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    Have a safe and happy First Friday. There were quite a few comments that came in today that did not get published. I will review them and post some tomorrow.
     On a lighter note (I think), when the below is a top national story by a top media outlet in this country, you just have to wonder how much longer this man can hold on…

**    It is these paragraphs from LNP’s article, “CRIZ grants approved for restaurant Blazin’ J’s, brewpub Our Town Brewery,” that got me looking at Blazin’ J’s (click here). I don’t care if she recused herself, this is unacceptable! The state attorney general needs to investigate all of these CRIZ grants!
       And when the subsequent LNP article below named her partners – I did what I normally do – I ran them through a four-point check. And while Jabron Taylor does not have any other drug arrests, civil forfeiture has been all over the news lately and there he was in 2006! And as mentioned below, he has had money problems including a landlord-tenant problem and several civil suits that are far more recent.
      The fact that council put Nicole Vasquez on the CRIZ board and then that board voted to give her $20,000 is unacceptable – and race doesn’t matter.
*    There are no other drug arrests on Jabron Taylor’s record (in fact, the 2005 arrest in the forfeiture petition is no longer on his docket). However, he has had money troubles over the years and in 2017 he had a public drunkenness arrest and apparently District Judge Bruce Roth wasn’t feeling the compassion that day because he sentenced him to six days in jail (see below)!



From the LNP story last week, “Blazin’ J’s chicken sandwich restaurant coming to downtown Lancaster,” (click here).

     Who would think Lancaster would get so excited about a chicken sandwich? And Blazin’ J’s got CRIZ money and Nicole Vasquez is on the CRIZ board. Isn’t that convenient? 
     I’ll come back to that, but it turns out her fiancée, Jabron Taylor, has some history of his own. In 2006, the DA’s office took $603 dollars and a Siemens Cellular Phone from him by civil forfeiture (see the “material facts” from the petition below and click here to read the entire petition).    
Please check back later today.


  1. Ellen Pee says:

    Like or dislike President Trump, it was the media gatekeepers that decided to make his gafaw with a Sharpie a top news story.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And when a reporter asked him point blank who drew on the map his answer was “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

  3. huh? says:

    In the meantime, upstanding business people closed their business rather than fill out those forms for CRIZ because it cost them money to get their accountant to fill them out, they were sick of the city asking for more personal information and finally THEY KNEW THEY WOULD NEVER GET CRIZ MONEY. And now we see who it’s going to.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ooooh I’ll bet Mayor Dickina is up in arms! A drug pusher getting CRIZ money to open up a chain chicken restaurant near the Con? What on earth did she say about that?

  5. mt goodness says:

    Popeyes Lancaster will have chicken sandwiches again in October.

  6. Old & Canadian says:

    I am really in the mood for a chicken sandwich at this moment. I have never heard of these two beauties before and I wish them well on their next endeavor. From selling cocaine to chicken….sounds like a blockbuster romance.

    Mail me a chicken sandwich, Becky 🙂

  7. Coke to Chicken says:

    Same dude that sold cock to your kids will be handing them a chicken sandwich. Don’t think we all don’t remember what Nicole and her man did to our community. Selling that poison. You may have served your time but the pain and disease you spread has killed and destroyed many. I’m glad you got the chance to make some paper and open businesses while the lives you destroyed will never. What makes you mad is that Becky coming at you because this is wrong. LNP wouldn’t be stroken you if you weren’t apart of their CRIZ profit house.

  8. Say No 2 Dirty Chicken says:

    Say No 2 Dirty Chicken – we have KFC, Popeyes and the heaven of them all Chick Fil A! None of them got dirty money to start their business. Maybe if he paid taxes on that cocaine and gave it to the CRIZ we’d all be straight.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You shouldn’t be able to have it both ways and complain about the lack of diversity, these are the diverse owners. The owner had consequences why is it still being held against him?

    • Say No 2 Dirty Chicken says:

      Yo Nicole?!?!?!

      Please just note that this is you. Pathetic attempts to hide are the reason why you are getting slammed. You and your man have demons. I am offended that you need government money to start your business and now you proclaim that’s how minorities are able to succeed. Bull! We, minorities don’t need to sling crack nor sell Out to be successful. Work hard and stay true to your community. That’s where you have failed!

    • Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Are we supposed to be bothered that he didnt stay dealing cocaine? Or that hes Vasquez’s fiance and received criz money with a bad record? Isnt it great that hes changed his life? Or did you want him to stay dealing cocaine? Im lost as to why his past was even brought up. This looks like something a lnp reporter would write.

    • Sell Out says:

      Lol. Okay Nicole. Go elsewhere with your bull. We are supposed to be bothered because you are always a criminal unless you affiliate yourself with the elite. That is what bothers me. Ain’t no ex-con getting preferential anything unless they rub elbows with legal criminals around here. Nicole and her dealer may not sell cocaine but they sold their souls. Neither do a damn thing for our community except take pictures and pretend to be important.

    • Anonymous says:

      That was NOT Nicole commenting. I actually live in Lancaster and I doubt anyone would sell their soul for a chicken sandwich shop. Picture them going to satan and saying “I would give up my soul if you grant me my very own southern chicken sandwich shop.” See how crazy you look and sound. By the way you can pretend to be important also. Let the man move on with his life. Everyone has done something illegal. At least he actually did the time and took responsibility. What everyone is pissed about is that his wife is on criz board. Thats what should really matter not selling coke, selling souls, or their past.

  11. Sell Out says:

    Nicole Vasquez is a crook. She is the perfect example of someone that claims they know the struggle but she has no problem rubbing elbows with the White boys when it suits her. She is from the bottom and sold her soul to the wealthy for her own benefit.

  12. Anonymous says:


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