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     A Lancaster woman last month filed a federal lawsuit accusing a city police detective of sexually assaulting her, putting his hands up her shirt and groping her breasts “on the pretext” of searching for drugs during a 2017 traffic stop.
     LNP reported in July on the practices used by county Drug Task Force officers to make prostitution arrests, including an instance in which an undercover officer allowed an alleged perpetrator to complete “several minutes” of a sex act on him before arresting her. Similar cases — and more extreme ones — have cropped up around the state.
From the LNP article pictured above (click here).
     Everyone knows the police should not have sex with those in custody but if a bill is needed to absolutely enforce this then let them pass a bill.
     But what is the city doing about their police? In a front page article on November 5th about Detective Nathan Nickel allegedly groping the woman’s breasts, LNP notes this is the third federal lawsuit against the city police in six weeks. What is being done about this? This is not acceptable!  Is Nickel still on the street? 
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2 Responses to WHAT IS THE CITY DOING?

  1. Name Withheld says:

    My first thought when seeing that district attorney and judge-elect Craig Stedman “lost” his lawsuit against county commissioners was: I hope taxpayers don’t have to pay for Stedman’s high-priced lawyer – especially if he is so stupid he doesn’t know the right court in which to file a lawsuit! That is Law 101. If I paid a lawyer a retainer and hundreds of dollars an hour, I’d be really pissed at him if it cost me 50-thousand just to find out I was in the wrong court! But the fact is, he is not stupid, and any honest lawyer would have told Stedman he didn’t have a viable lawsuit, and/or would not take a defamation case like that on contingency, as the return is not worth the investment in time and money. But, that wasn’t the legal (Read: POLITICAL) strategy: Stedman never had any intention of winning a lawsuit for alleged slander, knew he had not been slandered, and – even if he had been slandered, a properly filed lawsuit in the right venue would have been thrown out on summary judgement because of numerous other legal hurdles it could not overcome. Stedman, who has a law degree, KNOW this. Therefore, Stedman lied when he said after the September 11, 2019 hearing that he would continue this lawsuit if Commonwealth Court threw it out for lack of jurisdiction, and even if elected judge. The entire purpose of the litigation was to detract the public’s attention (and the county’s) from his criminal behavior while in office, only a small portion of which has been uncovered and/or revealed by reporting we have all read about. The county, meanwhile had no choice, whatsoever, but to defend itself (and taxpayers) at taxpayer expense. What Stedman actually did in filing this lawsuit against county commissioners was use the court system as his own personal arena in order to silence his critics, manipulate the public and the news media’s attention, manipulate the headlines, etc., for his own personal, political gain, for which he was unjustly enriched with a seat on the judicial bench which he might not have, otherwise, attained, and which he, certainly, does not deserve, has not earned and for which he is unqualified -legally, ethically, morally and otherwise. Don’t forget: He abused his authority (and discretion) and used this exact same tactic (misusing legal proceedings to obtain an outcome for which they were not intended by the legislature) to wrongly bring a case against a magistrate judge who was a political rival (and a serious threat to his political future); slander her in the news media by falsely claiming it was a “criminal” matter; wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money taking a non- issue which had never, even, occurrred to the PA Supreme Court, and ultimately, lost – as everyone knowledgable about the law knew he would. But STEDMAN WON that case, as he has here, because his goal was NEVER what he claimed it was in his court filings. This case, and the completely expected “decision” from Commonwealth Court was orchestrated and timed right down to the second by this evil snake, (and the Lancaster County GOP) who had much more to lose by NOT deflecting attention and manipulating the public and the news media: Had he been criminally charged for theft, public corruption, obstruction of justice, (and a host of otherapplicable criminal offenses) prior to the election, he would have had to withdraw from the GOP nomination. So, do not expect his lawyer to refile in Common Pleas Court. Stedman WON, because he achieved HIS goal and – he said it himself – “This case is not about money”. However, in abusing and misusing the legal process for his own personal, political gain, while using taxpayer money as his own, personal checkbook, Stedman has committed new crimes, as often happens in a cover-up, which is sometimes worse than the original crime. So thorough is he, that Stedman has betrayed the public trust and his oath of office once again, and most people don’t even know it. One can only hope that an honest, objective, ethical oversight authority will pursue him criminally, with the state ethics and elections commissions, and with the state Bar and the Judicial Conduct Board. Craig Stedman has not even donned his robe yet, and he has already brought the entire Lancaster County Bar and Bench – and the PA judicial system – into disrepute. Imagine how much MORE damage he can do once he is given greater power. (Wow…I just noticed all the similarities between his behavior and Trump’s. No wonder the Republicans wouldn’t back away from him.) If nobody goes after Craig Stedman now, while you still can, don’t say I didn’t warn you. He is a bully with far too much power and no concept or ability how to use that authority for the greater good.

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