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    Posted on March 16th, 2012 Becky No comments


         LNP already controls the legislative “elite”, they are desperately trying to control the hotel/tourist industry, and now they want to control the judicial system.
        Why can’t they be content to simply ‘report’ the news, instead of being so consumed with being a ‘part’ of the news?
        No wags of the tail on this one.
    The third comment in under NewsLanc’s Watchdog piece on the Sunday News’ series, “Justice Delayed.” (click here).
        The first comment in is mine – and I asked them to put my name to it but that was not posted.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 13th, 2012 Becky 16 comments


        In case you haven’t guessed, I have a hell of a lot to say about the Sunday News’ “investigative series” titled “Justice Delayed” and apparently there are still two parts left to come.
    — This is not an investigative series. This is an “in-depth” series at best. There is nothing investigatory about this at all.
    — The series is breaking journalism ethics and basic standards of conduct by the press.
    — Apparently District Attorney Craig Stedman ran to reporter Jack Brubaker with his list of desires – and Brubaker proceeded to try and fulfill them. Many of the DA’s requests are to hide his poor performance in office.
    — When he is talking about court costs, why doesn’t Brubaker question Stedman’s very expensive investigative grand jury he has empanelled? Yes, he empanelled another grand jury, the fourth in sixteen years, but you’ve barely read about it in the Lancaster Newspapers. What is the grand jury doing and how much is it costing us? (Click here for “INCAPABLE OF SOLVING CRIMES!”)
    — Why can’t Stedman’s Lancaster County Detectives solve the murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes (see immediately above on this site), Lydia Colon-Torres or any of the other unsolved murders in this county? That is why they work for the DA. How much are they costing us?
    — When are they going to do a series on racism in the courthouse and the inequalities in the sentences being handed down by the judges? Many years ago I spoke with Jack Brubaker about this very issue and he had a most surprising answer. That will be coming. 
    — The Lancaster Newspapers are making policy decisions for the court and that is simply not acceptable. Within this topic, I will also discuss a piece regarding the series which borders on madness.
    — Finally, did you read the ridiculous piece by Chip Smedley and Janet Kelley’s daughter? With writing this poor, there’s little doubt she’ll be hired fulltime by the Sunday News shortly. (Click here for “Held captive as a juror.”)
        Well, as you can see, this is going to keep me busy. Tomorrow – President Judge Joseph Madenspacher and the incredible power of the Lancaster Newspapers.


    Posted on March 11th, 2012 Becky 2 comments

    * Where journalists become aware of impending public risk, we are beholden as citizens to warn authorities of what we have uncovered. But in the vast majority of circumstances, we serve the public interest by maintaining strict independence from police, the justice system and government institutions.
    From the Canadian Association of Journalists’ Statement of Principles for Investigative Journalism (click here).
    The Sunday News decided what was wrong with the justice system in Lancaster County and decided they would “correct” it. Apparently President Judge Joseph Madenspacher listened to these “experts” and made changes LNP requested.
        The purpose of a news organization is to bring facts to the public for their discussion and decision making. It is not about going behind the scenes and forcing judges to make changes the public is not even aware of. This is an unbelievable abuse of their power and journalism ethics.

    Unbelievable! There will be more tomorrow.


        You doubt the power of the press? Check this out: Apparently reporter Jack Brubaker and Sunday News editor Marv Adams set policy in this county:
        Stedman talked with Madenspacher about judge shopping several days after the Sunday News did. The president judge said that he and the other judges would consider establishing such a rule.
        Early this month, Madenspacher said that the judges have agreed to require defendants who withdraw guilty pleas to return to the same judge if they change their minds.
    From today’s article, “Shopping for a judge?” (click here).
        Following discussions with Stedman and the Sunday News, Madenspacher said the judges agreed early this month to alter the way defense continuances are handled.
        Defendants now must sign third and subsequent requests to continue cases.
    From today’s article, ”Continuance after continuance after …” (click here).
        The Lancaster Newspapers run this town. I’ve said it over and over again. This is scary.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 4th, 2012 Becky 4 comments


        The editor’s column was held to make room for the many letters received this week. It will return next Sunday.
    From today’s Sunday News, Page P-3.
        Say what? No Marvelous Marv Adams today? The letters from Mormons across the country are more important than his column? It was held? Really? What if Marv had something super important to say?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 20th, 2012 Becky 1 comment
    * Silly Me!  Today is Presidents Day and the DA’s office is closed.  I will call tomorrow to find out why Heather Martin has not been charged with supplying the drugs that killed Scott McQuilkin.
        Marv, you are full of bull dung. Your articles on the CC and the Board of the CC have been few and far between. I am not saying what the Co. Comm. have done is all above board but you have blasted that unmercifully. How can you look at this CC and say it is a good idea? Where are you going to get the conventions from? Who is going to want to come to Lanc. for a convention? Tell me Marv, if you had to choose between Lanc. and say Atlantic City or even Filtadelphia, which would you choose? Lancaster, right. I’m going to be sixty in two weeks so the CC doesn’t mean a whole lot to me but you are putting that tax burden on my son and the rest of his generation. Shame on you, cause you probably would be around to have to pay for it either.
    A comment on the Lancaster Trashback forum under Marv’s column from January 20, 2007, “So, where’s the logic?” (click here).
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on February 19th, 2012 Becky 7 comments


        That’s why more information is critical. How can the county commissioners make an informed decision on the convention center’s request to increase the hotel tax without having all the facts and figures? How can the public be sure that whatever decision is made is the best one?
    Marv Adams today in his editorial “Checking in,” (click here).
        You didn’t give a damn about information when you lobbied for the convention center for your boss for years, Marv, and built that $173 million dollar white elephant in the heart of downtown Lancaster. What an absolute disgrace!
        And there are some posters on forums and a website that are impressed by the fact that Marvelous Marv says this:

        We do not know how well the Lancaster Marriott Hotel, in particular, is doing. The Marriott, the hotel connected to the convention center, is run by Penn Square Partners, made up of High Cos. and Lancaster Newspapers, publisher of the Sunday News. Considering all the taxpayer investment in the hotel building, which is owned by the city’s Redevelopment Authority, and the space the hotel shares with the convention center, it’s hard to argue that the public should not know whether the Marriott is on solid financial ground.
        Yes, we absolutely should know, Marv, so go upstairs and ask your boss for the detailed figures and print them here next week.
        Once again, Marv has made me too angry to type. Yes, I’m embarrassed because Marv is a stupid hack and should not have this affect on me. But when I see what this disgusting man is doing to destroy decent, ethical journalism it just makes my blood boil.


                         FOR YOU, MARV!

        Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams wants answers today! He says in his editorial:
        We have lots of questions and few answers. We think we have a right to know the answers. So do you.
        Well, isn’t that just sooooo special? How’s that volcano down in Pequea doing, Marv?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 29th, 2012 Becky 6 comments


        I was curious to see the immigration “audit” at Kreider Farms, where the feds earlier this month identified 100 employees — one-third of the workforce — as having “invalid documents.” Which means they may have been here illegally, and are ineligible to work in the U.S.
        Kreider Farms officials were shocked. The employees’ documentation seemed to be in line, but as a spokeswoman acknowledged, “We are not required by the law to be document experts.” 
    Sunday News associate editor Gil Smart beginning his column today, “Chicken or broken egg,” (click here). 
        I don’t believe there is one person in Lancaster County, or in the nation for that matter, that believes “Kreider Farms officials were shocked.”  I am shocked that Smart thinks people are stupid enough to buy this – and I would like to know why he’s lying.
        No, they don’t have to be document experts but after being in business for years they know “good” and “bad” documentation and did just enough to cover themselves if ever questioned. Period.
        If you want to see “good” versus “bad” documentation, it is posted on the forum (click here). I suggest you read it, Smart, and apologize to your readers!
        Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams does apologize in his column today, “Wild, wild Internet days,“ for his editorial last week (click here):
        The timing — my timing — was terrible and gave the appearance of being unsympathetic to Paterno’s condition.
        In a column that is all over the place, Adams states this:

        One of the reasons for doing this column weekly has been to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the Sunday paper is put together, and how decisions are made.
        That’s absurd. Check his column for the last few years. He either makes fun of his readers, fun of those named in the police logs or tells us you’re getting up there in years if you remember certain very old things about the county. That’s all he does week in and week out.
        As to the internet and the false reports that Joe Paterno had died, Adams states that both parties initially responsible have lost their jobs. One resigned and according to Adams, CBS fired the other. 
        Legitimate news sources everywhere strive to get their facts correct. That’s just basic common sense if you want to build a readership.

        And then in a shocking bit that shows how really out of touch and behind the times Marv is, he says this about that hypocritical editorial he apologizes for:
        I awakened Sunday morning, recovered from Saturday night’s adrenaline rush, to have it dawn on me — the editorial! In the light of day, I was hit hard with regret. The editorial page had been finished Friday and I was caught up in breaking events Saturday. No excuses. This error in judgment has made for some gloomy days for me.
        It was finished on Friday – to be read on Sunday? That’s called “old” news.  And Marv forgot? He must really be getting up there!
        Don’t blame the internet for inaccurate news, Marv. Look in the mirror and at Smart.


    Posted on January 29th, 2012 Becky No comments

        Sunday News Associate Editor, Gil Smart, and Editor, “Marvelous” Marv Adams, both lie to us today!  And they do it in print, not just on this wild, wild internet!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 24th, 2012 Becky 2 comments

        This comment in under “TELL IT TO THE JUDGES!” below:
        When I read his “editorial” I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs….SHUT THE H%#L UP YOU PATHETIC HYPOCRIT!!!!!!!!!!! When judges are giving slaps on the wrists of child abusers and letting them walk “free” they NEED to be called out but no one has the back bone to do it. And for Marvelous Marv to write an editorial like he did is down right disgusting!!!!!!! Hey…LNP…Hey…Marv…get a spine and start going after some judges and make THEM answer for THEIR decisions, for THEIR “not going far enough”, for THEIR unwillingness to protect children!!! Just a side question….who the heck gave Marv the name “marvelous” in the first place?!?!?! because he certainly is NOT!!!!!!!!!! Sheezzzzzzzz….LOL
    [Editor’s Note: I named Marv “Marvelous” many years ago. I was going for rich sarcasm. J ]

    Please check back later today for a look at those crazy Lancaster Police.


    Posted on January 23rd, 2012 Becky 3 comments


        “To me, it wasn’t about guilt or innocence in a legal sense,” said trustee and Merck chief executive Kenneth C. Frazier, of Paterno’s perfunctory response in 2002. “Every adult has a responsibility for every other child in our community. And we have a responsibility not to do the minimum, the legal requirement. We have a responsibility for ensuring that we can take every effort that’s within our power not only to prevent further harm to that child, but to every other child.”
    From Marv Adams’ Sunday News editorial, “WE ARE …” (click here).
        So, why haven’t you called out Lancaster County Judges Dennis Reinaker and Margaret Miller, Marv? Why?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 22nd, 2012 Becky 3 comments

    KID GLOVES!   

        Kreider Farms must buy a lot of advertising in the Lancaster Newspapers because they were treated with kid gloves in today’s below-the-fold front page story, “One-third of Kreider Farms workers had invalid documents,” (click here).
        There are many things that seem obvious:
    1. Kreider Farms had to know in spite of this whole article which does nothing more than present their “side” of the story.
    2. Kreider faces no action or fines so they made out like bandits for years.
    3. The illegal immigrants won’t be deported but there are over 100 people out of work with no way to provide for themselves or their families.
    4. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Who else is being audited? Tyson, Nissan or Turkey Hill?
        There will be more on this later.
        Today, Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams wrote a scathing editorial about Joe Paterno. It is total hypocrisy and terrible timing by Adams.
        Rest in peace, Joe.


    Posted on January 9th, 2012 Becky 6 comments

        This morning’s paper has several articles on the upcoming Martin Luther King Day. One of my favorite posts from almost six years ago went something like this: There’s a picture of a black man on the front page of the Intell and he’s not charged with a crime – it must be Martin Luther King Day! Yes, it was!
        The Lancaster Newspapers remain the most racist employer in the county and as a result we have judge’s decisions and stories that almost bring tears to your eyes, such as this one which is pure racism, “17-year-old robber sent to state prison,” (click here). I’ll come back to this story later.
        We haven’t heard anymore about the stalemate with the jury commissioners resigning except for editorials. The Intell thinks they should go. The Sunday News yesterday said they should stay and basically called Commissioner Scott Martin a jerk. Well, they got the second half right at least and there will be more on this coming.
        Speaking of the Sunday News, Editor “Marvelous” Marvin Adams repeated a column yesterday. That’s right – he took a column from June 17, 2010 and barely rewrote it. What’s it about: the dangers of the internet, of course, and stupid people like Marv who have no common sense when it comes to “spam” emails. Click here for “Whispering down ‘Net”” and here for yesterday’s “The rest of the story.” This is truly pathetic.
        And while on the topic of the internet, this was posted on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum to avoid LNP’s “paywall:”
        Switch your browser mode to “In Private” (IE), “Private Browsing” (Firefox or Safari), or “Incognito” (Chrome). Each time you restart your browser it will reset the number of articles that it thinks you have read.
        Many comments ensued stating that this was “stealing.” No, it’s not. I still beat their paywall by pushing “escape.” They’ve made it trickier, but it still works.
        I am coming back to Judge Margaret Miller’s terrible, awful ruling to put a convicted pedophile living back with the children he has already molested later today. Believe me, I am not letting this unconscionable ruling stand.

        On a lighter note for a Monday morning, this email in from out of the blue (thank you!):
        Becky: I have to admit after having my son 8 months ago, I kind of lost track of your website. However, today as I drove by Angela Funk’s house, I was reminded of your website because of what I saw. What I saw made me become very curious and I was wondering if you had an answer. There is a nice newer Mercedes Benz in front of Ms. Funk’s house. Gift from Mr. Roseboro?

        My Denver friends, can you help us out here? Is Angie driving a Mercedes and where’d she get the money? Hmmm…
    Please check back later today.

  • 2011 IN REVIEW!

    Posted on January 1st, 2012 Becky 5 comments


    1. Randolph Carney
    2. Charlie Crystle
    3. Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey retiring. There is not one good thing about this man and any of his prosecutions must be questioned.
    4. Lady Gaga. Maybe she can clean up this town.
    5. The contributors and commenters to this site and other Lancaster forums. You are the best!
    6. My Facebook friends and special friends – Jodi, Barb and Patty. And to Jeffrey and Carl Cooper – I am sorry I have lost touch and will correct that in the upcoming year. To Bob and Bob – friends from college that I have reconnected with – you were and remain the best! I had really good taste many years ago.
    7. My son and my sister.
        Well, unfortunately, that about sums up the good. The Penn State scandal, of course, tops both lists. I feel such empathy for the victims – but they were incredibly brave – and it has been a watershed story for victims of sexual abuse everywhere.


    1. The Lancaster City Police Department. Multiple unsolved murders, racism – and thus a community that rightfully doesn’t respect or trust them – a man dying in a police holding cell, a man shot in the back twice and mug shots of suspects who have been obviously beaten. They need to be investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.
    2. Prison Warden Vincent Guarini. In any other town, with any other news organization in that town, he would have been gone years ago. He’s a liar. He lied directly to me. He is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and bringing heartbreak to multiple families. He must go!
    3. The Lancaster Newspapers. Because of their journalistic failures, the above two travesties of justice have been allowed to continue. And they are the main contributors to the next two on the list.
    4. The Convention Center brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. Go to Plan B and do it now! Is there a Plan B? Start working on it now and run LNP out of town and replace them with a legitimate news organization.
    5. The survelliance cameras – also brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. No one knows who owns them, who is monitoring them or what is being done with the tapes. And taxpayer money is being used to fund them. This is unacceptable – plain and simple.
    6. Blatant racism in hiring by the Lancaster Newspapers. The city is now more than 50% “minority” and they have one on their editorial staff of more than 100 people. Those responsible should be fined and jailed. They are breaking a 40 year old federal law and it’s time they were held accountable.
    7. Mayor Rick Gray.
    8. Commissioner Scott Martin.
    9. Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams.
    10. Lancaster County Judges – President Judge Joseph Madenspacher, Dennis Reinaker and David Ashworth to name three. And let’s not forget District Judges Isaac Stoltzfus and Kelly Ballentine.

        I will go into much more detail on some of the items in the good and bad list tomorrow – I am rushing today to catch the Eagles game! No – I’m not – that’s a bad joke. But I do have some pork to eat.
        Have a great New Year’s Day and please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on December 31st, 2011 Becky 7 comments


        Who is the biggest jerk of 2011? Mayor Rick Gray, Commissioner Scott Martin or Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams? The answer comes tomorrow with my top ten list!
        Have a safe and happy New Year’s eve!


    Posted on December 18th, 2011 Becky 6 comments


        “I’m just calling to tell you how totally pathetic your Sunday paper is. It is so devoid of news that if there was a legal definition of a newspaper, you would be arrested. As far as the newspaper, you people found a way to take the news out of the newspaper and created an advertising journal, social register …
        “Thanks to you, I tore my subscription up and it will not be renewed.”
    Sunday News Editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams quoting a caller today in his column, “An arresting development,” (click here).
    Oh, that is classic! Marv’s big comeback:
         I sincerely wish you a very Merry Christmas.   
        Do you think Marvelous Marv is really being very sincere? What if the caller wasn’t Christian? Shouldn’t Marv have said:
         I sincerely wish you very Happy Holidays?
        Oh, happy Sunday! Please check back later today.
    [Editor’s note: Marvelous Marv is now the first individual to have his or her own news “category.” It’s my present to you over the holidays, Marv!]