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     I hope the paintballers enjoyed themselves. I don’t believe they will be enjoying the consequences. Great job LCPD.
This comment in today.
     I would say, “good job LCPD.” I simply don’t understand why they don’t immediately release information/camera images that might protect the public and help them solve these crimes earlier and before there are more incidents.
And yes, the consequences need to be severe as one victim was struck in his eye and requires surgery according to the police press release.

*   Arrests made in paintball incidents (click here for the police press release).


     “a silver or gray sport utility vehicle”
From the above LNP story this morning (click here).

      That’s all they have? They don’t have a make or a photograph they can release or a license plate number for this vehicle? With all the victims and witnesses and Safety Coalition cameras the police can’t do any better than a “silver or gray sport utility vehicle?”
     The LNP article lists seven incidents and you are telling me not a single coalition camera captured this vehicle? Demand answers! Why aren’t these police held accountable?
     Do you want to be hit by a paintball? Do you want your house or car hit with a paintball? Why haven’t the police made an arrest or at the very least provided the public with a detailed description or photograph of this vehicle? Do you think they will strike again?
     Imagine if a Marriott Hotel guest were hit by a paintball. Do you think the police could solve it then?
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  1. my goodness says:

    I’ve never understood why they refuse to release information. The majority of us citizens are the best crime fighting tools available to the police. We are the eyes and ears on the streets. All they need to do is release pertinent information immediately and sit by the phone.

  2. my goodness says:

    I hope the paintballers enjoyed themselves. I don’t believe they will be enjoying the consequences. Great job LCPD.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No. You can get the full information, everything police and the d.a. THINK you need to know, if and when they post it to “Crimewatch”, on THEIR time, as they control the news media, which is then expected to regurgitate the info verbatim, without ever talking to a live person, without any questioning and without any vetting of their own, because THAT is how Craig Stedman maintains ultimate control.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hotel guest as victim, perps stopped, grounded, cuffed, hauled away within 45 seconds. Victim to most elite salon for clean up, new clothing, head to toe compliments of city, entire Marriott stay comped, including unlimited room service, free meals paid for with our tax dollars at Lancaster’s finest dining establishments including libations. And, in appreciation of guest not repeating any facet of the attack to anyone, a token of $10, 000 cash upon departure. Perps held on $5,000,000 cash bail pending sentence of 25 to life.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amish child molester. Unsecured bail, whisked away to an Amish group home where children help out, anyone who complains must hate the Amish and gets reminded the Amish see things differently.

  5. Ellen Pee says:

    But as with her predecessor, as long as it didn’t happen in the $$ sect, mayor Dickina won’t do a thing.

  6. huh? says:

    If it happened at Target in Manheim Township, there would be a photo and description up in minutes.

    It’s these small things like this paintball incident that degrade quality of life. If anything, full information needs to go out right away. I always get the impression that the LPD withholds information so they can show how competent they are. Which they aren’t….

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