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    Posted on October 23rd, 2018 Becky 1 comment

    — The Lancaster City Police Press Release on the shooting at Smithgall’s Pharmacy is here.


         There is shocking news about former Mayor Charlie Smithgall – click here for, “Former Mayor Charlie Smithgall taken to hospital after reported shooting at his pharmacy.” Wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.
         Tonight there is a City Council Public Safety Committee meeting on police body cameras (click here for the Facebook event page shown below). It is from 6 to 7 pm and will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall, 120 North Duke Street.


    **    Watch WGAL’s Katelyn Smith’s video on the taxi driver, Jesus Rosario, charged with raping a customer (click here). She actually looks and sounds shocked and scared by it all. And we have never seen a photo of Rosario – no mugshot anywhere! Why? Shouldn’t women know what this man looks like? I will put in a request for his mugshot today.

    *     LNP reporter Lindsey Blest wrote both rape stories linked to below. Did it occur to her to ask the District Judges or the DA’s office about the difference in bail amounts? Wouldn’t the average person, let alone a “reporter,” want answers? Doesn’t the public have a right to know?

    $200,000 CASH BAIL
    & $150,000 UNSECURED!

    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Former Franklin & Marshall College student charged with rape on campus in 2017,” (click here).

         This is the obvious, huge question! What took eleven months? Imagine the victim’s fear and an alleged rapist was allowed to walk the street for eleven months? Will anyone in Lancaster demand answers?
         Does F&M really care? They have the power and influence to demand answers from the police, the mayor and city council! Why didn’t they?
         And why is Felicius Bucyukundi’s bail set at $200,000 cash and Jesus Rosario, a taxi driver who is charged with the rape of a customer, free on $150,000 unsecured bail? Why?
    Click here for the October 2nd article, “Lancaster city taxi driver charged with raping woman after dropping her off at home,” and check back later today.    


    Posted on April 29th, 2018 Becky 3 comments


         We became instant best friends. I sat next to her on the bus to Mountville Elementary School one day and the die was cast. It lasted for years. We lived a field apart and crossed that field too many times to count.
         We both moved out of our parent’s homes in the 12th grade and into an apartment in the city and moved from Hempfield to McCaskey High School. In our teenage years and beyond we would tell people we were sisters and no one ever questioned it.
         That would end with the incest story. A vague memory of my parent’s general disdain for her over the years and my mother asking my father one day: “What are the odds they would move right across the hill?”
         She was adopted and knew the name of her birth mother but never knew anything about her father. Years ago, I requested a DNA test and was denied. I understood the incredible odds against it, but it was one thing that science could either absolutely confirm or deny and I could move on to other things.
          My brothers and sisters even wrote my therapist about it (click here): 
          In the last month she has requested numerous times that a childhood friend take a DNA test because Becky now believes they are half-sisters.  (The friend has to date refused). 
         The arrest of a serial killer and rapist in California has put a spotlight on DNA and is running a “special” and things in my family have changed!   
         Stay tuned.

    Posted on November 9th, 2017 Becky 11 comments

         As of 3:30 pm this afternoon, according to the Department of State website I have been linking to for the last two days, with 9139 out of 9,162 districts reporting and 99.75% of the vote counted the unofficial totals for the fourth seat on the PA Superior Court are as follows (click here):

    —  Mary P. Murray – 911,947
    —  Craig Stedman –  907,445

         Murray has won the fourth seat and Stedman has lost. If there is to be a recount – then do a recount (see immediately below). Once again, Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman has lost and will not be a judge on the PA Superior Court!


    —   Let me clarify one item in the below. The professor at first thought this was a two person race when we went through the math. I later explained that this was a nine person race with four available seats and DA Stedman was in a close race for the fourth seat! So then, he wasn’t sure and said you might have to add up all the candidates’ votes… and he was particularly interested in how they actually “recount” the vote and I had no answer!


         I just got off the phone with a Franklin & Marshall mathematics professor who was extremely helpful but asked not to be named and he is also somewhat confused.
         When presented with what LNP stated:
        The recount would happen if the two candidates’ final vote totals are within one-half of one percent of each other.
    —  He said you add up Murray and Stedman’s votes – 911,563 + 907,085 = 1,818,648
    —   One percent of that total is 18,186
    —   One half of one percent of that is 9,093
         So, if Murray wins by less than 9,093 votes there would have to be a recount at this point.
         And then he asked me what do they recount? And I said I don’t know. And I said a lot of these races are very close for the Superior Court and they might have to do a lot of recounts!
         And he said he wasn’t sure and if they meant all the candidates for the office and all the votes then you would have to add them all up and…
         I do not feel so foolish. I will try the Department of State.
         And thank you to that patient professor!

    *** 10:25  am – 99.69% of vote in – percentages unchanged – votes below – click here:

    —  Mary P. Murray – 911,522
    —  Craig Stedman –  907,049

    **   I am being told that my math is incorrect and a recount is required. I am checking and apologize if I was wrong.


     *    Apparently LNP’s “political reporter” Sam Janesch doesn’t know the word “lose” but he knows the word “tepid!” From the current LNP story online about Stedman (click here):
         He tepidly threw his name into consideration for the Superior Court race in January, saying he would only run if he was endorsed by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.
         What a hoot!



         Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman has lost his bid for a seat on the Superior Court of PA. It is very unlikely that there will be a recount although LNP continues to include that possibility in their articles and headlines (click here).
         According to LNP, a recount would be required if the two candidates’ final vote totals are within one-half of one percent of each other.
         That is not the case. With 99.51 percent of the vote counted as of 6:45 am this morning, the two contenders for the fourth and final seat on the court remain as follows (click here):

    —   Mary P. Murray – 12.01% – 911,375 votes
    —   Craig Stedman –  11.95% – 906,917 votes

         Stedman lost the election.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on October 12th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         As to District Judge Bruce Roth’s assertion yesterday that I am a terrible reporter, with all due respect, I disagree and state that the LNP reporters and editors are far, far worse. I strive to tell the truth. I am not swayed by money and keeping Mayor Gray in office and in the public’s good graces because he is going to obtain millions of dollars in taxpayer monies for me.
         And to yesterday’s story on Police Chief Sadler leaving, I am reprinting my post about LNP’s opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy’s first editorial after her promotion in September of 2014 (the original is here).  
         There will be more tomorrow. The headline to the below was “A TERRIBLE, LYING START…”

    —   I received an email with a link to this petition today (click here).

    **** They added the below charge yesterday and “criminal mischief.” Surely they can find some more charges to add – five might not be enough to put him in jail for a couple of years!

    ***  Shaw-Cannon is still in jail and they increased his bail and added two new charges at his preliminary hearing yesterday (see below). Unbelievable. Under the original article, a commenter said on this site, “It’s Lancaster and he’s black. If he was white, the cops would have sent him on his way.”
         This has reached a level of absurdity and it is disgusting and I will continue to follow his case.


    **   Delonte Shaw-Cannon is either very mentally ill or an actor. He confirmed that he told District Judge Bruce Roth at his arraignment that he was homeless and jail was the only place he would feel safe. And Roth obliged and sent him to jail.
          He changed his mind yesterday at his preliminary hearing. He wanted to leave jail and stay with his mother. When I left court yesterday, the Judge and his public defender, Courtney Monson, were trying to call his mother to see if she agreed.
         But Shaw-Cannon also stated that while in jail someone was using “mind control” on him and he had thoughts of “committing murders and raping.” He also said he had “weird dreams” of committing almost all the crimes you can imagine and then ended with “touching himself.” He said someone was “invading his mind.”
         Someone needs to give this 20-year-old a mental evaluation stat to see if this is true or if he is playing games with the court!

    *     I am not going to revisit the incest story. I will simply republish this email I sent to my brothers and sisters on May 2, 2002 (it and another email are published on the original LIP News website – click here) and then I will move on to why Delonte Shaw-Cannon wanted to go to jail.

          I understand that our family has been keeping yet another secret.  Tom molested his own brother Steve and you knew.  I think it would have been nice if someone had told me before I sent my son to Canada for a week by himself.  Very nice.
        I come from a normal, nice home, but I have a brother who molested his younger brother (by the way that’s a CRIME) and his “foster” brother.  But let’s keep that a secret so everyone thinks we’re the nice, normal family that’s better than everyone else because our father is a PROFESSOR.
        And you are surprised that my therapist immediately saw sexual abuse – and you say it couldn’t have been our father.  I wonder what other secrets are out there.
        Why didn’t you ever suggest to your twin that he gets help – before he lands in jail.  Shit, the Catholic Church has nothing on the Holzinger family.


         “Your father was a wonderful man,” District Judge Bruce Roth told me in open court yesterday.
         Roth attended Franklin & Marshall College for two years.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on June 19th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


         Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale gave LNP everything they wanted today (click here for the above story and video of his press conference). He said the school board broke state law and wasted $358,000 regarding the former superintendent. He said he believes the board was trying to subvert the Sunshine Law but said intent is hard to prove. He was emphatic, used colorful language and seemed eager for questions – wanting more than the reporters had for him. He very much enjoyed the press conference and the attention he received.
         Regarding the rest of the audit, Manheim Township passed. It will be interesting to see if any of the then board members speak out.
         Meanwhile, the Manheim Township School District issued a lengthy statement regarding the audit on their website and had this calm statement regarding the superintendent situation (click here):
          According to the audit, the only area that the district demonstrated lack of compliance was with administrator contract buyouts.  Manheim Township School District failed to publicly post the settlement agreement of a former superintendent who submitted a resignation before the superintendent’s contract end date.  The audit finds that the settlement agreement should have been posted to a School Board Agenda since it was voted on during a public School Board Meeting. The district agrees with the Auditor General’s report that the separation agreement should have been publicly posted on the Board Agenda.  However, school board directors and administrators who were working in the District Office at the time were following legal recommendations pertaining to Board procedures, and were unaware that the actual separation agreement needed to be posted on the Board agenda.
         There will be more tomorrow. I am going to unplug for the impending (weather) storm.


         Did you know that Lancaster author and Penn Manor teacher Todd M. Mealy released his fourth book in March? Click here for the book on Amazon.

    Posted on January 21st, 2015 Becky 43 comments


    Charles D. Leayman

    * LNP has finally issued a correction to their Sunday editorial (see below on this site).  This is on today’s editorial page:



    Hello Becky –


    First of all I was amazed to find this site online. Secondly, however, it is due to searching for items on the tragic issue of Chuck Leayman in Lancaster.

    Yes, we were partners for a time. We eventually became steadfast friends (which is what we should have been in the first place) and we remained in close contact after I left Lancaster for California about 15 years ago.

    The prognosis for Check is not good but there is no official news release as yet. You can probably investigate for yourself or I can notify you when a news release is official. Chuck’s only close relative, his sister, is handling this.
    I settled out here on the coast not far from Lamar and Sally Hoover. We were in contact for awhile until Lamar passed on and Sally left the area. If you are by any chance in contact with Sally you might let her know about Chuck.
    Thank you for the mention online. I’m still writing and am currently working on two books about film and music. And I just had a wonderful performance of my Rock Mass which was written way back in Lancaster. And I LOVE California! However, I’m still somewhat in shock over the current developments in Lancaster.
    Ross Care
    Ventura, CA.

           Thank you, Ross.  Please keep us informed.  Brandon Bleecher, 23, has been arrested and charged (click here). 


    Posted on August 6th, 2014 Becky No comments

    $150,000 CASH BAIL
    VERSUS $20,000!

     Barry Shue     Barry Matthew Shue had seven prior, serious criminal dockets beginning in 2002 when he was arraigned before District Judge Rodney H. Hartman on July 11th of this year.  He is charged with three first degree misdemeanors for Theft by Unlawful Taking.  On these charges from his eighth criminal docket, Hartman set his bail at $20,000 cash.
         I found another shocking trend in the dockets I reviewed today and that will come tomorrow.  But Marie Lavaud is currently in jail on $150,000 cash bail set by Hartman for two misdemeanors (click here).  This is simply outrageous!  Bail is not punishment!  Who is watching these District Justices in Lancaster County?
    [Editor’s note:  The picture of Shue is from his testimonial on The Potter’s House in Leola website.] 

    Posted on May 15th, 2014 Becky 17 comments


            Harris2        241 N. Charlotte 

           Judge Grbey   Bill Beyer

          Leslie Gorbey will tell you she is never bored.
         Seeing how the Lancaster County Family and Juvenile Court judge spends her weekends, you can see why. Gorbey fills her plate full during her time away from the courthouse.
         She and her husband, retired attorney Bill Beyer, live in the southern end in “the middle of nowhere.”
         The opening paragraphs from the March 18, 2011 LNP article, “Never a dull moment: Hooking, riding, dancing keeps judge busy.” (click here).
         Well, Leslie and Bill decided to leave “the middle of nowhere” and on February 4, 2013 they bought a house on a beautiful tree-lined street in Lancaster for $375,000 – right next door to the Franklin & Marshalll fraternity house of Kappa Sigma.
         To hear Bill tell it, it has been a nightmare of “noise, trash and public uriination.” In fact, Bill has complained loudly twice to the Lancaster City Council that something must be done about this fraternity that has been at the same spot for 75 years!
         This brings up multiple questions:
    —  Why did LNP reporter Bernie Harris write two lengthly articles about this situation without ever identifying exactly who this poor couple actually are?  You can’t get any more politically connected than this couple!
    —   This now explains why Mayor Gray and Police Chief Keith Sadler got so heavily involved and spent so much time and legalese on this ridiculous situation (click here for “ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS: YOU’RE FIRED!”). Not only that, a friend sent me an email today (thank you)  and said:
         Wrong, wrong wrong! Sadler & Gray are WRONG! The house may be on probation but any decent attorney could easily challenge this as the code reads:
         A rooming unit, a dwelling let for rent; or a residential unit occupied by any persons other than are occupied solely by the owner and members of the owner’s family. Each individual townhouse dwelling, each individual apartment unit, each individual unit in a multifamily building, each individual unit in a two-family dwelling, and each rooming unit shall be considered a separate residential rental unit. A residential rental unit shall not include a hospital room utilized for medical services. Whenever the word “unit” is used herein, it shall mean “residential rental unit” as defined by this definition.
         F&M is right, it should be against two individuals not two strikes for one location!

     —     Don’t you think that moving from “the middle of nowhere” into the city might be a shock to the senses?  In fact, from the beginning LNP article, Gorbey says this:
         We don’t go out to dinner frequently because we live in the middle of nowhere and it takes at least a half hour to get anywhere.

    —   Bill doesn’t seem like the friendliest of people.  He only has one Facebook friend and that’s his wife (it’s true)!
    —   Gorbey doesn’t seem to deal well with juveniles and young people and perhaps her judgeship and position should be re-evaluated.
    —   I could go on and on but this is one of the most absurd, ridiculous and disgusting incidents on the part of Mayor Gray, Police Chief Keith Sadler, city council, the Lancaster Newspapers and their reporter Bernie Harris ever!  Why don’t they all travel down to 516 E. Chestnut Street and see the real, explicit danger these folks live with everyday (click here for ‘WORSE THAN EVER!”):
    516 E. Chestnut
          And as for LNP reporter Bernie Harris and Mayor Rick Gray, this is all I have to say:
     rickspin  Harris harris1

    Posted on July 6th, 2013 Becky No comments



     Lindsey Blest in the Conestoga Christian School’s production of “Suessical” (click here).  She received a GED from the school. 
         I am hot and bothered today and my computer is unhappy with this heat- so this will be brief with more to come tomorrow. 
         Police are looking for an eight-months-pregnant woman suspected of stabbing a man in Lancaster city Tuesday night, they said.
    From Wednesday’s article, “Pregnant woman stabs man, police say,” (click here).
         This whole situation is obviously tragic, but are you telling me the police still haven’t located/charged this woman?  Are you kidding me?  The entire Lancaster Police force needs to be fired!  There will be more tomorrow on the dreadful work done by the Lancaster Police Department!  Does anyone hold them accountable?
         Until yesterday’s Clay Street blaze, more than 50 years had passed since fire fatalities amounted to such a number.
         Now with a current toll of six, the Clay Street fire fatality list contests that of the 1961 fire that claimed seven lives, according to newspaper records.
    The opening two sentences to today’s article by Lindsey Blest  “Fatal blaze worst in Lancaster County since 1961 fire near Elizabethtown,” (click here).
         This is terrible writing.  Just awful!  Lindsey Blest is apparently a summer intern and an indepth look at all of the Lancaster Newspaper’s summer interns is coming.  
         The word “contests” is totally inappropriate.  The whole thing is a mess and unfeeling and just nasty.  Is there an editor in the house?  Could we show some respect for those who have tragically lost their lives?
        And speaking of the interns, we had this from intern Lauren Bejzak several days ago and it is still bothering the heck out of me (click here):
         Audience members for the fifth concert of the 2013 Long’s Park Summer Music Series arrived pretty early.
         They parked their cars anywhere they thought might allay inevitable traffic terror: Park City Center, Toys ‘R’ Us, any businesses within a few miles’ walk.
        1.  Delete the “pretty”  That is an unacceptable adjective in an article for adults.  You can just say they arrived early or you can say they arrived two hours early but you don’t say “pretty early!”  Is there an editor in the house?
        2.  “Allay inevitable traffic terror?”  Seriously?  A quick google search on you indicates you were the Editor-in-Chief at F & M’s magazine, The College Reporter.  Wow!  I thought F & M was better than this! You apparently also won some type of vocabulary contest and you try to use every fancy word you can in this article.  Cut it out!  It’s absurd and annoying!  Go see Cindy Stauffer and learn how to write.  This article is supposed to be light and fun and you have made it unreadable! 
        Wow!  I’m getting even hotter.  Please stay cool and check back tomorrow. 

    Posted on November 14th, 2011 Becky 3 comments

    RED FLAGS!   

        If it is true that not one of what must have been scores of people saw any red flags in Sandusky’s dealings with children, then the sexual abuse crisis is dramatically worse even than I thought. Have we failed to learn anything from the sexual abuse scandals that have swept our country over the last decade? Has it not been made clear that individuals and institutions are universally too slow to act? How much more education do we need about such an obvious public health crisis? I thought we had finally gotten past the tragically mistaken idea that child sexual abuse is a crime committed only by slovenly strangers in filthy raincoats — never by our respected friends and co-workers. It seems the Sandusky case may prove me wrong.
    From “The Perfect Crime,” by Paul Mones in the Huffington Post (click here).
        The entire article is well worth a read. Yes, the scandal goes on and it’s getting deeper by the minute. Unbelievable.
        Click here for “Journey.”


    Posted on November 14th, 2011 Becky No comments


        Becky, why not call F&M and offer to fund an award called the “Jerry Sandusky Child Opportunity Award” for those students who will go on to work with disadvantaged youth? Then, if Keith Orris sounds horrified, tell him that’s what they are doing with your offender!
    This comment in under “A CRIME & SOCIETAL TRAGEDY” below.
        Thank you! I needed that. I will be back in touch with those sterling, upstanding and arrogant folks at F&M and I will report back to you here.

        It took two to dance this tango, as it so often does.
    Gil Smart in his column this week, “It took two to tango,” (click here).

        Wow! Is this guy smart or what? See what you can learn from reading LNP! Does anyone know how many it takes to do a line dance?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on November 11th, 2011 Becky 2 comments

    SAY NO TO F&M – 2   

        As reported here yesterday, I spoke to Keith Orris, the Secretary of Franklin & Marshall College yesterday by phone regarding the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award. His response to every single question was, “It’s a very personal, family issue. It is not an issue for the college to be involved with.”
    From an archive page on this site, “F&M and Incest,” (click here).


    Posted on November 9th, 2011 Becky 2 comments

    SAY “NO” TO F&M

        Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts college in Lancaster, Pa., annually gives an award named after an incest perpetrator and academic fraud – my father. The president of the college, John A. Fry, doesn’t care about sexual abuse. He doesn’t care if your daughter or son is sexually abused.
        Do not send your children to this over-priced college that condones the sexual abuse of children. They will not be safe.
        This message sits prominently and permanently on the home page of (click here). The Penn State scandal has gotten me thinking and intensely angry all over again about the way Franklin & Marshall College ignored, belittled and insulted me and continues to do so to this day.
        There will be more later today.


    Posted on April 29th, 2011 Becky 5 comments


        What do I have to say about libel/slander lawsuits especially as they pertain to the internet? A heck of a lot. Please note that a Writ of Summons (see “BREAKING NEWS” below), is not an actual lawsuit. It merely states that one may be filed and freezes the time frame for possible statute of limitation reasons.

    A friend who called me to point out Harper’s filing also sent me a copy of a Judge’s Order dated March 30, 2011 dismissing Harper’s lawsuit against the Lancaster Bureau of Police in relation to the infamous incident at Franklin & Marshall College. The Judge took the opportunity to get a few digs in at Harper, but the case was dismissed primarily because Harper did not respond to the defendant’s very standard request that the Judge dismiss the case.

    So tomorrow, I’ll have my say on the internet and lawsuits, threats to sue and playing a lawyer on the net.

    Hopefully, I can also improve the appearance of the piece so it is readable. Argh!

    Have a great Friday!


    Posted on June 13th, 2010 Becky 12 comments



        Why even give a crap about his guy. He is just another yuppie. You know the ones that have a college education and think their crap doesn’t stink.

    Posted on the forum under today’s article, “John Fry ‘found’ himself at F&M” (click here).

        What a hoot!  Who writes these headlines? I found myself with a website.  Who knew?

        And Fry is not your average yuppie.  I have three distinct reasons for having no respect whatsoever for Fry:

    1.  His response to my family tragedy.  It is unconscionable that a private (expensive) liberal arts college continues to give an annual award named after an incest perpetrator.  Absolutely unconscionable!

    2.  When his term was up on the Lancaster County Convention Center Board, Fry claimed he didn’t realize it and whined like a little boy.  It’s true.

    3.  What Fry and his F&M security forces did to journalist Ron Harper, Jr.  Do you realize that in the ultimate irony, Fry banned Harper from F&M grounds while the ACLU was holding their annual, public meeting on F&M property? 

        The best of luck to Harper and his lawsuit.  This arrogant, spoiled man needs to learn an important lesson – well, several actually.  And Fry, your crap does stink to high heaven!


        Hey Becky… wow we really had a huge fire here this morning… About 2 miles away from my house… A Huge Brick million dollar house went up in smoke about 9:30 am… was about 27 fire trucks went past our house…. They even called out farmville…opps farmersville… fire companies… Went past tonight about 7 and it’s demolished …I think the owners live in Florida.. was a vacation house from what I’m hearing… I could hear the explosions from it here too….  Thank God no one got hurt that’s the main thing but it was sure exciting …

    A comment into this site on April 9 about the fire that burned the Reinhart’s $2.4 million dollar home to the ground.

        Within one day of this post, friends found out the house was in foreclosure and the deep suspicion rose that it was arson (click here for “UNDER FIRE – 2!”).  Over two months later, the Lancaster Newspapers finally do a story about a man who is more than likely going to spend the rest of his life in jail (click here).


        This email in about yesterday’s post:

        Have you forgotten that Craig Stedman is the guy who railroaded Joy O’Shea?  What’s to like?

        I have not forgotten.  In fact, after I published that I might actually like/respect a Lancaster County official, I immediately drove myself to the hospital to have my head examined.

        Compared to his predecessor, Donald Totaro – now a judge, I have to say that Stedman is almost a breath of fresh air.  Stedman is willing to speak to the press.  He’s willing to express an opinion.  Totaro was a constant “no comment.” 

        His prosecution of Michael Roseboro was low key, damning and brilliant.  I obviously don’t commend him for decisions made about Joy O’Shea Woomer.  However, he did stand up to Dr. William Carter. 

        I know my saying that will anger many people.  Dr. Carter got a wrist slap for an admitted federal drug violation and death of his son and Woomer (who maintains that she is innocent and the prosecution never came close to proving she was in possession of morphine) was sentenced for years.  She has an appeal pending. 

    Click here for

    Click here for today’s Sunday News opinion piece, “Doctor deserves apologies for abysmal treatment.”  Sorry, Dr. Price, I disagree.

    P.S.  The results of the examination of my head will come tomorrow.  😉 

  • UNDER FIRE – 8!

    Posted on June 13th, 2010 Becky 2 comments


        Gil Smart and the Sunday News finally figure out that something’s fishy in Denver (click here for “A CAR DEALER’S CRASH”).  “John Fry ‘found’ himself at F&M” (click here).  Is that a pun or what?  LOL!  Ron Harper, Jr. found Fry at F&M, too!  And I’m taking heat for yesterday’s post.

    Please check back later today…


    Posted on June 7th, 2010 Becky 2 comments



        Ron Harper put on a 50 minute show today.  Chris Hart-Nibbrig, who was involved in the incident with F&M and Harper, covers it for NewsLanc and I am deferring to their coverage today (click here).  Jodi Wolff, who covered this for LIP News, was not familiar with Harper and his past activities (he talked about a wide range of “incidents” going back as far as 2002) and found the whole “press conference” extremely confusing.

        Harper’s presentation was on a small laptop she had trouble seeing.  He discussed previous arrests but not the very recent incident where he was charged with harassment. 

        Please note that Hart-Nibbring says in his story that it was “(covered by several media, including WGAL-TV, but not Lancaster Newspapers).”  LIP News stands by our “BREAKING NEWS” this afternoon that Ernie Schreiber, the Online Editor for the Lancaster Newspapers, did indeed attend.  Jodi spoke with him, that’s how he introduced himself to her and I emailed her a picture I have on file of Ernie and she confirmed it was him.

        Please check back tomorrow for more on Harper, the Crow, Dave Pidgeon and more…


    Posted on June 7th, 2010 Becky 3 comments


        Joy called during the event and we were able to have her talk to everyone by holding a microphone up to the cell phone. She gave her thanks to all. What a special moment.

        Wonderful time today at the auction. We still have some money out but at this point we have raised just over $8600!!! Many thanks to everyone… the many people who donated items, to the people who attended today and to the volunteers who helped with the event. Special shout-out to the Fireside Tavern and the great staff and to Tom Pontz, who played keyboard.  Tom’s music really made the event special.

    From Justice For Joy (click here).

        That is fantastic!  Please see below for Jodi Wolff’s personal account of the silent auction held yesterday to benefit Joy O’Shea Woomer’s defense fund.

        This email in:

        Pati Mattrick just joined the Help Stormygirl Facebook group, and she has posted some wonderful pictures of the dear finch.  Looking at the pictures makes me even more angry with the fools at the Game Commission.  Urge your readers to keep the pressure on the PGC.

        Thank you for the update and everyone, please continue to contact the PGC, your state representatives and the governor’s office.  Click here for the “Help Stormy Girl!” Facebook page.

        PLEASE COME!  I am having a press conference on Monday at 11 AM at Mulberry Art Studio, 21 North Mulberry Street, Lancaster. I’d appreciate seeing some friendly faces. I am anticipating PhillyTV news crews as well as the locals.

    From Ron Harper’s Facebook page.

        Well, the big news yesterday was Ron Harper, Jr. suing F&M and its President, John A. Fry, among others for violating his civil rights.  It’s about time, Ron!  Click here for the law suit.  There will be much more later today… 


    By Jodi Wolff

        My daughter and I arrived at the Fireside Inn at 1:15 yesterday.  We were given a number for the silent auction bidding. I saw Joy’s Father as soon as we entered the room. He was very happy with the event.

        As my daughter and I browsed the items I started thinking what wonderful family and friends Joy has. Then I remembered that Joy’s mother said she would be offering a home cooked dinner.

        There were so many amazing items it was very hard to want just one thing. I saw a gorgeous crocheted table cloth and convinced my daughter we had to bid on that.  I placed my bid.  After getting a glass of wine and a soda for my daughter, we sat down to have some cheese and veggies with dip.

        I then saw Joy’s mom and found out where her dinner bidding was to be done.  All of a sudden I heard, “May I have your attention please?”  Joy was on the phone. Joy thanked everyone for their support. She said she was doing ok and that her appeal process was about to start. Everyone in the room cheered and said they loved her. It was a very touching moment. As the music played her son sang a few words.

        A good 75 plus people attended the silent auction. As the time went down on bidding for the items I looked at the bid for the dinner. The second bid was at $100.00.  Wow! This woman must be a GREAT cook. My daughter won a gift card for Chilies. That’s as close as we came to Joy’s mom’s cooking.

        I came home with as beautiful table cloth and a good story. I watched Joy’s mom push her very first great granddaughter around the room with love. This was a wonderful event. I was glad to be a part of it.


    Posted on March 21st, 2010 Becky No comments



            Maybe we should adopt a new motto.  Lancaster County: You can’t get there from here.

    Marv Adams in today’s Sunday News editorial,A HIGH NOTE.”

        Maybe Marv should ask – Lancaster County:  Why would anyone want to get here?

        F&M’s outgoing President Fry doesn’t want to be here and he won’t talk to shoe-licking reporter Gil Smart?  Joy O’Shea Woomer and Dr. William Carter make the news and Marv tells us what an old man he really is (again)! 

    My Spring break has ended!  Please check back later today…


    Posted on March 14th, 2010 Becky 5 comments


           There is so much to cover today that I will come back to the extremely serious topic of Dr. Carter and Joy O’Shea Woomer tomorrow.

        Marvelous Marv tries to sell papers today – at $1.75 a pop – with a huge picture of farm fields on the front page of the Sunday News!  When are they going to retire this fool?

        You think I’m being cruel?  From his column today (see the link below under “ANGIE, ABIGAIL, DOCTORS AND BEN!”) Marv says this:

        During the February snowstorms I got to wondering why some drivers of pickup trucks ride around with their cargo beds loaded with snow.

        A Trashbacker had to answer this very simple question for Marv:

        marv doesn’t understand why people put snow in their truck beds?
        seriously, how long has he lived here?
        well, marv, the snow makes the truck heavier, and is especially helpful in 4X4s.

        And Marv goes on with this:

        In the city, I noticed that “street furniture” used to hold parking spaces got sophisticated. I saw some spaces that were reserved by small orange cones.
        Those are construction cones, Marv, and people in Philly have been using them for years!  Where have you been, Marv?  And you think that’s “sophisticated?”  I bet it would be interesting to see your furniture!

        And unbelievably Marv goes on to say this:

        And how can so many people need snow shovels every time it snows? What happens to the old ones?

        Marv wouldn’t know because he doesn’t shovel – but they wear out, Marv!  I’ve had mine since the blizzard of 1996 and this year killed it.  People also loan them out never to have them returned and people also steal them. 


        Well, Marv’s Associate Editor, Gil Smart, makes a major announcement today tucked away in his nasty column, “Toward a more vicious society,” (click here):

        I have two kids, and a third on the way…

        Have you heard of birth control, Gil?  Boy, the Lancaster Newspapers must pay you well for this crap!

        No one is congratulating Smart.  They’re just viciously fighting under his stupid column on the Trashback forum!


        Smart also has another unreadable front page story, “Court does not want to turn over its videos,” (click here).  I have no time for Bennett J. Vonderheide, but I have to agree with him here.  Turn over the videos, already!  Security for judges is the excuse not to?  What a bunch of crap!  Turn them over!  The Right to Know law applies to every branch of the government!


        Finally today, there is a front page story on F&M and we learn that “longtime benefactor Ann Boyd Barshinger” is giving F&M another four million dollars (click here).  This has to add up to well over twenty million in total.  How did she and her deceased husband make this money and how much does she have?  And Ann, I need a new roof on my house and a new shovel and I sure could use a couple of thousand if you could see your way…

        The article includes multiple quotes from outgoing President John Fry gushing and gloating over Ann.  Maybe he can convince her Drexel needs some money, too?

        Please see below for today’s other two posts and check back tomorrow.  Now I need to go shovel shopping!  Should I pick one up for you, Marv?


    Posted on March 14th, 2010 Becky 4 comments


    Artie, is that you?


        With Fry heading to Philadelphia (assuming the offer isn’t withdrawn when they learn more about the man), the ‘reign of terror’ will likely end on the Franklin & Marshall College campus.   We expect more will be said about Fry’s antics from campus sources as time goes by and fear recedes.

    From (click here).

        What a hoot!  Maybe Drexel University doesn’t care about the Constitution!  The Lancaster Newspapers obviously don’t! 

        Ron Harper, Jr. has a letter to NewsLanc, “John Fry violated my constitutional rights,” (click here).  I also received this letter from Ron yesterday, but he seems to have forgotten that LIP News has also been there every moment supporting him!  What’s up with that, Ron?


    Posted on March 11th, 2010 Becky No comments



        This photo-shop of John Fry and the Drexel dragon has been flying around Lancaster today on the internet.  What a hoot!

        Which brings me to Ron Harper, Jr. who is now listed as a staff member of the Pennsylvania Independent (click here).  Ron and I got off to a shaky start many years ago but I now consider him a good friend and a great journalist with some of the best instincts I’ve ever seen.  I am reprinting below his brief bio from the Independent.  This, of course, doesn’t mention John Fry having his goon squad beat up on Harper because Harper had the audacity to knock on his door twice!

        Ron Harper, Jr. is an Investigative Reporter for Pennsylvania Independent

        Ron began as a citizen journalist covering Lancaster County politics in February 2000.  His website,, specialized in stories that included detailed, official records and video interviews with public officials.

        Harper’s investigations during 2000-2002 of then-Pennsylvania House Appropriations Chairman John Barley included a video entitled, “The Politics of John Barley.”  Soon thereafter, the FBI launched an investigation which ended with Barley’s unexplained and sudden resignation on April 2, 2002.

        Harper’s investigations have also resulted in the resignations of Magisterial District Judge Richard Musser and a dozen Pennsylvania State Constables from office after documented their violation of the residency requirement of the state’s constitution.  Harper’s stories about the former Lancaster Superintendent of Schools, Ric Curry Burns, ended in his eventual conviction and federal jail sentence in 2004.

        In 2008, Harper launched a 20-page, weekly, full-color, tabloid for Lancaster County called the Lancaster Post.

        Harper graduated from Lancaster Bible College.

  • SAY “NO” TO F&M!

    Posted on March 10th, 2010 Becky 12 comments

    [This box has been on the home page of for several years now.  I will have to change it shortly.  I originally wrote to President Fry on August 6, 2003 (click here).  He brushed me off and he and his staff have been nothing but rude to me ever since. We’ll see if the new President of F&M also condones incest and sexual abuse!]


    SAY “NO” TO F&M

         Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts college in Lancaster, PA, annually gives an award named after an incest perpetrator and academic fraud – my father.  The president of the college, John A. Fry, doesn’t care about sexual abuse.  He doesn’t care if your daughter or son is sexually abused.

         Do not send your children to this over-priced college that condones the sexual abuse of children. They will not be safe. 


    Posted on March 10th, 2010 Becky 3 comments

    BYE, JOHN!


        The single most important – and difficult – task facing the next president of Franklin and Marshall College will be to figure out how to pay for all of John Fry’s grandiose and expensive projects. As the Pennsylvania Academy of Music learned the hard way, wishful thinking does not pay the bills. And the financial state of F&M’s endowment fund has been ignored in the media.
        In addition, John Fry’s successor will be forced to deal with the immense amount of public animosity created by F&M’s actions over the past few years. Whatever the merits of F&M’s many projects may be, the way they were forced upon the public has generated a deep distrust of the college among many local residents.
        I hope and pray that the next president of F&M at least has a local sensibility, someone who understands what Lancaster really is.

    Artie See posting on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum under today’s article, “Report: Franklin & Marshall College chief lands Drexel post,” (click here).

        Well said, Artie!  I would just like to add:  good riddance! 

        Good Morning Denver! I know there was a great deal of concern about my well-being so I will put your fears at ease.

        I crawled out from under my rock, took a walk outside my cave, saw a robin, went to the gym for a great workout, and am now leaving to continue growing my successful business.

        I wish you all a fantastic day!

    This comment into this site bright and early this morning from Humpty Dumpty under “READER’S COMMENTS” below.

        Why?  Why me?  Humpty set the comments on fire here yesterday, angering almost everyone and keeping my friend Hill from her Farmville tasks!  Here’s hoping he will actually do some work and keep his fingers away from the keyboard today! 

         Oh, and good morning to you too, Humpty!

    Please check back later today…


    Posted on February 24th, 2010 Becky 14 comments


    ON MARCH 24


        Joy O’Shea Woomer’s sentencing has been scheduled for March 24 at 9:00 am by Judge David Ashworth.  Woomer was found guilty by a jury of third degree murder in the six year old case of Brent Weaver’s death in January of this year.   

        Family and friends have set up a website and a defense fund for her appeal – click here for  There will be more on the trial on this site this weekend.


        Maybe he could get a reference from Ron Harper?
        “Dear Drexel,
         If your looking for someone who is great at having his campus goon squad body-slam reporters who write things you don’t like, ………”

    Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under today’s article, “F&M’s Fry finalist for Drexel University post,” (click here).

        Wouldn’t that be swell!  Mr. Fry has spent most of his years at F&M trying to leave Lancaster!

        This was also posted under the article:

        Do they have a dump they are trying to relocate?
        Do we have any cash to offer to take this guy off our hands?
        Can we insist that he takes Orris with him?

        Will Ron Harper still be “banned” from F&M property if Fry leaves?  Fry is an arrogant, egotistical crybaby.  Let’s hope Drexel wants him!


        Well, it’s time for the bread, eggs and milk run!  Why did robins show up on my lawn this weekend?  Is it a cruel joke – or can Spring be right around this difficult corner?

    Please check back tomorrow…