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    Posted on September 21st, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         The latest in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP is below.
         Please note that according to Wikipedia (and confirmed with other legal dictionaries) the meaning of in camera as used in this order is:
         “In camera  is a legal term that means in private. The same meaning is sometimes expressed in the English equivalent: in chambers. Generally, in-camera describes court cases, parts of it, or process where the public and press are not allowed to observe the procedure or process.”


    *    As reported here earlier, LNP’s digital manager and former “Food Dude,” Dustin Leed, jumped ship to the Reading Eagle as LNP’s paywall came in. Not only that, but he is raiding the LNP newsroom! Yes, he took LNP’s prior social media manager, Andrea Gillhoolley, with him! I wonder if LNP regrets buying him that going away cake?




         To help you calm down, I encourage you to watch the video about the crypto-creature that steals apples along the Susquehanna River! When I was a Scout at good old Camp Chiquetan, we actually went on an elbadritch hunt (as it was spelled back then). 
    Part of a comment into this site from barry in winnipeg.
         Thanks, Barry. I immediately felt better and while LNP does have a video about the albatwitch (as it is spelled now), I beat them to it last October! The link to the original is here and the link to the wonderful Columbia Spy story is here!

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 18th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


         “Second, we must talk about the issue of domestic violence in our homes and our neighborhoods. It was the pleas of two children yelling from a window, worrying that their mother would be killed, that brought police to the home on Pershing Avenue.
    Over half of the woman killed in our country every year, are killed by intimate partner violence. This is totally unacceptable,” Sorace [Mayor Danene Sorace] said.

    From today’s LNP story, “Woman held at gunpoint by man shot, killed by Lancaster police filed PFA against him in 2015,” (click here).
         Mayor Sorace has the nerve to say this when she didn’t do or say one thing about former Police Chief Keith Sadler for years? 
        The original and full post of the below screenshot from this site is here. And if anyone on the LNP editorial board; Suzanne Cassidy, Tom Murse or Barbara Hough Roda is even thinking about writing an editorial about domestic violence, I will do my absolute best to expose you as the lying, disgusting hypocrites you really are!
         Also from the above post linked to on this site there is this:
         Rick Gray lied to the public to get into office. He flat-out lied. And he has been lying ever since. He and LNP made a deal: Keep the money flowing into LNP’s pockets and they would use their enormous power as the monopoly source of news in Lancaster County to protect him and never criticize a thing about him or his administration.
    His office failed to properly vet Police Chief Keith Sadler and LNP has lied to the public for years, hiding the fact that his ex-wife wrote a book stating he beat her for years.


    *    A quick note: This is the first sentence of a comment into this site:
         Why would the county coroner’s office run a toxicology test on someone who committed suicide.
         I am responding under the thread, “& RESIGN, DIAMANTONI!” (click here).


         A frame from one of the videos of the police shooting death of Ricardo Avenia (“Macho”) on Sunday night.

         How did the Lancaster City Police Force come to look like this? Who is responsible?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 17th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    —   I have seen at least two GoFundMe pages set up for Ricardo Avenia, who was killed by police last night, and his family. Give with care and try to contact the page administrator to make sure it is valid and approved by the family.

    ***    Kevin M. Ressler, who ran for mayor, on his Facebook page.


    **  The latest release from the DA’s office. Stedman stated, “We do not anticipate releasing additional info today.”

    *    There is a GoFundMe page for the victim in last night’s police involved shooting – click here.


    “The person inside is deceased.” Officer Thomas said in relation to the shooting on Pershing Ave. Here were his statements at 1:30AM, affirming the death of he victim.Follow the hashtag #justiceformacho to see what your community is saying. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay on the scene longer and just arrived home. Follow your local news for updates, and I will share information as it comes. This shooting is currently under investigation as of posting this clip. Love one another.

    Posted by See-Thru City – Lancaster, PA on Monday, September 17, 2018


    Posted on September 15th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


    Tony gets newsy!

    *  Tony Dastra has caught the news bug! Oh, Tony! There is no known cure and it does not go away.
         Yes, he is turning his “See-Thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page into a news site and doing far more than just live-streaming important city meetings. Lancaster needs every news source it can get so this is wonderful news.
         And he did live-stream Thursday’s meeting about the new design for Lancaster Square. You can watch it here and when they break up into discussion “tables,” Tony live-streams his table which includes former Mayor Art Morris (put the website about the Marriott back up, Art!).
         It’s all very interesting and you can listen to Mayor Sorace state that the Rocky Springs Carousel will not be placed in Lancaster Square because of its association with racism and discrimination.
         Welcome to the news world, Tony!




         Of all the screenshots of Justin Perry (MR 17 5 40) LNP could have taken from his Facebook videos, they chose the one on the right to accompany their story of his home being searched on Thursday (click here).
         How bizarre! I don’t know what he has around his shoulders or why, but I much prefer the one on the left that I ran which is from the actual live-stream of his home being searched!

    Justin Gearty

         And I most certainly am not taking sides in this bizarre saga and I have reservations about what Perry does – but I do want to know what DA Stedman is up to. They filed heinous charges against Perry in August and withdrew them eight days later. Now they search his house. Stedman needs to produce and put up or stop harassing this man!
         I’ve heard good things about Perry’s attorney, Justin Gearty, and it will be very interesting to see how all of this plays out (click here for Gearty’s website).   


    Posted on September 13th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

          Screenshots from the live-feed of Justin Perry’s home being searched this morning. What were the police looking for? What did they find?






    Justin Perry; the police at Perry’s house this morning.

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** Several police departments and the District Attorney’s office searched Justin Perry’s house this morning (MR 17 5 40) and you can watch the livestream on his Facebook page. He is the man who catches child predators on Facebook and was responsible for the arrest of Thomas Wise who is charged with multiple felonies for allegedly trying to meet a 15-year-old girl (actually Perry) in Binn’s Park. The police had a warrant. Perry was not arrested this morning but the police took several items.




         …He and his wife have paid the 1.1 percent excise tax, which Zimmerman’s chief of staff Priscilla Eberly said amounted to $31.95. And she said they don’t have to pay the second one because they provided breakfast for their rentals.     …
         …But county Treasurer Amber Martin said she hasn’t yet made any final determinations.
         She said her office received the Zimmermans’ application in late August and is still in the process of verifying the information — such as how many times it was rented and whether it did actually include breakfast in the rental rate.
         “Anyone can say they have a breakfast,” Martin said, emphasizing that checking records is standard procedure for all Airbnb and similar applications.
    From today’s LNP article, “State Rep. David Zimmerman pays some back taxes on Airbnb rental, waiting for final county call,” (click here).
        It’s wonderful to see that the Zimmermans paid their $31.95 in LNP’s big investigative story! And now we have treasurer Amber Martin investigating breakfasts! Oh, this is so rich in irony and stupidity it’s unbelievable!
         Hey, LNP reporter Sam Janesch, have you found her bond in the name of Amber Green? That’s the name she was elected under and there should be a bond in that name! Maybe you could investigate that?
         And maybe LNP should investigate the over $5 million dollars the city spent on MAW Communications that has brought the city absolutely nothing instead of worrying about breakfast and $31.95!
    —  Click here for, “Lancaster County treasurer without insurance for millions in tax dollars.”
    —  Click here for, “Dozens of local officials fail to disclose their financial interests,” which includes Amber Martin!
    Please check back later today.    


    Posted on September 6th, 2018 Becky 2 comments


          A certain “GoFundMe” account has been making national news for several days now. But an emailer today alerted me to a different GoFundMe account for Elena Rowe and her daughter.
         Elena came from the Ukraine to marry Raymond Rowe (pictured above), who was suddenly arrested and charged in late June with the rape and murder of Christy Mirack in 1992. He remains in jail with no bail and facing the death penalty.
         The below is from her GoFundMe account (click here) which has raised $2,446 of the $15,000 goal by this afternoon.
    [I will return to MAW and LanCity Connect tomorrow.]
         Please help support our dear, sweet family members who are going through an unbelievable and traumatic time. 
         Due to legal matters, Elena’s husband is no longer capable of providing financially for his wife Elena and daughter Sofika.
         Elena and Ray were married 5 years ago and from the beginning of the relationship he was nothing more than a perfect gentleman and provider for Elena and her young daughter, Sofika. 
          He provided both emotional and financial  care for both of “his girls.” 
         He treated Elena, a hard working, devoted and supportive wife like a queen, and her daughter, Sofika, as if she were his very own. 
         He was self employed and Elena helped out running the business end of his successful business.
         The very unexpected legal matters have left Elena and Sofika’s world completely turned upside down.  
         There was no way for them to see this coming and they are in need of support to pay bills until Elena can obtain her driver’s license (driving is a bit of a fear for her) so that she can obtain a job to provide for herself and Sofika financially. 
          All of you who know Elena, know that she is a hard worker who would do anything to help anyone in need of anything. 
         So let’s wrap Elena and Sofika in our loving and supportive arms as we help them navigate this most trying time. 
         Your sensitivity towards Elena and Sofika during this time is very much appreciated. They are in a position they did not ask the be in and your prayers, kind thoughts and support are most helpful at this time.
  • ENJOY!

    Posted on September 1st, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    LIP News will return on Tuesday, September 4th.


    Posted on August 30th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


         I just want to state again how really awful and misleading this reporting by Tom Knapp is. He should have absolutely stated that Graham was not in the courtroom and not involved in the case and that he made an entirely separate phone call to Graham after the hearing for his opinion.
         This is not acceptable journalism by any standard!


         What LNP reporter Tom Knapp did not tell us in his coverage of Jeffrey Chapman’s court appearance for shooting a feral cat is why (click here)? If he or his attorney offered an explanation of what caused him on a Sunday in January to pull out a gun and shoot the cat it is not in Knapp’s coverage.
         Are feral cats a huge problem? Yes. Do I believe people should go around shooting feral cats? No. Do I believe there might be extenuating circumstances that might make it a “gray area” of the law (see yesterday’s post)? Yes – if he believed the cat was rabid; if the cat was attacking livestock – chickens or rabbits – he keeps on his property then there would be “justification” for him shooting the cat. We don’t know why Chapman shot the cat.
         What we do know is the DA’s office spent a lot of our money to prosecute him. Like most Common Pleas Court criminal dockets there are hearings and continuances and conferences and these all involve highly paid judges and prosecutors.
         And what do I think of the sentence Judge Margaret Miller imposed? Ridiculous. Two years of probation? Why? That costs the public even more money to pay the probation officer.
         He is 28, has no prior record and there is no evidence of him killing any other animals. It is highly doubtful that he will become a serial killer as some commenters suggested. Let him pay the $650 fine and be done with it. Community service? What’s the point unless it’s at a shelter or rescue group?
         This has already cost Chapman a huge amount. His picture was all over LNP and other media for days and he paid for a private attorney and probably missed several days of work.
         And then there is this from Knapp’s article:
         Miller [Judge Margaret Miller] asked Chapman if he considered trapping the cat humanely and taking it to a veterinarian for care.
         Besides the fact that as commenters noted it is not easy to trap a cat, what kind of care? Having the vet euthanize it or having the vet neuter the cat and giving it back?
         If the judge meant for the vet to euthanize it – it seems to me a needle and a clean gun shot are about the same. And if the judge truly meant “care,” that’s a large bill and then what is he then supposed to do with the cat? The vet will not take it. A shelter will not take it. It is feral – it is wild – it can bite and claw and hurt you badly! No shelter will take it – and if they do they may charge you and then they will put the cat down – it is not adoptable! It is feral.
          I know this. I have been through this! There are no easy answers – but there is one rule that I posted here when this story first broke: Do not feed feral cats. Period.
         I’ll come back to this briefly and then move on before going on Labor Day vacation.   

    Posted on August 26th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


    *     Before I forget, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony Dastra of the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here). As noted yesterday, he did a live-stream and said today is his birthday. He believes in transparency and open government! There will be more next week on his plans.



    (Click here)

          Unbelievable! Why wasn’t this caught years ago? And why don’t Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin and County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni (both pictured above) just resign? Resign today!

  • *** – ** – * THE FINAL STRAW?

    Posted on August 25th, 2018 Becky 3 comments

    l***  As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, apparently there will be a live-stream at 3:00 pm today to explain all this. I just hope I understand it. And I will not be buying a $15 mug!


    **  On a more serious note, Justin Perry (MR 17 5 40) allegedly “caught” a child predator in Leola last night and you can go to his Facebook page to watch the video. But what happens from here? Did they call the police? What happens beside this alleged predator’s face being up on a Facebook page that several thousand may see?



    *    This is just clever. LNP on their Facebook page asked for back-to-school photos from their readers. They got these two great responses:



         Some random “as seen on the internet” things will be coming today.
         First – this has to be one of the most incredibly stupid things I have seen in years! It shows a complete lack of any comprehension of what the straw issue is about. And what about the LIPS that have been on your fork and spoon? Oh, my heavens! Astonishing! A public health issue, LOL! (And Harper will threaten to sue me in 3…2…1!)


    Posted on August 19th, 2018 Becky 8 comments

    *     I don’t know how they can publish the entire LNP story on, but if it continues it might bring some life back to the essentially dead forum and give “prettylight” someone to talk to!



         If you have not purchased a digital subscription to Lancaster Online and want to read a story, you can go to and read the entire article there.


    Posted on August 13th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Candace Parrow has been charged in the death of her four-month-old daughter and they are unloading on her on her Facebook page (click here for the DA’s press release and see below).


    So much rain! LIP News will be back tomorrow.


    *     No, LNP reporter Sam Janesch and editor Tom Murse: This article is far from acceptable (click here)! Why were the charges quietly withdrawn? Why were they charged in the first place? This kind of blatant corruption has been going on in the county police departments and the District Attorney’s Office because you don’t do your jobs and hold these public officials accountable and demand answers!



    UP & DOWN!


         The best way to start a rainy Monday? With the fantastic photos from Columbia Spy (click here for many more).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 12th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


         …Most of you know that I was accused of having child porn on my phone last week…which took me by surprise ’cause…just nothing there…like what? So all I can really say about that is that my lawyer called yesterday and said the charges were withdrawn. And that’s all I can really say is, “Hey, I’m still here.” No charges were filed…well they were filed but they were withdrawn. Yes, so that’s that.
    Justin Perry (MR 17 5 40) in his latest video (click here).
    *    When is the DA’s office, the Lancaster City Police Department and Mayor Sorace going to explain to the public why the charges were filed and then withdrawn?



         Which one is real news? One of these is satire from the Onion, the other is a real PennLive story. Can you tell which is which?


    Posted on August 2nd, 2018 Becky 10 comments
    *   The bottom line – I will give details of my calls tomorrow – the following Right to Know request was emailed to the County this afternoon:
          A copy of all Surety Bonds for/in the name of Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin and all Surety Bonds in the name of the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office for the last two years.


         The Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office is potentially risking millions in liability by not securing surety bonds for the local taxes it collects.
    The opening sentence to the LNP article from July 18, 2018 titled, “Lancaster County treasurer without insurance for millions in tax dollars,” (click here).
         Today, I decided to see if Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Martin had obtained the required bonds to protect the citizens. The answer: after three phone calls I still don’t have an answer. Details to follow.



       On a very serious and horrific note, a two-year-old was killed in Philadelphia last night by five pit bulls in his home.
         This is a brief update to the vicious pit bull attack in Lancaster on two children and their mother on June 19, 2017 (they are now using initials for the children and I will respect that and no longer use their names).
         The lawsuit they filed in the Lancaster Court of Common Pleas just “sat” there for a year. Finally there is action and they have found “deep pockets.” I am not being sarcastic about that – the dog’s owner, Luis Colon, probably does not have insurance since $80,000 was paid for a prior attack by his dog and these children will need medical care for years.
          Judge Leonard G Brown granted the below order on July 19th of this year and the revised lawsuit will be filed in Philadelphia County.



    A headline from page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition and a meme that came across my Facebook feed recently.

         What a relief! There does, however, seem to be a drought on real news!


    Posted on July 30th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    From the ACLU article, “Kentucky City Uses the Terrorism Excuse to Keep the Details of Its Surveillance Equipment Secret,” (click here).
         Imagine what the ACLU would say about Lancaster City where a private, secretive group owns and operates the cameras and are not subject to Right to Know laws! And the city wants to spend $1 million dollars to buy them new cameras. This is not acceptable and there will be much more coming on this.
          Click here for Patrick Hopkins proposal on this site.

    HE’S SIX!

         Today’s front page headline in the LNP print edition (story not currently online).

         Actually, this is a story about a six-year-old with a snow cone “business.” It may be a nice “human interest” story but this is not front page news (and some may argue his parents are pushing him too hard).
         You cannot expect people to pay for this, LNP! Ridiculous!


    Posted on July 28th, 2018 Becky No comments



         Think “Food Network Star,” Guy Fieri or Pioneer Woman. Channel your inner food star and send in your audition.
    From the LNP article, “Hey foodies, we want you to be LancasterOnline’s next food host,” (click here).
    *    LNP is looking to replace the “Food Dude,” but the last time I checked Guy and Ree are chefs and LNP is looking for a food critic! Think Kalen Allen!



         It’s nice to see that the Columbia Borough Police are hard at work and Ms. Kauffman certainly looks happy in her photo (click here for the CrimeWatch entry). Apparently she failed to show for her July 23rd preliminary hearing and they have put out a warrant for her arrest on the marijuana charges. Oh, my!


    Posted on July 21st, 2018 Becky No comments

    **  I have been corrected by an emailer (thank you and click here):
    “Prior Crimes and Offenses.  Section 25(c) of Act 142 of 1976 provided that the period of limitations specified in Act 142 with respect to crimes and offenses shall not apply to crimes and offenses committed before the effective date of Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) and the prior statutes of limitation are hereby continued in force as to such crimes and offenses.
    Cross References.  Subchapter C is referred to in section 7507.1 of Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses).


    § 5551.  No limitation applicable.
    A prosecution for the following offenses may be commenced at any time:
    (1)  Murder.
    (2)  Voluntary manslaughter.
    (3)  Conspiracy to commit murder or solicitation to commit murder if a murder results from the conspiracy or solicitation.
    (4)  Any felony alleged to have been perpetrated in connection with a murder of the first or second degree, as set forth in 18 Pa.C.S. § 2502(a) or (b) and (d) (relating to murder).”



         “After researching the law and circumstances involved, we found there is no statute of limitation regarding these specific charges,” said [DA] spokesman Brett Hambright when asked why they were filed Friday.
    From the LNP article, “Police file rape, burglary charges against Raymond Rowe, accused of killing Christy Mirack in 1992,” (click here).  
    *    Interesting. There are always exceptions and special circumstances but there would seem to be a statute of limitations on these crimes and it has expired. See the chart below and click here for the original.



         Fox 43 reports on the viral video of Justin Perry (aka MR 17 54 0) and includes a video piece by Grace Griffaton which features DA spokesman Brett Hambright (click here). Does Hambright have a law degree? Not the last time I checked! (And reporter Keith Schweigert used to work for LNP).


    Posted on July 20th, 2018 Becky 8 comments


         What a sad day. A murder/suicide and another viral video from Lancaster.
         He [DA spokesman Brett Hambright] said Al-Barwari and Saleb broke up around 2016 after dating for about a year. Saleb didn’t secure any protection from abuse orders, but it appears that Al-Barwari had been stalking her, Hambright said.
         “She was afraid of him and made that clear to those close to her,” he said.
    From (click here).
         And the video of a 36-year-old man who thought he was going to meet a 15-year-old girl in Lancaster City now has over 228,000 views (click here).
         The owner of the Facebook page states the Lancaster City Police are “investigating.” There will be more coming on this.
    Have a safe and happy Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    **   The Columbia Borough Fire Department Station 80 has issued the following statement regarding the video:


    * WARNING – Video includes very graphic language.

         This video went viral yesterday (click here). I am trying to find the outcome.



    (Click here for the full Fox-43 report).


    Posted on July 19th, 2018 Becky 11 comments


         I am speechless that this is LNP’s lead story online (click here)! Their lead story. And no, LNP reporter Tom Knapp, it could not happen here because Lancaster County woodchucks are smart enough to know that it is summer and people plant gardens and these woodchucks can chuck as many of your veggies as they damn well please! And veggies taste far better than car wires! Everyone, including your basic Lancaster County woodchuck, knows that. And that’s the truth!




         There’s not one mention of MAW Communications and LanCity Connect in your article about the bond rating, LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (click here). Why not? That’s over $5 million dollars down the drain!
         Where is that money, Tim? What happened to the $1.5 million the city loaned MAW, Tim? Are they paying the city back? Don’t you think the public has a right to know? Isn’t that your job, Tim?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 18th, 2018 Becky 10 comments


         I placed a phone call to Julie Lyon’s attorney, Matthew Boyer of the Dell Law Firm, this morning at about 11:00 am and was told he was not in the office today.
         The cover sheet on her lawsuit against Fulton Bank states it is for “Return of Held Funds” (see photo to the left). It is not known if this is strictly for the $155,000 Certificate of Deposit or other funds as well.
         This case involving millions and millions of dollars and 250 lost jobs gets more and more bizarre. Where is Jeffrey Lyons? Is he in his home in Lancaster County? Is he in the United States? Where are all the millions of dollars? When will arrests be made and when will the public be told what is going on? The lack of information is stunning and disturbing!


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    (Click here)



    Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “Fulton Bank alleges Worley & Obetz CEO carried out 4-year ‘massive’ fraud, pocketing +$1M,” (click here).

       Exactly! And Julie Lyons has tried several times to withdraw a $155,000 certificate of deposit knowing that she is being watched? What the hell is going on? This is outrageous!       




         The incompetence and corruption in Lancaster County is simply astonishing (click here for the LNP story)!
         And why does Amber Martin (nee Amber Green) have family pictures like the one above with her husband, State Senator Scott Martin, all over her official Facebook page as the Lancaster County Treasurer (click here)?
          Is she writing a romance novel or collecting taxes? It’s ridiculous! Clean it up, Amber! Get a room and a bond!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on July 14th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         Crime sells. Everyone knows it! It’s important, it affects people’s lives, it’s intriguing and the justice system is at the core of our democracy. And yet, LNP does not have a reporter in the courthouse.
         They rely on and barely rewrite the DA press releases by former LNP court reporter Brett Hambright. As a commenter to this site said when Hambright went to the DA’s office – LNP used to pay him but now the public pays him to write for LNP! It’s true!
         His coverage is blatantly slanted (of course) and he rarely mentions the defense or the defense attorney’s involved. It is unconscionable (and stupid readership wise) that LNP relies on Hambright for all of their court reporting. But if they use Hambright – they must cite him as their source and not pretend they were present for the proceeding.
         Coming tomorrow a look at the two very recent cases that are in this post.



    The DA’s press release by Brett Hambright (click here and click here for the LNP rewrite).
         In the past, I have criticized LNP for stating “according to the District Attorney’s Office” six times in an eight sentence story. Now, LNP is pretending they were at his preliminary hearing and they do not mention the press release that is the sole source for their entire story. It is inexcusable and probably why there is no specific byline.
         You better clean up your act, editor Tom Murse, or you will be a jobless middle-aged man that no legitimate news organization will touch. There will be more later on why this is absolutely unconscionable!


    From today’s print edition of LNP.
         On a very serious note – look at the unbelievable spin they have put on this horrific story. Oh, Junior Gonzalez, you thought you were working for a real newspaper? Think again…



         Um, LNP Managing Editor Tom Murse – there was no plane! They looked and looked and looked and could not find a plane! Don’t you think it’s time to take this down as your lead story and move on to some real news? Ridiculous!


    Posted on July 6th, 2018 Becky 13 comments


         Over 3 million people have watched the video of Lancaster City Police Officer Philip Bernot taser Sean Williams while he was sitting on the curb. Why? Because it is an outrageous abuse of power and excessive force by the officer with obvious racial undertones.
         Mayor Danene Sorace’s announcement today that Bernot will not be fired or suspended is unacceptable. Simply unacceptable.
         Please share and send today’s video below in this post to every news outlet you possibly can. This goes on everyday in the city of Lancaster to people of color and it cannot be allowed to continue.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    ***  “…Officer Bernot will not be fired or suspended.”
    Mayor Sorace today (click here).

    **   The city and the police have scheduled a news conference this afternoon, July 6, and officials declined to comment further until then.
    From today’s LNP story, “Here’s what Lancaster city police policy says about stun guns,” (click here).
          Now the city has a second video to address. A man handcuffed with his hands behind his back, on his stomach on the pavement with an officer straddling him and then giving him a very sharp “slap” to his face that sends his face into the pavement! And then Detective Nickel threatening to arrest a woman for no reason other than she is taping the encounter. Unbelievable!



    *    Oh, Detective Nickel and I go way back! Unbelievable. Click here for the original of the below.




    Posted on June 30th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    *     Lancaster Police Officer Philip Bernot tasing Sean Williams was on Good Morning America today. There is no question how the reporter and anchors felt about it. Sign the petition – click here!  This must stop!



         The Food Dude is gone and Chris Otto changes bases? Wow! That and some serious news is coming later today.



    Posted on June 28th, 2018 Becky 25 comments


    (Click Here)


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Raymond Rowe’s docket has been updated to reflect his attorney as Patricia Kay Spotts of the Public Defender’s Office. His preliminary hearing has been rescheduled for July 26th.


    **   In other news, this video is spreading rapidly!

    *    This anonymous email in today (thank you – and they have been correct before):
         DAs are blabbing that the person who uploaded the DNA to the site accessed by Parabon was a sister or half-sister who had been put up for adoption and was looking for birth parents.  Will be interesting to confirm if he was identified by someone he never knew existed.



        Raymond “DJ Freez” Rowe and his wife at Open Streets Lancaster on May 20th of this year. Rowe is now in prison with bail denied for the 1992 murder of Christy Mirack.

    Photos courtesy of Jerry Wright.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 25th, 2018 Becky 11 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


        LIP News has learned that the Lancaster City Police Officer who committed suicide over the weekend was Mark C. Gehron (pictured left). He was previously married to Allison Smithgall, the daughter of former Mayor Charlie Smithgall. They married in 2000 and were divorced on November 18, 2016. They have two sons together.


    **   Former Police Chief Keith Sadler in a screenshot from his Facebook page taken at 10:52 am today.


    *    A brief update to yesterday’s posts about a Lancaster City police officer committing suicide: I don’t like the above Facebook comment by police detective Michael Gerace that was published here yesterday.
         Does he control the coroner and the press? “You won’t?” Wrong! The public has a right to know! His arrogance is stunning!



         There is not a single word about the police shooting death of Antwon Rose on the “NAACP – Lancaster PA Branch” Facebook page. Not a single word! What the hell do these people do?