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    Posted on September 19th, 2017 Becky No comments

    —   Jakeem Towles should spend many years in jail. He should not be on death row. There will be more on his story coming to this site.


    Wren Hensgen

          A couple of quick notes about the LNP story, “Mountville man accused of sexually abusing Adams County boy,” (click here).
    —  LNP does not include his mugshot – but the one above is from the Evening Sun and is easy enough to find (click here).
    —  LNP says: “Hensgen was taken into custody Sept. 12 and posted $150,000 bail one day later, according to court records.”
         Actually, according to court records, a bail bondsman, Jason Bitner, put up the $150,000 in surety bonds.
    —  Hensgen has a private attorney, David Reed Erhard, out of Gettysburg, PA who probably helped secure the bail bondsman.
    —  The Evening Sun quotes his attorney, which is rare, with this suggestive quote:
         Hensgen’s attorney, David Erhard, said they are still in the investigation stage of the case.
         “We are waiting to see what evidence the government will produce to support the accusations,” Erhard stated in an email.
    I enjoy a good attorney!


    From the September 2014 PennLive article, “Death penalty backed by Supreme Court in midstate rapper’s murder,” (click here).

    Jakeem Towles

         Justice J. Michael Eakin’s decision should not be allowed to stand. This is the former Supreme Court Judge who lives in Lancaster County and had to resign because of his involvement in the pornographic and racist email scandal.
         And he lied. The prosecution in Lancaster County has been purposely and intently keeping Blacks and Hispanics off juries for years. Eakin could have asked his wife, Heidi, who used to work for the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office. It is a known fact!
    Please see Jakeem Towles’ latest appeal in the story immediately below on this site and check back later today.


    Posted on September 18th, 2017 Becky 3 comments
    —   Jakeem Towles testified in court this afternoon. Full details are coming tomorrow.


     LANCASTER – Jakeem Towles, through his attorney Teri B. Himebaugh, is in Lancaster Courtroom #3 before Judge Howard Knisely today seeking relief from the death sentence he received after being found guilty of shooting and killing Cornell “Young E-Z” Stewart in Columbia on May 7, 2010.

    Jakeem Towles

          Towles is arguing that he should have taken the stand in his own defense during his trial and the testimony of Dr. Gerald Cooke, a forensic psychologist from Plymouth Meeting, PA who interviewed Towles, should have been presented during his trial. Dr. Cooke testified this morning.
    Five witnesses took the stand this morning and testimony will continue after the lunch break with Towles’ defense attorney during his June 2012 trial, Samuel Encarnacion, on the stand. Encarnacion handled the guilt portion of his trial while Patricia Kay Spotts handled the penalty phase of his trial – the decision of death or life in jail following the jury’s verdict on guilt. She testified this morning.
    There were two videos taken the night of the murder, one by Robert Sanders who testified this morning and the second by Jerry Puryear, who requested an attorney because he has criminal charges pending against him and he did not testify.
    The jury came back with a verdict of death for Towles on June 11, 2012


    Posted on September 18th, 2017 Becky No comments


    One of LNP’s online headlines regarding the trial of Marquell Rentas.

         How many young people of color “like cops?”
    Let’s talk about race again today!

  • *** – ** – * LET’S TALK ABOUT RACE – 2

    Posted on September 17th, 2017 Becky 17 comments

    $100,000 UNSECURED BAIL!

    ***  Alexander is currently free on $100,000 unsecured bail.
    From the LNP story, “Police: Conestoga woman stole 24 guns from family members, sold them to 2 businesses and on Craigslist,” (click here).
         If you can’t figure out that this woman is white, we’ll have to send you to LNP’s school on race <sarcasm>! Why doesn’t LNP question this if they want to talk about race so badly?
          Below is her court summary which states she is white, confirms the $100,000 unsecured bail and notice the “24 Counts” next to “F2 Felonies.” Below her court summary is her docket which shows you in detail what those 24 F2 Felonies look like in long form! Unbelievable!       
         Yes, let’s talk about race and white privilege, LNP!


    **  Todd Mealy did his research! The life and times in Lancaster PA and Franklin and Marshall College was a shock to me. I lived there during those years and somehow totally unaware of the circumstances and tension that prevailed. Yet, recognizing people and places.
    From a review of Mealy’s book on (click here).
         Nobody knew about the circumstances and tension and the attempted lynching because LNP didn’t tell them! In today’s LNP editorial based on “reporter” Jeff Hawkes article which LNP made an “insider” story, they repeatedly talk about and quote Penn Manor history teacher Todd Mealy. What they don’t tell you is that he has authored several books and one very recently that has been featured several times on this site.
         Why wouldn’t LNP tell you that? Maybe because they don’t want you to know about Lancaster’s racist “past” or racist police (yes, former head of the Lancaster Detectives Luther Henry is mentioned in his book). 
         Racist LNP doesn’t really want to talk about race! They are lying. Because, as has been stated on this site too many times to count: Racism in Lancaster County began and continues because of LNP!
    —  Click here for Hawkes “insider” story, “In the era of Charlottesville and Kaepernick, some Lancaster County educators look to address race in the classroom.”
    —  Click here for today’s LNP editorial, “There is room in school to talk about race.”


         From LNP’s former executive editor and now community liaison, Barbara Hough Roda’s  Twitter account.

    *    Why would LNP be “hosting” mayors at The Pressroom? What does LNP want? Does LNP want them to keep their legal advertising with over-priced LNP? Is LNP trying to consolidate their power? Why in the world would LNP host Lancaster County Mayors at their restaurant? Does anyone know?



          This story was overshadowed yesterday, so I am reposting it today. And in today’s editorial, the LNP board wants to talk about race! Good! Let’s talk about LNP and race!
    Please check back later today.

         Thank goodness their are other news sources in Lancaster County besides LNP. Check this out from the Columbia Spy’s Facebook page regarding the LNP editorial, “School district partnership was a worthwhile experiment,” (click here). The Columbia Spy’s Facebook page is here.


    Posted on September 14th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         In a trial where race was a huge factor, LNP refused to tell the public the racial and ethnic makeup of the jury. I had to travel to Lancaster to find out and report it. Oh, and the black alternate juror? It might look good but as a friend of mine said years ago – the alternates make absolutely no difference. Nope, she doesn’t count one little bit!
         LNP doesn’t report on the makeup of juries because they would constantly be saying “all white.” And racist LNP likes it that way so they don’t want to bring attention to that fact. Because someone might say: This is not right and what is going on?
         So how are these Lancaster County juries not matching the U.S. census figures for the county? What lists are being used by court administration to pull prospective jurors? Is the District Attorney’s office purposely excluding blacks and Hispanics from juries?
         This is at the core of the justice system in this country. What are the Lancaster County Judges doing about this? Why is this an issue in 2017?
          A huge part of that answer is LNP. There will be much more on this and tomorrow – a look at the slanted, fabricated and disgusting reporting by LNP in the Marquell Rentas trial.



         Let’s talk about race and justice in Lancaster County. What happens to young men of color in Lancaster County? The below images are from the Columbia Spy and involve Marquell Rentas who will probably spend several decades behind bars (click here).


    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 13th, 2017 Becky 4 comments
    • Rentas’ trial this morning, Michael Baker’s preliminary hearing this afternoon. Details tomorrow.


    LANCASTERThe jury in the Marquell Rentas trial came back first thing this morning with three questions before they continued their deliberations from yesterday afternoon. They were:
    — They wanted the large map of Columbia Boro which had been shown in the trial previously.
    — They wanted a transcript of the police interview of Rentas at the Columbia Police Station. They were told there is no transcript but they could watch the video of the interview again and it was replayed in court this morning.
    — The jury wanted the definition of conspiracy and Judge Dennis Reinaker read it to them.
         The jury left Courtroom #8 after getting answers to these questions at about 10:00 am this morning to return to their deliberations.

          Several important notes:  
    The jury is all white (with the possible exception of one male who may be Hispanic/part Hispanic).
      One of the two alternate jurors is a black female.
    — Rentas looked short, thin, young and scared this morning in court.

    A BLIND EYE?From the LNP Facebook page on Monday after jury selection in the trial.

         Well, at least LNP reporter Jonas Fortune has eyes and can tell men from women!  But is he color blind? In this explosive case where race is certainly an issue, Fortune never tells us the racial or ethnic makeup of the jury. Not once in the above article or in any article since!
         This past Sunday, LNP pulled out their go to reporter on race, Jeff Hawkes, with a front-page article about teaching the topic of race (LNP made it an “insider” story online). What an absolute fraud!
         In this county where unconstitutional juries were selected for years to keep them white, and they have been notoriously white for years and years, racist LNP continues to cover up that fact and pretend that no one needs to know the racial or ethnic makeup of the jury.
         It is not journalism – it is disgusting and unconscionable! LNP does not have a single minority reporter they could send to cover this trial. Run this racist company out of town!
    Please check back later today.


  • * BY MURSE & LNP

    Posted on September 12th, 2017 Becky 20 comments

    *    Taking a break this afternoon – the comments have been keeping me busy but they are much appreciated and make for very interesting reading! Thank you everyone. LIP News will return tomorrow.


         Tom Murse, LNP’s new “managing editor” was formerly the content editor and apparently still is the editor of LNP’s The Caucus. The Caucus’ stated objective is to report on Pennsylvania government and boasts of its “relentless, independent investigative reporting.” 

         And look at this – on September 10th, two days ago, The Caucus did a front page story on Republican State Senator Scott Martin and his Bill #754 that conflicts with the Constitution and the basic founding principles of this country.

         And LNP tells us over and over again that they are: “The source of news and information for every resident of Lancaster County.” Are they really?

         So what is missing in LNP’s coverage of two powerful elected officials  – Scott and Amber Martin? Just about everything. It is an absolute betrayal of the public trust and a betrayal to everything journalism and a free press are supposed to stand for in this country.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 11th, 2017 Becky 46 comments


         Judge David Workman issued an Order in the custody battle on September 7th cancelling a pre-hearing conference scheduled for this morning in Gerald Green’s custody suit against Amber Martin. Is it any wonder? Look at the number of attorneys that were copied in on this mess!
         The order is immediately below and below that is a continuation of another portion of Attorney Wendy Chan’s answer as to why she should not be removed from the case. The only thing that seems to drive Chan is her hatred (and that is not too strong of a word after you read it) for Scott Martin.
         This is astonishing and disturbing behavior by two attorneys!



    PART 2 –


         There is more below from Lancaster Attorney Wendy Chan’s response to Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront’s “Petition for Special Relief” to remove Chan from this child custody case between Gerald Green and Amber Martin (see part one of this LIP News exclusive immediately below on this site).
         It should be noted that I have not read Cheuvront’s petition and do not know if it was written in the same scathing and shocking manner that Chan adopted in her answer:


    Posted on September 10th, 2017 Becky 40 comments



    Attorneys Wendy Chan (left) and Rebecca Cheuvront

         It doesn’t get much uglier than the custody battle going on between Gerald Green and Amber Martin. Martin was previously married to Green and they have two daughters together. Martin, who is the Lancaster County Treasurer, divorced Green and then quickly married State Senator Scott Martin who married and divorced his previous wife, Heather Martin, twice.
        Gerald Green was represented by Attorney Wendy Chan and Martin is represented by Attorney Rebecca Cheuvront. The two attorneys once worked together in the same law firm and that did not end well at all! Accusations are flying in every direction!
        Cheuvront filed a “Petition for Special Relief” against Chan to get her removed from Green’s case because of multiple conflicts of interest.
         Chan did withdraw – but two astonishing parts of her initial answer to the petition are below and there will be much more coming in this explosive LIP News exclusive. Where “Father” is used it is referring to Gerald Green and “Mother” refers to Amber Martin.




    Posted on September 10th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

    GROOMED FOR YEARS!The new statement in today’s LNP print edition of the Sunday News.

         Tom Murse is now the “managing editor” for news and sports. Don’t expect any major changes. They have been grooming him for this job for years. His father worked for LNP his entire life and working for LNP is the only major job Tom Murse has ever held.
         What a sad day in Lancaster County!

         Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 9th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

    *    Representing LNP will be reporters Chad Umble, Sam Janesch and Mary Ellen Wright; Alex Henry, audience engagement specialist in the circulation department; LNP advertising sales supervisor Tessa Gilchrest; and Barbara Hough Roda, LNP/LancasterOnline community liaison.
    From today’s LNP article, “Coffee With LNP heads to Mountville Sept. 19,” (click here).
         I guess that makes it official: Roda is no longer the executive editor. Who will take her place? I imagine we will find out tomorrow.


         LNP’s Barbara Hough Roda has changed her title on her Twitter account from “executive editor” to “community liaison.”
         Is she out as executive editor and who will take her place?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 8th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


          District Attorney Craig Stedman just upped the stakes – as reported here yesterday, 16-year-old Michael Baker is now charged with attempted homicide (click here for the LNP story). There will be much, much more on this story to come.
         There have been huge developments today on many stories and they will be coming. One tease – remember this story from LNP regarding Jerry Puryear, “Lititz police are seeking the whereabouts of registered sex offender with outstanding warrants,” (click here). It stated:


           In June, Lancaster city Police filed five counts of failure to comply with Megan’s Law registration requirements against Puryear accusing him of failing to notify state police of various business ventures, cell phone numbers and a post office box.   
         Those five felony counts were “Nolle Prossed” on August 29th (see below). That means the District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges they worked over a year to bring against him. Amazing.
    Have a great Friday and stay tuned! Good stories are coming!




           Is LNP going to tell the public? Are they going to do their job and inform the public that the Republican candidate for Sheriff who was just selected, Christopher Leppler, has serious financial issues? How is this man who worked for the Sheriff’s office for 23 years, knew his income and yet could not live within its means, going to run the Sheriff’s office?
          Coming off the disaster and embarrassment of Mark Reese, is LNP going to inform the public that the Republicans have nominated a very questionable man to replace him as the Sheriff of Lancaster County?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 7th, 2017 Becky 3 comments



         Someone has been very busy working on Michael Baker’s case/docket this afternoon. Under the original, posted here yesterday with a filing date of 9-1, all of the charges were “withdrawn” and the case “closed” (see below).
         If was refiled today with a different arresting officer, bail revoked and the additional charge of attempted murder added (that docket was posted today and is immediately below). They really are trying to put Michael Baker in jail for years and years.
         Apparently things in this case are much different than originally reported by LNP in their story on September 5th titled, “16-year-old Manheim Township boy charged after pointing loaded gun at brother,” (click here).
         What is going on? I will try to find out.        


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    ***  They have now revoked 16-year-old Michael Baker’s bail and added a third felony – Criminal Attempt at Homicide. 

    **   I will call the Lancaster Branch and report back.

    *   County GOP Chairman Dave Dumeyer voiced agreement with a shocking “both sides” statement equating white supremacists and neo-Nazis with their protesters (“Local leader behind Trump,” Aug. 17). He should step down.
    From a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition (click here).


          Last night the sheep of the GOP endorsed Chris Leppler over Louie Rodriguez. For the first time the GOP had an opportunity to endorse a highly qualified career law enforcement professional and respected Latino but instead went with Chris Leppler who could never rise above sergeant by his own merits and has a horrendous financial history. And he flipped off President Judge Reinaker and was suspended for it a few months back. Another committee man called Leppler out about the incident and Leppler bold faced lied to everyone.  
         Most racist crap I have ever witnessed. The embarrassment on so many faces when that vote was read was astounding. 30% of committee people were not even there in person. By proxy fake voting and a fixed convention won it for Leppler. Charles Hamilton even endorsed Louie Rodriguez!!!! Spineless and corrupt Dave Dumeyer made people vote on a second round ballot before giving Hamilton the right to speak and endorse Louie. GOP is a joke. You need to look into how many republican committee members receive government pay checks of some sort. No true republican can respect what has happened to this party.
    This comment in this morning (thank you).
    Click here for LNP’s, “Sergeant Deputy Sheriff Chris Leppler secures Lancaster County GOP nomination in election to replace Mark Reese,” and here for, Democrats pick former city police officer Genetti to compete for ex-Sheriff Mark Reese’s seat in November election,” and please check back later today.


    Posted on September 6th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         On June 9th of this year I ran the below piece on the Manheim Township Police Department (click here for the original). I hesitated before I ran it – but how prophetic! I am making calls this afternoon and will have more on their shocking racism tomorrow.
         Once again, I apologize for the layout of this site and having two very important yet totally separate topics mixed into one post. I am working on what will hopefully be an answer to this problem.



          …And believe me you’re no more interested in the safety of people in the city of Lancaster than we are. So let’s get that off the table right now – that you don’t have a monopoly on concern about the safety of the residents of the city of Lancaster.
    Mayor Gray during last night’s City Council Committee Meeting and directed at a firefighter who had just spoken (click here and he begins this at the 32:19 mark in the tape).
         Yes, and that is why you have an incompetent, alleged wife beater as a Police Chief and that is why there are 20 unsolved murders in the city of Lancaster while you have been mayor.
        This man’s arrogance and nastiness are simply astonishing and the only way he has stayed in office for three terms is because LNP protects him because he got them their convention center/hotel and then even more millions in CRIZ money.
        Despicable is too kind of a word for this man.


    *    George Rosado, who actually shot and killed his 15-year-old “friend,” Ibram Hanna, with a gun he stole was only charged with one felony. (See yesterday’s post immediately below.)


    (Click here for the LNP story and see his charges and bail amount below)

         This is the most racist thing I have seen yet  in Lancaster County. If Blanding Watson of the local NAACP doesn’t make a statement and take a stand on this, I will go to the Philadelphia NAACP.
         This mother turned in her own son looking for help and they want to put this 16-year-old in jail for life. There are no words for this outrage and shocking racism!
    Click here for, “JUST TWO GOOD OL’ WHITE BOYS SHOOTING UP A HOUSE!” and please check back later today.


    Posted on September 5th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


     —  I was stunned to see this unbelievably stupid quote from Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler in Michael Deibert’s article which has yet to appear online. Deibert has written several books and traveled all over the world and is supposedly an expert on Mexico and the drug cartels and he is going to include this nonsense? Ridiculous!

    Steven Markle

    —  LNP finally cleaned up some of the most racist comments under the crossing guard story including those in the screenshot above. I want to point out again that “Stanley Novak” is convicted stalker Steven Markle (see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above on this site) who also created the Facebook account of “Frank Williams” to back up his racist comments and is also probably  “Hugh Smith” who had this morning’s absolutely disgusting comment that was posted here.
         There will be more on the Markles in the coming days.

    —  If I had more time today, I would compare the cases of Ricardo Cruz and George Rosado – click here for, “Lancaster County’s first juvenile lifer to be resentenced is immediately eligible for parole.”
         Rosado was 17-years-old when he “accidentally” shot  and killed 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in August of 2016 with a gun he had stolen from a car the day before. Rosado was sentenced to three to six years in prison.     
          District Attorney Craig Stedman is quoted as follows in the LNP story about Cruz:
          “Debbie Rivera does not have any appellate rights and her sentence is permanent,” District Attorney Craig Stedman said in a statement following the hearing. “Her life was taken and her family will serve their own sentence as well with no second chances. 
         What about Ibram Hanna and the Hanna family, Stedman? This is one of the many reasons that will be used at a later date to detail why Stedman should not under any circumstances be a Superior Court Judge!


    *   This bizarre, front page Sunday News story by Michael Deibert (see the post immediately below) has yet to be put online. What is going on?



    Click here for the LNP story and here for the police press release on CrimeWatch.

          The number of racist comments on Lancaster Online under this story is simply astounding (one glaring example is above). How long is LNP going to let them stand?


    Posted on September 1st, 2017 Becky 13 comments



         The opening paragraphs to LNP’s front page story on Thursday with a large picture of Smucker and an “insider” story online, “Breaking down US Rep. Lloyd Smucker’s record after 8 months in Congress,” (click here).

         Bob Walker and Joe Pitts were laughably terrible and an embarrassment to Lancaster County for years. The only reason these two spent twenty years each in Congress is because the Steinmans, owners of LNP, donated huge amounts to their campaigns and somehow made the public believe these men were slightly rational through their “reporting” and “editorials.”
          Smucker is identical to these two and Beverly Steinman donated $25,000 to his campaign last October and of course Smucker wrote legislation specifically to give LNP millions of dollars through the CRIZ.
         I have said for years that the only reason Lancaster County has been noted for being “ultra-conservative” and “ultra-Republican” is not because of the Amish or the Mennonites – it’s because of the Steinman family and LNP using their power and influence to back these idiots and telling the public conservatism (and racism) is good for the country.
         Run this greedy, racist, lying company masquerading as a news organization out of town!
    LIP News will return this Tuesday. Have a great Labor Day!



         There were ongoing domestic issues between Hatcher and his wife, who was not identified, Stedman said. 
    From the LNP article online, “DA: Man shoots son, then self in 2 of 3 deaths investigated by West Hempfield Township police Wednesday,” (click here). In today’s LNP print edition the byline for the story names “reporters” Lindsey Blest and Jonas Fortune.
         That is the stupidest thing I have read recently. Both Blest and Fortune need to re-take Journalism 101. In fact, everyone at LNP needs to re-take Journalism 101! Absolutely pathetic! How can his wife not be identified?
         Speaking of wives, this email in today (thank you):
         I hear a custody complaint has been filed in the Prothonotary’s office against Amber Martin. My source also tells me it outlines/timelines her affair with Scott Martin. I hope someone can get a copy before she requests the record to be sealed.
         Thank you and yes the complaint has been filed:
         Do you think LNP will cover it? They haven’t even told the public that State Senator Scott Martin married the Lancaster County Treasurer who is now Amber Martin! Why would the public need to know that? Two elected officials?  I guess Scott Martin’s current wife could not be “identified!”
    (Click here for his volatile Twitter account)
         In a special report in Sunday’s LNP, reporter Michael Deibert examines Mexico’s drug cartels and a shift in the distribution pipeline that enables them to move cheaper, more potent heroin from the mountainous Golden Triangle region across the border and into our neighborhoods.
    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition.
         Michael Deibert? Are you serious? Oh, this should be fun! Save your reputation and quit now, Michael!

    Posted on August 31st, 2017 Becky 4 comments


          The Hatchers on their wedding day on June 15, 2012. Their son, who is now six-years-old, has been whited out of the picture. Thankfully he was in school yesterday according to the DA when his father broke into their home, attacked his mother and shot a man in the house and then shot and killed himself.
    —  The tuk tuk is back in the news! Yes, really!
    —  Lloyd Smucker was on the front page of today’s LNP print edition.
    —  Lancaster City Police Officer Scott McDonald just had another incident with his horse that is very similar to one from several years ago.
    —  Lancaster City Council President John Graupera still has a huge lie on his website.
    —  And I really, really want to examine in detail how the Lancaster City Police handled their investigation of the horrific dog attack against three members of the Warfel family in June but that will have to come after the holiday.
         LIP News will publish very briefly tomorrow and then go on vacation until Tuesday, September 5th when daily publishing will resume.    



         The marriage certificate for Darren Hatcher and Jeaneen Hammons. According to District Attorney Craig Stedman today, Hatcher pistol whipped her, shot at her boyfriend twice, hitting him once in the leg, and then put the gun in his mouth and killed himself in Mountville yesterday.
         She had just obtained a PFA against him on Monday following two incidents on Friday and Saturday. It was delivered to him by the Sheriff’s office less than an hour before he committed the violent acts and then killed himself.


         The Washington Post, “‘Remember, we only shoot black people,’ Georgia police officer told a woman — on camera,” (click here).


    **   A screenshot of Brett Hambright’s, the DA’s spokesperson, twitter account taken at 9:55 am this morning.
         Isn’t that comforting?

    *    As of Thursday morning, it is believed neither incident involved random acts. The incidents are not related to one another, but the individuals involved in each are known to each other.
    From the District Attorney’s press release, “West Hempfield Township Police Investigating 3 Deaths at 2 Locations,” (click here).



          Where in the story does it say he is white?
    Robert asked this question in the comments yesterday under the post about the LNP article, “Teen found sleeping on Pequea Township road had loaded gun, machete and drugs,” (click here).
         No, Robert, the article does not say he is white – but it is obvious for these reasons:
    —  The 17-year-old was not immediately charged as an adult.
    —  He was not immediately thrown into Lancaster County Prison with his bail set at $50,000 cash at a minimum.        
    —  Because none of the above happened, the public will never know his name or see his mugshot.
    —  If anyone googles his name in the future (potential employers, potential landlords, potential girlfriends, etc., etc., etc.) the arrest/charges will not be found.
         And that is why, Robert, this 17-year-old can thank his lucky stars his skin color is white!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 30th, 2017 Becky 10 comments


          Three people are dead in West Hempfield Township and a man was shot in the leg.
    —  Click here for WGAL – “Police: Father, son found dead in Lancaster County home.”
    —  Click here for LNP – “West Hempfield police investigate 3 deaths in 2 unrelated incidents.”    


    From the LanCity Connect website (click here).

    **   If I can believe what I read on the internet, Comcast’s 1-gig is the same as LanCity’s highest speed of 1000 Mbps.

    (Click here)

    *    Who could have seen this coming? There will be an update on LanCity Connect on this site after the holiday.



    (Click here)

         This 17-year-old can thank his lucky stars his skin color is white! Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 29th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         An interesting side-note to the Sheriff’s position: On July 7th of this year, I reported that noted gun rights attorney Joshua Prince sued former Sheriff Mark Reese and Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Hamilton for taking away his client’s (GH) license to carry a firearm (click here).
          The suit goes on without the inclusion of Reese – and the Sheriff’s office has answered per the below screenshot. They could have “retreated or de-escalated” the situation. Very interesting!  I will continue to follow this case.



         The position of Sheriff of Lancaster County has never been more important following the Mark Reese scandal. Commenters to this site have expressed concern about Christopher R. Leppler who is a Republican candidate for nomination to November’s ballot.
          There is no question that despite working for the Sheriff’s office for 23 years according to his resume, he has had significant and repeated financial issues.
          He filed for bankruptcy in April of 2009 (see below) and from the Prothonotary’s Office his financial troubles that have preceded and continued following the bankruptcy are documented (also see below).




         According to Lancaster Online, Lancaster police dog enforcement Officer Yadira Garcia, county Dog Warden Travis Hess and investigating Officer Lt. Phil Berkheiser were responsible for the decision to leave this vicious dog for quarantine with the negligent, irresponsible owner. This decision to allow the owner to maintain possession and be responsible for this dog for any amount of time in any capacity is beyond my comprehension.
         If these are indeed the facts, anyone responsible for that decision should be fired. Officials who were aware of this decision and did nothing to rectify such poor judgment are not qualified to hold positions that are directly responsible for public safety.
    From a Letter to the Editor of the Reading Eagle (click here).
         Where is the outrage? Where is the investigation? Where are Police Chief Sadler, Mayor Gray and the city council members? Where is LNP?
         I hope the Warfel family also sues the City of Lancaster! This is incomprehensible!
    Please see the story immediately below and check back later today.
  • *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * VOTE MARTIN OUT!

    Posted on August 28th, 2017 Becky 4 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Lancaster Police Detective Lt. Phil Berkheiser, who investigated the dog attack on the Warfel family on June 19th of this year, was himself involved in a vicious dog attack in 2002.
         From the article, “City will pay $185,000 in dog-mauling case,” there is this (click here):     

           The city agreed in late December to pay Leonda Washington, 14, after it was revealed police officials knew the dog had bitten an officer’s wife a week before attacking the girl but allowed the dog to remain on patrol.

         Officer Philip Berkheiser, who was the dog’s handler, personally apologized to Leonda and her mother, Ninivar Washington. In addition, the city police department’s policy on transporting dogs has been changed.
         … A witness to the attack, Joseph Nolt, described how Leonda looked after the 18-month-old Belgian malinois named Robbi, which weighed about 70 pounds, released the girl.

         “I just remember the girl was sitting up and shaking uncontrollably. Her face, neck, arms and legs were covered in fresh-dripping blood, (and) huge thumb-sized chunks of skin were missing out of her scalp, neck, forehead and thighs,” Nolt said during a deposition. “She was just yelling for her mother the whole time. The whole scene was surreal. I was feeling symptoms of shock, too.”
         …  As the dog attacked Leonda, Berkheiser emerged from the school and attempted to call off the dog. When it didn’t respond, Berkheiser pulled it off Leonda.

         An internal investigation was conducted, and Heim determined Berkheiser should not have left the dog alone in the pickup for more than 10 minutes.     


    Luis Colon (or Colon-Colon)

         I received the below response to my Right to Know request by email on Friday at 4:41 pm (the remainder of the letter tells me how to appeal which was not necessary as his mugshot was attached).
         I ran his mugshot earlier on Friday morning on this site because I had a feeling they would post it on the CrimeWatch website after receiving my request and sure enough they did.
         A friend and I have wondered for years what the Lancaster City Police do all day? And this is one of those cases where the questions are:
    —  Were the police just too lazy to investigate and charge the dog’s owner? Was it too much paperwork for them?
    —  Does Luis Omar Colon-Colon know or have influential contacts with someone “important?”
    —  Why did the lawyer for the Warfel family have to file a Motion for Emergency and or Injunctive Relief to preserve evidence in this case?
    —  What were the Lancaster City Police doing for almost an entire month before they brought charges in a horrific case that went national?
     —  Why didn’t LNP cover Colon-Colon’s preliminary hearing in this case that got national attention?
    —   Why hasn’t LNP reported on the Warfel’s lawsuit?
    —   Did the Lancaster City Police ask LNP to “back-off” and did they agree to do so?
    —   Why the discrepancies in this man’s last name and where he was living?
    —   What the hell is going on?

    —  To be continued…


    *     This anonymous email in Saturday (thank you). This is regarding two of the Republican candidates for Sheriff. 
         “Chris L” is Christopher R. Leppler and “Louie R” is Luis Rodriguez.


          Looks like the Reps R up to the same tricks.  Chris L been telling people he didn’t know the lady Reese harassed.  WRONG he was her 1st Supervisor.  Now he’s saying well yeah.  Plus bragging he’s got it in the bag.  Then they had vetting for the Sheriff job & sent Louie R the notice to the wrong email.  He found out accidentally just hours before his meet.  If wrong email they would have gotten bounce back.  Never followed up with him.  Lot of people thinking the guy who sent it (Andy) did it on purpose.  Louie R not saying anything. Class.  Like your website.  Lots of good news.



    (Click here)

          I want to go back to yesterday’s Sunday News this morning and the above piece  by State Senator Scott Martin. Martin has done favors for LNP and their convention center/Marriott Hotel so they protect and promote this disgusting politician.
         His bill was discussed on Philly’s TV Channel Six “Inside Story” yesterday and one of the commentators said it would have “a chilling effect on free speech.” It is simply unbelievable – going against the core values of this country!
         And there has still not been a mention by LNP of this investigative piece on Martin, “Exclusive: PA Lawmaker Working to Curb Pipeline Protestors Tied to Shadow Lobbyists for Company Behind Project,” (click here).
         Vote Martin out of office and run LNP out of town!
    Please check back later today.


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    **   At one point when Smucker was meeting with the LNP editorial board he was asked if he could work in a bipartisan manner. Smucker smiled at everyone and looked as if he was about to say, “Why yes, I worked with Lancaster Democratic Mayor Rick Gray to write the CRIZ for you people and get you over $9 million more public dollars for your Marriott expansion!”
         He, of course, did not say that but said some other B.S.
         So, what did I learn from Smucker? He said this talking about farmers:
         They milk their cows one, two, three times a day.
         I said, “No way!” And then I googled it. And some farmers are actually milking their cows three times a day!  Who knew? Not me!

    *    Smucker is really trying to get LNP owner Beverly Steinman to open her huge pocketbook for him again! He also met with the Ephrata Review “editorial board” which is totally redundant because they, of course, are owned by LNP!
         But, I did learn something new from Smucker! Oh, yes I did. And that is coming later today!



         We’re not aware of the fitness regimen of Republican U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker of Lancaster County.
         But the congressman who represents the 16th District did perform some verbal gymnastics when asked about the beleaguered presidency of Donald Trump.
    From today’s LNP editorial, “DePasquale and Smucker have their say,” (click here).
         Well! It looks like LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy were quite taken by Smucker’s tan and physique! He can afford a gym membership, ladies!
          The rest of this total crap is just LNP thanking these two for doing LNP huge favors. The LNP editorial board is made up of incredibly dishonest and unethical people!  

    Posted on August 24th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         I love it. Smucker who just claimed that Congress has been productive and has yet to hold a public session with his constituents is sitting right in front of a billboard for LanCity connect and MAW…a totally 2-bit outfit scamming dollars from Lancaster City. A perfect juxtapostion since Smucker does the same…scams money from Lancaster City and gives it to his benefactors LNP and High specifically.
    Posted on Lancaster Online under today’s LNP video, “Watch: Congressman Smucker meets with LNP Editorial Board,” (click here). A screenshot from the video is above.
         This is simply unbelievable! The sign in LNP’s boardroom says “Sponsored by LanCity Connect?” How much money has MAW given LNP? All of the money MAW has comes from the taxpayers – $4.7 million to be exact!

    Suzanne Cassidy, Opinion Editor, far right and clockwise Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Deputy Opinion Editor Rich Manieri.

         Did Mayor Gray and Patrick Hopkins suggest that MAW give LNP money to keep them happy and quiet? Is this the reason LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher has not told the public that MAW’s assets consist of a building in Reading valued at $89,000? Is this the reason Stuhldreher has not named a single business or institution that MAW has done business with before?

         This morning I just thought some of these people would be going to jail over the CRIZ. Now it looks as if they will be going to jail for LanCity Connect as well.
         And I hate to use Trump’s words but I will: The LNP editorial board is made up of some of the most dishonest people you will ever encounter.


    From, “City appeals state ruling to provide information to NewsLanc re $9 million CRIZ award,” (click here). Please note that LNP and High Industries make up the “Penn Square Partners.”

    Gray & Sorace

         Who is going to jail over this? Several people will go to jail. Who will they be?
         And today, the LNP editorial board “meets” with now U.S. Representative Lloyd Smucker who wrote the CRIZ for LNP – except it was supposed to be for blighted properties. Will Smucker be going to jail? Will he join Rick Gray and top LNP executives in jail? Will city council member and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace be going to jail? How about Randy Patterson and Patrick Hopkins? There are just so many…
    Please check back later today.


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    A Tweet from LNP’s The Caucus today.

          Uh, oh! I think LNP is in trouble! Maybe The Caucus reporters could investigate themselves? 
          This is part of a comment in today:
         Since he is Auditor General, I would love it if someone would actually ask him if CRIZ and other corporate welfare monies thrown at the PSP need to be audited for a variety of reasons.
         This is why LNP started The Caucus and has all of these state politicians into their office. Using their power and influence exactly so they don’t get investigated and get all the money they want!
         But will it work? It has for years but their time may be up. They are guilty of legal corruption and a lot of people are on to them!


    From DePasquale’s Twitter account today (click here).

         Well look at this! Today, Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale and tomorrow U.S. Representative Lloyd Smucker. Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, the owner of LNP, must be ready to open her huge pocket book again! They are lining up for that cash!


         There was a city council meeting last night and you can watch it here (thank you again to Tony Dastra for live-streaming these meetings).

         Yes, Edward Woestman told city council he wants the statue of Christopher Columbus removed but council told him it is on county property (click here).
         Patrick Hopkins whined and complained and council president John Graupera told him there was no need to apologize when in fact there was.
         Randy Patterson did a song and dance for a business and the police want a grant to update their interview rooms.
         And as I watched these mindless fools, I thought of a Facebook post I read by a former council member who actually has a conscience. Maybe he will run again?

     Please check back later today.


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         The eclipse did strange things to people. Yes, instead of doing their “relentless, independent investigative reporting,” on, oh say, State Senator Scott Martin, the LNP reporters at The Caucus were asking that all important, urgent and penetrating question: What if George Washington tweeted! 
         Yes, I looked up the words and to the best of my ability “gollumpuses” means large, clumsy fellows and “fustilarians” are low fellows, stinkards and scoundrels. Hmmm… sound like anyone we know?




         This very important comment in yesterday (thank you):
         Becky – this is totally off topic but an important story.
         Scott Martin has his hand in the pipeline cookie jar and introducing legislation to curb anti-pipeline demonstrators.
         Do you think the LNP will cover this? I guess that honeymoon must have cost a pretty penny.
         No, I don’t think LNP will cover it! They are liars and thieves and Scott Martin saved their convention center/Marriott Hotel for them!
    Click here for, “Exclusive: PA Lawmaker Working to Curb Pipeline Protestors Tied to Shadow Lobbyists for Company Behind Project.”



    Mark Pugliese

         Regarding the police transmission encryption – I don’t know a lot about West Hempfield Township police Chief Mark Pugliese, who heads the county chiefs association and is leading the charge for encryption, but I do know the following:

    —  Years ago, when I distributed the special edition of LIP – “INCEST TRAGEDY” – he called and threatened me with a $300 fine for littering. Pugliese also put it in writing. Several years later, after I started this site, he denied ever doing that. That was a flat-out lie and I don’t like or trust liars.
    —  The son of a West Hempfield police officer, Devin Gardill, was charged in a violent home invasion for drugs in which he and a friend impersonated police officers. Gardill was allowed to finished high school and was sentenced to six months in boot camp.
    —  The West Hempfield police conducted a less than 11 hour investigation into the shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in Mountville by 17-year-old George Rosado. The case was closed the same day Hanna was shot and the police and the DA’s office wanted to try Rosado as a juvenile.
    —  In the horrific abuse case of the puppy Hennessey, a West Hempfield police officer went to interview his owner, Mario S. Crawley, and said he was such a nice guy he couldn’t have done it. Crawley pleaded guilty.
    —  Very recently, West Hempfield police officer Bradley Rohrbaugh was “let go” and charged with insurance fraud.

         Maybe the people of West Hempfield Township need protection from Pugliese and his officers!



    John R. Michener – Chief of the Southern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (click here for his biography on CrimeWatch).

         He had a felony warrant stemming from last week and the same officer who charged him had gone to the mobile home to arrest him, Hambright said. Details of the charges weren’t immediately available.
         The unnamed officer was invited inside the home where Sensenig and a woman engaged in a cordial conversation.
    From the LNP article, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” (click here).    
          So, the LNP reporter could not look up the charges and see which officer had filed the charges? It’s public information and yet LNP would not release it? 
         And today they have the unmitigated gall to talk about “transparency and accountability” in their editorial about the encryption of police transmissions (click here)?
         The charging officer is listed as the Chief – John R. Michener – and he should not have given the deceased the opportunity to commit suicide. Period.
         LNP’s refusal to do their job and name him and hold him accountable is the main reason there is so much corruption on all levels in Lancaster County.
    Please check back later today.  


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     Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under the story, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.,” (click here).

         Yes, John R. Michener is listed as the arresting officer on Patrick Gregory Sensenig’s docket.
         The “reporter,” Jonas Fortune, is fairly new to LNP, but if he hasn’t learned how to look up a docket he should be fired immediately. He is not “allowed” by his editors to publish information that is public and available to all!
         Unbelievable and disgusting but that is the way LNP works! It is unconscionable and an absolute disgrace to journalism and everything it should stand for.
    There will be more later today.