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    Posted on February 24th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


            Are we really certain that the Marriott expansion was approved??? After all, PSP lapdog Dan Nephin evidently wasn’t there; since there is NOTHING in todays LNP (paper or online) about this.
         City council is a disgrace, LNP is an even bigger disgrace, and PSP is the biggest disgrace in Lancaster County history!!
    This comment in today. 
         Well, I trust (keeping my fingers crossed) that WGAL could get this simple fact correct and yes, Nephin and LNP are missing in action (could it be their huge, unethical conflict of interest)! The bottom line is that these two multi-million dollar companies (LNP and High) do not get a single penny more in taxpayers’ dollars to pay for this charade.
         I’m certain their next step is to apply for CRIZ money. Below are the members of the CRIZ authority and I will update this list shortly with contact information.
         Thomas Baldrige and Daniel Betancourt have to recuse themselves from anything whatsoever to do with this issue as stated in the by-laws because both of their wives are employed by LNP. And LNP is automatically excluded from getting CRIZ money by the Pennsylvania Code because of their lack of diversity (blatant racism) in their hiring practices and staff.
         This is an absolute disgrace!

    CRIZ Authority Board Members

    Thomas Baldrige
    President and CEO of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    Daniel Betancourt
    President and CEO of the Community First Fund
    Ray D’Agostino
    Executive Director, Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership
    Jill Gagliano
    President, Arabesque Dance and Fitness Wear
    Cinthia Kettering
    President of Operations, Bagnall Shaw Company (Insurance Brokers)
    Robert Shoemaker
    President and CEO of the Lancaster City Alliance
    Rev. Gerald Simmons
    Business Services Team Employment Liaison, Careerlink (Lancaster)
    Pastor, Faith Tabernacle Church
    John Reed
    Attorney and Partner at Barley Snyder, LLC
    Fred Waller
    Waller Tax and Financial Services
    Non-Voting Members:
    Matthew Parido, Chief of Staff for Senator Smucker
    Randy Patterson, Director of Economic Development and Neighborhood
    Marisol M. Torres, Housing & Economic Development Administrator

    ** Another “Puffer” comment on ABC-27:


    * On ABC-27’s Facebook page, the comments were savage under the “Puffer” article!


    & WHAT IS DA

         WGAL-TV, “12-Story, 105-room expansion approved for Lancaster’s Marriott,” (click here).

    ****************Puffer1          From page A-3 of today’s print edition by LNP reporter
    Tom Knapp (click here).

    Stedman11      What has DA Craig Stedman been puffing? Is this a joke?
         No, it’s a distraction to take your mind away from all the unsolved murders, shootings, robberies and other crimes going on in Lancaster. And, yes, it is a sad joke! Stedman and the police are experts at this kind of ridiculous diversion!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 7th, 2015 Becky 6 comments

     & LIARS, LIARS!

                         Suzanne Cassidy                      barbara_hough_roda
                                       Suzanne Cassidy                                        Barbara Hough Roda
         Where is an update on the 9-year-old boy who was shot on Easter Sunday, LNP? What is the shooter’s name and what charges will be filed? DA Stedman is quoted as saying the public is not in danger and yet there is a man who “test-fired” a gun in the basement of a crowded home. What is his name and what are his charges?
         On the subject of guns, this website by Mayor Gray to raise “defense funds” is nothing but lies and propaganda. 
     defense fund
         No one has ever been charged under this law that has been on the books for five years! Not one single person. The city filed another response to the NRA’s lawsuit on April 2nd – and once again, the opening paragraph of the 36 page filing states:
         Since the adoption of the ordinance, no circumstance has arisen requiring that the ordinance be enforced.
         So how does this five-year-old law that has never been enforced “protect our citizens and visitors from gun violence?” This is a flat-out lie by Mayor Gray and it is beyond absurd and a total, huge waste of the taxpayer’s money! There will be more on this later including a look at LNP reporter Dan Nephin’s coverage of this debacle.
    Roda & Cassidy
          I’m in shock. The only thing I know about Cassidy is that she did write on a lot of “women’s issues” – like today’s front-page piece on college rape. But to write that editorial and to have a guest columnist write about domestic violence knowing full well that the Lancaster Police Chief’s ex-wife has written a book alleging he beat her for years and LNP has never once mentioned the fact is beyond all comprehension.  It is a direct blow to the face of every man and woman living in Lancaster County and inconceivable to any real journalist.
         She just showed her true colors and it’s just more of the same unbelievable crap and lies from LNP. It is total deception and it is absolutely disgusting!
    From a post on this site on September 14, 2014, “A TERRIBLE, LYING START!” (click here).
          Notice how they are careful to say “sexual violence” throughout the entire article about LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy(click here). Domestic violence and sexual violence go hand-in-hand. What an absolute disgrace! From the article there is this quote from one of the women giving them the award:
         Having a news organization that is committed to providing the public with unbiased, informed and “truly accurate” reporting on sexual violence is “incredibly important,” Houser said, noting, “What’s provided in the press is what informs jurors, lawmakers and decision-makers.”
         I wonder if Houser knows that these two women have been purposely and repeatedly lying to the public about Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler for years – and it’s all because of their convention center and the almighty LNP dollar.
    Please check back later today.   

    Posted on October 9th, 2014 Becky 8 comments


         On October 5th, I published a portion of a letter I received from a lawyer regarding a post I published in July of 2009 concerning the Michael Roseboro murder trial and the comments under it (click here).  My response, emailed to the three parties indicated today, is below.

    October 9. 2014

    Via Email:

    Jason G. Benion
    Post & Schell
    17 North Second Street
    12th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA  17101-1601

            File # 119789

    Dear Mr. Benion:

    This is in response to your letter dated September 24, 2014 (I am also sending this response to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Post & Schell and to your General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer):

    1.  The statute of limitations on libel/slander/defamation in Pennsylvania is one year.

    2.  Therefore, your letter has no legal basis and is unprofessional and a blatant attempt to intimidate.

    3.  The fact that you just “recently became aware” of these comments does not extend the statute of limitations and totally contradicts your further statement that “These comments are defamatory and cause substantial harm to Mr. Bean’s reputation.”

    4.  What I find most deeply disturbing is your request for IP addresses and “any other identifying information” on the commenters themselves.  Obviously I am not releasing that information nor would I under any circumstances ever, except for a court order, provide that information to anyone.

    5.  I request that you, your President and your Corporate Compliance Officer each respond to my question which is:  What would you do with that information? If you learned the actual identity of the commenters from five years ago, what purpose would that serve you and your firm?  What, beyond harassment, would you possibly do with the information?

    I am astonished by the lack of professionalism and intimidation in your letter.  I am requesting an apology and an immediate response to my question posed in #5.

    Thank you,

    Becky Holzinger

    cc:  Brian M. Peters
           President & Chief Executive Officer
           Via Email:

    cc:  Andrew W. Allison
           General Council and Chief Compliance Officer
           Via Email:


    Posted on October 5th, 2014 Becky 10 comments


    Angie & Randy


          The Discovery Channel is now running a terrible piece on the Roseboro murder that I told you was being filmed in April.  (click here and click here to watch the piece online).  I will have a lot more to say about that, but in the meantime, I stated I received a letter from a lawyer relevant to my coverage of the murder – and I wrote the below shortly after receiving it but never posted it.  It seems appropriate now and this latest coverage must have sparked it:
          A letter from a lawyer came in the mail on Friday. The lawyer who hand-signed it is a principal in a large, well-known and prestigious law firm. It is a long, very detailed two page letter and apparently I even have a “File Number!”
         To my astonishment, the letter concerns a post I made over five years ago during the Michael Roseboro trial and comments that appear beneath it.
          The letter states [I have deleted his client’s name]:
         Though the commenters on have a First Amendment right to state their opinions regarding Mr. Roseboro, even in harsh terms, they do not have a right to make defamatory statements about others in doing so, or to make false comparisons between Mr. Roseboro, a convicted murder(sic), and others. The malice with which the comments were made is well-demonstrated by their gratuitous nature, as the statements regarding Mr. [deleted] had no relevance to the Roseboro trial.”
           The attorney then asks that I remove the comments immediately and goes on to detail seven specific comments by the comment number, the name the commenter used, the date of the comment and the exact time of their comment.
           Perhaps most disturbing is his final sentence:
          I would also ask you to please provide the IP addresses and any other identifying information for [deleted] and [deleted].
         Let me remind you that he is referring to comments made in July of 2009!
         My response to this attorney will come next week.  Please also see this morning’s very important post immediately below.  I will return to this tomorrow.  There is so much going on – that is not being covered by the Lancaster Newspapers! 


    Posted on March 8th, 2012 Becky 5 comments


                                                             INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!
        Great–things are all fixed up just in time for the giant solar flare to knock us all back to the Dark Ages!
        Barry In Winnipeg made it through in the comments! Good to hear from you, Barry!
        Speaking of the Dark Ages and Rush Limbaugh, I have never seen a topic have such legs on forums in my life. The debate and name calling carries on.
        And, joy of all joys, “Iva Bigbottom” is still going strong on with all the members from the Dark Ages under a thread he started titled: “Rush calls nice girl a slut.”
        Iva was questioned as to why he was so worried about Rush’s sex life. His response:
        Not his sex life, his morals. You do realize that a thrice divorced boner pills eating drug addict who hates women, represents all those who either excuse him or are fearful of him?
         That is the entire GOP.
        And just when Santorum was getting some traction from the suckers proclaiming himself as the heir apparent to Jesus.
        Well if Rick has to choose between Rush and Jesus it makes sense that he would choose Rush. I mean the whole Christian thing is bullsh*t and we all know it.
        There are genuine Christians out there but they are as endangered as the real conservatives. 

    Yes, that is the nature of the discourse going on! Does it get any better than this?
        And today is International Women’s Day and by chance, I am going to the Philadelphia Flower Show! I hope the giant solar flare doesn’t get me and my legs are strong!

    So quickly to my Mike Roseboro story. An absolutely reliable friend ran into a man who was in Mahanoy State Prison with Roseboro for the last four years on drug charges and was recently released. He reports that Mike’s favorite cereal is Life. Really! Remember the Mikey likes Life commercials? Click here for a reminder!
         I figure he likes life because he could/should have gotten death.
        Off to the flower show. LIP News will not publish this afternoon and comments will not be approved until early evening.
        Have a great day and to all the women out there, in honor of International Women’s Day, make sure you give Rush the finger at least once today!


    Posted on March 6th, 2012 Becky 10 comments


        Michael Roseboro turns 45-years-old today in prison and someone who did time with him there has a “cute“ story.
        This comment came in (via Facebook) under ‘INVESTIGATIVE TEAM?“ below:
          One lives in hope that newspapers will always hold our Masters to account.
        The greatest bastion of freedom is an unbiased newspaper and of course unbiased TV news.
        It is so important that we always remember this. So who will be in the hot seat for LNP‘s series “Justice Delayed?” LNP almost never says anything negative about DA Stedman or the Lancaster County Judges – so who is responsible? This should be very interesting!

        Finally today – Letters to the Editor. Why are those printed in the Sunday News so dreadful? The comments that come into this site are normally ten times superior to anything Marv Adams prints. What is going on?
         And my apologies about the comment situation. Please try more than once. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I had just published my “COMMENTS ARE WORKING!” piece yesterday and I went to add a comment thanking a friend who on Friday googled “403 error” and told me I needed to go to my webhost. I submitted the comment and got “ERROR 403: FORBIDDEN.”
        I will continue to work on this problem and thank you for your patience.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 7th, 2011 Becky 4 comments


         There was a treasure in my mail when I came home today.  A hand written envelope with a large clipping from the Reading Eagle dated March 30, 2011 with this hand written post-it note attached:

        Hi Becky,

        I have been faithfully reading your site ever since the Roseboro trial started.  I thought you would find the juxtaposition of these articles interesting, especially since you had informed about their relationship on your site a while ago.  They are indeed father and son.

        Sorry this is not more timely.

                                                A faithful follower

                                                (albeit mysterious!)

        Thank you so much!  And they are both written by the same reporter – Holly Herman! 

        On the left there is a large article headlined, “Ex-funeral director denied new trial in slaying of wife,” and on the right another large article with the headline, “Child porn charges dropped 2nd time.”

        The article on the left, of course, is about Michael Roseboro who was defended by Reading attorney Allen L. Sodomsky.  The article on the right is about Kenneth F. Sodomsky, who had child pornography on his computer when he took it to a Circuit City in 2004.  Yes, Kenneth is the father of Allen and it’s a very interesting case involving child pornography and privacy rights (click here for the article).  What do you think?

        Thank you again, mysterious follower!  The juxtaposition is amazing and one of life’s strange – and very sad – coincidences.   And it arrived on the same day I posted an odd coincidence this morning!  Back to Creamery Road tomorrow.


    Posted on March 28th, 2011 Becky No comments

    FRY HIM?

        Didn’t know where else to contact: Roseboro lost Supreme Court bid for retrial.  Done cooked.

    This comment in.

        Yes, he appears to be done cooked!

        I am a bit surprised that the courts appear to be taking the whole Facebook issue rather lightly.  This was posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Roseboro appeal denied,” (click here):

        well then why not require jurors to take lap tops with them so their friends can urge them to find the defendant guilty.

        From another court case, “Court verdict under scrutiny,” there is this (click here):

        Rodriguez-Torres has been at Lancaster County Prison for nearly two years. That is longer than a conviction of corruption of minors would warrant, according to state sentencing guidelines.

        The decision will be delayed because Farina is on medical leave.

        No matter how you feel about the case, this man has a right to a timely answer.  If Farina is on medical leave can’t another Judge – or President Judge Joseph Madenspacher – step in and make a decision here?  Can you keep a man in jail because a Judge is on medical leave?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 7th, 2011 Becky 15 comments

    * “Why isn’t the public outraged?” a friend asked me over the phone today.  I have no idea – but they should be.  Tomorrow I will write the Judge to find out why he approved the fourth grand jury within sixteen years. I will also file a Right To Know request with the District Attorney’s Office to find out how much this will cost taxpayers.  Finally, I will call the State Attorney General Office to officially verify that witnesses are free to reveal their testimony to anyone they desire including the press. This is something the District Attorney and the Lancaster Newspapers continuously lie about and if the DA repeats it one more time he should be removed from office immediately.

        This is an outrage!



        District Attorney Craig Stedman has just publicly announced that the Lancaster County Police Forces and his own Lancaster County Detectives cannot solve crimes.

        For the fourth time in 16 years, Stedman secretly empanelled an investigative grand jury to “target unsolved major cases in the county, especially homicides and rapes.”

        So let me get this straight, every four years we need a grand jury in Lancaster because there are so many unsolved crimes?  What does that tell you?  The police and the Lancaster County Detectives obviously have no clue what they are doing and they are leaving multiple killers and rapists on our streets!

        And apparently our District Attorney can’t even count.  He is quoted widely as saying this is the third grand jury in the history of Lancaster County.  That would be wrong!  There have been four in the last 16 years:

    —- In 1995, then DA and now Judge Joseph Madenspacher. empanelled the first grand jury in Lancaster County history.

    —-  In 2001, then DA and now Judge Donald Totaro, empanelled the second.  In fact the two opening sentences from the August 2001 Intell article, “Unsolved crimes to get more scrutiny,” says:

        The Lancaster County district attorney’s request for a grand jury investigation into unsolved homicides, the local drug trade and racketeering has won approval.

        District Attorney Donald Totaro and his top assistant, Craig Stedman, filed the application Friday and President Judge Michael A. Georgelis signed the order later that day.

    —- Apparently that grand jury failed miserably, because Totaro empanels a second grand jury in February of 2005, less than four years later!  That grand jury completely defies the original intent and goes on a fishing expedition for a year to support the Lancaster Newspapers and their Convention Center.

    —-  There are still so many unsolved crimes, and new ones, that now Stedman has empanelled the fourth grand jury in 16 years (click here).

        It is clear and obvious that the County Police Departments as well as his own Lancaster County Detectives are completely inept and should be replaced immediately with men and women who can actually solve crimes and arrest killers.

        There will be much more this afternoon.

        In other notes:

    ~   Neither paper has even written an editorial about the fourth grand jury in sixteen years, but this morning the New Era gives Stedman a large two columns on the editorial page to tell his side of the ridiculous plea deals his office is making with child sexual abusers!  Nice!

    ~  And in one more development, on the same editorial page the paper is now taking “selected comments” from their Trashback forum and printing them with the posters’ names.  I think they are feeling a little heat from the forum (click here).

    ~  Will the Lancaster Newspapers ever acknowledge M. William Phelps’ book on the Roseboro murder or will they totally ignore it as they did the entire case as the story was developing?  I know I promised a review this weekend and I apologize as personal responsibilities intruded.  But thank you for the comments under “LOVE HER TO DEATH” below on this site, and my review will be forthcoming.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 2nd, 2011 Becky 17 comments



    1985 Cocalico High School Yearbook

        When it is all said and done, I think we will Learn that Mr. Roseboro is a classic Narcissist; they present one face to the world, but a darker side exists, they care deeply about their reputations, are deceptive liars, and have difficulty with intimate relationships once they pass the “honeymoon” stage. Thus, they have one affair after another. When they are thwarted or challenged in any way, they fly into a rage.  I ache for what Jan suffered; not only that night, but probably many, many times throughout that marriage. He is a sham, and now he selfishly chooses to drag his family through the mud and subject his children to more torture.  And as for Angela?  I hope she thinks it was worth it.  When my kids were little I didn’t have time to cheat, but then, my priorities were obviously different than hers.  As for his emails to Angela?  So pathetically cheesy.  Mike and Angela threw away more than most people ever have.

        I have printed the above comment to a local, now defunct, forum several times on this site.  It was posted within days of Jan Roseboro’s murder and the release of the information regarding his affair with Angela Funk.

        I have just about finished reading M. William Phelps’ “LOVE HER TO DEATH,” and this brief paragraph offers more insight than his entire book.

        I will have a full review this weekend, but suffice it to say that I can’t imagine this book would be compelling to anyone but those who live locally and/or have followed this story.  You get to the end and say, “Why did I spend my time reading that?”

        People want to walk away from a crime book with a fuller understanding, a motive and a moral.  Phelps offers none of these. 

        His ending:

        A self-proclaimed God-fearing man, Roseboro had allowed two of the Seven Deadly Sins to control his life: greed and lust.  From there, he broke several of the Ten Commandments, the foremost being “thou shall not murder.”

        All because he didn’t want to give up his luxurious life.

        In the end, though, Michael Roseboro lost all of it, anyway – including the woman (and their child) he had supposedly killed for.

       What a bunch of bunk!  The first writer had far deeper insight.

    Tomorrow, it’s back to the news.


    Posted on March 1st, 2011 Becky 1 comment

    * I obtained a copy today and I’m busy reading.  No revelations yet and definitely no shocking photos.  I’m hoping…

    DO IT NOW!

    roseboro110                              angela217

        Regarding this so called wedding, Angie Funk told Michael Roseboro one day when they were discussing getting married she wanted him to ”grow his hair longer for the wedding.”

        “It will become curly,” Roseboro said,

        “Do it now,” she demanded, “so I can see what it will look like for the wedding.”

        Like listening to country music now – when before meeting Angie he despised it, Roseboro agreed to grow his locks out.

    From Page 233 of “LOVE HER TO DEATH” (click here).

        Yes, M. William Phelps’ book on the Roseboro murder is available today.  Happy March!

    Angie, I still love you
    Remember all those nights we cried?
    All the dreams we held so close
    Seemed to all go up in smoke
    Let me whisper in your ear
    Angie, Angie
    Where will it lead us from here?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 28th, 2011 Becky No comments



         My friend called this afternoon and said my autographed copy of “LOVE HER TO DEATH” arrived at her house today along with her copy!  Thank you, Mr. Phelps!

        She said the first half of the book is about Jan Roseboro’s life and the second half involves the murder and Mike’s lover, Angie Funk.  She said Shawn Roseboro’s name is mentioned at least five times that she has noticed so far (click here for ‘SHAWN ROSEBORO SENTENCED!”).

        The book is in Lancaster and I am in Philadelphia and I am desperate!  She is busy reading and hopefully will keep us updated until I can get my fingers on it.  The book is scheduled to be on sale tomorrow and hopefully readers of this site can let us know if they find it at their local bookstores.

        There will be more on this tomorrow and more on another story the Lancaster Newspapers refuse to cover: The horrific arson murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes.


    Posted on February 3rd, 2011 Becky 12 comments



        The picture…the picture…where did it come from???? What is the irony???? What is the hypocrisy???? Really…leaving a nosey person such as myself hanging like this could cause one to need nerve pills!!!!!!!! LOL

        This comment in from Cindy after she complained I left her hanging and I, in much distress, asked her how!

        Okay, Cindy, this is your answer and of everything that happened with the Roseboro murder, I believe this is my favorite.  The photo of Angie Funk is from the Lancaster Newspapers!  That’s right!  They refused to cover the story and it took them almost a year to run a photo of Funk.

        It was the day her name was published in the paper for the first time because the Affidavit of Probable Cause was released and her affair with Roseboro was listed as the motive.  A very smart Talkbacker on LNP’s own forum did some type of an internet search and found a picture of an Angela Funk on the LNP owned LancMom’s website.  She posted a link to the photo on the forum.  Within two hours, the link had been taken down and the thread closed by LNP.  Not only that, they took the photo off the LancMoms site at the same time.  I was getting my second major hint that there was a massive cover-up beginning.

        I saw the picture but had not been smart enough to “capture” it.  The Talkbacker sent me an email saying she had grabbed it and would I like it?  I nearly screamed back “YES!”

        I ran it on this site the next morning asking if this was the Angela Funk in question as we were not positive.  Within an hour, I had absolute confirmation it was the correct Angela.

        I never heard from LNP about publishing the photo which I did over and over again, even stating its origin.  I can only assume it was taken by a friend or relative of Angie and LNP really had no “rights” to it.

        It was in a general photo section on the LancMoms site of moms and their kids.  Her two daughters were in the photo and it had a caption that they were watching her husband and children’s father, Randy, running in a race.  The Talkbacker cropped out the two daughters before she emailed me the photo.  I would have done the same before publishing it.

        For months, I had the only photo of Angela Funk in any print media or on the internet.  When the trial began, two reporters from a TV station (Channel 48?) were desperate for a photo and I led them to my site and this photo of Angie.  They said something to the effect that they would have to give me credit for it.  Feeling generous, I said, oh no, they didn’t have to – I told them it originally came from the Lancaster Newspapers.  They ran the photo without a credit.

        To me, this epitomizes LNP’s refusal to cover this story.  The week before the trial was to begin the Sunday News finally ran a story and the first photograph of Angela to appear in the Lancaster Newspapers.  The picture they used – you guessed it – their original photo I had been running on this site for months.

        Tomorrow a quick look inside the pages of “LOVE HER TO DEATH.”


    Posted on February 3rd, 2011 Becky 7 comments



        The locals I spoke to early in the process informed me that there was a much larger story here, that I shouldn’t be fooled by the narrowness of some of the media’s coverage.

    From “ACKNOWLEGEMENTS” on page 457 of M. William Phelps book due out March 1, 2011, “LOVE HER TO DEATH,” (click here).

        As noted in the comments section of this site, the book is now available for pre-order at and you can read part of Chapter 1.

       Phelps wrote to me asking who should get credit for the photo of Angela Funk that appears above.  It is the first photograph, and the only photograph, of Angela Funk that was published in the media for months.  It was published on this site and thousands came to view her picture. 

        Who actually took the picture?  Who should get credit?  I don’t know to this day.  But I obviously know where it came from and the irony and hypocrisy in its origin is simply stunning!

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 1st, 2011 Becky 1 comment


         Well, it’s a New Year and the LNP daily rag now costs 75 cents! 

        I love the news.  I love all the good the media can do.  Highlight injustice.  Hold officials accountable.  Speak out for the downtrodden and those with no voice.  Strive to improve the quality of life for all.  And this list goes on.

        The only problem, LNP does absolutely none of these things.  They are the white, wealthy power base in Lancaster County.  They are just fine with things the way they are.  Their racist hiring practices have been outlined by this site again and again and again.

        And it impacts the daily lives of everyone in Lancaster County every minute.  The juries are white.  The County Court House is white (except for those on trial).  The DA’s office is white.  The Lancaster Police Department is primarily white.

        One of the great ironies for me this year was hearing a spectator in the David Jordan trial ask LNP reporter Janet Kelley why his jury was all white.  Little did she know that Kelley works for the most racist employer in Lancaster County.

         What happens if someone murders someone and the police do nothing about it?  You don’t think it can happen?  You don’t think it can happen in Lancaster County?  Over twenty-five years ago it happened.    The second story that went up on this site after the incest story was the Lancaster Lynching story.

        And nothing has changed.  Which brings me to this morning’s quote and the reasons behind it: It comes from where Robert Field has declared his “mission accomplished” (click here)!     Field says this among numerous idiotic things:

        Now, some five years later, Lancaster County has returned to the reasonably fair community which Field had experienced when he first arrived.  There is little to report that is not covered by the reformed and chastised local media (although they still demur from offending establishment interests.)

        I’m not even going to get into how absurd and really sick this is.  Live in your little white, wealthy, dream world, Robert!

        And again to this morning’s quote – you see in reading his nonsense I came across this:

        We wish to express our gratitude to Cathy Reinhold (Friday mornings) and Laura Sefershayan (Saturday mornings) who conscientiously and cheerfully handed out the newsletters at the Central Market and elsewhere in fair weather and foul. 

        Ah, yes!  Cathy Reinhold would be the childhood friend who refuses to take a DNA test.  Isn’t life interesting?  I haven’t talked to her since the letter printed below and have no interest in doing so.  I happened to run into her in the courthouse this November when she was there to be sentenced.  I’ll take the high road and leave it at that.  Let’s just say we were immediately attracted as friends when we met on that school bus in sixth grade because we were both coming from horribly dysfunctional families.

        So this site will continue in the New Year as it has in the past year.  In addition, I hope to put the incest and lynching stories into a more formal format this year.  I have stated that I reopened the lynching box when I went looking for letters from an old boyfriend that began the incest story.  What tangled webs we weave.

         A special note of thanks to some very special people:  The three friends I initially “met” online as a result of the Roseboro murder.  I can’t thank them enough for their help and support and friendship over the years.  To Daisy, galty, goldilocks, Artie, Palmer, Harper and old college buddies I reconnected with this year through Facebook, thank you.  And thank you to someone who will remain unnamed who supplies this site with information and endless insight. 

        And thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this site. Have a Wonderful New Year!


    Posted on November 8th, 2010 Becky 20 comments



        The back cover of M. William Phelps’ book, “Love Her To Death” about the Roseboro murder due to be released on March 1, 2011.

       It reads:

        In the midst of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, on a peaceful summer night in 2008, the body of 45-year-old Jan Roseboro was found at the bottom of her backyard pool.  Her husband Michael, a successful businessman and member of a prominent family, showed no emotion as he learned of her death.  But the next day an autopsy revealed Jan had been savagely beaten and strangled before being tossed in the water to drown.  Soon Michael’s secret lover, pregnant with his child, stepped into the media spotlight.  And a horrifying true story of illicit passion, deadly deceit, and cold-blooded murder unfolded…

        Okay, so I’ll read the book and U.S. $6.99 sounds like a bargain.  The back page also states:  “INCLUDES 16 PAGES OF SHOCKING PHOTOS.”  Hmmm…

        What will today’s autopsy reveal about the death of Robert Neill, Jr. who called the police for help and ended up dead?  Will the District Attorney tell us?

        Tomorrow it’s back to the current news.


    Posted on November 8th, 2010 Becky 4 comments



        This comment in:

        I regret that many of the opinions expressed in the LancTalk blog were “either-or” (either you support police or you’re a bleeding heart), or used derogatory terms to describe people who were very upset. Here in Canada we’ve had a similar case in which a man was tasered by police and died as a result. This led to a Federal Inquiry into the use of this weapon by police. The point is that tasering any individual is a high risk action. In my conflict management and crisis intervention training, I learned the importance of a number of strategies in dealing with individuals who had mental health issues. Not only combat vets have PTSD, but so do abuse survivors and a number of caregivers who’ve been traumatized by the demands of their job. This appears to be a very emotional issue: perhaps it’s important to dial back the name-calling and admit that we actually help police protect us by giving them good guidelines and training.

       Thank you for your reasoned response.  There will be more later today.

        To the caller who left me a voicemail yesterday, I look forward to talking with your lawyer – NOT!

        The above is the cover of M. William Phelp’s book on the Roseboro murder, “Love Her To Death” due to be released on March 1, 2011.  The back of the book will come later today along with much more.


    Posted on October 31st, 2010 Becky 13 comments


         Several months ago a comment came into this site that Shawn Roseboro, a first cousin to Mike Roseboro’s family, was complaining about District Attorney Stedman on his Facebook page and stating he needed the help of the media.  They suggested I contact him.  I did through his Facebook page.

        He sent me his cell phone number and we agreed on a time to talk.  He said he got a DUI in November of 2008, after Mike Roseboro was arrested for the murder of his wife, Jan.  He said the District Attorney personally turned down his ARD request stating that he did not believe Shawn “was a good candidate for ARD.”

        Shawn, who is now 26, was extremely open and felt this was in retaliation for his last name being “Roseboro” and his unwillingness to testify during the trial.  Roseboro was frank with me on a number of issues.  He said he knew Jan was being physically abused by Mike.  He said he also knew about Mike’s “side sexual activities.”  Roseboro, who was openly gay on his Facebook page (see note below), said he and his partner want to adopt a baby and Jan was the only one in the family who supported them.

        Roseboro said his attorney also felt he was being singled out because of his Roseboro connection.  I told him I could not write about it until I spoke with his attorney and he advised she is Tamara Hogan of the Lancaster law firm Herr & Low, P.C.

       I left two very specific voice mails for Hogan and my calls were never returned.  I spoke to Shawn several weeks later and he advised that she told him she “did not want to make it any worse for him” and that it was best to keep quiet until his sentencing.

        I said I would not write anything about it but might attend his sentencing scheduled for October 29 after his guilty plea.  Roseboro was extremely nervous about the sentencing.  He has moved to Tioga County and is studying to be an RN.  The DUI on his background could prevent him from attending certain schools and applying for jobs.  The Judge could also sentence him for up to six months in jail for the DUI.  Roseboro told me he has “turned his life around” and said he was surprised he was still alive after all the narcotics and drinking he had done prior.

        His case came up on Friday afternoon in Judge Louis Farina’s courtroom.  Hogan told Judge Farina that Roseboro had applied for ARD but it was rejected by the District Attorney’s Office.  The Judge asked why it was rejected as it was just into the second tier (his level of alcohol was .101).  Hogan said, “We were not given a reason.” 

        Just prior to his sentencing, Judge Farina said, “I’m surprised the District Attorney did not accept ARD,” and imposed a very similar sentence to those he sentenced with an ARD (except the record will not be expunged):  48 hours in jail, a total of $525 in fines, Drug & Alcohol Counseling and a 12 month license suspension.  Hogan told the Judge Roseboro had to be to work on Monday morning and asked that his 48 hours in the Lancaster County Prison begin immediately.  The Judge agreed and the sheriff’s deputy handcuffed Roseboro in the front and he was led out the back door of the courtroom.  He should be released sometime this afternoon.

        I tried to obtain a comment from attorney Hogan after the sentencing was over.  I have rarely been treated so rudely.  Enough said.

        The Lydia Colin-Torres story will come tomorrow.


    [Editor’s notes:  I can no longer find Shawn Roseboro’s Facebook page.  He either blocked me or has taken it completely down.  I meant to have friends check but have not had the time. 

        As an interesting side note to this story, I have it on excellent authority that Shawn Roseboro provided a great deal of information to M. William Phelps, the crime author who is writing a book titled “Love Her to Death” on the Roseboro murder.  The book is scheduled to be released in March of 2011, according to Phelps’ website.]


    Posted on August 20th, 2010 Becky 14 comments



        Sam Roseboro’s Facebook profile picture.  The woman with him is 18-year-old Amber Weiler who died unexpectedly at home in Denver last Friday.  Her cause of death has not been officially released. 

        Sam’s father, Michael Roseboro, made the front page of today’s paper with his appeal of his murder conviction to the Pennsylvania Superior Court based on the Facebook postings of two jurors during his trial (click here).

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 19th, 2010 Becky 4 comments


        Look they had a torrid affair – happens every day all day around the globe. Usually no one dies, but in this case someone did and that is the real tragedy. Life is going to go on for all involved whether anyone likes it or not. I find this whole thing fascinating for the simple fact there are just sooo many unanswered questions and the seemingly weird reaction by Angie and Mike. Can two people really be so callous as to chit chat about the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup when one of them is in jail accused of the murder of his wife? It is just really scary to witness how duplicitous human beings can be! How well do you really know someone? Reminds me so much of the Scott Peterson case.

     A comment into this site many months ago.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 18th, 2010 Becky 102 comments


        let the poor girl rest in peace and leave it be. the people who need to know what happened know what happened. so mind your own buisness you stupid bitch.

    This comment in under “IT IS A NEWS STORY!” below.

        A friend instant messaged me and then called me yesterday morning before 7:00 a.m.  “Sam Roseboro’s girlfriend died,” she said.  “It says it right in her obituary.”  

        She immediately knew it was a news story.  I was stunned.  I said something to the effect of, “You just never know how many twists and turns a story will take.”

        Sadly, the death of 18-year-old Amber Weiler has become a part of the Roseboro saga.  That’s a fact and that’s the way it is.  Tragedy has struck again.

        I was immediately reminded of these sentences from M. William Phelp’s press release about his upcoming book on the Roseboro murder (click here):

        Phelps says, “I have been stealthily following this case since August 2008, after Roseboro’s arrest. It has all the elements I look for when telling crime stories in book form. I understand the ripple effect of murder inside the family dynamic and how it can echo forever; I’ve seen it happen in my own family. I hope to tell Jan Roseboro’s complete story, transforming her legacy into something more than a headline.”

        I will leave it at that today.  Please keep name calling out of your comments.  I will not publish a comment like the one above again.  Thank you.


    Posted on August 18th, 2010 Becky No comments


        March 2011 will bring the re-launch of my career with LOVE HER TO DEATH, a book about the Michael Roseboro case out of Denver, Pennsylvania, which was recently profiled on “48 Hours.” Lots of interesting things are being put into action surrounding the release of this title, which will feature an entire new look to my true-crime books. The cover for LOVE HER TO DEATH, in its final stages of development, is incredible. Nothing like you would expect. I am entirely indebted to the art department at Kensington and my long time editor Michaela Hamilton for spending so much time working on this cover.

    From (click here).

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 17th, 2010 Becky 5 comments

    “boyfriend, Sam Roseboro of Denver”

        From today’s obituary of Amber Nicole Weiler, 18, of Denver who died unexpectedly at home on Friday, August 13 (click here).

        Sam Roseboro is Michael Roseboro’s son.  What in the world happened?  How much tragedy can these families survive?

    Please check back later today…


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        A Geistown man who, along with his wife, nursed a fawn for 11 days has been acquitted of unlawful possession of game or wildlife.
        Gregory Joseph Pavlosky, 48, of the 100 block Clayton Drive, was found not guilty Thursday by District Judge Max Pavlovich of Richland Township.
        Pavlosky and his wife found the fawn May 22 on the Route 56 Expressway.
        The state game commission, which filed the charges, had told The Tribune-Democrat when the incident came to light that it had taken action because Pavlosky didn’t return the fawn as requested to the area where it was found.
        Pavlosky told the newspaper he had followed the request and put the fawn off to the side of the road but later received a call from a friend that the animal was on the expressway again. Pavlosky said he took the fawn for fear it would be killed by a vehicle or cause an accident.

    From the Tribune-Democrat (click here and it is the second item down).

        Does the Pennsylvania Game Commission understand common sense?  Obviously not.  There is this from the “Help Stormy Girl!” Facebook page (click here):

        Another picket is being planned, this time in downtown Lancaster outside legislator’s offices.  Details coming soon.

        You can be assured that I will be there.


        Convicted killer Michael Roseboro has asked a state appeals court for a new trial, or at least a hearing, because two jurors communicated with friends on Facebook during the trial.
    Today’s Intell/New Era article, “Roseboro appeals,” (click here).
        Darn Facebook!  This comes as no surprise – and it’s entirely possible the state court will take a different stand on this issue.  Will Mike get another day in court?


        A commenter to this site noted that the Lancaster Newspapers are going to start charging people reading their obituaries in certain cases.  As an e-Editions subscriber, I have tried to pull up a number of pages recently only to find the message, “This file could not be found.”  That is true of page B1 in today’s paper and I am not amused.  They need to clean up their act – or offer a refund!

    Please check back later today for the new blogspot and more…


    Posted on April 14th, 2010 Becky 21 comments

    UNDER FIRE – 4

            “The fire is still under investigation.  There has not been a ruling on the cause of the fire,” East Cocalico Township Police Sgt. Larry Martin said by phone this afternoon.  This past Friday morning, the $2.4 million dollar estate of Nicholas J. and Denise G. Reinhart was demolished by a fast moving fire.

         Martin said State Police Fire Marshall Robert Hess was on the scene Friday evening and will determine the cause.

        Asked about the family who owns the property, Martin said “there is an ongoing investigation.”  He also stated that he believes the house “was being lived in” at the time of the fire.

        I will follow up with Fire Marshall Hess tomorrow.

        On a small world note, you might remember Martin from the CBS 48 Hours episode on the Roseboro murder.  He testified at length during the trial and was interviewed during the TV show.

        I particularly remember one telling point during his testimony.  Discussing the fact that the police offered Michael Roseboro details about his wife’s death – but Roseboro seemed uninterested – Martin said he found this to be unusual and odd.  “If my wife died unexpectedly,” he testified, “I would sure want to know what happened.”

        Well, in other news, the city shut down the Brunswick Hotel for safety reasons for months but apparently failed to see that a building in the heart of downtown Lancaster was about to collapse – which it did this morning!  Way to go, Mayor Gray!

    Please check back tomorrow.