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    John A. Fry


        F&M seems to have its own “police force” that is allowed to trample civil rights and “resolve” assault charges all on its own. A little fiefdom right smack dab in the middle of the city.

    Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under, “Group unhappy with F&M handling of race incident,” (click here).

        This is the most commented on story from Sunday.  Interesting!  F&M does as F&M pleases.  They apparently answer to no one.  Remember what President John A. Fry was quoted as saying, “What’s good for F&M is good for Lancaster.”  Repeat it, memorize it and know it. 

        It was a Nor’easter. The center of rotation was off the east coast and the leading edge winds were from the north-east, thus, it was a nor’easter. All nor’easters come from the south. Marv had it right, ABC 27 had it wrong. CNN, FOX, etc called it a nor’easter. It was a nor’easter, not by much as the center of rotation was barely off the east coast, but it was.

        This comment in to this site.

        Okay, okay, okay.  I have never claimed to be a meteorologist!  It’s a pain in my butt, that’s all I know.  I’m leaving an hour early this morning – hope I’ll be to work on time! 

    Be careful and safe and please check back later today…


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        A Manheim man choked his 78-year-old mother, pushed her down and then punched a man Monday afternoon, police said.

    Lancaster Online today, Man charged with assaulting mother,” (click here).

        Hmmm… there’s no picture yet.  We’ll see what tomorrow’s paper brings.  You know my equation:  no picture = white!  I’m going to start keeping track.  And note the charges!  And note the Talkback under it:  no references to ghetto trash or sneakers or sending people back to the country they came from!

        As noted this morning, I had a major problem and lost well over a week’s worth of posts on this site.  Actually, I don’t think they are lost forever, but are “lost” in some horrible “internet/website void.”  Yikes!    

        I’m going to spend the afternoon trying to retrieve and post them.  My apologies also to –  I didn’t get a link up to their “Watchdog” column on F&M President John Fry until lunch time.

        Again, the link is here and the excellent quote I used this morning is this:

        This is a man who stood on his lawn and watched while, across the street, his F&M security police manhandled and improperly incarcerated reporter Ron Harper, who had done nothing more than ask for an interview and later walk on the right-of-way in front of Fry’s home.

        We have no doubt that that Fry would be worth even more than a million dollars in private industry. We also are of the opinion that the sooner he moves on, the more civil and better off the community and F&M will be.

        I noted this morning in a section that was cut-off, that Mr. Fry is also an incest and sexual abuse advocate!  Who would want this gem?

        Thank you for your patience and please check back tomorrow!

  • *FRY ‘EM!

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    [*I am having major site problems today.  I lost some posts and this one is not complete.  I apologize.  Must be that choice between Rick Gray or Charlie (Cannonball) Smithgall!  The quote regarding F&M President Fry below is from – click here. ]




       Lancaster County and former inmates of Lancaster County Prison have reached a $2.5 million agreement to settle a federal class-action lawsuit over blanket strip searches.

    From this morning’s paper, “Strip-search suit settled,” (click here).

        Unbelievable! What will it take to get Prison Warden Vincent Guarini removed from office?  I mean what will it take?  This story, of course, comes on the heels of Friday’s story, “Prison denies allegations of abuse,” (click here).  How much money will this man cost Lancaster County?

        This is a man who stood on his lawn and watched while, across the street, his F&M security police manhandled and improperly incarcerated reporter Ron Harper, who had done nothing more than ask for an interview and later walk on the right-of-way in front of Fry’s home.

        We have no doubt that that Fry would be worth even more than a million dollars in private industry. We also are of the opinion that the sooner he moves on, the more civil and better off the community and F&M will be. on Franklin & Marshall President John A. Fry (click here).

        I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Of course, I would add that Fry supports incest and sexual abuse!  Who else would want this man?

    Vote and please check back later today…

  • FRY ‘EM!

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       Lancaster County and former inmates of Lancaster County Prison have reached a $2.5 million agreement to settle a federal class-action lawsuit over blanket strip searches.

    From this morning’s paper, “Strip-search suit settled,” (click here).

        Unbelievable! What will it take to get Prison Warden Vincent Guarini removed from office?  I mean what will it take?  This story, of course, comes on the heels of Friday’s story, “Prison denies allegations of abuse,” (click here).  How much money will this man cost Lancaster County?

        This is a man who stood on his lawn and watched while, across the street, his F&M security police manhandled and improperly incarcerated reporter Ron Harper, who had done nothing more than ask for an interview and later walk on the right-of-way in front of Fry’s home.

        We have no doubt that that Fry would be worth even more than a million dollars in private industry. We also are of the opinion that the sooner he moves on, the more civil and better off the community and F&M will be. on Franklin & Marshall President John A. Fry (click here).

        I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Of course, I would add that Fry supports incest and sexual abuse!  Who else would want this man?

    Vote and please check back later today…


    Posted on October 11th, 2009 Becky 1 comment

    * Click here for Professor Diane Rosenfeld of the Harvard Law School’s web-page.  She will be speaking at Franklin & Marshall College this coming Wednesday and Thursday (click here).  Please email her at and ask her to read “INCEST – A FAMILY TRAGEDY – The Holzinger story” (click here) and ask her why F&M continues to annually “award” the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award.  Thank you.



        A body pulled from the Susquehanna River Oct. 1 was identified as Lydia “Lilly” Colon-Torres. 33, a Lancaster woman who had last been seen by family Sept. 25 at her Beaver Street home, police said.  The circumstances of her death are under investigation.  Coroner Dr. Stephen G. Diamantoni said officials have no manner or cause of death.

    Today’s Sunday News, page B-1, “Catching Up On The News.”

        These comments in under Friday’s story, “LYDIA COLON TORRES – IS IT MURDER?” below on this site:

        It is unacceptable.  I ‘m through with LNP.  If it were my loved one, I would be through the roof with heartache. The reporting there is the worst ever.  I can’t believe they can’t do better of hire someone else.  It’s beyond ridiculous!

        And this:

        “What is the delay in determining whether this is a homicide or not?”

        Um, a lot of tests take a lot longer than a week. And how is it LNP’s fault the investigation is going slowly? You want them to make up facts that they don’t have (and neither do you)?

        I’ll tell you later today.

        And this comment received minutes ago:

        Not to change the subject Becky but I thought this might interest you…..

        Thank you very much.  So Franklin & Marshalll College is “Standing Up for Sexual Respect?”  Isn’t that special? 

    Please check back later today…


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        Tell us about the 144 million dollar story……..I’ve been patiently waiting for days now……or maybe I missed something on here………

        OH DO TELL……….PLEASE

    A comment in to this site.

        Okay, you have been patient!  The $144 million dollar mistake involves and LNP.  This past Thursday, NewsLanc published this “Letter to the Editor” with the below headline and Editor’s Note (click here):

    Disingenuous application; F&M to have a medical school

    (Editor’s note: The following was received from the Law Office of William J. Cluck. The application includes the following representation among many other revelations: “In 2010 Franklin and Marshall College will spend $144,000,000 on the College of Nursing and Medical Sciences and campus expansion.”)

        Well, you know my love for the incest supporting, reporter beating and first amendment trampling Franklin & Marshall College, so I called William Cluck on Thursday afternoon.  We had a long conversation and he emailed me the full 82 pages of the application.  It does contain the “mistake” about the $144 million dollar nursing school in an appendix.  I didn’t have the time to call those wonderful F&M folks and thank goodness my gut told me there was something wrong with a $144 million dollar nursing school breaking ground next year that we had never heard a word about.  I stayed away from the story.

        On Saturday, LNP responded with this absurd headline and story (click here):

        Next for F&M, a nursing school – not!

        While the whole story is obviously directed at the letter in NewsLanc, the “reporter” never even mentions the site.

        The bottom line is that the Lancaster County Coordinating Transportation Committee wants $91 million in Obama stimulus funds for Harrisburg Pike improvements and this “error” was included in the application that Cluck goes on to say “…most of the work …will primarily benefit a private college, private developer,  private railroad,  private hospital, etc.” 

        Yes, NewsLanc Publisher Robert Field, it was in Cluck’s letter you printed – but before running your headline, I would have given F&M a call.

        There will be more on this after I read the full application.


        The death penalty discussion involving Michael Roseboro continues below on this site and Linda sent this comment:

        The DA didn’t ask for the death penalty because the case was circumstantial. It would be much more difficult for a jury to convict knowing that death would be the sentence in a circumstantial case. Race and influence had nothing to do with it. I’m sure Stedman would have preferred going for the death penalty, but knew he would be much more likely to get a conviction with a life sentence case.

        Do you work in the DA’s office, Linda?  You make this all sound great but I believe race and influence played a huge part in his decision.  It took the jury less than four hours to find him guilty – that’s how much evidence Stedman had.  Many, many murder convictions are based on “circumstantial” evidence – although in this case Stedman had Michael Roseboro’s DNA under his dead wife’s fingernails.


        One story that has stuck with me is Thursday’s “Leola man charged with indecent exposure” (click here).  There are so many strange and inexplicable items.  It begins with this:

        After two straight days of exposing himself to females, a Leola man was arrested and charged with indecent exposure on Wednesday, police said.

        In this strange rehash of the police log, “reporter” Ryan Robinson tells us in the next sentence that this man is 18-years-old.  There is something terribly wrong here and this man certainly endured some form of sexual abuse as a child.  Normal 18-year-olds simply do not do this and without intensive counseling he may never overcome whatever happened in his childhood that is making him act out in this fashion.  

        It reminds me of this Marilyn Van Derbur quote I published on the front page of the paper version of LIP – “INCEST – A Family Tragedy”:

        Hear us fathers, brothers, cousins, and yes, even grandfathers and mothers – the long term effects of sexual violations on girls and boys are incomprehensible.

        Other obvious items that are incomprehensible about these incidents:  his bail was only set at $2,000 and it took the police two days and several incidents before they finally arrested him.

       What a strange, sad story all around and what terrible reporting by the Lancaster Newspapers.


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    The $144 million mistake (?) and more is coming later today…


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    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    WGAL-TV is reporting Tornado warnings this afternoon for parts of Lancaster and Chester Counties.  Please be careful and take shelter.




        I received this email on August 4 from my father’s former colleague in response to my questions (see immediately below).  It is amazing that he zeroes in on the dissertation as did my therapist and I.  His lack of a Ph.D. was always a mystery in the family and none of his children knew what happened.  All of his children, except Steve, spent the three summers at the Cherokee Reservation with my parents while my father did the research.  In response to this email, I obtained his dissertation and the comments on it from the Smithsonian and I was shocked by what I read.  Part of it is published on the old LIPNews site under “What Happened to the Ph.D.?” (click here).


    Dear Becky,


    I am very sympathetic to you and your siblings for the enduring effects of harm done to you.  And I am very surprised to hear that you believe that your father is the culprit.  I knew and worked with Charley between 1965 and 1971, and we had some differences, but on the whole we got along OK though I distanced myself gradually because I resented his reaction to some of the best of the anthropology students.  I have always thought that the relationship was strained mainly because I was intently at work writing my dissertation and Charley had guilty or “failure” feelings about never completing his own, and the keen students were heading toward their own academic achievements.


    I’m sorry to hear also that Tom has been having a dangerous and conflicted life.  I still remember his cheerful and energetic help in unloading all of my family’s worldly goods from the U-haul truck when I arrived in Lancaster.  I was at F&M when Steve first arrived, and was found under the bed with a hoard of bread.  I am not sure that I remember you, Emily or Anne well enough to recall who was who.  I just remember Millie’s sociability and her nice-looking young family.


    What follows is simply my opinion, with no claim to knowing much of the whole story and no claim to truth.  I hope that I am not doing anyone, including you, your siblings, Millie, and Charley, a disservice in sharing these opinions.


    In my opinion, Charley’s “character” was conflicted by frustrations based on a sense of failure that he felt he did not deserve.  A summary of his dissertation had already been published along with some “heavies” in the field who made very negative assessments of his use of Freudian theory to explain Cherokee Indian model personality as stuck in the psychological stage of “orality,” and I think this was the point where he felt the weight of authority figures oppressing him.  I recall hearing (from your Mom?) that they once were driving back to the Cherokee reservation (to complete the research?), and he felt so fearful of possible reproach that he turned around rather than face them again.


    What was at stake here?  His reduction of a culture was criticized by a seasoned authority as arrogant and simplistic.  His career was then stymied, but his tenure at F&M was secure.  When I knew him, he was characteristically prepared to criticize or confront persons who were in his eyes, arrogant and simplistic, such as the keener senior students heading for graduate school.  Some of them were arrogant, but his reaction was intemperate.  He had a similar view of the President, who, in my opinion, was indeed arrogant and simplistic.  I found it perverse that he would be inflicting a similar kind of judgment on others that he had himself been wounded by.


    Yes, this has to do with power, aggression and control.  And he was effective in its exercise to the point of sending one student into my office in tears and desperation (he is now a university professor) and cowing selected others.  For most of the students, though, I do not recall his exercising control.  A somewhat dogmatic style, but not much of a problem.


    I never saw Charlie as being a very sexual person at all.  I thought he was a repressed person whose sexuality came out in compensatory fantasies like Cherokee orality.  On the other hand, I have never been very perceptive regarding sexual subtleties or strategies.


    Arrogance or aloofness do not strike me as a part of what I saw.  The same with “hot temper.”  I would have thought he would be afraid to show much of that, to me, at least, since I was big and an ex-marine sergeant.  Possibly that kind of aggressive attitude was more in his fathering than in his teaching.  Children are easier to dominate.


    So, Becky, I can’t offer you the truth of the matter.  Even my memories must seem awfully vague to you.  I hope that you will be able to find some resolution to your search for the truth.  If I can add any more to anything here, or to other questions, please feel free to write.  I will be away from the 6th through the 13th of this month.


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        I apologize for not posting yesterday afternoon – I ran a security scan on my computer that took much longer than expected.  But I also had to move numerous boxes of items I had stored away – comprised of the incest story and the Lancaster Lynching story.  I will, of course, come back to the lynching story, but I found the email I mention in “INCEST – A FAMILY TRAGEDY” and I will publish his most interesting response later today.  From that story, this is the email I originally sent a former colleague of my father’s on August 4, 2002:


        Thank you for your nice reply.  I will sum this up as briefly as I can – I am in therapy because I have had memories come back and I believe my father molested me in my teens.  Several weeks into therapy, it also came to light that my brother, Tom, was sexually abused as a child.  This came as no surprise to those who know him – he has been ‘sexually conflicted’ for years and endangers himself and others by his actions.  It also came to light several days later that Tom molested my younger brother, Steve (adopted from Vietnam) on several occasions when Steve was in his teens.  That sealed it.  Tom is in complete denial and says nothing happened to him as a child because he remembers his whole childhood.  For this and several other reasons, it points directly to my father.  I should say that this does not mean my father was homosexual – it was a means of power, aggression and CONTROL.  I also have reason to believe that I may have at least one half-brother.  Yes, this is dirty, nasty stuff that still amazes me and stuns me.  Tom’s twin, Emily, has withdrawn.  Anne and I have never married.  Anne was in therapy for several years a long time ago and Steve NEVER goes home.  This is not a pretty picture of a family – and I have to get to the bottom of it.”

        “So I guess I am looking for insight into my father’s “character.”  The words ‘hot tempered’ seem to follow my father.  Did you see signs of that?  ‘Arrogant’ and ‘aloof’ also seem to follow him.  Would you agree?

        “Finally, I guess, if you haven’t answered it will all of the above questions – what did you think of my father?”

        “I am sorry to inundate you.  If someone had told me two years ago that I would be doing this, I would have told them they were crazy.  I have been on an amazing and unpleasant journey for almost two years now.  I have to get to the bottom of this.  I have to know the truth.”


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        Yesterday I published the beginning of a new chapter of “Charlie’s Promise.”  I received some flack from people who said I just threw it up there with no explanation and only long time readers of this site would know what it is.

        Fair enough.  I have published several chapters over the years.  “Charlie’s Promise” is my true love story that leads into the incest story.  It was memories of the main character, Paul, that returned to me and began the investigation into my family. 

        I am often torn between the time I take to write this site and the time I should be spending trying to put all of this down in a publishable form.  The conflict continues and sometimes the incest story comes back to haunt and overwhelm me as it has this weekend.

        I’ve been thinking about the hypocrisy and unbelievable inhumanity and stupidity of two organizations – Franklin & Marshall College and the Lancaster Friends Meeting (Quakers).

        I posted this on the old LIPNews site several years ago.  The paper I mention is the special LIP edition I published, “INCEST – A FAMILY TRAGEDY; The Holzinger Story,” in December of 2003.


           Two quick examples of the level of dysfunction in my family follow.  I am going to examine this in more detail later.

     The week before I was going to write and publish the paper, I sat with my therapist,   “It’s not normal, right?” I asked.  “People aren’t going to think it’s normal for one brother to molest both of his other brothers are they?  People will realize this isn’t a normal family won’t they?”

    — This Christmas my 56 year-old brother sent all of his siblings a computer disc of photos at Christmas time.  There is one of him showing full frontal nudity.  I called my therapist, “This is just a reality check,” I said, “but this isn’t normal is it?  This doesn’t happen in most families does it?  Brothers and sisters don’t send each other naked photographs of themselves do they?”


    There will be more later today…


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        Let me decode this morning’s Intell article, “Pa. Academy of Music to seek new business plan” (click here).  Opening sentence by author Jennifer Todd:

        Everyone has had to tighten their belts in these tough economic times.

        This is going to be a stupid fluff piece.  I made one phone call to write this article.  The editor told me to keep this story upbeat and happy as usual.

        Last week, Pennsylvania Academy of Music announced it was hiring a local consultant to help the school address what it calls an “unprecedented drop in charitable giving.”

        We’re broke and it’s your fault.  Send us money!

        “This is not a crisis situation, not at all,” Strobel, a business and legal consultant, said Monday. “The board has chosen to be proactive rather than reactive.”

         We’re sinking faster than the Titanic.  They’ve hired me to put the best possible spin on this disaster.

        In a press release issued Thursday, Academy board president Paul W. Ware said that “if we are to remain a viable contributor to the cultural life of the community, we need to adjust our (business) model in these perilous economic times.”

        We’re doomed and it’s all because of the economy – and you!

        “No decisions have been made,” Strobel said. “But as with any program, it will depend on enrollment. If the numbers are insufficient, if we don’t have enough students, then we may have to suspend a particular program.

        We’ll be closing our doors any day now.

        “Our goal at this time is to keep the basic mission the same and keep providing core services.”

         We’ll be closing our doors any day now.

        She also said rumors that the school may enter into an agreement with Franklin & Marshall College in which F&M would annex the Academy building are unfounded.

        F & M is deeply involved in this mess and they’re waiting until we officially go under to come in and be the savior of the arts in Lancaster.  Isn’t that John Fry handsome?

        Strobel said the community needs to understand that the school’s situation is not “catastrophic,” and she advises people to “sit tight” during the restructuring period.

        Run for the hills!  Disaster is less than a month away!

        “I understand that uncertainty might cause concern to some, but we feel it’s important to take our time and make the best decisions possible to protect this incredible gem,” she said. “I would hope to have the community’s support as we work through this process.

        Send us money so they can pay me my huge consultant’s fee before they close their doors for good.

       “We will get through this.”

        We will not get through this.  That’s why they hired me – to put the best possible spin on this disaster.  Send money so they can pay me before we close our doors for good!


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        Yesterday’s New Era article, “Countian says priest abused her for decades –

    Woman files lawsuit, claims Allentown diocese failed to prevent abuse by late cleric” (click here) was interesting on many levels.  The Lancaster Newspapers never said one word about my lawsuit against my parents that went before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (click here) and that is one of the major reasons I have this website.  You see, my father was a retired F&M professor, and they don’t say anything bad about F&M, and of course, Ernie Schreiber, editor of the New Era, belongs to the same Quaker Meeting as my parents.

        I am amazed as I reflect on the last eight years.  I am still stunned by what I found out about my family.  My life will never be the same.  The pain rarely stops.  Today I am rerunning “TROUBLE’S COMING” which has been up on the old LIP News website for years.  How far I’ve come and how far I have yet to go…




        On August 12, 2001, I drove to Lancaster to have lunch with my mother at a restaurant – perhaps the only time in my life the two of us have ever done that.  I was desperately seeking answers as I crumbled – and I had a list of items:  moving into Holy House in high school (a tiny “guest-house” on the property), moving into an apartment in the 12th grade, a number of things Paul asked me over the years including did my father always look at me that way and asking if my bedroom door had a lock on it.

        But the biggest question mark was what I told Paul one afternoon our freshmen year of college.  He was trying to get to the bottom of my “unusual” reaction to being touched the summer we met.  I told him something quite extensive.  I left his dorm and laid down on the ground and cried.  He wouldn’t make love to me.  I could not  remember what I told him.  There were a number of other things on the list as well.

        The day after the lunch, at 11:45, my mother sent me this e-mail and I had a glimmer of hope, “Honey, you were right:  there is a push-button lock on the knob of the Holly House door.  Is this e-mail address the better of your two for continuing the conversation we started yesterday?  I’d like to make some suggestions, ask some questions, etc.  I want above all to be helpful, dear.  You’ve been going through a tough time and I feel really badly about it; you’ve been so extremely capable all your life and handled things for you and Chris so well.  I hope this roadblock can be rolled out of the way a.s.a.p.  With much love, Mom.”

        After conferring with my father, at 7:28 the same day, I received the e-mail below.  It was written in such haste that there was no salutation and the items were numbered as it appears below.  I am still stunned several years later by the level of arrogance and control demonstrated in this e-mail.

        Number 1 indicates the distance between a mother and a daughter.  We rarely spoke or visited even though I lived in Philadelphia, and I never told her anything of a personal or intimate nature ever in my life.

        Number 2 was discussed at lunch (I have deleted the name).  I told my mother that if I didn’t remember how could I have told the friend?  They must have felt this was a “strong” point, however, because it was brought up again.

        Number 3 is just astonishing, again for its arrogance and control and the idea that they would “consult.”  The reference to a hypnotist was to try and recapture what I told Paul.  I did go to a hypnotist shortly after this lunch.  He did not hypnotize me and wanted five more sessions to “discuss” things at $75 a pop before he would.  The man was a quack and had no professional license.  I told him, “no” and it was shortly after that visit that I called my HMO and asked for a mental health referral. (Vati is German for father.)

        Number 4 is also astonishing.  My mother, who rarely sees her own children, suddenly kept thinking and worrying about a boy she met three times close to 30 years ago and was concerned for him because “he must be in a real bind.”  She seemed more concerned about him than me.  And it took me a long time to turn this around.  Why wouldn’t they say, “Of course call him?  You can get this all straightened out with one phone call.  He’ll tell you nothing happened and you can move on with your life.”  Why indeed?  Everyone else, including a psychiatrist said, “Call him.” 


    1.      Honey, I’d like to suggest that your next move be a complete physical exam.  This must be about menopause time for you, isn’t it?  And that can create all kinds of hormonal changes that affect body and mind.  It would seem like a good step, to eliminate any underlying physical causes for your distress.


    2.   You and [deleted] were very close during all the years in question.          Have you asked her whether she remembers your telling her any of the things you now believe happened while you were still living at home?


    3.  We’ll be operating on two very different assumptions in our discussions.  As I said yesterday, I think you have some very serious misconceptions, dear.  While initially I thought your idea of seeing a hypnotist next was a good one, I think now that you’d do best to start with a psychiatrist who could, if he/she felt it desirable, recommend your seeing a hypnotist, and even refer you.  Vati and I would help to the extent we could with the cost, on the understanding that the psychiatrist would be a top-notch one from one of the good institutions in Phila.  If or when you’re willing, we’d want to consult on the selection.  Would you like us to find you the names of psychiatrists who have strong professional credentials?


    4.   Lastly, for now, I keep thinking about Paul.  You’ve written asking him for some specific recollections – from many years ago.  But apart from the time element, I of course believe that his recollections have to differ from yours on the main memories you’re asking from him, and he must be in a real bind.  It’s my earnest suggestion that you not try to approach him further until after you’ve had a chance to talk with that good psychiatrist mentioned in the paragraph above.


      Hope this isn’t too much to swallow all at once!  In due time, give me your reactions, dear.


    With very much love, Mom


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    Please check back later today…


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        This email exchange occurred this morning.  Thank you very much to Ron Sirak of (click here).


    Ron:   Is this the same LIP I worked for 1970-72 when I was at Franklin &

               Marshall College?


    Becky:  Hard question to answer.  I was editor of the paper LIP in the early

                 80’s.  I like the name and started the website in 2004.  I like to think

                 it’s the same…


    Ron:    Did you follow Lamar Hoover?

               I’m glad it lives in some form.


    Becky:  Not directly follow – but yes I came after Lamar.  I worked with Steve

                 Sylvester and MR Carey – both of whom “worked” there for years.  We

                 covered TMI, I did a five part series on a rape trial involving a LIP

                 volunteer and also the Krushinski trials (he was an undercover drug

                 informant who was dirty as dirt) and it was through the Krushinski

                 stories that I met a young defense attorney named Rick Gray – who is

                 now the Mayor of Lancaster!

                    I see you are still in the writing business!  Do you know that F&M

                 still awards the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award (See

                 “Incest – A Family Tragedy”)?  President John A. Fry is really

                  destroying F&M.

                    Thank you very much for writing!


    Ron:  Do you live in Philly or Lancaster? I was just in Lancaster last weekend.

              The construction around the school is rather jarring. I feel fortunate

              that I was at F&M at a near-perfect time — 1968-72. A minority of

              students and faculty were very politically active. And Lancaster was so

              beautiful. Among my favorite memories are walking the streets of

              Lancaster at dawn on a Sunday morning when the sun was coming up

              but no people were awake as yet — except those who had been up all

                  Yes, I still write. I left LIP to move to New York to work for

              Liberation News Service, then worked for The Associated Press for 18

              years and then came to the magazine. I try as best I can to bring

              reality and some sort of social conscience to the niche in which I

              operate. I went to Rwanda in 2007 with a half dozen women

              professional golfers and used golf to tell the story of Rwanda.
                  I will read Incest — A Family Tragedy right now.


    Becky:  I live in Philadelphia but would like to move back to Lancaster.  I

                 would be very interested in your reaction to the incest story.  Thanks.


    Ron:   That is an extremely brave piece.

               There is no statue of limitations on injustices of that magnitude.

               Well done for having the courage and resolve to stare down those



    Posted on May 1st, 2009 Becky 1 comment




    The first post on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under today’s Intell article, “Delays costing convention center money,” (click here).

        Why haven’t they gone to Mayor Rick Gray for quotes about the delays?  He’s the center’s biggest backer.  He lied about it to get elected.  Then he spent two weeks of the taxpayer’s time and money behind closed doors to fill a $20 million dollar “gap” in funding for this white elephant  What does the great Mayor have to say about this?

        From the article there is this: 

        Penn Square Partners have pledged $35 million over 20 years to help pay for the project, while public subsidies, including government guarantees in the event developers can’t pay their debt service, add up to $139 million.

        Well, that’s just down right scary but Artie See of has been telling us this for years.  In fact, this is what he posted below the article:

        $35 million over 20 years for a $75 million hotel building. What a deal that is for the PSP. Especially since they don’t need to pay real estate taxes on their “private” hotel for at least 20 years.
        Meanwhile, taxpayers are stuck with paying $139 million, plus interest, plus operating subsidies, to create fewer than 250 part and full time jobs. 

        What do you think, Mayor Gray? 


        There is this interesting correction above an Intell story from April 23, “Asian students at Frankliin & Marshall College attacked” (click here):

        Correction Franklin & Marshall College Department of Public Safety officers have arrest powers in connection with college-affiliated properties. The article below, posted on LancasterOnline on Thursday, misstated their powers.

        Tell it to Ron Harper, Jr.  There’s only one problem – he wasn’t on a “college-affiliated”  property when the F&M goon squad body slammed him into the ground and “arrested” and detained him for three hours.

        I have jury duty today.  Depending on the outcome(!), this site may or may not publish this afternoon…


    Posted on April 28th, 2009 Becky 6 comments



        Today, the Lancaster Online Talkbackers speak – and speak well:   

        These are the biggest lies that have been fed to Lancaster residents in years. 

        This is Artie See of posting about today’s New Era article, “Railyard move gets another $4 million,” (click here).  Artie is talking about this paragraph from the article:

        The basis for the funding approval was the 55,000 trucks per year that project proponents contend the enlarged railyard will take off of regional roads. The redevelopment of the existing yard also would allow for the reconnection of city streets, thereby easing gridlocked traffic, proponents believe.

        Yes, those are some major lies, Artie.  They are almost as big as the convention center lies.  Another poster asked:

        Has anyone told the 55,000 truck drivers that they are not allowed in Lancaster anymore?

        I understand they will be putting up billboards politely asking truckers to stay out of Lancaster!


        And from another article about F&M in this morning’s Intell, “Franklin & Marshall College race incident draws fire,” (click here):
        Good now we can get to the bottom of this. 

        And this:

        F&M a little slow initiating that inquiry, why?
        Why park a patrol car where the incident occurred, expecting more at that exact location?
        Giving the perps time to coordinate their story? Have they lawyered up? Why is this story tracking differently than other similar incidents? Compare the MT rebel flag conflagration.

        Very little information has been released about this incident by the police or F&M.  We deserve much more information than this!


        How much does an eyebrow waxing cost? Can 5.7 Million cover it? I mean that has got to be the worst Uni-brow I have ever seen. 

        He does have a dreadful Uni-brow and what else are you supposed to say about today’s New Era article, “Armstrong CEO’s pay falls – to 5.7 M,” (click here) – other than unprintable cuss words?


        I live in Lititz and my drivers side door was egged over night recently. I cleaned it off….problem solved. Egging a police car AND getting a bulls-eye right through a window are two things that may put these kids in the Lititz Egging Hall of Fame! 

        Ah, yes – I think we all relived our youthful egg throwing days when we read the New Era story, “3 charged in egg throwing in Lititz” (click here).  The police car really took guts, though.


        Finally, a Talkbacker posted this about my story, “HOW DO YOU BUY YOUR ‘PAPER?’” below on this site:

        I read Becky’s article and here is my response:
        If you happen to be in the hospital you get the paper for free with your breakfast. (well, at least at LGH). It was the paper that kept me sane before I was able to hook up my internet. Not everyone has the luxury of a laptop and some have no clue how to use one. The paper is needed in places like that in order to keep people connected to the outside world. For some, that’s all they have. 

        Geez, what about the TV?  The paper might be nice in the hospital but that is not going to keep the Lancaster Newspapers in print!  Sorry.

        The comments are open and I am still waiting to find out why a man who says nothing can replace a “real” newspaper held in the hands is paying for the e-Editions.  We are eagerly awaiting his answer…


    Posted on April 23rd, 2009 Becky No comments



        The incident then escalated into violence, officials said, before F&M public safety officers intervened and ended the assault.

        The officers, who do not have the power to arrest or file charges, referred the case to city police.

    This morning’s Intell article, “Asian students at Franklin & Marshall College attacked,” (click here).

        Has F&M changed their policy?  Their security forces arrested Ron Harper, Jr. in an infamous incident several months ago after body slamming him to the ground.  This is part of Chris Hart Nibbrig’s account on (click here):

        Mr. Harper and I were taken, handcuffed, in separate vehicles to Franklin & Marshall College, where we were detained and interrogated.

        Neither incident occurred on Franklin & Marshall property, so what is the explanation for this change?  I will try to find out.  It will also be interesting to see how this current disturbing incident plays out.


        This email in very early this morning:   

        Won’t it be interesting to see if Marv’s golden girl Amanda Balionis is gone?  Any chance that Gil is in the bottom 60 seniority-wise?  No such luck there I suppose!

        I don’t know if the lay-offs involved any Sunday News personnel but I will try to find out.  Unfortunately, I am quite certain Gil, the great voice of the liberal white male, is safe.  The golden girl was quite recently given a new video assignment for the Living Section according to the paper.  I will be tracking the lovely Ms. Balionis and there will be more on the lay-offs later today.


        Finally, I try to keep this website and my links G-rated.  Today I am deviating from that.  Jesse of DenverPaOnline has posted the perfect response to a former poster and nutjob on his forum.  Please be advised that if you click the link you will see a video for “The F*uck You Song” and if you watch it you will hear the word about a thousand times.  What a hoot and a great way to start the morning!   You have been warned.  The link is here.

    Please check back later today…


    Posted on April 15th, 2009 Becky No comments

    ~ Thank You For Being Appalled ~



        The answer to the emailer’s question which is printed below (see “APPALLED”) is this one sentence opinion from the State Supreme Court which is available online (click here):

        AND NOW, this 1st day of December 2005, the Petition for Allowance of Appeal is denied.

        The denial had nothing to do with any of the facts in the lawsuit.  It all has to do with the precedent set in Pennsylvania in 1997 in the decision of Dalrymple v. Brown, which governs repressed memory and tolling the statute of limitations.  The essence of the decision is this: 

        “Under application of the objective standard it would be absurd to argue that a reasonable person, even assuming for the sake of argument, a reasonable six year old, would repress the memory of a touching so that no amount of diligence would enable that person to know of the injury.”

        My appeal was denied solely because the court said the Statute of Limitations had expired.  You can read more about that here.

        I have stated that I don’t have time to research repressed memory and really have no interest in doing so.  It happened to me. I know it happens. 

        I did find Brown University’s “The Recovered Memory Project” (click here).  As I noted on this site several years ago, I published a link to the University’s site and said I had been in contact with Professor Ross E Cheit, who is the project director.

        My parents immediately sent Mr. Cheit a letter stating that I was “mentally ill” and apparently felt that, along with my father being a retired professor, was enough to explain away all the incest in their family.  Mr. Cheit didn’t buy a word of it!  It was the beginning of my “ARROGANT MONSTERS” series on

        And one of my “favorite” “arguments” by my father in the Brief of Appellees is this:

        “For instance, Plaintiff’s father, who is an anthropologist, was occasionally out of the country during her childhood.  It is important for him to know when the alleged events took place so that he can ascertain his own whereabouts at the time Plaintiff contends he was at home in Lancaster engaging in child abuse.”

        I respond to this piece of absolute nonsense on the same page I linked to above for the Dalrymple decision (click here).

        But let me come back to the emailer who was appalled that Franklin & Marshall College is still awarding the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award.  Thank you.  I’m glad someone is appalled.  You should be.  Please let them know.  My original letter to President John A. Fry and the college’s response is published here.

        In the over five years since my letter, Franklin & Marshall has not done one thing except ignore me or tell me it is a “personal, family matter.”

        No, it is a horrendous crime. 

       So, as is my practice this time of year, I will be calling Franklin & Marshall again shortly to find out why they continue to give an award named after an incest perpetrator and an academic fraud – and who will be the “lucky” recipient this year – and I will keep you informed.  I will also advise you on how to contact the college to let them know the award should be redacted immediately.


        Quickly today, I was alerted in an email that former nurse Joy O’Shea Woomer has a blog about her being in Lancaster County Prison with bail denied until her trial for allegedly killing a child patient with a lethal dose of morphine six years ago (click here for “Joy in Prison”).  Please leave comments on her blog as she will receive them.

        This is one of the most outrageous miscarriages of justice in Lancaster County and there will much more on this as the trial approaches.


        I was going to come back from my short vacation light and humorous. I have some good items stored up about Gil and Marv, hens, the convention center and the Roseboro trial, ear wax and much more.  I will try to get to them tomorrow. 


    Posted on April 15th, 2009 Becky No comments



    F & M President John A. Fry


    This email in last evening:


    Dear Ms. Holzinger,


    I am an anthropology student at Franklin and Marshall. Since it is approaching the end of the semester here, I was going through some of the anthropology awards that the College offers and found one called the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award. I was not able to find a description to the award on the website, so I typed it into Google and found a number of links written by you about your father. I realize that there was a PA Supreme Court Case on this matter, but was not able to get access to the same online. I was wondering what the outcome of the case was. I have been very affected by your story and am appalled that the school still gives out this award. 


    I was wondering if you could give me an update on the situation. 


    Best regards. 


    F&M Student


    Please check back later today…


    Posted on March 17th, 2009 Becky No comments

    ~ “Currently Confidential!” ~

    John Fry, President of Franklin and Marshall College, is consummate at framing matters in a self serving manner. Small wonder he is the product of business schools rather than academia as were the college’s prior leaders.
    The matter is deemed newsworthy because it raises the issue of why a joint effort by F & M, General Hospital and the Norfolk Southern railway was set forth as an F & M application as though F & M indeed was in the railroad business. Also many representations seem questionable.

    The opening two paragraphs of’s story, “Is F&M’s application for a rail freight assistance grant a travesty?” (click here).

    Good article, Newslanc!

    Newspapers are in trouble everywhere and it really is scary. I’m taking the afternoon off to research some items.

    LIP News will publish tomorrow and then take an (early) Spring Break on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I’m not going anywhere. I just have some pressing items to take care of and will be back on Saturday.

    Please check back tomorrow…




    Posted on March 17th, 2009 Becky No comments

    ~ Walker & Fry! ~

    In March 2005, at $350 per hour, Bulls traveled to Lancaster. According to documented times on the expense records submitted, he was in Lancaster from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. That 4.5 hours cost the Authority $1,575. He also billed 5.5 hours for travel, an additional $1,925. There is no evidence of why he came to Lancaster. But this time Bulls was representing his own firm, the Bulls Advisory Group.

    “$15,000 assignment evolves into $1.1 million plum,” James Sneddon, (click here).

    This is all unbelievable. Robert Field, publisher of Newslanc, you need to run this series front and center on your site in a coherent pattern.

    You need to demand criminal investigations. No one has ever been held accountable for blatantly stealing huge amounts of public money. No one.

    We know why the Lancaster Newspapers have never questioned one thing. They are a 50% partner in this $200 million dollar publicly funded disaster.

    This is what the Lancaster Newspapers said in a Sunday News article on September 3, 2005,Consultant keeps eyes on prize in downtown project,” (click here):

    Bulls Advisory Group also appears to be a prescribed remedy to what ails the project. The firm specializes in public-private real estate development and lists among its clients the University of Pennsylvania, instigator of major economic and community development initiatives in northwest Philadelphia.

    John Fry, president of Franklin & Marshall College and a member of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority Board, previously served in the administration of University of Pennsylvania and led the University of Pennsylvania’s interest in that project.

    Wouldn’t you know it? There’s good old John Fry of F & M in the thick of this disaster and Maurice Walker certainly found the prize!

    What an absolute disgrace.  This is criminal.