Connect 

    —  June 5 – LanCity Connect rethinking its deployment plan for residential fiber optic internet service 

    —  June 6 – MAW President explains decision to pause and regroup on LanCity Connect rollout




    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (the article is not currently online).

         On Monday, I mailed a notarized complaint to the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission regarding LNP and the CRIZ money and this morning they state their editorial board met with Attorney General Josh Shapiro yesterday about ethics and integrity!  
         Lightning should strike these folks any minute.
    There will be more on this and why MAW Communications is sponsoring LNP concerts later today!


    Posted on June 7th, 2017 Becky 5 comments
         I have tried to immerse myself in broadband systems this afternoon (sigh!). This will be continued tomorrow! If MAW’s problem is “more demand than expected,” then why are they spending their (well actually Lancaster’s) money to sponsor LNP’s “Concerts on King” series?

     *   Stuhldreher has the unmitigated gall to say this:
         Online comments suggest that customers are willing to give LanCity Connect the benefit of the doubt.
         He is just making that up and lying! And the first comment under his article begins with this:
         Their customer service is worse than Comcast. I’ve never reached a human voice and have left repeated messages without a single return call. 
         Resign, Stuhldreher!


    (Click here)

         This is simply unbelievable! This is Tim Stuhldreher’s second article in as many days bending over backward (and flat-out lying) to put this company in a good light (check two posts down for yesterday morning’s post about this before it got overshadowed by the horrific events of yesterday). Does he work for MAW Communications or LNP? Does he (or anyone at LNP) know that the first principle of journalism is to tell the truth?
         The City of Lancaster has paid MAW $1.4 million dollars, intends to pay them another $1.5 million dollars and has loaned them $1.5 million dollars.
         And do you know what the city has to show for that? According to Stuhldreher:
         Nearly 100 subscribers will have service by the end of the week, Wiczkowski [Frank Wiczkowski, president of MAW Communications] said.
         100 subscribers? Is that a sick joke? And how about the word “nearly” which clearly should be replaced by “only.” 100 subscribers for $3.4 million dollars? Why don’t you have Frank explain that to the public?
         As I said yesterday, Tim Stuhldreher needs to resign today. What a disgrace he is to the public he is supposed to inform!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 6th, 2017 Becky 15 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          District Attorney Craig Stedman stated the mother, Carola Arnau, 40, bought the handgun the day before – legally – and apparently shot her two children and set the fires and then shot herself. The children were found in their beds. Her husband, Miguel, 45, was living in the garage and was at work when it happened. Stedman said there is no danger to the public.
         Stedman said they were divorcing and in a custody battle and that things had been “escalating,” stating he believed the police were called at least once recently. He asked anyone with information regarding her mental state to contact the police.
         Key points from the press conference are below from the DA’s spokesperson, Brett Hambright’s, Twitter Account.

        What a terribly sad day. Carola Arnau and her two children were murdered in their home in Strasburg. Everyone is awaiting details from the police. If there is any breaking news this evening, it will be posted, otherwise we will see what tomorrow brings.
         Condolences to their family and friends.

    Carola Arnau

         There are reporters from all over at the triple homicide scene in Strasburg. A reporter for Allentown’s WFMZ-TV 69News brought a drone but was told by the State Police he could not use it. He said they use it all the time in Allentown.

    **** The bodies are being removed from the home at 2:00 pm.

    ***  The triple homicide scene in Strasburg today about 1:10 pm.

    **  Media reports are stating and quoting neighbors saying the father of the children was living in the home. According to a custody complaint that Miguel Arnau filed on April 3rd of this year and withdrew on April 20th, his address was an apartment in Ronks, PA.

        As we await word from the police, there is a mention of a Protection From Abuse filing for this family. The details are not available at the moment. The mother, Carola Arnau, is pictured below.


    Carola Arnau

          There is a shocking murder investigation this morning of a mother and her two children in Strasburg (click here for WGAL’s coverage). The home is owned by Miguel A. and Carola R. Arnau according to county records. They were in the process of divorcing and were having custody conferences for their two children.

    Please also see directly below for this morning’s regular post.


    Posted on June 6th, 2017 Becky 3 comments

    $1.5 MILLION LOAN?

    – & THE OTHER $3 MILLION? –

    (Click here)

        What does this mean?
    — Mayor Gray needs to resign today!
    — Patrick Hopkins needs to resign today!
    — Danene Sorace needs to resign from city council and drop her mayoral candidacy today!
    — LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher needs to resign today!
    — This whole corrupt mess needs to be investigated and charges brought against MAW Communications and city officials.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 5th, 2017 Becky 3 comments



    Thomas and Susan Baldrige

          The below Ethics Complaint was completed, notarized and mailed today. I will have much more on this and the totally corrupt Lancaster Newspapers (LNP Media Group, Inc.) and the Baldriges tomorrow.



    From today’s LNP print edition and online titled, “How should statewide judges get their jobs? Rep. Cutler pushes for merit-selection, not election,” (click here). [Please note that LNP’s political reporter and the author of this article, Sam Janesch, was still in college when the below happened! ]

         It doesn’t get anymore hypocritical, ironic and disgusting than this. District Attorney Craig Stedman is running to be a Superior Court Judge. Of all the reasons that he will not be elected, the most pressing, shocking and glaring reason is his indefensible protection and preferential treatment of Bryan Cutler and his family. Unbelievable! 

    (Click here for the original)

    (Click here for the original and the full LNP editorial)

    Please check back later today.