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From tonight’s city council meeting agenda (click here for the full agenda).

     There is a very important city council meeting tonight at 7:30 pm when Mayor Sorace is scheduled to present the proposed 2020 budget (click here to watch the livestream on the city’s YouTube channel).
     I will report on that tomorrow and then this site will go on Thanksgiving vacation until Sunday, December 1st, when daily publishing will resume.


*    The below is part of an excellent comment into this site: 
     I find it weird that the serve and protect philosophy has been replaced by jackbooted skinheads who appear to have zero training on how to deescalate situations like this one – an unarmed piss-drunk woman. Time and time again, their actions as I’ve seen in these videos escalate suspects. It sometimes appears that it is done purposely so they can take out aggressions that have zero to do with the person being detained.
     And if they do this in public, I can only imagine how they behave in private.
     And sure as anything, this woman will retain a lawyer for permanent head injuries suffered when he smashed her head to the ground. Regardless of her guilt or innocence.



From left to right: Mackenzie Brandt under arrest, today’s LNP article (click here), Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser.

     Berkihiser [Lancaster City Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser] defended the officer’s actions.
     “Basically the officer was doing everything he was trained to do,” he said Monday.
From the LNP article linked to above.
     And that is why there were three federal lawsuits filed against your officers in a recent six week period!
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    For the record for the ex LNP reporter: Carter Walker’s story about the county commissioner’s “win” over Stedman is partially correct. And you are partially correct that all Stedman “lost” was the venue. But you do not have to be a journalist of ANY caliber to know the taxpayers are the losers, at Stedman’s effort – because neither Stedman nor his high-priced Philly lawyer knew what court to file in? REAL reporters – and smart people – dont just read what is in black and white. They READ BETWEEN THE LINES! Yet you held your nose and voted for him! It is official – I truly HATE the people in Lancaster County. Maybe I will feel differently if I ever find one I have something in common with. Geesh again….

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you were a news reporter for LNP – based on your post, I would say you were fired for cause. You dont know why the Amish are considered privileged and treated that way? You held youd nose and voted for Craig Stedman for judge? That’s how you make your decisions? Geesh….

  3. Jojo says:

    “Questions for Huh?” says “I embarrassingly worked there at one point in my life.” Well, I, too, worked for LNP at one point in my life..BUT…I am such an ancient old lady that I can honestly say that, at that time, I was proud to be there. Now I have observed the depressing and discouraging decline that is detrimental to the health and well-being of our extraordinary and treasured Lancaster County and its surrounds. I have sporadically followed the career paths of some of the folks I worked with and several went on to make big names for themselves in the journalism world. Sometimes I wonder if they ever follow some of this evolution or if those who are gone might be turning over in their graves. The current “crop” of journalists are hardly journalists/writers/reporters of the same caliber…..and certainly march to a different drummer known as LNP.

  4. Must have political ties to stay out of jail says:

    No idea where to post this.
    Read article on Lancaster News
    This is a tragedy
    I remember Scott Martin’s sister in the same situation but the message I heard she suffered enough and was not charged.

    Not saying this lady should not be charged

    However, I wonder what would happen if politically connected.

    This town is amazing in the wrong way

    Ardis Goldsborough, 36, was sentenced to 3 to 10 years for causing the crash, the district attorney’s office said. She pleaded guilty to vehicular aggravated assault while driving under the influence and other related offense.

    • Tell me about it! says:

      Go away. Can we ever have a comment thread without this person obsessing over some member of that Martin clan? You make these people celebrities because you constantly have to post about them. It is sick and I believe I speak for so many when I say I am tired of reading posts about them. No one cares!

      • huh? says:

        I think it’s important to compare sentences especially when it’s someone connected versus a “nobody.”

        Same goes for Amish pedophiles who are sent back to their victims with a slap on the wrist.

        Same goes for people with the last name Slaymaker. Not just the woman who mowed down and killed kids but the Slaymaker whose friend overdosed in her car and she dumped him on the side of the road to die.

        And a doctor who dumped his boy toy in a York church parking lot to simulate suicide. I could go on and on comparing the privileged and connected to the nobodies who get the book thrown at them. Martin’s sister should have gone to jail for a very long time.

        • Questions for Huh? says:

          My comment is in no way an attempt to prolong this comment chain nor engage in any prolonged back and forth. I am puzzled and do have some questions if you would be so kind to entertain them?

          1. How do you consider the Amish to be connected as you describe in your comment? Amish are pretty far removed from the prominence and importance most of us would perceive.

          2. Who were any of the referenced Slaymaker’s related to and how did they use that perceived privilege? The older Slaymaker whom killed the students was essentially poor, white and some could argue, trash by modern standards.

          3. Who was the doctor connected with and how did the doctor use that privilege?

          My confusion arises because even with the young and presumably drunk woman that so many felt the desire to comment on her thread, it appeared to me that a young and white woman was being treated the same, although not acceptably, by the police as her male and minority counterparts. Which leads me to believe that maybe the city police are not as racist as so many claim, they simply lack training to properly defuse escalated situations or many of the officers just might be jerks?

          I try to weigh situations by removing any bias I may have and try to look for facts. The sad news is I believe we can all agree that LNP only hires young idiots to do what their superiors tell them to do so honest and fact based reporting never comes from our local newspaper.

          I had to laugh when Carter Walker wrote an article basically triumphing the Commissioners {win} over the District Attorney. What a pathetic title for an article as any reasonable human being would see this was merely a court venue change.

          Anytime LNP sings the praises of an elected, I always grow suspicious. Same when LNP bashes them.

          I know this will be the worst comment of the day just based on my quantitative analysis of the typical comments, but I held my nose and voted for Craig Stedman simply because LNP went after him so hard. By the looks of Stedman’s results, I wasn’t alone in my vote.

          I believe LNP to be a greater evil and threat to Lancaster. Yes, I know this as a fact as I embarrassingly worked there at one point in my life.

          LNP only supports electeds to which line their pockets. There is zero separation between the business side and the reporting side. The Chairman sits in and basically tells the editors what they can and can not publish and even makes remarks about how to word news articles to skew the readers perception of an article. Many Letters to the Editor never get published because they call LNP out on many corruption topics and the corrupt within their own organization.

          When LNP fired me for no real just cause, I spent some time taking pictures that I may use one day. Pictures of whom the powerful within LNP would meet with and connect those meetings to special favors and deals LNP subsequently received.

          LNP is the lowest form of reporting because it all just benefits them. {rant over}

          • huh? says:

            I appreciate your questions.

            1. The Amish are Lancaster’s cash cow. Amishman Smucker is being “housed” att an insecure faux plain people institution where children often are present. And this man is accused of ongoing molestation.

            2. Slaymaker and Walker are vaunted names in Lancaster. The Slaymakers are all related to Slaymaker Lock and they remain relevant. Another White Chimneys ghost story will surely be dug out of the archives sometime in the future. The Slaymaker who left someone to die on the side of the road was Julia Slaymaker.

            3. The doctor was John Yelcick who worked at LGH. From what I understand, he changed his name, moved to Baltimore, and may be in trouble there. Compare that to the hell that a woman who gave birth and screamed for help and ended up in jail and whose life is likely ruined.

            I agree with you about your assessment of everything LNP. And I don’t excuse Lancastrians for allowing them to perpetuate their dirty deeds. Lancaster is a third class city and all it would take to stop the wholesale dump of taxpayer’s monies into their projects would be a citizen-mounted referendum to a vote on
            citizen pre-approval of all future tax grabs and taxpayer subsidies.

            I have an idea of your identity but respect you too much to post your name.

          • Questions for Huh? says:


            Appreciate your responses and the positive dialogue exchange. I am thankful someone may recognize my writing style but I do appreciate you keeping me anonymous. If LNP is celebrating an elected it is because they are getting something from them. If LNP is dragging an elected through the mud, it is because that elected challenged LNP in some way or took money from LNP’s pocket.

            LNP is a disgrace and it took many years of me proving myself as a real journalist to rid myself of the LNP stigma. Many real papers with journalistic integrity look down on reporters and journalists if you note LNP as a previous employer.

            I knew my time was limited when I sat around the LNP table of importance and the head honcho selfishly explained, “we need to ruin him because he isn’t doing what he’s told.”

            That comment was in reference to an elected at that time that did not bow down to LNP’s convention center demands.

            I have 100’s of similar quotes that I wrote down over my years and may just publish. It would certainly give readers a more detailed look at how they feel about some of the electeds if they new the real stories behind the fake headlines.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way for the people to get rid of Berkihiser????
    This chief got his head stuck so far up his own arse its annoying already. No matter how horrible his staff behaves he will continue to say theyre doing their jobs. The policy was an excuse before for them. Now its “Hes doing what hes trained to do.” How do we get this clown out of here since he cant control his staff or properly train them?

    • Tell me about it! says:

      I wanna like this post a million times over. I remember this Chief so well when he was a peon and arrested one of my best friends because she was walking while drunk. Not disruptive at all but she was walking while drunk and not on the day it’s allowed where we get to be drunk and not get beaten by the police because we are paying for their K9 and horse program!

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