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    Posted on February 21st, 2018 Becky 2 comments


        An exchange on Lancaster Online under a column by LNP CEO Robert Krasne, “Why LNP is vital in the age of Facebook and Twitter,” (click here).

          LNP has had a monopoly on news in Lancaster County for years and years. Period!


    Posted on February 20th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


    Part of a comment posted on the LanCity Connect Facebook page by city resident Billy Weisser.

         Yes, he spoke eloquently twice before city council asking excellent questions that still have not been answered. LNP has unbelievably failed to report on any of this over $4.7 million debacle.
         Call or email LNP managing editor Tom Murse and demand accountability and answers:
          Phone: (717) 481-6021
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 18th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         He [John C. Lewis, Sr.] was released Tuesday from Lancaster County Prison after posting $50,000 bail, according to court records.
    From the LNP story shown at left (click here).
         LNP is running another full page ad for themselves in their Sunday Magazine with the headline “TRUTH WELL TOLD” and talking about their “world class journalism.”
         It may be a small point (actually, I think it’s very important) but if LNP reporter Konstantine Fekos really checked his court record as he states he would see that Lewis did not post $50,000 cash bail! A bail bondsman posted it!
         This is not “world class journalism!” This is sloppy journalism!


    Posted on February 16th, 2018 Becky 13 comments

    2-17-18 UPDATE


          This man would have never lost his life if u would have locked his killer up months ago when he was on trial for murder u let him back out on the street to kill again
         As noted immediately below on this site, the same day William Earl Cooper, Jr. was shot and killed in the city on October 27, 2017, the  above comment was posted on Lancaster Online under their article.    
          The comment was deleted within about a day. I don’t know what took the police over three and a half months to arrest Wilberto Melendez for this murder. There were apparently a number of witnesses according to the police press release (click here).
         Maybe the police were trying to ensure that this time they can back up their charges in court since with the help of a sharp Philadelphia lawyer he was acquitted by a jury in May of 2016 for the shooting death of Jeremy Torres in November of 2014.
          Apparently her comment was deleted because not only was it correct – but it also made the DA’s office and the police department look very bad. And LNP never questions the DA or the police!
         I had received information from a source after the acquittal that Melendez was a very bad character who was more than likely guilty. I could never use the information.
         I have removed William Cooper, Jr.’s name from the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above. Hopefully, justice will be done this time around.



         The comments on this site are continued per the attached screenshot below under the same thread. Did LNP say “how high?” I have no doubt that they did! And now I have absolutely no doubt that “huh?” was correct and it was LNP who deleted her comment.
         LNP is an absolutely disgusting and unethical non-news organization!

    Have a safe and happy Friday and there will be more tomorrow.



    **   Please see the screenshot of the comments on this site in October of 2017  (click here for the original). Turns out the poster was correct all those months ago and it was Melendez! 
          Click here for today’s police press release, “Melendez, Wilberto – CRIMINAL HOMICIDE and 3 additional charges.”



    *    The below email in this morning from Paul Wirth, the media spokesperson for PP&L. Will LNP lose their broadband coverage? Is it through MAW?
          LNP’s continued failure to cover this $4.7 million plus debacle is becoming more and more disturbing. What is their connection to MAW? How much money have they gotten from MAW?
         If their buddy, DA Craig Stedman, won’t investigate then the State Attorney General needs to investigate this now, including LNP’s involvement!



          Lancaster Democrats voted unanimously at their candidate endorsement meeting this week to send a petition to Gov. Tom Wolf — asking him to accept the upcoming recommendation of the Lancaster Bar Association in filling a Lancaster County Court vacancy.
          Longtime committeeman Greg Paulson, in an impassioned pitch at the meeting, said Republican Sens. Ryan Aument and Scott Martin — who recommended Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman to Wolf  — aren’t lawyers or members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and aren’t considering the bar association’s vetting.
    From the LNP “insider” story, “On Politics: Democrats send Wolf a petition; candidate will try to call every new 16th district voter; and local teen runs for governor,” (click here).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 15th, 2018 Becky 8 comments

    * Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


          A question and MAW Communication’s response on the LanCity Connect Facebook page.

         How much of MAW’s answer is the truth and where is LNP’s coverage? Where?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 14th, 2018 Becky 8 comments

    — Taking a break this afternoon. Have a happy Valentine’s Day! I hope yours is better than the Donald’s is going to be. —


    **   In response to a question into this site under the comments, the law firm’s cover letter on the invoice below states:
          “Enclosed please find our invoice for professional services rendered through December 31, 2017.”

    $4,203 AND COUNTING…

    *     In response to a Right to Know request, The Washington, D.C. law firm of Best Best & Krieger has billed the city $4,203 to date to “negotiate” with PP&L over MAW Communication’s attachments to their poles for the LanCity Connect internet broadband project.
         Their invoice is below.




         Below are some of the comments posted under the LNP story, “Senators pick District Attorney Craig Stedman to recommend for Lancaster County court vacancy,” (click here).
         The posters didn’t learn these facts from LNP! No, they did not! In fact, regarding Representative Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, LNP flat out lied to the public to “protect” Stedman and Cutler!
         This has been going on for years in Lancaster County! How much corruption has LNP overlooked or participated in for financial gain?


    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 13th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    (Click here)

         Just when you thought you were safely done with Tuktuk stories… Tuktuk redux! Horrors! And they are really looking for “sponsors!” Maybe former Mayor Gray will open his bill fold and pay their insurance bill! Stay tuned…



    Part of a full page ad LNP ran about themselves in Sunday’s print edition.

         Gee, LNP, some people can’t read the internet because LanCity Connect went bust with $4.7 million of the public’s money! Why don’t you put one of your “world-class journalists” on that story or do you have a secret deal with MAW too? How much money has changed hands between you and MAW, LNP?
         Where is your “truthful reporting of the news that matters to Lancaster County?” The internet matters! The internet matters a lot!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 12th, 2018 Becky 34 comments



         Ron Harper, Jr. (Preston) said he will be filing a special petition with the Court of Common Pleas for protection. In a post on his Facebook page he also lists another email exchange with Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and a screenshot of his post is below.
         He said the emails will be included with his petition. If they are truly from Stedman, and I believe they are, this should be a career-ender for Stedman. No matter how much Harper may have gotten under his skin, there is simply no excuse for Stedman’s actions or words.


    *    Can you imagine the District Attorney of Lancaster County, the chief law enforcement officer of the county, sending this email? This is grade school level harassment and insults!



          Uh, oh! What is going on between Ron Harper, Jr. (now using Preston as a first name) and District Attorney Craig Stedman?
          Stedman has lost his mind! This man has no business being a judge!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 11th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


         LNP CEO Robert Krasne has the above column in today’s Sunday News print edition (click here to read it online).
         Do you know what is missing from today’s print edition? There is not a single word about a man being killed and one wounded outside O’Halloran’s Irish Pub & Eatery yesterday morning. Not a word.
         Is that because the Suburban Pennsylvania Home Show is at the convention center this weekend and attendees are staying at your Marriott Hotel, Krasne?
         You are an absolute disgrace and a liar, Krasne!
         Print LNP’s Journalism Code of Ethics! Print it today!


    Posted on February 10th, 2018 Becky 20 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          This is now beyond ridiculous. This is the lead story at the top of today’s LNP print edition (click here for the “insider” story online). And LNP reporter Lindsey Blest states the sketch helped the police identify the homeless thief.
          Blest fails to mention he has been arrested 11 times in Lancaster County and maybe that’s how a police officer identified him! 
           Click here for his “Court Summary.” What is wrong with these LNP reporters and editors? Are they idiots?


    Posted on February 9th, 2018 Becky 8 comments



          Why didn’t LNP ever report that former Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife wrote a book alleging he beat her for years and made her partially blind?
         Money: The convention center and their Marriott Hotel.
         LNP and former Mayor Rick Gray had an agreement: He would back the convention center and keep funneling money LNP’s way and LNP in return would give him nothing but good press. It “worked.” They covered for the Mayor’s incompetence,  arrogance and lies and he stayed in office for three terms and during those terms he funneled LNP millions and millions of dollars.
         Someone or several people in the Gray administration failed to properly vet Sadler. It made his administration look incompetent and foolish and LNP wanted no part of that. So they chose to simply ignore it and allow a police chief whose ex-wife wrote a book stating he beat her to stay in office for years. Sadler could have easily sued her but he choose not to – probably because her children and others would confirm it.
         And, yes, I think LNP liked the fact that Sadler was African-American. It gave the city an outward appearance of being “progressive” and helped to hide the astonishing racism that exists within LNP’s own staff and the county.
         Money is the sole, greedy, totally unethical and terribly harmful to all women, reason LNP decided not to inform the public that the police chief – let me state that unbelievable fact again – the police chief – was a wife beater! 


    *    Ok, Cat lovers which one of you will take the 5 strays I have? The mother was dropped off in my yard and had kittens 7 months ago. SPCA won’t take them and none of the other shelters in Lancaster county will either, I have called them all. SPCA charges $ 50.00 per cat and still wouldn’t take them. I caught three and took them to the Lancaster branch willing to pay the $ 150.00, but they say the cats are too feral and I had to bring them back home. TNR is $ 30.00 to $ 50.00 each and I have to bring the cats back home. I don’t want the cats they keep killing birds at my feeders.

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “East Earl Township man charged with shooting, killing cat surrenders to police,” (click here).
          LNP has kept this as a lead story for two days and the comments under it are all over the place.
         I had/have a similar situation as the above poster and sadly I have only one piece of advice: Do not feed feral cats. Period.      


          LNP opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy retweeted the above yesterday. The CNN piece is here.
          Former Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife, Rosaura Torres Thomas, has started a blog and talks about the physical damage he did to her eyesight following years of abuse in her first post (click here).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 8th, 2018 Becky 10 comments

    * Taking an Eagles break this afternoon! LIP News will be back tomorrow.


    (Click here for the LNP article and here for the updated police press release)

          Unbelievably, LNP now has this as their lead story on Lancaster Online! How much money did this homeless man steal? Did the “sketch” really lead to him being identified?
         LNP Managing Editor Tom Murse needs to resign! This is beyond ridiculous and pathetic!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 7th, 2018 Becky 14 comments


         I sincerely thought this was a joke article because of this drawing !!! Seriously why publish this drawing?? Makes the department look ridiculous!!
    One of many, many incredulous comments posted on Lancaster Online under their story about the sketch of a thief posted here this morning.
         Yes, it makes the department and LNP both look ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!
         Sure hope House of Pizza defends and countersues for frivolous litigation. The stated reaction of the clerk makes clear there was no malicious intent or racial motivation. I’ll have to look up what lawyer would file such a waste of the Court’s time.
    This comment into this site today about the lawsuit against the House of Pizza.
          I know nothing about this suit except what was posted. I would note the last sentence in the suit below says this:
         The above are just some examples, of some of the discrimination and retaliation to which Defendant subjected Plaintiff.
         Philip Benson is represented by Chloe E. Gartside of the Philadelphia law firm of Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC. She was not in the office when I called this afternoon and the woman who answered said their office is closed tomorrow for the Eagles Parade. As soon as there are any developments in the case I will let you know.


    *    The below lawsuit was filed in Federal Court on January 12, 2018 against the House of Pizza Restaurant located at 21-23 West Chestnut Street in Lancaster. The suit states that Philip Benson filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission in June of 2016 and this suit is being filed more than one year later. The receipt is not attached to the suit.
         The beginning of the suit is below and below that are the “Material Facts” from the suit.




    (Click here)

         Have the Lancaster City Police and LNP lost their minds? Seriously! Is this a joke?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 6th, 2018 Becky No comments


         There was a City Council Committee Meeting last night and you can watch it here. With four new members are they still a rubber stamp for the Mayor, Randy Patterson and Patrick Hopkins or are things improving?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 5th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    FIRED 10-12 SHOTS!

    Harrys Dionicio-Gomez

         The police have finally released more information and a photo of one of the shooters from Friday a week ago at a “private club” in the 400 block of Pershing Avenue. Both of the shooters are still on the loose and the story is much more horrific than we were originally told.
         From the updated police press release (click here and if you have any information on Dionicio-Gomez call 911):

    *****NEW INFORMATION 05 FEBRUARY 2018*****

         During the investigation, Detectives were able to speak with the victim. They were told that on 26 January 2018 the victim had removed the suspects from the private club. One of the suspects told the victim that he was going to come back to shoot him. A short time later the same suspect that made the threat returned with a handgun. The suspect attempted to shoot at another person at the club. The victim intervened and the suspect attempted to shoot the victim in the head. The victim sustained powder burns on his face as a result of the gun being discharged so close to his head. 

         The victim stated that during the course of the struggle with the suspect, the suspect discharged the firearm approximately 10-12 times. At least two projectiles from the handgun struck occupied structures, the club at 407 Pershing Ave. and a home on the 100 blk. Locust St., during the struggle. The suspect managed to shoot the victim one time, on his arm. 

         The suspect that shot the victim and discharged the handgun was identified as Harrys Dionicio-Gomez M/33 LKA: 400 blk. E. Strawberry St. Lancaster, PA. The identity of the second suspect is still under investigation.

         Det. Stan Roache filed a Criminal Complaint against Dionicio-Gomez before MDJ Richardson, charging him with (1) Count Criminal Attempt- Homicide (F1), (2) Counts Recklessly Endangering Another Person (M2) and (2) Counts Discharge Firearm Into Occupied Structure (F3). A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Dionicio-Gomez. 




    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Man injured in Lancaster city shooting Sunday; police seeking suspect,” (click here).

         Yes, once again their are multiple Coalition cameras in the area (see the insert from their map below with the blue arrow indicating where the shooting took place).
         Do these cameras work? Why is the public paying for them if they are not being used? Commenters are bringing up the cameras – why isn’t LNP demanding answers managing editor, Tom Murse? This has been going on for years!  



    Posted on February 3rd, 2018 Becky 7 comments




         What I find the most shocking and unconscionable from Murse is his failure to protect the basic safety of the public.
         Friday, a week ago, this happened (the story that I link to in LNP has now been overwritten by their one update on Monday that is below):
         And I published the below following LNP’s Monday update to the story (click here):
         These men were inside the “private club” and yet the police have not released their names or a description of these two men! And there have been no arrests so there are two shooters on the loose with a handgun and a rifle who are willing to shoot a man knowing that there are multiple witnesses who could identify them.

    From the police press release. What investigation? Click here.

         No one watches the police in Lancaster. No one holds the police accountable! What does Mayor Sorace say about this non-police work that leaves the public in danger with no answers?

         This has been going on for years and LNP and their “world class journalists” just ignore it and thereby directly put the public at risk for their personal safety every single day. It is unconscionable and it is not “journalism!”



          Tom Murse, now the Managing Editor of LNP and the Caucus (“casting light on Pa. government waste and fraud through relentless, independent investigative reporting”) changed his Twitter profile last year to pictures of the Manheim Township School Board with the slogan “still keeping secrets” (above left). Let’s count the secrets this supposed journalist and liar is keeping from the public!
         To the right is a recent comment posted on the LanCity Connect Facebook page – “secret” number one!

    Posted on February 2nd, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         Equal application of the law is enshrined in our constitution. Doing so even when it is a relative of a friend is a test of ones integrity, perhaps the most severe one may face. Stedman failed that test regarding Martin’s sister and Cutler’s BIL IMO. A shame as overall I think he does believe in Justice, just not for all equally. That should be disqualifying….in a perfect world.
    A comment into this site yesterday (BIL stands for brother-in-law).
         This is by no means a perfect world – but the facts are there and they do disqualify Stedman. And they also disqualify LNP as a news organization because they failed to tell the truth and inform the public. But you can tell Governor Wolf.
         From the October 25, 2017 post on this site, “REMOVE STEDMAN FROM OFFICE!” (click here for the original):



    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (click here to read the “insider” story online).
         What in the world? Why wouldn’t he “stay on?” Ridiculous!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on February 1st, 2018 Becky 10 comments

    * I am doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.




    Click here to email Governor Tom Wolf through his website (his phone, fax and mailing address are above) and click here to read the LNP article pictured.

         The voters did not want him but his cronies figured out how to get him in office.
    One of many negative comments on Lancaster Online under the LNP article.
         Isn’t that the truth! This whole selection process by State Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin was nothing but a joke! What a disgrace.
    Please check back later today.

  • ** -* HOW MUCH CHANGE?

    Posted on January 31st, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    **   And High Associates and LNP do not want the public to know about what went on with the over $9 million in CRIZ money they received for the Marriott Hotel expansion. They filed the below to try to help keep Robert Field of from getting the documents (click here for the original).



    (Click here for the LNP story.)

    *     Could someone explain this to me please? High Industries and LNP ( the “PSP Partners”) were given over $9 million dollars of CRIZ money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel expansion. What the hell is going on?



    From the Tornado Alley Website (click here).

    From this site in November of 2011 (click here).

         Over 10 years after they published “Adverse winds at play in Tornado Alley,” LNP still does not employ a minority reporter. Are they “nervous?”
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 30th, 2018 Becky 1 comment


         The December 10, 2017 murder of Austin Peters was removed from the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above this morning. Police announced six days ago that they charged Raymond Torres with his murder.
         And almost all of the evidence, according to the police, comes from video camera footage.
         Reporters at LNP, who read the Affidavit of Probable Cause, state this in an article (click here):
         Police said Peters and Torres were seen leaving a party on Prangley Avenue, and surveillance from five cameras showed them walking around southwest Lancaster together, the affidavit said. The footage came from a combination of private, business, and Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras, police said.
         It would appear that most of the footage came from private residences and businesses. Please see the Coalition camera insert to the left (the red dots are their cameras).  LNP says they were seen leaving a party on Prangley Avenue. Prangley Avenue is marked with an inserted purple arrow in the map insert.
          The men then apparently walked up Crystal Street and made a left onto Coral Street where the inserted black arrow indicates where the police state in their press release they found shell casings:
         The video also shows TORRES holding and firing a handgun into the air.   Officers located several 9mm shell casings laying in front of 320 ½ Coral Street. 
         The men then walked up Coral Street to Columbia Avenue – marked by a gray inserted arrow –  where police state:
         Torres and the victim were seen together a short time later at a store in the 600 block of Columbia Avenue.
         The men then apparently walked a block on Columbia Avenue and turned South on Ruby Street and then turned onto First Street. From the police press release:
        Video footage also depicts the victim and Torres walking on Ruby Street and crossing over toward the 700 block of First Street at approximately 1:32 AM.    The shooting of Austin Peters occurred less than four minutes later, at 1:36 AM. 
         LNP states Peter’s body was found in front of 716 First Street and that location is marked by the inserted green arrow on the map.
         The bottom line in all of this: This is one area where there are not many Coalition cameras. And these are apparently very good videos that can identify the men’s faces and Torres holding a gun, “racking” the gun and firing the gun.
    There will be more tomorrow.


         …Using numerous video cameras from around the area, investigators were able to piece together a chain of events that began approximately an hour before the homicide and which depict the victim and Torres walking together around the Southwest City neighborhood.
         …However, investigators later obtained video footage, which showed the victim, Austin Peters, walking through the 300 block of Coral Street with Raymond Torres.   The video also shows TORRES holding and firing a handgun into the air.   Officers located several 9mm shell casings laying in front of 320 ½ Coral Street.   Torres and the victim were seen together a short time later at a store in the 600 block of Columbia Avenue.
          Raymond TORRES was observed on video again, walking with the victim near Ruby Street and Columbia Avenue.   Torres can be seen on video removing a firearm from the front of his body and “racking” the slide.  Video footage also depicts the victim and Torres walking on Ruby Street and crossing over toward the 700 block of First Street at approximately 1:32 AM.   The shooting of Austin Peters occurred less than four minutes later, at 1:36 AM. 
    From the Lancaster City Police press release announcing homicide charges against Raymon Torres for the December 10, 2017 murder of Austin J. Peters (click here).
         Suddenly there are cameras everywhere! Amazing!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 29th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

         Actually, someone or many people should know these two men’s names if they spent time in the “private club” prior to the shooting! Had they been to the “club” on other occasions? How did they find out about the “club?” Where is this information? What are their names and why haven’t they been released to the public? Someone needs to demand answers – now!




    Part of a full page ad LNP has been running in the print editions about themselves and Managing Editor Tom Murse.
         Hey, LNP Managing Editor Tom Murse, could you get one of your “world class journalists” to call the Lancaster City Police and find out why it took them three days to release information about a shooting in the city? Could they ask the police where a description of these two violent men is? Could you ask them if they were caught on Coalition cameras? Could they ask the police for details on this “private club” in a concrete block garage?
          Could you do your damn job and protect the public and hold these public officials accountable?



    **   Finally, the Lancaster City Police put out a press release on Friday night’s shooting (click here). It turns out the public was and is in danger! Is there a description of these two men? There sure as hell should be! A lot of people saw them in the “club” and there are coalition cameras in the area! From the release:
         Officers were told that there had been a disturbance at a private club located at 407 Pershing Ave. (2) unknown Hispanic males had previously been inside the club earlier that evening. The males returned and started a confrontation with a male that was working security at the club. Witnesses reported that one of the males had been holding a handgun when the security guard began to struggle with him. Witnesses stated  the second unknown male fired at the security guard with a rifle. The security guard was struck by gunfire. No other injuries were reported.  Both suspects fled the scene on foot, south from the 400 blk. Pershing Ave. 
         And 407 Pershing Avenue is listed by the county as a small concrete block garage! What type of private club is this? And where is a description of these men who both had guns, one of them a rifle?

    *  …Dustin Salisbery, who is playing professional basketball in Tunisia for the second consecutive season.
         Since graduating from McCaskey in 2003, 33-year-old Salisbery has played on teams all over the world.
         He first played at Tornado Alley while in high school, he told LNP this week.
         “If the house is lost, it will definitely be a loss to everyone, especially the upcoming youth,” Salisbery said.
    From the LNP article on Tornado Alley.
         Yes, I have mentioned Dustin Salisbery on this site (click here for the original of “A MODERN LYNCHING”). Maybe LNP reporter Lindsey Blest could ask him about his cousin Akeem Washington and the horrific injustice that was perpetrated on him by the Lancaster City Police!


         The below is from the GoFundMe page for Dave Porter’s Tornado Alley – click here for the fund (pictured above) and here for today’s LNP “insider” story, “Home of Lancaster backyard basketball court ‘Tornado Alley’ goes up for sale.”
         I’m writing this for my brother, Dave Porter—founder and creator, full-time custodian, protector and defender of “Tornado Alley” for the past 15 years. As some of you may have heard, “Tornado Alley” is in a very precarious position. It could end forever. Financially, it’s not a community-supported project.
          Some will ask about my brother’s financial situation. At this point he has nothing. His house and Tornado Alley belong to the bank. You may wonder: but what did he do with any resources he had? But, he has a car! He had to sell his truck. The car he drives (a 1998) I loaned to him when I moved to FL. Like many dreamers and visionaries, he may not have always chosen wisely. A water fountain for “Tornado Alley” instead of something “practical?” Dave is not a slick businessman. What he is, and has ALWAYS been, is a humanitarian with a heart of gold. He happily shared his sports photographs with parents and families who didn’t have the resources to pay for their kids’ photos. He recently had to sell his cameras to keep going for a little while longer.
          Dave was awarded 2004 Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service; the Lancaster Newspapers’ “Red Rose Award” two times—2004 and 2013. He was awarded the “Lancaster Weed & Seed Youth Service Recognition Award for Outstanding Commitment and Support to the Inner City Youth of Lancaster” in 2004. He was a “Weed & Seed” committee chairman of Youth Intervention for 5 years.  2017 Lancaster County Sports Hall of Fame Volunteer Award.
          Please help keep this wonderful community project alive! Help save “Tornado Alley”. So many kids have benefitted throughout the years. Let this righteous project be blessed and continue for another 15 years. Thank you.
    Linda Porter Curtiss


    Posted on January 27th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

    UPDATE 1-28-18


         Police expect to release more information on Monday.
    From the LNP article that is a total of five sentences, “Police investigate Friday night shooting on Pershing Avenue in Lancaster,” (click here).
         Seriously? Is there any danger to the public? Aren’t there any Lancaster City Police Officers working over the weekend? This happened on Friday night and the public has to wait until Monday for the most basic of information? Where is Mayor Sorace? This is unacceptable!



          The Lancaster City Police are so “transparent!” The above was posted on their Facebook page within the last day. Do they really think this post will save Officer Todd Dickinson? He was fired by a unanimous vote of city council – somehow came back through arbitration – and now is at the center of two federal lawsuits featured on this site this week. This is just truly amazing and not in a good way at all!

    [Editor’s note: This young child is a really good artist and it’s worth taking a look at his painting Facebook page and the message from the mother is much longer and interesting – click here for “Little Alan Slonneger – Young Painter.”]



    Posted on January 26th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         It is a very simple regarding Patrick Hopkins, the Director of Administrative Services for the city: If he knew he should be fired and investigated immediately; if he didn’t know he should be fired and investigated immediately. Those are the only two options at this point.
         These are the things Hopkins should have known (all of his quotes are taken directly from the LNP article, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” – click here).        
    —   He told city council this in March:
          Based on conservative extrapolations of rollouts elsewhere, MAW is projecting an initial customer base of 4,000, followed by 2 percent annual growth, Hopkins said.
         The public has never been told where MAW has “rolledout” before and William Weisser who spoke to city council twice and then met with city leaders following his first remarks said this in a comment to this site (click here):
          During my meeting with City Officials they indicated that MAW has not performed a previous large scale ISP project similar to LANC-CITY connect.
          So Hopkins either just flat-out lied or didn’t know and trusted MAW that they had done this multiple times before. Either way it is absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable. Hopkins was talking about giving this company – and the city did – another $3 million dollars on top of $1.7 million already paid to them – and $1.5 million of that in the form of a loan.
    —  Hopkins also said this:
         Lancaster also would have liens on MAW’s other assets and LanCity Connect revenues and potentially could recover other MAW revenues in the event the company folded while still owing the city money.
         What are MAW’s assets and revenues? They own a building in Reading assessed at $89,000! They claim to have other clients but no one has ever named them and we have no idea the amount of “revenue” MAW receives if they receive any! If they lied about ISP rollouts they may very well be lying about this.
         Again, William Weisser in a comment to this site said:
         They did indicate MAW provides fiber ISP services to other industrial type campuses, but none were specifically named. Per the article you linked it is indicated that the city could potentially recover assets through these revenue streams (so it would be very interesting to know who MAW’s other clients are).
         Yes, it would be very interesting to know who their other clients are and the amount of the revenue streams they produce before loaning and giving this company $4.7 million dollars! The public has a right and a reason to know – now – Patrick Hopkins and city council!
    —  And Hopkins said this:
         The loan terms will allow the city to take over the fiber network outright should MAW default, Hopkins said. It could then hire another firm to manage it.
         There is not going to be a fiber network “to take over” because PP&L put a stop to them because MAW did not get the required pre-approvals! So what are you going to do now, Patrick Hopkins? How will the City of Lancaster recoup the $4.7 million?
         And when did city officials know that MAW had not gotten the basic approvals required by PP&L? The public has a right to know when they knew!
         William Weisser also said this in his second comment to city council (click here):
         Finally, during the December 19 meeting, the City indicated MAW had completed an independent safety audit of the facilities installed to date indicating that installation was in a professional and safe manner. I urge this report be released to the public.
         Yes, it needs to be released immediately and since MAW did the “audit” it needs to be double and triple checked. PP&L states in a lawsuit that MAW’s connections to the poles are not safe for the public or PP&L employees! And for the city to reference an “audit” done by MAW is absurd and flat-out disgusting. MAW has done nothing but lie up to this point.
         This is simply inexcusable, unacceptable and unbelievable! Hopkins needs to be fired and investigated immediately! And LNP is an absolutely disgusting disgrace and a complete fraud for not reporting on this and doing their duty to the public.
         There will be more tomorrow.    


     *     But he [Mayor Rick Gray] noted that higher sewer bills are in store for city residents. “It will be millions of dollars over 20 years,” he said.
    From the LNP “insider” article, “Lancaster city fined $135K, will end decades of polluting Conestoga, Chesapeake Bay,” (click here).
         Gee, I don’t see York or Reading being sued by the U.S. Government and  being forced into a consent decree that according to Gray will cost taxpayers “millions of dollars over 20 years!”




    From the LNP editorial, “Reflecting on the Mayor Rick Gray era in the City of Lancaster ,” (click here).

         The LNP editorial board just lies. Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.       


    Posted on January 25th, 2018 Becky 4 comments
    —  Kenneth L. White was shot by Officer Todd Dickinson on February 11, 2015 and filed a federal suit in 2016 alleging excessive force and municipal liability against Dickinson, the City of Lancaster, the Lancaster City Bureau of Police and Officer Adam Dommel. The suit is ongoing and parts are below and more will be coming.
    From a subpoena issued to District Attorney Craig Stedman in Kenneth White’s lawsuit against Officer Todd Dickinson:


    Officer Todd Dickinson

    From a document in Kenneth L. White’s current federal lawsuit against Lancaster Police Officer Todd Dickinson. There will be more to follow…


    ***   It is wonderful that he was found safe – but LNP – this is no longer “BREAKING NEWS” and should not be your lead story all day long! OMG!


    **   Click here for “RACISM CHARGED AGAINST LCPD” on this site with a video of the encounter and click here for LNP’s, “Philadelphia cop sues Lancaster city and 2 of its police officers for violating civil rights.”       

    *    Now retired Philadelphia Police Officer Sterling Staton’s federal lawsuit against Lancaster Officer Todd Dickinson is about to settle. See his attorney’s letter to the Judge dated yesterday. And there are more developments regarding Dickinson in another federal lawsuit.



         There is breaking news in the two federal lawsuits against Lancaster Police Officer Todd Dickinson involving District Attorney Craig Stedman and former Police Chief Keith Sadler. That will come later today.
         This comment in yesterday:
        Did you miss the news??? Lancaster City Police made an arrest in the homicide of Peters in December.
         No! I did not miss it and I have a lot to say about it (click here for the police press release, “Torres, Raymon – CRIMINAL HOMICIDE and 2 additional charges”)!
         This portion of a comment into this site from William Weisser yesterday who spoke to city council on Tuesday evening:
         During my meeting with City Officials they indicated that MAW has not performed a previous large scale ISP project similar to LANC-CITY connect. They did indicate MAW provides fiber ISP services to other industrial type campuses, but none were specifically named. Per the article you linked it is indicated that the city could potentially recover assets through these revenue streams (so it would be very interesting to know who MAW’s other clients are).


          That is an excellent point! This is unbelievable and where is LNP’s coverage? LNP reporter Sam Janesch, who normally covers politics, was at Tuesday’s meeting.

          And speaking of LNP reporters, I asked about the whereabouts of Tim Stuhldreher who normally covers city hall and has failed to report on this MAW fiasco.
         I received an unverified report that he is out of town on family medical leave. The emailer also stated this:
          I believe Mr. Stuhldreher is very well intentioned and intelligent. He has a difficult job.


         Understood. But at some point these LNP “reporters” have to decide whether they will abide by their personal code of ethics and the  journalism code of ethics and the truth or stay at LNP where ethics and the truth are blatantly ignored.

          I wonder what Sam Janesch’s journalism professors would tell him about LNP’s failure to inform the public of the truth about DA Craig Stedman, State Senator Scott Martin and MAW Communications to name just a few!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on January 24th, 2018 Becky 9 comments

    *** HOPKINS LIED ***


         While I am paraphrasing, the general justification provided by city officials in our meeting for the current path forward was first that MAW is still considered to be responsible/technically capable as they have operated a fiber ISP for several city buildings for several years and that legal action is justified as PPL’s attachment procedures are unfair.
    From William Weisser’s remarks to city council last night – see below.
         That’s it? That’s what city officials told Weisser? “A fiber ISP for several city buildings?”
         What about all their prior experience they supposedly have? Where is it?
         Remember LNP quoted Patrick Hopkins as stating this to city council in March of this year (click here):
         Based on conservative extrapolations of rollouts elsewhere, MAW is projecting an initial customer base of 4,000, followed by 2 percent annual growth, Hopkins said.

    Patrick Hopkins

         I asked back in March and Weisser asked at the December 19th city council meeting where exactly MAW has “rolledout” before! We never received an answer! Apparently the answer is absolutely no where!

         And Patrick Hopkins and now Mayor Danene Sorace stated it was not risky to give and loan MAW Communications millions of dollars? And Hopkins just flat-out lied to city council and the public?
         There needs to be a criminal investigation now! There will be more tomorrow.


    *     William Weisser’s full comment to city council last night is below. He also requested a copy of his remarks be given to all city council members along with two reference documents he attached. Those attachments will be coming.

         I am here to follow up comments I made to council on December 19 regarding Lancaster City’s approval to hire counsel to enter into litigation with PPL regarding PPL’s lawsuit against MAW Communications. I must preface these statements by indicating that I am supportive of a municipal broadband network and I believe internet access is indispensable to operating in today’s world. My issue is that the City of Lancaster’s consultant, MAW Communications, has seriously jeopardized this project and placed almost five million dollars of tax payer money at risk. Serious reconsideration of the strategy to continue this project forward needs to occur, and it is not acceptable to dive into a futile legal defense of an incapable third party consultant. To the new administration’s great credit, they spent a considerable amount of time with me on January 19 discussing this topic. My intention here is to highlight this issue with the new council members, provide additional background, and ensure my comments are in the public record. I very much hope I can, at minimum, spur you all to look into this issue further and ask some very pointed questions to ensure this project is still on the “right track.” I have provided a reference sheet for your review and reading.

    47 CFR Part 1, Subpart J – Pole Attachment Complaint Procedures, provides the general guidelines for the FCC’s current rules in governing and resolving disputes associated with pole attachments. As part of these requirements, any entity wishing to make new or modify existing attachments to the poles must make the request in writing, regardless of any pre-existing agreement between the utilities. There are then time frames outlined for the pole owners to respond. I have also provided a reference with an explanation of the attachment request evaluation stages and mandated timeframes for the pole owner to review. If the request / application is denied, the pole owner must provide in writing the technical rational for the denial. This section of the CFR then proceeds to outline the process for resolving complaints if the third party feels they are being treated unfairly. Based on previous reports, it appears MAW has, at least partially, made applications to PPL for attachments within the city of Lancaster as part of the Lanc-City Connect Project. These applications were denied, per a PPL statement to the Morning Call due to a request for a waiver to PPL attachment procedures they were unwilling to grant. 

         If the denial was truly completely unreasonable/unjust, the appropriate action would have been to enter into the FCC’s complaint resolution process prior to making any unauthorized attachments to PPL Poles. A necessary part of the FCC’s process is that good faith executive level discussions must have occurred prior to FCC appeal. It is unclear if these discussions have taken place. What did occur is that MAW Communications proceeded to make unauthorized attachments to PPL poles, instigating the current lawsuit that seriously jeopardizes all work completed to date, places at risk enormous sums of taxpayer money, and jeopardizes the entire municipal broadband effort within the city. MAW Communications actions are indefensible.

         What is even more troubling is that this current legal dispute is not even the most legally challenging part of a municipal broadband effort as evidenced by the Google Fiber Project. I urge council and city officials to review the background behind One-Touch-Make Ready ordinances and the results of recent legal challenges brought on by Comcast and AT&T against the City of Nashville. This precedent demonstrates that it is critical to maintain the pole owner is at minimum an agnostic entity towards the municipal broadband effort.
         While I am paraphrasing, the general justification provided by city officials in our meeting for the current path forward was first that MAW is still considered to be responsible/technically capable as they have operated a fiber ISP for several city buildings for several years and that legal action is justified as PPL’s attachment procedures are unfair. Additionally, that PPL has previously not strictly enforced their attachment policies and Lanc-City connect is being unfairly targeted. I find none of these arguments sufficiently persuasive or rooted in sufficient specific technical documentation and I again urge the council and city leaders to re-examine the municipal broadband deployment strategy and planned legal action. Future municipal broadband deployment strategy needs to be based on existing case law/regulations and precedent. My position is that it is irresponsible to incur significant legal fees on a futile avoidance attempt of FCC mandated make-ready procedures and that an alternative and openly qualified competitive local exchange carrier should be identified to complete the municipal broadband deployment. MAW Communications has placed the entire LANC-CITY connect project in jeopardy via their installation of unauthorized attachments and should not be continued to be subsidized via taxpayer funds. 
         Finally, during the December 19 meeting, the City indicated MAW had completed an independent safety audit of the facilities installed to date indicating that installation was in a professional and safe manner. I urge this report be released to the public.
         Thank you

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          “… What did occur is that MAW Communications proceeded to make unauthorized attachments to PPL poles, instigating the current lawsuit that seriously jeopardizes all work completed to date, places at risk enormous sums of taxpayer money, and jeopardizes the entire municipal broadband effort within the city. MAW Communications actions are indefensible.”
         Lancaster City resident William Weisser addressed city council again last night regarding MAW Communications with a follow-up to his previous comments at a city council meeting on December 19th (click here for his original comments published on this site but never even mentioned by LNP). The full text of his excellent comment last night will be published here later today (a brief excerpt is above and you can watch last night’s very short meeting in it’s entirety here).
    —  Due to “unforeseen circumstances” the Lancaster Human Relations Commission did not give their annual report to city council last night and it is not clear when they will.
    —  Where is LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher who previously covered city hall?
    Please check back later today.