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    Posted on April 29th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         We became instant best friends. I sat next to her on the bus to Mountville Elementary School one day and the die was cast. It lasted for years. We lived a field apart and crossed that field too many times to count.
         We both moved out of our parent’s homes in the 12th grade and into an apartment in the city and moved from Hempfield to McCaskey High School. In our teenage years and beyond we would tell people we were sisters and no one ever questioned it.
         That would end with the incest story. A vague memory of my parent’s general disdain for her over the years and my mother asking my father one day: “What are the odds they would move right across the hill?”
         She was adopted and knew the name of her birth mother but never knew anything about her father. Years ago, I requested a DNA test and was denied. I understood the incredible odds against it, but it was one thing that science could either absolutely confirm or deny and I could move on to other things.
          My brothers and sisters even wrote my therapist about it (click here): 
          In the last month she has requested numerous times that a childhood friend take a DNA test because Becky now believes they are half-sisters.  (The friend has to date refused). 
         The arrest of a serial killer and rapist in California has put a spotlight on DNA and is running a “special” and things in my family have changed!   
         Stay tuned.

    Posted on April 28th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


    Phillip Smith

    Incest of Minor- Complainant 13-18 years of age (F2)
    From the Lancaster City Police Press release on the arrest and charges lodged against Phillip Smith (click here).
         LNP doesn’t mention the incest charge in their very brief article – click here for “WJTL radio DJ Phil Smith arrested, charged with rape, other sex offenses.”
         Even in the #MeToo era, incest is still taboo. Why?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 21st, 2017 Becky 10 comments


         With all of this court talk, LNP still has not reported that Michael Hansen did not plead guilty on Friday (click here for LNP’s, “Lancaster woman against plea deal for York bail bondsman who allegedly terrorized her in 2015” ).
         Their former court reporter and now the DA’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, was in the courtroom but did not do his usual press release so apparently LNP doesn’t know what happened. They did the story the day before but didn’t send anyone to the courthouse to see what happened? This is pathetic and terrible journalism!
         I did speak with Lisa Brown by phone on Friday following the court proceeding and due to time constraints today, that will come tomorrow.


    —  Frank N. Snyder Jr., 38, was reportedly sentenced to five to 12 years…
          He was either sentenced to five to 12 years or he was not! 
    —  Snyder reportedly pleaded guilty in November…
          He either pleaded guilty in November or he did not!
    —  Ruth’s father reportedly died a month later.
          He either died or he did not die a month later!
    **   Quotes (and my comments in italics below) taken from the LNP story by Konstantine Fekos, “Columbia man gets 5-12 for hitting, killing cyclist en route to see dying father,” (click here).
         There is no excuse for this kind of writing! Where is an editor? Does LNP have any editors at all?
         Fekos may be straight out of college but he is supposedly a reporter and yet he uses “reportedly” three times in the story. And he twice credits and took the entire story from The Morning Call. So he doesn’t trust the reporter who wrote it for them or what is his problem?
         This is beyond terrible journalism. This is a joke. Just run the story from The Morning Call and be done with it! He “reportedly” pleaded guilty? Can Fekos read a court docket? Oh, this is awful, dreadful journalism!


    *   And his son, Ivan, who is mentioned in the story as also being charged. Yes, he raped his sisters. See the charge on his docket below.

    Ivan zook


    ZookPosted under yesterday’s LNP story, “Drumore Township man sentenced to 6-20 years for rape, statutory sexual assault of a minor,” (click here).

         Yes, Ephraim Zook raped his own daughter. Why doesn’t LNP tell us that? From his court docket, note the “Incest” charge below. Unbelievable!

    E Zook
    Please check back later today.

  • LOTS?

    Posted on October 10th, 2012 Becky 4 comments


    The headline for today’s New Era editorial.
        “Lots?” Seriously? OMG!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 25th, 2012 Becky 8 comments


        Okay, so the poster who started the conversation about my site has an unusual name with a “Junior” after it. Always curious, I googled it and uh, oh – his father made the news in June of this year and not for a good reason – not a good reason at all. It might explain how he came to this site in the first place. I’ll leave it at that.
        And he says on his Facebook page that he studied “broadcasting” at Millersville – so it in some way involves the news. So what is so odd about my site? Seriously? I agree – I don’t like the permanent box at the top but it has to remain until the items are resolved. They are that important! I recently tried to “improve” the look of my site. That is a sad story and there’s more on that below. But what in the heck is so “odd” or “unusual” about this site? Have you been on the internet lately? Do you know what is out there?
         To the second unnamed poster – you have a picture of yourself in drag on your Facebook page. LOL! The things people will put on their Facebook pages. But about the incest story – it was the first story to go up on this site in September of 2004. Many people originally came here to read it. The new design was constructed by a wonderful man in March of 2009 and he kept the incest story at the top as I requested.. I have always said a link to the incest story will always be on the homepage of my site. Poster #1 might understand why.
         Pete, the absurdness of your comment is just so incredibly stupid on so many levels I’m not going to touch on it again. Let me just say that while I enjoy your Facebook page,  the Lancaster Police have absolutely no business linking to it and I’m going to take that up with them on Monday.
        Regarding the Mayor and the Police Chief: I was Gray’s biggest backer when he first ran and if you don’t believe me you can check my archives. It was the day after he was elected and he turned on all of his supporters in a very nasty way regarding his stance on the convention center that made me lose respect for him. As the years have gone by, I have lost more and more respect with every passing day. He has become nothing but a puppet for the Lancaster Newspapers – and the Police Chief is another major reason.
        I was calling for Police Chief Keith Sadler to resign before I found out about his ex-wife, Rosa Torres-Sadler. If you don’t know why – then check out the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” and “UNSOLVED CRIMES” tabs at the top of this site. Apparently all you think a Police Chief should do is be pictured on a big horse and interviewed about how he likes to eat corn.
        And let me explain this to you one more time, Pete, if you run for Mayor, people will write about you! They might even look into your background! I know it’s shocking but it’s true! And having learned that, Pete, you might want to withdraw from the race immediately! There is only one thing that I can imagine that would be worse than Mayor Gray and that would be Mayor Ruggieri! This city is becoming enough of a laughing stock without adding you to the picture – have mercy!
        And the funniest part of all this, Pete? You’ve blocked me so you don’t even know I posted on your People of Lancaster (PA) page! OMG! What a fool! I will have a Facebook rant in the near future.
        Now, to all three of you “gentlemen:”  This site has published almost daily for nine years. It may not be the fanciest, most professional looking site but I work very hard at what I write and I’m extremely proud of what I post. And, yes, there are times I have a little fun (like today) but no one would read this site if it were boring.
        And let me assure you that the Mayor, the Police Chief, the District Attorney and the Lancaster Newspaper staff, among many, read this site daily. August is traditionally the slowest month for the news business but my readership skyrocketed this month and that’s because of Rosa Torres-Sadler and the Erma Kaylor murder and there will be much more on those items tomorrow.
        Now, very quickly, I have these three sage items of advise on what a “website designer“ should not tell me:
    1. If the site takes more than 30 seconds to load – do not tell me that is okay! Do not! Five seconds will work. Nothing longer.
    2. When this whole thing started because I complained about a site that took too long to load and advised that their problem is their server is in the kitchen and it slows down when they turn on the toaster – do not offer to host this site on the server located in your kitchen. Do not do it. This site will never be hosted by someone with a server in their kitchen.
    3. Do not tell me you’re a website designer and then tell me you have no idea where or how to control the items that are being pulled from the site to certain boxes in the new template. Do not do it.
        Enough about my recent, sad attempt to improve the design of this site. It will stay looking like this for the foreseeable future. It works! I believe all “website designers“ should have to pass a test like lawyers do!
        Okay, I’m tired! I will have to save my Facebook and other “social media” rant for another day. I’m sure you “gentlemen” cannot wait!
        Pete, do me a personal favor and withdraw from the race now. Yes, you would afford me hours of fun and entertainment on this site – but sit up straight man – step away from the booze, the smoke and the mattresses – and realize that deep down you are not mayor material! And please don’t post any more pictures on your People of Lancaster (PA) Facebook page without the courtesy of first asking the people in the pictures! LOL!  😉
        Do you have a single brain cell left?  


    (Unnamed 1) I’m not sure if this has ever made it onto this page, but it’s… beyond description…[a link to this very site!]

    (Unnamed 2) How many people could really end up on the wrong page looking for “incest, a family tragedy?”

    (Unnamed 1) Yep. That’s one of the many questions I had too.

    (People of Lancaster “Owner“ – Pete Ruggeri – also running for mayor) I don’t know her personally but she started writing about me also, and posting pictures from my personal facebook page without the courtesy of asking. ? ? ? So I blocked their editor. No matter who the Mayor or Police Chief is – she’s against them, and she doesn’t live in Lancaster. I fully support their 1st Amendment rights but think they are a little coo-koo-for-cocoa-puffs.

    (Me – Becky) I couldn’t agree more! Using pictures without asking? Who would do that?  😉

        This is the way the conversation appears on the People of Lancaster (PA) Facebook page (see the story immediately below)! I am not using the first two poster’s names for a reason that will become obvious as the story continues.
        It’s going to be a heck of a ride today so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and hold onto your seats because I’m going to be all over the road!


    Posted on July 24th, 2012 Becky No comments


    *** BREAKING NEWS *** 

    *** DEJA VU ***


    Click here for the Police Press Release and click here for the latest from Lancaster Online.


    Posted on June 23rd, 2012 Becky 15 comments


        Your question almost kept me from posting that clip from her website though, as I have no desire to be confused in any way with her and her incest obsession. But this is too important a story no to direct people’s attention to lip, since LNP and WGAL are apparently not interested in following this.
        This was posted on the forum on April 5, 2012 by “Makita” (click here) who today posted this under a Sandusky thread on that same forum:
        Think this is a victory to all children that have been or are being molested. Puts child molesters on notice they could be next.
        So, I have an “incest obsession?” I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it directly on this site for months, although the link to the incest story has been at the top of this site for eight years and always will be.

        Gee, do you think, Makita, since you care so deeply about children being abused, that there’s a reason it stays permanently at the top of this site?  Do you think it changed my life? Do you think I want to bring awareness to it? Do you think I want to stop the abuse of other children?
        Sorry, I’m too angry to type today and the promised story will come tomorrow.
        Yes, I am thrilled by the Sandusky verdict but there are just too many hypocrites like “Makita” on the web and Facebook for me to deal with today.
        This is the exception and showed up on my Facebook wall (thank you):
        With Sandusky’s conviction, we have shown survivors of sexual abuse that the molesters will be found, prosecuted and found guilty. But enough about them, this is for you survivors. There is a 24hr hotline 717.392.7273 that is staffed by trained volunteers that you can call to get info for free services to help you through this horrible ordeal. Maybe it happened 5 minutes ago, maybe when you were 5years old. It doesn’t matter. They believe you. If you want to make an appointment to talk to a counselor, call 717.393.1735 ext 225 for Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center 9-5, Mon – Fri. All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL, Lastly, If you think something hinkey might be going on with someone you know, please call the center or hotline. They can give you info so you can make a decision on how to proceed. The kids are counting on us. Thanks for listening.

    Click here for “INCEST: A FAMILY TRAGEDY.”


    Posted on February 7th, 2012 Becky 1 comment

        I agree that they deserve every bit of it, but for those of us who are not close to the case the sentence is hypocritical. We have criminals who brutally rape small children repeatedly in this county, collect child porn, distribute child porn, inappropriately touch children, abuse the children while they sleep, and just overall treat children as objects of desire, and those criminals don’t even get a year in a jail. But shove a drumstick up someone’s butt and write on them with a marker and you get 10 years. What kind of message does that send our community? As a member of the community, the message I get is that children are less important or expendable.
        Again, they most certainly deserve to do a decade or two in prison for this very odd and disgusting crime, but so do child molesters. Other than those that are close with the case, most of us feel betrayed by the Lancaster County Justice system when it comes to our children. It’s not only here on LIP, but other local forums too.
    This comment in under “TAKE WHAT SOMA U WANT! – 2” below.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 24th, 2012 Becky 2 comments

        This comment in under “TELL IT TO THE JUDGES!” below:
        When I read his “editorial” I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs….SHUT THE H%#L UP YOU PATHETIC HYPOCRIT!!!!!!!!!!! When judges are giving slaps on the wrists of child abusers and letting them walk “free” they NEED to be called out but no one has the back bone to do it. And for Marvelous Marv to write an editorial like he did is down right disgusting!!!!!!! Hey…LNP…Hey…Marv…get a spine and start going after some judges and make THEM answer for THEIR decisions, for THEIR “not going far enough”, for THEIR unwillingness to protect children!!! Just a side question….who the heck gave Marv the name “marvelous” in the first place?!?!?! because he certainly is NOT!!!!!!!!!! Sheezzzzzzzz….LOL
    [Editor’s Note: I named Marv “Marvelous” many years ago. I was going for rich sarcasm. J ]

    Please check back later today for a look at those crazy Lancaster Police.


    Posted on January 23rd, 2012 Becky 3 comments


        “To me, it wasn’t about guilt or innocence in a legal sense,” said trustee and Merck chief executive Kenneth C. Frazier, of Paterno’s perfunctory response in 2002. “Every adult has a responsibility for every other child in our community. And we have a responsibility not to do the minimum, the legal requirement. We have a responsibility for ensuring that we can take every effort that’s within our power not only to prevent further harm to that child, but to every other child.”
    From Marv Adams’ Sunday News editorial, “WE ARE …” (click here).
        So, why haven’t you called out Lancaster County Judges Dennis Reinaker and Margaret Miller, Marv? Why?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 17th, 2012 Becky 5 comments


        Torrie Gochnauer told a local judge Tuesday that, with the proper therapy, he never would have produced the child pornography that was found on his computer in 2010.
        “I could have been such a much better person if I’d have just gotten help a long time ago,” Gochnauer told Lancaster County President Judge Joseph Madenspacher at sentencing.
        Madenspacher said he would cut Gochnauer “a break” by not sending him to state prison.
        “But I can’t ignore this,” Madenspacher said. “The real problem here is the secret filming… It can’t get much worse than that, Mr. Gochnauer. It really can’t.”
        Madenspacher ordered the Clay Township man to 1 to 2 years in county prison followed by 15 years on probation.
    Today’s LNP story, “Clay Township man gets 1-2 years in prison, probation for child porn collection.” (click here).
        On the forum the heated topic of discussion all day has been under another story from today, “Locals react to Paterno story,” (click here). And then this article appears immediately below it.
        There really are no words for this. Once again an absolutely inexplicable and unconscionable sentence by a Lancaster County Judge. Do we really care one iota about child sexual abuse in this county?


    Posted on January 11th, 2012 Becky No comments


        A comment came into this site under the article, “INDIVIDUAL & SOCIETAL TRAGEDIES!” below. It contained a phone number which I dialed yesterday shortly after 4:00 pm. When you play on the internet, just know this: I have several friends who are the best detectives in the world. If it’s on the internet – they’ll find it!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 10th, 2012 Becky 2 comments

        Craig Stedman has a short list of what he calls “high-priority” crimes.
        Sex offenses, particularly those against children, are right near the top.
        “Short of homicide, there is no worse crime than the sexual assault of a child,” Lancaster County’s district attorney said. “I have made it clear to my office that we must aggressively prosecute sex offenders.”
    From the November 20, 2011 front page article, “Sex crimes against children gets top priority at DA’s office,” (click here).
        Coming off the Penn State Scandal the DA goes for some good publicity. But what about the Judges? Is their one set of sentencing guidelines for the Amish and Mennonite – and a different set for everyone else? Or is it “cash for probation” in Lancaster County?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 9th, 2012 Becky 3 comments
    Manheim Township man arrested 
    for alleged sexual assault
    of 4-year-old
       (click here)
        This has to stop! This has to stop! This is destroying our children!  This is destroying our society.  It goes from one generation to the next. 
        I began to fully comprehend one of Martha’s statements; “The tentacles of sexual abuse are extremely long and reach from one generation to the next.”
    From “INCEST: A FAMILY TRAGEDY – The Holzinger Story,” (click here).

    Posted on January 9th, 2012 Becky 6 comments

        This morning’s paper has several articles on the upcoming Martin Luther King Day. One of my favorite posts from almost six years ago went something like this: There’s a picture of a black man on the front page of the Intell and he’s not charged with a crime – it must be Martin Luther King Day! Yes, it was!
        The Lancaster Newspapers remain the most racist employer in the county and as a result we have judge’s decisions and stories that almost bring tears to your eyes, such as this one which is pure racism, “17-year-old robber sent to state prison,” (click here). I’ll come back to this story later.
        We haven’t heard anymore about the stalemate with the jury commissioners resigning except for editorials. The Intell thinks they should go. The Sunday News yesterday said they should stay and basically called Commissioner Scott Martin a jerk. Well, they got the second half right at least and there will be more on this coming.
        Speaking of the Sunday News, Editor “Marvelous” Marvin Adams repeated a column yesterday. That’s right – he took a column from June 17, 2010 and barely rewrote it. What’s it about: the dangers of the internet, of course, and stupid people like Marv who have no common sense when it comes to “spam” emails. Click here for “Whispering down ‘Net”” and here for yesterday’s “The rest of the story.” This is truly pathetic.
        And while on the topic of the internet, this was posted on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum to avoid LNP’s “paywall:”
        Switch your browser mode to “In Private” (IE), “Private Browsing” (Firefox or Safari), or “Incognito” (Chrome). Each time you restart your browser it will reset the number of articles that it thinks you have read.
        Many comments ensued stating that this was “stealing.” No, it’s not. I still beat their paywall by pushing “escape.” They’ve made it trickier, but it still works.
        I am coming back to Judge Margaret Miller’s terrible, awful ruling to put a convicted pedophile living back with the children he has already molested later today. Believe me, I am not letting this unconscionable ruling stand.

        On a lighter note for a Monday morning, this email in from out of the blue (thank you!):
        Becky: I have to admit after having my son 8 months ago, I kind of lost track of your website. However, today as I drove by Angela Funk’s house, I was reminded of your website because of what I saw. What I saw made me become very curious and I was wondering if you had an answer. There is a nice newer Mercedes Benz in front of Ms. Funk’s house. Gift from Mr. Roseboro?

        My Denver friends, can you help us out here? Is Angie driving a Mercedes and where’d she get the money? Hmmm…
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 6th, 2012 Becky 17 comments


        What have we learned from the Penn State child sexual abuse case? In Lancaster County – nothing. Absolutely nothing. The last thing on Judge Maraget Miller’s mind was to protect the children from a known pedophile.
        Will Lewis Martin molest one of his nieces or nephews today? Or one of the children attending the Gehmans Mennonite School two-tenths of a mile from where he lives?
        Click here for “Judge: Sex offender violated probation” and please check back later today.


    Posted on January 5th, 2012 Becky 10 comments


        Thank you to “Maffimuk” from the forum for the photo (click here to read the comments and click the link to read Lancaster Newspaper‘s article, “Judge: Sex offender violated probation“). These comments in:

    Let’s break this down:
    Man is convicted of sex offenses and placed on probation.
    Man is not listed on any sex offenders list.
    Man is ordered not to have contact with children.
    Man moves to relatives farm where there are seven kids.
    Man is arrested with his zipper down while five year old runs away from him.
    Man is taken to court and judge decides that the best thing to do is to extend his probation and that he spend that probation in his home which is a trailer fifty feet from the children’s home.
    Parents of children say he poses no threat despite the fact he is re-offending with the five year old boy.
    He goes back to the farm for a longer probation period making it almost a guarantee that this man will be there longer and the longer he is there he is bound to re-offend.
    And in the meantime, two men are jailed in the Lancaster county prison on a 100,000 bail because they were caught stealing cardboard.
    In Lancaster, cardboard is more precious than children in the eyes of the court.

    This has little to do with children. This has to do with the two-tier justice system in Lancaster County. Maybe 3-tier.
    One standard for Joe Average.
    One standard for the Amish-Mennonite-religious (or faux or pseudo)
    One standard for minorities.
    If this guy was from Green Street? You get the picture, right?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 3rd, 2012 Becky 6 comments

    ** Calls have been made with Jodi’s help and those results will come tomorrow.  Thank you to friends who are forwarding this story on to as many people as possible.  Every day that passes increases the odds that he will molest one of those children again.      
        Today was one of those days that test car batteries and mine failed!  It’s been hectic but there will be much more tomorrow.

    * Please send this story to everyone you know! The only thing that brings change in Lancaster County is when the outside press picks up a story. Please check back later today.


    Judge Margaret Miller who sent a pedophile back to live with his seven nieces and nephews, two of whom he has molested previously. Click here for “Judge: Sex offender violated probation.”

    Ariel Photo of Stephen and Mary Martin’s property at 756 Gehman School Road in East Cocalico Township. It is believed that there is a school located very close to this property. That is being investigated.
        There will be much more tomorrow including phone numbers and email addresses. These children must be protected. This is an outrage!


    Posted on January 3rd, 2012 Becky 9 comments


        I’m so outraged at Judge Margaret Miller I could puke. What the hell is wrong with our justice system? Most of all the parents should lose custody of those precious children. God knows they can’t protect them or care to. I told you I would write something but I can’t even think straight. Please someone help the children.
    A comment in from my friend Jodi about yesterday’s story, “Judge: Sex offender violated probation,” (click here).
        There are simply no words for this. Yes, the children should be removed from the parents, the perpetrator should be in jail and Judge Margaret Miller should be removed from the bench.

        Oh, my God! There are simply no words. Please send this story to everyone you know and get this man taken away from his nieces and nephews. Oh, my God! This is unspeakable!

  • 2011 IN REVIEW!

    Posted on January 1st, 2012 Becky 5 comments


    1. Randolph Carney
    2. Charlie Crystle
    3. Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey retiring. There is not one good thing about this man and any of his prosecutions must be questioned.
    4. Lady Gaga. Maybe she can clean up this town.
    5. The contributors and commenters to this site and other Lancaster forums. You are the best!
    6. My Facebook friends and special friends – Jodi, Barb and Patty. And to Jeffrey and Carl Cooper – I am sorry I have lost touch and will correct that in the upcoming year. To Bob and Bob – friends from college that I have reconnected with – you were and remain the best! I had really good taste many years ago.
    7. My son and my sister.
        Well, unfortunately, that about sums up the good. The Penn State scandal, of course, tops both lists. I feel such empathy for the victims – but they were incredibly brave – and it has been a watershed story for victims of sexual abuse everywhere.


    1. The Lancaster City Police Department. Multiple unsolved murders, racism – and thus a community that rightfully doesn’t respect or trust them – a man dying in a police holding cell, a man shot in the back twice and mug shots of suspects who have been obviously beaten. They need to be investigated by the U.S. Justice Department.
    2. Prison Warden Vincent Guarini. In any other town, with any other news organization in that town, he would have been gone years ago. He’s a liar. He lied directly to me. He is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and bringing heartbreak to multiple families. He must go!
    3. The Lancaster Newspapers. Because of their journalistic failures, the above two travesties of justice have been allowed to continue. And they are the main contributors to the next two on the list.
    4. The Convention Center brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. Go to Plan B and do it now! Is there a Plan B? Start working on it now and run LNP out of town and replace them with a legitimate news organization.
    5. The survelliance cameras – also brought to you by the Lancaster Newspapers. No one knows who owns them, who is monitoring them or what is being done with the tapes. And taxpayer money is being used to fund them. This is unacceptable – plain and simple.
    6. Blatant racism in hiring by the Lancaster Newspapers. The city is now more than 50% “minority” and they have one on their editorial staff of more than 100 people. Those responsible should be fined and jailed. They are breaking a 40 year old federal law and it’s time they were held accountable.
    7. Mayor Rick Gray.
    8. Commissioner Scott Martin.
    9. Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams.
    10. Lancaster County Judges – President Judge Joseph Madenspacher, Dennis Reinaker and David Ashworth to name three. And let’s not forget District Judges Isaac Stoltzfus and Kelly Ballentine.

        I will go into much more detail on some of the items in the good and bad list tomorrow – I am rushing today to catch the Eagles game! No – I’m not – that’s a bad joke. But I do have some pork to eat.
        Have a great New Year’s Day and please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on December 27th, 2011 Becky No comments


        “Sex abuse thrives in silence, and people go out of their way to be sure that other people don’t see the offense,” Christopher said. “If you’re not standing right there and somebody is hiding a behavior, it’s very easy to say that, after 20 years, somebody must have seen something.”
        In other cases, wives can become complicit, Phillips said.
    Penn Live, “Jerry Sandusky’s wife is under increased scrutiny by those who wonder what she knows,” (click here).
        In 99% of cases, the spouse is complicit. That’s what my therapist told me years ago and she used the same exact word, “complicit.” And I absolutely believe it.

        Is it criminal? Yes.


    Posted on December 21st, 2011 Becky 5 comments

        Three women and a man say they were molested as children by Bill Conlin, a Hall of Fame baseball writer and Philadelphia Daily News columnist.
        In vivid accounts, the four say Conlin groped and fondled them and touched their genitals in assaults in the 1970s, when they were ages 7 to 12.
        “This is a tragedy,” said Kelley Blanchet, a niece of Conlin’s who said he molested her when she was a child. “People have kept his secret. It’s not just the victims, it’s the victims’ families. There were so many people who knew about this and did nothing.”
    From today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, “Four say Philly Daily News writer Bill Conlin sexually abused them as children,” (click here).
    I know a thing or two about families keeping secrets. This has to stop. These truly are tragedies.


    Posted on November 21st, 2011 Becky 3 comments

         But on the prosecution’s end of it, local experts say, business is booming.
        “We are getting more and more reports all the time,” Stedman said.
        In the past, more offenders may have been getting away with it, experts suggested.
    From today’s article, “Sex crimes against children gets top priority at DA’s office,” (click here).
        What a difference the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State has made! Will it last? Has someone told disgraced Judge Dennis Reinaker?


    Posted on November 16th, 2011 Becky 1 comment

        Corbett bristled Tuesday when asked whether it was fair for people to criticize the pace of the probe.
        “People that are saying that are ill-informed as to how investigations are conducted, how witnesses are developed, how backup information, corroborative information is developed, and they really don’t know what they’re talking about,” he told reporters.
    From today’s front page AP story, “Assistant claims he took action.”
        I am so sick of this crap and we see it everyday in Lancaster County. We’re all just too stupid to figure this stuff out. Not one of us, except Corbett, has common sense, understands anything about police work, the judicial system or how investigations are conducted.
        Why do we allow these arrogant public officials to insult us this way? Why?


    Posted on November 15th, 2011 Becky 8 comments


         JERRY SANDUSKY: “Well I could say that, you know, I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids. I — I have showered after workouts. I — I have hugged them and I — I have touched their leg. Without intent of sexual contact.”
    WGAL-TV, “Sandusky Denies Accusations, Admits To Showering With Boys,” (click here).
        Ten years ago, this might have worked for Sandusky. Will it today?
    Please check back later today.