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    Posted on January 19th, 2018 Becky 1 comment

    *      This comment just in:
           Odds for Steadman 1-1. Odds for the field 100-1.
           Yup! That just about sums it up. They were going to “backdoor” him. Oh, my! The games that get played in Lancaster County!
    Have a safe and happy Friday!



          Two days after stating their names would not be released, State Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martiin have released the names of nine of the potential candidates to be a Lancaster County Judge (the 10th candidate has not yet “agreed” to have their name released).
          Just say “no” to District Attorney Craig Stedman and District Judge Jayne Duncan!
    There will be much more coming later today and click here to read the LNP article.


    Posted on January 18th, 2018 Becky No comments


         Jake Smeltz , State Senator Ryan Aument’s Chief of Staff, is good at his job. And I mean that honestly. He spent close to a half hour on the phone with me yesterday afternoon patiently explaining why State Senators Aument and Scott Martin were not – at least at this time – releasing the names of the 10 candidates they are interviewing to potentially fill a judgeship in the Lancaster County Court.
         And we got specific. He asked if I wanted to “cherry-pick” the names and if there were any names I was specifically looking for. I said District Attorney Craig Stedman for one and made it clear that I was not at all in favor. But I also said I want to see all the names because I might recognize some as attorneys I have some knowledge of, and if I did not recognize their names, I could then research them. And the same obviously goes for every member of the public.
         He said Governor Wolf can pick anyone he wants to but we both agreed with 67 counties in PA, Wolf could not possibly know all the individuals involved in such situations and would look for help in finding a qualified candidate that needs to be confirmed by the Senate.
         Smeltz said some of the 10 candidates have had “judicial screening,” meaning a review and a rating by the Lancaster Bar Association because they have previously indicated they wanted to run to be a judge. He said of those that have not it “may come up” and they may be so “vetted.”
         He also said the Senators in “fairness” had opened this up to “everyone – Democrats and Republicans.”
         He said the candidates will be asked during their interviews, which began today, whether they approve of their name being released to the press and if they do, that will probably happen.
         When he was reminded that we live in a Democracy, he said this is a “Constitutional process” to fill a vacancy until 2019 when the judge position will be permanently filled through the election process.
         Once again, I appreciate the patience and professionalism of Smeltz, but nothing he said came close to convincing me that the names should not be released to the public as they have an absolute right and need to know.
    There will be more on this in the coming days.



    Posted on the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page yesterday with no answer provided.

         When is someone going to tell the public the status of LanCity Connect? Where is the $4.7 million the city gave and loaned to MAW Communications?
    That and my discussion with Jack Smeltz regarding filling the Lancaster County Judge position will be coming later today.


    Posted on January 17th, 2018 Becky 5 comments

    UPDATE – 3:38 pm – I just got off the phone following a long conversation with Jake Smeltz, Chief of Staff for State Senator Ryan Aument. He said Aument and Senator Scott Martin are not releasing the names of the ten candidates for Lancaster County Judge at this time. He did say that their interviews with the individual candidates will begin tomorrow.
    And there will be much more tomorrow.


         You could knock me over with a feather! LNP actually does something right! Click here for today’s editorial, “Sens. Aument and Martin: Name the candidates seeking to be Common Pleas judge.”  
         I will follow-up today to see when those names will be released!
    Please check back later today.     


    Posted on January 16th, 2018 Becky 7 comments


         Becky, we can go back and forth regarding LNP and never come to much common ground. To blame them for all of the perils which have befallen the minority population in Lancaster going back generations is absurd. I get it. You hate them but nothing is all the fault of a single organization such as LNP.
         I have printed this comment that came in several weeks ago before. LNP has been running these absurd full pages ads for themselves:
          They are the only coverage in Lancaster County! What in the hell are they talking about?
          And as such, they have incredible power. And I plan to make a forceful case that they are to blame for all of the perils that have befallen the minority population in Lancaster going back generations.
         Let’s begin with one of the absolutely most fundamental and most important – the justice system.
    —  They have never questioned the all white juries in Lancaster County. Never!
    —  They have never questioned the huge disparities in bail amounts and the sentences given in Lancaster County courts based on race! Never!
    —  I asked many years ago how an LNP reporter could walk the two blocks from their office to the courthouse, see the diversity in Penn Square, and then walk into that courthouse and see nothing but white and not raise any questions. And it almost goes without saying that every reporter LNP has ever sent to that courthouse was/is white.
    —  I was so shocked by this that in April of 2012 I put in Right to Know requests. Some of the results are below and I plan to put in new ones this year (click here for the original).

         Any decent newspaper with an editorial staff that reflected the diversity of the community they serve would have questioned this years ago. But the owners and top editors at LNP have no desire to change the status quo. They like their staff and the decision makers to be white!
    To be continued…


    **   Gold digger. Padilla waited till she knew that Reese no longer had her flirtatious replies – than she rips off every tax payer with her gold digging. Absolutely despicable tactic. I hope she lost it all to lawyer fee’s
    Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under the article about the settlement with former Sheriff Mark Reese.
         This is an absolute lie by an internet troll! There were no “flirtatious replies!”
         This was also posted as a comment:
         I heard what he did was to tell her she was pretty.
         Boy, are you misinformed! Attorney Joshua Voss said in court of the emails Reese sent her: ““They would make Larry Flynt jealous!” That is not overstated!
          This comment on LNP’s Facebook page hits the mark:
          Good for her. She went through enough ridiculousness and tried over and over to have it handled appropriately.
         Exactly. This woman was very brave!



    A Letter-to-the-Editor of (click here).

    *    Why isn’t District Attorney Craig Stedman investigating this fraud? Why has LNP failed to report on this $4.7 million debacle?



         Mark Lamont Hill is speaking at the MLK breakfast today. I just learned this. Would have loved to fill him in, prior to his speech, on the hiring history of the LNP which I’m sure has their fingers in that breakfast.
    This comment in yesterday.
         Exactly! LNP is the major reasons for the racism and inequality in Lancaster County!
         And, yes, LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy was tweeting from the breakfast yesterday morning. The most amazing and despicable thing about that – LNP would not hire her own two adopted daughters because of their race. Can you even imagine the hypocrisy?
         LNP finally put the settlement against former Sheriff Mark Reese –  $125,000 – on their front page and are running it as an “insider” story online (click here). And a comment Jessica Padilla’s attorney made to me involved race and that will be coming.
          They do not intend to release the names of the applicants “out of respect for those who contacted them,” but said they are “very pleased with the quality of those who asked to be considered,” according to a statement provided by Aument’s chief of staff, Jake Smeltz.
    From today’s LNP article, “10 candidates are in the running to replace Lancaster County Judge Hoberg,” (click here).
         That is unacceptable. This is for a judgeship – normally an elected position. “Respect” has nothing whatsoever to do with this! The public and LNP should demand to know! The article goes on to state:
         No candidates have publicly come forward to announce they are seeking the judicial seat. That includes District Attorney Craig Stedman, who lost a tight statewide race for State Superior Court, in November. Stedman did not return a request for comment Monday.
         Who didn’t see that coming? Absolutely not! Governor Wolf needs to be made aware of Stedman’s terrible record and State Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin need to have respect for the public they serve and release the names now!
    Please check back later today.   

    Posted on January 15th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    (Click here and see below for more details on today’s rally)
         There is a picture of a black woman and a black man on the front page of this morning’s LNP and they are not charged with a crime – it must be Martin Luther King Day!
         It is! And you can watch the entire NAACP’s annual Martin Luther King Service last night thanks to Tony Dastra on his “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here). Mayor Danene Sorace spoke and there will be more on that to come.
         The black man on the front page of LNP today is former mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler who also announced the very important rally today at Binn’s Park. Of all days, there could not be a better day to protest State Senator Scott Martin’s horrific bill trying to curtail protests and demonstrations!
         The rally begins today at noon in Binn’s Park:
          The rally will target a bill (SB754), currently being considered in the PA Senate, that seeks to charge protesters for response costs at demonstrations. The Pennsylvania ACLU has already warned against the bill’s “chilling effect” on Constitutionally protected free speech and assembly. The bill’s lead sponsor is Senator Scott Martin (13th District), whose local office is located in Lancaster City.
    Slated Speakers:
    Kevin Ressler (Lancaster Action Now Coalition),
    Shayna Watson (Lancaster NAACP),
    Ismail Smith-Wade-El (City Council, Lancaster Community Action Partnership),
    Malinda Harnish Clatterbuck (LAP, CMCL),
    Andy Hoover (ACLUPA)
    Please check back later today.
  • * 1-14-18 UPDATE – WHY DON’T WE KNOW?

    Posted on January 13th, 2018 Becky 6 comments
    *    The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a very interesting perspective piece recently, “How the news media distorts black families.” (click here).
          From the print edition of Friday’s LNP on page A-6 below, the story about Walmart raising starting wages is accompanied by a picture of two black men; the golf club story is accompanied by a picture of a white man golfing.

    UPDATE 1-14-18


         From the “Determination” by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission attached to the lawsuit:



    **  The below is not an old lawsuit. It was filed on September 10th of 2015. In October of 2014 the EEOC issued a decision which sided with Burgess and opened the door for her suit.
         The case was dismissed on August 24th, 2016 because a settlement between the parties had been reached. I hope to find out how much the county paid.
         I found this case “by accident.” It is absolutely shocking that this went on and the public has no knowledge of it. Absolutely shocking. Why wasn’t the public informed?

    [Editor’s note: As noted by a commenter, I believe Donald E. Shoffstall is repeatedly misspelled in the lawsuit. The lawsuit early on also states that he is “now deceased.”]



                             Randall Wenger                            Bailey Tshudy




    Posted on January 11th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

     *    From July 24, 2017 on this site, “I SPOKE UP,” (click here for the original):   

         Jessica Padilla testified in this morning’s emergency hearing to enjoin Sheriff Reese from entering the Sheriff’s Office. Her federal lawsuit against Reese with the emails attached was introduced and she was asked if they were true and accurate. She said, “Yes.”
          She testified the emails were personal and sexual and all of them were specific to her. “He was thinking of me,” she testified.
         Asked about her reaction when she found out Reese might be returning to the office, she said she “freaked out. I couldn’t believe it. For me, it was like a slap in the face. We didn’t think he could come back.”
    She said she believed it would be “disruptive” if Reese returned and said “anything could happen.” Regarding herself, she said she feared possible retaliation because she said, “we are where we are today because I spoke up.”


    Jessica Padilla

         “They are some of the raunchiest emails you will ever read,” Philadelphia Attorney Joshua Voss told a Lancaster court in July about the emails former Sheriff Mark Reese sent to his employee, Jessica Padilla. He was working for State Senators Ryan Aument and Scott Martin trying to force Reese out of office.
         On Tuesday of this week, Jessica Padilla reached a court settlement with Reese in her sexual harassment lawsuit. Padilla’s attorney, Jared A. Jacobson, told me yesterday by phone that the settlement amount should be public information. I hope to have that later today.
          And, yes, they are the raunchiest emails you will ever read.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 10th, 2018 Becky 1 comment

    —  5:15 pm – I just spoke with attorney Jared A. Jacobson of Jacobson & Rooks LLC who represent Jessica Padilla. The case has settled. There will be more tomorrow.

    —  ADDITIONAL UPDATE There is a question whether Jessica Padilla’s lawsuit against former Sheriff Mark Reese and the County of Lancaster is totally settled. The order signed by the judge yesterday and published below dismisses the County of Lancaster from the suit (see Christina Hausner’s email also below). Does this order also mean that a settlement was reached between Padilla and Mark Reese?
         I have multiple calls in to various parties to obtain an absolute answer to that question. To the best of my current knowledge, the judge’s order indicates that a settlement was reached between the remaining parties to the action. I hope to be able to conclusively verify that shortly.

    *** UPDATE ***

         This email in from Christina Hausner, Lancaster County Solicitor:

    On January 9, 2018, United States Magistrate Judge Henry S. Perkin ordered that Lancaster County be dismissed as a party to the lawsuit filed in federal court last year by Plaintiff Jessica Padilla.   

    Ms. Padilla had in her lawsuit named both the County and Sheriff Mark Reese as defendants, and alleged harm as a result of Sheriff Reese’s sexual harassment.  As soon as the County was notified of Reese’s conduct, the County immediately initiated an investigation, insured that Reese did not return to the Sheriff’s office, restricted Reese’s access to County buildings and email and recovered all County property from him.  Because of the County’s prompt and effective actions, it is appropriate that Plaintiff’s Complaint against the County was dismissed.  

    We are pleased that this litigation is over for the County, and that no additional County resources need be utilized in defense of the lawsuit.  The County will continue its strong commitment to provide a work environment free from discrimination and harassment by providing training and encouraging prompt reporting of any violations of County policy.   

    Any resolution of the lawsuit between Ms. Padilla and Mark Reese in his capacity as a former independently elected official is a matter between those parties and Travelers Insurance Company.  Any resolution will not be with County funds and will not involve County approval.   

    Christina L. Hausner
    Lancaster County Solicitor

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***



          A settlement was reached yesterday in Jessica Padilla’s federal lawsuit against former Sheriff Mark Reese for sexual harassment. It is unknown if the amount of the settlement will be released to the public.




         City council met twice last night and you can watch both meetings here. The committee meeting was held before the city council meeting. It was rescheduled from Monday night due to the weather.
         New Mayor Danene Sorace snapped angrily at Tony Dastra who live-streams the meetings and ran for mayor as an Independent. “I’ve only been in office five days, Mr. Dastra!” she told him in response to a question about the CRIZ and 101NQ.
         I thought her whole campaign was based on the premise that she was ready to hit the ground running having been on city council for four years?
         Dastra held his ground and for once, there were many members of the public in attendance, opposing the new garage and speaking up.
          Is change in the wind?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 9th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

     Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.

    **   It was just suggested to me that LNP is using MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) for their broadband service! How much money has MAW given to LNP? Why was this sign in the LNP boardroom when they interviewed Lloyd Smucker in August (click here)? What was MAW “sponsoring?”


    — 8:29 am – LNP just made the story an “insider” story online and deleted the two comments that were under under it!



    From today’s LNP print edition on page A-3 (click here to read it online).

         It was “nice” of LNP to prove my point without a single doubt yesterday in their “interview” of new Mayor Danene Sorace. There was not a mention of one of the biggest cons in years and the city’s mismanagement of millions of dollars given and loaned to MAW Communications. 
         The only thing that surpasses it recently is the city’s “gift” of millions of dollars in CRIZ money to LNP for the truest con – their convention center/Marriott Hotel expansion.
         As a commenter states under the article on Lancaster Online: “Their “press” credentials should be REVOKED!”
         Actually, they should have been revoked years and years ago.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 8th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         That was one of the most ridiculous and sickening things I have seen. These LNP editors and reporters break every code of journalism ethics in this country every single day.
         Oh, and “congratulations” to Michael Deibert (pictured far left below), like everyone else in the photo you are a complete fraud!
         There will be more tomorrow!

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Oh, this is rich! The LNP “Editorial Board” is going to interview new mayor Danene Sorace (click here)! The woman who led the charge to give racist LNP millions of CRIZ dollars for their Marriott Hotel expansion to make sure she got into the mayor’s office.
         Will they ask her about MAW Communications (see the comment below posted under the LNP story, “Why cable bills are rising again and what can you do,” (click here)?  Will LNP tell the public how much money they received from MAW Communications to “sponsor” their “Concerts on King” series?





         Tweets from LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy yesterday.

         Has there ever been a bigger hypocrite? If Trump knew about LNP, he would put them at the top of his “Fake News” list!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 7th, 2018 Becky No comments


         …they [The Steinman family and their company, LNP] are buying off politicians and raping taxpayers.
    Part of a comment into this site under the post “SNOWY SHADES OF GRAY!” below.
         That is exactly what the Steinmans are doing and they have been doing it for years! They are by no definition or any code of journalism ethics a legitimate media outlet; they are a greedy, corrupt, lying and racist company that is masquerading as a news organization to cover their filthy and illegal acts.
         And in the coming days, I plan to prove that without a doubt.

    Posted on January 5th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

     —   It is cold and I also have one. Be warm and safe and please check back tomorrow!


          One of the four principles of journalism from the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists (click here).

         Where is the truth about MAW Communications and LanCity Connect, LNP? When are you going to inform the public of the truth?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 4th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         The Society declares these four principles as the foundation of ethical journalism and encourages their use in its practice by all people in all media.
    From the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics (click here).
         One of those four principles, and one named in every Journalism Code of Ethics in this country, is below. LNP is breaking this basic principle every single day!


    *    From the editorial:


         Today’s LNP editorial from the print edition (click here to read it online).

         What former Mayor Rick Gray did was give LNP money, money and more money. They should have titled this, “Our Money Years.” What a disgrace! Where’s your journalism code of ethics, LNP?
    Please check back later to day.

  • ** – * THE CLONE IS IN!

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    — Preparing for the storm! LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


    **   Shouldn’t an “internationally acclaimed author and journalist” have more than 4071 twitter followers – especially since Michael Deibert is obviously a prolific tweeter?
         And he tweets about how important journalism is and slams Trump constantly – and yet, he is working for a “news organization,” LNP, that validates Trump’s statements about a dishonest press. And he tweets repeatedly about racial equality and he is working for blatantly racist LNP?
          Does he need the money that badly that he is willing to go against everything he claims to believe in or is something else going on?


    Posted on NewsLanc’s Facebook page under an article stating the city released some of the records requested by Robert Field but not all.

         Can you help, Tom Murse, editor of LNP and “The Caucus?” Can you investigate why they won’t release the documents? Can you help?



    Michael Deibert

         You can watch last night’s mayoral inauguration of Danene Sorace, Rick Gray’s clone, on Tony Dastra’s Facebook page (click here). There is almost no change – Randy Patterson, Charlotte Katzenmoyer and Patrick Hopkins are still in. Pat Brogan will be out in March and Matt Johnson will take her place as chief of staff. Cheryl Holland-Jones was voted in to remain as the city treasurer.
         Three new council members were sworn in and James Reichenbach (Mr. “thank you” and “plight of the tuk tuk”) was voted in as council president.
         In the next week I will be filing Right-to-Know requests for the amount of money the city has spent on the D.C. law firm they hired to “fight” PP&L and also the Lancaster firm representing the city against Robert Field of NewsLanc who requested documents regarding the city and the CRIZ award to LNP and High Industries for their Marriott Hotel expansion.


          And who is the law firm of Prince Law Offices P.C. who represented MAW Communications in the December 12th hearing before a judge in Allentown? Unbelievably, they still have a Right-to-Know case against the city of Lancaster and it has to do with guns! And apparently the Lancaster Police think it’s okay for a bar owner to fire a shot in a crowded bar on New Years eve! Imagine that? Oh, and attorney Joshua Prince won a case against D.A. Craig Stedman in the Superior Court of PA! The irony!
           And is author Michael Deibert a legend in his own mind? Why is he employed by LNP as an “investigative reporter?” Hmmm…
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 2nd, 2018 Becky 4 comments



         When is District Attorney Craig Stedman going to open an investigation into MAW Communications and fraud? Will the State Attorney General’s Office get involved?
         How will the City of Lancaster recoup the millions of dollars they have given and loaned to MAW? When will we learn how much MAW paid in hush money to LNP to keep them “quiet?” Will LNP apologize and give the money back to the public? Will the top editors resign?
          If you go to tonight’s inauguration, you might want to ask new mayor Danene Sorace and the city council members who said “aye” to this absurd and utterly disgusting debacle those questions! There will be much more tomorrow.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The below is an email response from Paul Wirth, media spokesperson for PP&L, following a phone conversation we had this morning. He also confirmed the court Agreement I posted yesterday is valid and true. 


    Becky – here is a response to your questions. Paul.

    PPL Electric Utilities is moving forward under the terms of the court agreement. 

    MAW has attached wires to PPL’s poles for the LanCity Connect project. 

    MAW did so without authorization from PPL. 

    Some of these attachments are unsafe. They are hazardous for PPL line crews, and for the public. 

    We will be removing these unsafe and unauthorized pole attachments.

    Hundreds of other companies have followed PPL’s routine pole attachment process to successfully build communications infrastructure.

    MAW’s refusal to do so puts the LanCity Connect project at risk.


    ***  Finally, here it is – “Lancaster restaurant employee fires gunshot inside bar at New Year’s Eve event,” (click here).
             Thank you to the commenter under the post below who brought this story to our attention!       

    ** LNP just went up with this “insider” story (click here). Actually, 325 people have signed it and you can read and sign it here. This is another case where the mayor and city council don’t give a hoot what the public thinks. In the last city council meeting, Randy Patterson treated the garage as a done deal. Completely, absolutely done! Tell these crooks to stop now!

    *    This comment in from “huh?” several days ago in response to a commenter’s question about Tony Dastra’s qualifications to be the new City Treasurer:
         Interested, I get the feeling that Becky’s support of Dastra is not personal or an insider deal. I get the feeling that Becky’s support is more on the order of anything is better than the usual insider cast of characters.
          Given a position of respect, Dastra could learn while he earns. It may sound naive but it is preferable to me than another person with foregone conclusions and a puppet taking the treasurer spot. The lifers like Brogan and Patterson have had free reign for too long and no one that they have to answer to.


           That pretty much nails it. I don’t think the City Treasurer really does that much – apparently being on the Pension Boards is their biggest duty – besides “signing” checks. The job is part-time and pays $8,500. We have to get someone new and honest in there to learn and keep an eye on these crooks. Yes, I said “crooks” and there will be much more on Brogan, Patterson, Hopkins and Katzenmoyer later today.



    (Click here)

         According to the last city council meeting, following the inauguration of the new mayor and city council members, they will vote for the new Lancaster City Treasurer.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 1st, 2018 Becky 13 comments


    *     I received a transcript of an Agreement between PPL Electric and MAW Communications made in a hearing on December 12 before the Honorable Edward D. Reibman in the mail (thank you). It looks legitimate but I will absolutely confirm it tomorrow. Several points from it:
     —  MAW was represented in the hearing leading to the Agreement by attorneys Eric E. Winter and Jeffrey A. Franklin of the law firm of Prince Law Offices P.C. If you recognize that name, there’s a good reason! There will be more on them to follow and your money is being used to pay their bills.
    —-  The “Agreement” reads in part:
         All work will cease pending further approval from PP&L. So that means no new attachments, no splicing work of any kind will be permitted on anything that attaches to a PP&L pole.
         With regard to exigent safety issues, we have agreed that as identified by PP&L, MAW will have two business days to respond with either approval of proposed work for exigent safety issues, or an objection.
          If an objection is provided by MAW, it will be referred to the PUC’s electric safety personnel who will make a kind ombudsman decision on whether or not there is a safety issue that requires the work proposed by PP&L.  PP&L has agreed to consider remediation, as opposed to full removal of facilities, but they retain the discretion to remove regardless of disagreement.
          PP&L has committed to starting to provide feedback on all identified poles by the end of this month, the last business day of this month, the 29th, and intends to provide a full feedback on all identified attachments by January 15th. If weather, or the number of attachments is great enough that they need additional time, they will provide notice and communicate with the other parties in the matter.



          Have mercy! Imagine waking up to a New Year and seeing this on the front page of today’s print LNP?  What Mayor Gray did was give money and more money and more money to LNP!
         Happy New Year and if you have to read this piece of crap, click here!


    Posted on December 29th, 2017 Becky 10 comments


         On page A-14 of today’s print edition, LNP has the unmitigated gall to run a full page ad for themselves (screenshots of the top and bottom of the page are below). “World-class journalism” my butt! Oh, my heavens, these people are liars!
         Have a great New Year and please check back on Tuesday, January 2nd for the 10 biggest lies LNP has told this past year!



    UPDATE – 12-30-17  – There is an excellent Letter to the Editor in LNP today about MAW Communications and LanCity Connect – click here for “City residents deserve answers.”



          Based on conservative extrapolations of rollouts elsewhere, MAW is projecting an initial customer base of 4,000, followed by 2 percent annual growth, Hopkins [Patrick Hopkins the Director of Administrative Services for the city] said.
    From the LNP article in March by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” (click here).       
         Where has MAW “rolled out” before? I asked this question months ago and a Lancaster City resident asked this question of city council in their 12-19-17 meeting. Why doesn’t the public have an answer to this simple question? Exactly when and where has MAW “rolled out” before, LNP and Stuhldreher? Could you ask Hopkins and mayor-elect Danene Sorace who is the finance chair of city council?
         Wouldn’t you want to know that before you loan a company $1.5 million of the taxpayers money on top of paying them another $3.2 million? Where is the answer to this obvious, basic question, LNP and Stuhldreher? Isn’t that your job?


         LNP – your “community newspaper,” has lied to you in the last two weeks about the quality of the water in the city of Lancaster and the millions of dollars the city has mismanaged regarding stormwater overflow, and they have lied about MAW Communications who has received $4.7 million dollars to install an internet broadband connection for the city that is at a standstill and going nowhere.
         When you ring in the New Year, ring out this racist, corrupt, greedy, lying and unethical company! Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 28th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


         The lawsuit by the U.S. against the City of Lancaster is part of the Consent Decree Mayor J. Richard Gray signed on November 28th. What LNP did not tell you in their story (see yesterday’s post below) is about the lawsuit and how damning it is in stating over and over again how often Lancaster violated EPA standards for years and years.
         And in the scariest fact, I am reprinting paragraphs #96 and #97 from the suit that state that important health information was withheld from the public. This is outrageous and needs to be fully investigated! How can LNP ignore this?
         Below the paragraphs is a warning sign from Appendix D to the decree that now has to be posted by the city in overflow areas.
         There will be more tomorrow. If you follow the links in the EPA press release immediately below, you can read the Lawsuit, the Consent Decree and all of the Appendices to the suit and decree.


    *    The EPA Press Release (click here):


    PHILADELPHIA (December 20, 2017) The city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has agreed to comprehensive measures to end discharges of untreated sewage and other pollutants to local waterways from the City’s combined storm and sewage system, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Justice and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) announced today. 

    The settlement, which was filed in federal district court in Philadelphia resolves a simultaneously filed complaint brought by the Department of Justice on behalf of the EPA and PADEP, alleging the discharge of untreated sewage into the Conestoga River in violation of the Clean Water Act.

    Under the settlement, the City of Lancaster has agreed to implement measures to significantly reduce combined sewer overflows, or CSOs.  These include improving pump stations and reduction of flow through a comprehensive long-term plan to improve the ability of the entire system to handle flow.

    “We are proud of the close collaboration between EPA and PADEP over the course of these investigations and negotiations,” said EPA Regional Administrator Cosmo Servidio.  “This settlement, which will improve local water quality and protect human health, was achieved in large part because of the strong cooperation between our two agencies.”

    “This outcome is good for the people of Lancaster and everyone that uses the Conestoga River,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “Reducing sewer overflows makes our streams and rivers cleaner and better places for fish, wildlife, and people.”

    The Clean Water Act complaint, filed with the proposed consent decree, alleged unlawful pollution discharges caused by numerous overflows of untreated wastewater from Lancaster’s combined sewer system.  This system carries rainwater runoff, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater in the same sewer pipes to a wastewater treatment plant, where it is treated before discharge to a water body. 

    During periods of heavy rainfall or snowmelt, the water volume exceeds the system’s capacity – causing combined sewer overflows.  The City has five CSO outfalls, which overflowed at least 392 times in the past five years, discharging nearly 3.8 billion gallons of untreated, polluted water into the Conestoga River, a tributary of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay. These CSOs contain not only stormwater but also untreated human and industrial waste, toxic materials, and debris. 

    The settlement between the Department of Justice and the city of Lancaster resulted from several years of investigation of alleged violations by EPA and PADEP, followed by extensive federal-state negotiations with city officials.

    The city of Lancaster will pay a $135,000 civil penalty, split equally between the U.S. and Pennsylvania, and implement a $1.8 million supplemental environmental project.  This project involves the restoration of a 1,350-foot segment of a local waterway called Groff’s Run that will reconnect wetlands to the Conestoga River, protecting water quality and reducing localized flooding. 

    For more information on CSOs, visit

    The consent decree is subject to a 30-day public comment period and court approval.  The consent decree is available for review at


         Austin J. Peters has been added to the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above. The 22-year-old was shot and killed in the city on December 10th. This makes the twenty-first unsolved murder in the city under Mayor Gray.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 27th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


          What I know to this point: On December 21st, LNP ran a story by Ad Crable on the front page of the print edition (see below). It ends with the three paragraphs that are also below.
         If Gray signed a consent agreement on November 28th, then why did the U.S. file a suit on December 19th – portions of which are below (click here for the suit on Pacer).
         There will be more on this story as it develops. Crable’s story is online as an “insider” story titled, “Lancaster city fined $135K, will end decades of polluting Conestoga, Chesapeake Bay,” (click here).

    —   A portion of the “Effluent Limitation Table of Violations” attached to the lawsuit as Appendix A is below.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***    

    Portions of the U.S. lawsuit against the City of Lancaster, filed in Federal Court on December 19 are below.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    *   Well, the commenter mentioned in this morning’s post sent in a comment as I was publishing that they will no longer be reading or commenting here.
         —  We have declared a truce so this post has been edited!



         Becky, we can go back and forth regarding LNP and never come to much common ground. To blame them for all of the perils which have befallen the minority population in Lancaster going back generations is absurd.
    Part of a comment into this site yesterday.
         I absolutely disagree. There will be more on this to come – actually a permanent post that will be coming to this site.
         Also questioned in the comments was my statement that Tom Baldrige broke the state ethics code. The letter from Robert P. Caruso is reprinted below and there will also be more on this (click here for the original post on this site). This is not over!
           And what is LNP’s relationship to MAW Communications? This was the Schmuck (see yesterday’s post) in the LNP Board Room in August (click here for the original). Why is there a huge “ad” behind him saying “Sponsored by LanCity Connect?” What the hell is going on? Who is going to jail?
    Please check back later today.    



    Posted on December 22nd, 2017 Becky 3 comments
    **   Are you still keeping your house and internet connections in your name only, Cheryl Dum Markle (click here and see the screenshot below from Ron Harper’s blog)? That’s not going to work this time! Are you proud of the over 1,700 filthy, disgusting comments you have sent into this site? Do you keep track of them on your refrigerator? Does it bring joy into your life?
         Didn’t you learn the definitions of harassment and stalking years ago when your husband was convicted of those crimes involving a former girlfriend? Do you have a single brain cell in your head?
          Their comment into this site yesterday:
             The screenshot from Ron Harper’s blog:


    *   Last evening serial stalkers Cheryl Dum Markle and Steven Markle posted the below on Lancaster Online under the story about Mayor Gray and city council. This time they posted as “Joe Smith – nutty.” That’s probably because Steven Markle’s own nuts are the size of peppercorns.
         Someone, I assume LNP, took it down. I am not Kirk Brown. And in a comment into this site yesterday that will be posted shortly, these two are just absolute trash and filth.



         Tony Dastra makes his case to be the Lancaster City Treasurer at last night’s special city council meeting. You can watch all nine candidates here.

  • *** – ** – * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** MAW – INEXPERIENCED!

    Posted on December 19th, 2017 Becky 8 comments

    — There will be much more tomorrow. —

    ***  The text of his comment to city council:

         … Specifically, this deals with MAW Communications and their recent issue with PP&L Utility. I want to thank Mr. Stuhldreher from Lancaster Online for commenting on this in the newspaper to keep the public informed and I hope he continues to cover this issue.
         I want to say that the recent dispute with PP&L highlights the inexperience – in addition to previous issues that MAW Communications has run into – in their installation of a new ISP in the city of Lancaster. This highlights their inexperience in the field and I believe they do not have the ability to execute a project of this scope and complexity within the city of Lancaster.
         I did search for a number of – or any sort of previous projects that MAW Communications has implemented with similar scope and complexity to what they are accomplishing here and the only project I was able to find in reference to which they completed was a small WI-FI installation in the square in Reading.
         I would be very curious to know if there are any similar projects that MAW Communications has completed? I do have a copy here of the requirements for the attachment of communication cable facilities on PP&L poles.
          I reviewed this in detail this evening. I believe it is a very reasonable document and any reasonable consultant/and or contractor would have gone through prior and had a clear discussion with PPL regarding the installation of their facilities and again it kind of brings up my question regarding how this project is proceeding and MAW Communication’s ability to execute.
         So from that I believe there are a number of reasonable questions that the public deserves answers to as regards to this topic. I would like to present them.
         First of all, I am kind of confused what the exact dollar figure – pool of money – that has been given to MAW Communications. I’ve seen various reports in the range of three to five million and I’m confused what the exact number is?
         I’m curious how MAW was vetted, such as, were they given a competitive bid for this project to do in the city of Lancaster? Did they provide previous projects with similar magnitudes and scopes for evaluation of their experience to form a project such as this? I’m also curious what deficiencies have been documented with PP&L because I do believe there are potential serious hazards to public safety and liability to the city based on improperly installed facilities on high voltage, medium voltage and even low voltage distribution poles for quite a number of reasons and I do think it would be in the public’s interest to know exactly what deficiencies PP&L has observed and documented.
         So, based on these questions I think it is my opinion that Lancaster and the city council should reconsider supporting legal fees to defend MAW Communications and push through PP&L [inaudible] lawsuit.
         I believe that the city of Lancaster should consider recouping the monies they have to date paid to MAW Communications to the maximum extent possible and attempt to find a consultant/contractor with clear experience and results in performing similar work of similar scope and complexity to complete the installation for the city.



    **   On a side note, oh, do I have a story about Jeremy P. Walsh (click here). You would think when you reach a certain age – common sense would kick in and you’d say to yourself, “Don’t do this!” Well, I did it! Moral of the story: never go to a preliminary hearing at a District Justice’s office with a man you met in front of the Duke Street library an hour before! Oh, my!



    *    Click here to watch the excellent presentation by a member of the public – it begins at about 26:00 left in the tape. I am working on a transcript and should have it up shortly.

    ***  BREAKING NEWS  ***


         A member of the public addressed city council tonight regarding MAW Communications. He said their problems with PPL highlight MAW’s inexperience in the field. He said any “reasonable contractor” would have consulted and come to an agreement with PPL on the requirements for using their poles prior to beginning this project.
          He said he researched MAW and their previous projects and the only thing similar he could find was a small WI-FI spot in the city of Reading.
         He asked city council three excellent questions. Those will come tomorrow.

    [Editor’s note: As mentioned here and in the ultimate irony, I am having internet connection problems. I believe it is coming from my provider, Verizon, and I will call them tomorrow. The internet is on and off – mostly off at least during the day. Please be patient! Thank you.]


    Posted on December 19th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


    The headline on the front page of today’s LNP print edition. Click here for the “insider” story online.

         This just gets worse and worse and more unbelievable!
    I am still having (irony) internet connection problems! Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 18th, 2017 Becky 3 comments

    911: YOUNG MEN

    Today’s front page headline in LNP’s print edition (click here for the “insider” story online).

         What happens when you call 911?
    —  On October 27th, William E. Cooper, Jr. was shot to death in the city.
    —  On December 10th, Austin Peters was shot to death in the city.
    —  On December 11th, a 22-year-old man was shot in the city and the last we heard he was in critical condition.
         Have the Lancaster City Police raised a finger to solve these horrific crimes? Does anyone hold them accountable?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 17th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


    The Maymi family pictured in November of 2016.

    —  And while there isn’t one solution to stop the violence, the prevalence serves as a reminder of addressing one of the most common root causes: domestic violence.
    —  “A murder-suicide is the end not the beginning of domestic violence. It ends there but it doesn’t start there,” Schmitt said [Millersville University professor of criminology Frederika Schmitt.]
    —  It is also important to report abusive behavior to police, Stedman said [Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman].
         “Because most, if not all (homicide-suicides), are domestic in nature, we encourage people to speak up when they notice signs of domestic strife with people around them,” he said.
         “It could avert devastating incidents like these.”
    —  But if people were willing to talk more about prevention, especially prevention of domestic violence, it could help others.
         “How could any of us — all of us — do something different to help?” Schmitt asked. “We’re all friends, neighbors, parents … we could do better in raising our children, in helping and educating each other.”
    Quotes from the LNP “insider” story, ” ‘Tragic’: Experts weigh in on unusually high number of homicide-suicides in Lancaster County in 2017,” (click here).  
         And I will not forget, reporters, editors and owners of LNP, that you failed to tell the public for nine years that Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife has written a book stating he beat her for years. Maybe that’s why the figures are “unusually high.”
         Speaking of Sadler, in this photo from his last day as Chief, he is surrounded by some of the most incompetent and corrupt officers on the force: from left to right; Captain Michael Winters, Acting Chief, Captain Jarrad Berkihiser, Sadler and Lt. Todd Umstead.      
         To be continued tomorrow…


    (Click here)


    Posted on December 15th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


         Two new motions were filed on behalf of William Murry against LNP yesterday. The first is a one sentence demand for a jury trial (click here).
         The second is “Plaintiff’s Supplemental Brief in Further Support of Motion to Compel Discovery Response,” (click here).
         The second goes into detail on LNP’s repeated statements in print that Murry and the Manheim Township School Board violated the Sunshine Law.
         Yes, the Sunshine Law. Remember when LNP wrote article after article and front page editorials about Murry and the Sunshine Law and demanding that he resign?
         And city council just violated the Sunshine Law twice in the last month and LNP has purposely stayed silent. Of course, they were getting money from MAW Communications all summer to “sponsor” their “Concerts on King” series. And let’s not forget that Mayor Gray and city council gave them millions of dollars of CRIZ money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel expansion.
         They are a completely dishonest, corrupt and illegal business posing as a “news organization.” And that must absolutely come to an end.
         The below is from July 2017 on this site (click here for the original) and there will be much more coming on the actions being taken to bring charges against the city council members.



          City Council broke the Sunshine Law twice within the last month. Who will investigate and bring charges? The two violations are:
    1.  —   Chris Ballentine is scheduled to be sworn in today as the newest member of Lancaster City Council, after Councilwoman Barbara Wilson’s resignation — effective immediately —shortly after the start of Tuesday’s council meeting.
    From the LNP story on November 29th, “Treasurer-elect Chris Ballentine to replace Councilwoman Barbara Wilson,” (click here).
    2.  —   The resolution had not been on the agenda; it was added after Gray presented it midway through the meeting.
    From the LNP story on December 14th, “Lancaster city to pay D.C. law firm $365 an hour to challenge PPL rules for LanCity Connect pole use,” (click here).
        Where is LNP’s coverage? Where?
    Please check back later today.