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*   The PFM Group website is here. The meeting will be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).


    There is a city council meeting tonight at 7:30 pm and the below is on the agenda (click here for the full agenda):
     This is in response to the city’s financial crisis announced in May and the RFPs for a consultant to review the city’s finances (see below and the original is here). Patrick Hopkins wants to hire the PFM Group at $124,975 to “look under the hood.” The city may or may not receive a grant from the state to pay for half of the cost.
     Hopkins tried to be so slick in his presentation last night that it is unbelievable. I did not have time to transcribe it all today but will tomorrow.


     “There’s nothing fishy going on here,” Mayor Danene Sorace told city council at last night’s committee meeting. That’s never a good sign! Oh, and there was some fishy stuff going on.

     Three items took up most of the meeting:

— Donating the “Fallen Firefighter” sculpture to retired city firefighter Clyde Snyder.

—  Yet another dormer repair issue about using a product that is not wood on a house at 316 West Chestnut Street.

—  And something very fishy from Patrick Hopkins about hiring a firm to look into the city’s finances (“looking under the hood”).

     The sound quality was not good on last night’s livestream so I need to listen to Hopkins again and hope to have a transcript of his presentation in the next several days on this site.

The livestream of the meeting is here and please check back later today.


  1. my goodness says:

    Wow, the city IS doing it’s own research on the buried forgotten bridge caper. Bet they found this one when looking for how the city sewer got into Manheim Township. Has the sewer situation between LC and MT ever been settled?

  2. SMH says:

    Forgotten buried bridges, use your heads and send a current employee to the historical society to do some research. NO spending a gazillion dollars that you say you don’t have to some out of area (or in area) consultant to locate the possible forgotten bridges. If you don’t have a employee that can do this I’m sure a citizen will do it for a few bucks an hour. Maybe in this case burning bridges would have been a good idea.

  3. SMH says:

    So the city has no money and is now going to embark on a hunt for more forgotten buried bridges.

  4. Old & Canadian says:

    Becky, darling, tell these people with nothing better to do to leave the Clerk of Courts alone. After some research, I feel terrible for my comments about her. She has been tragically beaten with the ugly stick and allegedly has a handsome husband with a wandering p*nis. Why add to her misery and stress?

    If she is corrupt, let karma figure it all out. The poor girl has so many misfortunes with her less then ideal appearance and personality that we should all wish her well and send her plastic surgeon information. I am here BTW to help the less fortunate in the looks department.

    I am merely an old queen but I tell you what, some fake eyelashes, a nose job and some spanks can turn that frown upside down!!!

  5. SMH says:

    And what the hell is the bright green patch at Liberty and Prince supposed to mean??? Had a gal in a minivan blow past me IN THE BIKE LANE second block of College Ave going south the other day. Let’s have more bike lanes!!!!!!!!

    • Mike emrick says:

      I’ve seen a few near accidents On the corner of Walnut and Charlotte, somebody is likely to get hit there soon, unfortunately. It seems like they’ll have to make that intersection a no turn on red.

  6. SMH says:

    Lancaster City finances, WTH! In the course of the past few months we’ve heard good, bad, ugly so exactly what is going on? Does anyone know?

    • Becky says:

      I believe it involves this (from May 28th on this site):

      *** BREAKING NEWS ***
      Mayor Sorace told city council tonight that the city is close to financial disaster and she loses sleep over the 2020-2021 budget (click here for the mayor’s report which is at the end of the meeting). This is extremely serious – and what is the city doing – putting out a RFP to hire a consultant!


      • Becky says:

        Hopkins said they received six proposals and one stood out (I have to listen again to catch the name). He said they did a “deep dive” into the city finances (“deep dive” and “looking under the hood” are two of Hopkins favorite nonsense phrases). He also threw out a number of $124,975. This is serious stuff and I need to listen again.

      • SMH says:

        Exactly what first came to my mind!! Then MAW, water tower, ridiculous bike lanes (just for the paint must be a horrendous amount, you can’t see streets for the paint anymore), walk about study, this study, that study, Marriott/con center, Ewell plaza, on and on. Don’t know if this true but I understand that all the neighborhood activists are now getting paid by the city. I know te departments created for them are. And we still have crappy streets and probably always will!

        • Anonymous says:

          Excellent comment. I don’t know how they can complain about money when they constantly spend oodles of money on nonsense to score hipster points in their never ending quest for more NYT attaboy articles.

    • Anonymous says:

      Results of the Good Ol’ Hopkins budgeting lol!!

  7. Clerk of Corruption says:

    Please let Old and Canadian be himself – such a riot and I love his comments! Becky – have you dug into Jackie the Clerk of Corruption anymore? I am thinking about putting in a RTK on her if no one else does. Everyone knows she leaves her Office to go play lawyer for her husband and that is FISHY! She needs to be exposed in a big way. I am told people are looking into her for some major violations of law. Silly lawyer games are about to get exposed. Old and Canadian needs to come back and help us fight the good fight.

    • Becky says:

      I need to put in a lot of Right to Know requests. What specifically should I ask about Jackie? I can ask the court how much they have paid her husband for public defender work in the last two years. What else?

      • Clerk of Crap says:

        May I raise my hand to help here?

        Sorry to Clerk of Corruption for butting in but this troll needs her due as I know her well and she is by far the dirtiest elected to ever occupy that office.

        Ask for payment information for not only her husband but also for his entire law firm. He’s an owner so he benefits from any county work. Sadly and ironically I once used one of their lawyers who was a nice man but his choice of company is deplorable.

        Ask for all of her emails with the DA, Josh Parsens, Ron Harper, Mark Fetterman and other names that I will email to you.

        Ask them to note which cases she has been noted as the “attorney of record” since she’s been in office. If y’all don’t see a problem with this troll double dipping and playing lawyer while we pay her, I have no words.

        Her staff needs to come forward and give info to Becky. We need to rid that once highly regarded office of this parasite.

        • Anonymous says:

          What does Harper have to do with anything? He hates the DA

        • Anon says:

          To be fair, regarding the fees from the county, you may want to find out how much the county pays in fees total for court appointments and how much they pay other local firms/attorneys for appointments. I don’t think you could fairly consider how much his firm receives without comparing it to how much other firms/attorneys receive for the same/similar things. What may initially seem like a lot may be nothing compared to what other local defense attorneys/firms receive. It would be interesting to see how fairly the work is doled out, though. Although I would assume some, if not most, of the local attorneys/firms would be pretty quick to complain if they perceived or thought there may be any favoritism there….especially since some of them are known to rely almost solely on court appointments.

          • Old & Canadian says:

            This is soooo exquisitely entertaining! It appears Anon is prepping us for what Anon knows Becky will find! So special when friends come to the aide of friends.

          • Anonymous says:

            This post is getting really interesting

          • Anon says:

            Wow. I think some people may be looking far more into my comment than was written or meant to be said. I was only noting that many local firms/attorneys get court-appointments and that to consider the fairness/reasonableness of fees paid to one, you should look at the fees to all. I would be interested in the results, especially if they indicated any unfairness or unreasonableness, but am not sure that will be the case knowing how local attorneys tend to pay close attention to such things (given their own financial interests).

  8. Old & Canadian says:

    I can not help myself. Uh! Stop me Becky! Give me self control
    Not to keep typing……I can’t do it!

    James discovered the Mayor’s “downtown” is fishy!!!!

    Just some morning chuckles among friends!

    I am soooooo bad!

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