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    Posted on June 22nd, 2018 Becky 5 comments



         This is from a second order issued by the Judge today (click here for his full order on the Prothonotary’s site and there will be much more tomorrow including a huge, outrageous lie by the city). Good for Ms. Chambers and her attorney for taking action but what about the other 50 to 60 homeless ex-tenants?


         In an order issued today, Judge David L. Ashworth has denied Marie Chambers’ Motion to Intervene (see immediately below and click here for the original document and here for her Motion to Intervene published on this site).

    ***   2:45 pm – I just tried to call the Community Action Program (CAP) at 717-299-7301 to see how many of Dwain London’s ex-tenants they have actually placed and where all of these people are currently living. According to this LNP article:
        So far, 21 individuals or families who lived at London’s properties have contacted CAP and 18 have entered the Navigation program, its director, Regina Begley, said. Of those, she’s had initial meetings on nine enrollments totaling 14 people, she said.
         I entered #2 to go to their directory per their voicemail and input her first name as directed followed by the # sign. Regina Begley “was not found.” So I exited the directory and held on as instructed for the receptionist. The phone rang at least 15 times and I hung up.


    **   This comment in this morning and it is so excellent I am moving it to the front page – and – would you please write for LIP News?!:

    All we need to do is ignore

    1. A former tenant of Dwain London explicitly documented in 2015 that City Officials were made aware of the code issues and illegal rooming house situation. One property was even deemed to be an illegal rooming house in this tenants “eviction” case. This former tenant also contacted local news agencies.

    2. Dwain London was well connected at minimum with the previous City Administration, likely the reason for no previous enforcement action. He was appointed to the Board of Director’s of the City’s Human Relations Commission. This appointment was voted on by several current council members and I believe Mayor Sorace when she was on council.

    3. This entire enforcement action was a huge “Cover Your Ass (CYA)” operation after it appeared a tenant was killed in a fire due to unsafe code violations.

    4. Despite City claims that all tenants have been provided with extensive assistance in procuring alternative permanent housing, a current tenant issued a public legal notice indicating that the assistance has been wholly inadequate and is resulting in her families homelessness. This is despite having full-time employment. The city argued she never had a legal agreement with Mr. London and is therefore provided no renter rights under the law.

    All the lying is disgusting. If no one can grapple with the truth, this shit is going to continue to happen and continue to get worse. I will have respect for the city if they ever show some honesty in dealing with these tough issues.

    The issues are tough, dirty, and there aren’t easy solutions, but pretending that there are is doing no one any good.


    *    London told LNP that Ashworth was very fair and explained things clearly. He said he learned a lot.
    From the LNP story.
        What a load of BS! LNP should be embarrassed to even print this crap! How long has London been doing this?


          What happened to the people displaced by the city and Mr. London?
    Posted on Lancaster Online under today’s story, “In court, landlord Dwain London pledges to end ‘shared housing’ rentals,” (click here).
         What a ridiculous, childish story with very little information! And what did happen to the 50 to 60 people who were “displaced?” Where are they? Where did they spend last night? Does anyone care?
          And there is not a mention of Marie Chambers who filed a Motion to Intervene so her family would not become homeless. What happened to her?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 21st, 2018 Becky 1 comment

    —  Unfortunately, due to personal commitments I could not be in Lancaster today for the preliminary injunction hearing. I’m waiting as is everyone and will do my best tomorrow to get the full story.

    ***  It’s a holistic program that helps clients set goals, provides guidance and offers referrals to housing assistance programs and other social services as needed.
    From today’s LNP article linked to below.
    They don’t need a “holistic program!” They need a place to live – now!


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    **   The attorney for the City of Lancaster has filed a trial memorandum against Marie Chambers who filed a Motion to Intervene in the city’s injunction request against her landlord Dwain London (click here for the document and see below on this site for her Motion to Intervene). The city is arguing Ms. Chambers’ contract with Dwain London was never legal.
    *     What would be fair since they gave people 5 days to be out is to house them in the convention center. They failed the city when they took millions of dollars and put towards convention center instead of housing.
    Part of a comment into this site under “CONCERN FOR RESIDENTS?” (click here).
    What an excellent idea!



         On June 13, Lancaster County Judge David Ashworth issued a temporary injunction saying that tenants over and above the single-family rules must be out within five business days — that is, by the end of the day Wednesday.
    From today’s LNP article, “Landlord Dwain London padlocks ‘rooming house’ properties,” (click here).         
         The Judge ordered this! I printed his order on this site and told him to move in five days (click here for “AN OUTRAGEOUS ORDER!”). Now 50 to 60 people are homeless? Unbelievable!  


    Posted on June 20th, 2018 Becky 4 comments
         A preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 pm in courtroom #12 before Judge David Ashworth between the city and landlord Dwain London Sr. There is no entry in the Prothonotary’s Office at this time (3:45 pm) as to whether the Judge has accepted Marie Chambers’ Motion to Intervene.



         On June 18th, Marie Chambers through her attorney filed a Motion to Intervene in the city’s injunction request against her landlord Dwain London Sr. as follows:


    Posted on June 18th, 2018 Becky 8 comments


    Posted on Lancaster Online under today’s story, “Police file homicide charge, seek man wanted in unsolved 2009 stabbing death in Lancaster,” (click here).

         You aren’t allowed to ask those kinds of sensible questions of law enforcement in Lancaster County! LNP certainly never does!
         Actually, if you read Brett Hambright’s full press release about it, which is what LNP copied from, it makes you wonder why they needed a grand jury to file charges in the first place let alone have it take them nine years (click here). And isn’t the timing special?
         Due to a number of personal commitments today, I did not get as much done as I had planned but hope to catch up tomorrow and will publish it here.
         Please, if you know anyone in the news business (not LNP obviously) let them know that there’s a case of two or possibly three women killed by the same man in Lancaster County and they have the DNA of all the killers but claim they don’t “know” if it’s the same man in any or all of the killings.
         Hell, tell CBS “48 Hours!” Let them give DA Stedman a lesson in DNA!


    UPDATE 6-19-18

    They have the DNA of both killers but won’t test to see if it is the same man! Can you help?

         This is what I said in my emails yesterday along with a screenshot of the below post to multiple news agencies. I am going to do more today and also contact the state attorney general’s office and the FBI.



    *    Groves was charged following a presentment by a statewide grand jury that stated DNA evidence established to a mathematical certainty blood found in the area where carpet was removed from his van belonged to Henkel.
    From today’s PennLive article (click here for the story shown below).




        (Click here)

    Roxanne Myers, left, and Juanita Chevalier

         LNP reporter Tom Knapp is doing a series on unsolved murders in Lancaster County and he is not going to ask the police and the District Attorney why a DNA test has not been done to determine if these two women did in fact have the same killer? Is that a sick joke? Seriously, what reporter or news organization in this country would ignore something so obvious?

         And former LNP reporter and now the “media spokesperson” for District Attorney Craig Stedman, Brett Hambright, wrote about the same cases four years ago and asked the same question (see below). And he has not responded to three emails asking his boss why a simple DNA test has not been done to determine if they have the same killer.
         Only in Lancaster County could the police and the District Attorney get away with not answering a simple, basic question that the families of these victims – and the public – have an absolute right and need to know.
    Please check back later today.
        (Click here)

    Posted on June 17th, 2018 Becky 1 comment


    A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “City files injunction to require landlord London to comply with rules for single-family units,” (click here).

          What an excellent comment! Will LNP follow-up?


    Posted on June 16th, 2018 Becky 5 comments

    *    In their front page article on the injunction today, LNP states it was filed on three different days. (It is not currently online. I will link as soon as it is.)
          The caption under the photo says it was filed on Friday. In the article it says it was filed on Wednesday and two paragraphs later they state it was filed on Tuesday.
          It was filed on Tuesday, June 12th! See below and the stamp on the right.



    Judge David Ashworth

         The below order signed by Judge David Ashworth (he crossed out Margaret C. Miller’s name) was not available yesterday when I wrote about the city’s request for an injunction against landlord Dwaine London Sr.
         How in the world can he expect the tenants to vacate in five days? Could the Judge move in five days? This cannot be legal. It is not the tenants’ fault and these are human beings not refrigerators! You cannot expect people to move in five days!


    Posted on June 15th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    —  Now, perhaps we know why Dwain London Sr. addressed city council on Tuesday even though his son had been arrested the day before. London had received the city’s lawsuit filed that day and was trying to minimize the damage. There are going to be a lot of people without a home and the legal bills for the lawsuit are going to be very high.


          On Tuesday, June 12th, the same evening Dwain London Sr. spoke to city council, the city filed a lengthy lawsuit against him in the Lancaster County Court of  Common Pleas and requested a temporary injunction (click here).
         They stated the reasons (see the first screenshot below). After that they went through and listed every one of his properties and requested the court issue an order (see the second screenshot below).
         On June 13th, the next day, Judge David Ashworth ordered a preliminary injunction hearing will be held on June 21st at 1:30 pm in Courtroom #12 (see the third screenshot below).




    ***  On July 25, 2015, I received an email from Charles Wahlquist about landlord Dwain London Sr. (he has several videos on YouTube of the properties and included emails he said he sent to the city). He also stated he sent emails to all the news outlets and I was so busy I never addressed it. I am going through them now and will publish them shortly. The below was his opening:

         How do you feel about crooked slumlords who were voted unanimously on the Human Relations Commission Board of Directors and the city inspector that has passed all the landlords buildings and city hall not being of any help and in my opinion covering for said slumlord and inspector? Do I have your attention? I hope so. To save time and save myself the carpel tunnel pain I fear I might have I will copy and paste emails I have sent to everyone at city hall that will explain my situation.


    BE FAIR!

          A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the story by LNP reporter Alex Geli, “Auditor general: Manheim Central school board violated school code, Sunshine law in 2014,” (click here).

    **   I love it when Manheim Township School Board President Mark Anderson goes after LNP! He does it so well!
         And what about when city council broke the Sunshine Act by voting in Chris Ballentine after councilwoman Barbara Wilson suddenly resigned? And when they broke it again when they authorized hiring the law firm of Best Best & Krieger at $360 an hour to defend MAW Communications with no notice to the public?
         And what about the whole MAW/LanCity Connect debacle that has cost taxpayers over $5 million to date! Where’s you coverage, LNP?



    *    It would authorize the city to appropriate $75,000 from budget reserves to reimburse the Boys & Girls Club for tying up some legal loose ends.
    From LNP reporter Tim Struhldreher’s article, “City Council hears residents’ concerns over Boys & Girls Club’s plans for Clemente Field,” (click here). 
         Well, Stuhldreher was paying attention for at least part of Tuesday’s city council meeting. $75,000 for “tying up some legal loose ends?” Really? That amount would make a lawyer quite happy – hell – with that as an annual salary a lawyer could easily afford a two bedroom apartment! Hmmm…       




         Unbelievable! LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher has the lead, front page story in today’s print edition with a rewritten state-wide story about rent prices. Right next to it is the article about a second arrest in the arson fires at city hall and a city owned vehicle.
         But Stuhldreher has yet to tell the public that landlord Dwain London Sr. addressed city council on Tuesday night stating one of his properties was “improperly condemned” by the city! And this was the day after his son was arrested for the arsons and incarcerated in Lancaster County Prison on 2 million cash bail! Unbelievable!


    Posted on June 14th, 2018 Becky 6 comments

         I am doing some research this afternoon but truth – if it is truth in this case – really is stranger than fiction. An 18-year-old was willing to pour gasoline on a city owned vehicle and the entrance to city hall and light it for $40 (click here)! Now he is in Lancaster County Prison also on $2 million cash bail. You can imagine the comments on social media…

    *    This part of a comment came in this morning under yesterday’s post and I have also moved it under this post:
         London’s claim that his property was improperly condemned due to a leaking downspout and not a leaking sanitary sewer as was reported, should be easily verifiable one way or the other. It would be nice to see the documentation prepared by the city code officials in condemning the property. London publicly made the claim the condemnation was improper, the city needs to publicly respond and provide verifiable documentation.
         If it wasn’t actually a leaking sanitary sewer, but only a downspout there is credibility to be lost by the city and gained by London.
         Excellent, excellent point! Will LNP follow-up on this? I will file a Right to Know request for the condemnation documents. It would also be responsible of council to release to the public the document London handed to each council member and the mayor at Tuesday’s meeting.



         So let me get this straight. LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher attended Tuesday’s city council meeting sitting in his normal seat in the front row and somehow he doesn’t think that Dwain London Sr. addressing city council is newsworthy (see the posts below on this site)? Unbelievable!

         And besides that, the woman and her mother who demanded an apology from the police at the last meeting spoke again at Tuesday’s meeting and councilwoman Janet Diaz actually requested paperwork from Patrick Hopkins regarding a mysterious $75,000!
         In Tuesday’s print edition of LNP, their article on Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple begins as below on the left from a screenshot of their e-Newspaper. It read the same online – until it was changed – see the opening sentences on the right from the revised article (click here for it online).
         Oh, it’s subtle but it’s important. On the left the big story in the first sentence is his PFA was extended for six months. In the revised story online the big story is it will be withdrawn in December if he doesn’t violate it, as if that’s a good thing.
         It is not a good thing! Why would an officer who has a PFA against him and cannot carry a gun continue to be on the force? And who is doing the “internal investigation” at the Lancaster City Police Department – Caple’s best friend.
    Please check back later today.



    Posted on June 13th, 2018 Becky 3 comments



         Dwain London Sr. leaves the podium after addressing city council last night.

         London’s son, Dwain London Jr., was arrested the day before and is in Lancaster County Prison on $2 million cash bail charged with the arson at city hall and the city owned vehicle. His father never mentioned him during his comments to city council. It is amazing that he could be as calm and collected as he seemed last night.
         I will come back to Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple tomorrow. Oh, and the bee-keeping ordinance passed last night! Buzz…

    *    Dwain London Sr. addressed city council last night during the public comment section at the end of the meeting. This is what he said:
    I’m Dwain London. I live on South Ann Street.
         I’m here to give you the progress on the properties that I’ve that been working on. We’re ahead of schedule actually and the code issues have been addressed and I’m looking forward to inspections.
         I also want to bring up a few concerns that I had as far as the lead issues. We don’t have any children that live in our properties at all. Actually, there is one family – the kid is 11 years old. I just wanted to know what details to not have to do a lead test for my properties.
         Also, I have a property that was condemned due to a sewer issue. I have a plumber that went through to address the issue and I can show you the results. [London walked up to the city council members – the mayor first – and handed each one a sheet of paper.]
         At the time, when it was condemned, I definitely got a hold of the city inspector and I didn’t know that there wasn’t a sewer issue there – it was a drain downspout at the back – a drain in the back of the property that was causing the water to come through the property. So my property was condemned but it was not condemned properly. I was hoping I could get that condemnation lifted so I can continue to serve and do the code work that is needed to bring in affordable housing.
         I realize that the shared living aspect that I was trying to accomplish – actually that I have done for many years – is something that has to change. I’m looking forward to working with the city and moving forward with single family homes – families living in the properties.
         But I also want to be a part of – not the problem – I want to be part of the solution to try and figure out affordable housing and deal with homelessness. 
         I want to move swiftly on this as soon as these code issues are taken care of by the end of the week. I want to move swiftly into moving my properties into single family dwellings.
         I’m going to have a lot of tenants that are going to need some type of direction – some type of hope that they’re going to be able to have affordable living. So I’m not going to let go of their hands and I want to be there for them throughout the duration.
         And I just hope – I know there have been discussions already with you guys as far as homelessness and trying to come up with some type of affordable housing. And I’m on board. I wish – I’m hoping that I can be invited to the table to share what I’ve experienced over the years with the tenants that I serve
    With that said, thank you.


    Posted on Lancaster Online under the story, “Temporary protection from abuse order against Lancaster city police officer extended by 6 months,” (click here).

         That is an excellent question! And LNP made a marked change in their story online to spin it. That will come later today.
          Dwain London, Sr. made a surprise visit and addressed city council at last night’s meeting (you can watch the meeting here). Mayor Sorace appeared shocked but he simply discussed the progress he’s made on his rental properties and made no mention of his son.
          Of course, his son, Dwain London Jr. is in Lancaster County Prison on $2 million cash bail and charged with the arson at city hall and to a city owned vehicle. London’s complete presentation to council will also come later today.
    Please check back later.

  • **** – *** – ** – * PFA AGAINST OFFICER EXTENDED

    Posted on June 12th, 2018 Becky No comments


    ****  From the police press release below:
             In viewing the surveillance footage from the Turkey Hill- 806 New Holland Ave Det. Higgins also observed another male exit London’s vehicle and enter the store.
            So, the person who the police allege actually set the fires has to be captured on Turkey Hill cameras inside the store. If the police can’t identify him, release photos to the public – they will identify him!


    ***  More from an updated police press release on the arrest of Dwain London Jr. for the city hall arson (click here):

    …Detective Higgins and other Detectives viewed surveillance footage from LSC and Red Rose Transit Authority- RRTA. The RRTA camera faces south on Queen St. on Queen St and Chestnut St. According to the time stamp on the video, 03:29:46 23 May 2018, a dark sport utility vehicle (SUV) with a chrome front grill, stopped in the east lane facing north on Queen St. at Chestnut St. The video shows a subject appearing just to the east of the SUV and walking east on the south sidewalk toward N. Duke St.

    Detective Higgins and other Detectives were able to track the movements of the subject before and after the arson through the use of various surveillance cameras. The suspect was described as follows: Average to short in height light skinned male, wearing a black jacket with a light colored shirt hanging below the jacket, a light colored hood pulled over his head, darker washed pants or jeans, and black shoes. Prior to the start of the fires the subject can be seen on surveillance footage carrying a small red container, consistent with a gas can. This suspect’s movements are tracked prior to and after the start of the fires using various LSC and private surveillance cameras. That person has yet to be identified. 

    On 25 May 2018 at 2250 hrs. Det. Sgt. Miller and Det. Dommel drove to the 900 blk. of N Lime St and located Dwain London’s vehicle. From previous information and interactions investigators knew London’s vehicle to be a black Ford Explorer (PA) KGK0152 (VIN- IFMAK8D88CGA1473), A resulting check of ownership of the vehicle found the listed owners to be Dwain Stewart London and Searina London. Det Sgt Miller and Det Dommel observed a small red gas can in the rear compartment of London’s vehicle. London’s vehicle was parked legally on the street and in plain view. As a result of this a search warrant was obtained for the vehicle. It should be noted that this gas container appeared consistent in size, shape and color to the container held by the subject above prior to the start of the fires.

    Det. Higgins viewed surveillance footage obtained from the Turkey Hill Gas Station, 806 New Holland Ave, Lancaster PA 17602. At 0145 hrs 06/23/18 London’s black Ford Explorer is observed pulling into the gas station pumps, to what is designated as pump #3. A subject can be seen walking from the driver’s side of the vehicle, and enters the store at 0146 hrs. This subject was  Dwain London- DOB:9/19/88. After checking with store management Det. Higgins found that London purchased $20.00 of gasoline as well as a snack product using a credit card. Store records listed the owner of the card used for the purchase of the gasoline and snacks to be Dwain Stewart London.

    The surveillance footage reveals after purchasing the gasoline, Dwain London returned to his vehicle, opened the rear hatch of the vehicle and a small red item, consistent with the gas container is removed from the vehicle and carried closer to the pump.

    In viewing the surveillance footage from the Turkey Hill- 806 New Holland Ave Det. Higgins also observed another male exit London’s vehicle and enter the store. This unknown male is described as follows: Average to short in height light skinned male, wearing and black jacket with a light colored shirt hanging below the jacket, darker washed pants or jeans, and black shoes. The appearance of this male is consistent with the male that is described above observed carrying the gas can at the time of the arson on N. Duke St. Furthermore, the gait of the male entering the Turkey Hill store also appeared consistent with the subject observed on surveillance footage before and after the arson. London and the other subject are observed leaving the Turkey Hill at 0155 hrs, leaving by way of the west entrance/ exit, back in the direction of Lancaster City. The investigation continues as to the identity of the other subject.

    Records for Dwain London’s cellular telephone were obtained and are consistent with the movement of London’s vehicle observed prior to and after the start of the fires.

    After leaving Turkey Hill, 806 New Holland Ave, London is constantly tracked using the above methods prior to, during and after the arson. Specifically London’s vehicle is observed in the area of E Orange St at N Marshall St at 0322 hrs, E Orange St at N Duke St at 0325 hrs, E Orange St at N Queen St at 0328 hrs, and as previously mentioned at N Queen at E Chestnut St, where the arsonist exits the vehicle, at 0329 hrs.

    In a prior interview with Investigators, London advised investigators that he was home at the time of the fires.

    The doors burned in the fire were manufactured by hand in the 19th century and are regarded as an irreplaceable piece of Lancaster history and Lancaster City Government. The value of the damage to the doors and stone front of the building is estimated at $70,0000.

    As a result of the fire at the Lancaster City Hall building all City Hall staff members, those employed by the City of Lancaster and their families have a continued great concern for their safety. The functions and operations of the City of Lancaster were greatly affected over the days and weeks after the arson and continue to be affected. This included an increased police presence at City Hall to quell the safety concerns for the building that is the center of Lancaster City government institution and the people it serves.

    As you can read in the above information, this investigation has been lengthy and time consuming and is on-going. The identity of the co-conspirator that acted with London has not been identified and investigators are still pursuing that part of the investigation. 

    As a result of the information that is listed above and after consultation with Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, Det. Jessica Higgins filed a Criminal Complaint against Dwain London before MDJ Jimenez. London was charged with (1) Count Terrorism (F1), (3) Counts Arson (F2 &F3), Institutional Vandalism (F3) and Criminal Conspiracy (Terrorism/Arson/Institutional Vandalism). A warrant was obtained for the arrest of Dwain London.

    London was taken into custody at the Lancaster Bureau of Police station in the early evening hours on 11 June 2018. He was served with the warrant and processed for the arrest. He was held for arraignment. Arraignment information was not available as of the time of this press release (0800 hrs. 12 June 2018)

    All persons accused of a crime are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court.


    **   WGAL News 8 has been told that the meeting in question became very heated. It concerned the condemnation of several homes that were not up to code.
    From WGAL’s coverage of the arrest of Dwain London, Jr. for the arson at city hall (click here).
         What kind of reporting is this? You can watch the meeting and see how heated it became! This was posted on this site the morning after the meeting (click here for the original and full article):



    *     Dwain London’s bail is $2 million cash! Click here for LNP’s, “Police arrest Dwain London Jr. in City Hall arson, believe another person is involved,” and see his docket with his bail and charges below.      



         Yesterday, Judge Jeffrey Conrad extended the temporary PFA against Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple by six months. Will Caple continue to be a police officer? What happens now?
    LIP News was in the courtroom – please check back later today.


    Posted on June 11th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    * Lancaster — The temporary PFA against Lancaster City Police Officer Jonathan Caple was extended for six months this afternoon in Lancaster County Court. Much more to follow.




         In Sunday’s LNP print edition this was part of their editorial (click here for the editorial online):

         This is a flat-out lie! LNP uses their power as the only news outlet in Lancaster County to enrich their pockets by stealing from the public and to seal their control over the city and county. They “ran roughshod over your interests and those of your fellow citizens without worry of exposure” for their convention center/hotel and now their Marriott expansion because they are the only news source and there is no one to expose these thieves!
          This was posted under the article about the Water Street Mission warehouse demolition (click here):

         Of course, the largest corporate welfare program in the history of Lancaster City and County went directly to LNP! And they received millions and millions of your dollars!
          These people are liars and crooks and an absolute disgrace to journalism!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 10th, 2018 Becky 14 comments
    Posted by Jeffrey Lyons’ son on his Facebook page.
    ***  Where was Lyons going? According to reports he left at 6:00 am on Tuesday, May 15th. He was pulled over in Minnesota on Thursday, May 17th sometime in the afternoon (Fox43 posted he had been found at 3:20 pm – click here).
         We don’t know where in Minnesota but at a minimum it is 1,200 miles from Lancaster to Minnesota. At 60 miles an hour that’s a drive of at the very least 20 hours. He must have driven almost straight through. Where was he going and why? Where is he now?


    **   Jeffrey Lyons married Julie L. Hess on April 23, 1988. They have two known children, Jeff and Jessica (pictured below with their parents). Jeff lives in Los Angeles according to his Facebook page and Jessica states she works at Worley & Obetz, Inc.


    *     Jeffrey Lyons and his wife, Julie H. Lyons (nee Julie L. Hess), live at 2601 Old Orchard Road in Manheim Township. According to county records, they bought the home on October 14, 2005 for $925,000. It is currently valued for tax purposes at $814,500.
         (The photo below is from a Google street view in July of 2011).


         The son of Jeffrey Bickett Lyons posting on his Facebook page about his father’s mysterious disappearance last month. With all their stories about Worley & Obetz closing and millions and millions of dollars missing, LNP has not run Lyons’ picture or told us a thing about this man since his disappearance. It is truly bizarre.
    Click here for today’s front page story in print (pictured left) and online which tells you almost nothing and check back later today.


    Posted on June 8th, 2018 Becky 22 comments


         When I wrote the below on this site I got the headline wrong. It should read “INCREDIBLE, DISPICABLE ARROGANCE!” (click here for the original). Apparently Captain Winters doesn’t think the public is knowledgeable enough to say, “Hey, do a DNA test between the two killers and find out if these two women had the same killer!” 
         And Winters knew he could count on LNP to not challenge him and ask why a DNA test hasn’t been done because LNP never questions or challenges the police. Never.
         So Winters thought he could get away with this despicable nonsense when you have two grieving families and a public who has the right to know if there is a serial killer in Lancaster County.
         Next week I will publish my letters to the state attorney general and the FBI requesting the DNA test and asking why one wasn’t done years ago. I hope that the public and readers of this site will do the same. The public and these victims’ families deserve an answer – now!



    (Click here)

         On May 29th, I asked, “CAN THE POLICE SOLVE THIS ARSON?” (see below and click here for the original). Apparently not!
         When is LNP going to tell the public the truth about the Safety Coalition Cameras? If the Lancaster Police can’t solve these arsons, how can they solve murders and other serious crimes?


    Posted on June 6th, 2018 Becky 1 comment


    (Click here)

         From the article:
         Lancaster has become a majority-minority city. Its population is about 39 percent Latino; 14 percent black and 39 percent white, according to U.S. census data. (The latter two numbers exclude residents identifying as Latino.)
         The city’s 136 sworn police officers, in contrast, are 87 percent white, 8 percent Latino and 4 percent black. Ten are women, one of whom is the department’s lone Asian-American officer.
         …Just nine of the 136 officers live within city limits.
         How in the world could this happen? How do these numbers compare with the editorial staff of the Lancaster Newspapers? A huge part of the answer lies with blatantly racist LNP and there will be more on this to come.
         And it is intern season at LNP. Have they reached out to try and diversify their interns who may become their future reporters? So far we have Abigail King and Ethan Sterenfeld. The answer is a resounding “no!”
         Also coming later today – when is LNP going to hold the police and District Attorney Craig Stedman accountable? On May 29th, LNP reporter Tom Knapp wrote a story about the unsolved murders of two women in Lancaster County and asked if they have the same killer (click here). When is LNP going to demand that a simple DNA test be done to answer that question? Do the families of these victims have a right to finally know? How is it possible that in 2018 this is still an unanswered question?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 2nd, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    *    Actually, we know the cameras rotate or pan an area. DA Craig Stedman told us that and it was in the videos he showed when the police chased 18-year-old Jose Efrain Rodriguez for four minutes and then executed him. (Stedman states in the video that he would prefer “stationary” cameras – and he is a board member of the Safety Coalition – this man will say anything! Click here for the LNP article and video).
         And the cameras pan or rotate pretty quickly so it’s hard to believe that between two cameras they did not catch a peek of the city hall arsonist(s). But besides that it would be nice if this “update” included answers to the following:

    —  Have they figured out what accelerant was used to start the fires? They had to use a lot to get concrete to burn/scar  – so depending on the accelerant – in what kind of container was it carried to the two arsons and where would they purchase a large quantity of the accelerant?

    —  What did they use to ignite the accelerant? Did they leave any evidence behind – matches, a lighter or a fire igniter?

    —  Do they know which fire was started first? The one in the city owned vehicle or the one in the entrance to city hall?

    —  One of the cameras in the area has to have caught someone walking towards city hall with a large container or exiting a vehicle near city hall. I do not believe the cameras are that bad/slow to rotate! Yes, the police better keep looking!

         Maybe LNP could do a better follow-up and ask the police some actual, detailed questions?



         We have so many cameras and most of them are utterly useless. Even an attack on city hall, where there’s camera at the corners of the street, is caught unseen.
         What exactly is the point of the safety coalition again? Ridiculous.

    Posted on Lancaster Online as a comment under the story, “Police continue to go through video surveillance in Lancaster City Hall arson investigation,” (click here).
         I’ve been questioning these cameras for years and suddenly we learn the cameras are on a “preprogrammed, panning zoom” and are apparently worthless! Unbelievable.


    Posted on June 1st, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    — Have a safe and happy First Friday and please check back tomorrow. —


    *    I am simply in shock. LNP reporter Tom Knapp writes an article on the unsolved murders of two women and talks about DNA and “new technology” and quotes long-time detectives as saying they might have the same killer but they don’t know for sure and never once asks why they haven’t done a DNA test to see if they truly do have the same killer or not!
         I am speechless. I am very familiar with the murders under the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above on this site. I walked the streets on some of them and talked to family, friends and neighbors. I know that the police had not spoken to 83-year-old Erma Kaylor’s landlord a week after her horrific murder even though her friends and neighbors said she called him repeatedly to complain about the new people who recently moved into the apartment above hers.
         I was shocked when I learned that Olga Sanchez-Reyes was the victim of a previous arson before the horrific one that killed her. I had to go into the LNP lobby and speak with now managing editor Tom Murse and ask him why LNP had not reported that crucial fact and why the public had a right and a need to know. And I corresponded with someone who is quite certain that he knows who set the first fire – and I believe him. But neither fire has ever been solved and her murderer remains on the loose.
         But the murders of Myers and Chevalier were before my time and I knew next to nothing about them. But then to read Knapp’s piece and be shocked by the simple answer to his question and then to read Brett Hambright’s piece (who went from being an LNP reporter to being the current DA spokesperson) four years before that which asked the exact same question was simply too much when there is such an obvious, simple answer.
         What is going on and when will the DNA be tested? Again, the two articles with links are below.

    (Click here)

    (Click here)




    From left to right: Christy Mirack, Roxanne Myers and Juanita Chevalier

         There may be a serial killer in Lancaster County and despite knowing this for years, District Attorney Craig Stedman has not had a simple DNA test done to determine if the same man killed Christy Mirack (1992), Juanita Chevalier (1995) and Roxanne Myers (1998).
    Please see the stories below and check back later today.


    Posted on May 31st, 2018 Becky 6 comments


         In early 2015, LNP reporter Tom Knapp went on a month’s long rant about me on his Facebook page. One of his multiple posts is above. I think we can cross out “lazy” in the unsolved murders of Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers. I think we can go with corrupt! Who are they protecting?
         The families of these two victims deserve far better than what you gave them, Tom! They deserve to know that the police are doing everything possible to solve these horrific murders! They deserve justice! And that is obviously not being done!
         There is a reason I call for outside help on these murders. Because absolutely no one is holding these police accountable and that is never a good thing! That is your job, Tom, but you aren’t doing it and LNP has not done it for years!

    —  I sent a second request this afternoon to DA spokesman Brett Hambright asking why a simple DNA test has not been done to determine if these two women have the same killer.
    —  I left a voicemail this afternoon for East Hempfield Township police Sgt. Matthew Pohle asking the same question.

    There will be more tomorrow.



    Posted as a comment under his story on Lancaster Online, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads,” (click here).

         Um…Tom – Are you aware that you can submit two DNA samples to see if they are the same person? That doesn’t take a lot of “expertise!” They’ve been doing that for years! So why wouldn’t the police do this simple test after all these years to finally answer the question: Is the killer of these two women the same man?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on May 30th, 2018 Becky No comments


         They have had years to compare the DNA. The testing has been in place for a long time. Hell, Morry Povich does the same test for years and years.
    Part of a comment in under yesterday’s post.
         Yes, they have had years to do a simple test and determine if Juanita A. Chevalier and Roxanne V. Myers were killed by the same man or not. If not, the two police departments could continue their separate work. If yes, the two departments could combine their resources and share every piece of evidence and everything they know about the killer – and look into any other possible murders he may have committed!
         Why wasn’t this done years ago and why didn’t reporter Tom Knapp ask for his recent story? And why didn’t Brett Hambright ask when he was still a reporter for LNP and wrote about these two cases? It’s an obvious, in your face question any true reporter would ask!
          I am still awaiting an answer from Brett Hambright from my email this morning. I will follow-up tomorrow. This is simply unbelievable.
    There will be more tomorrow.



    ***   Well, look at this (click here)! Apparently the Ephrata Police know how to use DNA! Maybe they could consult with Lancaster Captain Mike Winters and DA Craig Stedman and help them out.


    (Click here) 

    **   Can we assume that Mayor Sorace is asking the Chief about the progress they are making in last week’s arson? Will she ask him about all the unsolved murders in the city? Will she ask him about the Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras and whether they work? Will she ask him about the four people charged with “riot?” Will she ask him about the complaint procedure against the police and why they ask for the name of your employer? Will she advise him to be careful and not break the Constitution? Wow!

    *     A quick update today: I have not received a response to my email to City Council member Ismail Smith Wade-El as to why he was absent from Saturday morning’s special meeting. I did call the Board of Elections today and his official address is 947 Virginia Avenue. So, this 28-year-old is still living with mom.



    Myers (left) and Chevalier

        The following email was sent to Brett Hambright, media spokesman for DA Craig Stedman, at 7:24 am this morning:

    Please have District Attorney Craig Stedman explain why a simple DNA test has not been done between the killers of Juanita A. Chevalier (1995) and Roxanne V. Myers (1998) to determine if the killer is the same man.
    Also, you wrote about these two cases in October of 2014 for LNP (link below). A commenter under your story on Lancaster Online brought up the 1992 murder of Christy Mirack. Has the DNA of her killer been tested against the killer(s) of Chevalier and Myers and if not, why not?
    Thank you and I look forward to your prompt response,
    Becky Holzinger
         The two articles about these murders are below with a link to the LNP stories.
    Please see yesterday’s post immediately below and check back later today.

    (Click here)

    (Click here)


    Posted on May 29th, 2018 Becky 10 comments


         “We don’t know if they were killed by the same person,” he added, “and at this point there is no solid, notable evidence to say they were.”
         Linking the deaths is “pure speculation,” Winters [City police Capt. Michael Winters] said.
    From today’s LNP story, “Unsolved: Police seek justice for 2 women slain in 1990s, hope new technology might generate leads,” (click here).
         Excuse me? Has someone lost their mind or don’t they have any minds at all? According to the article, they have the DNA of both killers! A simple test would determine if their killers are the same!
         Am I missing something or is this the most ridiculous and disturbing thing you have ever read? Compare the two killer’s DNA. Bingo! You have the answer – with 99.99 percent certainty!
    There will be much more tomorrow. 



    **    Tom Knapp has an article today on two old unsolved murders which I will come to later, but he also has this, “A ‘doh!’ moment at local animal shelter: Don’t put live animals in closed, insulated boxes,” (click here).
           Yesterday, I noticed a new ad for puppy mills on Lancaster Online (see below). This is a new puppy mill (not Greenfield Puppies) and I did a little research on They used to be “Purebred Breeders” but changed their name after the Today Show did an expose on them in 2011 (click here) and they were sued. also has very bad reviews on the internet and has attracted the attention of the Humane Society. And their prices are simply astonishing and outrageous! Do not buy these puppies – and LNP and Tom Knapp – if you care so much about animals – get the puppy mill ads off your site!


    *     I realize that a horrific and deadly car crash overshadowed the arson this past week. But the Lancaster City Police Department has 145 sworn police officers and approximately 80 civilian support personnel. They should be able to handle two high profile cases in a week! Where is the follow-up on the arson by LNP? Mayor Sorace said this was a “personal attack!” 





         Early last Wednesday morning, a fire was set at the entrance to city hall and to a city owned vehicle. Mayor Sorace said the damage is in the tens of thousands of dollars.
         Will the police solve this? Was the arsonist(s) caught on camera? Where does the investigation stand almost a week later? Does the public have a right to know?
    Click here for LNP’s, “Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace says of City Hall fire, ‘We will not be bullied,'” and check back later today.


    Posted on May 25th, 2018 Becky 14 comments


         Was this really necessary? The man made a mistake, paid for it, and spent the rest of his life doing good. Plenty of other people have walked the same path but weren’t given the walk of shame by LNP after they passed.
    A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “James B. Christian, co-founder of United Chem-Con, dies at 64,” (click here).
         The commenter above is much more restrained than I am going to be. This is the most racist thing LNP has run in a long time! This was on this morning’s front-page in the print edition with “minority” in the opening sentence (see below). This is sheer racism and LNP doesn’t like “successful minority entrepreneurs!” No, that is exclusively for white folks in Lancaster County. We can’t have any blacks or Hispanics or Asians being successful entrepreneurs! Horrors!
         Where is the NAACP? Where is the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission? When are they going to call out the unbelievably racist LNP and tell the public to boycott them?


    *    A quick note – if Tony Dastra and his team live-stream this meeting, I will report on it on Saturday. LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher makes no mention in this article of Randy Patterson not having read Gene Aleci’s report and Aleci pointedly handing him a copy of it during Tuesday’s meeting.
         Click here for, “City Council will meet Saturday, may reopen Water Street Mission warehouse demolition vote.”



         I found the below by “accident” when I did a search for the Lancaster City Police Department’s Twitter account. It’s amazing what you find on the internet and this woman made a public post she wants people to read so I’m posting it here:


    Posted on May 24th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    —  LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow and then go on holiday break until Tuesday, May 29th when daily publishing will resume.



    —  Chief Berkihiser?
    —  Why, yes it is!
    —  This is Tom Knapp, ace reporter for LNP!
    —  I thought you covered cats and dogs, Tom. And hedgehogs and sugar gliders! Why are you calling the police?
    —  I’m calling about the fire.
    —  Did you say “fire?” Oh, no! Did the mayor change her mind about me being chief? I wondered why she picked me. I have a terrible record.
    —  I think you were the cheapest candidate and the city is running out of money, chief. But no, no, she’s not firing you. I’m calling about the arson fire set at city hall. You were there for the Mayor’s press conference yesterday.
    —  Yes, I remember that!
    —  What is the status of the investigation?
    —  Tom, we’ve been working around the clock. Our detectives have not slept. We are following up on every lead. We are knocking on every door. We are doing old-fashioned police legwork. Um…to be truthful, Tom, we don’t have a clue. Have you heard anything?
    —  Was the arsonist caught on the cameras, chief?
    —  Cameras? What cameras, Tom?
    —  You know – the Safety Coalition cameras!
    —  Oh, those? Those are just for the tourists, Tom! It makes them feel safe. Tom, I’m scared. What if the arsonist sets our station on fire? Oh, somebody help us!
    —  Thanks for the update, Chief! Gotta go – it’s deadline time!
    To be continued… 




           Can the Lancaster City Police solve an arson at City Hall?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on May 23rd, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         It has been quite a shocking day. Violence is never the answer. Hopefully, this time the Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras can be used to help solve these arsons (a portion of the camera map is below with a blue arrow inserted at the location of city hall).
         Mayor Sorace’s full press conference on the arsons is on WGAL-TV (click here).


    **    Ya, the why seems pretty clear here…
            I could be wrong, but if you didn’t see last night’s council meeting I recommend you watch the video on transparent Lancaster.

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the City Hall arson fire article linked to immediately below.
              The comment was posted by Noah Miller, a well known Lancaster landlord who attended and spoke at last night’s city council meeting. Yes, watch the video!

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** – Click here for LNP’s, “Arson fire damages Lancaster City Hall entrance.”        



    LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (left) got up from his seat and stood and took pictures of the multiple tenants who spoke during last night’s city council meeting and then in a bizarre move he sat down next to and cozied up to their landlord, Dwain London Sr. (middle) and his son (right).
         There was an absolutely explosive city council meeting last night (the live-stream is broken into two halves on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).
         A very upset woman complained about the police and demanded an apology from them and city council. She called the police from her car to report a fight that was going on in the city and then apparently her car and her daughter who was with her were targeted by the police as being part of the disturbance.
         A woman who was with her complained about the complaint procedure against the police. She said the police use intimidation tactics to keep people from making a complaint. Mayor Sorace got involved and there will be much more on this later today.
         Charlotte Katzenmoyer was caught lying about the 12-and-a-half million dollar automated water meter reading system and how much fiber broadband coverage MAW Communications has actually installed.
         Know-it-all Randy Patterson suddenly hadn’t read the 30 page report prepared by the opposition to demolishing the Water Street Mission warehouse. It was pointedly handed to him during the meeting but council voted to let the warehouse be demolished.
         Numerous tenants of landlord Dwain London Sr. addressed council at the end of the meeting during the open comment period and asked where they are supposed to live. It was heartbreaking.
         And normally mild-mannered Tony Dastra, who livestreams the meetings and ran as an independent for mayor, snapped at London at the end of the meeting. I have to listen to the tape again but Dastra was out-of-line and chastised by council for his angry remark.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on May 21st, 2018 Becky 11 comments


         Point being the Foundation can grant money tax free for the purpose of education. They have been doing this for decades. It is a good and worthy cause. Not everything they do is some nafarious plot. I hope my insight helps.
    Part of a comment in also under “AND ARSON & RIOT!” below on this site regarding the LNP article on the James Hale Steinman Memorial Scholarship Fund awards of $30,000 scholarships each to three seniors (click here).
         Education is a wonderful thing. My point: These are only for children of Steinman Communications employees. Therefore, it is a bonus, fringe benefit, perk or any other term you want to use for it – for Steinman employees and Peggy Steinman should not be paying this very large job benefit from a tax-exempt foundation she is paying no taxes on! Period.
         And as discussed and verified on this site for 14 years, the Steinman family discriminates in their hiring and all of their employees, and thus the children receiving this job perk from their parents, are white!
         There will be more on this to come.


      The mugshots of three of the individuals charged with “riot” and run prominently by LNP with their story, 4 arrested Thursday evening in Lancaster city after traffic stop goes awry,” (click here).       

          Becky there was NO riot. The reason why they were all charged with riot was because Bingham [Lancaster City Bureau of Police Officer Jake Bingham] decided to be cocky & ruff with the underage boy. His brother and neighbors weren’t having it. The entire block came out & witnessed this going on. The neighbors were all yelling & standing together. After Bingham noticed he was ruff with the boy and noticed all the neighbors yelling at him. He must of called for back up and used riot as an excuse which makes sense because an officer showed up with the biggest can of mace I’ve ever seen lol and other officers came all bugged eye trying to watch everyone in the crowds. Unfortunately none of the neighbors that were men that was standing & watching got in it to protect the underage boy. Everybody including the same boys that were all sitting on curb or along G.C. gates all told Bingham not to treat the underage boy like that. Could be why he charged them all with riot…I wonder what would of really happened if all the entire block didn’t come out to witness it.
    This comment in under “AND ARSON & RIOT!” below on this site (click here).
         Thank you! I know there was no riot! This was sheer racism and absurd charges to try to cover-up police misconduct in this incident.
         The question is: Why didn’t the “world-class journalists” at LNP question the fact that four people were charged with riot? Does anyone in their office have a brain? Does anyone in their office have the slightest bit of humanity and common sense and any insight into the racial discrimination that blatantly goes on in Lancaster everyday? No – because that same racism exists in the LNP office and has for years and years.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on May 19th, 2018 Becky 1 comment


    *    The PUC’s response to Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument is below. 

    5-20-18 UPDATE


         This is simply unbelievable. The below screenshot of the LancCity Connect Facebook page was taken at 11:50 am this morning. The problem is: No one can come close to even obtaining your service! Someone needs to demand answers now! This is an absolute fraud!

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         State Senator Scott Martin’s office has responded to my request for his and Senator Ryan Aument’s correspondence with the PUC regarding MAW Communications (see the post immediately below). The response from the PUC to their letter will come tomorrow.


    Posted on May 18th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


         This email in late this afternoon (thank you!):
         With considerable interest, I read your LIP article about the ‘after hours’ auto repairs reported at the new city garage at the former Farmer’s Supply building.  I can confirm this ‘hidden in plain sight’ enterprise has been going on for many years and many insiders at city hall are aware of it have personally reaped benefits from it as an under-the-table ‘perk’ of their employment.  It is a carry-over from the old city garage operations on Fairview Avenue.  (That facility was abandoned in place primarily due to the city’s chronic ignorance of even the most basic preventative maintenance – yet another failing of the Gray administration.)
         I will try to follow-up on this. So much corruption – so little time!
         LIP News will not publish tomorrow but will be back on Sunday.
         Have a good and safe Friday and please keep everyone connected to the Santa Fe High School in your thoughts and prayers.


    *   The below message was sent this morning to State Senator Scott Martin and Ryan Aument through their website contact pages (click here for Martin and here for Aument). Also, write them and demand an investigation into this over $5 million fraud:

    State Senator Scott Martin,

    According to invoices from the Cohen Law Group, you received a letter from the PUC in February or March of 2017 regarding  the MAW Communications broadband project  (LanCity Connect) and the use of water funds for it. Could you please share that letter with the public who have paid over $5 million dollars so far for this project.

    Please email it to me at

    Becky Holzinger
    Editor, www.lipnews


    WELL OVER $100,000

         The full invoice for March 2017 from the Cohen Law Group is below. Barry Handwerger is an attorney with the city’s law firm of Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort & Albert, LLP (click here). 
          Not only is the Lancaster firm “reviewing” the invoices from the Cohen Law Group and Best Best & Krieger to make sure they are legitimate and reasonable, they are also deeply involved in the negotiations. So the city has three law firms involved in defending MAW Communications! Unbelievable.
         And why is Lancaster General Hospital involved?
    Please check back later today.