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     Kristy Aurand, the Chief Development Officer for the Community Action Partnership, said in a phone call late this afternoon that a donor came forward over the weekend and Dolores Bruno and Dennis Weaver – and another family of five – can stay at the hotel until Friday at noon.
     She said a hotel is not a long-term sustainable option and they hope to have a temporary, but longer term solution by the end of this week. She did say that there has been an outpouring of donations from the community and thanked everyone who has donated and noted that if absolutely necessary, they could pay for the hotel on a longer basis.
     She said the city is waiting on engineering reports on the seven properties on N. Plum Street that were condemned to see what their options are.

*     I sent Kristy Aurand, the Chief Development Officer for the Community Action Partnership, an email at 11:45 am today asking for the status of Dolores Bruno and Dennis Weaver. However, these two should not have to rely on donations from the public. They need a home.


From today’s LNP editorial, “North Plum situation highlights need for safe and affordable housing,” (click here).
      If Mayor Sorace states they will all have a place to stay, then why was there this incredibly sad and horrific article last week (click here):
       And from that article there is this:
     But come Tuesday morning, the pair will again confront the uncertainties that come with homelessness.
     That is this Tuesday morning – tomorrow. Where will these people be staying? Will LNP follow-up? Where is Mayor Sorace? These people need a home!
     This email came in along with a link to the above article (thank you):
     This is total bullshit!!!  If this damn city has millions to flush down the toilet on an internet con they can damn well find the money to house people that THEY, the city, threw out of their homes.  And the city should just repair these houses at their expense, yes, my tax dollars.  This situation is horrendous!!!
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Every single one of these tenants should get together and sue the city for not upkeeping their own city code. Thats why we have code enforcement. They failed to enforce code. Theres no way the city inspector drove by his district every day and didnt see the house where the door is about to cave in. The inspector also had to check yards. This is very sad. Housing issues are arising everywhere in this city.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ever think maybe this is a way to clear out people to further gentrify?

  3. Ellen Pee says:

    Oh please Mayor Dickina. Maybe you can explain how the homes were allowed to deteriorate to the point they did. And while you’re at it, explain how the slumlord of some of those homes got away with ignoring citation after citation ordering him to make repairs.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve never seen it clearly indicated what’s going on. The city has mentioned a possible sinkhole. Not sure if that’s it or deferred maintenance led to the issue.

      • my goodness says:

        LNP stated sinkhole in basement. Sounds to me like a broken sewer line that has been leaking for decades in which case it should have been discovered and repaired by now. Stabilizing the house will be a bit more complicated but doable. In a lot of these older homes the main sewer line was installed when cellars were dirt then the cellars got concreted over top the dirt. You have no way of knowing if you have a sewer leak until you have major plumbing problems. Come on city, run a camera through the sewer line and find out. You can do that without an engineering report.

  4. huh? says:

    Kudos for her return call and filling you in.

  5. my goodness says:

    Mental/physical elder abuse, shame on Lancaster City.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is laudable, that the mayor knows how to run her mouth but not able to back it up?

  7. my goodness says:

    These people don’t need your heart, they need a place to live! How many people in Lancaster have been tossed out of their homes in just the past few months between the Bob Plank and Plum St condemnations? What are the credentials of the person deciding to condemn properties? I want to see this persons engineering degree. Why is there not a contingency plan in place for people that get thrown out of their homes? Let’s get Benchmark to go around and repair homes. Get these people a home. If you can throw them out you can damn well house them afterwards. How many citizens now live in terror knowing that the city can come at any time and toss you out of your home in a few hours?

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