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    Posted on August 18th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    HE’S BACK!


         …The offense date listed on Perry’s criminal docket is July 20, the day after he said he filmed his encounter with Wise.
         Asked why Perry was charged, city police on Friday referred all questions to district attorney’s office, which declined to confirm that Perry was the adult posing as the 15-year-old or to comment on his case.
    From the LNP story, “Man captured in Facebook video being accused of soliciting sex from ‘girl’ charged,” (click here).      

    Detective Heather Halstead who filed the false charges.

         Justin Perry (MR 17 54 0) is back! Yes, he went on Facebook live early this afternoon to show off his new “predator phone” and he also said this (click here):
         …I got some shit going on. I can’t even talk about it yet. It’s gonna get good. Just wait – just wait for it ’cause it’s coming.”
         Hopefully, he means he is going to alert the State Attorney General’s Office to what went on in his “case” and sue the Lancaster City Police.
         The Lancaster City Police and the DA’s office filed two false felonies against him to “scare” him and “teach him a lesson.” They never intended to follow through on the charges – they never even had Perry arraigned or bail set and then they quietly went in and withdrew the charges.
         And that is illegal and a blatant abuse of the legal system. And the officers involved and DA Stedman should resign.
         This level of corruption and abuse of power in Lancaster County has been going on for years because LNP looks the other way. And it’s time these officials are held accountable and fired for breaking the law themselves!


    Posted on August 17th, 2018 Becky 8 comments


         The below is a post on the “Lancaster Stands Up” Facebook page. The event page for the Town Hall, sponsored by the City Of Lancaster and others, is here.

    —  Thursday, August 23 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.
    —  Location: Bright Side Opportunities Center, 515 Hershey Avenue.



    LNP’s lead story online today.

         And yet, LNP did not say a word about the above horrific injustice that just occurred in July (click here for the original on this site).

         And this online headline is deceptive. The headline in today’s print edition of LNP on page A-3 makes it clear:

         They are not “reviewing” the case – they have reviewed it and it’s over and from the article:
         “We reviewed our case to ensure that nothing was missed,” said Rick Trunfio, first assistant district attorney.
         “We determined nothing was missed. This baby’s case here was not a homicide,” he told LNP Thursday.


    Posted on August 16th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

         According to Richard Musser today by voicemail – his auntie who is an attorney and called me at 10:44 pm last night (I hung up on her) is coming after me! Oh, no! I’m packing my bags and preparing to leave town – not!
         Actually, I’m just taking the afternoon off! LIP News will be back tomorrow.



    *    I hope the LNP Editorial Board warned the Millersville University President about the blatant racism he and his family will face in Lancaster (oh, and in the LNP offices too!).
          There is this recent example (click here for the original and the video):



    CNN (click here)


    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 14th, 2018 Becky 2 comments



    ***  You talk about corruption in the county police departments and the Lancaster District Attorney’s Office and suddenly they get busy trying to impress the public with all the work they are allegedly doing:
    —  The Lancaster City Police suddenly put out video of an armed robbery from June 16th looking for help to identify the two robbers! What was the almost two month delay? Who knows and no one asks! (You can watch the video on the police YouTube channel – click here.)
    —  And District Attorney Craig Stedman announced an arrest and murder charges lodged in the death of a baby on July 16th. What was the almost one month delay? Her boyfriend has an alibi; she was home alone with the baby and the coroner ruled the death “a homicide caused by strangulation and suffocation” according to the DA’s press release.
         Yes, I know, they had to “investigate” – apparently to find out about those dishes! From the DA’s press release (click here):
         Parrow told police that she put the child down to sleep, went to another room to do dishes and returned, about 10 minutes later, to find the child unresponsive.
         An investigation revealed Parrow did not wash dishes – there were few dishes at the home and those found were dirty.
         So, I’ll ask DA Stedman again: How many murder charges do you have waiting in your back pocket to counter any “bad” press?



    **   This comment is posted under the article about Candace Parrow being charged with the murder of her four-month-old baby on Lancaster Online.
         Parrow is obviously mentally ill and people want to know the circumstances of her other baby’s death in New York state. What happened to D’Yante Gillette? How did he die?

    *    Your murder charges against Candace Parrow (see the post below) are not going to make me forget about this from yesterday, DA Stedman! How many other murder charges are you holding in your back pocket?


    An LNP article currently online (click here).

         Why does LNP constantly talk about District Attorney Craig Stedman becoming a judge? Why don’t they talk about Stedman going to jail?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 11th, 2018 Becky 1 comment

    * A GoFundMe page has been established for Blake Shearer (click here).



         I made an extra strong cup of coffee and sat down this morning determined to understand LNP’s article, “How many untested rape kits are there in Lancaster County?” (click here).
         I read the article quickly once and my immediate response was, “huh?” I determined I needed to fully understand what this article was stating so I took my coffee and despite the terrible graphics I concentrated on every sentence.
         My conclusion – reporter Lindsey Blest is playing games and never answers the initial question. From the article:     Blest never tells us if the 28 backlogged kits from 2016 have been tested! Never!

         And in her chart, for Lancaster City alone there were 15 that “Baseline inventory of sexual assault kits not yet submitted for testing on September 7, 2015″ and 14 that were “Number of sexual assault evidence kits awaiting testing.”
         She never states if those have been tested – if the backlog has been cleared! She states, “there were no backlogged rape kits in Lancaster County in 2017” which is great for 2017 but she never answers about the backlogged kits from previous years.
         This is terrible and deceptive reporting and writing!


    Posted on August 10th, 2018 Becky 7 comments



        Lancaster City Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser and District Attorney Craig Stedman have a whole lot of explaining to do! They charged Justin Perry with two heinous felonies and then quietly withdrew the charges after the damage in the media had already been done. Unbelievable! There will be more tomorrow.


    ***  According to Chris in District Judge Bruce Roth’s office this afternoon, Lancaster Detective Lt. Philip Berkihiser withdrew the charges against Perry this morning. She said any other information regarding his case would have to come from the police.

    **   Justin Perry needs to get an attorney and have that docket entry removed! He also needs the attorney to get an explanation of why he was charged in the first place and if the police don’t have a good answer, sue the heck out of them and also get his attorney’s fees paid back by the police.
         The police may not like his being what they call a “vigilante,” but they can’t just make up charges! Outrageous! These police are out of control!

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    *    The two felonies charged against Justin Perry (MR 17 5 40) were withdrawn this morning before District Judge Bruce Roth according to his docket (see below and click here for the LNP article, “Man captured in Facebook video being accused of soliciting sex from ‘girl’ charged”). 
         So why was he charged in the first place? To scare him? You can’t do that!



    Posted on the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page under one of their relentless posts – this one titled, “Take a look at Jackson, Mississippi’s plans to provide a fiber optic network to its residents!” 

         Where is the over $5 million dollars the City of Lancaster has given and loaned MAW Communications? Where is that high-speed, low cost internet?


    Posted on August 9th, 2018 Becky No comments


         What was LNP and the Caucus editor Tom Murse doing today? Was he doing relentless independent investigative reporting to find out what happened to over $5 million dollars of the public’s money that went to MAW Communications?
         Nope! He was insulting the public with this crap! Unbelievable!


    “HE’S BAD NEWS!” – 2

    The headline in today’s LNP print edition to their editorial about firefighter scams.

         Why hasn’t LNP told the public about an over $5 million dollar scam called MAW Communications and LanCity Connect? A year ago I spoke to a businessman who did not hold back his thoughts about MAW Communications president Frank Wiczkowski (see below and click here for the original).
         It’s a year later and LNP has yet to inform and protect the public from this scammer!


    Posted on August 8th, 2018 Becky 5 comments



         When you go to the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page a chat box comes up and they state they will reply “instantly!” And as you can see in the below – they did – with an auto response and I have not heard back from them since.
         I am trying to contact/speak with Favyan Asia so that I can be fair and get his side of the story. As you can see from the info box on his personal Facebook page below he states he is the “Lead Network Engineer at MAW Communications.” He also manages the LanCity Connect and the MAW Communications Facebook pages along with two others.
         And this guy is local and knows people. I’ve seen  former mayoral candidate Tony Dastra comment on Asia’s page and  I’ve seen Asia comment on Councilwoman Janet Diaz’s Facebook page.
         And I want to know what the hell is going on with MAW and LanCity Connect and what he does all day! And a lot more. So Favyan, (“TheNextBillionaires”), please contact me!    




    Posted on August 7th, 2018 Becky 6 comments



         Wow! Married elected officials pushing to be in control of our tax dollars. Sounds like the fox guarding the hen house.
    A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “State Sen. Scott Martin, county treasurer Amber Martin, push tax collector bill in Harrisburg hearing,” (click here).    
         So, LNP and Caucus editor, Tom Murse, did you check the bonds your office received for Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin? Did you?
         You see, when she was elected treasurer her name was Amber Green. Remember that, Tom? So shouldn’t there be a bond in the name of “Amber Green?”
         Maybe your new and recent college graduate reporter, Carter Walker,  who received the bonds and wrote the story, “Lancaster County treasurer secures insurance to collect municipal taxes,”  doesn’t know (click here)!
         Why wouldn’t he know, Tom? Because you never told the public that State Senator Scott Martin married Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Green after both got divorces (Scott secretly for the second time) and she took his name and became Amber Martin!
         It gets messy when you withhold information from the public, doesn’t it, Tom? Your own reporters might not know important facts like there should be a bond in the name of Amber Green!
         Are you going to do some relentless independent investigative reporting to find out why there is a missing bond, Tom, and tell the public why they are not protected?
         To be continued: Why didn’t Tom tell the public about Scott and Amber?



          Two decades ago, developers asked to invest in downtown Lancaster might have replied, “Why should I?”
          Today the answer is more likely to be, “Why not?”
          Thanks largely to hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in the past dozen or so years, center city has been transformed from an ailing area to an appealing one.
    The opening sentences to the LNP article by Tim Mekeel, “East King Street building to be next downtown structure to be redeveloped,” (click here).
         Is this a news article or an ad for downtown Lancaster and LNP’s Marriott Hotel?


    Posted on August 6th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


         …“We want to create a department that looks more like the community we serve,” Berkihiser said.
         … Just nine of the 136 officers live within city limits.
    From the June 6, 2018 LNP article, “Lancaster city police, seeking diverse recruits, step up outreach efforts,” (click here).
         They have been saying that for years and yet, over and over again, we have the below from August 3rd on this site (click here for the original)! Who will call these liars out? There will be much more tomorrow.

    ***  I forgot to include that Perry tells Blas that he is currently on probation so the fact that no bail has been set on the new charges and he is free is even stranger!



    **   “Team Loyalty,” Tony Blas, was on Good Morning America this morning and you can watch his segment here. He does exactly what Justin Perry does and the reason I bring this up, besides the coincidence, is that Blas had a live Facebook feed yesterday and at about 20 minutes in he talks with Perry and Perry says his phone was “clean” when he gave it to Lancaster Detectives.
         Again, Perry has been charged with two felonies including having child pornography on his phone and yet bail has not been set and he is currently free.
         The live Facebook feed with Blas and Perry is here. Please note there is explicit and vulgar language.

    *    In the strange and never ending saga of $60 million missing dollars, Christine C. Shubert, in her capacity as Chapter 7 Trustee for Worley & Obetz, Inc., filed a “lis pendens” action against the owners of 10 properties in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas on August 3rd (see below the property list).
         That means they want the turnover of the properties to the bankruptcy estate.   
         The properties are:
    —  211 S. Charlotte St., Manheim
    —  55 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —  1075 White Oak Rd., Manheim
    —  35 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —  535 Stiegel Valley Rd., Manheim
    —  202 Greenfield Rd., Lancaster
    —  149 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —   45 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —   62 Doe Run Rd., Manheim
    —   41 Doe Run Rd., Manheim



         …In response to a Right-to-Know request, LNP received a copy of two bonds in Martin’s name issued July 18.
         One was for $500,000 and covered Jan. 4, 2016, through June 30, 2018. The second was for $1 million and covers July 1 of this year through Jan. 3 of 2020, which would be the end of Martin’s first term.
    From today’s LNP story, “Lancaster County treasurer secures insurance to collect municipal taxes,” (click here).
         Yes, I received the bonds on Friday as well. The first page of the two bonds are below. Question: Is $500,000 and $1 million enough? And there’s another major problem: Martin didn’t marry State Senator Scott Martin until March 10, 2017. Shouldn’t there also be a bond in the name of Amber Green?



    Posted on August 5th, 2018 Becky No comments

    HE’S A CRIMINAL!    

         Today’s LNP editorial is titled, “Backing civil statute of limitations reform would be the best way bishops could help child sexual abuse victims,” (click here).
          I encountered and was defeated by the statute of limitations when I sued my parents years ago. And I wrote about it (click here and most of the legal documents are on the original LIP News site).
          I don’t go back to the incest story often – but in looking this morning for the statute of limitations piece this was also there. This simply amazes me every time I read it!


         For instance, Plaintiff’’s father, who is an anthropologist, was occasionally out of the country during her childhood. It is important for him to know when the alleged events took place so that he can ascertain his own whereabouts at the time Plaintiff contends he was at home in Lancaster engaging in child abuse.”
    (From the Brief of Appellees filed with the Superior Court on January 6, 2005.)
         I sent this letter to a friend regarding the above: ““What a howl! I guess 365 days a year for 18 years wasn’’t enough time. And it wasn’’t “child abuse” it was sexual abuse/incest. My father may have been out of the country once before I was 18. He went to Africa for several weeks to visit my brother who was living there. That is the only time I remember him being “out of the country” let alone out of the state! The anthropologist part is ironic on so many levels. I gather anthropologists don’’t molest their children and occasionally travel out of the country. My father sat in a chair and drank beer and said, ‘‘Men are the hunters and gatherers.’’ They are grasping at straws on this one.””
         Perhaps my father should look up the definition of anthropologist. They study cultures and families. Apparently he doesn’’t think it odd that his one son is a pedophile who molested his other 13 year-old son and his “foster” son. Apparently he doesn’’t think it odd that two of his daughters, both in their fifties, have never married and rarely dated. Apparently he doesn’’t think it odd that I have to worry that my own brother may have molested my son. He’’s not an anthropologist;– he’’s a criminal.



         City Councilwoman Janet Diaz has a petition on regarding Roberto Clemente Park (click here).


    Posted on August 4th, 2018 Becky 13 comments

    *    Wise made sexual remarks and solicitations to the undercover adult and sent at least one lewd photo, according to charging documents. Wise attempted to meet the undercover adult at the park, according to the district attorney’s office.
         Perry said he did not share the video with police but “knew they saw it through Facebook.”
    From the LNP article.
         This makes absolutely no sense. In order to prosecute Wise for five felonies and other charges, the DA’s office has to have all the evidence on Perry’s phone: the correspondence that Wise knew she was 15-years-old; the fact that he still wanted to meet her for sexual contact and when and where and at the least the one lewd photograph he allegedly sent her. The video alone is not enough! What is going on?    


    “SET UP?”

         LNP finally has the story up on their website and it’s their lead story but the headline is just dreadful (click here but be aware that LNP has a paywall). And what amazes me is everyone on social media is saying the police “set up” Justin Perry. That’s a very serious charge and what exactly do they mean by it? Did the police put the child porn on his phone?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 3rd, 2018 Becky 7 comments

    *    This is unbelievable. WGAL at 4:00 had a piece on Thomas Wise and an interview with Justin Perry and never once mentioned that Perry has been charged as well! 


         I immediately thought of this phenomenon last night when I heard Justin Perry was charged with having child pornography on his phone. Is that fair? Probably not.
         But why does he do what he does? What is his motivation? How does he earn a living? He’s had run-ins with the law before.
         Why is he out of jail with no bail apparently set? He is charged with two felonies.
         LIP News will follow this case.


    **   The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office and police departments in the county strongly advise citizens against confronting individuals they feel have or are committing crimes. Please contact your local police department in such a situation.
    These sentences are included in the police press release about Wise (click here).


    *     This is the man, Thomas H. Wise, that Justin Perry confronted on the viral video and is credited with getting him charged with multiple felonies. Click here for the PennLive story.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    PERRY (MR 17 5 40) CHARGED

         Justin Perry, who is on Facebook as “Mr 17 5 40,” and had a viral video last week for “outing” a 35-year-old man who went to meet what he thought was a 15-year-old girl in Lancaster has himself been charged (see the charges above from his docket sheet and watch his video “explaining” the charges here).



         These are the four new officers who were sworn in as Lancaster City Police Officers on June 28th (click here for more photos). Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser is to the left and Mayor Danene Sorace is on the right. What happened to the desperate need to diversify this force? This is an outrage! This is disgusting! This is unacceptable!


    Posted on August 1st, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         In regard to LNP’s editorial today, I could write (and very often do) about the racism at LNP, their huge conflict of interest as the owner of the Marriott Hotel, their failure to report on MAW and the Safety Coalition cameras and their failure to hold the police, the DA and judges accountable and on and on and on. They are caretakers of their own interests only.
         But I thought I would give you a direct example of LNP taking a disgraceful situation and trying to say everything is great and wonderful and a commenter just completely shutting them down.
         It was under their editorial,The case of Lancaster city police Sgt. Raymond Corll yielded justice, and two courageous officers,” (click here).
         The simple, direct, sensible comment that was posted under it and completely destroyed their entire editorial was:        
         I disagree with your premise about two courageous officers. Had it not been for the videotape, these officers would never have come forward and two innocent people would have been convicted and punished for crimes they did not commit. It would have been courageous for them to go to internal affairs, to the chief or to the mayor immediately after the incident occurred. At trial, under oath and penalty of perjury, not so much. Officers stick together. I get it. They have a tough job.
         How in the world could the editors “miss” this? Are they that stupid or just liars?
    UPDATE – Where is former Sgt. Ray Corll today? He has been out on bail since last June when he appealed his case to the PA Superior Court. According to his lengthy Superior Court docket, oral arguments in his appeal are scheduled for August 15, 2018 (click here).


    **   The below email in at 7:01 am this morning. Can someone explain their use of the word “FREE” in this email?


    *    The editorial is now online – click here.


    From today’s LNP editorial in print “Of the people” (not currently online).

         For once, LNP and I completely agree! I lost a lot of sleep last night and following my correction yesterday afternoon, this morning I deleted the video and the year-old news account from yesterday’s post.
         The rest of LNP’s editorial – well, I will have a lot to say about that later today!


    Posted on July 31st, 2018 Becky 4 comments


    From LNP’s lead story this morning, “‘Somebody has to know’: Police seek tips in unsolved 2002 homicide of Victor ‘Shorty’ Melendez Jr.,” (click here).

         Police Captain Michael Winters is a busy man and has a lot of unsolved murders on his plate:

         From a transcript of the WGAL-TV, October 2013 video with Meredith Jorgensen and Winters on the unsolved murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor in May of 2012, “Lancaster police find new leads in unsolved murder case,” (click here).

         From the recent LNP article on the unsolved murders of Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads,” (click here).

         And there is the unsolved murder of Julio Garcia Camacho (click here for the original and link on this site).       


    Posted on July 29th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


    From yesterday’s LNP front page story in print (click here for it online but be advised there is a paywall). 

         What is the truth and why wouldn’t Hambright answer questions? Hambright is a known liar and that is the reason DA Craig Stedman hired him.
         And today’s front page story is about judges (click here)! But LNP never criticizes or examines Lancaster County Judges. Never. So let’s look at Senior Judge Joseph Madenspacher who has a history of racism and preferential sentences. It is time for him to resign.
         And former LNP Deputy Opinion Editor Rich Manieri shows up in today’s LNP (click here). The problem is, Rich, LNP has only been a “caretaker” of their own interests. And it deeply disturbs me that you are a professor of journalism and I think Asbury University should be made aware of LNP and their racism and unethical interest in the convention center/hotel. 

    Posted on July 27th, 2018 Becky 8 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***



         This is simply unbelievable! The top are quotes from the LNP story, “2 felony charges dropped against Christiana man accused of pointing gun at police officer,” (click here).
         Immediately below that is Depew stating on his Facebook page that the officer never identified himself as such and “that helped me get out of it” (the screenshot of his page was taken at 2:00 pm today).
         Who is lying? This is simply incredible. “The police officers discretion?” Where the hell is justice and the truth?
    There will be more tomorrow and please click here for “JUST A GOOD OL’ WHITE BOY…” from two days ago on this site.      


    15 DAYS!


         On top of all this, in the last six months, one of our lenders, John Yelcick and his brother, one of our investors, have caused great legal troubles for the organization, which we have been adamantly defending ourselves against. (More information about John Yelich [sic] can be found through Google.)
         Oh, they are googling John Yelcick and they are coming to this site for “15 DAYS IN PRISON” (see below and click here for the original).
         A brief explanation: I noticed a lot of traffic coming to this site for “15 DAYS IN PRISON.” So I googled John Yelcick and he is named in yesterday’s Baltimore Sun article, “Baltimore Eagle bar closes amid internal disputes; owner pledges to reopen” (click here). And in that article they link to the above bold entry by “4 Crazy Guys” (click here).
         The fifteen day sentence was given by Judge Joseph Madenspacher, and as I stated on this site within the last two weeks regarding a different case, this racist and sick judge needs to be removed from the bench!



    Lloyd Smucker (left) and Robert Krasne (LNP)

         Smucker, a Republican who represents most of Lancaster County as well as the city of Reading in Berks County and part of Chester County, in his letter did not specifically mention any newspapers or other publishing companies in his district but is widely known to be buried deep inside the pocket of Lancaster Newspapers who tailor their coverage, or lack thereof of his performance, to ensure he keeps his job while he does their bidding to protect both their primary business (newspaper) and their investments (convention center).
    A comment posted online under the LNP story, “Smucker: Newspapers may be ‘unable to survive’ if newsprint tariffs continue,” (click here).
         Exactly! He is buried very, very deep inside the pocket of LNP!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on July 24th, 2018 Becky 14 comments


    Posted by Joseph Depew within the last hour on his Facebook page.

         I’ve been waiting patiently, Joe! I knew this was coming. So listen up:
    —  You are very lucky that you were not shot by the police on June 30th and you can credit that to your white skin!
    —  You got very, very lucky yesterday when the District Judge dropped your two felonies and let you out of jail on unsecured bail and you can credit that to your white skin.
    —  You are only 19 and this is the third crime you have been charged with (we don’t know if you have a juvenile record).
    —  You are paying Philadelphia lawyers a lot of money, Joe. A lot!
    —  You need to stop drinking and get rid of all your guns.

    —  You need to clean up your act, Joe! Oh, and all those comments about being a “Redneck” on your Facebook page – truly understand that the only reason you are out of jail is because you are a “Redneck” and you might not get as “lucky” next time. You might not get that white privilege next time because this justice system has to be fixed and made equitable so things like this never happen again.


    ***  The DA’s office just released the below press release (click here). They made the bust on July 19 so why are they just reporting it today? They “save” these items for when they are looking bad and boom – all of a sudden – a big drug bust! Look how great we are!
          They’ve been doing this for years and, of course, LNP never calls them on it!


    **   Why was LNP reporter Lindsey Blest at his preliminary hearing? LNP didn’t even send a reporter to Dwain London Jr.’s preliminary and he was charged with the city hall arson, is in jail on $2 million cash bail and his hearing was in the city!
           Did the DA’s office ask her to go? Did they need her to explain how this good ol’ 19-year-old white boy just has a bit of a drinking problem and explain to folks why they were dropping the two felonies and agreeing to unsecured bail? Did they need her to try to explain this blatant white privilege away?

    *    I learn something new everyday! I didn’t know you could pay to make a criminal case go away. But it sure looks like (if you’re white) you can!
         On Depew’s York County Common Pleas Docket it indicates he used a “Rule 586″ (see the insert from his docket below)!” When you google it you find what is below his docket (click here for the full entry from Zuckerman Law):





    District Judge Raymond Sheller (left) and the LNP article online (click here)


    Joseph Depew and a quote from the LNP article

         Oh, Judge! That is so special! I’m so glad you’re comfortable! You wouldn’t want that good ol’ white boy sitting in prison now would you?
         Did someone forget to tell you about his M3 – Criminal Mischief – Damage Property – charge in York County on September 2, 2017?
         Oh, and what about his DUI charge in Lancaster County on June 8, 2017? That hasn’t even been adjudicated yet. His docket indicates his trial is scheduled for August 20th!
         Simply unbelievable. If ever there was a case of white privilege this is a sure winner! And why did LNP have a reporter at his preliminary hearing?
    There will be much more later today.


    Posted on July 24th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    Lancaster City Council members from left to right: Pete Soto, Chris Ballentine, Janet Diaz, Ismail Smith-Wade-El, Faith Craig, John Graupera and President, James Reichenbach.

         This evening we will learn how Lancaster City’s “bond auction” went for their proposed $112 million budget. Patrick Hopkins should be in all his lying, sleazy glory!  And I still have to report on his $75,000 lie!
         And if I recall correctly, Mayor Sorace stated right after she was elected that the city website was a disaster and would be totally revised and the city would begin to live stream the council meetings. So far, none of that has happened!
         And there’s MAW and the police officers and Judge Madenspacher’s horrendous sentence and on and on and on. I feel overwhelmed! But what I will do tomorrow – no matter what happens – is write the Pennsylvania Attorney General and the FBI to ask why a DNA test has not been done to determine if Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers had the same killer. I owe it to their families and the public has a right and a need to know. Click here for the LNP article shown below that failed to ask and answer that incredibly important and obvious question.


    *    (Click here for the police press release below – man shot in torso)



         Retired Lancaster City Police Detective and now a realtor with Infinity Real Estate, James Fatta, is letting his racist flag fly high. The above is a recent post on his Facebook page. Wow!
         It’s a busy day. Where are the results of the Lancaster City Police investigations of Officers Philip Bernot and Nathan Nickel, both the subjects of viral and violent videos?
         City Council (pictured left) meets tonight and votes on a $112 million budget proposal including $1 million for new Safety Coalition cameras. There is a “bond auction” going on today for the financing of the $112 million.
         And where is an update on MAW Communications and the over $5 million the city has paid them? Have they defaulted on their $1.5 million dollar loan from the city? And where is LNP’s coverage of this debacle?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 23rd, 2018 Becky 12 comments

         Sadly, this was a top national news story today (click here).

    ****  Again from today’s front page story on Raymond Rowe who is accused of killing Christy Mirack in 1992: LNP reporter Lindsey Blest talks about and quotes Chris Ballentine yet never identifies him! He is a current city council member! What in the world is wrong with these reporters?



    ***  I am not going to link to this morning’s LNP front page story because you may have to pay to read it. But a small portion is reprinted below. How did LNP find Emily Noble? Did she call LNP and want to talk or did the DA’s office tell LNP about her?
         My guess is the DA’s office because they want to put the word out that he was “abusive.” They need it to make their case and I don’t put it past them for a minute.
         I didn’t think back then women went after married men and LNP doesn’t tell us why they broke up. The whole thing is bizarre:


    UH, OH!

    **   Uh, oh! I got this message at 10:10 am this morning when I clicked on a story. This will not work, LNP!



    Posted on Lancaster Online under, “LancasterOnline to launch digital subscription service Monday: A message from LNP’s president,” (click here).

       Oh, Kate! There is absolutely nothing good to say about the current POTUS! He’s a crazy narcissist who is embarrassing this country and everything about it daily. And good journalism is not dead (although Trump is trying to kill it)!



         I have been a digital customer of LNP for several years now paying $5.15 a month. I had no problem reading the paper online this morning or reading articles on Lancaster Online.
         I don’t know if I have to “re-subscribe” or if they will just increase my monthly charge (which I don’t know if it’s legal without notification which I have not had). I am willing to pay $9.99 a month but not a penny more! We will see how today goes…
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on July 22nd, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    A comment and response under the LNP story linked to in the first post this morning.
     **    Could this be handled any more poorly? What in the world?

    200? NONSENSE!

         …That is what our 200 reporters and correspondents strive to provide every day. By doing so, we help our communities engage in fact-based debates over what is in our best interests.
    Click here for his column today shown at left.
    *     What does Robert Krasne do: Rewrite this exact same “column” every two months? And are those numbers ever inflated! He must be counting “correspondents” who call in once a month to say, “Amos Funk’s cat died today.” They don’t even have a reporter in the courthouse!


         Is this what you will see if you go to Lancaster Online tomorrow? Click here for, “LancasterOnline to launch digital subscription service Monday: A message from LNP’s president.”


    Posted on July 17th, 2018 Becky 3 comments

         Frankly, it’s a damn shame! No dog for you!



          …but the man taking his position in the City Police is nothing but bad news – Jarrad Berkihiser.   He made my top ten worst list for 2012, he is one of the band of 20 years-plus, white, suburban detectives who can’t solve any murders or crimes and he “investigated” and wrote the report that cleared officer Jose De La Torre in the shooting death of homeless Gregory Bayne. 
    I wrote this in August of 2014 when Berkihiser was “promoted” to Captain and commander of the Patrol Division (click here for the original).
         Where is the Chief of Police? He has not been seen or heard from since the two viral videos surfaced. Who really controls Lancaster? Why in the world was this man promoted to chief?
    Please check back later today.  

    Posted on July 16th, 2018 Becky 1 comment


    Click here to read John McCain’s full statement.



         A “retweet” by LNP opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy.

      Trump’s attacks on the press are unconscionable, relentless and extremely scary. But as I have said before, it is news organizations like LNP that give his statements some validity.
         And it is absolutely disgusting of Cassidy to get on her high horse. She has been a traitor to all victims of domestic violence and now to abused children.  Can she possibly go any lower than that? Can LNP?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 15th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         Judge Joseph Madenspacher is directly responsible for the Convention Center/Marriott Hotel being built. Does that influence LNP who owns the Marriott?
         Oh, you better believe it does – even after all these years  (and you never know when they might need him or another judge again)!
         Madenspacher granted a permanent injunction sought by the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority, the city Redevelopment Authority and Penn Square Partners to prevent the commissioners from enacting a pair of resolutions that would have eliminated the center’s financing.
    From the 2007 LNP article, “Commissioners seek Pa. reversal of center decision,.”  (click here).     


    Posted on July 14th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         Crime sells. Everyone knows it! It’s important, it affects people’s lives, it’s intriguing and the justice system is at the core of our democracy. And yet, LNP does not have a reporter in the courthouse.
         They rely on and barely rewrite the DA press releases by former LNP court reporter Brett Hambright. As a commenter to this site said when Hambright went to the DA’s office – LNP used to pay him but now the public pays him to write for LNP! It’s true!
         His coverage is blatantly slanted (of course) and he rarely mentions the defense or the defense attorney’s involved. It is unconscionable (and stupid readership wise) that LNP relies on Hambright for all of their court reporting. But if they use Hambright – they must cite him as their source and not pretend they were present for the proceeding.
         Coming tomorrow a look at the two very recent cases that are in this post.



    The DA’s press release by Brett Hambright (click here and click here for the LNP rewrite).
         In the past, I have criticized LNP for stating “according to the District Attorney’s Office” six times in an eight sentence story. Now, LNP is pretending they were at his preliminary hearing and they do not mention the press release that is the sole source for their entire story. It is inexcusable and probably why there is no specific byline.
         You better clean up your act, editor Tom Murse, or you will be a jobless middle-aged man that no legitimate news organization will touch. There will be more later on why this is absolutely unconscionable!


    From today’s print edition of LNP.
         On a very serious note – look at the unbelievable spin they have put on this horrific story. Oh, Junior Gonzalez, you thought you were working for a real newspaper? Think again…



         Um, LNP Managing Editor Tom Murse – there was no plane! They looked and looked and looked and could not find a plane! Don’t you think it’s time to take this down as your lead story and move on to some real news? Ridiculous!