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     The ending paragraphs to the LNP story, “DA’s office, LNP face off at hearing on Right-to-Know request for drug forfeiture records,” are below (click here for the full article).
      This simply amazes me. We are talking thousands and thousands of dollars in any given year. Yes, they need to share those records! “Burkhart” refers to Detective John Burkhart, the county detective in charge of the drug task force. 
     There will be more tomorrow and then this site will go on Labor Day vacation.

**   Oh, and Mr. Herman, “standards are not being lowered.” The test is the same.
     From an LNP article regarding the testing there is this for Lancaster City residents (click here):
     The department [Lancaster Police Department], the Lancaster NAACP, the School District of Lancaster and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology are partnering to offer a free course to prepare candidates for the written police exam.

*    Just a reminder that with vigilance, sometimes you can stop crazy (click here).


From a Letter to the Editor of LNP today (click here).

     It is so wonderful this man is no longer a police officer and it is very hard to believe he actually was one. He’s a regular letter writer and I posted one of his racist and totally out-of-touch letters before and it is below (click here for the original):

Please check back later today.


  1. Leppler loves Martin says:

    Sheriff Leppler and Treasurer Martin were seen having lunch with each other, alone today. This saga of losers just gets better and better. My friend said she tried to overhear their conversation but could not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Burkhart has SERIOUS credibility issues of his own (and used one of the scummiest lawyers around to weasel his way out.) Then, of course, Stedman hired him. Now he has been called in at the 11th hour to save Stedman’s sorry a$$. Would he lie for his boss? You betcha! Google him (and his scumbag lawyer) and you’ll see for yourself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And by the way Randy, standards are being lowered by corrupt Chiefs like Todd Graeff who wants to build a dept. of mini-me’s. So who are you bitching about? Its cops like you who quit rather than stand up to the corruption above that make people have no respect for the rank and file. Start telling the truth and I’ll start reading your windbag letters.

    • Whats it matter, you don't need one to post here says:

      Umm, after 41 years I hardly think he took early retirement. We could do some quick math here, lets see you start working at lets say, 23. You work for 41 years. Hmmm, that’s 41 plus 23…… think that might be…….64??? Doesn’t seem like early retirement to me. The City has a mandatory retirement at 60. Don’t know many cops that want to be working the street after 55 let alone 60. He might not like his old boss, but I hardly think he quit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Randy Herman is among the many, many police officers in Manor Township who took early retirement or flat-out quit because THEY COULDN’T STAND WORKING FOR CORRUPT POLICE CHIEF TODD A. GRAEFF. He stated as much at a public meeting.

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