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*    From the LNP story. Yes, and LNP kindly decided to share that video with their readers as well! Double yuck! Please, no more snakes!


     Have mercy! Three days after the copperheads were a lead story/video on Lancaster Online they decide to put in on the front page of their print edition! What genius thought this up? Yuck! LNP already has trouble giving their paper away!

6 Responses to * THIS WILL SELL PAPERS – NOT!

  1. huh? says:

    I’m really sort of surprised that no one has compared these snakes in the grass to snakes in the courthouse.

  2. Ellen Pee says:

    Snakes having sex is big LNP type news. So I says to Mabel. Mabel I says. Did yunz read nat story about nem snakes havin sex? Why she says, I shur did! So I says, where duh yenz wanna go for a burger? Why she says, I paid to read LNP online, let’s see whut nuh reporter says in nuh bess place for a burger.

  3. my two cents says:

    I’m confused on why this social media policy is such a big deal to you. I hope you don’t think DJ Roth falls under this, because he doesn’t. LNP realizes this policy is nothing out of the ordinary so they aren’t reporting it. It really isn’t a story. Just like snakes, that’s not a story either.

  4. my goodness says:

    C’mon Becky. You know copulating snakes (especially copperheads) is totally relevant to our lifestyles and at the top of list in importance.

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