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     There is a city council meeting tonight at 7:30 pm. It should be live-streamed to the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
     There was a city council committee meeting held last Tuesday evening (normally they are held on the first Monday of the month but because of the holiday it was moved to Tuesday) and that was not live-streamed and it still has not been posted by the city. I will contact the city tomorrow to find out why and I apologize for the delay in following up on this.




**   Look at what is in today’s police log (click here). I can’t find a docket for Koch so I guess he will be mailed a summons.
      Remember when a woman duck taped her dog’s mouth and posted it on Facebook and the entire world and LNP went nuts (click here).



     Ashley Gaston is finally out of Lancaster County Prison! After spending the entire summer in LCP, President Judge Dennis Reinaker modified her bail on September 4, 2019 to $20,000 unsecured from $40,000 cash.
     Gaston is charged with kicking and stomping on a dog that she states tried to bite her son. There will be more to follow.




(Click here for the CBS-3 story.)

     There is absolutely nothing about Facebook or other social media that is “personal.”
See yesterday’s post and please check back later today.

19 Responses to UPDATE – *** BREAKING NEWS *** – THE TOM KNAPP MISTAKE! – 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    In Lancaster County, Doug Koch could have permanently shut the dog up by shoving a metal rod down its throat and still have caught the same charges. What an idiot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If only she claimed to be Amish this wouldn’t be an issue

  3. huh? says:

    Unsecured means she is out, correct, and doesn’t have to put up any money? I get confused about the ins and outs of bail.

    • Becky says:

      That is correct. Unsecured bail, no matter if a judge sets it at a dollar, fifty thousand or two-hundred thousand dollars means you are not going to jail and you do not have to put up any money.

      The amount the judge sets in unsecured bail is technically the amount that if you break bail conditions or fail to show up to court you have to pay to the court. This almost never happens and the judge setting the unsecured bail amount does not have to verify that you would have that amount available to pay if you fail to show up in court.

  4. Anon says:

    Why should I feel bad for her? If a dog simply nipping at her child, without actually causing any harm, causes you to fly into that sort of violent rage (as shown in the video clip), I can only imagine what she is capable of. The fact that she also encouraged her child to participate in the violence also makes me think she is not fit to parent. I get being upset, I get not wanting the dog anymore and I get maybe thinking the animal should be disciplined or put down. This wasn’t discipline or simple anger…..this was pure, inhumane violence against an animal that in the moment was not being aggressive or doing anything to fight back.

    • Becky says:

      If you have children and you allow a pit bull to “simply nip at your children,” your children should be taken away.

    • Becky says:

      So you’re saying it would have been okay if the dog were put down? And I do worry for whoever has adopted this dog.

      • Anon says:

        If the dog had/has true aggression issues, then yes, putting the dog down in a humane manner may be necessary. But, I’m not sure the facts here show that was necessary. If a pit bull really wants to bite anyone…particularly a child…they are going to do it and very little is going to stop them. The fact that the child was not hurt and the video showing the dog cowering on the stoop as she violently attacked the dog makes me seriously question whether the dog had/has any serious issues with aggression. I’m more worried about her presence around children following her own display of aggression. Apparently the dog had the ability to reign itself in…….the same cannot be said of her.

        P.s. I never said or implied she should have let the dog nip at her child. Once the child was safe, there was no reason to savagely beat on the dog.

    • my goodness says:

      Two wrongs do NOT make a right

  5. my goodness says:

    Now I’m outraged! This total travesty cost the county how much in resources?? And her children were where while this nonsense was going on?? Has she lost her home and job if she had one over this?? Life is not fair but damn!

  6. my goodness says:

    If Reinaker keeps this stuff up I MAY learn to respect him again. Which judge ordered this travesty in the first place?

    • Becky says:

      — District Judge Denise B. Commins originally set her bail at $50,000 cash at her arraignment.
      — District Judge Adam Witkonis kept it at $50,000 cash at her preliminary hearing.
      — Lancaster County Judge Howard Knisely reduced it to $40,000 cash when her public defender, Phillip Aaron Michael, requested a bail modification. As crazy as this sounds apparently the reduction allowed her some privileges in prison (such as working in the kitchen) that you can’t do if your bail is $50,000 or higher.
      — Her public defender again requested a bail modification on 9-4 and Judge Reinaker granted it and reduced her bail to $20,000 unsecured the same day.

      • Anonymous says:

        Reinaker finally used his power to help someone out instead of trying to get himself out of something. Im liking it! Maybe he needed to be put on blast worldwide to humble that behind.

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