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     Chicco U.S.A, which is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, declined an on-camera interview.
From the ABC-6 Action News feature, “Baby death in Chicco inclined sleeper leads to lawsuit,” (click here).
     Chicco has not withdrawn this product. ABC-6 has been running this excellent piece for several days. I had no idea they were headquartered in Lancaster.


Attorney Daniel K. Taylor from his website (click here).
     LNP filed a lawsuit on September 27th against Lancaster Attorney Daniel K. Taylor for $10,898.74 for unpaid advertising from 2015 and 2016.
     This is the second lawyer LNP has sued! Why aren’t these lawyers paying LNP? Two brief entries from LNP’s complaint are below and you can read their full complaint here.

**   The last entry on Felicius Bucyukundi’s docket is the Call of the Criminal Trial List scheduled for August 23rd.
      According to the court administration office this morning, there has been no update because they are still working on scheduling. It may be on the November 1st call list, however, his counsel has a conflict with the November 1st date and it may be moved to later in November or to December.
     LIP News will stay on top of it.



     What happened with ray corll?
This comment/question in yesterday.
*    The York County Prison confirmed this morning that former Lancaster Police Sgt. Raymond Corll is an inmate. President Judge Dennis Reinaker denied his request to continue his bail during the Post Conviction Collateral Relief process.
     A hearing was scheduled to be held on September 27th before Judge Reinaker on his Relief request and I will follow-up to find the status.


      Former Lancaster Police Office Damon Bronstetter, who was featured here yesterday after pleading guilty to an animal cruelty charge, also took the initial report of a rape on the Franklin & Marshall Campus on November 17, 2017.
      I will try to update the status of the rape and other charges against Felicius Bucyukundi as his criminal docket is rarely updated.
Click here for the original of the below and please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone dealt with Officer Parr and his partner? (I didnt get the partners name) Long story short. Officer Parr and his partner ended up coming to handle a call. I stood watching in amazement. They handled themselves very well compared to what the city is used to dealing with. These officers had patience. Usually the officers are impatient and dont care to hear what actually happened. They had a different attitude. It was a totally different experience from what i experienced or witnessed with officers in Lancaster. I figured since we always have something to say about officers in Lancaster like their training, lawsuits and actions that I would share a good experience which is well overdue. I dont know how they behaved in the past but just my experience and i witnessed. It sure was a different experience

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with most of the things noted in that article regarding the dangers of inclined sleepers, but that lawsuit is going to face some issues. The mother posted a story (link below) awhile back that seems to contradict several important statements in the news article. My heart breaks for her because that has to be one of the worst losses to face in the world, but in her story on Love What Matters, she says the baby was always carefully put to sleep on a flat, hard surface and that nobody could explain the baby’s sudden death. Makes you wonder if she was lying back then to avoid harsh judgment or if she is lying now to capitalize on the recent developments regarding inclined sleepers. Regardless, the inconsistent stories create a big credibility problem for her case.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Danene Sorace and Scott Martin were on witf’s smart y’all talking about the financial challenges of third class cities. They seem to be quite the dynamic duo. It’s worth a listen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know what a red herring is – too lazy to look it up or why poster posted in all caps (screaming?) or who is watching them or why but i am embarrassed i ever voted for Craig Stedman for d.a. and will NOT be voting for him as judge. completely agree with VOTE FOR GREGORY PAULSON FOR JUDGE IN 2019.
    Also have several family members who were cops in Pennsylvania – retired now – and agree the ones in Lancaster are very young and untrained. Starting salary with no experience required is very high. Turnover seems high too considering what they make.
    Sorry about the baby.

  5. Anon says:

    The defendant can try to use it to impeach his credibility if he testifies (have you been charged with this, have you been offered any promises in exchange for your testimony in this matter, etc…). Seen the situation before and it is usually a much ado about nothing….even with an actual investigating or charging officer. Most of the time the parties stipulate and something is read to the jury (so and so was charged and/or convicted of such and such and has been/has not been offered or received anything from the Commonwealth in exchange for his testimony today). Furthermore, since he merely took an initial report, I don’t see it helping Felicius much. Release notes it was a detective that handled the investigation, the interviews and the charges. To be honest, if the person who made the report testifies at trial, they probably wont even use him. Heck, even that person doesn’t testify, they still probably wont use him. This officer basically was just the guy who said “hey, someone reported a rape.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    If Bronstetter testifies in Felicius trial, Felicius’s attorney will have a field day tearing him apart.

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