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*     Speaking of snakes, here comes serial stalker and convicted harasser Steven Markle to this site today. Notice he’s using a proxy tor server and his browser information is always the same.
      And below that is his 2,750th comment into this site yesterday which like all the others do not get published for obvious reasons. Someone take him to a mental institution now – or take him directly to jail!



From Page A-9 of today’s LNP print edition.

     Tell me LNP didn’t do this on purpose? To keep people from reading about the rip-off CRIZ, they position the story next to a picture of an 8-foot python with a big bump in its belly! Who wants to look at that? Gross!
     And does this sound reasonable (click here):
     According to Sergeant Michael Piacentino, Manheim Township police do not typically respond to animal calls unless the animals pose a danger to the public.
    …”Simply having an unwanted animal in a citizen’s yard does not warrant a response,” Piacentino said in an email to LNP + LancasterOnline.
      However, the township police will respond to “humanely put down an injured animal that is not on the protected wildlife list.”
     Um… It was a 8-foot python! Horrors!

2 Responses to SNAKES – AGAIN!

  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    So, the police won’t come if a hundred+ pound snake enters your yard… that’s nice to know. So who are you supposed to call–a charmer with a flute? This reminds me of when my sister lived in Clay and a raccoon acting as if it were rabid entered her yard. She called the local cops, the fish and game people, no response. Then she called my Dad who brought his shotgun–dispatched the critter–and told his son-in-law to burn the dead animal in his trash barrel. It seems that taxpayers out to get better service from public employees [serve and protect, remember] than having to call a senior to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights. Of course here in Canada we get the occasional black bear in the neighborhood, but we also get a response from our Natural Resources officers. This was an interesting story. Keep up the good work!

  2. Becky says:

    Steve, Your obsession with me and this site is psychopathic, criminal and you are very mentally ill. But while you still have the chance – why don’t you pay some attention to your wife – she is so bored she is doing adult coloring by number by Happy Color! Get out of your little room with your computers and your files of my posts and all of your logins for your hundreds of Facebook and Google accounts and take you wife out!

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