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    Posted on July 23rd, 2017 Becky 1 comment

    *    On top of everything else, the following were issued subpoenas to appear at tomorrow’s emergency hearing (part of the attorney information was cut off of the below screenshot to make it legible and click here for the original and the individual subpoenas to each person listed that are attached).



         The below is what (Sheriff) Mark Reese was ordered to bring to the courthouse for tomorrow’s emergency hearing. Will the emails be “quashed?” Only tomorrow will tell as this whole thing enters the realm of the absurd.



    Sheryl L. Brown

         Who is trying to annoy (Sheriff) Mark Reese? Oh, this gets good! Reese now has an attorney in Senators Scott Martin’s and Ryan Aument’s lawsuit – Sheryl L. Brown of the same law firm that is defending Reese in the federal lawsuit (click here).

         And in her motion to “Quash Subpoenas” on July 21st she filed the below. What was in those subpoenas and will they be “quashed?” Stay tuned – it gets even better!



    *    I am not going to deal with anything going on in the PA State House or Senate in regard to removing (Sheriff) Mark Reese but only with the current lawsuits. There are two:
    —  Deputy Sheiff Jessica Padilla has sued Lancaster County and Reese in federal court for sexual harassment.
    —  State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument have filed a lawsuit in Lancaster County Common Pleas Court seeking to remove Reese. This has resulted in the following two court dates:
         — A rescheduled hearing (so Reese can obtain an attorney) on August 3rd to stop payments to Reese.
         — An emergency hearing this Monday, the 24th, to enjoin Reese from entering the Sheriff’s Office.
         As reported exclusively on this site, well-known gun-rights attorney Joshua Prince has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client (G.H.) to get his Firearm’s License back and he argues only Reese, not Chief Deputy Charles Hamilton, had the right to revoke it in the first place (click here for “PRINCE STEPS IN & SUES REESE & HAMILTON” on this site).
          Martin and Aument have used this to raise the public safety issue and have used Prince’s suit as “further support of emergency motion for preliminary injuction.”
         There is this (click here for the entire document):



         Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under their most recent article on (Sheriff) Mark Reese.
         There are a lot of things I would like to cover today, but all things come back to Reese (from now on I will put parentheses around the word sheriff because no one knows who’s the sheriff of Lancaster County)!
         This is a crap show and it is making a complete joke out of Lancaster County. There have been a lot of developments over the last five days and I will try to cover some of them later today.
  • ** – * FADE TO BLACK?

    Posted on July 22nd, 2017 Becky 5 comments


    Posted on this site on July 31, 2016 (click here for the original).

    **   Your time is up, Manieri!



     *   …Though proud, participants were unsatisfied after that initial march. Two days later, 150 people marched against Watt & Shand and Hager & Bros. Marchers walked single file along the Penn Square sidewalk in front of Watt & Shand for an hour and then moved to West Kings Street to demonstrate in front of Hager’s. Kenneth Bost, wheeling his infant son in a stroller, led the parade. Marchers branded signs, some reading We Can Buy, Why Not Sell? and Hidden Prejudice Must Go. About twenty white demonstrators carried signs and flags with the group. Several of them were Franklin and Marshall College professors. “We did hurt them economically tonight,” said Betty Tompkins, publicity chairwoman of the NAACP. “I didn’t see many people going in and out of Watt & Shand and Hager’s tonight, and that is what we want to see.” At the end of the march, Bost announced plans for a third demonstration against the department stores, this one set for Saturday, July 27, unless negotiations resulted in an agreement.
         The boycott generated positive results. The evening after the second march, Thomas Shand, president of Watt & Shand, and John R. Hager, spokesman for Hager’s, indicated that they would attend a meeting on July 26 with Bost, members of the NAACP, and a representative from the mayor’s office. Hager also indicated that his company had received its first application in “several years that day, from a Negro woman for a sales position[.] and the application is now being processed.”
    From the book, “This is the Rat Speaking – Black Power and the Promise of Racial Consciousness at Franklin and Marshall College in the Age of the Takeover, 1967-69,” by Todd M. Mealy and available here.



      From left to right: Kara Newhouse, Susan Baldrige and Suzanne Cassidy. From Newhouse’s “journalism” Facebook page.

          An excellent comment came in under the post immediately below about the illegal tape recording. I remember the morning LNP slapped it up on their website and I just thought that nobody in that office has a clue what they are doing! Not a clue.
         Will they lose the award?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 21st, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         The Tuktuk is top news again (click here)! And someone is playing games because I viewed the crowd-funding page several days ago and with 21 hours there was only slightly over $2,000 raised. And then the time got extended and of course they don’t list the donors. So who knows what games were played and who cares?
         It’s a big story because Mayor Gray wants it and LNP does what Mayor Gray wants because he wrote the legislation for LNP and then got them the over $9 million in CRIZ money for their Marriott expansion. And maybe they think the Tuktuk is good publicity for their Marriott?
    Have a happy and safe Friday and there will be serious news here tomorrow!


    *    This is a message for Jerry Puryear. Do not send any further comments into this site. They will not be published and the police are being notified about the ones you did send. Turn yourself in and do not contact me again.


    Former LNP reporter
    Kara Newhouse

         LNP goes to court today! No, it’s not for robbing the taxpayers – it is for oral arguments regarding compelling discovery in former Manheim Township School Board President William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP.
         Per the below entry on the Prothonotary’s website, the arguments will be held in chambers so they are not open to the public. Who made the illegal recording of the board meeting? What was LNP’s involvement?
          Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall?

     Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 20th, 2017 Becky 3 comments

    —  I am doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


    (Click here)

         The arrogance and greed of the Lancaster Newspapers is simply unbelievable. And they use their power as the monopoly news organization in the county to rape the taxpayers again and again to line their own pockets.
         Run this fake news organization out of town!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 19th, 2017 Becky 20 comments

    —  Lancaster County Solicitor Christina Hausner stated today by phone at 4:06 pm that to the best of her knowledge Sheriff Mark Reese did not come into the office today. She said she believes she would know if he had.
         I placed a call to their office this afternoon just to be sure.


         What a day. Thank you to the commenter who alerted me to the situation with Sheriff Reese this morning.
         I wanted to clarify one item, when County Solicitor Christina Hausner said they were working on “ground rules” regarding Mark Reese coming into the office she said it was an effort to make it a “non-hostile” work environment.
         This is such a huge mess and there will be more on this in the coming days and on Monday there is an emergency hearing before a judge to see if Reese can truly be “locked out.”

    ON FIRE!
         I have worked with many consultants throughout my career. When a report is issued that contains misinformation, recommendations that are not connected to the data, and void of meaningful stakeholder input, I have to conclude that the consultants were asked to support a foregone conclusion or the process was flawed.
    Republican mayoral candidate Cindy Stewart on her Facebook page (click here and there is a screenshot below).
         While Mayor Gray and LNP are worried about the Tuktuk, Cindy Stewart just lays it out there. She must be considered as a viable choice to Danene Sorace because between the CRIZ, the Marriott expansion, MAW Communications and Sorace not knowing how many fire stations there were in the city during the primary debates, she is absolutely not an acceptable candidate for mayor!

    — The hearing regarding Senators Scott Martin’s and Ryan Aument’s Emergency Motion for a Special Injunction to enjoin Sheriff Mark Reese from entering the Sheriff’s Office has been set for Monday, July 24 at 9:30 am:

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument filed an Emergency Motion for a Special Injunction last night asking Senior Judge John D. Kuhn to issue an order to keep Sheriff Mark Reese from entering the Sheriff’s office, Lancaster County Solicitor Christina Hausner said by telephone this morning.
         She said Reese had let it be known that he would be coming to the Sheriff’s office today – July 19th. She said it was unknown whether he planned that only for today or everyday or once a week or what his plans were. She stated that she does not believe he will now be going to the Sheriff’s office today and said that information “came from an attorney.”
         She did say the commissioners had been working on “ground rules” for behavior in the Sheriff’s office if Reese were to appear.


    —  8:33 am – I placed a call to the Commissioner’s Offices at 8:25 am. Chris, who answered the phone, originally told me no email regarding Reese was sent. I told her I heard one was and she put me on hold for several minutes. When she came back she said there had, in fact, “been developments” and that I need to speak to the County Solicitor Chris Hausner. She transferred me and I got her voicemail and left a message.

    **** 8:00 am – This comment just in (I am trying to verify all of this but it is early):
         Lol! Sergeant just told me that Senator Martin and Aument filed an emergency petition with the court to override the stupid commissioners decisions to let Reese back.

    ***  7:53 am – I just placed a call to the County Commissioner’s Office and no one answered. Their hours state they begin at 8:30 am.

    ** This comment just in regarding Sheriff Reese (once again, this has not been verified but this is a trusted commenter):
         He comes back today. Female deputies are disgusted. County commissioners even sent Reese a letter agreeing to let him come back.

    *    In a lawsuit reported on this site regarding a gun license and Sheriff Reese, Judge James P. Cullen issued the below order that would seem to require Reese to be Sheriff (click here for the original story on the lawsuit on this site):

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

          This just in as a comment. This has not been verified. Please check back for this developing story:
         All us deputies got an email yesterday saying the county commissioners agreed to let Sheriff Reese come back to work.


    The headline to today’s LNP editorial in the print edition (not currently online).

         LNP is not worried about $3.4 million dollars given and loaned to MAW Communications for a fiber-optic broadband internet network (of course, they are getting some of that money in the form of advertising). No, they want to talk about the tuktuk – again! This is beyond absurd and ridiculous.

     (Click here)

           Turn yourself in, Jerry.  Do it today.
           Everyone in the news business knows Jerry. WGAL-TV ran a video of his of a car accident with one car on top of another in the last two months. He regularly corresponded with Meredith Jorgensen of WGAL and Jenn Todd of LNP and with me.
         Apparently Lancaster City Police Detective Robert Deeter spent a year building a case that Puryear was not complying with Megan’s Law requirements. A portion of the Affidavit of Probable Cause is below indicating the five charges that were filed earlier this month. Puryear also has a case before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and there were oral arguments on June 20th that Puryear should have never been on Megan’s Law to begin with (click here). That case is awaiting a decision by the judges.
         But the Lancaster City Police and the DA’s office wanted Puryear badly and they boxed him in – and now Puryear has made it much, much worse for himself. Turn yourself in today, Jerry.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 18th, 2017 Becky 6 comments



        Why would LanCity Connect “sponsor” an LNP concert series (see the screenshot below from the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page)? Is this the reason LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher and the LNP editors are not telling the public the truth about MAW Communications – because LNP is getting part of the over $3 million dollars the city is paying and loaning MAW?
         The reason, according to LNP, that MAW had to “pause and regroup” (have they regrouped?) was because they were “deluged with much higher demand than expected.” So why would they pay LNP for what is apparently community outreach/advertising?
          This is an absolute disgrace and has possible legal implications for Mayor Gray, his top administrators, city council and LNP! This is truly unbelievable.



    **   The below was posted on the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page. It is wonderful of Dave Hess to offer his help and everyone agrees with his sentiment. And unbelievably, apparently MAW is going to take him up on his offer. Can you help Frank? Do you know anything about fiber-optic community broadband networks? If so, contact Frank! He needs your help!


    *     The below email was sent to at 11:00 am this morning. We will see if Frank answers!
          Of course, I’m sure the city’s business administrator, Patrick Hopkins, and city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace checked all his references very carefully before giving MAW Communications $1.5 million dollars and a separate $1.5 million dollar loan!



    The opening sentences to the May 24, 2017 LNP article by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, “Meet Frank Wiczkowski, founder of MAW Communications, the company behind LanCity Connect,” (click here).
         Really? He did those two things prior to founding MAW? Did you verify either of those statements, reporter Stuhldreher? Is their one shred of hard evidence to back up either of these rather outrageous claims?
         Resign, Stuhldreher!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 16th, 2017 Becky 5 comments

    *    These are the three upcoming events listed on the Lancaster County Convention Center “Events Calendar,” (click here):



    Photo from the October 2, 2010 LNP article by Gil Smart, “Trolley put on a side track – No money for study; streetcars in storage. Desire lacking?” (click here).


                          Stuhldreher                Dick                   Nephin

     —  Pat, get me Dan on the line.
    —  But Mayor…
    —  Pat, just get him on the line – this is too important.
    —  Hello.
    —  Dan my man, this is Dick.
    —  Who?
    —  The mayor of Lancaster you fool!
    —  Yes, Dick. How can I help you?
    —  Dan, I need another story on the Tuktuk. Remember when I wanted a trolley, Dan? I mean the city even bought one and parked it where the residents could see it every day. We wanted to put tracks in the streets and have a real trolley. Can you imagine the photos of people coming from the train station to the convention center in a trolley? Why, oh why didn’t anyone want it?
    —  The streets are bad enough already, mayor. When are you going to fix them? How much did that trolley cost and where is it now?
    —  No one needs to know that, Dan! That website said the trolley idea was the stupidest idea they had ever heard.
    —  Well, right behind the six-person Tuktuk, mayor.
    —  Dan, we need to save the Tuktuk! This will be my legacy as mayor – forget the damn poverty commission – I want the Tuktuk to be my legacy!
    —  You want a six-person, three wheeled vehicle to be your legacy, Mayor?
    —  Damn right, Dan. Now LNP does whatever I want because I got that racist, greedy, corrupt company millions of dollars for that white elephant of a con center! That’s how good of a lawyer I am and now I want a story!
    —  I don’t work there anymore, Mayor. You will have to contact Tim Stuhldreher, he took my place.
    —  Oh, I hate that butt kissing fool! I thought you were a mad butt kisser, Dan, but he’s ten times worse!
    —  That’s why LNP replaced me. He’s all you’ve got Mayor.
    —  Pat, get me that insane, butt kissing Tim Stuhldreher on the line. Tell him the Tuktuk is my legacy project. It’s the only way to save the con center! Demand a story now!
    —  Yes, Dick! I’ll dial him right now. Tim is that you…

    To be continued and click here for the article, “Trolley Car Propaganda.”


    Posted on July 15th, 2017 Becky No comments

    *    A final word on the Tuktuk today. The below excellent comment was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under their post stating the Tuktuk needs the public’s help (again – they used “crowdfunding” to buy the thing in the first place). Maybe Mayor Gray can pay their legal bill? 



          Goodness, someone’s tune has changed!   
         I remember the volley of wet kisses from LNP aimed at Conestoga Crossing (its major investor is a co-investor with LNP’s parent on other projects) when it announced that Wegmans would be an anchor tenant at that development. Hooray, a nice, expensive supermarket! And it will add what to our nearly-saturated food store space? 
         No discussion then at all about congestion, strain on infrastructure, the wisdom of adding more retail space into the broader, secular retail death spiral. 
    Then, and before then was the time to raise these issues. Not now, when the land has been irrevocably broken.
    Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under today’s LNP editorial, “If Lancaster County can’t support the shopping centers it has, why are new ones being built?” (click here).
         You are absolutely dead-on. The LNP editorial board are flat-out greedy liars. From their April 18, 2017 editorial less than three months ago, “Retail development needs to be balanced with concerns of residents,” they said this among many things (click here):
          We have, and still do support, smart, mixed-use developments such as The Crossings and Belmont.


    *    Some really nice news to report today. The below is the latest update from the Charlie and Ruby Warfel Fund (click here):

         Wonderful! Yeah Autohaus! Their new van is below!



          The registration deadline is Aug. 1, and the cost is $135, although an additional $25.75 may be required for criminal background checks.
    From today’s LNP article, “Lancaster Chamber seeks business volunteers to mentor high school students,” (click here).


         So the Chamber wants “volunteers” who have to pay $135 and an additional $25.75 for a background check (which they absolutely should do) so they can volunteer?
         I guess Chamber President and CEO Thomas Baldrige has to make that quarter-of-a-million dollars he pays himself annually one way or another!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 14th, 2017 Becky 13 comments


          If Timm Wenger wants to have his Tuktuk and it is deemed safe and he is authorized to operate it on the streets – good for him. If restaurants and bars and other businesses want to “sponsor” him, good for them! But the city, and especially MAW Communications, have no business having money involved in his business – none at all!
         The city played games with me when I put in a Right to Know request for how much LanCity Connect is paying LNP to “sponsor” their Concerts on King and I will put in a new one and also put in one regarding the Tuktuk. This is beyond outrageous. And where is an update from LNP on Maw Communications?
    Have a safe and dry Friday and please check back tomorrow.



          I’ve been having some fun with the Tuktuk stories (Tom Knapp did at least three revisions of it yesterday), but there is a deadly serious side to this story which LNP inexplicably (well it’s not inexplicable because Mayor Gray wants it and as usual LNP wants to profit off it) ran as their top, front page story in their print edition today.
         From the Tuktuk Lancaster website these are some of the sponsors listed (click here):

          Yes, there is LanCity Connect – again! Why the hell are the city and MAW Communications sponsoring the Tuktuk? This is outrageous and the public deserves answers now! 


    ***  *** BREAKING NEWS *** Mayor Gray just called LNP reporter Tom Knapp and begged for another story on the Tuktuk! “I want a Tuktuk,” Gray told Knapp, “Lancaster needs a Tuktuk!”

    **   *** BREAKING NEWS *** — CONTEST —
         Folks, it’s a busy day here at LIP News and we are pleased to announce a contest! Mayor Gray has said really stupid things daily for almost 12 years. But the below quote from the Dick has to be the most absurd quote ever. Can you find a dumber quote from the Dick? If you can, you win a *ride in the Tuktuk courtesy of LIP News!
    (* LIP News is not responsible for any medical expenses that may arise from this ride!)
          From the LNP story by Tom Knapp, “Tuktuk Lancaster plans to fight order to close after PUC cites safety concerns with unusual 3-wheeled vehicle,” Mayor Gray is quoted below (click here). Find a dumber quote and win! It’s that easy!


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***   Coming later today and exclusive to LIP News:  “Mayor Gray wants a Tuktuk!”   




         I appreciate LNP’s concern for Lancaster County taxpayers…..where was that concern when the Lancaster County taxpayers were held hostage by PSP in guaranteeing the Convention Center / Marriott debt?????
    Posted on Lancaster Online under yesterday’s LNP’s editorial, “It’s well past time to stop paying embattled Lancaster County Sheriff Mark Reese,” (click here).
         They have no concern. As stated here yesterday and proven beyond a doubt with a trip into this site’s archives under the comments section, they are greedy, corrupt liars. And let’s not forget their blatant and unconscionable racism.
         They need to be replaced by a true media organization that abides by the core principals of journalism that are the foundation of democracy and protects and informs the citizens, holds public officials accountable and fights for justice and equality for all.  
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on July 13th, 2017 Becky 12 comments

    UPDATE – I apologize. I am told that Wilson and Graupera were not at the June 27th meeting and that’s why they abstained from approving the minutes and that is standard. I stand by the rest and am waiting to see the minutes and the documents they contain.



                            Barbara Wilson                           John Graupera

         At the start of Tuesday’s city council meeting, council members were asked to approve the minutes for the June 27, 2017 meeting. Councilwoman Barbara Wilson and council president John Graupera “abstained.” 
          This is the meeting where former mayor Art Morris attended and there was an “update” from Randy Patterson regarding the additional millions in CRIZ money LNP and High received for their Marriott expansion because of the increased cost of construction.
          And Patterson stood up there and posted graphs and charts and made up numbers and originally said anyone who wanted the information would have to put in a Right to Know request. Council members argued with him and then it was stated that they would be included in the June 27th minutes.
          The dictionary definition of “abstain” is: “formally decline to vote either for or against a proposal or motion.”
         So why would two council members “abstain” and not approve the minutes? They have not been posted on the city website yet but I will keep any eye for them and carefully examine the paperwork.
          If you recall, LNP waited a week to report on this and then printed it in the July 4th edition – one of the least read days of the year as people are busy with the holiday.
    Both city council meetings are available to view here and there will be much more as soon as the city posts those minutes!


    *    Speaking of the Manheim Township School Board, Bill Murry, former President of the Board, wants the illegal audio recording and LNP and their lawyers really don’t want him to have it. From the latest from LNP and their lawyers in Murry’s law suit against LNP (click here):



    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 12th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


          I have the utmost respect for Louise Williams. But if she can’t do her job, if her voice cannot be heard, city council needs to make other arrangements. Agreed their pay is low (but they don’t do much either), but an extra $8,000 a year is nothing to sneeze at and it is certainly grocery money and if she’s not earning it she should not be receiving it.
         Speaking of city council, member and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace was absent from Monday’s and Tuesday’s meetings. According to her Facebook page, she is on vacation in Colorado. You would think, what with her running for mayor and also getting paid, that she could plan her vacation around city council meetings! It’s not that hard!
         And once more speaking of city council, as reported here on Tuesday, they did break the Sunshine Law during Monday’s executive session because it was the first thing that was mentioned/corrected in Tuesday’s meeting (click here to watch the meeting on Tony Dastra’s “See-thru City – Lancaster, Pa” Facebook page). Where was LNP? Why didn’t they notice the breaking of the law and scream it to the heavens? Why, LNP? How often has council been doing this?
         Once again, thank you to Independent mayoral candidate Dastra for live-streaming the meetings and this exchange was posted on his page:

         Yes, Sorace on one post on her campaign Facebook page long ago talked about that and nothing has been heard from her since. I will try to find her old post and republish it here. And, yes, the city should be doing this and Sorace must go!

    P.S. I use headphones (cheap, under $10 at dollar stores) to listen and it works very well.



          City councilwoman Louise Williams last attended a meeting on January 24th of this year according to the LNP article, “City Council operating without Louise Williams, who is recovering from a fall,” (click here). What “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher doesn’t address at all in the article is her salary!
         She has been gone for five months and no one knows when or if she will be back before her term expires. What are the provisions for cases like this? Why is she being paid if she can’t work? Can council suspend her pay? When can she be replaced? The public needs answers!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 11th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         In the second video of last night’s city council meeting on Tony Dastra’s “See-Thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here) – in the first three minutes Patrick Hopkins tells the council members that the city is entering into contract negotiations with the IAFF Local 319 Firefighter’s Union and they need special counsel. (See immediately below for the high-priced, out-of-county lawyer they approved without asking a single question.)
         Within the first three minutes council approves it but not before the public is asked if they have any questions – and a somewhat incredulous man (possibly Dastra) asks, “What are the financial arrangements?” and Hopkins says he will have to get them for him because he doesn’t have them “on the top of his head.”
         I will put in a Right-to-Know request but in reality the city should post all of the documents involved in this on their website. Every single one.
          The whole thing – from not even having it on the agenda – takes a total of three minutes after an executive session that broke the Sunshine Law.
          This is beyond outrageous and LNP (your “community newspaper”) ignores all of this and has for years because Mayor Gray and city council gave this racist company millions of dollars for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott expansion.




         This is unbelievable! This is attorney Patrick Harvey of Campbell, Durrant Beatty Palombo & Miller, P.C. and Patrick Hopkins and the city council members want to hire him as special counsel for the city of Lancaster for labor relation services!

         They added this to the agenda last night for tonight’s meeting and did not discuss his hourly rate or how much they expect to pay this man. His law firm has offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburg (click here.)  They introduced it last night and council plans to vote on this tonight! This is corruption at the highest levels!


         During last night’s city council committee meeting they went into an executive session and the only reason given was a “personnel meeting” and I believe I heard “pensions” in the explanation given to Tony Dastra at the end of the first video. Didn’t LNP go after the Manheim Township School Board repeatedly on this exact issue and state over and over again this is a violation of the Sunshine Law?
         Click here to watch the two videos – they are broken apart because of the executive session where everyone was kicked out and then brought back in for the second session/video.


    **   There is a city council meeting tonight. Email these council members and tell them the Lancaster City Police force is unacceptable. (I have not included Louise Williams on this list because apparently for health reasons she will not attend another meeting during her term! Why doesn’t she step down? Click here for, “City Council operating without Louise Williams, who is recovering from a fall.”)
    Barbara Wilson
    James D. Reichenbach
    Tim J. Roschel
    Danene Sorace
    Pete Soto



    *    Both subjects were arraigned before District Judge Joshua Keller and released on $50,000 bail. 
    The last sentence in the LNP story, “2 adults smoked K2, found passed out in car after child is seen alone in Conestoga Twp. park: police,” (click here).
         This is just sloppy, inexcusable reporting. They did not each pay $50,000! They were released because their $50,000 bail was “unsecured!”



     Four new Lancaster City Police Officers who were sworn in yesterday (click here).

         Sadler [Police Chief Keith Sadler] said police here are trying to recruit more minority police officers.
         Of his 144-member force, 10 are African-Americans, and 11 are Latinos.
    From the September 28, 2014 LNP editorial, “We must confront the issue of race in Lancaster,” (click here).
         Almost three years later how has Sadler done? Has any progress been made? Will anyone demand answers?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 10th, 2017 Becky 7 comments

    *    This letter and copies to all of those copied in were mailed today. I will explain fully later.



          Over the weekend, Suzanne Cassidy, LNP’s opinion editor, retweeted the following quote by Walter Shaub:
         It’s not really very complicated. It’s a question of knowing right from wrong, avoiding conflicts of interest, bending over backwards to see that there’s not even a perception of conflict of interest.
         Straub is the outgoing director of the Office of Government Ethics and he attributes the quote to President George Bush in 1989.
         And Cassidy’s retweet is below. Is she delusional? She has been called out for this many times before. The absolute, total hypocrisy of this is knock-you-over stunning and you have to wonder if she is that overt of a liar or if she is in total denial and quite literally insane. Seriously!
         Where is that journalism code of ethics, LNP?


     Please check back later today.   


    Posted on July 9th, 2017 Becky 14 comments


          LNP Content Editor and The Caucus Editor Tom Murse has the column to the left on the front page of today’s “Perspective” section (not currently online). Apparently Tom is all excited because LNP reporters and photographers actually went to the scene of the explosion – and they got “lucky” because Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda lives in the development and was home when it happened.
         But while Tom is extolling their news gathering and distribution, which all sounds pretty standard, one of the top stories on Lancaster Online for the last day is about a (gasp!) naked man who led police on a “low-speed pursuit” (click here). And, of course, it is clickbait and people are having a field day with it and LNP rushed to get his mugshot and reporter Alex Geli even comments under the story that he called the police twice to find out why the man was naked but could not reach anyone because of the weekend.
         I wonder if Murse will write a column about their great reporting on this story?

         And if that’s worthy of a top story I will have to tell my (very sad!) story about my Dunkin’ Donuts coupons for a coolatta (I have seven that I worked very hard to get). Why, oh why, would Dunkin’ do away with coffee coolattas? I have found that I am not alone in my desperation and invite you to read, “Dunkin’ Donuts is ditching its Coffee Coolatta and people are really unhappy,” (click here).
         Okay, so I will try a frozen coffee (I have seven coupons for that as well), but I’m not expecting this to be pleasant!



          I am seeing red this morning – and it’s not because the front page of this morning’s Sunday News is literally red – no it’s because of this in the lead article (not currently online):

           No, no no, reporters Brad Bumsted and Mike Wereschagin! This is Journalism 101. An unnamed “prominent lobbyist” dared to say Wolf “gets his budget?”
          From the Associated Press Statement of News Values and Principles (click here):
          It means we always strive to identify all the sources of our information, shielding them with anonymity only when they insist upon it and when they provide vital information — not opinion or speculation; when there is no other way to obtain that information; and when we know the source is knowledgeable and reliable.
          Quoting an unnamed “prominent lobbyist” is unacceptable, boys, and you should have been taught that in Journalsim 101!


    Posted on July 8th, 2017 Becky No comments


    The lead story – an “insider” story – on Lancaster Online and on the front page of today’s print edition (click here).

         I can’t deal with this today. I simply cannot! I am so sick and tired of LNP and their terrible reporters and their failure to protect the public and hold the police accountable.
         The police want help in solving this murder and LNP makes this an “insider” story! Can anyone explain the “logic” behind that to me?
         And the headline is beyond absurd. The police better damn well “continue to seek” his killer! There is no statute of limitations on murder! And the Lancaster City Police have a hell of a lot of unsolved murders to solve!
         I ran this story on July 5th. Please click here to watch the police video regarding the unsolved murder of Victor Melendez on July 4, 2002 and contact the police if you have any information.
    There will be more tomorrow.


    Posted on July 7th, 2017 Becky 7 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Just when you think the Sheriff Mark Reese situation can not get any more complicated and/or ridiculous – hold on to your hats – it can!
         Attorney Joshua Prince, who you may remember filed a lawsuit against Lancaster City’s gun ordinance, filed a lawsuit on July 5th against Reese and Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Hamilton in Lancaster Common Pleas Court.
    (The story continues below the screenshot and click here for the full suit.)

               Prince is suing to get “G.H.’s” License to Carry Firearms back. He has also requested that the court keep G.H.’s name and address confidential. And he says that only Reese can take away his client’s license and Hamilton does not have the authority. And mixed in with all of this is quite a tale! A 24 inch metal stake? His mother’s wrist was fractured? Was this in the news?
         Screenshots from the lawsuit and Footnote #2 are below.


    *** BREAKING NEWS*** —  This email just in!  Run, Christina, run!

    *   It is not yet 9:30 am and LNP has moved the story about Reese off their homepage! It’s gone! What the hell is going on?


    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition and an “insider” story online (click here).

         The GOP knew Reese was a dirt bag when he originally ran. They backed him anyway.
    Part of a comment into this site under yesterday’s post.
         Who knew about Reese and why wasn’t something done years ago? State Senator and former county commissioner Scott Martin is quoted in the article quite rightfully complaining about the money Reese is being paid to do nothing! But when did Martin know about Reese? When did District Attorney Craig Stedman know about Reese?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 5th, 2017 Becky 9 comments


          All three of the comments under this morning’s LNP editorial on the scanners are spot on and they are republished below.
         But I want to go to the third one today that states:

         The police will provide encryption technology to LNP, the public will be shut out and that will be the end of it. It will be exactly the same as the special exception LNP was granted for cell phones in the courthouse. Despite this cell phone ban being a clear violation of citizen rights, it’s not an issue now, ever since lawyers, LNP staffers and distinguished members of the Hamilton Club got their special favors from the emperor judge. At one time newspapers stood with the common man. No longer.
          I do not for a second believe that only LNP or the “media” will be provided with the encryption technology for the scanners – but I will deal with that at a later date.
         This commenter is dead on, however, about the cell phones and the courthouse and something must be done. Many people are not aware of the ban and it is tremendously difficult for anyone with business in the courthouse to contact anyone. On top of that, if you use one of the places that will hold your cell phone for the day, you are adding to the cost of your time in the courthouse.
         As I stated here previously, I did not request an exemption for the Ray Corll trial. The first day a friend held my cell phone and computer and I had no way to contact him during the breaks or when the session broke for lunch or at the end of the day. I even asked if there was (gasp!) a pay phone in the courthouse and was told “No.” How was I to let him know that I was done and I needed my phone and computer back?
         So, for the next two days I paid $10.00 a day for the law office across the street to hold them. I did not feel that I could request them back over the lunch break and then put them back in for the afternoon session. I had no way to contact anyone for the entire day.
         It is horrific and even more so for someone who has a hearing and is not sure what time it will take place or be over. The inconvenience is unbelievable. Someone needs to contest the ban. Supposedly they did this because one person took a picture of another person in the courthouse and posted it to social media with a “snitch” label. One person who just as easily could have taken the picture anywhere! It is beyond absurd.
         And I bring this up especially today because tomorrow Sheriff (or former Sheriff) Mark Reese will be in Lancaster County Courtroom #10 at 10:00 am for a Preliminary Injunction Hearing before Adams County Senior Judge John D. Kuhn. State Senator Scott Martin will also be there for this showdown. And a very nice woman in the court administration office confirmed to me by phone this afternoon that the hearing is open to the public.
         How many members of the public will attend this extremely unique and important event if they are not allowed to take their cell phones or have to pay to have someone “hold” them? Open courtrooms are a necessity and a hallmark of our democracy.
         This cell phone ban needs to be lifted and it needs to be lifted now!
         The three comments mentioned in the beginning are below:


    **     In regard to the scanners, what would LNP police reporter Jennifer Todd do if they were encrypted? She would not have a job! Her job every evening when she comes into the LNP offices is to re-write police press releases and listen to the scanner.


         And I don’t have a problem with that because it is extremely important that people know what is going on. What I do have a problem with is that LNP will never question the police! On June 26th, Todd ran a video of a man robbing Rita’s (click here). The man did not display a weapon and apparently got away with just a few dollars.

         I am in no way making light of this – but with the 169 Safety Coalition cameras all around the city and all the businesses having surveillance cameras as well – why is the one video we see of a man allegedly robbing Rita’s?
         It is reported that there was a shooting at Dorwart and Lafayette Streets last night (according to the scanner). This is very close to where Julio Garcia-Camacho was shot and killed over two years ago. There are two Safety Coalition cameras right there! Where are the videos from these shootings and why doesn’t Todd ask? Where are all the other videos from the unsolved murders, shootings, stabbings and robberies? Where are they? Why doesn’t Todd or anyone at LNP ever ask?


    *     The two articles below on the Marriott “expansion” are the result of the June 27th city council meeting (click here). I urge you to watch it and the Marriott information begins just two minutes into the tape.
         One note: I have been on several computers where the video simply does not appear on the Facebook page. I believe it’s because of an older browser (I think older versions of Internet Explorer – but I am so bad on computers that I am not sure.) If you do not see the video, please try a different browser to view it  and I will try to get to the bottom of this.



       —  & SMOKE & MIRRORS! —

         Gee, I wonder why it took a week to prepare this piece on cost overruns for the Marriott. What a shame that it’s running on a holiday when people’s attention is least likely to be on the news.

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP article, “PILOT deal on Penn Square Marriott expansion holds good, despite project cost hike, Council told,” (click here).
         The commenter nailed that one! In fact, this was one of two pieces by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher on the Marriott that is full of lies and half-truths that LNP ran on July 4th.
          This morning, LNP tries to act like a real newspaper that has the interests of the citizens as its primary goal with the editorial, “Encrypting police transmissions is a blow to transparency and openness in government, (click here).
         Yes, it obviously is and it is unacceptable!
         And speaking of the police, look at this! The Lancaster City Police are trying to solve a 15-year-old unsolved murder (click here). This is so old it is not one of the 20 unsolved murders under Mayor Gray (see the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above), but please watch the video and if you know anything, contact the police.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 30th, 2017 Becky 3 comments

    — Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow. —


    From today’s LNP print edition – click here for the story online.
         From the article:
         As for the city, it has pledged up to $250,000, but it has many other pressing needs, so “if bids (for the project) come in under budget, based on all funds raised, we will adjust our $250,000 contribution accordingly,” Public Works Director Charlotte Katzenmoyer said.
         The city can’t find $250,000 for the Central Market roof? Is this a sick joke? How much is the city paying LNP to “sponsor” their concert series through LanCity Connect?
         Today is Celebrate Lancaster! Enjoy and if you see Mayor Gray or any of his top administrators or city council members, do not hesitate to tell them what a terrible job they are doing!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on June 29th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


    Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “Hotel Lancaster to refinance acquisition loan through CRIZ,” (click here).

         I believe Mayor Gray’s “legacy” will be as an arrogant liar who has put taxpayer’s at very high risk for years to come and has done nothing for the average resident of Lancaster who lives outside his six-block magazine section. When the convention center, the CRIZ, MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) go belly up and the EPA comes to make its final call – people will, quite frankly, remember Gray as the mayor who lied to get into office and has lied everyday since and ultimately will have damaged the city beyond recognition.  
         Oh, and let’s not forget his other legacy. A Police Chief whose ex-wife states in a book that he beat her for years and who has also totally failed to diversify the police force and failed to solve major and minor crimes even though with the Safety Coalition cameras, Lancaster is one of the “most watched” cities in America.
         What a legacy Gray will leave!

    *    Compare this to the Manheim Township School Board – who spent $358,000 on a very sensitive situation involving the superintendent and allegations of sexual misconduct. LNP has viciously gone after the volunteer school board members for years over that but doesn’t say a word about the millions of dollars being wasted by these highly paid city officials.



         Between February 2015 and June 2016, the city spent more than $900,000 on legal fees, consulting fees and computer modeling, LNP reported last year.
         In the 12 months since then, it has spent another $187,057 on legal fees and $343,618 for consulting services and computer modeling, according to Katzenmoyer and Patrick Hopkins, the city’s director of administrative services, for a total of $530,675.
    From the LNP article by Tim Stuhldreher, “Lancaster, EPA reportedly nearing agreement on sewer overflow issue,” (click here).
         The City of Lancaster is literally throwing millions of dollars down the drain and no one is questioning these overpaid, incompetent city officials who should have been fired years ago?
    Please check back later today.  


    Posted on June 28th, 2017 Becky No comments

    — Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


          “He’s not telling the truth,” a citizen told the city council members of Randy Patterson following his presentation last night.
         “I think it’s risky,” former Mayor Art Morris told them last night among several concerns he expressed. He said the city “is no expert on hotels.” He also mentioned a possible $3 million annual shortage that could come due in 2029 and land directly on the taxpayers.
          I have to listen to the tape several more times to get a grasp of the numbers Patterson was throwing out – and making up – last night.
         This whole unbelievable situation needs to be investigated by the state – from High buying up the three buildings knowing the CRIZ money was coming – from Senator Smucker and Mayor Gray writing the CRIZ specifically for LNP (PSP Partners) and Smucker stating it was for “blighted properties” – to CRIZ Authority Board Member Thomas Baldrige breaking the state ethics code by voting to give his wife’s employer, LNP, millions of dollars – to the whole scam of using the Redevelopment Authority to avoid taxes and most certainly Randy Patterson’s relationship and dealings with the Penn Square Partners.
         The initial convention center/hotel deal was so underhanded and broke so many laws (see’s 52 part series on the convention center) that it is hard to imagine anything surpassing the corruption involved in that. Lo and behold – they have done it with this Marriott Hotel “expansion!”

    [Editor’s note: Patterson also reported last night on the CRIZ Authority Board’s meeting yesterday afternoon – and yes – the Hotel Lancaster is getting lots of CRIZ money. All this money going to hotels and tourists and to for-profit corporations in the six block magazine section and not a dime to help regular residents of the city!]


     (Click here to watch the above meeting on Facebook (and again, thanks to Tony Dastra for livestreaming these meetings and why isn’t the city doing it and putting them on their own Facebook page?)

         Last night’s city council meeting was unbelievable! Randy Patterson, Lancaster’s head of the Department of Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization, threw millions of dollars and years around in a presentation on the Marriott Hotel expansion funding.
         He talked about 2029, having no guarantee, having to file a Right to Know request to see the papers he was displaying, having the head of the PSP (LNP and High Industries) at the meeting with him to correct him in case he made a mistake, bond issues, $39 million with over $9 million coming from the taxpayers and appealing the recent appraisal of the current Marriott calling it “excessive.”
         I thought Patterson worked for the citizens of Lancaster but he clearly does not and works for LNP and High Industries.
       Former Mayor Art Morris, and owner of the website, was there and did not like what he heard.
         LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher, who I am beginning to believe has serious mental issues, stood and said he had three questions regarding the funding and pointed at the PSP head (ultimately his boss) for one of them.
         This is the most outrageous theft of tax payer dollars ever – by LNP – your “community newspaper” – and someone or several of these thieves  are going to end up in jail.
    There will be much more later today.       


    Posted on June 26th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article.

          Most commenters on Lancaster Online and their Facebook page agree: The bail amount is absurd and it is because they are white! When is this going to change? This must change.



    Jordan Russell (left) and Ronald Brown from their respective Facebook pages. These men like trucks – big trucks!



    Ronald Brown (left) and Jordan Russell.
    *    You can shoot into occupied homes if you are a good ol’ white boy in Lititz! Oh, happy day! Their bail is $5,000 apiece. Yes, you read that correctly. A minority in the city would have their bail set a $250,000 without a doubt. And Russell has serious priors!
         Oh, it’s good to be white in Lancaster County! Click here for LNP’s, “2 charged with shooting into Lititz home.” Could LNP find out why their bail is so low or is that asking too much of this “news organization?”


          LNP’s big front page headline in this morning’s print edition.

         Isn’t that special? Remember when the fire alarms went off in the LNP offices in October of 2014 and the LNP staff came spilling out into Penn Square (click here for the original on this site)?
         Why won’t anyone in power in Lancaster – the mayor, the city council members, the county commissioners, the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission, etc. – step up and say this is wrong? This is unacceptable! It is 2017 and we will not allow this in our community?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 25th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


          Today, LNP decides to tell us what “important” people in Lancaster County are going to read this summer! Let me be very clear: I don’t give a rat’s butt what Mayor Gray is going to read (but it should clearly involve telling the truth and ethics) but I do want to read, “This Is the Rat Speaking!” And why has this book by a local author on a very local and important topic not been mentioned by LNP?
         I have ordered it and am anxiously awaiting my copy! It has been theorized and stated that the rise of the “Black Power” movement is when the Steinmans, the owners of LNP said, “Not in our town!” and made sure that pervasive racism existed in all aspects of everyone’s lives in Lancaster County until this very day.  I wonder if that’s why they haven’t mentioned it? 1969 is also the year my father, who was a professor at F&M, and others founded and began publishing the Lancaster Independent Press.
          From the opening chapter (click here for the book on Amazon):


    Posted on June 23rd, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         I discovered several things today:
    —  the below filmmaker who is quite good.
    —  he also has a video on panhandlers in Lancaster that is excellent (click here).
    —  But what shook me to my core, is the man holding the sign very early in the below video (beginning at .56 seconds in). He is talking about Lydia (Lilly) Colon Torres. There is a man who holds a sign to remind us of Lydia Colon Torres! She was murdered in September of 2009 and her body was found in the Susquehanna River on October 1, 2009.
          She doesn’t even make the list of the unsolved murders in Lancaster County (click here for the LNP piece) – but she sure as hell should and I will follow-up to see where her case stands. This brought tears to my eyes because I covered her case somewhat extensively back then. I spoke to family members and I spoke to Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen who was handling her case and lied to me.  And this injustice and her family’s pain has been buried for years without a word about her except for this man who holds a sign to remind us of her case and the justice she deserves and to ask for peace.




    (Click here for the LNP story.)

         It would be wonderful if the city could announce they have solved some of the twenty unsolved murders under Mayor Gray, but bikes will have to do?
         So, somebody attending a big Lancaster City convention can come in by train, pick up a bike and pedal to the Marriott? Oh, boy!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 22nd, 2017 Becky 3 comments


    (Click here to read the whole piece).

         Thank you, Robert Field of! The arrogance, lack of ethics and flat-out illegal operations of the people in the Gray administration and on city council is shocking and people find it hard to believe. That’s because LNP doesn’t tell them about it, of course, because that is how they are trying to get millions of dollars they should not receive.
         I have made complaints to the state and will be making more. It is good to see that despite moving to New York City, Robert is still doing good work. There are only a very few news outlets that are trying to let the public know the truth about the huge, powerful, corrupt, greedy and racist LNP!


    **   The second police press release on the attack and the dog and where it is quarantined is here. At the end of her report from the scene on June 20th, Katelyn Smith of WGAL says this about the dog (click here):
         …not here in the neighborhood anymore.


    *    Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the updated story, “Police: Dog that attacked 2 kids in minivan outside Lancaster home will be euthanized,” (click here). 

         I couldn’t agree more. And in fact, Katelyn Smith of WGAL indicated in her report several days ago that the dog was no longer in the neighborhood. I don’t know where or from whom she got that information but scarily the dog is still in the neighborhood according to police.



         I hope there is follow up to the article and that the dog will be put down or remain in quarantine. I live in the neighborhood just a few blocks away and this is horrifying. I am already afraid to simply walk by a leashed pit bull while pushing my daughter in her stroller and reading this gives me fear to walk outside with her at all.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “2 Lancaster children in ‘serious but stable’ condition after loose dog attacks them in their minivan,” (click here).
         Where is the follow-up to this terrible story? How are the children? Where is the dog and will the owner be charged?
         LNP lists two reporter’s bylines with the story; Lindsey Blest, who re-wrote the first police press release and Tom Knapp, who re-wrote the one police update to this story. That is the only thing LNP has done on this entire story. At least WGAL and FOX43 went to the scene and interviewed witnesses and informed the public how truly awful this attack was.
          But the public has a right and a need to know more information!
         Fourth and finally, Defendant Reese has either abandoned his office as a matter of fact and law, or he is near-daily committing a crime.
    From the Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction filed by State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument against Sheriff Mark Reese (click here and also see below). LNP has this as an “insider” story: ” Senators attempt to stop biweekly payments of $4K to Lancaster County sheriff accused of sexual harassment,” (click here).
         If he is committing a crime, why hasn’t he been charged? Charge him! Charge him daily! From the Motion:

        On a lighter note this morning, although not light on your pocketbook, I was shocked to see a full page ad in today’s LNP print edition for “My Pillow.” And LNP also has ads running on their website. Please, please read the reviews and the lawsuits against this company before you spend $50.00 for a pillow! This guy has to be the world’s biggest crook! Simply amazing!


    Posted on June 20th, 2017 Becky 8 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The police have updated their press release (click here):
         The children are still being treated at HMC in serious but stable condition.
         The animal in this incident is a 66 lb., 5 year old male Pit Bull terrier. The dog had been in a fenced-in backyard of a home on the 700 blk. High St. At some point, the dog managed to break through the fence and was loose along the 700 blk. Lafayette St. 
         At some point, the victims were in their minivan behind their home along Lafayette St. The dog managed to get inside the vehicle and attacked the children as they were still secured in their car seats. 
         The children’s mother managed to eventually pull the dog from the van. Several people in the area assisted the mother. The mother had scratches as a result of this and was later treated at LGH. 
         The owner of the dog came out and was able to secure the dog after the mother left for the hospital and just as Police arrived on Lafayette St. The owner of the dog is cooperating with the Police investigation. This investigation is still on-going and is not complete. The identity of the dog owner is not being released as no charges have been filed. The dog is currently quarantined. 
         We will publish additional updates as more information is learned.

    *  Good for WGAL! They have much more on this terrible story (click here).


    The Lancaster City Police have this at the bottom of their press release this morning about the dog attack (click here).
         That is just ridiculous. Then release more information! How could it “jeopardize” someone’s safety? How could it “jeopardize” the investigation? You are doing that by not releasing information! And you don’t have to just worry about the “media” – you need to worry about social media as well! Why are you trying to keep a lid on this? Who owns the dog and where is it now?
         The below was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the story:

          No one knows if this is accurate or not but this is an incredibly scary episode and apparently a two-year-old and a five-year-old are in very serious condition. This is terrible!
          And the family of the children need to file a homeowner’s insurance claim immediately against the dog’s owners. There are medical payments that are available for these situations without filing a suit – that can come later. And if they don’t have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, then the dog’s owners can expect to lose everything they own.



     **     From today’s Lancaster City Police log (click here):
         At about 1654hrs 19 Jun 2017, Lancaster City Police Officers responded to the 700 blk of Lafayette St for a reported Class 1 medical call.  911 callers indicated that a loose dog was attacking two young children.  When the officers arrived, they found the children, female age 2 and male age 5, had been transported to Lancaster General Hospital by their mother and the dog had been secured by its owner.
         The children were treated at Lancaster General Hospital for serious injuries received in this attack and then transported to Hershey Medical Center for further treatment.
         The Lancaster City Bureau of Police Criminal Investigations Division is actively investigating this incident.  Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact Det Lt Phil Berkheiser at 717-735-3320.

    *    According to his LinkedIn profile, former Manheim Township Superintendent John Nodecker states he is retired at the age of 56! Imagine that!



    Posted on Lancaster Online by the current Manheim Township school board president and apparently also signed by school board member Steve Grosh under the LNP story, “AG: Manheim Township school board wasted taxpayer money, operated in secrecy in former superintendent’s early termination,” (click here).


         Yes, it was great political theater and I wonder what job Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale has his sights on next – the governor’s office? “That’s a joke” and “Are you guys nuts?” That’s what this professional says whose job was to audit the district? And he said it was his “G-rated version.” Cute?

         Will this affect former board president William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP? LNP only mentions Murry once in the article – saying he did not return a request for a comment. How different from their front page editorials calling for Murry to resign! And of course, there is the illegal recording that we still don’t know who made and whether LNP solicited it.
    Please check back later today.