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  • Actress Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison. (CNN)


        Well, LNP did a long, boring story on Amish children and social media but have yet to mention the city’s new social media policy.
      I have highlighted two paragraphs from that policy published on this site yesterday and I will return to District Judge Bruce Roth tomorrow.
—   Be aware of your City of Lancaster association in online social networks. If you identify yourself as a City of Lancaster employee or have a public facing position for which your City of Lancaster association is known to the general public, make clear that all opinions or positions expressed are your own and not those of the City. In addition, ensure your profile and related content (even if it is of a personal and not an official nature) is consistent with how you wish to present yourself as a City of Lancaster professional, and is appropriate for the public trust associated with your position. Employees should have no expectation of privacy when using social media tools.
—  In a publicly accessible forum, do not discuss any department, agency or bureau related information that is not already considered public information. The discussion of sensitive, proprietary, or classified information is strictly prohibited. This rule applies even in circumstances where password or other privacy controls are implemented.

***  Wow!  You can’t even keep your word for 24 hours!

**   j. In the performance of their duties, discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, medical condition, and actual or perceived gender identity so as to reinforce the City of Lancaster’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and a work environment free of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.
      From the city’s new Code of Conduct printed here yesterday. What about discrimination on the basis of their haircut or eye color? The list is getting a little ridiculous. How about just don’t discriminate against anyone for any reason?

*    “Former Reader” – thank you for letting me know you won’t be reading or commenting here again. I hope you are telling the truth this time. You will not be missed.


     Lancaster Online goes huge with the Amish and social media this morning! Why? I don’t know – maybe so they can run pictures of the Amish – but social media has been a subject here for several days and I’ll come back to it later today.

17 Responses to * UPDATE *** – ** – * IS ANYONE SURPRISED?

  1. Old & Canadian says:

    Wowza! This post was almost too boring to comment on but now I feel it is my duty to mankind to brighten the mood.

    “Turbulence” is the same darling that came at me and called me mentally ill because he-she was making claims about the Martin’s driveway usage and who does or does not clean their house. I guess he-she took their meds today and now are embracing Amber and questioning Scott’s pee pee.

    “Ellen Pee is a loser” most likely is Mrs. Leppler and if so, I appreciate her outrage but feel it is misdirected. Becky just posts what people put forth.

    Now let’s all hug and kiss!

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Ps: I feel like there should be a proper investigation into the allegations about the size of the good senator’s penis. I volunteer as tribute! 🙂
      On a more serious subject, I can see why Mrs. Leppler would be angry but Becky has a point and from what I’ve read on here about those two attorneys is anyone that uses either one of them should be ashamed of themselves. Using either attorney is bound to just end up hurting the kids and that makes me sad. I biked with several quality attorneys in Lancaster and it deeply hurts my soul to know the good ones have retired out and what we have now is people that believing “winning at all costs” is better than cooperating for the sake of your children. My wife and I had a bitter divorce and our children hate us both now. I am the gay scapegoat but they equally hate their mother because we both ruined them in our quest for vengeance over the other. I had a good attorney and dropped her for a bad one. I may have won the battle of divorce and custody but at my age and with grandkids I never see, I lost the war and so did my ex-wife. Looking back, I should have cared more about my kids than about winning. The price we pay using pitbull attorneys are broken children that in the end won’t want either parent. Flash backs for me are so painful but there’s my Friday night sob story. Time to grab a martini and reflect on how I would have done things differently.

  2. Turbulence says:

    Comment to
    Leppler Loves Martin
    August 28
    Lunch date #2
    August 30
    September 12
    $exual policy

    I saw Amber Martin and Sheriff Leppler
    The last week of August out to dinner together
    They Looked very happy
    They are two adults and they are not harming anybody
    Be happy Amber Martin
    We only live once
    Sources say that Senator Scott Martin’s Little Willie
    Is very inadequate
    That’s his problem
    Not Amber Martin’s

    • Becky says:

      According to their Facebook pages, Amber and Scott are doing just fine…

      • Ellen Pee says:

        Well there you go. Why would a politically ambitious even consider telling a fib just to make their family values selves look better? Hey didn’t they cheat on their respective spouses while they were dating?

        • Ellen Pee is a loser says:

          You are ridiculous! Chris and his wife are very happy. Stop spreading rumors and stupid lies. This is why no one believes anything anymore about these people because the lies are so insane at this point. Get a damn life.

          • Becky says:

            I believe Ellen Pee is talking about Scott & Amber – not the Lepplers!

          • Ellen Pee is a Loser says:

            Does it matter? People can just write whatever they want and there’s zero fact checking. Who cares what marriage or relationship you might destroy with these lies. Hell, at least you’re entertained.

          • Becky says:

            Listen up. Court documents were posted on this site that included an attorney involved in Amber Martin’s case stating they had an affair before either was divorced. Not everything posted here is verified fact – but people are allowed to talk and exchange what they know. If it goes too far I do my best to stop it/not approve it.

          • Ellen Pee is a loser! says:

            What court documents claim Chris Leppler had an affair with Amber Martin? NONE! Chris is a good guy. And the attorney you reference is junk and everyone of any quality knows she’s junk. Both of those attorneys in that case are laughing stocks of the legal profession. Probably her and her crew trying to discredit Amber further by lying about Chris. Have your fun with Amber but stop your lies about Chris. Beyond absurd and shows how low people have sunk in their quest for entertainment. And anyone can write whatever they want in court documents. I guess just like anyone can write whatever they want on your site. Knock this crap off with Chris. His wife and kid don’t deserve this bull!

          • Becky says:

            No one has said Chris had an affair. What they have said is he has had lunch with Amber more than once.

  3. huh? says:

    Headlines to laugh at:

    “Full harvest moon — or corn moon — will be full and bright tonight: here’s what you need to know”

    Um, maybe just look up?

  4. huh? says:

    The Amish were a “thing” when Lancaster was *the* place to gawk.

    With the gradual eradication of farmland and the resettlement of Amish people all over the US and in jobs off the farms, the lure has been fading for a long time. Plus gawking at human beings has certainly fallen out of favor. They just aren’t a big deal like they used to be.

  5. Anon says:

    Because saying that would mean you couldn’t discriminate against people for any reason, including based upon education or skills……..

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