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    Posted on October 6th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


          “He wanted to go to jail,” I was told by Crystal in District Judge Bruce Roth’s office today about 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon.
         She would not give me the reason he apparently gave for wanting to go to jail.
         When I asked for specifics regarding paying the $100 dollars bail which is 10% of his $1,000 bail and providing proof that I have the full $1,000 should he default – she put me on hold and then came back and said she had been speaking with the Judge.
         She said the Judge stated I could not bail him out unless the defendant himself says he wants to be bailed out.
         This, of course, raises the question of whether a defendant can request jail. If the defendant met the guidelines to have been released on his own recognizance, or an unsecured amount of bail, can he “request” bail so he can go to jail?  If there is no legitimate legal reason for setting bail, why should the public pay to house and feed him? And can he refuse to be bailed out?
          And, of course, why in the world would this 20-year-old want to go to jail?
         And we never got to the bottom of what I would have to provide to bail him out – it stopped with the requirement that I have a full time job. I replied that I am retired. Believe it or not this stumped them and then I found out why. Crystal told me than in her five years in Judge Roth’s office they had only bailed out one individual. One person in five years.
         She did say that they have had bail bondsmen bail people out. After I talked to their office two days ago and I said I was in Philly and could not bring in cash that day (they do not take credit cards), they suggested I call a local bail bondsman. I called two in Lancaster. One said he could not help me and the other said he charges a minimum fee of $275 for his services.
         There are lots and lots of questions to be answered here and I will do my best in the coming days.



    Shaw-Cannon’s mugshot

          Dissent — truly effective dissent — should be nonviolent, but nonviolent doesn’t mean comfortable. Peaceful doesn’t mean warm and fuzzy. And just because dissent risks overreaction by a king, a president, or a Republican state senator in Lancaster County, doesn’t mean government actors should give in to that temptation.
    From a column special to LNP by Ephrata attorney Mitchell Sommers, “King George tried to shut down dissent, and look how that worked out,” (click here).    
         Sommers is the only good thing in LNP and his column is well worth the read and to understand what State Senator Scott Martin is trying to do with his truly appalling Senate Bill #754.
         In the meantime, 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon sits in Lancaster County Prison for allegedly trying to burn an American flag in Penn Square (click here for the police press release). He is in prison. He is sitting in a jail cell at your expense. And no one is speaking up about it and the fact that racism is clearly involved in his case.
         I tried to bail him out from Philadelphia (his bail is set at 10% of $1,000). It’s not as easy as you think. 
    That and more will come later today.  


    Posted on May 25th, 2016 Becky 12 comments

    Por que1

           “She will be able to do what she wants all day with no demands made on her,” said Mrs. Stewart, speaking before a gaggle of some 40 media organizations including Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network.
         LNP sent investigative reporter Susan Baldrige to Kennett Square today to cover Lily, the horse, of course (click here)!
         Why wouldn’t Telemundo be there? Why? What is wrong with these people? This must be her first time out of the literal ivory tower that is LNP since she pan-handled on the square!


    **   And here’s Steve Markle again! Using a different computer and a proxy site (one of his favorites!).
    Markle 5-251

    *    Look! Here’s Steve Markle now! Because I get so many visitors from Norway using the “onion” or “tor” route!

    Markle 5-25


          This story was updated at 4:20 p.m. May 24 to add that that Hogan said he had a passing average in calculus before missing two tests because of illness. 
    Added to the LNP story yesterday, “Hempfield High students to school: #LetBenWalk,” (click here).
         Ridiculous! Simply ridiculous.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 6th, 2015 Becky 19 comments


         Welcome! We’ve assembled everything you need to make your visit to Lancaster County a success. We’re experts on Lancaster—we’ve been publishing the newspaper here for more than 200 years. So we know where to find the best stuff around here.
          We’ve put it all together for you in a series of easy-to-use lists, relying on our expertise and opinions from people who live here; some even list the favorites of local celebrities like Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray.

    From LNP’s new website (click here).
         This showed up on my Facebook feed this morning:

    visit lancaster1      And it means that LNP has given up any pretense of being a news organization and now is nothing more than an entertainment and tourist promotion machine for their Marriott Hotel and convention center. And they just continue to kiss up to their puppet, Mayor Gray, because they want those millions in CRIZ money!
         Please notice that “court reporter” Brett Hambright does their piece on “Best Dive Bars” (click here and page to the bottom for his “credit”) which is fitting and probably where he spends most of his time while he’s supposed to be in court. And I’m surprised LNP cat and dog reporter Tom (I need a nap) Knapp doesn’t have a piece on the best puppy mills in the county – or maybe it’s coming!
         Please check back tomorrow for an in-depth look at LNP’s three top stories from this morning.


    I survived lunch

         These are the top three stories on Lancaster Online this morning. And they call themselves a newspaper? Seriously? Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda should hang her head in shame. Can you survive another edition of LNP?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 23rd, 2015 Becky 18 comments
    UPDATED – 2-24-15  
         I put this under the comments but thought I’d move it to the front page as I take Rednek’s advice and ignore Smart’s drivel – for the most part – moving on:
         I have to go back to Smart for a minute and test your memories:
         This man spends all day writing long, unreadable, nonsensical pieces for a Facebook page with 434 “likes” which means about 24 people actually read it. The one constant commenter on there is Bob Straub. Does anyone know who Bob Straub is/related to?
    [Hint: It is one of my “favorite,” most outrageous stories of all time!]



              Smart has taken an absolutely unacceptable low road.  As noted here last week, LNP has hired Dorine Bethea as their “Breaking News Editor,” (click here).  On her Twitter page, her last two entries before being hired by LNP involve the website “Mashable” and her Tweet on November 13th is a quote by their chief marketing officer, “Relevance is the new Authenticity.”
         Feeling jealous and out-of-touch and without a clue, Smart must have googled the expression and found a bizarre article on the “Ottawa Citizen” titled, “Potter: Authenticity, anti-vaxxers, and the rise of neoprimitivism,” (click here).
         You went way, way too far this time, Smart.  You don’t even have a clue what authenticity or relevance means!  This is outrageous!
         Their two Twitter pages are captured below and the above is an illustration from the article Smart links to on Twitter and also on his “Smart Remarks” Facebook page.


  • *** – ** UPDATED – * LET’S CHAT!

    Posted on January 16th, 2015 Becky 15 comments

    ***  Waiting for Mayor Gray’s press conference!  Have a great Friday night and please check back tomorrow.

    ** Look carefully at this screen shot just taken from Lancaster Online!  Someone is taking the NRA’s money! 


    *   Besides Gray and Graupera, Barbara Wilson, council’s public safety chair, and other council members are expected at the 4 p.m. news conference.

         A second big occasion today!   Gee, could Mayor Dick be grandstanding – again?  Click here for LNP’s “Lancaster mayor, council to respond to NRA’s lawsuit” and see “LISTEN UP!” and the comments under it immediately below on this site!



         The “live chat” is the talk of the day (click here)!  Get your coffee, soda, sandwiches, snacks and popcorn ready!  I’ll see you at at exactly high noon!  I wonder if LNP will have an ambulance on standby?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 14th, 2015 Becky 30 comments

    * 1-15-2015 – Palmer Brown is no longer employed by LNP.  I apologize for the error.


    LNP Taste Test

         Following LNP’s huge announcement today, this is what their editorial staff is doing this afternoon according to LNP reporter Ryan Mellon’s Twitter account:

         LNP milkshake test happening now. Staffers taste test 4 vanilla shakes from area restaurants and Farm Show. Pick fav
         That is not going to keep you in business, LNP!  What is wrong with these idiots?
         The reaction to LNP’s moving their printing operation out of downtown Lancaster has been fast and literally furious. 
         Palmer Brown, a leader in their digital team went on the People Of Lancaster’s Facebook page early this morning to explain further (why there and not on LNP’s own Facebook page which he runs remains a mystery although the official LNP line was to simply repost sections of their letter over and over again in response to comments):
         A new press would cost millions without an ROI. Ink on paper is going away.
         It is extremely unfortunate for those who work in production and with the press. Good hard working people who are mostly the victims of technology.

         From a business view it is a sensible decision by LNP to sub out the production and printing to the Patriot News. They have a newer high capacity press that sits idle a lot. Over the next two years there will be (a more) rapid deceleration in print news consumption. To the point where it will no longer be viable. Best to let someone else eat the cost of that press.
         Hmmm…  You are saying in two years there will be no print edition at all.  If they vastly improve their content – for example – not having milkshake contests and covering police brutality – would the print edition stay viable longer?  And why did the Patriot News shell out huge bucks for a press that you are saying will not be used at all in two years?  Was that another huge John Kirkpatrick misstep and failure?
          And the new press sits idle a lot because the Patriot News is only printed three days a week because of Kirkpatrick who is now the new LNP President.  As a commenter to this site said today:
         Things at LNP hit a fast, slippery slope when they hired this Kirkpatrick fool. All of a sudden LNP starting printing pieces from the Patriot and York Dispatch (both of who Kirkpatrick has ties to, business or romantic-wise).
         Then the stupid re-branding and layout. Now this.
         That guy should be chased out of town with torches.
         Let’s not forget to chase Robert Krasne, their new Publisher, out of town with torches as well!
         There will be much more on this tomorrow!

    ** “Always Mechanicsburg!”

    * “To our readers: LNP to be printed at state-of-the-art facility in Mechanicsburg,” (click here).



      Noemi Lausell’s mugshot from November of 2011.

           Is there a Noemi Lausell and a Naomi Lausell in Lancaster or are they the same woman? Are they sisters?  Naomi Lausell is featured in today’s front-page story, “Mother of prison suicide victim: 20 minutes passed before anyone found son” (click here).
         Noemi Lausell was featured on this site in November of 2011 – click here for “LANCASTER POLICE – OUT OF CONTROL!” and here for “TASERED AND BEATEN!”
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 23rd, 2014 Becky 2 comments


          Richard Rivera, Jr., 18, who was shot by a still unnamed Lancaster Police Officer on Friday, July 11, was released from Lancaster General Hospital yesterday.  According to the Lancaster County Prison website, he is housed in the “ADSEG” block, which stands for “Administrative Segregation,” but commonly means “solitary confinement.”
         According to his docket, he was scheduled for his preliminary hearing today at 2:15 pm in front of District Judge John C. Winters.  Ms. Kim of Winters’ office, said this afternoon by phone that since he had only been released from the hospital yesterday, he has not had the opportunity to obtain legal counsel and today’s hearing was continued for that reason. 
         LIP News will stay with this story until the public gets answers!


    Posted on December 6th, 2013 Becky 4 comments


    darryl moton3

        Today, I was left speechless, literally and figuratively. I lost my voice completely due to the cold that I’ve had the better part of this week.  Some might argue that’s a good thing, but it certainly prevents me from making phone calls and I’m going to keep this very short today to try and rid myself of this ailment once and for all.
         My plan was to look up Peter Sturla’s dockets (again) for their exact status and I also figured I’d make it a court type day and look up the statuses on some of the Federal lawsuits I’ve mentioned that have been filed against the Lancaster Police Department (click here).
         I’m sure I’ve seen the case before, it was filed in March of this year, but I passed over it because the first party named in the law suit is the Lancaster County Prison.  But then I noticed the defendant’s name and I said, “No, this can’t be!”  I pulled it up and yes it was.
         Sonya R. Morton is suing the Lancaster County Prison, Deputy Warden Kenneth Arnold, the City of Lancaster – Bureau of Police and Detective Michael Gerace because after working at the prison for over 20 years she was fired and the complaint reads:
         Plaintiff initiates this action to see regress against Defendant, her former employer, for unlawful race discrimination, in violation of 42 U.S.C. & 1981, and other applicable law.
         Why was I rendered speechless?  Because Ms. Morton is the sister of Darryl Morton, who along with his girlfriend Judy Cora, was found deceased in his home on Thanksgiving morning and no cause or manner of death has been released.  His obituary is in today’s paper (click here).
         And I was simply struck by the amazing, apparent coincidence and the silent stuggles in so many people’s lives.  And after reading this morning’s LNP article where they quote the three County Commissioners and Mayor Gray among others about the death of Nelson Mandela, I was simply stunned by the hypocrisy of it all – and especially the Lancaster Newspapers who have led the way in keeping the racial divide in Lancaster so excessively and blatantly wide and who fail to provide the public with information they need or hold  public officials accountable for their actions or inaction.
         Condolences to both the Morton and Cora families in this most difficult time in their lives.
    Please check back tomorrow.

    Posted on November 21st, 2013 Becky 3 comments


    puff      Enough of the hype. He won a few contests, has a nice voice, knows how to work the press, but it’s not like he worked his way to the top like most people on whom we confer “superstar” status.
         How about a day without the prepackaged hype machine.
    Posted today on Lancaster Online under, “The Voice contestant James Wolpert has chosen his next song. Guess what it is,” (click here).
         Thank you!  One more article on Wolpert – at least until next Tuesday – will set me off into a rage of huge proportion.  A rage so profound you should be sure to be at least five miles from my presence should it occur!
         And guess his song?  Is that a joke?  How many songs are there – 50 million?  I’m going with “Puff, the Magic Dragon” myself, but that’s just a puff – I mean guess – in the dark.   
         And they even have a poll up to vote for Wolpert’s best performance/song!  Have you noticed they’re putting up polls about everything?  This afternoon they have a poll on whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone!  Are they nuts? 
         But back to Wolpert’s poll – it’s been online for at least two days now and at noon when I last checked, only 77 people had voted.  That is just plain embarrassing for the Lancaster Newspapers and it’s a sure sign for them to stop!
         So, you’re wondering where my promised story is this afternoon?  This is called stalling because I’m not ready.  My frustration level with the Lancaster Newspapers grew so deep this afternoon that once again it sent me to google looking for the meaning of journalism and news.  Some  favorites from this site:
    [A newspaper] comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.
    Attributed to Finley Peter Dunne, American writer, 1867-1936
    It is a newspaper’s duty to print the news and raise hell.
    Wilbur F. Storey, American editor, 1818-1884
    News is anything that makes a reader say, `Gee Whiz’!
    Arthur MacEwen, American editor
    Try to be conspicuously accurate in everything, pictures as well as text. Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it is more interesting.
    William Randolph Hearst, American publisher, 1863-1951
         And there is this one:
    Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.
    Joseph Pulitzer, American publisher, 1847-1911
         Quite simply put, I cannot meet those standards with the stories I am working on and I need more time and research.  They will be forthcoming when I can better strive to meet Mr. Pulitzer’s standards.  No wonder they name a prize after that man!
         Thank you for your patience!

    Posted on February 23rd, 2013 Becky 1 comment


         I’ve run out of time again! I spent far too long fighting a word processing glitch to add the two new unsolved murders under the tab at the top of this site. There are now eleven unsolved murders in the City of Lancaster in the less than five years since Police Chief Keith Sadler was sworn into office. This is simply horrific!
         Really good comments have been coming in. This one under the story about Peter Sturla, the 18-year-old son of Representative Mike Sturla, being arrested in a story below on this site:
         Who steals a doorknob?
         That’s what LNP printed in their police log and that’s all I know. Some of his friends came on here with interesting comments and perhaps they could fill us in?
         Apparently neither of his parents have put up his small bail amount because as of 2:30 pm today, he is still showing up as an inmate in the Lancaster County Prison in the Mental Heath Unit. And since Mike Sturla was and is a huge backer of the convention center/hotel, it looks as if the Lancaster Newspapers will not report on this legitimate story.
         This in from barryinwinnipeg:
         There’s a big difference between horse sense and horse sh*t, but it seems that the latter describes Lancaster City’s crime fighting stats. I live in a city of half-a-million people with some pretty violent gangs, but the bad guys usually do get put away, so spare us the poems and bust the perps!
         Well said, Barry!
         And this in, also about the poem:

         Jesus H. Christ. How the hell much are they paying for this????
         Couldn’t they afford to at least get a goddamn proof reader???
         UNKOWN ????
         WTF word is that?????
         That is a hoot and a half! Add to that this morning’s New Era editorial praising the poem and idea (see my comment from this morning and they must be embarrassed because I still can’t find it online). But they do handily provide an email address to contact the Musser Park Civic Association with suggestions, so perhaps we should all email them about “UNKOWN“ –
         Finally, I asked “kmb” about the five unsolved murders under Mayor Gray, who was sworn into office on January 3, 2006, but before Keith Sadler became the Police Chief on April 23, 2008. He sent in this comment and I double checked him today and he nails it:
         Well there are the nine you have listed above with the addition of Allan Wayne Hess and Danny Montes takes us up to 11. From Gray’s inauguration to Sadler’s hiring you have Keenan W Dudley gunned down March 10 2006 in an alley off West Orange Street. Second, Daniel Hollman was gunned down in his home on the 100 block of Howard Avenue on October 17, 2006. Third was Baby Anne’s body which was discovered in a dumpster in back of the YMCA on September 24, 2007. This baby was a new born and smothered and tossed in a dumpster and likely not born in a hospital. Fourth was the murder of Juan Lopez in his downtown business on December 5, 2007. This was a broad daylight robbery gone wrong. He was shot to death in his business which is J&R Check Cashing on East King Street. Fifth was Juan Marquez who was gunned down on the 200 block of West King Street on March 16, 2008. So the nine you have at the top of your site plus the two this year and the five I mentioned takes us to sixteen unsolved homicides since we were blessed with Gray’s uncanny mayoral abilities. I will say there should be 18 with the Lydia Colon-Torres and Sanaya Colon murders which for election favors were never named as homicides officially but come on. So I say there is 18 with a couple other “suspicious deaths” the last few years which need another look.
         There will be more tomorrow.


    Posted on June 21st, 2012 Becky 5 comments

    *   This additional info in and I’m told Scott Martin did take the tour of the prison following the board meeting. I wonder if he melted? And yes, it is true about 150 N. Queen Street and they did send the county workers home last week.
        I was also told Mayor Gray was on PCN today wearing his stupid necktie! His discussion with LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer will come tomorrow.
        PS.. Mr. Scott Martin was sweating bullets in the air conditioned room where the board met! It was funny, I overheard some guards talking that the gov building was shut down last week because there was no air conditioning… employees were sent home with pay..well, these guards work under those conditions all the time..they also brought that up at the meeting!! There was no reply!! Just sharing!!!


        This comment in below on the prison board meeting. Thank you, susieq!
        It was actually a good prison board meeting. The prison has shipped 40 inmates to Montgomery County, and about the same amount of inmates to Berks County Prison. Two Judges, Reinaker, and Madenspacher…have released certain inmates who met their criteria. All of this is to reduce the population. They have closed the gym and the temporary housing. {It was indicated these areas are not so safe.} They have placed those guards from the gym & Temp housing area to other areas of the prison. They will be installing ceiling fans in July.
        A lot of talk regarding billing of the inmates thru intake and processing fees. A debate was had regarding how much to charge…There was also a discussion…should an inmate have to pay these fees if they are found not guilty? Inmates will be given ID’s…and each cell will be labeled with who is being held there. A garden club is teaching inmates how to garden, and the benefits of such.
        Jean Bickmire from Justice and Mercy was pushing for a new facility to be found. Overall, it was a positive dialog. The new, I think temporary, warden was present. He said guards will now have to address inmates written questions, and he wants to work on a positive attitude with staff. We shall see…there is no air conditioning for inmates…and staff. I hope this discussion inmates are treated like humans, and the taxpayers can get a break. It really can be a win, win situation.


    Posted on April 10th, 2012 Becky 13 comments

    LNP photo by Marty Heisey

        This photo ran today on page B-1 of the print edition and was on the home page of Lancaster Online all day. It accompanies the story, “Local fugitive sweep targets lawbreakers,” (click here).
        I count eleven faces and the arm of a twelfth person. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong in this photo?
        “But it’s about time because basically every…every facility, every institution or every organization, when you come down to it, needs to be refreshed from moment to moment… okay… and that is just a part of our society. It’s a part of nature… in other words, we have seasons… okay… we have seasons where when we’re in the fall things start dying off. In the winter they’re cold or whatever. But they all come back to life. There’s no one person.”
        Prison Warden Vincent Guarini discussing his retirement today in a press conference (click here).
        What a fruitcake! Is he on drugs or what?
        Your season should have come and gone long ago, Guarini! We’ve had 31 years of you! Good riddance!
        There is a memorial service for Isabel Catherine Deering Bortree this evening in Honesdale, Pa (click here). Ms. Bortree was the second woman found hanging from a tree within a week in Lancaster County.
        My condolences to her family. There will be more on this story tomorrow.


    Posted on February 17th, 2012 Becky 4 comments

        I wish a photo would have accompanied the story clearly showing the two needles, 39 bags of coke and pills. I still find it hard to believe that quantity can be concealed in someone’s hand.
    Posted on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum under today’s, “Warden addresses inmate’s drug smuggling,” (click here). 
        You have to understand that Warden Guarini is a liar – plain and simple.  This story has had several headlines on the internet since it went up yesterday afternoon.  The front page, bold headline in this morning’s print edition is “Warden schools prison board.”  What a bunch of baloney.  The Warden couldn’t school a five-year-old.
        And good for Commission Lehman who is finally calling this liar out. From the story:
        But Lancaster County Commissioner and prison board member Craig Lehman was not impressed by Guarini’s demonstration.
        “I gotta be honest,” Lehman said, “when you showed the size, it makes me feel that it was even more unacceptable that it was allowed to slide by.”
        Lehman said the prison’s communication to the board about the incident also was unacceptable.
        Overall, he said, “The fact that it was allowed to go by and not caught was unacceptable.”
        Totally unacceptable! The Warden is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Run this liar out of town – or better yet – put him behind bars.

    There will be more on the death of Scott McQuilkin later this afternoon.

  • 2011 IN REVIEW!

    Posted on January 1st, 2012 Becky 5 comments


    1. Randolph Carney
    2. Charlie Crystle
    3. Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey retiring. There is not one good thing about this man and any of his prosecutions must be questioned.
    4. Lady Gaga. Maybe she can clean up this town.
    5. The contributors and commenters to this site and other Lancaster forums. You are the best!
    6. My Facebook friends and special friends – Jodi, Barb and Patty. And to Jeffrey and Carl Cooper – I am sorry I have lost touch and will correct that in the upcoming year. To Bob and Bob – friends from college that I have reconnected with – you were and remain the best! I had really good taste many years ago.
    7. My son and my sister.
        Well, unfortunately, that about sums up the good. The Penn State scandal, of course, tops both lists. I feel such empathy for the victims – but they were incredibly brave – and it has been a watershed story for victims of sexual abuse everywhere.


    1. The Lancaster City Police Department. Multiple unsolved murders, racism – and thus a community that rightfully doesn’t respect or trust them – a man dying in a police holding cell, a man shot in the back twice and mug shots of suspects who have been obviously beaten. They need to be investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.
    2. Prison Warden Vincent Guarini. In any other town, with any other news organization in that town, he would have been gone years ago. He’s a liar. He lied directly to me. He is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and bringing heartbreak to multiple families. He must go!
    3. The Lancaster Newspapers. Because of their journalistic failures, the above two travesties of justice have been allowed to continue. And they are the main contributors to the next two on the list.
    4. The Convention Center brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. Go to Plan B and do it now! Is there a Plan B? Start working on it now and run LNP out of town and replace them with a legitimate news organization.
    5. The survelliance cameras – also brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. No one knows who owns them, who is monitoring them or what is being done with the tapes. And taxpayer money is being used to fund them. This is unacceptable – plain and simple.
    6. Blatant racism in hiring by the Lancaster Newspapers. The city is now more than 50% “minority” and they have one on their editorial staff of more than 100 people. Those responsible should be fined and jailed. They are breaking a 40 year old federal law and it’s time they were held accountable.
    7. Mayor Rick Gray.
    8. Commissioner Scott Martin.
    9. Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams.
    10. Lancaster County Judges – President Judge Joseph Madenspacher, Dennis Reinaker and David Ashworth to name three. And let’s not forget District Judges Isaac Stoltzfus and Kelly Ballentine.

        I will go into much more detail on some of the items in the good and bad list tomorrow – I am rushing today to catch the Eagles game! No – I’m not – that’s a bad joke. But I do have some pork to eat.
        Have a great New Year’s Day and please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on October 21st, 2011 Becky No comments


        Beyond the girl’s condition, police declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.
        “There is nothing to report yet,” Umstead [Lancaster police Lt. Todd Umstead] said Thursday afternoon.
    From today’s article, “Police: Shooting victim, 7, improving,” (click here).
        This is a total outrage! Fire the police chief and all the detectives and bring in outside help now!
        Discontent over the leadership at Lancaster County Prison has been simmering in the wake of three inmate suicides in six months.

        It erupted Thursday at a county prison board meeting when a citizens’ group and an activist publicly called for the dismissal of prison Warden Vincent Guarini.
    From today’s article, ‘Some suggest Lancaster County Prison warden be fired,” (click here).
        Guarini should have been fired years ago!

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 12th, 2011 Becky 2 comments

    BITE ME!   

        City police retired a Rottweiler from K-9 service in 2002 after it bit three police officers in the line of duty.
        Four months later, the dog mauled a woman and the city and the officer caring for the dog paid $67,500 to settle a lawsuit filed by the woman.
        “Anybody can have a dog that’s willing to bite and do cell extractions,” Price said. “But will they stop biting when the officer says? Will they come back when called?
        “If the prisoner gives up, the dog has to stop the attack and listen to the handler.
        “It’s the ultimate control.”
    From today’s front page story, “Mismatch: prison dog vs. reporter,” (click here). The online article linked to carries a different headline.
        Has “Intell Five” reporter P. J. Reilly just totally lost him mind? Are the editors smoking crack? This is just truly scary. Too bad that prison dog didn’t put Reilly out of his misery. This is awful on so many levels.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 3rd, 2011 Becky No comments

    Word thief – Tom Murse 

        The only reporter for the Lancaster Newspapers I thought had some integrity, some decency, proved me wrong with yesterday’s edition of the Sunday News. Please see the comments under “GUNS N’ ROSES OR…” below. Plagiarize much, Murse?
        This comment in from Kent Kroehler under “THIRD PRISON DEATH THIS YEAR” below:
        Actually, I said that the Prison Board should resign if we had a third suicide “by jumping.” I did not say or mean a third suicide by other means.
        This email in: 
        As you so eloquently state this morning, Scroot Martin is an idiot. I don’t mean to belittle or trivialize the memory of the woman who has been forgotten, abandoned, and disrespected by the Lancaster City Police in their total failing to solve her murder, but I suggest that just below the reference to her case on your site, the words “Scott Martin is an idiot” should appear at ALL times. If we are not careful, that fool will be anointed by the morons that run this County, and pull his strings, to represent us in Harrisburg, or even worse Washington. 
        This comment posted on the forum as a poster exits: 
        I never understood the drama queen exit. If you don’t like it here, leave. No announcement, just fade out. Tuck tail and run.
    Just remember, they always come back! 
    Please check back this afternoon.


    Posted on September 30th, 2011 Becky 11 comments


        Yes, it’s been a gun and buggies week! Lancaster County Judges behaved very badly. The prison warden should be in prison. Commissioner Scott Martin is an idiot. The Lancaster Police (surprise!) have made no arrests in multiple unsolved murders from this year alone. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent doing, well, nothing at the Lancaster Train Station. And the list just goes on and on.
        I’ll try to wrap all of this up on Sunday.  We all know the Sunday News will be doing the ultimate guns and buggies story this week – the five year anniversary of the Nickel Mines shooting.  No offense intended – but this site will offer an alternative – the week in review.
        Posting tomorrow will be sporadic at best.
        Have a great Friday!


    Posted on September 30th, 2011 Becky 3 comments

        “It’s one of those unfortunate situations,” Guarini said. “If we can prevent things, we will prevent things, but you cannot prevent everything.”
    Prison Warden Vincent Guarini from today’s story, “Another inmate suicide at prison,” (click here).
        How many men have died on this man‘s watch? How much is this man costing the taxpayers of Lancaster County? Why wasn’t this man fired years ago?
        Guarini must go. Now!


    Posted on September 29th, 2011 Becky 1 comment

        An inmate apparently committed suicide Wednesday at Lancaster County Prison, the third such incident this year.
        Prison staff found Ronald P. Snyder, 26, of Elizabethtown, hanging in his cell at 5:42 p.m. Wednesday, said Lancaster City Police Lt. Todd Umstead. Efforts to revive him were not successful.
    The beginning of today’s online article, “UPDATE: Police investigating death of Lancaster County Prison inmate as suicide,” (click here). 
        Jailed on Tuesday and dead by 5:42 Wednesday eveining. Will the prison warden and the board members resign?

        If there’s another suicide you should all fall on your sword,” Kent Kroehler told the Prison Board this morning.
        “If there’s a third suicide,” he continued, “You should all resign. This whole board should resign.”
    From LIP News, “NOT YOUR USUAL BOARD MEETING!“ on August 18th of this year (click here).


    Posted on August 20th, 2011 Becky 5 comments

        You know, back in my early years, if I pointed a gun at a cop or even displayed a gun at a cop, I’d be lucky to be alive – I’m betting I’d be “sleeping with the fishes.” If a man pointed a gun at me, this is mild compared to what he’d look like (if I were still young, at the present time I’d be dead or at the doctor’s office looking for strong meds for my back). Looks to me that an ass whipping is just the beginning of his worries. I think he’ll get significant jail time.
        C’mon Becky, think back to the days of old. A butt kicking by cops was not unusual. Why should some dirt bag think it’s okay to behave the way he did? Would you have this guy over for dinner?
        Personally, I look at this photo and just laugh.
    This comment in under “CLEARLY BEATEN! – 3” below.
    I would like to think there’s some sarcasm involved here but I’m not so sure. There will be much more on this later.
        PS…My son died drug free May 22nd, 2010…WELL OVER A YEAR AGO at that prison.. I just now find out that the da and coroner are not cooperating with the prison? Again, I repeat…something real fishy is going on in this county…what if I did not show up at the prison board meeting…none of this would have been followed thru…so sad…when is the next election?????
    The second half of a comment sent into this site on the story immediately below.
        Fishy isn’t the half of it. I will follow this story. At Thursday’s Prison Board Meeting, every member of that Board had to sit there and watch and listen to Linda Moskal cry in the front row for three hours. She held herself together astonishingly well.
        My friend Jodi and I stopped by the offices of the “Fly” Thursday afternoon. Thanks to the young man who answered numerous questions. The “Fly” was recently purchased by the Lancaster Newspapers and there will be more on that coming…
        Finally, the following ad for the Sunday News was spotted atop a Yellow Cab on Thursday:
    Relevant. Compelling. Fun to Read.
        Really, Marv? We‘ll find out tomorrow. At $1.75 a pop it should be at least one of those things! It‘s never been relevant, compelling or fun to read before…
    Please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on August 19th, 2011 Becky 3 comments

        Kent Kroehler, one of the four members of the “Root Cause Analysis” team looking into the suicide of John Kruger in March of this year followed James Laughman (see “ELIMINATION OF SECOND TIER PLACEMENT” below) and added four additional recommendations:
    1. “The problem was defined carefully. The event was a successful suicide. We got beat by an inmate. ….We were outsmarted. It can’t happen again.”
    2. “The new operational goal is to have zero suicides. …This is the most controlled environment in the county. It is unacceptable to have a suicide.”
    3. There should have been and should be a root cause analysis done after every suicide.
    4. The prison needs to speed up a retro fit of the railing – even if it’s temporary.
        Several additional notes:
        Judge Dennis Reinaker, a member of the Prison Board, said immediately following James Laughman’s presentation, “This is the first report of this nature that I remember seeing.” The Judge indicated he was pleased.
        Kent Kroehler is also a member of the “Have A Heart” group which submitted an excellent white paper to the Board Members. Click here for their site and click on the link for “White Papers and other Resources” to read it. There will be more on this at a later date.
        Many of the details of presentations made at the almost three hour Thursday Board Meeting are available online at the prison website. Click here for the 133 page report from this meeting. There is a tremendous amount of information within this document. You can thank Commissioner Craig Lehman for this as during the April Board Meeting he stated that the Warden’s report and all information provided during these meetings should be posted online and readily available to the public.
        Yesterday, I noted that District Attorney Craig Stedman was texting during the first hour of the meeting. Commissioner Scott Martin also told everyone Stedman had to leave the meeting at about 11:00 am to meet with the coroner. There may have been a very good reason for all that texting and the meeting with the coroner as an arrest was made yesterday afternoon in the murder of Allison Walsh and her unborn child. That, of course, is today’s big story and really gruesome and lurid details are coming out about these tragic murders. Her boyfriend, Matthew Becker. has been charged with first degree murder. It is likely the DA will ask for the death penalty.
    Please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on August 19th, 2011 Becky 2 comments


        James Laughman, Human Services Director for the County of Lancaster, reported to the Prison Board yesterday morning regarding the March 22 death of John Kruger. He led a “Root Cause Analysis” team that investigated Kruger’s suicide by leaping from the railing on the second tier of the prison.
        They found the root causes to be:
    1. A failure of equipment and device – the railing.
    2. The work environment – there were too few staff and a
        man under suicide watch was housed on the second tier.
    3. The failure of prison administration to adequately advise the
        staff of Kruger’s state of mind.
       In order to prevent this from happening again, Laughman outlined the following recommendations:
    1. Improve the structure of the second tier.
    2. Enhance the staffing of the Medical Housing Unit.
    3. The elimination of second tier placement for anyone on
        suicide watch.
    4. Increase and improve the mental health facilities/treatment
        within the prison.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 18th, 2011 Becky 2 comments

        “If there’s another suicide you should all fall on your sword,” Kent Kroehler told the Prison Board this morning.  “If there’s a third suicide,” he continued, “You should all resign.  This whole board should resign.”
        It was not your usual Prison Board Meeting.  It was actually very good and James Laughman, the Human Services Director of Lancaster County, and Kent Kroehler were simply excellent.
        The “serious” side will come tomorrow.  Today, some side-light highlights:
        District Attorney Craig Stedman took great offense to a remark made early in the meeting, and after ceasing his constant texting and thinking about it for several minutes he arose to address the remark.  As he was stating, “Lancaster County is extemely progressive,”  Linda Moskal, whose son died in the prison, said to me in astonishment, “His nose is going to grow so big!”
        Warden Vincent Guarini told the Board and the public that we have had the hottest weather in 50 years.  He said the prison is doing their best to alleviate the problem by – time out of cells – tubs of ice – fans – the smoke exhaust system being left on all the time – a dress down policy for the inmates and the serving of cold food.
        “I could take him,” Linda told me as the Warden mumbled on.
        It was mentioned by the Warden and a Deputy that this is the Islamic holy month and 35 or 36 inmates are involved.  That number went down to 26 according to a deputy and they both declared it was all going “well” and “running very smoothly,” however what that meant or its signifigance to anything was never mentioned.
        The Warden and several others reported that the women are all excited about video aerobics tapes the prison recently purchased.    A deputy reported that several items have been added to the recreation program – ping pong, blongo ball and of course, those aerobic videos for the women.
        It costs $51.55 per day to house a prisoner.  The daily caloric intake provided by the prison through a contactor is 3,000 calories.  A prison employee said the food was great.  Tom Yeager, the head of Justice & Mercy said, “The food is the crappiest I have ever had.  I’ve been in a lot of prisons and Lancaster has the crappiest food.”
        The meeting ran almost three hours, and again, it was ten times better than any previous Board Meeting I have attended.
        Laughman and Kroehler gave very specific recommendations to prevent suicides.  Commissioner Craig Lehman had very specific comments about the prison.  The group “Have A Heart” made a brief presentation and provided a hand-out that had been mailed to every Board member and there was much more.
    That will come tomorrow.


    Posted on August 17th, 2011 Becky 7 comments


        The document you linked to is very thoughtful, well-researched and full of good, actionable ideas. What makes you think the prison board will do anything other than stare at the table while it’s presented and then adjourn the meeting?
        Posted on the forum under this post (click here):
        FYI. Prison Board meets Thursday, Aug 18 at 9 AM.
        The group “Have a Heart for Those in the Criminal Justice System” will be making a presentation to them. I have the particulars of the presentation and location for those who are interested.

        The poster then provides this link for the presentation.
        Yes, the Board meets tomorrow morning at 9:00 am in Room 701 on the seventh floor of the County building at 150 N. Queen Street in Lancaster. The meeting is open to the public.
        LIP News will be there. Will the Board finally do something?
    Please check back tomorrow afternoon.