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The below letter is being mailed to President Judge Dennis Reinaker today. LIP News is withholding the writer’s name. Click here for “SECOND PFA AGAINST OFFICER” for background on this case.

President Judge
Dennis E. Reinaker

Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County
Lancaster County Courthouse
50 North Duke Street
PO Box 83480
Lancaster ,  PA   17608 
Re: Request for Recusation/Transfer to Berks County  
Dear Honorable President Judge Reinaker,
In 2013, I was a victim of domestic violence and terroristic threats at the hand of Jonathan Caple. As stated in the police report, Jonathan dragged me by my hair into our house; breaking my sunglasses that were on my head, kicking down a small fence in our backyard and breaking the backdoor. He then held me against the wall and put his police weapon to my head and threatened to “blow my fucking brains out” in front of our two daughters. Terrified by what they saw, the girls ran and hid in a closet. The police did NOT arrest Jonathan upon coming to the residence. They treated him as a friend and fellow officer. They casually escorted him off the property with his car. I filed a PFA immediately and waited for action to be taken. I strongly believe the local PD and DA did not take proper action because Jonathan Caple is a police officer in Lancaster City . They closed the case showing lack of concern for my wellbeing or the safety of my children.
Unfortunately, your District Attorney’s office and the local Mount Joy police department did not properly handle the situation because Jonathan is a police officer. The DA was aware of this violent crime against me and my children. Yet, Sue Ellison failed to take action by bringing charges against Mr. Caple for his crime.
I am disappointed that Lancaster County has done nothing to help me, but has continued to protect one of their officers and shown complete Prejudice. For the past 5 years I have been contacting different agencies to seek out justice and no one will do anything in Lancaster county to help me. The Mount Joy police department refused to release the police report to me until I retained a lawyer in 2018 to assist me. After reading the report, I noticed several inconsistencies. The PD repeatedly told me the case is closed and they can not reopen it. With the severity of the crime involving a Lancaster County/City public servant, why was this case not picked up by the State of Pennsylvania to prosecute him? Why did the Lancaster City PD Internal Affairs not remove Mr. Caple’s badge after investigating his misconduct? In 2018 when our daughters gave statements of what they witnessed, why didn’t Lancaster City PD take action against him? My 11 yr old daughter is now documented by the Lancaster County court admitting to specific details of her father putting a gun to her mothers head. When is Lancaster City Internal Affairs going to stop protecting Jonathan Caple?
In 2018, within the 5 year statute to file charges of Terroristic Threats, I went to the Manheim Twp. police department for another domestic violence matter involving Mr. Caple and Detective Billiter directly contacted the Lancaster County Detective associated with the DA to address the crime that took place in Mt. Joy , but once again I was ignored. My daughters were forced to give statements to the Children’s Alliance in Lancaster . Where they went into great detail about the abuse they witnessed and the Gun held to their Mommy’s head. I never received any letters from the DA closing the case. When I called to follow up today, 11/26/2019, I was advised that the DA never had an investigation and that it was closed by Mt Joy police. I would like to know why this case was not opened by the DA’s office in 2018 and Mr. Caple was not charged at that time with Terroristic Threats with witnesses?
To resolve the problem, I would appreciate your help in recusing the District Attorney’s office from all of my cases and moving them outside of Lancaster County to be heard fairly in Berks County PA. I would also like to request any criminal/civil case matters involving Mr. Caple or myself to be heard in Berks County for complete and total fairness. I respectfully request you to open the case from Mt Joy and allow more time for me to have an opportunity to have a fair hearing in Berks County . Your DA’s office specifically, Sue Ellison, has intentionally obstructed justice and has expressed great prejudice. As she is friends with Jonathan Caple and has worked with him in the past. 
Most recently, I had a custody hearing in front of Judge Conrad where he allowed Jonathans attorney to monopolize 6 hrs of the 7 hr hearing, rushed me through my testimony and would not allow me to call my only 2 witnesses. Judge Conrad did not allow my evidence of missed visits, late pickups or taking my daughter out of state without my knowledge or consent. Judge Conrad allowed Mr. Efstration to slander me and my family repeatedly during the hearing. No one should have to endure that kind of behavior in a courtroom or anywhere. My daughter spoke with Judge Conrad and shared that she wanted to be with Mom more and dad less. Dad screams at her and hits things when he’s angry. He ignores her most of the time during his visits, never took her to the doctor, and prevented her from participating in sports activities. She shared her story of witnessing dad put a gun to mommy’s head and threatened to kill her and that she hid in a closet because she was scared. Judge Conrad openly stated in court he believed my daughter was telling the truth about the gun, but still gave Mr. Caple 50/50 custody. Judge Conrad charged me with contempt and told me that it doesn’t matter if dad did the same thing. Why is it ok for Mr. Caple and not for me? His actions in this matter show obvious prejudice and complete disregard for my daughters’ overall wellbeing or happiness. Lastly, I called Judge Conrad’s law office, where he is partner and holds stock, for a lawyer referral. The lawyer there recommended Mr. Gary Efstration, Jonathan’s lawyer. I am respectfully asking for this case to be transferred out of Lancaster County and for Judge Conrad to recuse himself from further handling this case.
My 11 year old daughter ran away from school today on what was supposed to be her fathers’ day. She came running through the front door of our home begging, “Mommy please let me stay home” “ I don’t want to go back there with him”. She has described being left alone for 2 days and overnight with her best friend. Neither of the girls slept because they were incredibly frightened. They described hearing sounds and sneaking around the house room by room to see if Jonathan was home, but he was not. The girls ate ice cream sandwiches, snickers and kit cat bars until Jonathan stopped by on Sunday afternoon to drop off McDonalds. At 545pm on Sunday 11/10/19 her Uncle Matthew came over to pick her up at dads house to drop her off to me and ended up driving to the wrong drop off location. Which later confirmed the girls story that Jonathan was not there to provide Matthew with the correct information. When I called the Manheim Twp. police to report this, they told me its not against the law in PA to leave your children at home alone…even overnight. They called Mr. Caple to advise him of the report, but did not notify Children and Youth of the incident. As mandated reporters, I feel it was their responsibility and duty to call, but protecting a fellow police officer was their only concern.
Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at [redacted].



LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher chatting up Patrick Hopkins before last night’s city council meeting, the photo of Mayor Sorace that accompanies today’s LNP story linked to below.

**   Stuhldreher loves to jump up and take pictures of council members and citizens addressing city council and they are used in LNP. But he couldn’t take a picture of Mayor Sorace giving her budget address last night? Instead, they run a file photo of Sorace in their offices before their logo.
     As if there was any doubt, Sorace is LNP’s new puppet!

*     Lancaster has enjoyed a remarkable surge of private investment — half a billion dollars since 2015. But the benefit of that growth on the city’s finances, the mayor said, has been more than offset by factors such as declining federal and state aid, rising pension costs, the city’s large proportion of nontaxable properties and Pennsylvania’s outdated municipal finance system.
From the LNP article linked to below (italics mine).
     And that includes LNP’s for-profit, publicly funded, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel. What an absolute disgrace. I will come back to former County Commissioner Molly Henderson’s book “Pressed” about the con center/Marriott Hotel and LNP after Thanksgiving.


     There’s no property tax increase proposed in Lancaster city’s draft budget for 2020.
     However, it calls for hikes in water, sewer and trash fees that would increase typical ratepayers’ costs by $51.17 per quarter, or $204.68 per year.
From today’s LNP article, “Millage unchanged in Lancaster’s proposed 2020 budget, but utility rates to rise,” (click here).
      Yes, at last night’s city council meeting Mayor Sorace proposed signifiicant increases for city residents. And this is just the beginning… The breakdown is below:
Please check back later today.      


  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh…and she should also file a complaint against Stedman with the state Bar and the JCB. By law, (the Commonwealth Attorney’s Act) he had to pass her criminal complaint about her ex to the A.G.’s office.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel very bad for this woman. Its frustrating not being heard and afforded due process. I know at least a half dozen women Craig Stedman has done this too. We should start a support group for victims of Craig Stedman. The proper procedure for her recusal motion is to address the motion directly to Judge Conrad. He has to decide it. Judge Reinaker cannot just “replace” him. I wish her luck.

  3. Becky says:

    What a hoot! One of LNP’s lead stories all morning has been “Lancaster County taxpayers won’t see a tax hike — for the seventh year in a row, commissioners say.”

    And you have to go way down on their website to find this “cleverly” headlined story, “Lancaster’s proposed 2020 budget won’t raise taxes, but utility rates would go up.”

    Yes, those utility rates are going up! And they haven’t moved the story to their Facebook page yet. I wonder why? 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah. I noticed that too. Mayor Dickina getting the same free pass from local media as Mayor Dick got. Well. At least she doesn’t preface her smug comments with; frankly

  4. Anonymous says:

    The fact that LNP extends to Mayor Dickina a pass on real questions as they gave the Dickster, should tell you she’s the new clone lapdog.

  5. smh says:

    Salary cut for all city administrators would help the cause. Nobody in this city does anything worth 6 figures a year.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Three quarters of general fund spending goes to salaries and benefits for city workers.

    Excluding police and fire get rid of 75% remaining city workers. After that has been done have the remaining 25% pick up the slack and actually work. Problem solved.

  7. smh says:

    Damn, those new free water meters are saving us a bundle!

  8. huh? says:

    Holy shit! From 50 to over 200?

  9. my goodness says:

    No, mayor. We citizens are not buying your blame the state and feds because Lancaster City does not have enough money. We’ve watched how the city administration pissed away our tax dollars for two administrations. We get to see what goes on with city workers every day. We live with the con center, MAW, EPA being ignored, bike lanes (just how much money has been this project???), the increased police resources for all the downtown drunks that can’t behave No mayor the state of Lancaster City finances is YOUR responsibility and again, we the taxpayers will be punished by having to pay higher utility bills because you can’t do your job.

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