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    Posted on December 9th, 2017 Becky 3 comments
    —  10:02 am – The Lancaster City Police are beginning their presentation on the budget.
    —  9:47 am – Randy Patterson said a “Bee Keeping Ordinance” will be on the agenda this year.

    —  9:22 am – Randy Patterson just stated he will still be in his job next year – “It will be on my list next year.”


    9:00 am – The Lancaster City Council budget meeting is now live on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).


    Posted on December 3rd, 2017 Becky No comments

    *    Oops! I ran out of time today. Let me just say that Robert Field said eight inches of documents several times yesterday and I’ll continue with the very sick stalkers and serious news tomorrow!



         The above comment in yesterday from Cheryl Dum Markle and Steven Markle who have sent in over 1,700 comments into this site over the last five years! You want to talk about “vulgar?” Oh, we’ll talk!

         A tweet from Michael Deibert this morning. Is he really working for LNP? Is he really their “investigative team leader?” What is he investigating?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 11th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         Sometimes it takes something very simple to remind you of LNP’s power through being the monopoly news service in Lancaster County.
         As mentioned on this site – last week I dialed Franklin & Marshall College mathematics professors (there are a lot) until one actually answered the phone and was extremely helpful.
         And although he said he voted, he was not really aware that District Attorney Craig Stedman was running for a seat on the Superior Court. When it sank in, he said, “I’m sorry to hear that he might be leaving. I think he’s done a good job.”
         I said he obviously does not read this site and added, “I don’t think he has,” and I moved the discussion away from the subject quickly.
         Oh, my. To be continued…    


         Imagine waking up to this (click here)? Well, I did! So did Trump learn to lie from Lancaster County officials or did they learn from Trump? Hmmm…


    Posted on November 10th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         Two very nice Facebook posts by Independent Tony Dastra and Republican Cindy Stewart following Tuesday’s election. Stewart’s is on top and Dastra’s is below. Have a safe and happy Friday!

    *    I was just reminded that state offices are closed today for Veterans Day. So the Superior Court election will have to carry over until Monday. Sigh…


          A wedding picture is always a pleasant surprise on a cold November day. LNP has lost their court reporter, Jonas Fortune. Fortune married former WGAL producer Julie Loeper and she got a new job in Greenville, South Carolina and he, of course, tagged along. Will LNP replace Fortune?
         And speaking of the court, District Attorney Craig Stedman’s spokesman and former LNP court reporter, Brett Hambright, is using a new profile picture on his twitter account. Yikes! Was he anticipating a change? There will be more on Hambright in the upcoming days.
         And speaking of Stedman, is LNP going to pretend he didn’t run to be a Superior Court Judge in the first place? I will keep track of the election and attempt to call the Department of State today to see where this whole mess stands.
    But  there is other news to cover, so please check back later today!


    Posted on October 21st, 2017 Becky 4 comments


    This just amuses me! The music is catchy! Has anyone actually been hooked up? WTH?


    Posted on October 17th, 2017 Becky 2 comments



         @Frank Lee…I agree with your assessment 100%. Same Ole, Same Ole Sorace is a Gray clone with LESS intellect than he has…that does not bode well for the future. Her GOP challenger seems to be mailing it in. Dastra, regardless of his worthiness, cannot win as a 3rd party outsider with little or no backing. This race was decided when the City Dems endorsed Danene. I hope they will be held accountable later but it is unlikely.
    This comment in under “AND CHRISTINA HARTMAN!” below.
         I agree about Tony Dastra. As much as I appreciate him live-streaming city council and other meetings, he can’t possibly win. I do hope he runs for city council the next time a seat is open.
         Please don’t split the vote in November as the Democrats did in the primary when Kevin Ressler and Norman Colon split the vote so Sorace won. If you are unhappy with what has happened under Mayor Gray and Sorace, then vote for Cindy Stewart. I agree she is a very long shot but if nothing else, it will let people know that they are not satisfied with what has been going on for years in the city – with money being poured into the six block magazine section only and crime being virtually ignored.
         One quick note about this morning’s piece – there was this in the LNP story on McCaskey principal Jimenez where they are quoting an unnamed retired SDoL teacher who didn’t want her name used because she still substitutes in the district:
         She said that those who fell in line with Jimenez’s orders were his “henchmen.” Another popular term among teachers was “FOB” — Friends of Bill. If Jimenez’s “friends” would catch another teacher speaking out against the principal, there would be consequences.
         Obviously there are those who like Jimenez and there was not a single quote from anyone who does. That is outrageous and why I call it a character assassination piece. Unbelievable! And to put “He’ll squish you like an ant” in the headline is totally over-the-top and inappropriate! Does anyone at LNP know what they are doing?
    *    This press release just in from Christina Hartman’s campaign. Dump the schmuck, Lloyd!



    (Click here for the “insider” story online.)

         LNP, desperate for answers regarding the strange happenings with McCaskey Principal Bill Jimenez, take a really low road! They name exactly one former teacher in this article and one parent who has two sons in the district.
         Talk about character assassination! Wow! LNP’s journalism standards have been thrown out the window.
    Please check back later today.

  • 10-16-17 UPDATE – SUE LNP! NO LIP TODAY!

    Posted on October 15th, 2017 Becky 1 comment

    10-16-17 UPDATE Still feeling pretty dreadful and this LNP story – “Elizabethtown insulation company sued by former human resources manager for racial discrimination,” – didn’t make me feel any better (click here). When, oh when, is someone going to sue racist LNP?

         I have a terrible change of season cold! Hopefully, LIP News will  be back tomorrow.


    Posted on October 6th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


          “He wanted to go to jail,” I was told by Crystal in District Judge Bruce Roth’s office today about 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon.
         She would not give me the reason he apparently gave for wanting to go to jail.
         When I asked for specifics regarding paying the $100 dollars bail which is 10% of his $1,000 bail and providing proof that I have the full $1,000 should he default – she put me on hold and then came back and said she had been speaking with the Judge.
         She said the Judge stated I could not bail him out unless the defendant himself says he wants to be bailed out.
         This, of course, raises the question of whether a defendant can request jail. If the defendant met the guidelines to have been released on his own recognizance, or an unsecured amount of bail, can he “request” bail so he can go to jail?  If there is no legitimate legal reason for setting bail, why should the public pay to house and feed him? And can he refuse to be bailed out?
          And, of course, why in the world would this 20-year-old want to go to jail?
         And we never got to the bottom of what I would have to provide to bail him out – it stopped with the requirement that I have a full time job. I replied that I am retired. Believe it or not this stumped them and then I found out why. Crystal told me than in her five years in Judge Roth’s office they had only bailed out one individual. One person in five years.
         She did say that they have had bail bondsmen bail people out. After I talked to their office two days ago and I said I was in Philly and could not bring in cash that day (they do not take credit cards), they suggested I call a local bail bondsman. I called two in Lancaster. One said he could not help me and the other said he charges a minimum fee of $275 for his services.
         There are lots and lots of questions to be answered here and I will do my best in the coming days.



    Shaw-Cannon’s mugshot

          Dissent — truly effective dissent — should be nonviolent, but nonviolent doesn’t mean comfortable. Peaceful doesn’t mean warm and fuzzy. And just because dissent risks overreaction by a king, a president, or a Republican state senator in Lancaster County, doesn’t mean government actors should give in to that temptation.
    From a column special to LNP by Ephrata attorney Mitchell Sommers, “King George tried to shut down dissent, and look how that worked out,” (click here).    
         Sommers is the only good thing in LNP and his column is well worth the read and to understand what State Senator Scott Martin is trying to do with his truly appalling Senate Bill #754.
         In the meantime, 20-year-old Delonte Shaw-Cannon sits in Lancaster County Prison for allegedly trying to burn an American flag in Penn Square (click here for the police press release). He is in prison. He is sitting in a jail cell at your expense. And no one is speaking up about it and the fact that racism is clearly involved in his case.
         I tried to bail him out from Philadelphia (his bail is set at 10% of $1,000). It’s not as easy as you think. 
    That and more will come later today.  


    Posted on October 2nd, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         I had quite an argument with a commenter today about bail in the comments under the story immediately below.
         LNP stating Luke Murray “is free on $15,000 bail” is deceptive and incorrect. Period!
         And it is National Newspaper Week and the LNP editorial staff, of course, get on their high horse and state this in their editorial today (click here):
         We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating — we exist for our readers, as we have for some 223 years. In a modern age of fake news, social media, and the dissemination of information in 140 characters or less, we believe the role of community newspapers is as relevant as ever. We are bombarded with information from so many different sources — some credible, some not. Consumers are forced to be discerning if they are to separate fact from fiction.
         No, you exist to make the Steinmans money and control Lancaster County. And I will come back to that tomorrow and domestic violence and Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler.
         But today, LNP “reporter” Tom Knapp tweeted this:
         Really? A “death knell for Columbia?” What kool aid has he been drinking? Is that fake news?
         LNP: Failing to tell the public the truth about bail and Chief Sadler. Is it their “death knell?”


    **   An email in this morning with a link to “MightyRecruiter” (click here) and this question (thank you):
         So has Murray been looking for a new job or does this site just put up the names of people who might be a candidate?



    Senator Bernie Sanders on his Twitter account yesterday.

         And if we want to discuss criminal justice reform – then we have to talk about bail. And LNP needs to get their facts correct! See yesterday’s post immediately below on this site.


         Waking up to a huge tragedy in Las Vegas this morning. There are no words.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 30th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         He is free on $15,000 bail.
    From the LNP article, “East Hempfield police officer charged with breaking into estranged girlfriend’s home,” (click here).    
         No, that is not correct, “reporter” Jonas Fortune and LNP. Get your facts correct! He is free on 10% of $15,000. And according to his docket, someone named Marcia L. Murray put up the $1,500 cash for Luke Murray (see below).
         This sloppiness by LNP on important stories is unbelievable! Can you believe a word they publish?

  • * CUT IT OUT, LNP!

    Posted on September 29th, 2017 Becky 3 comments

    *   OMG! They have now made the barber story their lead story on Lancaster Online and they have made it an “insider” story to boot! Are they nuts?



         You are the LNP managing editor for news and sports: What would you put on the front page of today’s print edition?
    —  A beloved restaurant, which LNP refers to as a “landmark,” and located right next to Central Market had a major fire yesterday causing $400,000 in damage and closing it for months.
    —  An Elizabethtown barber is retiring after six decades and you have a “folksy,” silly human interest story about him.
          What would you put on the front page?


    Posted on September 24th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


    *    I went to church this morning, as good people do. It’s obvious what you did. Pitiful and a waste.
    This comment in last Sunday from serial stalkers Steven and Cheryl Markle of Leola.
         LOL! You are as far removed from “good people” as anyone I could possibly imagine – with the two exceptions of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

    LIP NEWS: FOUNDED 9-25-04!

         This comment in yesterday from serial stalkers Steven & Cheryl Markle of Leola. LOL!


    Posted on September 20th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


         When I was in Lancaster on Monday, I took the yellow, one page sheet out of the distribution box at the corner of N. Duke and Orange Streets.
         It is the one about the CRIZ and the $9 million for LNP’s Marriott expansion and the state ruling that the city must provide with the information publisher Robert E. Field requested and the fact that the city is appealing that ruling.
         And on that yellow sheet of paper there is this among the reasons the city might not want Field of NewsLanc to have the paperwork he requested:
    3)  Mayor Rick Gray, an experienced criminal defense attorney, may be concerned that the files disclose fraudulent conduct and is seeking to ‘run out the clock’ for investigations and indictments.
         Yes, this man with an outstanding background in economics is stating that Mayor Rick Gray and members of his administration might be indicted. And that is simply shocking – not the accusation itself because many of us have believed that for years – but the fact that it appears in a newspaper box less than a half-a-block from the courthouse that is surrounded by LNP boxes!
         That is how deep, dark, ugly and possibly criminal this whole situation is between Mayor Gray, his administration, city council and LNP. Maybe LNP will tell us again how they are the “community newspaper.” No, they are the community thieves and liars.
         Anyway, I went to NewsLanc today and found: “REF SPEAKS: Swan song minus two,” (click here). A screenshot of the beginning is below. Thank you, Robert. All of Lancaster County should thank you!


    *    Is it me or is this weekly update from LanCity Connect just plain weird and a little scary!  Click here for their Facebook page.

    Weekly Update: September 15, 2017

    Check out our latest weekly update! It's the easiest way to stay informed and up-to-date on all the latest news and information relating to LanCity Connect services additional information, please contact customer support at or call (844) 526-2489.

    Posted by LanCity Connect on Friday, September 15, 2017


         Republican mayoral candidate Cindy Stewart has the endorsement of the Lancaster Firefighters Union (click here for her Facebook page).

          Do you want four more years of Mayor Gray through his clone Danene Sorace or do you want change and a mayor who cares about all the people of Lancaster?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 18th, 2017 Becky 6 comments
    —   Jakeem Towles testified in court this afternoon. Full details are coming tomorrow.


     LANCASTER – Jakeem Towles, through his attorney Teri B. Himebaugh, is in Lancaster Courtroom #3 before Judge Howard Knisely today seeking relief from the death sentence he received after being found guilty of shooting and killing Cornell “Young E-Z” Stewart in Columbia on May 7, 2010.

    Jakeem Towles

          Towles is arguing that he should have taken the stand in his own defense during his trial and the testimony of Dr. Gerald Cooke, a forensic psychologist from Plymouth Meeting, PA who interviewed Towles, should have been presented during his trial. Dr. Cooke testified this morning.
    Five witnesses took the stand this morning and testimony will continue after the lunch break with Towles’ defense attorney during his June 2012 trial, Samuel Encarnacion, on the stand. Encarnacion handled the guilt portion of his trial while Patricia Kay Spotts handled the penalty phase of his trial – the decision of death or life in jail following the jury’s verdict on guilt. She testified this morning.
    There were two videos taken the night of the murder, one by Robert Sanders who testified this morning and the second by Jerry Puryear, who requested an attorney because he has criminal charges pending against him and he did not testify.
    The jury came back with a verdict of death for Towles on June 11, 2012


    Posted on September 16th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


    Posts on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “Lititz police are seeking the whereabouts of registered sex offender with outstanding warrants,” (click here).

         “Stanley Novak” apparently can’t spell my name. Yes he can. He types it multiple times a day! Maybe I can sue LNP for millions of dollars for allowing these posts to stand?
         Jerry Puryear was not hiding at my home in Philly! LOL! And as previously mentioned on this site, all five of the Megan’s Law violations mentioned in this story were recently nolle prossed (dropped by the prosecution). LNP certainly has not reported that information. And that is a story for another day and will be coming to this site.

         Steven and Cheryl Markle have been harassing me daily for almost six years. Their sick obsession is astounding. Doctor Phil says you don’t engage stalkers – they want attention and that gives it to them. And you don’t want to stoop to their absurd level and trade mindless insults.
          But you reach a point where you have to stand up and say enough is enough. Ron Harper recently renewed a writ where he intends to sue them civilly. I intend to pursue them criminally.
         Enough. This site will now return to the news.


    Diane Enck Gamber’s intro on her Facebook account.

    ***   I think it was Chrissy Teigen who said when someone has this kind of saying on social media – they are absolutely the worst, most awful people.
         And Diane is friends with both “Stanley Novak” and “Edward Exley,” who are also both fake accounts of convicted stalker Steven Markle! What’s going on, Diane?

    **   And look who posted on Roland’s Facebook page! None other than Diane Enck Gamber (now known as “Gail Jenks” on Lancaster Online). How in the world did she find Roland?


     *    As to yesterday’s topic, it begins with Roland. Let’s just say I can recognize convicted stalker Steven Markle almost immediately.



         Thank goodness their are other news sources in Lancaster County besides LNP. Check this out from the Columbia Spy’s Facebook page regarding the LNP editorial, “School district partnership was a worthwhile experiment,” (click here). The Columbia Spy’s Facebook page is here.
         It’s a busy day so please check back often.

  • * UPDATE *** – ** – * FUN ON THE INTERNET!

    Posted on September 15th, 2017 Becky 12 comments

      I obviously went off topic today and will be back on topic tomorrow.
         Have a great Friday!  

    I am so annoyed! Maybe I will print a “retraction” and use his name like five times! Nasty piece of work!


          Considering these deputies are supervised by deputy Lepler, you can not believe their version of this incident.
    Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under the story, “Shots fired as fugitive tries to run over deputies before pursuit near Christiana,” (click here).
         That would be Christopher Leppler, (double “p”) who is the Republican’s candidate for Sheriff in the November election.
         That is a very strong statement – but Leppler is a public official. And where is the updated information on this story District Attorney Craig Stedman? We’re waiting!

    ***   Holy crap! $399 a month (click here)? Hey, I’ll google your name weekly for just $99 a month!

    **   If I print a “full retraction,” that will put his name back on this site after I nicely took it off! WTH?

    *    Maybe he uses “Brand Yourself!” Apparently you pay them and they will google your name periodically. Nice! And they’re in Lancaster! Click here for LNP’s, “New York firm coming to Lancaster, expects to create 100 full-time jobs .” I wonder how they’re doing with the 100 jobs? 


    A message received yesterday.

         Sigh. You do a person a favor and they decide to go on a power trip. Good luck with all of that nonsense, buddy! I’m shaking in my boots!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on September 3rd, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         A very recent tweet by Michael Deibert, the author of today’s front page Sunday News article on drugs coming from Mexico (not currently online). LNP has given him an email address but it is not clear whether he is a “staff reporter.”
         Click here for USA Today’s, “Mourning Javier Valdez, the Mexican journalist who said ‘no to silence.'”


    Posted on August 24th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


          I’m going off topic this afternoon because I received the below email and will come back to the police and Luis O. Colon tomorrow.
    Steve Markle continues to post comments on LOL
    He has been reported, but no action has been taken
    Stanley Novak aka Millie Logan aka Ed Exely aka Steve Markle aka Jay Low and probably others
         Oh, you missed some – “Edward T. Head,” “Joe Smith,” “Cindy Miller” and on and on and on.
         Ways to spot convicted stalker Steve Markle (see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above):
    —  He will just talk about “crazy Becky” under an article on LNP as if everyone knows he is referring to me.
    —  He is a true racist and Trump supporter.
    —  He prides himself on his grammar and often likes to correct other posters.
    —  He is obnoxious and a troll and just likes to stir the pot with ridiculous and nasty comments.
    —  He will quickly become argumentative and threatening.
    —  He will contact other commenters he disagrees with directly through their Facebook or email accounts to harass them.
    —  He will switch from one name to another to “support” his comments.
    —  He uses his other names to “like” his posts.
    —  He acts as if he is a law abiding citizen and has never done anything wrong in his lifetime.
    —  He does this all day long and has for years.


         One story and done. That’s LNP’s way. Never question the police! (Click here for LNP’s, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” and also see stories below on this site.)
          Patrick G. Sensenig’s obituary is here.

         His memorial Facebook Page is here.


    **   Lancaster city police continue to investigate. As of Friday, charges had not been filed against the owner, who has not been identified, according to police Lt. Bill Hickey.
    From the July 5th LNP article by Lindsey Blest, “Dog in Lancaster attack euthanized; Medical care continues for 2 children,” (click here).
         The attack happened on June 19th but the Lancaster police were still investigating as of July 5th? Something else happened on July 5th – A Writ of Summons was filed against Luis O. Colon by attorney Michael P. McDonald telling him he was being sued for in excess of $50,000 (see below).
         So, what were the Lancaster City police doing all this time?


    Luis O. Colon (or Colon-Colon)

    *     Look what showed up on the CrimeWatch page! The mugshot of Luis Omar Colon-Colon (click here and check back later today).




    Posted on August 20th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


     *    On a much lighter and happier note, I was waiting for the CBS national news last night and caught the end of the Wyndham Golf Championship and there was a name and a face I recognized! Yes, Amanda Balionis, who used to work for the Sunday News under Marv and Gil!
          I wrote about “THE LION IN BALIONIS” on this site many years ago (click here).
         Good for her! Click here for “Amanda Balionis: Meet CBS’ PGA Tour Reporter.”



    From the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above on this site.

     Posted by Preston Harper [Ron Harper, Jr.] on Lancaster Online under the LNP article, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” (click here).

          Harper finally figured it out (see the comments under yesterday’s post). And “Edward T. Head” took down all his posts – probably because LNP moderators could figure out that his post and the posts coming from “Stanley Novak” had the same IP address.
         “Stanley Novak” is also Steven Markle and he is a very sick, demented stalker and racist who has been doing this for years. He recently posted this on Lancaster Online:

          So, if you see his wife, Cheryl Dum Markle, acting like a nice, normal person and are one of her 608 Facebook “friends,” and you are a minority or believe in equality and humanity – dump her sorry butt immediately! These are very sick individuals.
          That is enough on these stalkers and I want to come back to seriously look at this case and Hambright’s and LNP’s lies and the corruption in Lancaster County either later today or tomorrow.


    Posted on August 18th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


         When the District Attorney’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, shows up at a crime scene you know there’s trouble. Apparently DA Craig Stedman couldn’t make it because he’s at an Animal Law Conference in Philly today.
         Anyway, a police officer is in hot water – click here for LNP’s, “Man kills self as police officer serves arrest warrant at Conestoga Township home,” and make sure to read the comments underneath.   
         Will the DA release the name of the officer?  Will the DA comment on how the officer handled the situation?
         Time will tell and condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. 
    Have a safe and happy Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    *    The following Right to Know requested was submitted to the county this morning.



          Scathing? Obviously LNP either did not read or did not understand the audit (I am going with number two) . One procedural error by the Board noted in the audit. There is no connective tissue between the actual audit finding and The Auditor General’s news conference ‘performence’. Come on Alex, be more through and complete in your reporting /headline writing!
    Posted by Mark Anderson, the Manheim Township school board president, on Lancaster Online under the LNP “insider” article by Alex Geli, “Manheim Township adopts corrective action plan in response to scathing audit by state auditor general,” (click here).


         Apparently, LNP wants to get sued again! Alex, why don’t you report on how your fellow LNP reporters and editors lied and broke the law regarding their coverage of the school board?
         Why don’t you report on how LNP breaks every journalism code of ethics in this country by their involvement in the convention center/hotel?
         Why don’t you report on how LNP blatantly discriminates in their hiring and doesn’t have a single minority reporter?
         You’re fresh out of college, Alex, get the hell out of there and go work for a legitimate news organization.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 17th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


          So let’s get some facts straight regarding Luis O. Colon and the horrific attack by his dog on three members of the Warfel family on June 19th:
    — It takes the Lancaster City Police an inordinately long time to investigate the dog attack (June 19th) and bring charges (July 17th).
    —  The police state the owner’s address is in Pottsville, PA when in actuality he owns and has lived at 727-1/2 High Street for years (in fact that is where the prior attack on a child occurred by the same dog in 2014 – the CrimeWatch report says it occurred in 2013; however, according to a lawsuit resulting from the prior attack and attached to the recent suit by the Warfels, it happened in July of 2014).
    —  Unbelievably, the police allow the dog owner to quarantine the dog on his own property for 10 days following the latest attack.
    —  The dog’s owner apparently uses a variety of last names – or the Lancaster Police Department reported his name incorrectly.
    —  The Warfel’s lawyers did not trust the quality of the police’s/DA’s investigation so they filed a Motion for  Emergency Relief so they could obtain and save evidence in the case.
    —  The preliminary hearing for the dog’s owner was yesterday, and in this vicious attack that went national, LNP ignored the hearing and they have not printed a word about it as of this posting.
    —  The Warfel’s filed suit over a month ago and the public is just learning about it now (I was so frustrated today as I was talking to a friend that I went to the Prothonotary’s Office and there it was – but LNP obviously has far more resources than this site and should have reported it a month ago).
    —  And of course, the mugshot of Luis Omar Colon (or Colon-Colon) has never been released to the public.
    There will be more tomorrow.


    —   Judge Leonard G. Brown III granted the Warfel’s Motion for Emergency and/or Injunctive Relief:

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The Warfels have filed a lawsuit against Luis O. Colon (note the spelling of his last name) who owns the property at 727 1/2 High Street. It is unknown why the police said he is from Pottsville although apparently he also owns a property there as well.
         Click here for the below filing.


          Luis Colon-Colon, the owner of the pit bull that attacked and seriously injured three members of the Warfel family on June 19th of this year, had his preliminary hearing before District Judge Adam Witkonis yesterday. According to his docket, all of the charges were carried over to Common Pleas Court (see below).
         A mugshot of Colon-Colon has never been published. The final CrimeWatch entry states this (click here):
         As of the time of this release, Colon-Colon has not been placed on record (fingerprinted/photographed). When his photo is available it will be uploaded and saved to this release. 
        His photo has never been attached to the release and it is amazing that LNP did not send a reporter to cover the preliminary hearing of this man whose dog created an absolute nightmare scenario in the city.


    Posted on August 15th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


         One of the ads for LanCity Connect (actually just MAW Communications) that are running on LNP’s “story” today online involving their “Concerts on King” series, (click here).

         You cannot “schedule your installation today,” because as of 3:22 pm this afternoon the LanCity Connect website is still down. And once again, if unexpected public demand is at the root of their problems, why are they spending some of the millions of dollars the city of Lancaster has given them to advertise/sponsor LNP concerts? What a complete waste of the taxpayer’s money – and is that the reason LNP has not questioned one single thing about this company and the millions the city has given and loaned them?
         It is wonderful that the Candy Factory (who got an early, special hookup) is pleased with their service but how many others will get similar service and when? Many, many people are awaiting their connection, anxious to dump Comcast and get reasonably priced, high speed, reliable internet through LanCity Connect.
         That is what they were promised. Will it happen? LIP News will take a closer look tomorrow.




          I spoke with Anne Kirby, a founding member of the Candy Factory this afternoon by phone. She is featured in the LNP “insider” article from April of this year, “LanCity Connect: Lancaster’s municipal broadband is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania,” (click here).
         She said she is still extremely pleased with LanCity Connect and has not had any problems. She referred to them as a “savior,” because even with two accounts with Comcast, she said they could not get good service. She said the price for LanCity Connect is “comparable” with what Comcast was charging.
         She said she believes the demand was much greater than expected and she thinks that may be the reason MAW Communications is having problems. She said she has talked to a handful of the co-workers at the Candy Factory (they have 150 members) who live in the city and have LanCity Connect in their homes and said she believes they are happy with the service.

    —  11:38 am – The MAW Communications site is back up. LanCity Connect is still down.

    —   10:54 am – Now the MAW Communications website is down:

    ***  The District Attorney needs to start investigating this scam now! If Stedman won’t do it, then the State Attorney General needs to investigate – now!


    **    8:24 am – I got the below message once this morning when trying to go to the LanCity Connect website through Google. I got it again just now when I tried to follow a link on their Facebook page that would normally have taken me to their website.


    *    I updated this site yesterday (a new edition of WordPress was out and the same for several of my plugins). It took me less than five minutes. Granted, there was one time when it took me twenty minutes…


         MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) sent an email shortly after noon yesterday that their website was down. As of 7:53 am this morning, their website remains down.

         The email:

    Their website:

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on August 10th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         Another example of LNP selective sharing/reporting only what they want to, and only to those they choose to.
         This ‘news organization’ has become unreliable, untrustworthy and a disgrace to the journalism profession. Lancaster County readership and taxpayers deserve better; and only a clean sweep with a large broom will accomplish what has been needed for a LONG time.
         New ownership, new leadership, new editors, new reporters along with a new approach and ‘mission statement’ to provide us with the facts and nothing but the facts; regardless of who it may affect among the ‘power elite’..


         I found this excellent and so true comment under a Letter to the Editor from April of 2013 (click here). The letter involves an article written by former LNP reporter Bernard Harris, who lied to the public so repeatedly and so well for years about the convention center/hotel that Mayor Gray hired him to be the city clerk! Just one of many, many liars Gray has surrounded himself with for the last almost 12 years!

         And enough is enough! It is unbelievable that this has been going on for so long and all LNP and owner Beverly Steinman do is lie to the public to maintain their power and control in the county and line their own pockets – and that certainly includes “protecting” their benefactor, Mayor Rick Gray, his staff and the city council members, for years and years!


    **   Under the 20-year agreement, MAW will be paid about $500,000 to install fiber-optic cable and transmitters throughout the city. The company will get a share of residential and business subscriptions, which will pay for maintenance.
    From the LNP article by former reporter Dan Nephin in February of 2015, “City to get free Wi-Fi in public areas under new broadband plan,” (click here).
         How did $500,000 go to over $3 million dollars in two years?


    *    LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher “reports” on other happenings at Tuesday’s city council meeting but there is not one word about David Hess and his comment about LanCity Connect and MAW Communications (click here). This “reporter” has lied to the public over and over again about this “public-private partnership” and MAW Communications!                                                       


         It is so shocking that a purported member of the press would continuously flat-out lie  to the public this way. If you see Stuhldreher on the street tell him what a sorry piece of lying crap he is. Seriously! Click here for LNP’s, “Full coverage: LanCity Connect fiber-optic broadband,” and see 11 articles by Stuhldreher since February of this year doing nothing but praising the city and MAW and never questioning a thing!
         Stuhldreher has absolutely no respect for the truth, journalism or the public!



           City Resident David Hess addressed city council regarding LanCity Connect as follows on Tuesday night (click here to watch the video):

          I wanted to voice my concerns about the fiber internet rollout that’s underway called LanCity Connect. I realize that this isn’t directly related to city council but as it is a partnership between Lancaster City and MAW Communications, I wanted to bring this forward here.
         I’ve been a huge supporter of this project since the beginning and was thrilled to be an early adopter. But as the year has gone by since plans were first announced I’ve have had growing concern about the communication. A few people that I’ve recommended for the service go months without feedback – as well as some of their current technology. I have been in communications with them about a few things and go months without hearing back so what I wanted to bring forward here is more – I guess and urging city council in whatever way to encourage MAW and LanCity Connect to be more transparent and open.
         I think their communications with the city residents is key for this to survive and there’s already a lot of – their competitors – Comcast has already announced their plans probably in the far future but they are planning to compete with this so I think in order for this to survive, focus has to be put on the customer side of this which I think is probably slightly new for both MAW and the city to kind of be that part of a public private venture.
         Thank you.
         City Council President John Graupera’s response:
         And as you mentioned city council has no part in managing or providing the services or supervising what Lancaster Connect does and MAW does so I hope you’ve been in contact with them and they’ve done the same with you over your concerns?
         David Hess’ response:
         Yeah actually I have regularly contacted them throughout the past year but I’ve been not hearing back for a while and I’m actually reaching out to this meeting to kind of rattle cages. And I did hear back from MAW but that’s part of the problem – their communication is not fast enough or transparent enough.

    Posted on August 1st, 2017 Becky 30 comments


          Puryear applied to Lancaster city’s health division in April 2016 in order to obtain a license to operate a food service cart for his business “Drinks on Wheels” and was photographed selling popsicles in Penn Square in May of 2016, police said.
    From the LNP article, “Lititz police are seeking the whereabouts of registered sex offender with outstanding warrants,” (click here).
         First and foremost, Jerry, turn yourself in! Do it now!
         As I stated previously, the Affidavit of Probable Cause lists this site as running a picture of him selling popsicles. And I did in May of last year (click here for the post). I had no idea if he had registered it with Megan’s Law – I had no idea what he had to register under Megan’s Law. I was simply having some fun.
         But he didn’t sell popsicles for long! In a video I’ve had for a long time, City Health Officer Kim Wissler and Police Officer Jose De La Torre (yes, that officer) showed up in no time and shut him down!
         Now, turn yourself in, Jerry!


    *    Randall Wenger corrected two things I posted. This is not a “special” election and that has been corrected below.
         Also, the Green and Libertarian parties may nominate a candidate to be on the ballot for the position of sheriff.


          The position of Sheriff will be on this November’s ballot, Randall O. Wenger, Chief Clerk in the Voter Registration Office, said this afternoon by phone. The position will be a part of the November election and will be for a two-year term only – from 2018 (they will take the oath of office in January) to 2020.
         Mark Reese, who resigned the office effective yesterday, was elected for a four year term that would have ended in 2020. So this election will only be for two years to catch up to the “normal” cycle.
         Republicans and Democrats have until September 18th to get their nominating petitions in and get a name on the November ballot to run for the position of Sheriff of Lancaster County, according to Wenger.


    *    I just received the below reply to my question to the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association regarding Sheriff Reese and his replacement.
         My question to them was: Sheriff Reese of Lancaster County just resigned. What happens now? Do the Commissioners appoint a replacement until the next election or is there a special election? Thanks!!


         The city plans to clean the underground mains and seal them with an innovative product developed by RePipe4710, a Lancaster-based startup.
         RePipe4710’s system involves heating plastic piping, curling it into a “C” shape, feeding it through existing pipe, then using high pressure and steam to expand and seal it.
         “It forms a solid plastic pipe inside the other pipe,” Katzenmoyer said. The number “4710” refers to the type of plastic used.
    From the LNP article, “Lancaster embarking on $2.3M project to repair crumbling water mains in Millersville neighborhood,” (click here).
         This sounds great and all – and a “Lancaster-based startup” to boot – but has this been approved by the government and where else has this system been used? What about water quality and the plastic? Where are the test results for this product? Are there any? How long will these new pipes last?
         Katzenmoyer has proved that she’s really not very good at what she does. How much investigation into this system has Lancaster done? Is anyone going to ask these questions?
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on July 27th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


         (Click here to read and watch the video if you have a really strong stomach!)
         I believe that we should all let LNP know that we do not appreciate looking at a large picture of a dead shark on the front page of the newspaper! It’s not a nice thing to wake up to – not at all! And then the inside photo with the close-up of its teeth! Yikes! Absolutely not!
          I don’t care if it does resemble Mayor Gray, please keep photographs of dead animals (and fish) off your front page! Oh, and the Tuktuk too!


    *    “I’m certainly disappointed,” city Mayor Rick Gray said of the SPCA’s closure. “But, hopefully, it will be a short-term thing.”
         From today’s editorial, “Lancaster County needs an organization willing and able to take the place of the SPCA,” (click here).
          Hey, opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy, why don’t you just sit in Mayor Gray’s office all day and wait for these gems? And then she says:
         We second those emotions.
         Of course you do, Suzanne! He got your employer the convention center/hotel and he just got LNP over $9 million more! We know you love Mayor Gray!
         Why no mention that Gray’s right-hand man, Patrick Hopkins, is on the board of directors? What went wrong? What is Hopkins doing with the millions of taxpayer’s dollars that cross his desk every year? What about MAW Communications? Why don’t you tell us about that, Suzanne?



    (Click here for the latest LNP article on the Tuktuk – actually I ran this information yesterday morning in a completely different context).

         There are no words for the absurdity of this. This is a comment on Lancaster Online under the article:
         Imagine what might be accomplished if the Mayor and City Officials threw their weight and efforts behind a REAL problem?
         Exactly! For the third time, resign LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher! You are an absolute disgrace!
    Please check back later today.