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     A comment posted on Lancaster Online under LNP’s big lead story this morning (click here). It is ridiculous and incredibly scary and the children should not be put in this kind of immediate danger!

8 Responses to PLAYING CHICKEN?

  1. Anonymous says:


    Yes have no problem with other American newspapers sites.
    Have a word and ask why

  2. Galty says:

    Every time I click on your links I get this message.

    We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU whichenforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time.For any issues, contact or call (717) 291-8611.

    Pain in the neck…

  3. Anonymous says:

    They have enough common sense to hire a van driver to transport their children to school but not to take them to groceries stores?! Then playing chicken with babies in the car. They pay no taxes, make a ton off their land but cant properly watch their children causing many accidental deaths. Theyre just careless. Their bishop needs to come up with some type of cys for those people and their children.

  4. Ellen Pee says:

    They shouldn’t be allowed on public roads.

  5. my goodness says:

    I despise driving a car on this stretch of rt 30. Driving a horse and buggy here is just insane. If this guy isn’t smart enough to realize that he is endangering his family and his horse by doing this then all unmotorized vehicles should be legally banned on Rt 30 from the Rt 30 transition at WalMart to at least Ronks. This is a tragic accident waiting to happen.

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