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    Posted on June 20th, 2018 Becky 4 comments
         A preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 pm in courtroom #12 before Judge David Ashworth between the city and landlord Dwain London Sr. There is no entry in the Prothonotary’s Office at this time (3:45 pm) as to whether the Judge has accepted Marie Chambers’ Motion to Intervene.



         On June 18th, Marie Chambers through her attorney filed a Motion to Intervene in the city’s injunction request against her landlord Dwain London Sr. as follows:


    Posted on June 9th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


    **   West Hempfield Township police charged Austin M. Hougendobler, 22, with 12 offenses, including four counts of felony aggravated assault for nearly running over a woman with his truck, then drawing the pistol as officers attempted to arrest him.
    From the just released District Attorney’s press release by DA spokesman Brett Hambright (click here).
         Brett Hambright is working on a Saturday! Imagine that? That’s because LNP was hollering at him that they needed his approval to state it was Austin Hougendobler! That’s right, despite the docket being public information, LNP can’t do anything without the DA’s approval. (It’s been on this site since 9:30 am this morning.) And that is just unbelievably scary and that is not journalism! And Hougendobler almost killed the woman. Boy, is he lucky he’s white!


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***  I have received information that Ismail Smith Wade-El was voted in today as a member of the Democratic Committee (he is pictured to the left in what he describes on Facebook as his “warm weather look!” Isn’t that special?). This man already has too much on his plate – he can’t even make city council meetings for which he is paid! Updates to follow.




    Austin Hougendobler from his Facebook page.

         The male drew a handgun after he got out of the truck and started to   point it toward officers, police said.
         And he’s still alive? I will not bring race into this, so let me say good day to all!!!

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Police: Man pulls gun on female in truck, then on officers in West Hempfield Township pursuit,” (click here).
         Yes, he’s damn lucky and it appears from this docket sheet from District Judge Miles K. Bixler that the lucky man is Austin Michael Hougendobler. He has pictures of his son all over his Facebook page. Nice.


    Posted on June 7th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    —  Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


         An update on Charlie and Ruby Warfel is below (click here for the original on GoFundMe). Also click here for LNP’s, “Owner of dog that attacked 2 Lancaster children sentenced to 7 years probation.”


    Posted on June 5th, 2018 Becky 3 comments

    *    All of the puppies are photographed in the exact same spot on his property. You’d think that if they are really “family raised with children” as advertised, they’d have some pictures of pups in their house!


         Challenged by a commenter to this site, I set out to see if I could find the name of the breeder in Quarryville who is the subject of a 6ABC piece, and many more including one in LNP, titled “‘Debarked’ dogs removed from Pa. breeder’s home,” (click here).
         I found an unlicensed breeder in Quarryville who sells a lot of Doberman puppies (red colored as pictured in the ABC article) and he sells them on a number of sites especially Greenfield Puppies. I previously wrote a piece for this site on Greenfield Puppies and the fact they represent puppy mills and LNP should not be running their advertising.
         I have not absolutely verified that the name I found is the same person as the one in the article and therefore, I am not naming him today. I will say that when you google his name, the above images of red Doberman pups for sale come up.
    To be continued…


    **   A third request of this email was sent to DA spokesperson Brett Hambright at 11:57 am this morning (the original from May 30th is here).



    *     Ismail Smith Wade-El made it to last night’s city council committee meeting – 25 minutes late!
           LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher likes to ask a lot of questions about money – but he has failed to inform the public about the over $5 million MAW Communications debacle and demand those responsible be held accountable.
           Council member Pete Soto was not aware the city was forced into a consent decree with the EPA (that former Mayor Rick Gray said will cost the citizens “millions of dollars over 20 years”) and asked for a copy of it!
         There was a discussion about Lancaster’s air quality, fireworks, a new and improved Roberto Clemente field (and a mysterious $75,000 coming from the city for “mistakes” the city made years ago) and money – big money coming up for capital assets and improvements.
         You can watch the entire meeting here.    



         The whois results which are being displayed are in accordance with the new EU GDPR law  with respect to protecting customer data.  Regardless of the information you have set in your domain registration, these results will always be displayed.
    This email in from my domain name host.
         Apparently, in this age of “fake news” and fake websites, you can no longer do a “whois” lookup to find out who owns them! I am somewhat shocked. You want to know who owns LIP News? Good luck (of course, you can always look under the “CONTACT” tab on this site).
         Does anyone know what is going on?
    Please check back later today.

  • *** – ** – * LIP NEWS IS BACK!

    Posted on June 3rd, 2018 Becky 8 comments
    ***  The answer: “Salary: $33,000.00 to $35,000.00 /year” (click here).

    **    The below is part of an ad I found on Craigslist this morning for the Lancaster office of BrandYourself. How much do you think it pays? I was surprised. The answer will be posted shortly.


    *    I was going to post this first thing this morning – but… click here to read more.


         I don’t know what happened this morning but the problem was with my webhost and not me! And it doesn’t happen often!

  • ** – * THIS MORNING!

    Posted on May 26th, 2018 Becky 4 comments

    **   Meanwhile, police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser said Friday his department wasn’t aware beforehand that the city didn’t want the officers accompanying inspectors to check tenants for outstanding warrants, but he sees no problems with such a policy going forward.
         The administrative warrants the city obtained to enter the houses were essentially search warrants, he said. Checking occupants’ background is standard procedure, he said, and also helps to ensure safety, since officers know better whom they’re dealing with.
    From the LNP story, “Lancaster city landlord Dwain London’s properties pass first round of inspections,” (click here).
         Oh, my heavens! I don’t think the courts would agree with you, Chief Berkihiser! Why don’t you just get a warrant for everyone in the city? Is this man for real? Did the Mayor just promote him to Chief?      


    *     9:59 am – City Council just voted to allow the Water Street Mission to demolish the warehouse. Unbelievable. You can watch the entire meeting here.



    Posted on May 23rd, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         It has been quite a shocking day. Violence is never the answer. Hopefully, this time the Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras can be used to help solve these arsons (a portion of the camera map is below with a blue arrow inserted at the location of city hall).
         Mayor Sorace’s full press conference on the arsons is on WGAL-TV (click here).


    **    Ya, the why seems pretty clear here…
            I could be wrong, but if you didn’t see last night’s council meeting I recommend you watch the video on transparent Lancaster.

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the City Hall arson fire article linked to immediately below.
              The comment was posted by Noah Miller, a well known Lancaster landlord who attended and spoke at last night’s city council meeting. Yes, watch the video!

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** – Click here for LNP’s, “Arson fire damages Lancaster City Hall entrance.”        



    LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (left) got up from his seat and stood and took pictures of the multiple tenants who spoke during last night’s city council meeting and then in a bizarre move he sat down next to and cozied up to their landlord, Dwain London Sr. (middle) and his son (right).
         There was an absolutely explosive city council meeting last night (the live-stream is broken into two halves on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).
         A very upset woman complained about the police and demanded an apology from them and city council. She called the police from her car to report a fight that was going on in the city and then apparently her car and her daughter who was with her were targeted by the police as being part of the disturbance.
         A woman who was with her complained about the complaint procedure against the police. She said the police use intimidation tactics to keep people from making a complaint. Mayor Sorace got involved and there will be much more on this later today.
         Charlotte Katzenmoyer was caught lying about the 12-and-a-half million dollar automated water meter reading system and how much fiber broadband coverage MAW Communications has actually installed.
         Know-it-all Randy Patterson suddenly hadn’t read the 30 page report prepared by the opposition to demolishing the Water Street Mission warehouse. It was pointedly handed to him during the meeting but council voted to let the warehouse be demolished.
         Numerous tenants of landlord Dwain London Sr. addressed council at the end of the meeting during the open comment period and asked where they are supposed to live. It was heartbreaking.
         And normally mild-mannered Tony Dastra, who livestreams the meetings and ran as an independent for mayor, snapped at London at the end of the meeting. I have to listen to the tape again but Dastra was out-of-line and chastised by council for his angry remark.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on May 22nd, 2018 Becky No comments

    * Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will be back tomorrow.


    *   There are exactly 11 sentences in the LNP article to the left (click here). Six – let me repeat – six of those sentences end with “according to the district attorney’s office.” Unbelievable!
          Maybe instead of writing about hedgehogs and sugar gliders, LNP could send a reporter to the courthouse!



         When hedgehogs and sugar gliders are your lead story, it’s time for a new editor! Seriously! This is pathetic.
    Click here for, “Hedgehogs and sugar gliders for pets? A Pennsylvania lawmaker is on the case,” and check back later today. 


    Posted on April 29th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         We became instant best friends. I sat next to her on the bus to Mountville Elementary School one day and the die was cast. It lasted for years. We lived a field apart and crossed that field too many times to count.
         We both moved out of our parent’s homes in the 12th grade and into an apartment in the city and moved from Hempfield to McCaskey High School. In our teenage years and beyond we would tell people we were sisters and no one ever questioned it.
         That would end with the incest story. A vague memory of my parent’s general disdain for her over the years and my mother asking my father one day: “What are the odds they would move right across the hill?”
         She was adopted and knew the name of her birth mother but never knew anything about her father. Years ago, I requested a DNA test and was denied. I understood the incredible odds against it, but it was one thing that science could either absolutely confirm or deny and I could move on to other things.
          My brothers and sisters even wrote my therapist about it (click here): 
          In the last month she has requested numerous times that a childhood friend take a DNA test because Becky now believes they are half-sisters.  (The friend has to date refused). 
         The arrest of a serial killer and rapist in California has put a spotlight on DNA and is running a “special” and things in my family have changed!   
         Stay tuned.

    Posted on April 19th, 2018 Becky 13 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         This is just too much! How stupid can these editors and reporters be? Click here for, “Holiday Inn Express offers teacher suspended for making pancakes during PSSAs a free pancake maker.” Unbelievable! Why did he tell you he was going to be fired, “reporter” Geli? And why did you believe him? Why don’t you report on that?


         Well, I certainly learned some new things today (see the comments under this post). “Dank” is a slang word for good marijuana and now has also transitioned from that to be used to describe beer among many other things.
         But even given my new knowledge, I still say the below beer review is ridiculous and gobbledygook. And I don’t want a beer with the flavor of “dankness” as well as “musty grass, over-ripe mango, lemon zest and pine.” I simply do not. Put that beer in a dank corner and give me a Bud!
         Seriously, back to serious news tomorrow!


         It poured straw gold with a creamy, white head, slight haze and lazy particulates. The aroma was dank with green herbs and grass, passion fruit, mango and lemon. In flavor, dankness followed from the nose as well as musty grass, over-ripe mango, lemon zest and pine. There was a ton of flavor in this session IPA while being nicely bittered over an underlying softness; it’s crushable, for sure.
    From the LNP article, “Learn about riding the rails with hobos (don’t call them tramps) and find tasting notes on 3 Lord Hobo beers,” (click here).
         That is the most ridiculous gobbledygook I have read in a long time. Are there any editors at LNP? Does anyone working there have any common sense?



    From a special column in today’s LNP by SDoL School Board President Edith Gallagher regarding pancakegate (click here).

    ***  Yes, and LNP should have issued a correction for those inaccuracies. Period. Any ethical journalism organization would.
           Okay, I am done!


    **   Thank goodness it was whole grain. Any other kind of pancake and I think we would have a systemic unravel of not just the middle school, but I fear our society.
    Part of a comment under the editorial.
         Amen! LOL!


    From LNP’s editorial.

    *    Yes, I’m sure you “know” middle-school-age children because most of your reporters are only a few years past that!
          The man cooked pancakes during the test. He brought an electric griddle and we assume a spatula. We don’t know if he mixed the batter for the pancakes in the room or if he brought a big pitcher of batter with him. He must have had some form of grease for his griddle and then he poured batter on it and cooked these wholegrain pancakes while the students were supposed to be taking a test!
         We still don’t know how he served them. We don’t know if he had plates, forks and syrup or if he just slapped a wholegrain cake down on their desks for them to eat with their hands while taking a test.
          Yes, the district has to take the protocols seriously or else you’d be screaming especially if these student’s test results were thrown out because of the absurd distraction of a man flipping pancakes on a griddle and then students “nibbling” on them.
         I truly am now done with this false wholegrain pancakegate. Your terrible, incorrect reporting started this flap in the first place. You should have issued a correction and an apology instead of writing this nonsensical crap!



    Today’s LNP editorial headline from the print edition (click here to read the editorial online).

    An excellent comment posted under the editorial.

         You are a disgrace to journalism, LNP.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 12th, 2018 Becky 14 comments


    A comment on Lancaster Online under the F&M story.

         I enjoy it when someone sees something that most overlook! But I have to point out at the very forefront of the large photograph, there is clearly a woman with blue leggings (see the cropped photo to the left). Just trying to help!
         And somehow, the comments under this post turned to State Senator Scott Martin which is always delightful if not a little creepy. Which brings us to an update on his new wife, Amber Martin’s (formerly Green and she is the County Treasurer) custody complaint against her ex-husband, Gerald Green, II.
         President Judge Dennis Reinaker has now turned the case over to a Delaware County Senior Judge (see his order below). That should hopefully remove any controversy over who is handling the case and avoid any conflicts of interest. And while the Order indicates Gerald Green is “Pro Se” – representing himself – according to the docket he has wisely hired an attorney to represent him – Melissa Montgomery, Esquire (click here for her website).
        And the Martin beat goes on…


    *    From The College Reporter article linked to below:
         This is not all of the problematic content found on the MProtective Facebook page, other examples can be found below. For example, the company consistently reposts anti-gun control articles, while in contrast, Dr. Porterfield notified the community this past month that he will be advocating against the opening of a gun shop on Dillerville Pike. The point is not that people are not allowed to have these views. There are definitely some F&M students who would agree with some, if not all of the opinions put forth by MProtective, and they have every right to do so. The real issue is twofold, first of all, by partnering with this company, the school is supporting political speech, certain aspects of which seem antithetical to the expressed mission of the institution. Second of all, because hiring MProtective is the only way Greek organizations are allowed to have parties, the administration’s policy is forcing students to financially support a worldview they may vehemently disagree with. As a member of Greek life, I don’t think this company represents me, I don’t think it represents the experience I’ve had with my organization, and I don’t think it deserves my support.


    F&M: WHAT

         The below are a few of the posts on the MProtective, LLC Facebook page according to the F&M newspaper The College Reporter (click here) and click here for the LNP article, “Franklin & Marshall College cuts ties with security group after ‘inflammatory’ social media posts, misconduct allegation.”

  • OVER 1,800 COMMENTS!

    Posted on April 10th, 2018 Becky 6 comments


          My comments lack context now that you have removed the one calling you a “Philly POS”. I was only standing up for you against that bully. I was surprised you posted that idiot.
         This comment in last evening under the post immediately below.
         Thank you and I apologize. That was one of Steve and Cheryl Dum Markle’s daily comments into this site. I approved it by mistake for several hours – that happens when I use my phone to approve comments and it is very touchy but I have no choice when I am away from my laptop. I do not immediately delete them because they are being used to build criminal charges.
         Interesting, I was going to talk about what constitutes harassment and trespassing this week involving other cases – but the obsession and jealousy exhibited by this couple daily for six years is simply astonishing and reflects an unbelievable mental illness – but it is also criminal and Steve Markle is already a convicted stalker and harasser and fully knows he is crossing the line.
         The East Lampeter Police Department will be notified and I will update developments on this site. I apologize that this very sick couple intrude on the serious news that I try to cover on this site.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on March 28th, 2018 Becky 10 comments

    3-29-18 UPDATE 

         Luis Colon-Colon’s guilty plea scheduled for today did not occur and was continued. His docket now indicates a trial date of June 4, 2018.
         Have a wonderful Easter. LIP News will be on vacation until Monday, April 2nd.


         Former Mayor J. Richard Gray defended Luis Colon-Colon three times in 2002 and 2003 and those cases from his court summary are below (and it looks like he did a “good” job):




    Luis Colon-Colon

    Ruby & Charlie Warfel

         Luis Colon-Colon (or Colon) is scheduled to plead guilty tomorrow afternoon in the Lancaster County Courthouse before Judge Margaret C. Miller. His pit bull attacked and severely injured young children Charlie and Ruby Warfel on June 19, 2017 (click here for their GoFundMe page where their mother tells the horrific story).
          His charges are below. According to the police press release on the case, in July of 2013 the same dog bit a four-year old grandchild of Colon-Colon (click here).
          Back in 2002 and 2003 he faced serious charges in three unrelated cases and he was represented in each one by former Mayor J. Richard Gray. He is represented in the current case by private attorney Osvaldo Espinosa of Espinosa & Associates, Llc.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 25th, 2018 Becky 8 comments


    *    On a much lighter note, this full page ad in today’s LNP print edition has to win some kind of award – I’m not sure a good one, though. How much of that jackpot do they want?



    Raymond L. Brown

    The police press release on last night’s homicide and arrest (click here):

    On March 24, 2018, at approximately 8:02 PM, officers from the Lancaster City Bureau of Police were dispatched to a reported shooting in the 1st block of W. Farnum Street.   The officers discovered a male victim laying on he sidewalk, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the torso and head.   The victim was unresponsive and was transported to a local hospital by ambulance.   The victim succumb to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at the hospital.    The victim has been identified as a 26 year-old, Lancaster resident.    His identity is being withheld while family members are being notified.

    Detectives are interviewing witnesses and processing the crime scene for evidence.   Based on preliminary information, Detectives have learned that there was some sort of confrontation between the victim and another male, which preceded the shooting.   Detectives learned that the two subjects were apparently familiar with each other and this incident does not appear to be a random act of violence.   The investigation is active and ongoing.  


    The homicide victim from last night’s shooting has been identified as 26 year-old Adan Sepulveda, of the 500 block of Locust Street Lancaster, PA.   Detectives learned through their investigation that Sepulveda had been in a brief confrontation with another man, Raymond L. Brown Jr., who contacted police after the shooting.   Brown called 911 and reported that he had shot the victim.   Brown was on-scene when the police arrived at the shooting call and he was taken to the Lancaster City Police station, where he was interviewed by City Police Detectives.   Several witnesses were also interviewed.   The crime scene was processed for evidence and detectives also reviewed video surveillance footage from the area.   As a result of the investigation, the following arrest has been made:

    CHARGED –     Raymond L. BROWN Jr., a 28 year-old male
    300 block of Church Street
    Lancaster, PA

    Detective Aaron Harnish charged Raymond L. Brown Jr. with one count of Criminal Homicide (F-1) before Magisterial District Judge Adam Witkonis.   Brown is being held for processing and arraignment.   The investigation into this incident in continuing.

  • ** – * EMERGENCY OVER?

    Posted on March 21st, 2018 Becky 2 comments

         Taking a snow break this afternoon. Surprising good news – the shoveling is easier than expected. Light snow and easy to move!

    ** 9:30 am The “world class journalists” at LNP have not even updated their website. They are still saying the snow emergency was over at 8:00 am this morning! Unbelievable!

    *    UPDATE City of Lancaster Tweet this morning:


    (Click here)

         Can anyone explain this? There was a snow emergency declared for last night beginning at 9 pm and ending this morning at 8 am? Really? Is someone on drugs?
    Please check back later today.

  • *** – ** – * GETTING CATTY!

    Posted on March 10th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


    ***  The attorney for Kenneth White in his federal lawsuit against the Lancaster Police and Officer Todd Dickinson thinks District Attorney Craig Stedman has a list (click here for the original on this site and see immediately below).


    (Click here)



    *    This very sad update today (click here to read the entire message).



           Uh, oh! LNP and I agree! From this morning’s editorial (click here):
          A small step toward that end: Stop feeding feral cats.
          On February 9th of this year, I posted this between two very important unrelated stories that I will come back to later today (click here for the original):
           I had/have a similar situation as the above poster and sadly I have only one piece of advice: Do not feed feral cats. Period.  
         LNP kept their story about a man shooting and killing a cat as a lead story for days online and the number of comments under it are amazing (click here).    
         Jeffrey Chapman, the man who allegedly shot the cat, is due to have his preliminary hearing on the charge this coming Tuesday at 1:30 pm before District Judge Jonathan W. Heisse. He is represented by private attorney Michael Marinaro. Stay tuned!


    Posted on February 19th, 2018 Becky 18 comments


         I am rerunning this from the day the LNP editorial board interviewed newly elected Mayor Danene Sorace and failed to ask her a single question about MAW Communications and LanCity Connect and the over $4.7 million of the taxpayer’s money spent on them so far (click here for the original).
          And LNP ran another totally fluff and cheesy (really!) piece on her on Sunday, where we learned this (click here for the article and apparently this is LNP reporter Tom Knapp asking the questions and Sorace responding):

         There will be more tomorrow.    



    *     The ad also once again refers to “world-class journalism” which is surprising because most of their reporters are a year or two out of college.
          The only reason they can possibly make this claim is because they supposedly hired book author and journalist Michael Deibert who lives in Lancaster County (see below for the first time I mentioned him on this site).
           LNP continues to list him under their “Contact Us” tab as an “investigative reporter.” Is he really working for LNP? His personal website and his Facebook and Twitter accounts don’t mention it.
          Since September 6th of 2017 he has written exactly seven articles for LNP. Why would this man, whose primary concerns are racial equality and journalistic integrity, work for this racist, greedy, corrupt company that masquerades as a news organization?
         Time will tell!
         The original of the below is here. His Twitter account is here.



         The beginning of a full page ad LNP ran for themselves in yesterday’s Sunday Magazine.

         What in the world? Susan Baldrige and Kara Newhouse no longer work for LNP! And they are both being sued by former Manheim Township School Board President William Murry. He doesn’t think they told the truth!
          This is beyond ridiculous and disgusting!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 4th, 2018 Becky 14 comments


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         This email in with the subject line, “Adios Charles Hamilton is over and out!” The information has not been independently verified but I will try to do so and thank you for the information and please continue to keep us informed!    

          With all the news this got lost.  Guess who’s unemployed after almost 30 years?  If you guessed Charles Hamilton the guy who was acting sheriff and then ran for that job you would be right.  The guy who won – Chrissy Leppler – is telling everyone if Hamilton won he was gonna fire him so it was payback.  Except Hamilton didn’t have the power to fire him.   Lots of resignations but no room for the guy who worked to try to keep things going.  All political. 
          I talked to someone who pulled the Campaign Finance Reports (didn’t even know what this was but they sure did) and there in  black and white was the person who financed Chrissy Leppler. County Commish Joshua Parsons.  Then there are the Constables who Chrissy said he was going to hire back. They believed him.  Except he can’t and never could now they are getting wind of that.
          This fast campaign had lots of lies going on and it all came from one place.  The other candidate Luis Rodriguez got beaten up too.  Lots of rumors about him were floating around that came from guess where? Word on the street is Rodriquez was already looking for legal reps because of what went down and he has big interest.  Charles H didn’t deserve this.  Not a great leader but good man who just wanted to stay employed.  Real close to retirement.  Lots more garbage here.  This is just the tip.  


    Posted on January 12th, 2018 Becky 1 comment


          There are a lot of questions this rainy Friday afternoon and two of the big ones are:
    —  Is The Caucus still being published by LNP? Its one year anniversary was the first week in January and their Twitter account and those of the reporters have been basically quiet about it. A newsstand in Harrisburg told me it was not delivered last Tuesday – the normal day for a new issue of the weekly newspaper to be published. How did LNP expect a print only, very expensive publication to survive in 2017/18?
    —  Is “investigative reporter” Susan Baldrige still employed by LNP? Her name has been removed from their “Contact Us” tab and there’s been nothing in writing from her in several weeks. William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP has been zeroing in on Baldrige’s emails with John Nodecker, the Manheim Township Superintendent who was removed for sexual misconduct. Hmmm… 
          I will try to get answers to these and other questions in the upcoming days.
    Have a safe and happy Friday!


    **   Speaking of Michael Deibert, remember the below article from the front page of LNP’s print edition on January 3rd? Well, the suit did settle on January 9th! Where is LNP’s coverage? Maybe Deibert is overseas hawking his latest book?
          (The article is online as an “insider” story – click here.)


    *     I enjoy this photo from the editorial board’s interview of Sorace. Look at Barbara Hough Roda’s face as she looks at new “investigative reporter” Michael Deibert. Both she and Suzanne Cassidy (far right) are looking at him as if to say, “You thought this was a real newspaper? Oh, no – this is a greedy, lying, corrupt and racist company run by the Steinman family! We tricked you!”
         The back of the head belongs to “reporter” Jeff Hawkes who should just be totally ashamed of his failure to serve and protect the public.




          LNP does it again (click here for today’s absurd and disgusting editorial about Mayor Danene Sorace)!
         This is just unbelievable! Not a word about the $4.7 million to MAW Communications or the huge settlement with the EPA (which revealed the city was not telling the citizens the truth about the quality of the water) which will cost millions and millions of dollars. 
         The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the public. LNP only serves themselves.
         I have posted two comments which appeared under the original article when LNP “interviewed” Sorace. They later put up a different version of the story as an “insider” article without the two comments.
    Please check back later today.    


    Posted on January 7th, 2018 Becky 4 comments


         This site kindly and respectfully requests Barry in Winnipeg cease and desist immediately from discussing weather conditions in Winnipeg, Canada or he will face fire and fury from us in the states.
         The good news: There is light at the end of the vortex and Trump is “a very stable genius!”
         Oh, happy Sunday! Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 26th, 2017 Becky 22 comments


         Just look where the money has gone back to the cash cows who use the system so they do not use there own money. Where are the start up companies who were going to fix blighted properties not properties worth multi millions THE FIX IS IN. I am sure U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker never had plans for his bill to give CRIZ money to make the rich richer.
    Posted as a comment under LNP’s story, “Task force recommends grant, loan programs to make CRIZ more available to small businesses,” (click here). 
         Oh, my! You are right about everything except Smucker’s intentions! He wrote the CRIZ directly for LNP and as a result, the Schmuck has received nothing but good press from them! It’s a deal Lancaster County officials are very used to: do favors for LNP and they will do favors for you in return!
         That’s the reason they started “The Caucus,” so they could extend their power and influence and get even bigger favors from those in Harrisburg. See immediately below on this post about the CRIZ!     


     ***   I can’t speak for their hiring practices but the reality of it is, in my opinion, they do not attract a great deal of minority applicants. Lancaster is still a provincial community that, for a number of reasons, has never supported a strong and abundant minority based middle class. It is a simple numbers game. It does not make it right but it’s just the way it is. If you want to argue that LNP should recruit qualified individuals that better represent the diversity of Lancastrians then that is a different discussion.
    Part of a comment into this site this morning.
    —  LNP tried the same explanation years ago. A commenter said they had been to a presentation by former LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer at least eight years ago. They asked her why there were no minorities at LNP. Cindy’s answer: none had applied. That is absolute nonsense and a flat-out lie.
    —  If there is no “strong and abundant minority based middle class” in Lancaster it is because of LNP!
         I will address this issue further in the coming weeks. I have had this site for over 14 years and I have been stating almost daily for 14 years that LNP is racist – and it’s obvious and evidenced every single day – and quite simply and matter of factly, they are racist and it is reflected everywhere in the county as a result.

    OVER $9M TO LNP!

       This article was also on the front page of this Sunday’s print edition.

    **    Guess what LNP and the Caucus: Over $9 million of taxpayer money has gone to a for-profit, racist company in Lancaster for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel expansion! 
           Where is your story? Where is the outrage?



    **   A quote from another front page story today by veteran LP reporter Jeff Hawkes and an “insider” story online, “Poverty rates in Lancaster County inch up in 2016, higher than most of Pennsylvania’s bigger cities,” (click here).

         Of course, Hawkes does not address the obvious, ironic and disgusting fact that LNP will not give minorities “one good job.”


         And then Hawkes goes on to quote none other than Tom Baldrige, who pays himself $262,000 a year as the CEO of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, who broke the state ethics law to vote to give racist LNP, his wife’s employer, millions of CRIZ dollars for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel expansion. And the Lancaster Community Fund gave the Chamber millions of dollars to renovate their new building.
         And a commenter into this site doesn’t think that everything is a grand conspiracy among an elite few? Oh, yes it is – led by LNP!


         A tweet from LNP’s new “investigative reporter and investigative team leader,” Michael Deibert who has the front page story in today’s print edition and an “insider” story online, “‘Everything kind of fell apart’: Demographics surrounding poverty in Lancaster County shatter myths,”(click here).     

          Then why are you working for one of the most racist companies in Lancaster County? Where is the “tolerance and pluralism” at LNP? Will you be doing an investigation and an exposé into LNP’s discrimination in hiring for over 50 years and its impact on the community? Have you taken a good look at your co-workers?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on December 22nd, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         The bottom line is I obviously read her site. I do think she addresses topics that need to be discussed. But not everything is a grand conspiracy among an elite few.
    Part of a comment into this site from “Interested” several weeks ago.
         Actually, in regard to LNP, I believe you are wrong and everything they do is self-serving instead of serving and protecting the pubic and holding officials accountable which is the definition and purpose of journalism. I will present that case next week and the actions being taken to hold city council members accountable.
         It’s a very busy season, of course, and I ran out of time to answer the same commenters question earlier today under the below post about Tony Dastra and the city treasurer position and that will also come next week.
         Have a wonderful holiday and LIP News will return on Tuesday!



    Posted on December 21st, 2017 Becky 5 comments


    **   Missing from this report…mention of a well-spoken and rather eloquent member of the public that rose during this meeting and asked some rather detailed and intelligent questions regarding MAW. MAW is the Reading-based outfit that has been given almost $5 million in public City funds, to-date, to construct the City’s broadband network. The project has been plagued by delays and is now in complete standstill while PPL sues MAW and asks them to remove infrastructure installed to date, the State investigates MAW and the City hires a $365/hour lawyer to help defend MAW and its investment. Clearly Council had no interest in taking up the issue and was SILENT following this taxpayer’s remarks. This project is not going anywhere. These are real dollars teetering on the edge. While the speaker thanked this same “reporter” for bringing the issues to light, my question is why isn’t the press asking the very same questions that he did? That is your job!!!!!
    A comment on Lancaster Online under the LNP article by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, “Mayor Rick Gray bids farewell, City Council passes 2018 budget,” (click here).
         When you think LNP can’t go any lower, they just do. Yes, it is his job! This is an absolute betray of the public trust and proof that this lying, greedy, corrupt and racist company is not a news organization. There will be more tomorrow.       


    *    There is a special city council meeting this evening at 6:00 pm in city hall to interview candidates for city treasurer. Hopefully Tony Dastra, who live-streams the city council meetings and who is also in the running to be the treasurer, will live-stream it. LIP News will cover it briefly tomorrow and then go on holiday break until Tuesday, December 26.


         Jeremy Walsh is clever and charming and also a con man, a drug-addict and wanted by the police for several burglaries and thefts (click here). My story of my encounter with him in September is below. Was I ever in physical danger? I don’t think so. Was I foolish? Yes. Was I embarrassed? Unbelievably so.
         There will be more serious news coming later today.
          I was in Lancaster on September 19th to cover a trial in the Lancaster County Courthouse in the morning and then go to a preliminary hearing at District Judge David P. Miller’s office in the afternoon for Michael Dayquan Baker.
         I went to the public library on Duke Street over a morning break in the trial to use their computers since my cell phone and laptop were locked in an attorney’s office. I met Jeremy outside. He was pleasant, well spoken, looked clean and neat and said he had just come into Lancaster and was staying at the Water Street Rescue Mission but didn’t like it.
         I told him I was covering a trial and had to get back to the courthouse. He said he used to be a reporter.
         I came back to the library when the trial broke for lunch – and there was Jeremy. He asked what I was doing next and I mentioned the preliminary hearing. He said he had nothing to do and could he come along? I almost said “no,” but then I thought I might learn some interesting things from Jeremy and we would take a cab so I was not worried about my physical well being.
         The cab driver told us he had been in Lancaster County Prison – he didn’t mention the nature of his crime – and we had a great trip to the DJ’s office talking about all the corruption in Lancaster and I exchanged phone numbers with the driver at the end of our trip.
         The DJ’s office was very crowded and we sat on a bench next to each other. We had been there for about a half-hour when the trouble began. After playing with his I-Pad and talking to a little girl who was there with her parents, Jeremy’s head began to nod. He took something out of a small tin can – like a chewing tobacco can – and swallowed it.
         I decided it was time for me to move and I went into the DJ’s courtroom so I wouldn’t miss anything and to get away from Jeremy who stayed behind on the bench.
         I peered my head repeatedly around the corner and saw the nodding was getting worse. Finally I looked out and Jeremy was laying flat on the bench out cold.
         This caught the eyes of the constables and one said, “Oh my God! He’s overdosing in the District Justice’s office!”
         And then, of course, it happened. The biggest constable I have ever seen in my life – I mean huge – pointed to me in the courtroom and waved his finger for me to come to him.
         “Are you with him?” he asked. I said I had just met him at the Duke Street library a couple of hours ago.
         There was now a circle of Constables around us and he asked incredulously, “And you came here with him?”
         I took a deep breath. I collected my thoughts. “We came in a taxi,” I said.
         “Oh,” every Constable said at once, “They came in a taxi.”
         I’m not sure what happened next but apparently Jeremy was not truly overdosing and they woke him up and kicked him out. I never saw him again.
         There will be more on Michael Dayquan Baker coming after the holidays!

    Posted on December 9th, 2017 Becky 3 comments
    —  10:02 am – The Lancaster City Police are beginning their presentation on the budget.
    —  9:47 am – Randy Patterson said a “Bee Keeping Ordinance” will be on the agenda this year.

    —  9:22 am – Randy Patterson just stated he will still be in his job next year – “It will be on my list next year.”


    9:00 am – The Lancaster City Council budget meeting is now live on the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here).


    Posted on December 3rd, 2017 Becky No comments

    *    Oops! I ran out of time today. Let me just say that Robert Field said eight inches of documents several times yesterday and I’ll continue with the very sick stalkers and serious news tomorrow!



         The above comment in yesterday from Cheryl Dum Markle and Steven Markle who have sent in over 1,700 comments into this site over the last five years! You want to talk about “vulgar?” Oh, we’ll talk!

         A tweet from Michael Deibert this morning. Is he really working for LNP? Is he really their “investigative team leader?” What is he investigating?
    Please check back later today.